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Silvia Ocougne


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									Silvia Ocougne

Born in São Paulo, Brazil .

Guitar studies by Manoel São Marcos, Edgard Poças and Paulo Bellinatti, among others.

1975 -1981 - Studies of Composition by Willy Correa de Oliveira at the São Paulo
1984 - Scholarship from the Brazilian Culture Ministerium, to Boston, USA, New England
Conservatory. Studies by Ran Blake and Mick Goodrick a.o.
1986 - Master with Honors and Distinction in Performance "Third Stream - Guitar ".

Silvia Ocougne has been living in Berlin since 1987 where she has worked as composer,
guitarist and performer of Experimental, New and Brazilian Music.
She has colaborated with many composers /musicians like: Chico Mello, Arnold Dreyblatt,
Daniel Ott, Carlo Domeniconi, Livio Tragtemberg as well as with visual artists like Jimmie
Durham, Adel Abdessemed, Maria Thereza Alves, a.o.

In the 90´she was a member of the group "Thirteenth Tribe" and the "Orchestra of Excited
Strings". Since 1999 - member of the experimental ensemble " Armchair Traveller" with
Werner Durand, Sebastian Hilken and Hella von Ploetz .

Silvia Ocougne has performed many german, brazilian and world first auditions with pieces
of La Monte Young, David First, Graciela Paraskevaídis, Vitold Zalonek, Leo Masliah,
Stephanie Schweiger, John Zorn, among others.

As a soloist and with berliner groups she has performed in Germany and abroad.
Concerts (selection) :
Neue Musik Rümlingen, Swisserland; Experimenta , Buenos Aires, Experimental
Intermidia; Bang on a Can, New York (sponsored by Goethe Institut);
Musikinstrumenten - Museum , Berlin; Hamburger Bahnhof , Freunde Guter Musik, Berlin;
Centro Cultural Itau, São Paulo, Brazil; Herkules Saal , “Projekt Musica Viva", Bayrischen
Rundfunk Orchester", München, Germany; Schloß Moyland, Kleve, Germany; Espaço
Cultural Banco do Brasil, Rio de Janeiro; Bang on a Can Festival, New York;
Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Germany; Guitar Festival Istanbul, Turkey; Festival of Visions,
Hong Kong; Quasi Amazonia, Haus der Kulturen der Welt/Freunde Guter Musik, Berlin;
Festival Paralelo , Madrid, Ayello, Spanien; Pessoares , Staatsbank Französische Strasse,
Freunde Guter Musik - Gelbe Musik, Berlin; Dokumenta , Kassel; Otto Braun Saal , IAI,
Berlin; Kunstraum Hellerau , Dresden; Bauhaus, Dessau; Berlinische Galerie, Lange Nacht
der Museum, Berlin; Multimediale, ZKM, Karlsruhe; 7me Festival des Musiques
Innovatrices , St-Etiènne; Palácio Cantacuzino, Bucharest, Romania; GMEM Festival du
Musique d'Aujourd'hui , Marseille, sponsored by Goethe Institut; Zabalmusik, San
Sebastian; Alte Schmiede , Wien; Palácio das Artes , Belo Horizonte, Die Lange Nacht der
Gitarre, Podewil, Berlin; Pessoares, Staatsbank Französischer Strasse, Berlin; Festival
Maerz Musik , Berlin; Guitar Art Festival, Berlgrad; Klangraum Krems, Österreich; Palácio
Cantacuzino, Bucharest, Romania.
Conception of projects :(selection)

Montags Musik Brasilien , Podewil , Berlin ; Lange Nacht der Gitarre , Podewil, Berlin
Quasi Amazonia - Haus der Kulturen der Welt /Freunde Guter Musik, Berlin; Música
Brasileira De(s)composta , Festival Maerz Musik, Berlin; Latin America Symposium, UDK

Compositions (selection):

Sound Installation Metaphrase and Metathesis, collaboration with Jimmie Durham;
(sponsored by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds), Elisabeth Church, Berlin; Wanderausstellung
Ostsee in die Freiheit; DVD Installation, God is design, by Adel Abdessemed, Paris,
Berlin; What is the Colour of a German Rose, Maria Thereza Alves; Berlin; Installation,
Score for Souterrain with Adel Abdessemed; Trust me, by Adel Abdessemed, featuring
david Moss; Film Roxalena, by Galip Iyitanir, Arte, Germany; Days of Miendi by Yingli
Ma (China /Berlin); Bananeri, by João Claudio Sena, Brazil; The Pursuit of Happiness, by
Jimmie Durham (Paris, Italy, Berlin); Dance, Pedra, together with Elise Ralston; CD Rom:
Paulicéia Desvairada, by Joao Cláudio Sena and Paula Janovich, Brazil ; Sound Foto
Installation, Almost there, with Maria Thereza Alves, Lund, Sweden

CD Recordings (selected):

Dvahni, with Carlo Domeniconi, 1990
Geduldig und Thiman , with "The Orchestra of Excited Strings", 1992
Ping Pong Antropology , with the Group XIIIth Tribe, 1993 (Recomended)
Water Music , with Carlo Domeniconi, 1995 (Classic Berlin Records)
Animal Magnetism, " The Orchestra of Excited Strings", 1996 (Tzadek)
Música Brasileira De(s)composta , with Chico Mello, Berlin, 1997 (Wandelweiser)
Violão de Dois , with Chico Mello, Berlin, 2001 (Oakmus)
The Perfect Record , with Armchair Traveller, Berlin, 2001 (Recomended, No Man´s Land)
A Classic Guide To No Man´s Land , sample CD , XIIIth Tribe e Armchair Traveller,
Berlin, 2003; (Recomended, No Man´s Land)

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