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                               HIGHWAY 5

I certify that ELDER                       whose address is

was duly elected to represent                      CP Congregation at
the Spring, 2011, meeting of Missouri Presbytery CPC on March 19, 2011,
at the White Oak Pond CP Church, Lebanon, Missouri. His/Her
Alternate is                                       whose address is

Session Clerk                         Moderator of the Session
Date:                            Email “”


     Held at White Oak Pond CP Church, March 19, 2011

Call to Order----------9:00 a.m.--------------Moderator Mary Lyn Childs
Opening Prayer
Roll Call—Ministers and Elder Delegates---Stated Clerk--LNottingham
Quorum Declaration
Election of Moderator/Vice Moderator
Adoption of Program
Constituting Prayer
Greetings from Denominational Representatives
Offering Designation
Presbytery Communications-----------------Stated Clerk--LNottingham
GA Plans for 2011-----------John Appling of Springfield 1st CP
Board Reports:
Board of Christian Education
Board of Finance
Board of Missions10/17/2010
Board of Physical Properties
Board of Trustees
Break for 11:00 Hour Worship Service and Communion
Noon Break
Reconvene for Committee Reports:
Committee on Clergy Care
Committee on History
Committee on the Ministry
Committee on Nominations and Session Records
Committee on Theology and Social Concerns—no report
Select Youth Delegates to GA
Select Fall Meeting of Presbytery
Overtures Committee Report
Closing Prayer
               Missouri Presbytery CPC Communications

10/17/10 at 10:15 p.m.


I would like to inform you that Elk Creek CPC would like to invite all to attend
the Fall 2011 Sept Presbytery here at Elk Creek. The Session voted to ask all
to come on down.

In Christ,
Dale Brown
Elk Creek CPC
But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.


-----Original Message-----
From: Joan Lang []
Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 2010 6:57 AM
To: Mary Lyn
Subject: Fall presbytery

Good Morning,

Our Session voted Sunday to invite Missouri Presbytery to have their Fall 2011
meeting at Harmony Church. Do we need to send a formal letter? Thanks for
any info you can give me.

Have a blessed day,



Excuses for March 2011 Presbytery Meeting:

Larry, Please have presbytery excuse Ruling Elder Ellen M. Griechen
of the Seymour Church from attendance at the March 19th meeting due
to health reasons. Yours in Christ, Gordon C. Campbell, Moderator of
the Seymour Church.

1. The Ministry Council met Saturday-Sunday, October 30-31, 2010, at the
    Cumberland Presbyterian Church and the Holiday Inn Express in Germantown,
    TN. The Ministry Teams met concurrently during this time.

2. Nineteen of the twenty-two Ministry Council members were present. Members:
   Karen Breeding, Jill Carr, Mandy Clark, Michele Gentry de Correal, Troy
   Green, Carlton Harper, Elizabeth Horsley, Rickey Page, Toni Prosser, Sam
   Romines, Iwao Satoh, Lisa Scott, Roy Shanks, (Excused: Gwen Roddye, John
   Shoulta); Youth Advisory Members: Ricky Kirby, Madison Rush (Excused:
   Emma Shoaf); Advisory Members: Michael Sharpe, Sam Suddarth, Boyce
   Wallace; Director of Ministries: Edith Gholson. Also present: Abbay Milner.

3. The Ministry Council and the Ministry Teams met jointly at Cumberland
    Presbyterian Church of Germantown for worship followed by a brief Joint
    Meeting to hear (a) introductions of Center Staff in new positions Mike
    Sharpe, Stated Clerk of the General Assembly, and George Estes, Missions
    Ministry Team Leader; (b) a presentation by Ron Gardner, Our United
    Outreach Committee Chairperson, who reported that 134 churches did not give
    to Our United Outreach last year, and (c) a presentation and demonstration of
    the upcoming new Cumberland Presbyterian Website by Mark J. Davis,
    Communications Team Leader.

4. Edith Gholson and Bob Watkins will leave November 1, 2010, for the three-
    week trip to visit our churches in Cambodia, Hong Kong, Japan, and Laos.

5. Unanimously adopted a Corporate Resolution to keep on file in the Ministry
   Council Office authorizing signatory by the Director of Ministries.

6. Heard a report from Toni Prosser the Clergy Crisis Fund Meeting held Friday,
   October 29, as a brainstorm session. In 2011, they will raise money and send a
   mailing with information and request for support.

7. The free IKON Document Efficiency Workflow Analysis Project is complete.
    Following their review of our processes, the consultants said we are
    “incredible stewards.” Global Ministries Leadership Team will meet to discuss
    making suggested changes in the future.

8. The Center Interagency Team (CIT) continues to meet monthly and spends 1-3
    days per month regarding Property Management issues. Executives and Team
    Leaders carry out what has to be done to manage/maintain the Denominational
    Center property.

9. Implementation of new software at the Center is winding down. Temporary
    employees who are CP have been hired to enter and update database

     (combining databases) in Raiser’s Edge. December 31, 2010, is the deadline
     for data cleanup and then be ready for merge of 30,000 records. Manuals will
     be written for Raiser’s Edge and Financial Edge.

10. Approved the recommendations related to the Ministry Council clergy staff
    housing allowances as required by the IRS.

11. Tabled the Ministry Council decision related to dependent health benefits
     premiums until January.

12. Approved the revisions to the Ministry Council Personnel Manual including
    those recommended by legal counsel Jaime Jordan.

13. Heard financial updates. Dan Scherf, Accountant, received a standing ovation
    for providing such current reporting. Dan reviewed financial handouts and
    stated OUO distributions continue to be made every 6 to 7 business days (when
    $50,000 has been received). Elinor Brown also reported on Our United
    Outreach and available stewardship resources.

14. The Council began brainstorming and visioning regarding Missions (New
     Church Development and Evangelism position vacated by George Estes) and
     Discipleship (Team Leader vacancy following Frank Ward’s retirement).

15. Adopted the following statement: The Ministry Council will leave the positions
    of Discipleship Ministry Team Leader and New Church Development and
    Evangelism unfilled to allow time to evaluate and structure current and future
    positions and the ministry needs of the Ministry Council.

16. Offered prayers for mission groups in Haiti and Dyersburg, for special needs of
    Council members and family members, and for guidance for Ministry Council
    and Staff.

17. Accepted Pat Owen’s resignation from the Pastoral Development Ministry

18. Thanked Abbay Milnor for her service to the Ministry Council as Executive
     Assistant. Applications are still being accepted for Abbay’s replacement.

19. Accepted the resignation/retirement letter of Frank Ward, Team Leader of the
    Discipleship Ministry Team, effective December 31, 2010.

20. Adopted a policy regarding the disposal of property when an employee leaves
    the employ of the Ministry Council. The policy will become a part of the
    Ministry Council Personnel Manual.

21. After adjourning early Sunday morning meetings, the Ministry Council and
    Ministry Teams joined the congregation of the Cumberland Presbyterian
    Church of Germantown in worship before traveling home.

22. Ministry Council and Teams will meet January 28-29, 2011 (Friday morning
    through Saturday afternoon) in joint sessions at the Center in Cordova.

  Rev. Phil Appling
  209 NW 101st Street
  Kansas City, Missouri 64155             816-734-2635    

  December 14, 2010

  Missouri Presbytery
  Larry Nottingham, Clerk
  PO Box 281
  Stockton, MO 65785             (417) 276-3792

  Dear Larry:
  I hope this finds you and yours in good health and peace.
  I am writing in regard to a continuing issue that is left over from the sale of the
  COTC property to New Song Church, Disciples of Christ.
  Apparently, a water bill with Kansas City was incurred during the time between
  my departure from the presbytery on September 15, 2007 and the time that the
  title of the property was transferred to New Song Church. The pastor, Rev. Jeff
  Hon, has tried in the past to direct the city’s attention in the right direction, but
  without success. He continues to get billing notices addressed to Church of the
  Cross – Cumberland Presbyterian for this outstanding bill.
  The city’s most recent action has been to hire a law firm to act as a collection
  agent and to take whatever actions are necessary to secure payment of this bill.
  It appears to me that if this issue is left without any timely response from the
  presbytery, legal action may be forthcoming against the presbytery. This is only
  speculation on my part. New Song Church is not responsible for this bill.
  Missouri Presbytery is the responsible party.

My friend and brother, Rev. Hon, contacted me in hopes that I might know the
party who can direct the proper action in regard to resolving this ongoing
problem. He is acting in this case only in good will to the end that the
presbytery may avoid an even more costly and complicated action brought
against them.
I am sending this email to you, along with a copy of such to Rev. Hon, so that
the two of you can communicate directly with each other towards the quick
resolution of this problem. Please contact me directly if you have any questions
that I might be able to answer.
Please respond back so that I will know that you have received this

Best regards in this holy season,
Phil Appling

The above email was forwarded 12/14/10 to Barba Parrish, Treasurer; Board of
Trustees, Board of Finance, Moderator, Vice Moderator, and Recording Clerk
and this matter is discussed in some of the Board reports.

Letter Dated 2/25/11 from Dr. Earheart-Brown commended Missouri Presbytery
for giving $1,333.30 to Memphis Theological Seminary for the calendar year

Letter Dated 2/25/11 from Mandy Young, Bursar, Memphis Theological
Seminary requesting support from MoPresbytery CPC for spring 2011 tuition
and fees for Adam Griffin. Letter to be forwarded to Board of Finance.

Letter from Paula Hayes, Stated Clerk, Trinity Presbytery of the CPC
Informing MoPresbytery CPC that as of 2/24/11 ―The credentials of Mark Horner
as a CP minister, as per his request, have been revoked. Should Mark Horner
ever petition to have his credentials as a CP minister restored, he is required by
Trinity Presbytery CPC to undergo the counseling that was directed and
recorded in the 2009 Spring Minutes of Trinity Presbytery CPC.‖

Please bring your Agenda and Fall Presbytery Minutes 2010
to Presbytery for reference to committees, budget, directories, etc. or past
action of MoPresbytery CPC.

                   SEPT. 25, 2010 & FEB.19, 2011

BOARD MEMBERS: Becky Hicks, Julie Keatts, Karen Kupersmith,
Donna Long, Roger Mayfield, Rev. Lisa Scott

The Board of Christian Education met on September 25th, at Camp
Cumberland during Family Retreat. Rev. Lisa Scott was excused and all
other board members were present.

The Board voted to give a $500.00 honorarium to Rev. Frank Ward for his
leadership services and travel expenses for Family Retreat. We wish to
thank Frank for his leadership in an adult bible study and worship and
communion service.

Youth Retreat was discussed and plans were finalized. Date: February
19-20, 2011 at Camp Cumberland.

Summer Camps were discussed and Dates set. Junior Camp—July 10-
15, 2011, Senior Camp July 17-23, 2011. Camp Directors will be finalized
at Youth Retreat.

A planning meeting was also held to plan and divide responsibilities for
Family Retreat.

The meeting was closed in prayer.

The Board of Christian Education met on February 19th at Camp
Cumberland during Youth Retreat. All board members were present.

Dates and Directors were confirmed for summer camps.
    Junior Camp--—July 10-15, 2011
     Co-Directors----Julie Keatts and Roger Mayfield
    Senior Camp---July 17-23, 2011 Director---Carla Bellis
    Janey Hood was secured as cook for summer camps.

The Board voted to keep the Camp Fee at $95 per camper. In order to
keep the cost the same we would encourage and appreciate
donations of paper products, soda or monetary gifts to the camping

Jill Carr presented information concerning date for CPYC,
July 10-15, 2011.

General Assembly Youth Delegates were discussed and two youth agreed
to serve as delegates. The names of Bret Ditty, Warrensburg CPC and
Alex Estes, Orange CPC were given to Randy Shannon member of the
nominating committee. The Board is recommending two delegates since
the General Assembly is being held here in Missouri and travel expenses
will not be as great.

The Board is excited to see the attendance of Youth Retreat growing.
Attendance this year was 37 youth, 4 youth visitors on Sat., 6 board
members and 3 other adult leaders.

Youth Retreat 2012 will be hosted by the White Oak Pond Cumberland
Presbyterian Church.

The meeting was closed in prayer.

Respectfully Submitted -------- Board of Christian Education

                   BUSINESS MANAGER’S REPORT
                        CAMP CUMBERLAND

ENDING BALANCE 2009                                 $4,204.53

     Youth Retreat                   $ 690.00
     Donations                          975.00
     Camp Registrations                7,285.00
     Family Retreat Reg.               1,495.00
     Family Retreat Auction            1,818.50
     Gerald Chandler Memorial            485.00
     (Becky Hicks’ Father)
TOTAL RECEIPTS                                            $12,748.50

TOTAL RECEIPTS PLUS BALANCE                               $16,953.03

   Youth Retreat                     $ 515.16
   Cooks                              1,200.00
    T-Shirts (both camps)                 974.30
   Teaching Mat. & Crafts                 761.15
     Food                              6,240.08
    Misc.                                390.85
    Recreation/swimming                   712.00
    Family Retreat                      2,422.21
    Family Retreat Speaker                 500.00

TOTAL EXPENSES                                           $13,715.75
ENDING BALANCE 2010                                 $3,237.28

We wish to thank all camp directors, staff and supporters for making the
camping program a success.
Respectfully Submitted: Becky Hicks, Business Manager

                       MISSOURI PRESBYTERY

                    BOARD OF FINANCE MEETING
                        FEBRUARY 19, 2011

Present: Karen Guthrie, Chair Person, Gary Moore, April Fare, Kathryn
Hines and Barba Parrish----------Absent: Pete Palmer

The Board of Finance meeting opened with prayer by Gary Moore.

The Board reviewed the financial reports prepared by the Treasurer,
Barba Parrish, and found them to be excellent--presenting a clear
accounting of the financial status of the Presbytery. The Presbytery
Shares report is attached as Exhibit ―A‖; The Comparison of Budget to
Expenditures, Exhibit ―B‖, reflects
the Board of Physical Properties went over budget; however, please note
that this was due to an insurance claim and monies were received to
offset this extra expenditure. Exhibit ―C‖ is the 2010 Balance Sheet
showing the overall status of all accounts held by the Presbytery. The
Board of Finance commends Barba for these reports.

After preparing the attached reports, Barba found an electronic church
tracking system on the internet that was very easy to use, free (except for
a $48 annual subscription charge). This software is primarily for churches
with 100 or fewer members. Some of the advantages are:
    Produces several meaningful reports
    Will allow the chairmen of the Boards and Committee ―view only‖
      access to their particular budget
    Allows the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, etc. to have full access to
      the status of the Presbytery funds as expenditures and income are
    Can synch multiple computers to the data
    Can easily enable and disable users and changes occur in the
    Will provide a clean way to transfer financial records if a different
      Treasurer were elected by giving the appropriate userid and
    The Presbytery would have historical records that are uniform

There are also other features that would be helpful to individual churches,
such as check writing; pictorial directory and individual year-end giving
sheets. This software can be found at

After reviewing the reports generated by this new software, motion was
made to pay the $48 per year subscription fee from the Board of Finance
budget line item.

The Presbytery financial records, including bank statements and check
register, were submitted to the Board for review. After review by several
members, it was agreed that Barba was doing a great job and the records
were in order.

Karen Guthrie closed with prayer.

Respectfully submitted,


Missouri Presbytery CPC ------Presbytery Church Shares for 2009 but
paid in 2010--------------------------Board of Finance Report A

     Congregation         Share        Amount Paid        Balance

Bethel                     $335.00             $630.00      ($295.00)
Elk Creek                 $1,497.00            $800.00        $697.00
Greenfield                $1,418.00           $1,418.00         $0.00
Happy Home                 $891.00             $891.00          $0.00
Harmony                   $1,570.00           $1,570.00         $0.00
Hopewell                  $3,009.00           $3,009.00         $0.00
Lobb                       $781.00                $0.00       $781.00
Marshall                  $7,492.00           $7,492.00         $0.00
Moberly                    $551.00                $0.00       $551.00

New Hope                         $1,634.00               $1,634.00            $0.00
Orange                           $3,482.00               $3,570.00         ($88.00)
Phillipsburg                     $1,764.00               $1,000.00         $764.00
Pierson                          $2,069.00               $2,069.00            $0.00
Pleasant Grove                    $237.00                    $0.00         $237.00
Salem                             $251.00                  $251.00            $0.00
Seymour                           $923.00                  $923.00            $0.00
Shawnee Mound                     $260.00                  $260.00            $0.00
Spring Creek                     $2,484.00               $2,484.00            $0.00
Springfield                      $4,151.00               $4,151.00            $0.00
Warrensburg                      $2,842.00               $1,294.96        $1,547.04
White Oak Pond                   $9,198.00               $9,143.04
                                               From 2009 - $154.96        ($100.00)

TOTALS                          $46,839.00               $42,744.96       $4,094.04
                                              From 2009 - $154.96         $4,577.04 Unpd 2010
                                              Pd for 2011 - $483.00       ($483.00) For 2011

Balance Sheet of Missouri Treasurer------Board of Finance Report B

Lamar Bank & Trust Checking Account Bal. 12/31/10       $65,467.84
        2010 Income collected in 2011                    $1,697.00
        2011 Expenses paid in 2010                         $563.00
        2011 Income collected in 2010                    ($395.00)
        2010 Expense paid in 2011                      ($1,253.58)
Total Checking as of December 31, 2010                                                $66,079.26
   Lamar Bank & Trust Certificate of Deposit - 1        $20,000.00
       2010 Interest                                      $148.66     $20,148.66
   Lamar Bank & Trust Certificate of Deposit - 2        $20,000.00
       2010 Interest                                      $204.11     $20,204.11
Total Certificate of Deposits (2) for 2010                                            $40,352.77
Growth Income Endowment Funds - Memphis
   MO Presby. Education Fund Beg. Bal. 1/1/10             $449.10

        Interest and Gain/Loss through                       $33.89       $482.99
    MO Presby. Missions Fund Beg. Bal. 1/1/10                 $0.00
        Interest and Gain/Loss through                        $0.00         $0.00
    MO Presby.KansasCityFundBeg.Bal1/1/10                   $347.17
        Interest and Gain/Loss through                       $26.19       $373.36
Investment Loan Program, Inc. - Memphis
    Overland Park/Olathe CPC Beg. Bal. 1/1/10               $138.71
        Interest to 9/30/10                                   $3.04       $141.75
    MO Presbytery -Raytown CPC Beg. Bal. 1/1/10             $343.95
        Interest to 9/30/10                                   $7.52       $351.47
    MO Presby. - Board Mission Beg. Bal. 1/1/10             $187.04
        Interest to 9/30/10                                   $4.10       $191.14
    MO Presby.- Bd. Christian Ed. Beg. Bal. 1/1/10          $216.32
        Interest to 9/30/10                                   $4.72       $221.04
    MO Presby. - NCD Northern Sale Bal. 1/1/10              $200.49
        Interest to 9/30/10                                   $4.38       $204.87
Total Endowment and Invest. Loan Funds-Memp.                                             $1,966.62
TOTAL ASSETS                                                                                         $108,398.65
  Balance of Lamar Bank & Trust Accounts 1/1/10          $93,233.46
  Balance of Endowment Fund-Memphis 1/1/10                 $796.27
  Bal. Of Invest. Loan Prog.,Inc.-Memphis 1/1/10          $1,086.51
Total Beginning Balances on Accounts                                                    $95,116.24
  Net Income 2010                                                                       $13,282.41

TOTAL EQUITY                                                                                         $108,398.65
Budget to Comparison December 31, 2010—Board of Finance Report C
     Boards/Committees            Budgeted Amount     Income/Donations   Expenditures    (Over)/Under

Stated Clerk/ Treasurer                   $6,345.00                         $5,390.83         $954.17
Board of Christian Education              $3,870.00                             $0.00        $3,870.00
Youth Fund                                $4,175.00                         $4,175.00            $0.00
Committee on Clergy Care                  $1,875.00                          $259.00         $1,616.00
Committee on Ministry                     $1,900.00                          $842.67         $1,057.33
     Education Fund                       $2,000.00                             $0.00        $2,000.00 txf to sav
Board of Physical Properties             $10,400.00          $2,705.00     $14,374.14      ($1,269.14)
Board of Finance                          $5,000.00                         $4,079.03         $920.97
Commissioners/Gen. Assembly               $3,750.00          $1,955.00      $3,750.00        $1,955.00 txf to sav
Committee on History                       $300.00                              $0.00         $300.00
Committee on Theology/Social               $250.00                              $0.00         $250.00
Board of Trustees                          $300.00                           $131.60          $168.40
Board of Missions                         $1,500.00                             $0.00        $1,500.00

Comm. On Nominations and
              Session Records        $500.00                   $237.30      $262.70
Miscellaneous                       $2,469.00                 $1,939.63     $529.37

Total Budget Comparison            $44,634.00    $4,660.00   $35,179.20   $14,114.80

Pass Through Expenses                  $0.00     $7,035.83    $7,035.83        $0.00
Donations                                        $1,670.00     $412.00     $1,258.00

TOTALS                             $44,634.00   $13,365.83   $42,627.03   $15,372.80

                                BOARD OF MISSIONS

The Board of Missions met February 19, 2011 at Springfield First
Cumberland Presbyterian church. Members present were Rev. Chin Ann
Ang, Elder Robert Jordan, Rev. Peggy Appling, and Elder Melody Dierking
by phone conference. Absent were Rev. Howard Hensley and Rev. Linda

The meeting was opened in prayer by Rev. Chin Ann Ang.


Seymour- Church is still in need of the present commission.

Montrose- There may be only a few Cumberland Presbyterians left in the
church who may now be attending. Mary Lynn Childs has volunteered to
go to the church and get more information and to talk to the United
Methodist District Superintendent about the status of the church with

Moberly- Melody Dierking is going to check on that church and report

Oak Grove- Flint Hill- no communication at this time.


HELP Ministry:

Melody Dierking told us about the HELP ministry started at Marshall. It is
an outreach to help those who need practical help from changing
lightbulbs to roofing homes.


Marshall also has a Nurse-Parish team for ministry to their members.
Nurses notify members of anything health related such as health fairs,
take members who need help to the doctor and help with specific things
as needed.


We discussed the possibility of a mission project in the form of a
Presbytery Work Day. Melody is going to get more information.


Springfield First has a missionary outreach to the many International
Students who attend the various Universities in Springfield and to those
who are moving to Springfield from Asia. There is a very active Korean
and Chinese ministry outreach.


Rev. Chin Ann Ang gave a report of his upcoming mission trip to China
and Singapore. Rev. Ang has been invited back to do more training for
medical personnel and others who work with those with Alzheimer's and
dementia. The Board of Missions supports Pastor Ang in his ministry and
has decided unanimously to invest $2,000 of the $3,000 BOM budget in
his mission trip. Bob Watkins is in contact and may be able to help with a
small amount of funds from the denomination also. (3-1-11 update- Dr.
Estes of the MMT sent Pastor Ang a check for $500 from the
denomination for his mission work.) Pastor Ang will come and speak to
any church or group in our presbytery or elsewhere about ministry to
those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. If your church or group would be
interested, contact Pastor Ang.


A calendar of events for General Assembly was given to each member

and they are encouraged to ask for volunteers in their churches. Marshall
will be asked if any of their Nurse-Parish team might volunteer also.
Volunteers should contact Michael Fare.

Visiting Missionaries, International Commissioners and Delegates, visiting
international church members and their families at GA-

It is traditional that churches and presbyteries give small token gifts to
those who visit them from other countries. In some instances, they are
also provided with a meal. It was voted that the Board of Missions use part
of their current budget to provide these usual courtesies to our
international guests from presbytery.

Rev. Peggy Appling is in contact with Bob Watkins to find out how many
will be coming and what may be most appropriate. The exact numbers will
not be known until much closer to General Assembly. The BOM
designated Rev. Peggy Appling, with the advisement of Rev. Ang and Dr.
Watkins to chose and purchase appropriate items and any meals or
courtesies normally provided our missionaries and international guests.


Prayer and Missions go together: "He told them, "The harvest is plentiful,
but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send
out workers into his harvest field." The Board of Missions wants to stress
the importance of prayer in the life of the church and evangelism. The
Lord must touch the hearts first for people to be reached. As part of our
emphasis on missions and outreach, we are going to begin a prayer chain
for this presbytery. In the north, Volunteer Elder Melody Dierking will be
the contact person who will pass on prayer requests in the north. In the
south, Volunteer Rev. Peggy Appling will be passing along prayer
requests. Unless requested otherwise, all requests will go out to all
church contact persons throughout the state. Prayer requests will be sent
to pastors of CP churches, whether CP pastors or otherwise, other CP
pastors not serving churches, Session Clerks, and others such as boards
and committee members, elder delegates and women’s ministry leaders
so they can pass along any requests. Any praying CP, can request to be
on the prayer chain. Of course, confidential matters should not be the
subject of this chain lest it turn into a gossip chain. Suitable items for the

presbytery prayer chain would be things that are public information such
as a death, birth, house fire, roof collapsing in snow, car accident and
such as a local newspaper might report. We might also have requests for
prayer for those who have cancer, who have had a heart attack or stroke,
are going to have surgery or have some other similar issue for which they
would like prayer. Prayer support is a type of evangelism. As Jesus said,
―by this shall all men know you are my disciples, that you love one

Responsibilities of the Board of Missions

from Presbytery Manual of Operations p. 9-10
- Promoting and publicizing the missions program of the General       Assembly
Board of Missions and the Presbytery

- Communicating missions information to local churches

- Sponsoring seminars, missions fairs, and workshops and other missions
      education and promotion within the presbytery, clusters of  churches
and local churches

- Developing Programs of Evangelism and Church Growth

- Developing New Churches

- Advising churches concerning the organization of volunteer work     groups

- Maintaining contact with the missions committees in particular     churches
and providing them with information concerning missions        materials and
other resources

- Recommending Moderators for churches without CP pastors

- Assisting Churches in the process of calling a pastor-aiding pulpit and
       search committees

- Examine and Make Recommendations concerning establishing and
      dissolving pastoral relationships

- Promoting redevelopment of struggling congregations

- Establishing multiple church parishes

- Aiding Churches that are experiencing conflicts of disharmony       that
rise to the presbytery level between pastors, sessions, or any church

There is a Missouri Presbytery website. The address is

The meeting was closed in prayer by Elder Melody Dierking.


The Camp Cumberland Board of Physical Property met on March 5, 2011,
at Camp Cumberland. Present were Dale Admire, Bob Keithly, Barb
Parish, & Stacy Estes. Also present was Becky Hicks.
Dale opened in prayer.

Becky Hicks asked the Board for permission to allow the White Oak Pond
Youth to do work at the camp as their mission trip, titled "Extreme Camp
Makeover". This would be June 2-4, 2011, & involved numerous projects.
The Board gave their approval.

Work Day is scheduled for June 4th, if needed.

Dates of 2011 Family events & camps were passed out to the committee
& caretaker.

Board gave permission to allow caretaker to install insulated skirting
around the trailer.

Board reviewed the camp rental fees & decided the following changes:
Deposit - $100 (refundable, all or partial)
                                                            Daily Rate -
$75 for CP affiliation   $90 for non-CP affiliation
These fees are for use of the cabins, dorms, bathhouses & New Building
only. Requests to use the Dining Hall would be reviewed by the
committee for other charges. The rental agreement form was also

updated to reflect these changes.

Respectfully submitted
Stacy Estes, Chairman

                         BOARD OF TRUSTEES

Board of Trustees met at Marshall CP Church February 19, 2011.
Members present were: Jim Ashby, Charlene Keck, and Jim Renner.
Discussion items:

1. Discussed Montrose Union Church and its lack of members? A task
force of Mary Lynn Childs, Peggy Appling, and Jim Ashby are scheduling
a meeting with the current pastor (a Methodist) to discuss disposition of
the church. Now has one C.P. member and approximately 25 total

2. Discussed Utilities bill (water) of $368.13 at Church of the Cross to
K.C. utilities that was overlooked when property was sold. Water bill has
been paid from Miscellaneous Fund.

3. Discussed the concerns of Oak Grove Flint Hill Church located near
Walnut Grove. Board of Missions will advise Trustees of proposed action
needed. (Church has 12 members at this time.)

4. Board of Trustees are requesting a copy of the warranty deed for each
active church in Missouri Presbytery to have on file w/trustees listed.
                Closing prayer by Jim Ashby
Submitted by Jim Ashby, Charlene Keck, and Jim Renner

                   COMMITTEE ON CLERGY CARE

The Committee on Clergy Care met at Marshall C.P.C. in Marshall,
Missouri, on February19, 2011, at 9:00 AM. Members present were Larry
Nottingham, Johnnie McCloud, Rev. Terry Hansen, Rev. Glenda Melson,
and Rev. Randy Crawshaw. Sandy Plachte was excused from the
meeting. Terry Hansen called the meeting to order, and Randy
Crawshaw offered the opening prayer.

Glenda Melson discussed the Clergy Crisis Fund, a cooperative effort
between the Pastoral Development Ministry Team and presbyteries to
provide financial assistance for clergy experiencing a crisis situation.

The committee then discussed the medical conditions and concerns of
Missouri Presbytery clergy, spouses, and family members who are in
need of special care.

Next, Terry Hansen discussed the ―Healthy Congregations Initiative‖
seminar he attended in August, which focused on developing and
maintaining healthy clergy/congregation relations.

The Miniversity is scheduled for Saturday, May 14, 2011, at White Oak
Pond CPC. The cost is $30 per person or $120 per church, and the focus
will be stewardship of time, talent, and money.

Finally, Terry Hansen will send letters to churches in June, requesting the
names and brief biographical information of any elders or ministers who
have died since the fall session of Missouri Presbytery. Glenda Melson
will read the Memorial Roll.

With no other business to conduct, Terry Hansen offered the closing
prayer, and the committee adjourned to meet again on August 13, 2011.

The Committee on Clergy Care is dedicated to serving as an advocate for
active ordained clergy and their families, retired ministers and their
families, and the spouses of deceased ministers in Missouri Presbytery
and to be advocates in strict confidentiality.

Respectfully submitted,
The Committee on Clergy Care
Rev. Terry Hansen, Chairman
Rev. Randy Crawshaw, Secretary
Rev. Glenda Melson
Johnnie McCloud
Larry Nottingham
Sandy Plachte

           2011 Year of the Clergy & the Clergy Crisis Fund

During the 2010 General Assembly a memorial from West Tennessee
Presbytery was approved declaring 2011 Year of the Clergy & Clergy
Crisis Fund. Developing this fund was given to the Pastoral Development
Ministry Team (PDMT). Each presbytery is being asked to participate in
developing a Clergy Crisis Fund.

The purpose of the Clergy Crisis Fund will be to provide financial support
to clergy who are in crisis and in need of support and care. The Clergy
Crisis Fund was established to be managed through the Board of
Stewardship, Foundation and Benefits and under the direction of the

The purpose of the Clergy Crisis fund will be to provide financial support
to clergy who are in crisis and in need of support and care.

The PDMT will match each crisis with the presbytery ($250.00 each) with
a maximum of $500. Some suggestions for setting up this program are as
      1. Approaching the Women’s Ministry about the 2012 Convention
      2. A special offering at the 2011 General Assembly
      3. Special offerings at presbyterial meetings
      4. Ask churches to contribute $1.00 per member each year
OUO has agreed to put $9,000.00 in the 2012 budget which will help three
persons per month for 12 months.

Some of the special needs addressed are:
    1. Death in the immediate family i.e. spouse, dependent child
    2. Help with medical bills
    3. Counseling $20.00 per session up the limit
    4. Termination a one time expenditure
    5. Other considerations will be taken under advisement

Congregations, presbyteries, CP Women’s Ministry, the GA, and other
organizations within the church will be invited to se a special time for:
      Prayers of thanksgiving, blessing, and intercession for ordained
        ministers and

      To take a special offering during 2011 to support clergy through
       the Clergy Crisis Fund

Glenda Melson, PDMT member

                         COMMITTEE ON HISTORY

   The Committee on History met Saturday, February 19, 2011 at the First
Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Marshall, MO, following a 9:00 a.m.
joint meeting of the boards and committees of
   Committee members present were: Michael Fare(Chairman), Gordon
Campbell (Secretary), and Bill Keck. A quorum was present. Absent and
excused were Lana Moore and Martha McGee Jones. Also present were
visitors: Richard Andrew Eppard and April Fare. Richard Plachte has
resigned from the Committee. This leaves us with one vacancy which we
hope to see replaced at the Fall Meeting of Presbytery.
   Our Chairman is working on an inventory of the Presbytery Archives as
requested by Presbytery last Fall.
   The idea of a Missouri History Display at the 2011 General Assembly in
Springfield was discussed and the Chairman will be checking with the GA
Arrangements Committee to see if it
is feasible.
   The Committee would like to offer the following recommendation for the
Presbytery’s action:
       RECOMMENDATION: That the people of our congregations be
urged to search for old minutes books and other Missouri
C.P. historical data which they can donate to the Presbytery Archives
and/or the Historical Foundation Archives in Cordova, Tennessee.
BEFORE 1945. Maybe these can be found among old books and papers
of our deceased ministers or elders.

Respectfully submitted: Michael Fare, Gordon Campbell, and Bill Keck.

                   COMMITTEE ON THE MINISTRY

February 19, 2011 Marshall, Mo
Attendees: Rev. Leslie Bone, Rev. Dale Brown, Rev. Duncan Clyne, Paul

Griffin, Rex Luallin and Mary Lyn Childs.

Meeting was called to order by Chairman Rev. Leslie Bone, with devotions
from opening of joint committee meetings.

Election of officers was first on the agenda.

  Rev. Duncan Clyne---Chairman
  Mary Lyn Childs------Vice-Chairman
  Rev Dale Brown------Clerk

Licentiate John Smith sent assignment. It was read by all. He was unable
to attend because of work and was excused. Motion made by Rev. Leslie
Bone that we recommend him to Mo. Presbytery for ordination. Seconded
by Mary Lyn Childs. Motion passed. Also he was advised we would
continue with our prayers and support.

Candidate Tim Steely sent paper. It was read. He asked to be excused
because of sickness. Rev Duncan Clyne was asked to contact Tim and
that the COM would meet with him at Spring Presbytery.

Candidate Adam Griffin was present and reported that he was attending
MTS and taking 10 Hours. Andy told us that he had checked into the
Chaplin Candidate Reserve Program and would like to join. Motion made
and seconded that recommendation be made to Presbytery. Also motion
made and seconded and passed to assist Adam with $2,000.00 for
calendar year. Also was advised we would continue with our prayers and

Licentiate Andrew Eppard met with the committee and turned in papers he
had written. Work is going well in Springfield. Andy has been preaching
every other Sunday night at the church. COM visited with him about
becoming ordained. He thought he was ready also all studies have been
completed. COM made and seconded motion for ordination to be made at
Presbytery and passed.


 1. John Smith to be questioned for ordination at Presbytery.

  2. Adam Griffin be approved for the Chaplin Candidate Reserve

  3. Adam Griffin would be assisted with his MTS expenses for the
      calendar year in the amount of $2,000.00.

  4. Andrew Eppard to be questioned for ordination at Presbytery.

Submitted by Rev. Dale Brown, Clerk


The Committee on Nominations and Session Records met on February
19, 2011, at Marshall, Missouri. Members present were Randy Shannon,
Dana Smith, Virgil Grossman and Allen Dierking. We reviewed the
records of White Oak Pond, New Hope, Marshall, First (Springfield),
and Spring Creek.

It was noted that the following committee members, having served the
maximum number of terms allowed (3), will need to be replaced in the fall:
Christian Education: Becky Hicks
Board of Physical Property: Barba Parrish, Ilene Washam
Board of Trustees: Charlene Keck
Committee on Ministry: Mary Lyn Childs
Nominations and Session Records: Virgil Grossman

The committee has received a recommendation from the Board of
Christian Education for two young men to be considered at Presbytery as
youth advisory delegates for the General Assembly this summer in
Springfield. Those names are: Brett Ditty (Warrensburg); and Alex Estes
(Orange). It is our understanding that we are allowed to send two youth
advisory delegates to General Assembly and it is our recommendation
that given the proximity of the event this year we send two.

Recommendations: We recommend Brett Ditty and Alex Estes be
selected as youth advisory delegates for the General Assembly this June
2011 in Springfield, MO.

Submitted by Committee Members:
John Appling, Chairman; Randy Shannon, John Smith, Dana Moore
Smith, Virgil Grossman, Allen Dierking

GENERAL ASSEMBLY 2011-----------Springfield, Mo
Theme: What a Huge Harvest! How Few Workers! Matt 9:37-38

Saturday, June 18, 2011—University Plaza Hotel---700 St. Louis Street
Hospitality Table set up and delegates begin to arrive

Sunday, June 19, 2011
3:00 p.m. Commissioner/YAD Orientation with Mike Sharpe/Susan Groce
5:30 p.m. Bethel Renaissance sings at First CP and
a Barbecue dinner- free
Monday, June 20, 2011
8:30 a.m. Workshops - Communication Skills, Social Media Ministry, OUO
2:00 p.m. Opening of General Assembly and Worship
Presentations/Assembly Business- open to all
4:00 p.m. Committees Meet
7:30 p.m. Moderator’s Reception at Oasis Conference Center - free

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
8:30 a.m. Devotional
9:00 a.m. Committees Meet
12:30 p.m. Children's Home Luncheon-tickets needed
1:30 or 2 p.m. Committees meet
5:30 p.m. Bethel University Dinner-tickets needed

Wednesday, June 22, 2011
7:00 a.m. Ministry Council Breakfast
8:30 a.m. Devotional in Committees
9:00 a.m.-? Committees Meet
12:30 p.m. Memphis Theological Seminary Luncheon-tickets needed
1:30 OR 2- Committees meet
7:30 p.m. Worship and special offering for the Clergy Crisis Fund
9:00 p.m. Women Clergy Reception- free

Thursday, June 23, 2011
7:00 a.m. Program of Alternate Studies Breakfast- tickets needed
8:30 a.m. Devotional
9:00 a.m. General Assembly Business Session- open meeting- everyone is
welcome to attend
12:30 p.m. Cumberland Presbyterian Women's Ministries Luncheon -tickets
Closing Worship (either Thursday or Friday)

The Hospitality Table will be available from Saturday through the entire GA.
The Resource Center will make books and materials available for purchase
throughout GA.
MTS will hold a silent auction Monday through Thursday in the same area as
the resource center.
All worship services, the business session of GA, display tables, resource
center, and free events, plus those where a ticket purchase is required are open
to all. (Tickets generally range from $10-$15 and most can be purchased at the
hospitality table at GA.) While committees are not closed meetings, they are not
something most people would want to attend.

Volunteers for ushers for the worship services, the hospitality table, the
barbecue and other group events will be appreciated. If you would like to help,
please contact Michael Fare

University Plaza Hotel˝ for reservations at GA Hotel
Mention you are Cumberland Presbyterian.
333 South John Q Hammons

Parkway & St. Louis Street
Springfield, MO 65806
(417) 864-7333

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