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                                                    THIELENSIAN   the student-run newspaper of Thiel College in Greenville, PA
                                          Volume 127 Issue 9                                                                                           January 28, 2011
                                     Biggest Loser Star Inspires                                                                 DelMaramo Tells of his
 At a                                  Thiel Students to Make                                                                    Korean Encounters as a
                                                                                                                               Foreign Exchange Professor
Glance...                                Healthy Decisions
                                                                                                                               by Dr. Mark DelMaramo             partly for the experience of
                          by Jason Kearns                                                                                      Contributing Writer               living there again. It was a
                          Staff Writer                                                                                                                           wonderful experience.
                                                                                                                                    From Dec. 17, 2010 to            South Korea is a country
     Events                   To start the New Year,
                          many individuals have set a
                                                                                                                               Jan. 10, 2011, I lived in an
                                                                                                                               apartment in Seoul, the capi-
                                                                                                                                                                 of 48 million people in an
                                                                                                                                                                 area about the size of the
      Page 2:             resolution to lose weight.
                              Unfortunately, the moti-
                                                                                                                               tal of South Korea.
                                                                                                                                    I served as a foreign ex-
                                                                                                                                                                 state of Indiana; 12 million
                                                                                                                                                                 of those people live in Seoul.
                          vation to get fit normally                                                                           change professor at Duksung           As you can imagine, there
                          starts out at high levels and                                                                        Women's University, where I       are horrible traffic jams at
 K Sigs House Rave on     quickly declines, leaving the                                                                        taught a three-week Western       morning and evening rush
        Campus            individual to make the same                                                                          Art History class. I say I        hours. Not that I drove in
                          resolution the following year.                                                                       lived there for that is exactly   those situations, but I often
                              However, a little inspira-                                                                       what I did; I was hardly a        found myself on a very
Phi Theta Phi Completes   tion can make a big differ-                                                                          tourist.                          crowded bus or subway car,
  Walk-a-thon for the     ence in achieving a weight
                          loss goal.
                                                                                                                                    I walked to and from my      so crowded that I felt close to
                                                                                                                               class every day, past the         the Korean people both cul-
 Children’s Hospital of       What better motivation                                                 Photo by Jason Kearns     same shopkeepers with             turally and physically.
       Pittsburgh         does one need than Amanda         Thiel students to also to drop   also gave the advice that be-     whom I would share a nod on           It was impossible not to
                          Arlauskas from the “Biggest       the unwanted weight.             lieving in one’s self is very     my way home; I shopped in a       bump and lean on each other,
                          Loser?”                                Now that the show is        important for losing weight.      local grocery store several       especially when the bus
Student Life                  Arlauskas was on campus
                          describing the discipline,
                          dedication, and lifestyle
                                                            over, Amanda must make her
                                                            own food choices, exercise
                                                                                             She mentioned that having
                                                                                             proper motivation is a help-
                                                                                                                               times, and the cashier and I
                                                                                                                               laughed together each time,
                                                                                                                                                                 would make a turn or stop
                                                                                                                                                                 abruptly. The subways were
                                                                                                                               because she would say             often the same way.
      Page 3:             changes it required for her to
                          go from a weight of 250
                                                            regularly, and keep the same
                                                            type of discipline to maintain
                                                                                             ful tool.
                                                                                                 This motivation can be        "Thank you" in English, and           Crowded or not, one
                                                            her weight.                      just to look better and           I would say "Gamsa Hamni-         thing kept coming through to
                          pounds down to 163 pounds.           Some of the techniques        achieve a better state of         da," which is thank you in        me each time I used the bus,
   Eating for a better        While Arlauskas had the       she uses today are cutting       health.                           Korean.                           or the subway, or even
                          aid of celebrity fitness train-                                                                           The security guards at the   walked across the Duksung
     Complexion           ers, like Jillian Michaels, and
                                                            carbohydrates after lunch            Overall, the event was
                                                                                                                               apartment building and I          University campus. I was the
                                                            time, going to the gym 5         sure to inspire as well as pro-
                          top notch nutrition available     times a week, and eating         vide valuable information to      would bow to each other as I      only person around who
Education Department’s    around the clock, this does       healthy, unprocessed foods.      those seeking to lose weight      left each morning and re-         looked anything like me.
                          not mean it is impossible for        During her speech, she        this year.                        turned each afternoon. I rode         My thinning blond hair
     Open House                                                                                                                the bus and the subway; I de-     and bushy mustache made
                                                                                                                               cided what to eat (steamed        me stand out somewhat. No,
 Alpha Xi Delta and            Come to the Cabaret, Old Chum!                                                                  dumplings called mandogip
                                                                                                                               were really good; dukboki,
                                                                                                                                                                 I stood out in a big way.
                                                                                                                                                                     No one ever pointed fin-
Delta Sigma Phi Donate                                                                                                         rice cakes in a spicy red         gers at me or called me
    to Toys for Tots                   Friday, January 28                                                                      sauce sold by street vendors
                                                                                                                               were delicious) and what not
                                                                                                                                                                 names, but I learned, at the
                                                                                                                                                                 age of 51, what it felt like to

                                & Saturday, January 29 at 8 p.m.
                                                                                                                               to eat (the rice porridge with    be a minority-a complete and
First Wings N’ Sings of                                                                                                        red beans looked good on the
                                                                                                                               package; the octopus and
                                                                                                                                                                 total minority of one. It was
the Year Shows a Good                                                                                                          beef casserole was definitely         I was never afraid; I felt
       Turnout                                                                                                                 out, since the octopus was        absolutely safe all the time. I
                                                                                                                               cooked live at the table), and    caught myself thinking
                                                                                                                               I tried to use chopsticks with    "Here I am riding the subway

   Opinion                                                                                                                     little success.
                                                                                                                                    My twenty-seven Korean
                                                                                                                               students called me Doctor D.
                                                                                                                                                                 in one of the largest cities on
                                                                                                                                                                 earth, 9,000 miles from
                                                                                                                                                                 home, and I am unique
      Page 4:                                                                                                                  I took attendance, gave ex-
                                                                                                                               ams, tallied grades. So even
                                                                                                                                                                 among all these people."
                                                                                                                                                                     There are lots of Western-
                                                                                                                               though I was only in Korea        ers living and working in
     The Aud Rat                                                                                                               for 24 days, as I say, I lived    Seoul, but I saw very few of
                                                                                                                               there. I want to go back, part-   them at any one time.
                                                                                                                               ly to see more places, but            Continued on page 2
   DJ Recommends...


     Police Blotter

      Page 5:
     Opinion Poll

     Thiel Couture

      #Twittin’                                                                                                                                              Photo provided by Dr. DelMaramo

    YouTube Pick of
       the Week

      Page 6:
Men’s Volleyball Season
     is Underway

 Men’s Basketball Falls
      to Bearcats

Thiel Wrestling Posts a
3-1 Finish at Mel Berry

 Regis Wagner Sets 3K
Record in Edinboro Meet

Women’s Basketball is
Defeated by St. Vincent
  Page 2
                  EVENTS                                                               Friday, January 28, 2011                                                                    THIELENSIAN

                        Korean Encounters                                                                                                          K Sigs House
                                                                                                                                                  Rave on Campus
    Continued from page 1
    Being that minority of                                                                                                                 by DJ Martino                     where guests could sit and
one is an experience I think                                                                                                               Copy Editor                       take a break, and it was lit by
every person should have                                                                                                                                                     several strobes that led to
once in their lives. I certainly                                                                                                               Almost every movie with       even more dancing off to the
was not ignored on the sub-                                                                                                                a college setting is teeming      side of the main floor. There
way or bus; I could sense that                                                                                                             with parties. The party scene     were also highlighters avail-
I, or at least my mustache,                                                                                                                at Thiel is pretty strong once    able for guests to paint them-
was the object of some cu-                                                                                                                 the weekend comes around,         selves with glowing art.
riosity. We all can sense                                                                                                                  and the Greek community is           The first floor of the
when we're being looked at                                                                                                                 always ready to have some         house was literally shaking
when people pretend not to                                                                                                                 fun. The weekend of Jan. 21       with the amount of people
be looking.                                                                                                                                was definitely a party week-      dancing shoulder-to-shoul-
    I did have three interest-                                                                                                             end, and Kappa Sigma, as al-      der.
ing experiences, what I call                                                                                                               ways, was ready to oblige.           Ben Pouliot, former pres-
my "Korean Encounters,"                                                                                                                        The brothers of Kappa         ident and long time member
while riding on public trans-                                                                                                              Sigma hosted a Rave at their      of the fraternity was espe-
portation in Seoul. My first                                                                                                               house Saturday, Jan. 22.          cially excited about the
Korean Encounter occurred                                                                                                                  Once the party started and        event’s success.
on a bus, and we were stuck                                                                                                                guests began to arrive, the in-      “This was by far the most
in one of those traffic jams I                                                                                                             flux of people refused to         successful party I have seen
mentioned earlier.                                                                                                                         stop. The party did not end       in my time with Kappa Sig-
    I was sitting near the front                                              Dr. DelMaramo’s class at Duksung Women's University          until after 2 a.m.                ma. A special thanks goes
of the bus, and at one point,                                                                                                                  To suit the Rave theme,       out to the other members of
the driver put the bus in park,    over again and asked "Do          talk to me and that Santa line     "Sophia. What's your name?"        the walls were covered with       the Greek community for
turned to me, pointed at his       you know KFC?" I asked if         was the best he could do.          I said, "Mark. It is nice to       black paper and splattered        coming out in record num-
upper lip and said "Korean         she meant the chicken restau-          I replied that Santa and I    meet you, Sophia." We shook        with black light paint. To il-    bers to have a great time with
men, NO!" meaning Korean           rants, which are everywhere       were very close. We chatted        hands and she went to her          luminate the dance floor,         us and for helping to promote
men do not wear facial hair,       in Seoul. I said yes, I knew      for quite some time; he also       parents' table. When I got up      black lights were used exclu-     the event. To the entire cam-
and it is true. I did not see a    KFC, and the girl promptly        asked about my mustache,           to leave, I walked over to the     sively, and the selection of      pus: be on the lookout for our
single mustache or beard on        said "The owner of KFC            how long I had it, (33 years),     little girl's table and she said   music encouraged people to        posters, because we will be
a Korean man of any age.           looks like you."                  and he mentioned that Kore-        "Goodbye." I said the same         dance the night away.             having more parties like this
    And even though I spoke             I thanked her for the com-   an men were all clean              as I shook her hand again.             There was another room        one,” Pouliot said.
no Korean, the driver then         pliment and reminded her          shaven.                                 I said "Now you come to
announced my presence on           that Col. Sanders wore hair            He asked where I was          visit me in the United States,
the bus because I heard the        on his chin as well as his on     from (he had heard of Penn-        ok Sophia?" She said "Yes.
word "Duksung," and after          his upper lip. I asked if she     sylvania and he understood         Bye.' It was one of those mo-
that, I felt many pairs of eyes    knew that Col. Sanders was        that I lived near Pittsburgh),     ments. She showed no fear
studying me. I had asked the       a real person, and she did        what I was doing in Korea,         whatever and looked me
driver when I got on if his        not; in fact, several students    and my impressions of              right in the eye.
bus went to Duksung, so he         in my Duksung class didn't        Seoul. He even offered me a             Later on, when I com-
knew where I was going.            know that Harlan Sanders          cookie. So it was a very           mented how good her Eng-
    My second Korean En-           was a real person. The only       pleasant conversation after a      lish was, one of my students
counter on public transporta-      likeness Koreans had ever         rather awkward start.              wondered if Sophia was part
tion occurred on the subway        seen of the colonel is the             I should mention one oth-     of a growing controversy in
when a young girl, who I es-       drawing of his face next to       er Korean Encounter, though        Korea-that some Korean
timated to be about 15, sat        the letters "KFC."                it didn't occur on public          children are learning English
next to me. I certainly sensed          I then had the sad obliga-   transportation. A very cute        first, and then Korean. It
she was staring at me-for          tion to tell the girl that he     little girl approached me in a     seemed to me that this con-
several minutes I wondered         was dead for at least 20          Starbucks. Koreans love cof-       troversy created a much
if she was counting the hairs      years. We parted company; it      fee; there are chains like         greater amount of emotional
in my mustache. Finally she        was my stop. We waved and         Starbucks and local coffee         reaction among my students
leaned over to me and said         she said "Enjoy your visit."      shops all over the place.          than any threat posed by the
"Happy New Year."                       I had my third Korean En-         Anyway, as I sat at a table   North Koreans, only 35
    I said the same to her and     counter on public transporta-     with a few of my students, I       miles away.
complimented her English           tion the very next evening, as    watched a family walk by.               There is so much more to
skills. She said she always        it turned out. I was riding the   One minute later this little       tell of my adventures in Ko-
tried to speak to foreigners       subway again when a well-         girl, about five, I guessed,       rea, and if you'd like to read
(That's what I was to every-       dressed businessman with a        was standing right in front of     more, I'd be happy to write
one. Not American, not             briefcase spoke to me. His        me. She said, "Hello. Where        more. Let the editor of the
Western. I was foreign).           English was quite good when       are you from?" I replied "The      Thielensian know or e-mail
    The girl and I chatted a       he said to me "You look like      United States of America.          me at
little longer and then her         Santa Claus." I took no of-       Where are you from?" She           It was an amazing experience
silent study of my mustache        fense because I sensed no in-     said "Korea" matter-of-fact-       and I relish the chance to re-
resumed. Finally, she leaned       sult in the remark. I believed    ly. I then said "What is your      live the experiences by writ-
                                   the man simply wanted to          name?" and she replied             ing about them.                                                       Photo provided by DJ Martino
  Phi Theta Phi Completes Walk-a-Thon for the Children’s                                                                                    “The Art of Where You Find Yourself”
                  Hospital of Pittsburgh
by Ashlee Wood                     and is considered uncompen-       through Greenville, Mercer,        hours at Thiel, and/or texted           Photographs by Michael Duggan
Contributing Writer                sated care for the families. In   Grove       City,     Sharon,      in “PITTKIDS” to 85944 for
                                   other words, the families do      Freeport, and Pittsburgh.          $5 to be added to their phone
    At the beginning of win-       not have to pay the money         However, due to reasons un-        bills.                                                 Free Admission
ter, the brothers of Phi Theta     back.                             known, Greenville, Mercer,             There are still donations
Phi started their tradition of         The fraternity of Phi         Sharon, Freeport, and Pitts-       expected, so the official                      Jan. 26-Feb. 23, 2011
collecting money for the           Theta Phi was originated in       burgh were the only ones that      number may end up being                   Opening Reception: Wedensday,
Children’s Hospital of Pitts-      1965; however, the first          allowed the fraternity to walk     higher.
burgh by embarking on their        Walk-a-Thon did not happen        through their towns.                   Because this is the first               January 26, 2011, 5-7 p.m.
100-mile Walk-a-Thon.              until 1968. In the first year,        Even with seeing fewer         year the boys are back on
    Their goal was to raise as     the brothers raised $1,100.       people than expected, the          campus, this walk was spe-                        Located in the
much money as possible for             Since then, the amount of     brothers of Phi Theta Phi          cial for the fraternity and was
the Free Care Fund at the          money raised has increased        have raised $30,591.               a good chance for the alumni               Howard Miller Student Center-
hospital.                          each year. In fact, since the         To accomplish this, peo-       and new members to get to                   Weyers Sampson Art Gallery
    The Free Care Fund is          first walk, Phi Theta Phi has     ple either donated money on        know each other.
available to every child in        raised more than $1.2 mil-        the walk, donated money at             For more information on                    For more information call
need whose family may not          lion.                             the Pittsburgh Steelers vs.        Phi Theta Phi, contact Ian
be able to afford the care.            This year’s walk was on       Carolina Panthers game,            Meakim                       at                     724-589-2095
    This fund has been             Dec. 3 and 4.                     bought the bracelets or bears
around as long as the hospital         It was supposed to travel     during lunch and dinner
                                                                                                                                                    WSAJ radio at
                                                                                                                                              Grove City College presents
                                                                                                                                                 the Indie Jazz band
  All seniors are required to schedule an appointment with Denise Urey to
                                                                                                                                             The Reign of Kindo
  review their graduation requirements. Appointments can be made at the
     Records Office or by calling extension 2110. Seniors who desire to
   participate in commencement exercises in May 2011, who will complete
      graduation requirements in summer school 2011, must petition the
  Academic Standing Committee by April 1, 2011 for approval to participate
                 in the May ceremony. The petition form can be
                         obtained in the Records Office.

                            APPLICATION FOR DIPLOMA FORM                                                                                              Tickets are only $5
       If you have not already done so, please complete and return the
    Application for Diploma form to the Records Office immediately. If you
    have not received the form, one can be obtained in the Records Office.                                                                    Sunday, January 30, 2011
  Page 3
                  STUDENT LIFE                                                       Friday, January 28, 2011                                                                     THIELENSIAN

                         Eating for a                                                                                    Education Department
                      Better Complexion                                                                                      Open House
by Jason Kearns                                                                                          by Elizabeth Yurky               the offices and workroom.         teers will monitor the sup-
Staff Writer                                                                                             Staff Writer                         Dr. Troy VanAken and his      plies in the room as well as
                                                                                                                                          wife attended the open house      assist students with more dif-
    The skin is the largest or-                                                                              The education department     and expressed that they were      ficult tasks.
gan of the human body. Not                                                                               started off the new semester     pleased with the improve-             Education students are
only does it provide humans                                                                              in style with a meet and greet   ments and availability of         buzzing with excitement
with protection and ther-                                                                                in their new offices.            supplies for students.            about the potential improve-
moregulation, but it also                                                                                    On Jan. 20, the education        Perhaps the most exciting     ment this opportunity will
plays a role in appearance                                                                               professors, members of Kap-      part of the move for both the     provide for their work.
and social acceptance.                                                                                   pa Delta Pi (the education       professors and the students       Megan Kay, a member of
    Many times, the appear-                                                                              honor society), and other ed-    was the addition of the stu-      Kappa Delta Pi and junior
ance of the skin has more to                                                                             ucation majors gathered in       dent workroom.                    education major is one such
do with an individual’s diet                                                                             the former Academic Suc-             Formerly the writing lab,     student.
than it does expensive skin                                                                              cess Center to tour the re-      this space contains a library         “Having these resources
creams.                                                                                                  vamped space and celebrate       of teacher manuals and class-     available has opened up new
    Dr. Bauman, author of 5                                                Photo by Google Images        the department’s move.           room supplies.                    avenues for us to explore in
Foods for Healthier Skin,                                                                                    Professor Connie Rein-           The intent is for students    creating our different proj-
conveys that a well balanced          Fish provides the body        properly (Bauman, 2008).             hart was instrumental in         to use these materials to         ects. Especially when it
diet consisting of protein,       with Omega-3 fatty acids          Although it is possible to           much of the organization of      complete projects for their       comes to mentoring and stu-
carbohydrates, fruits, vegeta-    that can bolster the skin bar-    have too high a level of             the move and is excited to       education classes.                dent teaching when we have
bles, and healthy fats can do     rier that keeps moisture in       Omega-6 oils, the key is to          see it completed.                    The workroom will be          to design different lessons to
wonders for an individual’s       and keeps skin irritants out.     get them from healthy                    Professor Mary Reames        staffed by student worker         take into the field with us,
skin .                                However, if one is not a      sources, not hydrogenated            and Katie Rufener, Kappa         Katie Sourbeer on several         this work room is going to
    Also, there are a few         fan of fish, some egg compa-      oils.                                Delta Pi President, did a lot    evenings and by other work-       prove to be a great resource
standout foods that really        nies today are fortifying their       The final standout is            of the organizing of the event   ers or volunteers.                for all our future teachers,”
emphasize this point. Al-         eggs with Omega-3 fatty           broccoli, provider of vita-          and helping people through           These workers and volun-      Kay said.
monds, for example, provide       acids.                            mins A, C, and K. Vitamin A
vitamin E, which is one of            Next on the list is sun-      can decrease oil production
the most important antioxi-
dants for the skin. Also, vita-
                                  flower oil.
                                      Americans are notorious
                                                                    of the skin.
                                                                        Too much oil secreted on         Alpha Xi Delta and Delta Sigma Phi
min E taken orally can in-
crease the levels of this
                                  for cooking foods in butter
                                  and peanut oil. Unfortunate-
                                                                    the skin surface can cause the
                                                                    “greasy effect,” which, when            Donate Time to Toys for Tots
moisturizing vitamin on the       ly, this is why they are also     added to dirt and sweat, acts        by Angela Blackburn              ers, easy-bake ovens, and a       amount of money we raised
surface of skin.                  notorious for heart disease.      as a pimple breeding ground.         Student Life & Events Ed.        play kitchen set, along with      this year, we got to buy so
    The next standout is          Replacing that butter in the      The vitamin C serves as a                                             many more toys.                   many neat gifts for the chil-
green tea. Swapping out a         sauté’ pan with some sun-         powerful antioxidant, and the            The Christmas season tru-        Delta Sigma Phi’s philan-     dren!”
can or two of sugar-laden         flower oil can provide            vitamin K can even help heal         ly was a season of giving as     thropy chair, Alex Johnson,           The campus police were
soft drinks with a cup of         Omega-6 fatty acids which         bruises faster (Bauman,              the Alpha Xi Delta sorority      was pleased with the results.     very grateful for the organi-
green tea can provide power-      also provide many of the          2008).                               and Delta Sigma Phi fraterni-        “It was nice to see the       zation’s efforts, as well as
ful skin enhancing antioxi-       same benefits of the Omega-           Overall, healthy, flawless       ty donated time and presents     Greenville community was          how well the entire campus
dants.                            3.                                skin does not always require         to Thiel College’s Campus        really enthusiastic and           did this year.
    The next skin food pow-           Also, it helps in the for-    spa treatments and expensive         Police Toys for Tots Drive.      helped us raise a lot of mon-         “We surprised ourselves
erhouse is fish, but not fish     mation of prostaglandins,         celebrity-endorsed creams.               Members sat outside the      ey for those less fortunate. It   this year. We had more needy
fried in beer batter. Fish such   which are hormones respon-        Healthy skin may be greatly          Greenville Giant Eagle the       was a lot of fun afterward        families on the list than ever
as salmon, tilapia and cod are    sible for keeping cells           affected by the quality of           week of Dec. 6, collecting       when we went shopping for         before; we took care of 1,000
good choices.                     healthy and functioning           one’s diet.                          donations from Giant Eagle       the toys. It was great to put     families. My thanks to all
                                                                                                         shoppers.                        myself back into that child       the Thiel students and police
            First Wings N’ Sings of the Year                                                                 The students sat in shifts
                                                                                                         in order to cover the entire
                                                                                                                                          mindset and imagine things I
                                                                                                                                          would’ve wanted to open for
                                                                                                                                                                            officers who worked so hard
                                                                                                                                                                            to collect the monies to pur-
                Shows a Good Turn Out                                                                    day. After a week of collect-    Christmas,” Johnson said.         chase toys. We made Christ-
                                                                                                         ing, the organizations raised        Alpha Xi Delta noticed a      mas a little happier for many
by Angela Blackburn               time spent singing karaoke.           Thiel Activities Board is        a total of $1,065.40.            change in the amount raised.      children this year. God bless,
Student Life & Events Ed.             “It’s very fun to get to-     the host of the event.                   With this money, they        Lynnette Enterline, the previ-    and thanks. I could not do it
                                  gether with everyone, espe-           TAB Director Mike Hart,          bought gifts for children of     ous philanthropy chair of Al-     without all of your help,”
   Nothing beats free wings       cially my sisters, to sing and    was in charge of the evening.        all ages. They donated two       pha Xi Delta, said, “We were      Chief Donald Aubrecht said.
and entertainment, especially     laugh a lot. My favorite part         “There was a huge crowd          bicycles, three four-wheel-      very excited about the
not at 2011’s first Wings N’      is singing old 90’s songs with    this time, we probably went
Sings event.                      a huge group of people, and       through 15 trays of wings,
   There was a good turnout
on Saturday, Jan. 15 as stu-
                                  everyone else in the bistro
                                  starts singing along,” sopho-
                                                                    and most of them were gone
                                                                    in the first hour. It’s proba-                      Service Opportunities
dents packed in the bistro at
9 p.m. Wings N’ Sings is a
                                  more Megg Andrews said.
                                      Junior Avon Milton is a
                                                                    bly because wings and
                                                                    singing is the perfect combi-                     for Thiel College Students
perfect night for those closet    regular.                          nation,” Hart said.
super stars, and it’s the per-        “Wings N’ Sings is one of         TAB hosts a Wings N’
fect time to take their show      my favorite events on cam-        Sings every month, so if you                                 Teaching Basic Computer Skills
from in front of a mirror to in   pus, my friends and I always      are looking to step into the
front of an audience.             have a blast singing and          spotlight, Feb. 5 is the next            The new Hempfield Senior Apartments, (near Wal-Mart) are seeking
   The students enjoy their       dancing,” Milton said.            event.
                                                                                                           Thiel students who wish to volunteer their time teaching residents basic
                                                                        About the Thielensian ...             computer skills. Desired skills include setting up an email account,
                                                                        The Thielensian is Thiel Col-        browsing the Internet, social networking, and using word processing
                                                                     lege’s student-run newspaper,           software. Any student interesting in dedicating their time to serving
 The Thielensian                                                     funded by the Student Govern-
                                                                     ment Association.
                                                                        Our mission is to serve the
                                                                                                           older citizens should email or a make an appointment with Mr. Rindy in
                                                                                                            The Learning Commons (x2181). The apartment complex has a small
                                                                                                                  computer lab where students can work with the residents.

                                                                     campus community by publish-
                                                                     ing timely, fair, and relevant
                                                                     news, sports, feature stories,              Developing Informative Programs for Older Americans
                                                                     and other information, and to
                   Editor in Chief                                   provide a lively forum for stu-        The experiential education office is working with a local organization to
                     Alivia Lapcevich                                dent expression and the opinion        develop opportunities for students to provide informative presentations
                                                                     of others on campus.                  to older citizens in residence at independent and assisted living facilities.
                                                                        The Thielensian encourages           If you are a student who is interested in sharing your knowledge on
                     Copy Editor                                     letters to the editor of 300            various topics, with older Americans, please make an appointment to
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                      Jason Kearns                                   viser or the college.
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                       Kraig Smith                                      Letters may be mailed to:                                  Feb 27                            Mar 4
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                       Beth Yurky
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                  OPINION SECTION                                                 Friday, January 28, 2011                                                                THIELENSIAN

                   Aud Rat: Snooki Facts                                                                                             DJ Recommends...
by Audrey Rattay                                                                                    all. They don't know how to                                         From DC Universe, the
Opinion Editor/ Bus. Mgr.                                                                           deal with women, and I feel by DJ Martino                       comics that brought the
                                                                                                    that's why the lesbian rate is Copy Editor                      world Batman, Superman,
    “When I see everyone                                                                            going up in this country.                                       Wonder Woman, and Green
drinking with me, it's like,                                                                                                           Hello again, my hopeful-     Lantern, comes “Blackest
‘Hallelujah, Hallelujah!’” –                                                                             And now jokes about ly faithful readers! DJ is             Night.”
Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi                                                                             Snooki…                         back, but this issue is going       The first thing that should
     Snooki has turned into a                                                                            Yesterday's "New York to be a departure from the           be said about this amazing
type of role model for teens                                                                        Times" (lowered their stan- norm.                               series is that it is an incredi-
all around the world (for lack                                                                      dards) featured a 2,000-word       Those who follow my ar-      ble read, and it is also sur-
of better word).                                                                                    piece about "Jersey Shore's" ticles are used to a movie         prisingly quick.
    “Jersey Shore” is one of                                                                        biggest star. And if that's not recommendation, and I have          Each book reads fast be-
the most popular shows air-                                                                         enough for you, we'll add an- even done television shows        cause they are difficult to put
ing on MTV, and fans are just                                                                       other 100 or so with today's and video games for this col-      down.
gobbling up the fake tans,                                                                          list of the Top Snooki Fun umn.                                     This series is also an
aerosol hairspray, and party                                                                        Facts.                             However, this issue takes    amalgamation of DC charac-
lifestyle.                                                                                               • Works weekends as a a turn for something that has        ters. In these books, readers
    Personally, I see MTV                                                                           traffic barrel.                 recently impacted me: comic     will see almost every DC
heading in a very poor direc-                                                                            • Smokes Marlboro Heav- books.                             hero and villain, and the bat-
tion. They have ditched the                                                                         ies.                               Before everyone tags me      tles are amazing.
music videos and have filled                                                                             • Thinks STD is a motor a “nerd,” I already know that,         Secondly, the story of
the air time with so-called                                                                         oil.                            so you can save yourselves      “Blackest Night” puts a par-
“reality shows,” featuring                                                                               • Confused by "Incep- the trouble.                         ticular focus on Green
fake, alcoholic, drug-using                                                                         tion”…and shiny things.            I don’t typically read       Lantern.
teenagers.                                                                                               • Can suck a meatball comics, but I made an excep-             Most people are familiar
    I don’t even know how                                                                           through a small cannoli shell. tion for this series.            with the good old guardian of
they are allowed to show                                                                                 • Rides shotgun with Han                                   the green ring, but not many
these illegal activities on na-                                                                     Solo.                                                           people know of the Blue,
tional television!                                                                                       • Has never met a guy she                                  Red, or Orange Lanterns.
    Nonetheless, Jersey Shore                                             Photo by Audrey Rattay    didn't lick, uh, I mean like.                                       Indeed, each color of the
is quite hilarious to watch,                                                                             • Paid $10,000 to show up                                  spectrum of light has a
and, seeing that there is noth-    my vagina bone.                     Snooki: They're not at-      at parties…and another
                                                                   tracted to vagina, they're at-                                                                   Lantern Corps representing
ing else on our TV other than                                                                       $40,000 to leave.                                               it.
news, it’s the best alternative.      7. We will definitely keep tracted to b****, okay?                 • Her little black dresses
                                   that in mind. (Episode 2.10)                                                                                                         These different Corps
    Top Ten Snooki Quotes of                                                                        also fit perfectly on most                                      have had numerous squab-
Season Two:                           Snooki: If you want to           3. Four whole syllables!     half-kegs.
                                   make out with me, just ask! I Atta, girl! (Episode 2.5)                                                                          bles in the past, but they now
    10. People get paid for                                                                              • From a crappy part of                                    face a common threat: Death.
that? (Episode 2.1)                will say “yes.”                     Snooki: Word of the day:     Jersey called "New."
                                                                   Sympathetic. That's a big                                                                            A Black Lantern Corps
    Snooki, on the southern                                                                              • Thought “ShamWow”                                        has risen, and they are using
guy: Obviously he, like, has          6. We're predicting this word.                                was JWoww's brother.
                                   will now become a world-                                                                                                         their black rings to reanimate
sex with his sister for a liv-                                                                           • Has no clue where her                                    the fallen heroes and villains
ing.                               wide trend (Episode 2.7)            2. Snooki, master of de-     neck is either.
                                      Snooki: If it's, like, a ception (Episode 2.4)                                                                                of the DC Universe.
                                                                                                         • That guy who punched                                         The only way to destroy
   9. Not worth the risk           smush, you gotta put lotion         Snooki : (while writing      her was charged with animal
                                   on your butt.                   her super-secret letter to                                                                       Nekron, the leader of the
(Episode 2.4)                                                                                       cruelty.                                                        Black Lanterns, is to unite
   Snooki: White's “in” in            5. Maybe Snooki and Sammi) We say "t***," not                      • Never finished school,
                                   Vinny just aren't a good "breasts," so she probably                                                                              the other Corps to recreate
Miami, isn't it? But what if                                                                        because school isn't pie.                                       the White Light that brought
you get your period? It's ru-      match (Episode 2.6)             won't even know it was us.            • Her hair has been sued
                                      Snooki: It's like putting a                                                                                                   life to the universe.
ined.                                                                                               for copyright infringement                                          This series brings a lot of
                                   watermelon into a pinhole.          1. Now that's sound logic    by Amy Winehouse's hair.
                                                                   (Episode 2.4)                                                                                    old favorites and combines
    8. Thank God it's so                                                                                 • Is 95% nougat.                                           them with new faces that will
strong (Episode 2.9)                  4. Yep, that's the main dif-     Snooki:     Guys      are         • She weebles and wob-
                                   ference (Episode 2.5)           douchebags, and I hate them                                             Photo by Google Images   soon be considered classics.
    Snooki: I thought I broke                                                                       bles, but won't fall down.

                 Horoscopes                                                                                                       Founder’s Day
  by Jason Kearns                                                                                                    will be held on February 3, 2011
  Staff Writer
                                                                                                                          at 11 a.m. in the LHR as
   Aquarius                                                                                                              Thiel College presents the
   Jan. 20- Feb. 18
   The goal you wish to
                                                                                                                    A. Louis and Barbara Thiel Award
achieve is within your grasp.                                                                                        and many distinguished faculty
Do not lose concentration or
let others tell you what you
                                                                                                                        and staff member awards.
are trying to do is pointless.
Believe in yourself, and
make this dream your reality.
                                                                                                      Reception to follow in the Sawhill-Georgian Room.
                                                                                                        RSVP to by January 28.
  Feb. 19- March 20
  You may feel pessimistic
about your chances now, but
luck is ultimately on your
side. You have it in you, and
                                                                                                                          Police Blotter
now is not the time to be
                                                                                                                                                                           Photo by Google Images

shy—go for it!

   March 21- April 19
   You're making too much
successful progress to worry                                             Photo by Google Images
about other people's feelings
right now. When it is all said   Leo                                Scorpio
and done, you can patch          July 23- Aug. 22                   Oct. 23- Nov. 21
things up later. Keep moving     Be wise about what you             Do not take any unneces-
                                                                                                    January 16               Theft was reported in Hunton Hall at 2:30 a.m.
and a great reward lies ahead. spend your money on. What          sary risks today. If you do,
                               seems like a great idea to         you may be in for a mountain      January 17               There was property damage to the front door of
   Taurus                      spend your money on today          of a reality check. Be extra                               Town House #2 reported at 7 p.m.
   April 20- May 20            may not hold the same luster       careful when making choic-
   Be serious about your tomorrow. A little financial             es, for it could mean the dif-    January 18               There was a fire alarm activation at 8:30 p.m. in
work today. Do not let minor conservation now will hold           ference in your safety.
                                                                                                                             Town House #4 due to burned food.
distractions keep you from great reward down the road.
doing what you know is most                                         Sagittarius
important. You will thank        Virgo                              Nov. 22- Dec. 21                January 19               There was a fire alarm activation at 10:20 a.m. at
yourself later.                  Aug. 23- Sept. 22                  Your positive energy                                     112 College Ave. due to burned food.
                                 Relax and think before you       should lead you towards
   Gemini                      act. Situations will come          closer friendships and a pos-     January 22               There was a motor vehicle accident between two
   May 21- June 20             about today where you will         sible love interest. Be open
   Focus on your relation- need to utilize your calm and          though. This new interest
                                                                                                                             cars in the parking lot at 1 Roy Johnson Drive. No
ships today. All other proj- intelligence to solve difficult      may be different from your                                 injuries were reported.
ects can be put on hold for issues.                               usual type.
now. Take today to catch up                                                                         January 22               Careless driving was observed at 2 a.m. in the
with friends and family.         Libra                               Capricorn                                               parking lot of Frat #1. Driver was warned.
                                 Sept. 23- Oct. 22                   Dec. 22- Jan. 19
   Cancer                        Take some time out of                You have plenty of posi-
   June 21- July 22            today to reflect on what you       tive energy from close rela-
                                                                                                    January 23               An underage student was found intoxicated in the
   Take some time to relax, have accomplished so far.             tionships to cancel out any                                700 Floor restroom of Flo West at 12:20 a.m.
and have a little fun. You When you think back to all             negative energy that may
have been working very hard the progress you have made            come your way. A special          January 23               15 underage students were found in the
lately and deserve a bit of R from where you have started,        visit from someone close                                   possession/consumption of alcohol on the 100
& R. Gather up some good it will give you a great boost           today will make you smile all                              Floor of Flo West at 2:30 a.m.
friends and let loose!         of motivation.                     day long.
 Page 5                                                            Friday, January 28, 2011                                                          THIELENSIAN

              Opinion Poll: What would be the ideal Valentine’s Day gift?

 Nick Wamaani:                Jared Wilcox:            Jackie Buentello:            Katie Sourbeer:                   EJ Kruse:                    Jason Kearns:
 A diamond ring!              To spend time             I would just like              I would like                    A box of                   A box of Reese’s
                               with my girl.             some jewelry.            someone to get me                  chocolates,                 Peanut Butter Cups
                                                                                   a trip somewhere                 because mom                     and a lovely
                                                                                          warm!                   always said that is             evening with my
                                                                                                                    what life is like.               girlfriend.

                                                                                    Take a look aT whaT is in sTore for
                                                                                    The upcoming monThs in The fashion
                                                                                       world from Thiel’s very own
                                                                                       fashionisTa, audrey raTTay.

                                                                                        women’s musT-haves
                                                                                                                 Lace Dresses: Lace is com-
                                                                                                                  ing back into fashion and
                                                                                                                   lets hope it stays! Lace

        men’s                                                                                                      dresses worn with high
                                                                                                                 pump heels turns elegant
                                                                                                                  into sexy. Pair a lace skirt

      musT haves                                                                                                 with combat boots and go
                                                                                                                    for the couture look!

                                                                                                                                                 Biker Jacket: Leather and
                                                                                                                                                  zippers are a must for
                                                                                                                                                 2011. Dress it down dur-
                                                                                                                                                   ing the day and pair it
                                                                                                                                                 with heels and a mini for
                                                                                    Ankle Boots: Keep the                                        a night out on the town!
                                                                                    open toe boots for the
                                                                                  fall. These are great in the
                                                                                   snow and adorable with
  Wide Band Watches:                                                                                              Nautical Stripes: Sailor
Statement jewelry is not     Scarves: You’ve heard it!                                                            reds and blues will help
                                                       Satchel: Men are finally                                    you kick start summer
 only for women's fash-        Scarves are the latest   realizing that satchels
 ion…Men are switching       male accessory. Not only come in handy! Thanks to                                    and give you that classy
                             does it serve as warmth                                                                        vibe.                  Cocktail Rings: Ah big
from the small band and                                  The Hangover, men                                                                           rings! We all love
 sport watches to classy      but stripe designs also   around the world are
                            add another dimension to starting to sport leather                                                                    them…so keep plenty of
 and sophisticated wide                                                                                                                          these eye-popping acces-
  bands with a touch of             your style.                handbags.                                                                           sories in your fashion
  glitz diamond accent.                                                                                                                                    closet.
                                                      Black N White: Black and
                                                      white colors are the two
                                                          in styles for 2011.            Clogs: These
                                                        Whether it be flannel        European traditional
                                                                                    shoes are great paired     Punk Skirt: Punk styles
                                                        print or pairing black
                                                      dress pants with a white    with tights and even cute are filling the racks. Buck-
                                                       distressed tee, you will   knee high socks with a ac- les are totally in and this
                                                                                         cented bow!         skirt can easily be dressed
                                                        make an impression.                                   up for professional jobs.

The Blazer: Pair a simple
 black blazer with dark
 wash jeans and dress
loafers to make a state-
ment at a house party or
      at the club.
                                                                                  by Kraig Smith

                                                                                  Thiel Twits
                                                                                  @???: I'm willing to try new things, but
                                                                                  your the same thing with a new face
                                   Pick of the Week                               @???:I'm glad I'm not weird
                                                                                  @???:So im the only one who saw him hump
                                                                                  big Ben?!
                                                                                  @???:Don't say you don't have enough time. You have exactly the
                                                                                  same # of hours in the day as Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Da Vinci,
                                                                                  & Einstein.
                                                                                  @???:Woman be shopping
                                                                                  @???:I go beast mode, the only mode I know
                                                                                  @???:Harter Hall literally vibrates when the Steelers make a play!

                                                                                  Celeb Twits
                                                                                  @Wiz Khalifa: inspiring kids to grow afros
                                                                                  @Flo Rida: Superbowl in Dallas I'm doing a playboy party
                                                                                  @50 Cent: I only want entrepreneurs on my time line. We gonna talk
                                                                                  money trade ideas and make it big.
                                                                         Who has the best job? Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett or
              “Giant Pigeon Attack!”                                              Snooki?
                                                                                  @Hugh Hefner: It's warm enough to play out by the pool today. Bring
                                                                                  your bikinis, girls.
                                                                                  @Steelers: Playing Renegade in stadium right is shaking
  Page 6
                  SPORTS                                                            Friday, January 28, 2011                                                                      THIELENSIAN

                             Men’s Volleyball Season is Underway
by Danielle Dwyer                                                                                      their captains, McCoy and          proved to be a challenge as       offensive powerhouse dis-
Sports Editor                                                                                          freshman Kyle Turkalj, as          the team hosted the AVI Invi-     play. Sophomore opposite
                                                                                                       they work together against         tational, on Saturday, Jan. 22    hitter McCoy led Thiel with
    In its inaugural season the                                                                        seasoned veterans from             and 23.                           16 kills and an overall hitting
2011 Thiel College men’s                                                                               teams that have several years          The Tomcat men's volley-      percentage of .387. Mean-
volleyball team has height-                                                                            of experience under their          ball team opened AVI Invita-      while, freshman setter Corey
ened a lot of anticipation and                                                                         belts.                             tional play with a 3-0 loss at    Hamilton contributed 24 as-
curiosity throughout the                                                                                   McCoy, a transfer from         the hands of the fourth           sists. On the defensive side,
campus.                                                                                                East Stroudsburg University,       ranked Golden Flyers of           Thiel was able to come to-
    With the women’s team                                                                              explained how coming from          Nazareth College.                 gether and produce six total
having back-to-back success-                                                                           an institution that dropped            Thiel started off the game    blocks, whereas freshman
ful seasons under the reins of                                                                         the sport to a college that is     strong as they exchanged the      outside hitter Cameron Capp
head coach Steve Brewer and                                                                            working on establishing a          score advantage back and          led with six digs of his own.
assistant Amanda Brewer,                                                                               program has taught him to          forth with the Flyers. How-           Day two saw the Tomcats
many are looking for similar                                                                           not take any game for grant-       ever, Nazareth was able to        being competitive, but
results as both coaches will                                                                           ed.                                nudge the Tomcats with a 29-      falling    to    10th-ranked
be at the helm of this new                                                                                 The biology/pre-dental         27 victory in game one. The       Carthage College in three
program.                                                                   Photo by Kendell Harrell    student-athlete added “As          Golden Flyers then took their     sets, 25-19, 25-20 and 26-24.
    Looking back on the days                                                                           one of the captains I continue     game one momentum into            They finished the day with a
when Brewer was a high            some adjusting to do as Thiel      Brewer said.                      to work to lead by my actions      games two and three as they       tough loss to second ranked
schooler at Upper St. Clair in    is one of just 55 Division III         Not only will the entire      rather than by words.”             won those by scores of 25-21      Juniata College in four sets,
Pittsburgh, there were not as     colleges nationwide that           team have to make adjust-             The Tomcats will open          and 25-20.                        25-22, 26-28, 25-22, and 25-
many opportunities to further     sponsor a men’s volleyball         ments to the amount of time       their season at home this Sat-         For the Tomcats, it was       14.
his playing career outside of     team.                              spent traveling, but also two     urday, Jan. 15 at 6 p.m. when
the Division I level.                 Taking that into account,      of the team’s student-athletes    they take on the visiting
    However, as the years         this first-year program will       are working on getting ac-        Saints of Sienna Heights
have progressed the amount        be faced with its fair share of    customed to the harsh win-        University.
of institutions that have         travel time and playing on         ters that Greenville is known         After a successful presea-
worked to implement men’s         the road.                          to have.                          son, Brewer and company
volleyball into their lists of        “Right now, we are in an           Junior outside hitter John-   agree that they are ready to
varsity athletic programs has     unofficial conference with         ny Kahoohanohano, a native        get on the court and play
increased and span through-       Fontbonne       in     Illinois,   of Wailuki, Hawaii, resides       some outside competition.
out all division levels of col-   Carthage and Milwaukee             in San Diego, Cali.when he        He added that the key to this
leges and universities.           School of Engineering in           is not attending classes at       first-year program is, “We
    With the amount of            Wisconsin, and Mount Saint         Thiel, while freshman oppo-       face some really good teams
young, talented players par-      Joseph in Cincinnati. If you       site side hitter Morgan Car-      that have established pro-
ticipating on several area lo-    were to look on a map, the         son also comes from a bright,     grams for decades now.
cal high school teams look-       schools listed – including         sunny, and warm climate of        Therefore, what we have to
ing to further their careers at   Thiel – basically surround         Winter Springs, Fla.              do is come together as a
the collegiate level, Thiel has   the state of Ohio. The idea            With only two players,        group and always compete.”
made this a possibility by of-    being that as the volleyball       Kahoohanohano and sopho-              “Hopefully this is the first
fering them the opportunity       rich state of Ohio adds pro-       more Dante McCoy, having          leak in the dam and colleges
to play Division III volley-      grams, our conference will         prior playing experience at       will see this is an emerging
ball.                             break off accordingly and          the collegiate level, this        sport and take notice there is
    As the spring season gets     form conferences geographi-        young, freshman-laden team        a market for it,” Brewer said
underway the men will have        cally closer to one another,”      will look to the guidance of          The following weekend                                                  Photo by Kendell Harrell

      Men’s Basketball Falls to Bearcats                                                                Thiel Wrestling Posts a 3-1 Finish
by Kendell Harrell                                                                                            at the Mel Berry Duals
Staff Writer
                                                                                                       by Danielle Dwyer                  10-0, but he also had a cru-      for the Tomcats as a prior in-
    The Tomcat men’s bas-                                                                              Sports Editor                      cial turnaround win against       jury to Jeff Marianetti came
ketball team streaked to an                                                                                                               Mercyhurst North East’s De-       back to get Thiel in the
amazing 7-0 start in PAC                                                                                  The Fourth Annual Mel           andre Carter that helped to       match against Baldwin-Wal-
conference play until it was                                                                           Berry Duals at Beeghly             give Thiel the final 27-19 de-    lace. With Marianetti unable
ended on Saturday, Jan. 22                                                                             Gymnasium last Saturday            cision. Alongside Miller with     to wrestle, the Mat ‘Cats
by the St. Vincent Bearcats.                                                                           proved successful for the          crucial wins were Andrew          were forced to forfeit at the
    The     Cats      streaked                                                                         Mat ‘Cats as they earned an        Riddle who finished 3-1 on        141-pound match that they
through the conference                                                                                 overall 3-1 record on the day.     the day and another one of        could not overcome to pull
knocking off teams like                                                                                Defeating visiting Penn State      Thiel’s perfect four, heavy-      out the final win. With this
Bethany, Washington & Jef-                                                                             New Kensington, Penn State         weight Will Ringer who end-       loss, Thiel’s 10-match win-
ferson, Grove City, and                                                                                DuBois and Mercyhurst              ed the duals by posting a 3-0     ning streak at the Mel Berry
Thomas More with five out                                                                              North East, Thiel’s only loss      record.                           Duals since 2008 came to a
of seven games won by 11 or                                                                            came to their final match up           The two other “Thiel per-     halt.
more points.                                                                                           against Baldwin-Wallace.           fectos” were junior Matt              The Tomcats will return
    The Tomcats had previ-                                                                                Four of Thiel’s wrestlers       Lowry, who finished up at 4-      to the mats today as they
ously beaten the Bearcats by                                                                           registered perfect records on      0 and defeated 12th-ranked        travel to conference foe Way-
20 making the season series                                                                            the day, the first of which        wrestler James Bennett, and       nesburg, which is ranked
even at one game apiece.                                                                               was junior Alec Miller. With       fellow Tomcat, Matt Butler        30th in the country, to com-
    Ladell Trotty led the                                                                              notching a 3-0 mark, not           who ended at 3-0.                 pete in their first President’s
Tomcats in both points and                                                                             only did Miller improve his            Unfortunately the day had     Athletic Conference match
scoring with 12 points and                                                                             Mel Berry Duals career to          to end on a downward note         of the season.
nine rebounds, almost post-
ing a double double.                                                                                     Regis Wagner                           Women’s basketball is
    Thiel played most of the
nail-biter down against the                                                                            Sets 3K Record in                        Defeated by St. Vincent
home-team Bearcats. Down                                                                                Edinboro Meet
by one, Trotty sunk two key                                                                                                               by Kendell Harrell                adding four assists, three re-
                                                                           Photo by Kendell Harrell                                       Staff Writer                      bounds and 12 points of her
free throws to tie the game
with 2:06 left to play. Both      give Thiel the lead and a shot     their season with games at        by Danielle Dwyer                                                    own. The Bearcats proceed-
teams couldn’t find the bot-      to win, but their hopes of an      Geneva College and then           Sports Editor                          Sophomore Kelly Muf-          ed to start an 11-2 run near-
tom of the net until the          undefeated conference sea-         home against Washington &                                            fley led the Tomcat women         ing the end of the half. The
Bearcats B.J. McGill went         son were dashed as Tauvon          Jefferson.                            Sophomore distance run-        in their loss to the ranked St.   Bearcats held this lead until
one for two at the line to give   Pettiford set down a layup            Thiel plays the rest of the    ner, Regis Wagner set the          Vincent Bearcats, despite the     Ashley Davis hit a key three
St. Vincent back the lead.        with five ticks left on the        season against conference         new Thiel College record in        fact that the Tomcats led for     to put the Tomcats up 39-36,
    With :17 left to play,        clock. The Cats’ last-second       opponents and holds a one-        the 3,000-meter run last Sat-      most of the first and second      however the Bearcats tied the
Tomcat PG Devon Adams             efforts failed.                    game lead over Thomas             urday at the second annual         halves.                           game to take it in for the half.
dropped a crucial jumper to          The Tomcats continue            More and Bethany.                 Al Hall Freedom Games at               Muffley dropped 28                The Tomcats continued to
                                                                                                       Edinboro University.               points and snagged 11 re-         run the Lady Bearcats and
                                                                                                           With his 8:56.51 finish,       bounds in her double-double       went up by five early in the
                                                                                                       Wagner notched fourth place        effort.                           second half, but the Cats
                  Athletes of the Week                                                                 on the day en route to break-
                                                                                                       ing fellow teammate Richard
                                                                                                                                              The Lady Cats saw many
                                                                                                                                          lead changes caused by of-
                                                                                                                                          fensive scoring runs by both
                                                                                                                                                                            were left out of contention
                                                                                                                                                                            for the rest of the game as the
                                                                                                                                                                            home team put together a 14-
                                                                                                       Peterson’s prior time of
                                                                                                       9:13.64 in the 2009-2010 in-       teams. They jumped out to an      3 run to seal the game, and
                                                                                                       door season.                       8-2 lead in the beginning of      the win.
                                                                                                           Senior Brendan Taylor          the first period and main-             The Thiel women contin-
                                                                                                       posted a third-place finish in     tained the lead until Tomcat      ue their schedule with the
                                                                                                       the 60-meter hurdles with a        guard Rianne Thornton hit a       next four games against
                                                                                                       time of 8.85 to go along with      layup to sustain the 26-22        Geneva, Washington & Jef-
                                                                                                       his fourth-place earning in        lead.                             ferson, Bethany, and Grove
                                                                                                       the long jump.                         Thornton played her part      City.
                                                                                                           Seniors Derek Workman
                                                                                                       and Ethan Rowe both fin-
                                                                                                       ished 11th in their events –
                                                                                                       Workman in the 800-meter
                                                                                                       run and Rowe in the 60-me-                         Athletic Events
                                                                                                       ter dash, while senior Joy
                                                                                                       Metzler topped her season
                                                                                                       best thus far in the shot put
                                                                                                                                                   Feb. 5 Men's & Women's
                                                                                                       with 10.64 meters for 11th                         Basketball
                                                                                                           Thiel will return to action
                                                                                                       this weekend when they trav-                Feb. 9 Men's & Women's
              Joy Metzler                                  Matt Lowry                                  el to the Lake Erie College                        Basketball
                                                                                                       Open, which is being held at
                              Photos Courtesy of Thiel Athletics                                       the Sports Complex in Gene-
                                                                                                       va, Ohio.
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