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									Tips SEO (Search
Engine Optimization)
If you want your website to be on the highest order in
Google, Yahoo or other search engines, then you need to
run the techniques of SEO (Search Engine
Optimization). By applying SEO techniques, your blog or
website is not just to be on the order of the highest in the
search engines, but your blog will also have a lot of

Try entering the keywords "click here" on google, the site
of what comes up? Download Acrobat
Reader? Why? Whereas in that page does not exist any
"click here". Why be so?

There are two types of SEO techniques, i.e. ON PAGE

ON PAGE SEO techniques, means to make our website
pages may be as good in the eyes of search engines. By
way of choosing the right title, keywords that are pretty but
don't overdo it, add a link on keywords, bold, italic, and so
on. The following tips techniques ON PAGE:
Focus on Your keywords, consider for a moment about
people would include what keywords on Google or Yahoo
that's right for your website.
Use the title contains the keyword.
Use the keyword density of 5 – 10 times in the content of
your writing.
Use the ALT (for links and image) containing Your
Use BOLD and ITALIC in Your keyword.
Use the links on the keyword.
OFF PAGE SEO techniques, is by way of link building as
much as possible towards our blogs. You can get link
exchanges with friends, or put up a link on your friendster
page, comment, guestbook etc. The more links that point
to our website, then we will be getting higher
PAGERANK. The higher PAGERANK means more likely
the website we are on the order of the highest search

You should also pay attention to Anchor Text when
creating a link towards your website. Why the Adobe
website is the highest ranking in google for the keywords
"click here", because many website that there is a link to
the page with the word: Download Adobe Reader, click
here. The words "click here" are called Anchor text as a
link. Try the links that point to your website in accordance
with the keywords that Your target.

Here are the things that are forbidden on SEO (blackhat
SEO), if you run this prohibition, then your website will be
blacklisted search engines (not diindex):
Create a doorway, i.e. Special pages for search engines is
not useful to the visitors of your site.
Posted a link on your website that include the category of
"bad neighborhood", i.e. There's websites in the blacklist
(including a link farm).
Follow the program paid links.
Building links in a very large amount in a short time.
The contents are exactly the same with other Web sites.
Search engines today are getting smart, make Your
website or blog and useful for visitors of weighted, then
your website will be much visited people from around the
Good luck.

Copyright 2011

Simon Gunawan

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