Legislative Appreciation Day 2007 by yaoyufang


									                L e g i s l a t i ve A p p r e c i a t i o n D a y 2 0 0 7

                               A t t h e 2 0 0 7 L e g i s l a t i ve A p p r e c i a t i o n D a y c l o c k -
                               w i s e f r o m a b ov e S e n a t o r s N i c k G a u t h r e a u x ,
  Ch e c k o u t t h e         G e ra l d T h e u n i s s e n a n d D o n H i n e s e n j oy a
  L P H A we b s i t e         m o m e n t awa y f r om the S e n a t e f l o o r ; L P H A m e m -
                               b ers Al M ancuso and David G u i l b eau ente r t a i n
   f or all LPHA               R e p re s e nt at i ve W i l f red Pi e rr e ; memb ers of LW R A
         n e ws ,              s e r v e u p t h e g r u b t o o u r g u e s t s ; R e p r e s e n t a t i ve
                               E l b e r t L e e G u i l l o r y a n d L e g i s l a t i ve A s s i s t a n t L e s l i e
   i n fo r m at i o n ,       L eC r o i x e n j o y t h e p o p u l a r e v e n t .
  and all LPHA
         f o rms               Event keeps growing
                                  On May 27, 2007 LPHA and the
  www.lpha.org                 Louisiana Rural Water Association
                               hosted a Legislative Appreciation Day
                               event. Over 75 Senators and
                               Representatives joined us to enjoy the
         Inside                great food, music, and conversation.
                                  The event continues to grow every
                               year and this year the weather was
I t em                Page     very nearly perfect to pass a good
President’s Message        2   time. There were many compliments
APHA Rep’s Report          2   heard coming from the attendees.
Legislative Report         5      Members of the association made
Photos from 2007           6   sure that the legislators were supplied
conference                     with ample food and drink.
Financial Report           8      The music for the event was once
Section reports            7   again provided by “The
                                  All in all it was a great success.
2                                                                  LPHA Highlights
         M e s s a g e f rom the Pr e s i d e nt                                       2007 LPHA Governing Board
                             Chuck Methvien                                                                     President -    Ch u c k M e t hv i e n
                                                                                               Secretary/President Elect -     M ittie Rohner
     As your president, I would like                               APHA seeks                   Immediate Past President       Ch e r y E w i n g
  to thank each of you for your                                    to build the                       First Vice President-    R a c h e l B r uc e
  many contributions toward our                                    capacity of the                Second Vice President-       Ta m a ra M o rr i s
  2007 LPHA Conference. I would                                    nation’s 53                                   Treasurer-    B e c k y St i t h
                                                                                                   APHA Representative-        Cl a i r M i l l e t
  especially like to congratulate                                  state and
                                                                                       Administration /Physicians Chair-       D r. Ta Keisha Dav i s
  Chery Ewing, our past president,                                 regional public          Allied Health Services Chair-      Julie La n d r y
  and the local arrangements com-                                  health associa-               Clerical/Statistical Chair-   P a m M cN e i l
  mittee for an excellent and very                                 tions                            Environmental Chair-       Tenney Si b l ey
  successful educational conference           Chuck M e t hv i e n (Affiliates)
                                                                                                 Exhibits/Sponsors Chair-      B a r b a ra Wo o d a rd
  this year.                                  and the grassroots policy network                          Laboratory Chair-     B ett y Day
     As we begin the 2007-2008                to improve our nation’s ability to              Local Arrangements Chair-        Jamie Roques
  year, I anticipate a year that will         respond to new and emerging                                   Nursing Chair-     B ev e r l y Le w i s
  bring forth many new avenues for            public health threats. LPHA can                               Retirees Chair-    Cl i f f M u r p hy
  LPHA as we strive toward collab-            apply for up to $90,000 with              Awards and Nominations Chair-          Ch e r y E w i n g
                                                                                        Constitution and By-Laws Chair-        L i s a Long f e l l ow
  oration with the American Public            funding provided by the W.K.                  Continuing Education Chair-        G ail Hollins
  Health Association (APHA).                  Kellogg Foundation. Also, during                              Finance Chair-     L a rr y R i c h a rd
  Mittie Rohner and I were fortu-             our visit to Washington, D.C. we                           Legislative Chair-    S a n d ra Ad a m s
  nate to be able to attend the               were privileged to meet with                            Membership Chair-        Ida Gr r en
  APHA, annual President/Elect                Congressman Bobby Jindal,                            Public Relations Chair-     Tenney Si b l ey
  Conference in Washington, D.C.              Senator David Vitter, and Senator       Editorial Board/Publications Chair-      S t ev e B a c k s t r o m
  last month. During these meet-              Mary Landrieu.                                            Scholarship Chair-     D r. S t ephen M a r t i n
  ings, we obtained valuable infor-              Throughout this year, the                Insurance & Retirement Chair-        Cl i f f M u r p hy
  mation regarding APHA opera-                LPHA Governing Council will be                       LSBES Representative-       Ron King
                                                                                                    LSBN Representative-       M egan Lo u q u e
  tions, LPHA’s role in APHA, and             working diligently toward making
                                                                                                               Webmaster-      David T homas
  APHA’s Memo of Understanding                the 60th LPHA Educational                                   Parliamentarian-     L i s a Long f e l l ow
  (MOU). We also gained exciting              Conference, our Diamond year, a
  information about the APHA                  memorable conference for all our
  Affiliate Capacity Building                 members.
  Initiative. Through this initiative,           I’ll see you there!                     L P H A 2 0 0 8 E d u c a t i o n a l Co n f e r e n c e
                                                                                            Our 60th Annual Conference
    A P H A R e p re s e nt at i ve’s rep o r t                                                                 A p ril 15-18
                  Clair Millet                                                                               Holiday Inn Select
A P H A Cu r r e n t I n i t i a t i ve s &   eral and state joint program that is                            Baton Rouge, LA
N e ws B r i e f s f o r 2 0 0 7 :            set to be reauthorized this year. In
Fe b r u a r y 2 2 , 2 0 0 7                  its issue brief, APHA urges
   The American Public Health                 Congress to ensure that all children
Association (APHA) released its               eligible for SCHIP and Medicaid

                                                                                               LPHA Highlights
blueprint for strengthening the               can be covered by these programs,
nation’s pandemic preparedness.               which collectively provide health
APHA recommends key changes to                coverage to 34 million U.S. chil-
the nation’s strategy for preparing           dren. During the past decade,
and responding to a flu pandemic to           SCHIP, together with Medicaid, has
ensure the health and safety of all           successfully reduced the rate of
individuals. Among its top concerns           low-income children who are unin-
is the need for additional resources          sured by one-third and improved                        A publication of the
for an already overburdened public            their health status and outcomes. Yet
health work force that may lack the           9 million – or 12 percent – of the
                                                                                              Louisiana Public Health Association
resources to fully respond to a flu           nation’s children remain uninsured,
outbreak. Other needs include clear           and 75 percent of these children are
federal guidance on school closures,          eligible for but are not enrolled in
quarantine and occupational health            SCHIP and Medicaid.
                                                                                                 S t ev e B a c k s t rom Editor
in the event of a pandemic.                   2008 Meeting
M a rch 13, 2 0 0 7                              The 2008 APHA Annual Meeting                         J a m i e R o q u e s Advisor
   The American Public Health                 will be October 25-29, 2008 in San
Association (APHA) has made rec-              Diego, CA (136th Meeting). The
ommendations for expanding health             theme, as voted on by the APHA                         David T homas
coverage to uninsured children                Governing Council at the 2006
through Medicaid and the State                meeting, will be:”Public Health
Children’s Health Insurance                   without Borders”.                                    L i s a Long f e l l ow Advisor
Program (SCHIP), a successful fed-
                                                      LPHA Highlights                                                                          4

         L P H A S c h o l a r s h i p Applic a tion                           Co m m i t tee Rep o r t s
       Cr i te ria and S elec tion Pr o ce d u re s
Eligibility :                                                         L o ca l A r r a n g e m e n t s R e p o r t
LPHA members or dependents, all section disciplines                      Over 525 members pre-registered     their casino. Several attendees took
Cr i t e r i a :
                                                                      for the conference and over 600 ice-   advantage of this benefit.
Louisiana student in a Louisiana school, LPHA member or               breaker tickets and 100 award ban-        Members of the 2008 Conference
dependent, consideration of educational or financial need             quet tickets were sold. On             Local Arrangements Committee
E duc a t i o n Lev e l s :
                                                                      Wednesday, local arrangements co-      include:
Undergraduates must maintain required grade point average             sponsored a hospitality suite with        Registration:Cabrenia Thomas
(GPA) and may reapply for each year of a four year program.           Rural Water. A Louisiana idol con-        Decorations:Chery Ewing/
Graduate (includes doctoral) - university rules apply for GPA and     test was held with several of the      Debbie Treuil
admission criteria.                                                   regions and state office participat-      Hospitality Suite:Al Mancuso,
Full time is usually considered to be 12 credit hours; part time      ing. After the Louisiana idol con-     Gary Cazabon, Mike Vidrine, David
will be considered as less than 12 credit hours, awards will be       test, which was won by Region          Guilbeau, Elizabeth Bracy, and
prorated accordingly; university definition will apply for part and   One’s “Dreamgirls,” many stayed        Suzanne Wall
full time students.                                                   for the dance where the                   IT/Audio Visual:Chris Vinson
A ca d e m i c R e q u i r e m e n t s :
                                                                      Neighborhood Stars performed.             Crawfish Boil:Mike Farace,
The course of study must be supportive of a public health relat-      This was certainly a fun and enter-    Steven Davis, Rayfield Jones, Silas
ed field.                                                             taining evening.                       Corkern, Steve Backstrom
M i n i m u m R e q u i rement s :
                                                                         On Thursday, local arrangements        Bowling Tournament:Tenney
Currently enrolled in an accredited college or university             sponsored a lunch that was served      Sibley
Two personal references — one from an academic advisor and            to all those registered. Later that       Golf Tournament:Lance
one from a non-related LPHA member                                    evening, transportation was provid-    Broussard
Must maintain at least a GPA of 3.0 on a 4-point system               ed by the Hollywood Casino to             Door Prizes:Melissa Guillory
M inimum G r a d u at e R e q u i rement s :
                                                                      bring members back and forth to
Graduate Record Examination (GRE) 1000 for the first semester
GPA 3.0 on a 4-point system
M i n i m u m D o ct o ra l Lev e l R e q u i r e m e n t s :           To renew your LPHA memb ership
GRE 1000 or above
GPA 3.0 on a 4-point system for course work
                                                                            See the Membership Form at
Comply with Institutional requirements                                            www. l p h a . o rg

        s e      r   h e
  Opens the door with the foot
        d f
  instead of re-contaminating
       s y         g e
  hands by touching the handle..

www.footpull.com 1-866-910-3668
                                                                 LPHA Highlights                                                                                        5

2 0 0 7 L e g i s l a t i ve S e s s i o n r e p o r t                                HB 542            Walker Creates LA Children and Youth Health Insurance
                                                                                      Program as separate program from LaChip and Medicaid; serves children
                                                                                      between 200 and 300% of poverty; provides for 12 months of eligibility; allows
   The session ended on June 28            engineer the vital records system,
                                                                                      for electronic application process; will require monthly premiums, co-pays and
after all available funds were spent.      $2 million for the nurse family part-      coinsurance excluding co-pays for well baby and well child care; places premi-
In addition to pay raises for those        nership program, $599,607 for a            ums in Health Care Redesign Fund.; provides that DHH consult with child serv-
whose pay is tied to the state budg-       special salary entrance rate for lab       ing organizations in the rulemaking process.
et, major investments in health, eco-      employees, and $2.5 million for the        HB 573            Morrish Renames developmental centers to “supports and serv-
nomic development, highways, edu-          LA emergency response network.             ices center” to more accurately reflect services provided.
cation and hurricane recovery, the         OPH lost $500,000 from the base            HB 579            St. Germain      Creates the Cigarette Fire Safety and
members managed to infuse some             budget on the House Floor when             Firefighter Protection Act.
$60 million in ‘member amend-              Rep. Beard authored an amendment           HB 602            Jackson, M       Provides relative to health care data reporting;
                                                                                      provides for powers and duties of OPH; requires electronic release of patient
ments’ into the various appropria-         to move funds from OPH to the
                                                                                      claims and encounter data; creates the Health Data Advisory Panel.
tions bills. Most of these amend-          Governor’s Program on Abstinence.          HB 603            Curtis Provides for sprinkler systems replacement in nursing
ments go to local governments and          He suggested that federal funds for        home facilities.
local non-profit corporations rather       this program would not continue.           HB 614            Beard Prohibits partial birth abortion.
than state agencies. Despite best          Later in the session when it               HB 615            Alario Appropriates $414 million to the Medical Assistance
efforts, a number of statewide initia-     appeared that federal funds will be        Trust Fund and $120 million to the Health Redesign Fund.
tives that we sought funding for           appropriated for abstinence, a fur-        HB 636            Williams         Includes the public administrator as a person
were not addressed. Those include          ther amendment was added to pre-           who may obtain a copy of a confidential death certificate relative to the vital sta-
the 211 system, birth defects sur-         vent the transfer if that occurs.          tistics law.
                                                                                      HB 643            Romero, Errol Limits civil liability for the Southern Mutual
veillance, further expansion of                Copies of the bills can be
                                                                                      Help Assn., Catholic Charities, PRC Compassion, Inc. and United Way organiza-
school health clinics, and colorectal      obtained from the state website at         tions that provide hurricane evacuation assistance or services; also limits liability
screening.                                 www.legis.state.la.us                      for health care providers that gratuitously render health care services in commu-
   OPH gained $2.3 million to re-                                                     nity health clinics or community pharmacies during or after evacuation.
                                                                                      HB 682            Johns Expands prescriptive authority for optometrists.
    Legislation of Possible Interest to LPHA                                          HB 727            Alexander, E Provides for a limitation of liability for
                                                                                      National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster.
HB 1 Alario Provides the ordinary operating expenses of the state.                    HB 758            Montgomery Authorizes parishes and municipalities to regu-
HB 25              Crowe Requires the inclusion of a specific statement related to    late odors.
fetal pain and availability of anesthesia for fetus as part of informed consent for   HB 765            Alario Provides for supplemental appropriations for Fiscal Year
abortion; requires that woman be offered option of reviewing ultrasound image         2006-2007; Appropriates $1.9 billion of surplus funds (over the cap) for operat-
of the unborn child.                                                                  ing and capital outlay. Operating: $13 million for North LA LSUHSC/Rural
HB 178             Doerge Defines newborn as not more than 30 days old; adds to       Hospital Medical Home Network (SB 111 that failed); $30 million for Phase 1
definition of prenatal neglect “exposure to chronic or severe use of alcohol” in      of statewide electronic medical records system for state public hospitals; $1 mil-
addition to “unlawful use of any controlled dangerous substance or in a manner        lion for LSU-Shreveport for prmary care practice management program. Capital
not lawfully prescribed.”                                                             Outlay: $2.5 million for Tulane Primate Center; $5 million for Pennington
HB 213             Johns Provides for penalties for “doctor shopping” of pre-         Clinical Research Facility; $3.7 million for Feist-Weiller Cancer Research Center
scriptions for controlled dangerous substances and Carisoprodol.                      in Shreveport; $2.5 million for major acquisitions and medical equipment for
HB 246             McDonald Provides for the certification of medication atten-       LSU-Shreveport; $74.5 million for planning, land acquisition, and contruction of
dants to work in licensed nursing homes until August 1, 2011.                         Medical Center of LA at New Orleans; $41.5 million for community primary
HB 318             Walker Allows Medicaid to seek reimbursement from health           health care clinics planning, acquisition, and construction; $9 million for plan-
insurers up to thirty-six months from the date of service for claims paid for         ning, construction, expansion and renovation of rural health clinics; $27 million
recipients who have other insurance coverage.                                         for new psych hospital in Pineville; $15 million for medical facility and land,
HB 412             Crane Changes the Louisiana Social Work Practice Act.              acquisition, planning, construction and renovations for LSU-HCSD in Baton
HB 422             Smith, Jane H. Provides relative to persons qualified to with-     Rouge; $38 million for cancer consortium facilities.
draw blood to determine the alcoholic content or presence of certain substances       HB 770            Salter Defines scope of practice of podiatry.
relative to tests for suspected drunken driving.                                      HB 774            Alario Provides for certain supplemental appropriations for
HB 450             Burns Establishes the Department of Health and Hospitals’          Fiscal Year 2006-2007; includes $4.5 million for Access to Recovery.
Facility Support Fund to provide with respect to the proceeds from the sale or        HB 784            Barrow Provides for clinical social workers to qualify as
lease of property operated by DHH.                                                    Medicaid providers
HB 479             Gray Provides potential participation of the nongovernmental       HB 796            Gray Provides with respect to the administrative adjudication
nonprofit organization LA Family Recovery Corps as part of the state’s response       of public health, housing, fire code, environmental, and historic violations.
to public emergencies and disasters.                                                  HB 837            Baudoin Authorizes the LA Board of Medical Examiners to cer-
HB 512             Curtis Changes the definition of venereal disease by adding        tify acupuncture detoxification specialists.
“any other infectious disease primarily transmitted from one person to another        HB 883            LaFonta Provides for the powers, duties, and functions of the
by means of a sexual act”; requires reporting of venereal disease in conformance      LA Diabetes Initiatives Council.
with the LA Sanitary Code. Makes HIV testing for pregnant women standard of           HB 953            Alario Supplemental Appropriations Bill for 2006-07: spends
care to be performed under general informed consent for medical care on the           $84 million available under the cap: $100,000 for admin costs for the Disability
same basis as other tests (eliminates requirement for separate informed consent)      Eligibility Program; $8.01 million in private providers program for Disability
but allows patient to opt out of the testing; provides that routine HIV diagnostic    Eligibility Program; $2,432,358 in UCC for rural hospitals; $3,445,312 for LSU-
testing can be offered to persons as part of a routine medical screening in health    Shreveport; $8,026,512 to rebase ICF reimbursement; reduces $2.5 million in
care settings under general informed consent but allows patient to opt out; speci-    SGF from OPH; $678,910 for provider fee increases at OCDD; $7,000,886 of
fies that OPH will develop rules for HIV testing in their programs.                   SGF for operating expenses at LSU Shreveport and $5,226,079 for EA Conway;
HB 523             Thompson Prohibits pharmacists from issuing a prescription         reduces LSUHSC-NO by $8,496,000; adds $16,592,010 for HCSD.
solely on the results of an electronic questionnaire.
                                                                                      S ee S e s s i o n , page 10
                                                                                          LPHA Highlights                                                                                                              6

2 0 0 7 A n n u a l E d u c a t i o n a l Co n f e r e n c e i n p i c t u r e s

P r e s i d e n t C h e r y Ewing c a l l s t o o r d e r t h e       B a t o n R o u g e M a y o r M e l v i n “ K i p” H o l d e n                     L a ke C h a r l e s M a y o r R a n d y Ew i n g s p e a k s
2 0 0 7 L P H A A n n u a l E d u c a t i o n a l Co n f e r e n c e. we l c o m e s t h e a t t e n d e e s t o B a t o n R o u g e .                   o n t h e s t at e of emergenc y p re p a re d n e s s.

Ch e r y E w i n g a n d M i t t i e R o h n e r w e l c o m e A P H A P r e s i d e n t
D r. D eb o rah Klein Wa l ke r a s key n o te sp e a ker fo r t h e f i r s t
p l e n a r y s e s s i o n o f t h e c o n f e r e n c e.

                                                                                                           DHH S ecre t a r y, Fr ed Ce rise accepts an awa rd f rom the Cent er fo r
                                                                                                           Co m m u n i t y Pr e p a re d n e s s f rom OPH As s i s t a nt S ecre t a r y, S h a ron
                                                                                                           H owa rd and St at e H ealth O f f i ce r, D r. J i m my G u i d r y.

I m m e d i a t e Pa s t P r e s i d e n t D i a n e H a r g r ov e - R o b e r s o n p r e s -
e n t s t h e p r e s i d e n t awa r d t o o u t g o i n g L P H A P r e s i d e n t
C h e r y E w i n g.

                                                                                                           D r. J i m my G u i d r y g i ves his                 O u t g o i n g Pr e s i d e n t C h e r y Ew i n g
Fi r s t V i ce Pr e s i d e nt, M i t t i e R o h n e r s e r v ed as mo d e ra t o r fo r                s t at e of the stat e a d d ress on                  p a s s e s t h e g av e l t o i n c o m i n g
t h e f i r s t p l e n a r y s e s s i o n o f t h e 2 0 0 7 e d u c a t i o n a l c o n f e r e n c e.   t h e f i n a l d ay o f t h e c o n f e r e n c e.   P r e s i d e n t C h u c k M e t hv i e n .
                                                               LPHA Highlights                                                                                   7

                                                        S ec tion Rep o r t s
Administrators and Physicians                                                      Cl e r ic a l / S t a t i s t i c a l
   The Administrators and                 affiliate agreement and whether the         The 60 membera inattendance          what clerical does in all programs.
Physicians Section was moderated          organization should enter into the       voted to donate $100 to the               Daphne Lesage, Assistant
by the 2006-2007 Section Chair            agreement. We discussed the need         LPHA Scholarship Fund.                  Director of Center for Community
Ron Folse.                                to sign the affiliate agreement in          707 raffle tickets were sold this    Health was guest speaker.
   The annual business meeting            order to qualify to receive any of       year.                                     Elected officers as follows:
exceeded our expectation by having        the W.K. Kellogg Foundation grant           Dr. Erin Brewer, Director of           Pam McNeil, Chair
in attendance at least 30 administra-     funding and future APHA benefits.        Center for Community Health,              Susan Royer, Vice Chair
tors and physicians. New Officers         The section voted to unanimously         attended and gave a brief talk            Mittie Rohner, Secretary
for 2007-2008 were elected and are        recommend that LPHA enter into           about how much she appreciates            Janet Merritt, Treasurer
as follows: Chair- Takeisha C.            the affiliate agreement with APHA.
Davis, MD, MPH., and Vice-Chair-             Lastly, the section discussed
Gerralda Davis, MBA                       increasing recruiting efforts for the
                                                                                  Environmental Health
   The section discussed and, for the     Administrators and Physicians sec-         The Environmental Health              expressed the importance of
first time, submitted three resolu-       tion by inviting the staff at the LSU   Section held its annual meeting at       destruction of parasites in sushi,
tions for approval to the Resolution      and Tulane Schools of Public            the 2007 Annual Conference. The          using the proper recipe during the
Committee. They were as follows:          Health. This would also give us         moderator for the break out session      rice preparation, and different
   Creation of a human resource           other avenues of approaching leg-       was Chairman Rachael Bruce.              Hispanic food items that if not
task force to develop competencies        islative issues since the Tulane fac-      Dr.Gary Balsamo, DVM,                 already will soon be seen through
necessary to recruit and train a          ulty and staff are not state employ-    MPH&TM, State Public Health              out the state.
deployable public health workforce,       ees and thus not prohibited from        Veterinarian. Dr. Balsamo spoke on          105 members were attended the
   Recommendation to state legisla-       lobbying.                               “Rabies Surveillance in Louisiana”.      environmental section educational
ture to expand current state loan            The business meeting was fol-        During his speech he informed the        meeting this year, up 12 from the
repayment program to include pub-         lowed by a very interesting and rel-    members on the spread of rabies,         previous year.
lic health staff and allow DHH/OPH        evant presentation by Kirk              different types of carriers, and how        The membership voted to present
to use this as an incentive for staff     Perriloux, Information Technical        to handle calls about different situa-   a resolution calling for an increase
recruitment, and                          Support Manager for DHH/OPH.            tions.                                   in the mileage payment. .
   Exempt DHH/OPH from Act                The presentation was titled                Ms. Kimberly Livsey, the State of        Tenney Sibley will move up to
194, which abolishes positions after      “Information Technology as it           Louisiana’s FDA Regional Retail          section chair. Amy Nichols elected
early retirement negatively impact-       Relates to Everyday Duties”.            Food Specialist spoke about “Sushi       to the co-chair position. Sonja
ing our ability to provide public            Takeisha C. Davis, MD, MPH           and Hispanic Foods”. During this         Thomas was elected to the secre-
health services to the community.            2007-2008 Section Chair              informative talk Ms. Livsey              tary/treasurer position.
   We also discussed the APHA
A l l i e d H e a l t h S e r v i ce s                                               The laboratory section had 25         very interesting presentation on
   On Thursday, April 12, 2007, The       developed a new letter head for our     laboratory scientists in attendance      “Newborn Screening for Metabolic
Other Health Services Section had         section, put together a basket to be    this year. Dr. Stephen Martin, sec-      Diseases”. Total attendance for his
approximately 27 members in atten-        raffled, which will be our first        tion chair, served as the moderator.     presentation was 36 (25 laboratory
dance at the business meeting. We         fundraiser for the year. We dis-        He introduced two excellent guest        scientists and 11 other profession-
agreed to a name change from              cussed continuing education options     speakers. Dr. Scott Davis, Professor     als).
“other” to Allied Health Services         for all the Allied Health disciplines   of Clinical Pediatrics at Tulane            The laboratory section may need
Section which was approved by the         represented in this section.            School of Medicine, presented a          to explore ways to raise money to
governing council on Friday,              Legislative issues, strategic plan-     very informative talk on “Newborn        fund future speakers. We will gladly
4/13/2007.                                ning, and fundraising were empha-       Screening for Cystic Fibrosis”. Total    accept any suggestions for speakers
   Our section has made a commit-         sized during this meeting. We hope      attendance for his presentation was      for the 2008 LPHA Convention.
ment to outreach and membership           to attract more members to our sec-     30 (22 laboratory scientists and 8          The following were elected offi-
recruitment of OPH and non-OPH            tion become even more vocal than        other professionals). Dr. Michael R.     cers for 2007-2008
Allied Health Professionals who           we already are in the association.      Marble, Assistant Professor of              Betty Day – Chair
share our vision of great healthcare         Officers:                            Clinical Pediatrics at LSU Health           Michael Lacassagne - Vice Chair
for all of Louisiana.                        Julie Landry, chair                  Science Center and Children’s               Kerri Gerage –
   In addition, on June 1, 2007 we           Sharon Starks, co-chair              Hospital in New Orleans, gave a          Secretary/Treasurer
had our first quarterly meeting and          Megan King, treasurer
10 members were present. We                  Brenda Grayson, Treasurer            Nu r s i n g S ec t i o n
                                                                                     The well attended annual              the 2007 Louisiana Public Health
                              D e a d l i n e for
                                                                                  Nursing Luncheon set the tone for        Association (LPHA) Educational
  Officer, Awards, and Scholarship Nominations                                    the beginning of a productive and        Conference. We received words of
                            Ja n u a r y 19 , 2 0 0 8                             fun-filled week for those attending      S ee S ec t i o n s, page 10
8   LPHA Highlights
                                                             LPHA Highlights                                                                                                   9

 L P H A ex p r e s s e s t h a n k s t o o u r b e n e f a c t o r s
The following exhibitors and sponsors make it possible to hold our annual educational conference. Our Association greatly appreciates
the generosity and support of all.

LPHA Corporate Sponsors                                                                         LPHA Exhibitors
                 G o l d Lev e l
                                                                           Acce s s o ri e s, E t c.                   N a t i o n a l L i b ra r y of M e d i c i n e
   L o u i s i a n a Public H e a l t h                           A u t o-C h l o r S e r v i c e s, I n c       O P H O f f i ce of E m e rgenc y Pr e p a re d n e s s
                                                       B ec t on D i c k inson D iagnostic Sy s te m s                      O P H H I V / A I D S p ro g ra m
 Wo rk ers Fe d e ral Cr edit Union                              C h a n n i n g B e t e Co m p a ny                       O P H I n j u r y R e s e a rch and
                                                        E m p l oy m e n t D ev e l o p m e n t S e r v i ce s                  P r ev e n t i o n / S a f e K i d s
        V i t a l C h e c k N e t wo r k                                           Fo o t p u l l                      R e t rac table Technolo g i e s, Inc.
                                                                            G e n - p r o b e, I n c .                               S a n o f l i Pa s t e u r
                                                                         G l a xo S m i t h K l i n e                          T E VA H e a l t h S y s t e m s
   O rg a n o n P h a r mace u t i c a l s                         I n f i l t ra t o r Sy s t e m s, I n c .             Tulane Un i ve r s i t y – C A E P H
                                                         L o u i s i a n a Ru ral Wa t er As s o ciat i o n          Tulane Scho ol of Public H e a l t h &
                                                        M e rck and Co m p a ny, Inc. - Vaccines                                  Tr opic al M edicine
         Hospitality Suite                                                         Division                         U n i ve r s i t y o f S o u t h e r n M i s s i s s i p p i
   L o u i s i a n a Ru ral Wa t er Assco ciat i o n
10                                                                 LPHA Highlights
S e s s i o n , from page 6                                                          Assistance Commission to fund scholarships for medical students who return to
HB 964            Kenney Provides for the confidentiality of certain records of      rural areas.
nonprofit health care quality improvement corporations.                              HCR 245            Hunter Requests the DHH to study the feasibility of developing
HB 965            Durand Provides relative to the Louisiana Emergency Response       a network of specialized sickle cell disease treatment and lifestyle enhancement
Network; provides for limitation of liability and requires that it be a separate     facilities for the purpose of improving the quality of life of sickle cell disease
budget unit within DHH.                                                              patients and their families.
HCR 75            Durand Requests DHH to engage in a cooperative effort with         HCR 248            Baudoin Requests the Consumer Product Safety Commission to
other public and private organizations and institutions in establishing the          establish mandatory safety requirements for all-terrain vehicles.
Louisiana Health Care Quality Forum.                                                 HCR 258            Dorsey Memorializes congress to reexamine the provisions of
HCR 115           Johns Creates a committee study to consider autism spectrum        the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996 to
disorders.                                                                           provide prenatal care to immigrants.
HCR 118           Walker Requests the governor, the Louisiana congressional          HSR 3              Barrow Requests the House Committees on Judiciary and
delegation, and other relevant entities to work together to ensure federal funding   Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs to study and review the status of the
for the Louisiana’s Children’s Health Insurance Program.                             state’s emergency response preparedness.
HCR 122           LaFonta Requests healthcare providers to adopt generally recog-    SB 1 McPherson Authorizes DHH to develop and implement a health care
nized clinical practice guidelines, goals, recommendations, and standards that       delivery system for Medicaid that provides a medical home in the public or pri-
identify the reduction of body mass index, cardiovascular risk issues, and           vate sector with a focus on primary and preventive care, utilizes information
glycemic control in managing diabetes.                                               technology, and assures quality. Called LA Health First, authorizes DHH to
HCR 152           Fannin Directs DHH to research the use of incentive packages       apply for budget neutral waivers with approval of Legislative committees.
to recruit qualified family practitioners to rural areas.                            SB 55              Hines Exempts prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses
HCR 200           Daniel Requests the Department of Health and Hospitals to          from state sales and use tax.
evaluate the effectiveness of the Louisiana Governor’s Program on Abstinence.        SB 161             Nevers Prohibits partial birth abortions.
HCR 231           Gray Directs the entities named in R.S. 17:1519.9, relative to     SB 179 McPherson Transfers Huey P. Long Hospital to LSU Health Sciences
a charity hospital in New Orleans, to enter into an updated cooperative agree-       Center at Shreveport.
ment by the end of the third quarter of 2007.                                        SB 226             Fontenot Provides for home-generated sharps waste as part of
HCR 244           Thompson         Requests the Department of Health and             the Sanitary Code.
Hospitals and the Department of Education’s Louisiana Student Financial              SB 238 McPherson Establishes the Health Care Redesign Fund in the state treas-
S ec t i o n s, from page 9                                                          SB 281 Schedler Relative to Medicaid fraud, clarifies state law to conform to
                                                                                     federal law and assure eligibility for 10% enhancement; raises fine to not less
wisdom with a touch of humor              Secretary- Elmira Walker, Nurse            than $5,000 but not more than $10,000.
from our guest speaker, Cajun             Supervisor, Morgan City, Region 3;         SB 282 Schedler Requires reporting of adverse actions by health care entities in
Humorist, Kent Gonsoulin.                 Louisiana State Nurses                     response to a determination of impairment or possible impairment (dependency
   The Public Health Nursing              Association(LSNA) representative-          on or excessive use or abuse of alcohol or drugs) to the appropriate licensing
Section session was very well             Deborah Guidry, ADM-EBAT,                  boards.
attended by various disciplines. Our      Region 2; and Louisiana State              SB 361             Duplessis Grants school readiness tax credits to individuals for
speaker, Dr. Demetrius J. Porche,         Board of Nursing(LSBN)- Megan              child care expenses of children five and under, to child care providers, to child
DNS, RN-CS, FNP, CCRN, acting             Louque, Advanced Practice                  care directors and staff, and to businesses providing child care. This initiative
                                                                                     grew out of the Best Start Initiative of OPH.
Dean and Professor, School of             Registered Nurse(APRN),Region 9.
                                                                                     SCR 35             McPherson        Requests DHH to establish the Louisiana
Nursing LSU Health Science                   The Nursing section submitted           Health Care Quality Forum.
Center, New Orleans, LA, presented        one resolution for approval to the         SCR 76             Hines Approves the business plan for the new Medical Center
a speech on the topic of: “               Resolution Committee regarding             of Louisiana in New Orleans (484 beds, cost of $1.2 billion)
Advocacy for Public Health/Public         funding for expanding the provision        SCR 88             McPherson        Urges the Louisiana Interagency Task Force on
Health Nursing” “Current Trends in        of immunizations to all that met the       the Future of Family Medicine to work with DHH to develop evidence-based
Public Health Nursing”.                   stated criteria. In honor of Dr.           strategies to increase primary care medical workforce.
   Some of the main points of Dr.         Porche, a $100.00 donation was             SCR 101            Cravins, Jr. Requests the Department of Public Safety and
                                                                                     Corrections and the Department of Health and Hospitals to study the possibili-
Porche’s message focused on               made to the LPHA scholarship fund
                                                                                     ties and options available to develop and implement an infectious disease testing
strengthening our advocacy base for       for his generous participation in our      program for all inmates.
Public Health/Public Health               annual educational conference. In          SCR 103            Adley Requests DHH, office of public health, to include
Nursing; the need to “repackage our       recognition of Nurses that were            screening for Krabbe Disease in the newborn screening required in Louisiana.
functions (tasks)”; restructuring our     dedicated to Public Health, a              SCR 109            SchedlerRequests a joint committee study of the feasibility of
internet based communication sys-         memorial service was held for 7            creating a scope of practice council to advise the legislature regarding various
tem and making what we all do in          Nurses that passed on in 2006-             medical and health care disciplines.
Public Health “sexy.”                     2007.                                      SCR 128            Jackson Requests a joint committee study of the current status
   The annual Nursing business               In conclusion, the Nursing sec-         of the chronic disease of asthma in the state.
                                                                                     SCR 134            Duplessis Memorializes congress to urge executive branch
meeting exceeded our expectation          tion raised $1, 291 from its fund
                                                                                     departments to take a proactive role in assisting the communities of New Orleans
by having in attendance at least a        raiser, raffling a Nintendo WIVI.          East in protecting their health and safety.
161 Nurses, which included some           Overall, it was a very successful          SCR 137            Hines Memorializes congress to provide funding for the
of our retired Nurses. New Officers       educational conference for Nursing.        Louisiana University Medical Sciences, Inc., College of Primary Care Medicine.
for 2007-2008 were elected and are        We look forward to an even greater         SR 87              Broome Requests Congress to support the efforts, programs,
as follows: Chair- Beverly Lewis,         conference for 2007-2008.                  services, and advocacy of organizations that work to enhance public awareness
Regional Nurse Consultant-Region             Thanks and congrats to all!             of childhood stroke.
3; Vice-Chair- Stephanie Whiting,            Beverly Vonshea Lewis, MPA,             SR 146             Jackson Requests committee study of the current status of the
                                                                                     chronic disease of asthma in the state.
CSHS, Region 4; Treasury- Penny           BSN, RN Chair
Meaux, CSHS, Region 4;                    S e e R e t i re e s, page 12
LPHA Highlights   11
                                                                         LPHA Highlights                                                                                                                  12

R e t i re e s, from page 10                                                                                                       Award Winners
   The retires section is being                       upcoming retiree events and becom-
chaired by Clif Murphy. All retirees                  ing active in the retirees section.
are invited to contact Clif about
Fi n a n c i a l rep o r t of the Lo u i s i a n a Public H e a l t h A s s o c i at i o n
    Op e ra ting Acco u nt                                                $ 45,098.95
    S c h o l a r s h i p Acco u nt                                       $ 29,898.83
    S h a re Acco u nt                                                    $14,449.53
    Ce r t i f i c a t e of D ep osit                                     $50,526.70
To t a l Assets                                                           $139,974.01
                                                                                                2 0 0 8 L P H A Awa rd winners from lef t, Ta m a ra M o rr i s, M emb er's Awa rd ; B e t t y F.
                                                                                                H eb e r t, M e ri to rious Awa rd ; L a Ta n g e l a Sh e rm a n , T he Louise M cFa rl a n d Awa rd fo r
LIABILITIES                                                              $0.00_____             E x cellence in Public H ealth Communic a tion Awa rd ;Ja s o n K r a e m e r, S c h o l a r s h i p
                                                                                                Awa rd ; S e n at or Rob M a ri o n n e a u x , J r. P ublic S e r v i ce Awa rd, and D r. I s f a n a Al i
L P H A BA L ANCE                                                        $139,974.01
                                                                                                accepting the Founder's Awa rds on b ehalf of her husband D r. J u z a r Al i .

                                 A m e n d m e n t s t o t h e L P H A B y - L a w s a s a d o p t e d b y 2 0 0 7 L P H A A n n u a l Co n f e r e n c e
       The following amendments were adopted to the Louisiana Public Health Association By-laws.
       1. Added the following standing committees:       Local Arrangements and Exhibits
       2. Changed:From:Article XI - AMENDMENTS
       These bylaws may be amended at the annual meeting of the Association by a two thirds vote of the members present and voting provided that
    notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given to the membership at least 30 days prior to the meeting. Notice of proposed amendments
    to these bylaws may be published in the Louisiana Public Health Association, Incorporated newsletter, provided said publication is mailed to the
    membership at least 30 days in advance of the annual meeting of the Association.
       To:Article XI- AMENDMENTS
       These bylaws may be amended at the annual meeting of the Association by a two thirds vote of the members present and voting provided that
    notice of the proposed amendment shall have been given to the membership at least 30 days prior to the meeting. Notice of proposed amendments
    to these bylaws may be published in the Louisiana Public Health Association, Incorporated newsletter, and/or by e-mail and/or on the Association
    web site provided such notice is given to the membership at least 30 days in advance of the annual meeting of the Association.

L o u i s i a n a Public H e a l t h A s s o c i at i o n
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B a ton Rouge
Louisiana 70806                                                                                                                                                                     PAID
                                                                                                                                                                             NEW ORLEANS, LA
                                                                                                                                                                              PERMIT # 1795

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