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									                               CURRICULUM VITAE

                                 Leslie Claire Griffith

DATE OF BIRTH:                 October 12, 1959, Lansing, MI

WORK ADDRESS:                  Department of Biology MS008
                               Brandeis University
                               415 South St.
                               Waltham, MA 02454-9110
                               TEL (781)736-3125
                               FAX (781)736-3107


          1992-1998 Assistant Professor, Department of Biology and Volen Center for
          Complex Systems, Brandeis University

          1998-2004, Associate Professor, Department of Biology and Volen Center for
          Complex Systems, Brandeis University

          2004-present, Professor, Department of Biology and Volen Center for Complex
          Systems, Brandeis University

          July 2009- present, Chair, Department of Biology, Brandeis University


                        S.B., 1981, Life Sciences
                        Massachusetts Institute of Technology

                        Ph.D., 1987, Pharmacology
                        Advisor: Howard Schulman
                        Stanford University
                        Thesis Title: "Regulation of Neuronal Function by Calcium-
                        dependent Phosphorylation"

                        M.D., 1989
                        Stanford University Medical School

                        Postdoctoral Research, 1988-1992, Neuroscience
                        Advisor: Ralph J. Greenspan
                        Roche Institute of Molecular Biology
                        Role of calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinases in neuronal
                        function and behavior in Drosophila melanogaster
            National Merit Scholar
            Phi Beta Kappa, M.I.T.
            NSF Predoctoral Fellowship, 1981-1984
            Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Foundation Advanced Predoctoral
            Fellowship, 1985-1987
            NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1989-1992
            Rothschild Fellowship, Hoffman-LaRoche, 1989-1992
            Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, 1994-1996
            Klingenstein Research Fellowship, 1994-1997
            Whitehall Foundation Grant, 1995-1997
            NIH Career Development Award, 1996-2001
            McKnight Technological Innovation Award 1999-2000
            Scholar in residence, Neural Systems and Behavior, Marine Biological Labs, Woods
            Hole 2007
            Meyerhof Lecturer, Max-Planck Institute, Heidelberg, 2008
            Society for Neuroscience Presidential Lecture, 2008


     Ad Hoc Reviewer for NIH Study Section BIOL2, 1998
     Member of the steering committee of the Boston Area Neuroscience Group (BANG) 1999-2007
     Member of NIH Study Section MDCN-1/SYN, 1998-2005, Chair 2004-2005
     Course instructor, Marine Biological Labs Neurobiology course 1999 and 2000
     Member of the Medical Foundation Fellowship Selection Board 2000-2005
     Member of Society for Neuroscience Chapters Committee 2001-2004
     Ad hoc reviewer for NIH Study Section IFCN-7, 2002
     Tufts University School of Medicine Neuroscience Program Review Committee, 2005
     Organizer for 2005 Cold Spring Harbor Drosophila Neurobiology Meeting
     Ad hoc reviewer for NIH Study Section LAM, 2006, 2007
     Instructor, Cold Spring Harbor “Drosophila Neurobiology” course, July 18-19, 2007
     NIH Blueprint Meeting on Plasticity, August 29-30, 2007
     Reviewer for NIH EUREKA program, 2008
    Organizer for 2008 Janelia Farm Drosophila Learning and Memory Meeting
    Member of the Drosophila Board (elected position, New England Region) 2008-2011
    Ad Hoc reviewer for NIH Study Section MNG, 2008
    Ad Hoc reviewer for NIH Study SEP, 2009
    Visiting Scholar, University of Pennsylvania Neuroscience Program May 2009
    Organizer for 2011 Genetics Society of America Drosophila Meeting

    Society for Neuroscience
    International Society for Neuroethology
    Genetics Society of America

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