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                                                       Arizona, California, Colorado,
                                                       Nevada Oregon and Washington

                                                       Chana’s life when the girl’s health took a turn for       Throughout this
                                                       the worse. Yehudis and Chana returned to Palo Alto        process, Chai Lifeline
Born with a serious renal disease, she received her    for several months. As volunteers looked for ways to
first kidney transplant before she was a year old.      brighten the lives of mother and daughter, Yehudis        was our family. We
The transplant wasn’t completely successful, but it    got the devastating news that Chana’s kidney was          never felt like we
gave the infant precious time to grow and the hope     failing. In order to survive, she would need another      were in the hands of
for a better life.                                     transplant. Worse, the high percentage of antibodies
    Chana’s illness was so rare that few specialists   in her system would make finding a compatible              strangers.
had the expertise to care for the young girl. When     donor almost impossible. Her only chance was to
the Bogatz’s found the right doctor, Yehudis and       find someone who was a perfect match to donate a
Rabbi Mordechai moved their entire family halfway      healthy kidney to the girl. When a compatible donor
around the world, from Israel to California. There     was not found within her family, Chana’s parents
they met the people who became their second            decided to make their search public.
family: the staff and volunteers of Chai Lifeline’s        Chai Lifeline’s support during this process
Sohacheski Family Center.                              proved invaluable to the Bogatz’s, who freely
    The Bogatz family first settled in Palo Alto,       admitted that they could not have navigated the
where Chana received treatment before their move       worlds of publicity and medicine without the
to Los Angeles. They became part of the Chai           support of regional director Randi Grossman,
Lifeline family immediately. Chanukah and Purim        case manager Samantha Sherr and the legions of
were even more joyous now that they were spent         volunteers who helped each member of the family
with volunteers and staff who cared about each         through the long ordeal.
member’s well being and with new friends also              The Bogatz’s were thrown into a medical world
living with illness. The children looked forward       they barely understood as the nephrologists caring
to the Chanukah presents and everyone loved the        for Chana debated the best course of treatment. Ms.
mishloach manot and other Chai Lifeline touches        Grossman and Ms. Sherr, along with staff members
that seemed to say “We’re with you.”                   from the national office, became advocates for
    Chai Lifeline became critically important in       Chana and her family. “Chai Lifeline accompanied
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                                                                                message from
       9233 w. pico boulevard
        los angeles, ca 90035
                                                                                Rabbi Simcha Scholar
                                                                                executive vice president of chai lifeline
      310.274.6331 | 877.374.6331                       WITH ITS INTIMATIONS OF FUN and freedom from the rigors of schoolwork,
           fax 310.274.6447                             summer has always been a special time for our children. Yet, less than twenty years ago,
                                                        children with cancer spent their summers remembering how great camp used to be
    randi grossman, m.p.h.                              instead of enjoying it themselves.
                                                            Camp Simcha, and later, Camp Simcha Special, returned the magic of summer to
       rabbi nachum sauer                               seriously ill children and teens. This year, four hundred boys and girls from all over the
              Rabbinical Advisor
                                                        world had the chance to forget about illness and spend some much-needed time in the
                        —                               company of loving counselors and peers living with similar challenges.
           national office                                  I am delighted that many of our campers hail from the West Coast. But I am prouder
       151 west 30th street                             of the fact that when they return, the Sohacheski Family Center assures that they and their
        new york, ny 10001                              families are able to live as normally and happily as possible while fighting the effects of
    212.465.1300 | 877.chai-life                        illness.
          fax 212.465.0949                                  In six years, Chai Lifeline West Coast, Sohacheski Family Center has changed the lives
                                                        of hundreds of children and their families for the better. The Center’s many achievements                              are possible only because of the time, dedication and contributions of our many friends,
     rabbi simcha scholar                               supporters and volunteers. On behalf of our families, I thank you for all that you’ve done
          Executive Vice President                      and continue to do to bring smiles and joy to children who so dearly need them.
     rabbi avrohom cohen
              Executive Director
  rabbi mordechai gobioff
         Director of Client Services
                        —                                                         message from
Chai Lifeline West Coast, Sohacheski Family
Center, is a regional office of Chai Lifeline, the                                 Randi Grossman, mph
leading international children’s health support                                   director of chai lifeline west coast
organization, provides emotional, social and
financial assistance to seriously ill children and       ONCE AGAIN, Chai Lifeline West Coast, Sohacheski Family Center experienced
their families. Its wide network of services includes   tremendous growth in the past year. During 2004, more than 900 children and adults
more than two-dozen, free year-round programs           received assistance, an increase of 50 percent over 2003.
that provide professional case management,                  These families came from major cities and small towns, from California and as far east
insurance support services, emotional support,          as Colorado. They spanned the socioeconomic index, and the range of their needs was just
social and recreational programs for the entire
                                                        about as broad.
family and a variety of family retreat programs.
Chai Lifeline also operates two acclaimed
                                                            What they had in common were children who had been born or diagnosed with
camping programs on the Jack and Moishe Horn            serious illness. That simple fact has irrevocably changed their lives.
Campus in Glen Spey, New York. Camp Simcha,                 We at Chai Lifeline also come from many walks of life. What we have in common
named in memory of Dr. Samuel Abraham, and              is our desire to help families get past the pain and isolation and learn to live with
Camp Simcha Special, named in memory of Zvi             serious illness in its midst. Chai Lifeline could not exist without the extensive network
Dovid Obstfeld, offer extraordinary overnight           of volunteers who give so much of themselves to make sure that our patients and their
camp experiences to children with life-threatening      families have whatever they need to make it through the long months and years of illness.
or lifelong illnesses. The campus is also the home
of the Stella K. Abraham Family Center. Chai
                                                            In that spirit, this issue of Heartbeats is dedicated to everyone who has made our
Family Centers, community-based counseling              children a priority in their lives.
centers, Chai House, a “home away from home”
for families of children undergoing treatment               If you would like to be part of the magic of Chai Lifeline,
at major medical centers, and an association of
regional offices and international affiliates bring
                                                                call (310) 274-6331 or (877) 374-6331 to learn about
Chai Lifeline to families around the corner and                       sponsorship and volunteer opportunities.
                    across the globe.

2 | chai lifeline | fighting illness with love
THEY ARE YOUNG AND OLD, parents and                       Rachel spent several summers at Camp Simcha,
students, men and women. They do everything               working in a number of positions. Deborah is in
from driving patients and their parents to medical        touch with her campers, and recently saw four of
appointments to bringing happiness into hospitals         her young friends at the Sohacheski Family Center’s
through their visits to Chai Lifeline patients.           recent Beauty Day, an annual event for seriously ill
Though they come from every walk of life, they            girls and their sisters.
have one thing in common: their lives have been               “It’s great to see them getting older and growing    Volunteering
enhanced by the hours they have dedicated to being        up,” Deborah commented. “It’s very inspiring
Chai Lifeline volunteers.                                 to watch my campers develop friendships with             made me more
    Linda Abraham first heard about Chai Lifeline          one another. They are not intimidated by their           sensitive to others
when her son, Joshua, was ill. Though there was not       differences. Instead, they learn from one another
yet a Chai Lifeline office on the West Coast, Linda        and help each other out.”                                and grateful for
and her husband, Mark, soon found themselves                  Aliza Greenbaum, who also served as a volunteer
enveloped in Chai Lifeline’s warmth from afar.            coordinator in high school, also cherishes the           my own health
Chai Lifeline’s support during Joshua’s illness and       memories of her Chai Lifeline days. “Our school
through their bereavement following his death in          emphasizes voluntarism and supports our efforts,”
1997 convinced them of the need for a West Coast          she said recently. Among the many ways she and
base for Chai Lifeline. Linda and two friends,            her fellow volunteers brightened the lives of Chai
Helena Kornwasser Usdan and Marilyn Sohacheski,           Lifeline patients was making birthday parties,
worked together to make the dream of Chai Lifeline        complete with pizza, presents and homemade
West Coast a reality.                                     birthday cards and being Big Sisters for children
    Once Chai Lifeline was established, the entire        who needed a bit of extra love and attention to
Abraham family became volunteers and leaders.             thrive. Her hospital visits have not only cheered
All five Abraham children have given untold                pediatric patients but allowed parents a few needed
hours to Chai Lifeline’s young patients and their         hours of respite.
families. Deborah, Rachel, Rafi and Avital Abraham             The Abrahams and Aliza were unanimous
organized volunteers in their high schools to act         in their declaration that they received much more
as counselors, Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Their        than their pediatric charges. “Volunteering with
older brother, Shlomo, is the designated “schlepper.”     Chai Lifeline made me more sensitive to others and
He’s delivered food to families, driven families to       grateful for my own health, asserted Aliza. “I felt so
appointments          and is always ready to make sure    good being able to bring joy into children’s lives.”
                          that event supplies get where       “Volunteering has been a very positive
                            they need to be.                 experience for all of us. We’ve met
                            Deborah                            wonderful people that we would
                            and                                 never have known. The process
                                                                of helping others can be
                                                                satisfying,” Mrs. Abraham

                                               hel ping t he chil d, t he fa mily, an d t he communit y | 3
Throughout the Year,
        Family Support Brightens
        Days & Enhances Lives
                                                         Seasons of Respite Completes Third Series
                                                         Mothers from across Southern California took some needed time for themselves
                                                         four times in the past year when they joined other Chai Lifeline moms for this
                                                         year’s Seasons of Respite series.
                                                             With its emphasis on body, mind and spirit, Seasons of Respite covers all the
                                                         bases. Each of the four days combines discussion and art groups led by Esther
                                                         Dreyfuss-Kattan, Ph.D., a psychologist and art therapist, extreme pampering and
                                                         a relaxing environment.
Purim Gala Brings                                            “Some mothers drive long distances to attend,” noted Randi Grossman. “The
                                                         program not only gives them some much-needed time off but encourages them to
Families Together                                        make time for themselves. Many of the moms have been able to make significant
                                                         changes in their lives as a result of the program.”
If it’s Adar, this must be Purim. And if it’s Purim,
that means it’s time for the Sohacheski Family
Center’s annual Purim Celebration.
     Over 200 Chai Lifeline children and their
                                                                                       Beauty Day Lifts Spirits of
families had a great time at Kanner Hall, which was                                    Moms and Daughters
transformed into a festival of color and mishloach                                     A gaggle of girls (thirty, to be exact) were pampered
manot by Chai Lifeline volunteers studying at Bais                                     to the max during the Sixth Annual Beauty Day in
Yaakov. The festivities included face painting, arcade                                 Beverly Hills.
games, arts and crafts and an inflatable basketball                                         Once again, Debbie Bair of Tipperary Children’s
game. Everyone enjoyed the antics of “Kinderbell”                                      Hair Salon opened her business and her heart to our
the Clown, the music of Brad Schacter and an                                           patients, sisters and moms. Delighted giggles could
engaging juggling performance. With lunch donated                                      be heard from the salon, where the youngsters were
by The Pizza Station and a special mishloah manot                                      decorating mirrors and enjoying the attentions of
prepared by the 4th grade students of Pressman                                         volunteer counselors. While the girls had their hair
Hebrew Academy, everyone went home filled with                                          straightened, braided and coifed, the mothers took
food, laughter and lots of good memories.                                              the opportunity to relax with old and new friends.

                                                         Baseball Lifts Spirits at Dodger Day
                                                         One hundred Chai Lifeline children, parents and siblings enjoyed a great day at
                                                         the ballpark during the Sohacheski Family Centers’ annual Dodger Day last July.
                                                             As families gathered in the section reserved exclusively for their use, they were
                                                         greeted by the savory odor of scrumptious hot dogs cooked to perfection by Jeff’s
                                                         Gourmet Sausages, who once again donated the repast. Following dinner, Chai
                                                         Lifeline volunteers passed around goody bags, compliments of Chai Lifeline and
                                                         the Los Angeles Dodgers, who also provided the evening’s tickets.
                                                             “This is much more than a ball game for our families,” explained Randi
                                                         Grossman. Dodger Day is an opportunity for families to catch up and support one
                                                         another while making great family memories.”
                                                             The evening wound down with the exalted triumph of the winning Dodgers.
                                                         Ms. Grossman laughed, “No doubt the cheers of our families spurred our team to

4 | chai lifeline | fighting illness with love
Circle of Friends
Chai Lifeline West Coast is fortunate to have an exceptional group of community leaders committed to enhancing the lives of our children
and their families. Their generous contributions of time, talent and resources help make the Sohacheski Family Center a leader in providing
innovative programs and services that impart love and hope to our most vulnerable children.

                                   The Circle of Friends currently includes the following families:
               Anonymous                                   The Harwit Foundation                           Mr. & Mrs. Amir Rahaminov
               Anonymous                                        Ms. Chavi Hertz                            Dr. & Mrs. Steven Rothman
           Mr. Aaron Abecassis                            Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Julis                         Mr. & Mrs. David Salomon
       Mr. & Mrs. Mark Abraham                               Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Kin                             Mr. & Mrs. Lee Samson
        Mr. & Mrs. Allan Dalfen                            Mr. & Mrs. Igor Korbatov                         Mr. & Mrs. Sunny Sassoon
            Mr. Eric Deutsch                             Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kornwasser                       Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Sassover
       Mr. & Mrs. Steven Dorfman                         Mr. & Mrs. Mark Kornwasser                         Mr. & Mrs. Alan Schneider
Mr. Simon Elhiani & Mrs. Rita Lewkowicz                    Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Lubin                       Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Schlesinger
       Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fallas                               Mrs. Helen Mars                             Mr. & Mrs. Jaime Sohacheski
        Mr. & Mrs. Gary Finder                              Mr. & Mrs. Gary Mozer                            Mr. & Mrs. Allan Stern
          Mr. & Mrs. Len Fisch                                 Mr. Gary Packman                              Mr. & Mrs. Steven Usdan
          Mr. Robert Flaxman                                 Mr. Jerald Ptashkin                            Mr. & Mrs. David Zeffren

Emek Hebrew Academy                                      Family Day
Continues Tradition of Giving                            Brings Hundreds Together
The middle school girls of Emek Hebrew                   While it may be true for some that people usually don’t visit
Academy-Teichman Family Torah Center in                  tourist attractions in their own backyard, Chai Lifeline families
Sherman Oaks keep raising the bar for success in         eagerly await the opportunity to enjoy Knott’s Berry Farm with
Chai Lifeline’s national Parshathon program.             the organization every year.
    During last year’s Parshathon, the girls raised          The annual Joshua Abraham Memorial Family Day,
almost $35,000 to help send seriously ill children       sponsored in memory of a sweet and special boy by his parents,
from our area to Camp Simcha and Camp Sim-               Linda and Mark Abraham, was held in late October. While
cha Special, Chai Lifeline’s two amazing summer          the park itself is an exciting attraction, families agreed that
camp adventures for seriously ill children. Their        the real action took place during lunch. There, munching on
eight-year total has surpassed $200,000.                 giant subway sandwiches donated by Pico Kosher Deli, the
    “The enthusiasm of these girls is                    group danced with park mascots Snoopy and Charlie Brown
unbelievable,” marveled Randi Grossman. “They            to the spirited music of Brad Schachter. Children’s activities and
put more than one hundred percent of themselves          drawings by a caricaturist kept young ones happily busy while
into this project. Their chesed and spirit are felt by   parents spoke to one another and to Chai Lifeline’s caring staff
our children around the world.”                          and volunteers.
    As they get ready for this year’s Parshathon,            “It was lovely to watch the children engaged and happy
                                                         and to see parents connecting with others who share similar
we can only say Mazel Tov and good luck to
                                                         experiences. Our new families in particular were strengthened
Debbie Eidlitz, Emek’s campaign coordinator,
                                                         by the counsel and friendship they received from our veteran
and to the girls of Emek Hebrew Academy.
                                                         moms and dads,” said Randi Grossman.

                                                  hel ping t he chil d, t he fa mily, an d t he communit y | 5
                (continued from front page)
                us to all the meetings. They would drop everything       to be a perfect match. Within weeks after Michelle,
                to go to the hospital,” said Yehudis. “They helped us    a remarkable young woman whom the Bogatz’s
                understand what was happening and explained all          considered their lifesaver, was found, the transplant
                the possibilities.”                                      was performed.
                    The Bogatz’s created a website to coordinate             “Throughout this process, Chai Lifeline was our
                the search for donors. Chai Lifeline supplied            family. We never felt like we were in the hands of
                information to the newspapers and broadcast media        strangers. We felt that we were fighting together to
                eager to learn more about the little girl, her illness   save her life,” Yehudis emphasized.
                and her family’s efforts to save her life. CBS News          At five and a half years old, and several months
                took a special interest, eventually producing two        past her surgery, Chana is a happy little girl catching
                stories about the search for kidney donor.               up on all she had missed in her young life. She is
                    Still, a compatible donor could not be found, and    learning to eat, something she was never able to do,
                Chana’s mother took her daughter to Minneapolis,         and her mother reports that she loves taking baths.
                where a different transplant team offered hope               “With tubes and catheters, she was never able
                and a new approach. Yehudis marveled, “We knew           to play in her bath. We had to be so careful. Now
                nobody in Minneapolis, but Chai Lifeline was             when the tub fills with water, Chana says, ‘All done
                there all the time. Someone stayed with us during        dialysis.’ She is beginning to see what it is like to be
                the evaluation to give us the support we needed.”        normal.
                Behind the scenes, Chai Lifeline helped ensure               “Chai Lifeline did this for her, and for us.
                that paperwork was filed, deadlines were met and          They understood the medical, the social and the
                insurance coverage available.                            emotional turmoil. They helped everyone in the
                    CBS News in Minneapolis produced a third             family and always kept Chana’s interests at heart.
                story on Chana, prompting dozens of phone calls.             “Chai Lifeline will always be part of our family.”
                This time, one of the proposed donors turned out

Sun Shines on Sukkos Family Extravaganza
                AS IF ON CUE, days of cloudy weather gave way to         chairs who
                bright sunshine for the Sohacheski Family Center’s       inspired all
                fourth annual Sukkos Family Extravaganza.                with their
                    Over twenty-two hundred Chai Lifeline friends        energy and
                and supporters from all areas of Southern California     dedication.
                poured into Scandia Amusement Park, taking               “People
                advantage of chol hamoed school vacations and the        commented
                promise of another year of fun for the entire family.    about how
                Twenty rides for everyone from the youngest children     much they loved having the
                to the most adventurous thrill-seekers, games            opportunity to participate in a wonderful, family-
                arcade, batting cages and miniature golf options,        friendly activity while supporting Chai Lifeline at
                were only the beginning. The sounds of laughter          the same time.”
                and excitement filled the park as groups of children          The Sukkos Family Extravaganza was
                eagerly made their way from ride to ride, munching       sponsored by Joseph and Chana Kornwasser in
                on cotton candy, chocolate dipped bananas and other      memory of Avraham Shmuel Shmaye, a’h; Mark
                fun kosher snacks along the way . The music of           and Sonia Kornwasser; Aaron and Corinne Kin;
                Naftali Finkel of the Shira Orchestra, Brad Schachter    Jerry Ptashkin; Twin-Med and Steven and Helena
                of Nefesh Music and Ariel Louk in the picnic area        Usdan. Corporate sponsors included Custom Quick
                set the tone and enhanced the simcha of the day.         Sign, R-Bag by Markoff Industries Inc., Sieger
                The sights of Sukkos were all around as well: Sieger     Sukkahs, and Western Kosher. The Sohacheski
                Sukkahs ringed the food court, and participants          Family Center thanks the volunteers of Hatzolah,
                were continually entering to eat their lunches, relax    the Chai Lifeline volunteer coordinators for
                and converse with neighbors and friends.                 this event (Daniel Meir Heyman, Moshe Dov
                    “It was really the perfect day,” said Helena         Hershberg, Daniel Krich, Ari Trainer and Adina
                Kornwasser Usdan and Corinne Kin, event co-              Altschuler) and the many volunteers who devoted
                                                                         their time and energy to make this event possible.
6 | chai lifeline | fighting illness with love
Chai Lifeline Programs & Services
 When serious illness strikes a child, the entire family is affected. Chai Lifeline’s extensive
 network of free programs and services is designed to help every member of the family cope
 during this time of crisis. For assistance, call (310) 274-6331 or (877) 374-6331.

the child                                                    t h e Fa m i ly
CAMP SIMCHA                                                  CHAI FAMILY CENTERS
IN MEMORY OF DR. SAMUEL ABRAHAM                              Community-based counseling centers
LOCATED ON THE JACK & MOISHE HORN CAMPUS                     assist children and parents dealing
The foremost kosher summer camp for youngsters               with serious illness in the
with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.            immediate family.
CAMP SIMCHA SPECIAL                                          ADVOCACY AND CASE
LOCATED ON THE JACK & MOISHE HORN CAMPUS                     Immediate help, information
A magical, medically supervised camping                      and support to locate physicans
experience for children with serious chronic and             and appropriate treatment centers.
genetic illnesses.
                                                             STELLA K. ABRAHAM
A new way for children to use art to acknowledge
                                                             FAMILY CENTER
                                                             LOCATED ON THE JACK & MOISHE HORN CAMPUS
                                                                                                                        t h e c om m u n i t y
and express their feelings about living with illness.        A physical and emotional “time-out” from                   PROJECT CHAI
                                                             the grueling routine of serious illness for families.      (CHIZUK, HEALING & INTERVENTION)
H.E.L.P. — HOMEBOUND EDUCATIONAL                                                                                        Community-based teams of professionals and
LEARNING PROGRAM                                             ANNUAL WINTER RETREAT                                      trained volunteers assist families, schools, camps
In-home and in-hospital tutoring in Jewish studies           Three days of peer and professional support                and community groups during the first hours, days
for children, ages 5-18.                                     and renewal for parents and children.                      and weeks following a tragedy, crisis or the death
                                                             INSURANCE SUPPORT SERVICE                                  of child or young parent.
HEART-TO-HEART                                               This service assists patients in the processing            THE COLBURN & SOBEL FAMILIES
“Big brothers” and “big sisters” maintain ongoing            of health insurance claims and reimbursements.             CHILDREN’S FUND
relationships with seriously ill youngsters.                                                                            A very special initiative to maintain and expand
                                                             CHARNA RADBELL
                                                             GIFT OF SUNSHINE FUND                                      ongoing Chai Lifeline programs.
FOUNDATION WISH AT THE WALL                                  A program to provide children and their families           BRYNA FERTIG VOLUNTEER
A project of Chai Lifeline Midwest. A spiritually            with “a gift of sunshine and hope” while they              TRAINING PROGRAM
reinvigorating trip to Israel for teens who are at           fight illness and despair.                                 Special workshops and training sessions introduce
least one-year post-treatment.                                                                                          new volunteers to Chai Lifeline goals, practices
                                                             BERNICE RIMBERG “OUR SIBS”
                                                             (SPECIALLY IMPORTANT BROTHERS AND SISTERS)                 and philosophies
MEMORIAL LENDING LIBRARY                                     OurSibs activities give brothers and sisters the
                                                             extra attention they need to thrive in a difficult         MARY AND MORTIMER GREENSTEIN
Books of Jewish interest are provided to                                                                                MEMORIAL FUND
hospitalized and homebound children and to                   environment.
                                                                                                                        A new initiative to help Chai Lifeline meet the
Camp Simcha’s library.                                       DONALD ALAN HARRIS HEALING                                 challenges of caring for the growing number of
JOAN & SHAEL BELLOWS FAMILY DAY                              HEARTS BEREAVEMENT PROGRAM                                 families who need assistance.
A project of Chai Lifeline Midwest. Kids and                 Healing Hearts encompasses several innovative
families spend an exciting day at Six Flags Great            approaches to help parents and siblings cope with
America amusement park.                                      the loss of a beloved family member.

SHIMMY GOLUB GRANT-A-WISH/                                   ANN & PINKY SOHN FUND
WEINGARTEN WISHATHON FUND                                         This special fund helps alleviate the financial
The wishes of seriously ill children are                            burden of catastrophic illness by providing
granted through these two programs.                                             money for a wide variety of non-
                                                                                  medical expenses resulting from
DISNEY WORLD TRIP                                                               a child’s illness.
SPONSORED BY THE OHR MEIR                                                                                               DAVID J. & DINA LIPINS
FOUNDATION                                                                  HONEY & DAVID BERGER                        PUBLICATIONS
Each year, a group of seriously ill                                         FUND                                        Chai Lifeline publications include children’s
children spend four days                                                  A critical safety net that enables families   magazines, collections of prayers for times of
in America’s most famous                                                  to function despite the financial strain      illness, a volunteers’ manual, manual for educators
wonderland.                                                               caused by a child’s illness.                  and Heartbeats, Chai Lifeline’s news publications.

THE JOSEPH & ELSIE                                                          BERNARD & LUCILLE KATZ                      6XCHAI VOLUNTEER PROGRAM
LISTHAUS CHAILINK                                                            CHAILINE TELEPHONE                         Six ways for volunteers to make a difference in the
PROGRAM                                                                      SUPPORT GROUPS                             lives of children and families.
Video-teleconferencing links                                                  Parents find support and
                                                                              counseling via telephone support          HONEY ENGEL SPECIAL TOY DRIVE
hospitalized or homebound                                                                                               Community toy drives collect toys to distribute to
children to classrooms,                                                        groups that connect them with
                                                                                 other parents of seriously             homebound and hospitalized children during the
teacher and friends.                                                                                                    Chanukah season.
                                                                                  ill children and a qualified
                                                                                  De a r C h a
                                                                                                 i Li f e     li n e:
                                                                                   Th e h e l p
                 i   fe l i n e:                  in how                          e v e r. If I d o u h a v e gi v e n m y
De a r C h a i L                   u k n o w a ga a n d h o w                   n ot b e a b i d n ot h a v e th i s fa m i l y i s th e b t
                    te d to l  yo                 –
We ju s t w a n o rk m e a n s to a l l of u s I got to                                           l
                                                                               p e a c efu l l e to go th ro u gh th i i st a n c e, I w o u l d
                   w                            and
m u c h yo u r Li fe l i n e h e l p s. Ste v e e re a l l y                                      y                            s
                                                                              h e l p m y c a s I h a v e. I w o u l s i t u a t i o n a s
m u c h Ch a i tog h e r, s o m  h i n g d w a y l                                            h i d re n o r               d
                                                                                                                  m ys e l f. n ot b e a bl e to
                   off                           a                           Th e d oo
 h a v e t i m e a n d c e r ta i n l y h a v e h  i t i s v e r y                            r
                                                                            b e a n d gett s sa y th a t I a m h e
 n e v e r h a v e t th re e ye a rs. So m i m  th a t                                        i n g s t ro n               al
                     s                            
  of i n th e l a a i n th e d a y to d a y s t r i a gn o s i s of        I d i d n’t i                       ge r. It i s a i n g a s I s h o u l d
                                                                                            m                                 ll b a us
                      l                            d
   h a rd to exp o n a fa m i l y a fte r th e n d efi n i te l y          Ch a i Li fe a gi n e th a t a n o rg                            e of yo u.
                                                    a                                      l i n e exi st                   a n iza t i o n
   c o m e d o w n e n i n g i l l n  . B u t I c v e a n d I g        I ne eded                         e
                                                                                           t h e m o s t d . At a t i m e i n m y l i k e
                        t                            e
    a l i fe-th re a ey a re l i fte d,  e n St s h a  y a n d         k n o cked
                                                                                         o n m y d o h e l p yo u a  e a re d l i fe th a t
                         h                            i
     te l l  e n t n n e  a n d  e n Jo s h v e to w o rry          I f e e l th a                    o r.                            and
                        o                              a                                t it is a m
      t i m e to r a re of a n d w e d o n’t h a n k yo u             a n ge l s . I                    i ra c l e a n d
                           c                            Th                            c
       w e l l ta k e n w a y l  th a n u s u a l. r i a te d       bl i n g. a n n ot th a n k yo u e th a t yo u a re
                          l,                                                                                           n o u gh fo
        a t a l l, w e l w o rk. It i s gre a tl y a  o u gh.                                                                      r th i s
                           r                             n
         fo r a l l yo u e v e r sa y “th a n k yo u” e                                      S. A . R .
          a nd I ca n n          P.K.

                                                                                                                                     NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                                                       US POSTAGE

                                                                                                                                       CHAI LIFELINE
                                                                                                                                       CAMP SIMCHA
Helping the Child, the Family and the Community
9233 W. Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90035
151 W. 30th Street, New York, NY 10001

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