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Events:                                      August 2010
STCC Annual
Picnic 8/15                                       SHE CRUISE – 2010
Boston                                                Susan Kroner
Waterfront       Once again STCC ladies, we showed the guys that we too can drive our Vettes just
Cruise 8/22      as well as they can. No problem!! There was a great turnout and the weather
                 cooperated for a beautiful sunny evening. We cruised 14 miles through the back
Mystery          roads, past the horse farms, around the curves, and up and down over the hills to
Cruise 10/2 or
10/9             Al's Café in Bethel Park.
                 And now for the other “LADIES”, you never fail to surprise us all with your
Steel Town’s     imagination, creativity and strutting your "Wild Side"!! Very entertaining!!
Talent contest   Thanks to the members of Steel Town who joined me for the evening, and a special
11/16            thanks to the “Ladies”, as without their participation, the “She Cruise” would not be
                 a success. A wonderful night was enjoyed by all!!
                                    Pictures best viewed at 150%

                    Damn living
                    bra! Can’t
                    go to court
                    like this

                                  Who lost
                      Yes, their
Gotta use
hands!!??                          “Ok, try to look

                                                      “Where did
                                                      I leave
                                                      those damn
               “They both
               want me…”

                                   The “Girls” dressed again at Freddies II on South Park Rd. Rick almost got lucky
                                   at the bar-Charlie could not leave him/herself alone, Lee was showing off his new
                                   bra, Joe prayed for it all to end!

ANNUAL PICNIC. This year it is the "Covered Bridge Picnic" at beautiful Mingo Creek Park in Washington County
(Directions are below). PLEASE BRING A COVERED DISH TO SHARE. If your dish needs refrigerated please bring it in a
cooler. There are electric plugs in the shelter (Shelter No. 3). The club will provide the grilling meats,paper plates etc. and
water and pop. We will have a beer permit so you can bring beer. Do not bring glass bottles. There will be games (yes there
will be prizes), good food, music and a couple of surprises. This a great event for our newer members. Don't be shy, we are
a friendly group! There is plenty of parking for our Vettes. This is a rain or shine event since we have a large shelter. Hours
are noon-7pm. We will probably eat about 2. Please RSVP by e-mail to Any questions call Ron
"Dr. Fun" Stout at 7247468707. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

 DIRECTIONS TO PICNIC: (These directions start on I-79 South-you can pick any point to start depending on your place of
origin). Take I-79 South to the Houston/Eighty-Four Exit (No. 43);Make right at stop sign onto 519 E. (you will go under I-
79);go 1.2 miles (from where you got on 519 E) to 4-way stop sign and bear right (you are still on 519 E.);in .1 mile you will
go under Route 19 ( you are still on 519 E.;go 4 miles from the under Rt. 19 point to stop sign. You must stop since you
want to go across intersection-there is a Mingo Creek Park direction sign in front of you; cross the intersection (careful-cars
on your right do not stop);you are on Brownlee Road (for those of you familiar with Angel's Acres, this is the same way so
far); go 2.3 miles to stop sign (there is a Mingo Creek Park sign on your right) and make a left onto Rt 136E (be careful-
another dangerous intersection); You are on the right road if you see Rolling Hills Golf Course on your right; from the stop
sign where you made the left onto Rt 136 E go 2.5 miles make left just past Mingo Inn (there is another Mingo Creek Park
sign on your right) onto Sichi's Hill Road; go down hill for .4 miles to stop sign make right at Y ("Park Entrance" sign); go .1
mile and make right onto Mingo Creek road (there is a big Mingo Creek Park sign in front of you with Washington County
Commissioners names on it); go .9 miles and make sharp right at "Shelters 3,4,5" sign; go through the covered bridge
("Ebenezer Bridge")-honk your horn for good luck!; parking lot is on your right; after you park your car go down the paved
walkway past the restrooms and shelter 2; go across the little bride-shelter 3 will be ahead of you-if you get lost call Ron
Stout 4129526608.
SHE CRUISE: Thanks to Sue and Jim Kroner for again hosting this fun evening. It is better than Halloween! Lets hear it for
Little Bo Peep and the World's Tallest Amish Lady and of course our sexy hot mama's and proper ladies.

MYSTERY CRUISE: is either Saturday October 2 or 9-it is a mystery-stay tuned-only the Shadow knows!

 STEELTOWN HAS GOT TALENT: will be held at our November 16 indoor meeting. Jo has gotten some great prizes-would
you believe a 2-night stay in Windsor Canada and dinner at Bedford Springs and more! Start rehearsing. Go solo or a
group-singers,actors, comedians, jugglers, baton twirlers...

 See this newsletter for other events such as the August 22 gas'em and pass'em cruise-also watch your STCC emails for
reminders and updates

 Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix-special thanks to all of our members who participated. We had close to 40 members and
over 25 cars. Special thanks to Rob Harris who displayed Donna Mae's pink vette both Saturday and Sunday and spoke to
hundreds of people about her. Thanks to those who participated in the rainy but still memorable parade lap around the
course honoring Donna Mae. Rob drove her car. Congratulations to the Pateras for winning the $75 restaurant gift
Corvette Magazines:
Why throw out your old Corvette Magazines?
Bring them to our monthly meetings to share
and swap with other members! This is good for
the ecology as well as the other members!!

 Upcoming Event:
 Steel Town‟s Pass „em and Gas „em Cruise
        When: Sunday Aug 22nd
        Where: Boston Waterfront @ Boston Park      2422 St. David Drive
                                          Boston, PA 15035
        Meeting time: 1:00 pm at Chick-Fil-A
               461 Clairton Blvd.
               Pleasant Hills, PA 15236
 Located a short distance south of the Century III Mall. Adjacent to Rt 51
 in the Southland Shopping
 Pig roast with 2 sides, $10.00 per person inc tax.
 Music by The Jades Classical rock -60’s-70’s-80’s
 You won‟t want to miss this “rootin n tootin” Blowout Cruise!
 RSVP: Letty Tregembo 724-938-7945 on or before August 17th

                                           For Sale:
                                           1989 Corvette, Bright Red with Red leather interior, new tires,
                                           classic license plate, 350 cubinc inch motor, automatic,
                                           two tops, power driver and passenger seats, factory radiator
                                           booster fan, electronic air conditioning control, low tire pressure
                                           warning indicator, Delco Boise stereo system, Excellent
                                           condition, 44, 000 miles. Asking $9800.00
                                           Phone 724-470-7641
                                              Larry and Pat Pepper
Put Your Old Cell Phones to a good Cause:

Please bring your old cell phones to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project and give them to Jo Post, she'll do the rest. ACT
(a community group of volunteers) has donated over $1100.00 to help these heroes since January 2009, so it really adds
up, plus we keep cell phones out of our landfills at the same time! Thanks, Jo Post

Steel Town‟s 30th Annual All Chevy Car Cruise-
The All Chevy Cruise, August 1 , was a big success with 101 registered Chevy’s displayed. Great door prizes and Chinese
Auction items were won and the food sold out in record speed! Full details in the next newsletter!
STCC Newsletter Editor-Marian
   Mike and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who who helped make the chinese auction and
gift baskets a big success once again this year.......those who gave us items to re-gift ( hopefully Rocky and
Rodney found a good home!! ), baskets ( and by the way we will need big ones for next year), money to
purchase more stuff, the guys and girls who helped carry the tables and items upstairs Sunday morning,
Judy for helping get the tables set up, and last but not least, those of us who went through the cash!
Thanks you all again. Mike and Mary Kay

The Talent contest had to be postponed due to the technical challenges of putting on such a grand show in a park. The
new show date will be November 16th at Peter's Place in Bridgeville. This will give all the contestants more time to perfect
their acts and others to rise up to the challenge!! It will also give more time to round up more prizes to reward these brave
contestants for their effort.
 As of this newsletter, we already have two awesome prizes:
1. A two night stay at none other than the Windsor Quality Suites in Windsor, Canada (for those who don't know, we have
an annual cruise there) - Valued at over $300.00.
2. Dinner for two in The Crystal Room at Omni Bedford Springs Resort, Bedford, PA.
 I've eaten there and stayed at the Resort....delicious food and excellent amenities. While there you could plan extra time to
visit the quaint little town of Bedford for shopping and fun.
 Please call Jo Post 724-218-1020 with questions or see me at the next cruise.

          The Don Yenko, trophy presented to Jim Harris, the 2009 award winner at Cumberland

 Carlisle 2010- Lee Ivanusic Memorial Cruise by: Charlie Byrnes

 Arrangements have been completed and a good time awaits us all. Twenty Three STEEL TOWN cars will grace the
 fairgrounds at Carlisle this year. Eleven cars will meet on Thursday at the Donegal BP on Route 31. We will depart at
 10:00 am SHARP, so Please be on time.
 If you intend to join us on the back roads to Carlisle on Thursday, please call me at 412-389-4705.
 Directions for those coming up Friday-
 PA Pike to Hotel-
                                                      st                                st                      st
 PA Pike East to Exit 236, take Route 15 North to 1 Exit, Top of ramp, make Right, 1 Stop light make Right, 1 Street
 make Right, 1 Driveway into HAMPTON INN.
                           Hampton Inn Harrisburg West (Gettysburg Pike Exit 236)
                           4950 Ritter Rd
                           Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
 PA Pike to Fairgrounds-Bypass Traffic
 PA Pike to Blue Mtn Exit 201, Take Route 997 East, make Right onto Route 696 to Route 641, make Left (east) on
 Route 641 to Route 11 North, Route 11 becomes High Street in Carlisle, to Pitt Street, make Left on Pitt Street to end,
 make a Right, Entrance Straight Ahead.

 A memorial service will be held on Saturday afternoon at 2:30 pm to celebrate and remember our own
 Mr. Carlisle-Lee Ivanusic. Please make plans to attend.

 Steel Town has a group reservation for dinner on Saturday evening at 7:00 pm at:
                        3315 Hartzdale Dr.
                        Mechanicsburg, PA
                                                         Any questions please call Charlie Byrnes-412-389-4705.
  New Castle 2010- Marian Tartaglione
  Anyone who attended the New Castle Back to the 50‟s Weekend will agree that this is truly one of the best cruises of
  the summer. The event goes from Thursday night of the 4 of July weekend and goes through Sunday. Parking under
  the trees throughout the park are some of the nicest cars you will ever see. The food vendors are wonderful Pizza,
  blooming onions, apple dumplings with ice cream, Gyros, Meatball Hoagies, one is better than the other!
  The entertainment is Outstanding with
  The Voges, The Jaggers, The Holidays, Johnny Angles & the Halos, The Dorals to name a few. Friday and Saturday
  nights finish out @ 9 with a dance in the large banquet room with a live band. All this only costs $25 for 4 wrist bands
  for all 4 days if you register early. We even were graced by some Canadians this year! I hope this will be considered
  for one of the Steel Town events next year! We had about 20 attending this year!

Our grandson, Danny had a blast, dancing to the oldies!   Louie and Joe had to take a break!   Love was in the air!
Vintage Grand Prix- Liz Zalewski
This weekend was the highlight of the Vintage Grand Prix with its tribute to Donna Mae and the Corvette.
Spectators and drivers alike braved the heat and the rain. We were able to parade our corvettes as Donna Mae
looked down on us and smiled as she watched her car and others show her how much she is missed and what
a impact her life had.
There's a new corvette dog in town and his name is SCARGE pronounced sarge. At four months he attended the
Vintage Grand Prix with his master. He even owns a red T-shirt to match his owners corvette.
If you see me at a cruise come and say Hi I love to meet people.
Please inform Jerry Tregembo of any
corrections to this month’s birthdays and
anniversaries--412-600-8757                      Steel Town Board of Directors
August Birthdays                            President                 David Alvarez 724-743-3364
Aug 5- Bill Nyga
Aug 7- Rick Tartaglione
                                            Vice President            Mick Yarina 724-941-5824
Aug 8- Cel Conwell
   Allen Fiedler
                                            Secretary                 Tami Goddard 724-356-2334
   Gregor Erickson
   Wendy Marshall
                                            Treasurer                 Rich Churilla    724-941-1284
Aug 9- Kim Porter
Aug 10- Harry Verlato, Jr
                                            Events                    Ron Stout 724-746-8707
Aug 12- Terry Bauer
Aug 13- Beth Hotchkiss
                                            Membership                Jerry Tregembo 412-600-8757
   Donald Drogowski
Aug 14- George Yurick
                                            Points                    Joe Fossati 412-445-1665
Aug 15- Kelly Colvin
Aug 16- Janie Baczkowski
                                            Public Relations          Marianne Hornichak 412-771-9250
Aug 21- Eric Dean
Aug 23- Susan Kroner
                                            Alternate                 Rick Tartaglione 412-298-1575
   John Coldsmith
Aug 24- Patricia Riley
                                            Alternate                 Lee Marks 412-720-3146
Aug 26- Mike Yeager
Aug 27- Jerry Tregembo
                                            News Letter            Marian Tartaglione 412-638-7387
Aug 28- Jill Yeager
   Philip Hanna
                                            Clothing & Merchandise Mick & Theresa Yarina
Aug 29- Laura Tutelo
v31- Keith Schanck
                                            Webmaster              Joe Fossati
August Anniversaries                                     
Aug 2- Don and Theresa Craig
Aug 4- Todd and Carrie Whiteman
Aug 5- Bernard and Patricia Murray
Aug 7- Al and Pat Hogan
                                            The Steel Town Board meets the 1st Tuesday of every month,
Aug 9- Lou and Donna Gagliardi              6:45pm at Colussy Chevrolet in Bridgeville—All Steel Town
Aug 10- Harry and Margaret Verlato, Jr.     members are welcome.
Aug 18- Bill and Carol Sturm
Aug 19- Keith and Joan Ritter               General Membership meetings and membership dinner cruises
Aug 20- Keith and Joan Schanck
Aug 22- Dan and Mary Ann DiCio
                                            are the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Winter meetings at Peter’s
Aug 24- Carl and Ron Schiffman              Place in Bridgeville / Heidelburg 7pm (Oct-March) Dinner
Aug 27- Vic and Marianne Hornich            cruises to be determined by cruise leader (April-Sept)

September Birthdays!                        **If anybody receives word of a death, major illness, milestone
Sept. 3…Sue Earlywine                       birthday/anniversary, birth of child/grandchild, etc. of any
Sept. 3…Alice Oakes
Sept. 4…Joan Ritter                         member/s please let me know so that I can send a card form the
Sept. 4…Bonnie Lewis                        club. You can e-mail or call me with the name and address of
Sept. 14…Barb Habowski                      the person to receive the card.
Sept. 14…Jay Black                          Thanks-- Tami Goddard
Sept. 15…Don Craig                          724-356-2334
Sept. 19…Tom Browand
Sept. 20…Allen Van Fossen
Sept. 24…Gary Sillaman
Sept. 26…Tami Goddard
Sept. 26…Paulette Alberts
                                                Please submit any articles by the last day of the month for the next
Sept. 27…Jim Kroner                         .                               newsletter.
Sept. 29…Rich Churilla
                                                    All submissions must be Typed and faxed or emailed.
September Anniversaries!                                            Be sure to spell check!~
Sept. 5… Jerry and Letty Tregembo                              Email to MARIAN TARTAGLIONE
Sept. 8…Mike and Mary Kay Yarusinsky                      
Sept. 21…Ed and Kathy Laudano                                        or fax to 412-223-4305
Sept. 30…Jack and Arlene Robinson
                               Top Ten Leader Board
                                      As of July25, 2010
                               1st          Liz Zalewski      152

                              2nd        Marian Tartaglione   149

                               3rd       Mike Yarusinisky     135

                               4th        Rick Tartaglione    133

                               5th                            130
                                          Charlie Byrnes
                               6th        Theresa Yarina      129

                               7th         Paula Fiedler      120

                                           Chris Fiedler
                               8th                            119
                                            Lee Marks

                               9th         Judy Alverez       115

                              10th          Betty Marks       113

Da boys- RICK, JOE & LOUIE- Windsor
We’re on the Web!
           See us at:

Steel Town Corvettes
   c/o: Tartaglione
  104 Drood Lane
    Pittsburgh, PA

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