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   By: Dr. Robin Loxley, D.D.
        Copyright 2005
In the beginning, the move toward disengagement in Gaza and northern
Samaria was counted in months...then in weeks...then in days. Now the
clock is ticking off the hours when Jewish fathers and mothers,
children, grandfathers and grandmothers, brothers and sisters will be
forcefully removed from their homes, their places of refuge, and
evicted from their lands.

As it was in the days of Esther when the decree went out to destroy the
Jews, so it is today in Gaza and northern Samaria:   "In each and every
province where the command and decree...came, there was great mourning
among the Jews, with fasting, weeping and wailing; and many lay on
sackcloth and ashes." (Esther 4:3)

Please sign the Stand with Israel petition today! We must let the
Jewish people know that Christian America does not support this
eviction. Make sure your voice is heard!

Celebrations begin in the PA Territory

Just days ago, Mahmoud Abbas was cautioning the Palestinians to keep
celebrations over Israel's withdrawal from Gaza at a minimum. On
Friday, Abbas personally presided over what might be labeled an
"excessive demonstration" in Gaza City. He declared: "Today we are
celebrating the liberation of Gaza and the northern West Bank; tomorrow
we will celebrate the liberation of Jerusalem."

With security guards surrounding him, Abbas said, "From here, from this
place, our nation and our masses are walking toward the establishment
of an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital."

Muhammed Dahlan, Civil Affairs Minister, stood next to Abbas and
proclaimed: "...the day of victory and the beginning of a new era that
was achieved with the blood of our martyrs."

Two confirmed terrorist organizations, Hamas and Islamic Jihad,
announced that the fight against the "Zionist enemy" would continue.
They vowed not to abandon their weapons even after the disengagement,
and continue their refusal to join the PA security forces.

On Friday, reporters were invited to view over 1,000 Hamas members
wearing fatigues, carrying AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenade
launchers blatantly stage a mock attack on an Israeli settlement.   In
the Jabalya refugee camp, Palestinians attended a "graduation ceremony"
for new recruits belonging to Hamas' armed wing, Izzaddin Kassam.

Chris, the Hamas leader, Mahmoud Zahar, later spoke to a crowd at a
football stadium. Zahar noted: "This [Hamas] army will continue to
defend the Palestinian people. As long as one inch of our land remains
under occupation, these weapons will remain in the hands of the Hamas
soldiers. These young men will continue to train others until all
Palestinians are turned into fighters so that we could liberate
Palestine from the [Jordan] river to the sea."
Homes will be stripped of belongings; last good-byes will be said; the
banks will shutter their windows; the health clinics will close. And,
those soon to be dispossessed fear that the terrorists who have for so
long made their lives miserable will, from their new vantage point, be
able to wreak even more havoc on the Jewish people.

The process is labeled with the politically correct term
"disengagement." For the people who have made their homes in Gush
Katif and other villages in Gaza and northern Samaria, it is simply a
matter of being dispossessed, evicted, stripped of their inheritance,
torn from their homes. It means giving in to the terrorist regime next
door that demands, not just their land, but their very lives.

Please sign the Stand with Israel petition today! We must let the
Jewish people know that Christian America does not support this
eviction. Make sure your voice is heard.

In terms of sheer numbers, these are the consequences of

*100% of the Gaza Strip will be evacuated and handed over to
the Palestinians.

*300 square miles in Samaria will be evacuated.

*21 Israeli communities will be uprooted in the Gaza Strip.

*4 Israeli communities will be uprooted in Samaria.

*48 graves in the Gush Katif Cemetery, including six graves of
area residents murdered by terrorists, will be uprooted.

*9,000 is the approximate number of Israelis, including 1,700
Israeli families, currently living in the Gaza Strip and northern
Samaria. All of them will be expelled as part of the withdrawal.

*38 synagogues will be dismantled in the Gaza Strip.

*5,000 school-age children will need to find new schools.

*42 daycare centers will be closed in the Gaza Strip.
*36 kindergartens will be closed in the Gaza Strip.

*7 elementary schools, and 3 high schools will be closed in the
Gaza Strip.

*45,000 Israeli soldiers and policemen are expected to
participate in the Gaza withdrawal.

*$1.7 billion is the approximate cost to the Israeli government for
the withdrawal initiative.

*166 active Israeli farmers will be moved out of Gaza.

*800 cows, comprising the second largest dairy farm in Israel,
will be moved out of Gush Katif.

*$120 million in flowers and produce exported annually from
Gush Katif will be lost.

*10,000 people employed in agriculture and related industries in
Gush Katif, including 5,000 Palestinians, will need new

*60% of Israel's cherry tomato exports come from the Gaza Strip.
Israel's withdrawal from Gaza will extinguish this economic

* 3.5 million square meters (almost 1,000 acres) of greenhouses
will be abandoned in Gaza.

*70% of Israel's organic produce is currently produced in Gaza.
This is another economic resource that will be lost.

*60% of the herbs exported from Israel come from Gush Katif.

*15% of Israel's agricultural exports originate in Gaza - exports
that will be lost following Israel's withdrawal from Gaza.
*$870 million is the approximate cost for Israel to facilitate the
resettlement of former Samaria and Gaza residents elsewhere in
the country.

*$500 million is the amount of money Israel's security
establishment will spend in order to relocate Israel Defense
Forces bases outside the Gaza Strip and build new border
crossing facilities.

(Numbers compiled by the Israel Project)

The World Council of Churches, the Anglican Consultative
Council, The Presbyterian Church, the Episcopal Church, the
Disciples of Christ, and the United Church of Christ are
either involved in or strongly considering a boycott
against selected companies that trade with Israel.
LOXLEY RESPONSE: THIS SAYS IT ALL! As a true Christian I am placing a
Christian Churches anymore and I call on every Christian to boycott

If you and I remain silent, our witness will be destroyed.   How much
more can the Jewish people endure?

Genesis 12:3 says, "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him
that curses thee." How can we expect God's hand of protection over
America if we remain silent when America is at the forefront of a group
nations bent on pushing the Jews out of the Bible Land. It happened in
Bethlehem. The birthplace of our Savior is now a terrorist stronghold.

Don't delay; please sign the Stand with Israel petition today! Esthers
and Nehemiahs must speak up, NOW! Make sure your voice is heard.
Please forward this to everyone on your list. Let's keep this going
around the world. Please let the Jewish people know you care!

Your ambassador to Jerusalem,

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just a few of the more then 300 Christian Leaders who are part of the
Jerusalem Prayer Team.

LOXLEY COMMENTS: Although I disagree with Tim LaHaye, Pat Robertson,
and John Hagee ON MANY CRITICAL BIBLICAL ISSUES and although I may not
like the way they think sometimes, I AM UNITED WITH THESE GOD-FEARING



These are the people that we as Christians must support! We must also
support the victims of the families of Islamic terrorism as posted on
www.onefamilyfund.org ! We must WALK WITH ISRAEL and continue to fight
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Satanic organizations who are committed to the cause of the destruction
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Gaza Settlers Confront Israeli Soldiers

NEVE DEKALIM, Gaza Strip — On the first day of the Israeli pullout from the Gaza Strip
(search), some Jewish settlers weren't going quietly.

Many had evacuated their homes ahead of the official start of the pullout just after midnight
Monday. But those who refused locked the gates to their settlements and clasped hands, forming
human chains, to block soldiers from delivering dreaded eviction notices.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (search) said in a televised speech that the Gaza pullout was
a painful step, both for the nation and for himself, but that it was essential for Israel's future.

A grim-looking Sharon said it is now up to the Palestinians to clamp down on militants and stop
violence. "To an outstretched hand we will respond with an olive branch," he said.
The Israelis plan to withdraw from most of Gaza and four small West Bank settlements over a
three-week period in an effort to advance the peace process and pave the way for the future
formation of a Palestinian state. Israel has occupied both territories for 38 years.

"It's a painful and difficult day, but it's a historic day," Israel's Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz
(search) said.

Police and soldiers waited patiently in the sweltering sun and avoided confrontation at the behest
of their commanders. In one scene, a sobbing settler pleaded with a brigadier general not to evict
him before the two men embraced.

Israel plans to remove all 21 Jewish settlements from Gaza, plus the four West Bank outposts.
The withdrawal marks the first time Israel will dismantle settlements in areas captured in the 1967
Mideast War and claimed by the Palestinians for their future state.

While Sharon says the pullout will improve Israel's security, Jewish settlers fiercely oppose the
plan and have promised stiff, but nonviolent, resistance.

Israeli Army Chief Dan Halutz told FOX News that so far, everything was going as planned.

He said the most trouble would come "the day after disengagement. Then we will have to face
the same problems we face today in Israeli society."

Israeli troops fired in the air Monday to keep back hundreds of Palestinians, including a few
dozen masked gunmen, who were marching toward southern Gaza's Gush Katif (search) bloc of
settlements in celebration of the impending withdrawal. The crowd burned a cardboard model of
an Israeli settlement, complete with an army watchtower.

In Gaza City, the Islamic militant group Hamas (search) hung banners proclaiming the pullout is a
result of attacks by militants on Israelis.

"The blood of martyrs has led to liberation," one banner said.

Also Monday, Palestinian officials said Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas (search) has
scheduled long-delayed legislative elections for Jan. 21. Saeb Erekat (search), a government
spokesman, said Abbas would issue a formal decree on Tuesday or Wednesday.

The elections had initially been set for July 17 but were delayed. Abbas cited technical reasons,
but Hamas has accused him of seeking additional time to shore up support for his embattled
Fatah party.

Thousands of Israeli troops marched into Gaza's settlements, delivering eviction notices in six
settlements, but encountering protests in others. The notices gave settlers until midnight Tuesday
to leave. If they ignore the deadline, they will be removed by force and could lose up to a third of
government compensation.

Resistance was stiff in Gush Katif. Hundreds of settlers blocked the gates of Neve Dekalim
(search), Gaza's largest settlement, to prevent the forces from entering.

Dozens of observant Jewish men, wearing white prayer shawls, held morning prayers at the gate,
appealing for divine intervention to block the withdrawal. A crowd of youths wearing orange, the
color of defiance, sat on the streets and screamed at the soldiers.
"You're a partner to a crime," screamed one protester.

Troops moved into the community through a second entrance, only to be blocked by crowds who
burned tires, formed human chains and scuffled with troops. When some soldiers managed to
enter, settlers took the eviction notices and burned them. One policeman was covered in green
paint thrown by protesters.

Despite the standoff, there were signs that residents would leave before the deadline. After one
standoff, protesters in Neve Dekalim allowed a large convoy of moving trucks to enter the main
gate, and army officials said at least 200 settler families had asked for assistance in moving their

"This morning, the people stood up to the police and it was a victory. Now the [shipping]
containers are coming in. It is heartbreaking and negative," said Yosef Meron, 68, of Neve

Military commanders listened to the settlers' appeals, but said they would not be deterred.

Maj. Gen. Dan Harel, Israel's commander over the region, said the operation was going as

"Our estimation is that by tomorrow night most of the residents will agree to leave," he said.

Harel attempted to talk to residents of Neve Dekalim, but was hastily escorted away by police
after he was confronted by angry settlers.

Although many of Gaza's 8,500 Israeli residents have already left, the army estimates that
thousands remain, including some 5,000 hardliners who have infiltrated Gaza to resist the pullout.
Much of Monday's resistance appeared to come from the outsiders.

At the tiny, isolated Morag settlement, hundreds of people blocked troops at the gate. One man,
identified by Israeli media as Liron Zeidan, burst into tears as he pleaded with officers not to
remove him.

"I am not your enemy. I served as an officer under you," the man told Brig. Gen. Erez Zuckerman,
the commander of the army unit waiting at the gate.

Zuckerman listened and wiped sweat off his brow, then hugged the young man.

"We love you, you are part of us," he told the settlers.

In nearby Netzer Hazani (search), Alan Sherr, a Philadelphia native who moved to Gaza in 1979,
hung an American flag upside-down outside his home. Sherr, wearing a Philadelphia Eagles cap,
said he was protesting President Bush's support for the withdrawal.

"I'm feeling every negative emotion in the English dictionary," he said. "I have no more happiness
and no more pride. They have taken it all away."

Resistance was much more subdued in the settlements of Nissanit, Elei Sinai and Dugit, secular
communities in northern Gaza that were virtually emptied out.
In Nissanit, four soldiers came to the home of Yitzhak and Avigail Dadon, a couple in their 70s
who said they would leave before the forcible removal begins. Yitzhak Dadon said that earlier in
the morning, he lowered an Israeli flag that had been fluttering from his roof. Avigail Dadon cried,
and a female soldier stood up to hug her.

Two residents entered an abandoned home, took out a hammer and smashed the remaining
mirrors, doors and windows. Some homes were covered in graffiti, including one that read
"Sharon is a Nazi."

Soldiers also helped settlers pack. In one Nissanit home, troops removed a large sundeck next to
a backyard swimming pool, pulling out planks and stacking them up in a pile.

In Elei Sinai, one man put lawn chairs and a TV set on the roof, where he said he would remain
with his young daughter until he is removed.

"Elei Sinai won't fall," read a large sign outside his home.

Soldiers were also giving eviction notices in four West Bank settlements slated for evacuation.
They chose not to enter two of the communities, Sanur and Homesh, where hard-line extremists
have holed up. The army instead planned to hand the orders to community leaders.

Israel's Cabinet met Monday and gave final approval for the removal of additional Gaza
settlements in what was seen as a formality. The plan was already approved by the government
and parliament during a bruising yearlong political battle.

With some 50,000 security forces involved, the "disengagement" from Gaza is the nation's
largest-ever noncombat operation.

Abbas said the Gaza pullout is a "historical moment," but that Israel must also hand over the
West Bank and east Jerusalem.

"If they want peace, they must allow Palestinians to achieve their rights," the Palestinian leader
told the BBC World Service.

The Palestinians hope the pullout from Gaza will lead to the resumption of peace talks, and
ultimately full independence in areas captured by Israel in the 1967 Mideast War.

But they fear the withdrawal is a ploy by Sharon to get rid of areas he doesn't consider crucial to
Israel while consolidating control of parts of the West Bank, where the vast majority of the
240,000 Jewish settlers live.

FOX News' Jennifer Griffin and The Associated Press contributed to this report.


The following is a statement by Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon concerning the pullout
of Israeli settlers from the Gaza Strip:

Citizens of Israel,
The day has arrived. We are beginning the most difficult and painful step of all evacuating our
communities from the Gaza Strip and Northern Samaria.

This step is very difficult for me personally. It was with a heavy heart that the Government of
Israel made the decision regarding Disengagement, and the Knesset did not lightly approve it.

It is no secret that I, like many others, believed and hoped that we could forever hold on to
Netzarim and Kfar Darom. However, the changing reality in this country, in this region, and in the
world, required another reassessment and changing of positions.

Gaza cannot be held onto forever. Over one million Palestinians live there, and they double their
numbers with every generation. They live in incredibly cramped refugee camps, in poverty and
squalor, in hotbeds of ever-increasing hatred, with no hope whatsoever on the horizon.

It is out of strength and not weakness that we are taking this step. We tried to reach agreements
with the Palestinians which would move the two peoples towards the path of peace. These were
crushed against a wall of hatred and fanaticism.

The unilateral Disengagement Plan, which I announced approximately two years ago, is the
Israeli answer to this reality. This Plan is good for Israel in any future scenario. We are reducing
the day-to-day friction and its victims on both sides. The IDF will redeploy on defensive lines
behind the Security Fence. Those who continue to fight us will meet the full force of the IDF and
the security forces.

Now the Palestinians bear the burden of proof. They must fight terror organizations, dismantle its
infrastructure and show sincere intentions of peace in order to sit with us at the negotiating table.

The world awaits the Palestinian response a hand offered in peace or continued terrorist fire. To a
hand offered in peace, we will respond with an olive branch. But if they chose fire, we will respond
with fire, more severe than ever.

The Disengagement will allow us to look inward. Our national agenda will change. In our
economic policy we will be free to turn to closing the social gaps and engaging in a genuine
struggle against poverty. We will advance education and increase the personal security of every
citizen in the country.

The disagreement over the Disengagement Plan has caused severe wounds, bitter hatred
between brothers and severe statements and actions. I understand the feelings, the pain and the
cries of those who object. However, we are one nation even when fighting and arguing.

Residents of the Gaza Strip, today marks the end of a glorious chapter in the story of Israel, and
a central chapter in the story of your lives as pioneers, as realizers of a dream and as those who
bore the security and settlement burden for all of us. Your pain and your tears are an inseparable
part of the history of this country. Whatever disagreements we have, we will not abandon you,
and following the evacuation, we will do everything in our power to rebuild your lives and

I wish to tell the soldiers of the IDF, the police officers of the Israel Police and Border Police: you
face a difficult mission its not an enemy you face, rather your brothers and sisters. Sensitivity and
patience are the order of the hour. I am certain that this is how you will behave. I want you to
know: the entire nation stands behind you and is proud of you.

Citizens of Israel,
The responsibility for the future of Israel rests on my shoulders. I initiated the Plan because I
concluded that this action is vital for Israel. Believe me, the extent of pain that I feel at this act is
equal only to the measure of resolved recognition that it was something that had to be done.

We are embarking on a new path which has many risks, but also a ray of hope for all of us.

With the help of G-d, may this path be one of unity and not division, of mutual respect, and not
animosity between brothers, of unconditional love, and not baseless hatred.

I will do my utmost to ensure that it will be so.

NEW YORK — Wearing skull caps and prayer shawls, several hundred American Jews
gathered in front of the United Nations (search) as Israel began withdrawing from the Gaza
Strip (search) after a 38-year occupation.

The crowd Sunday chanted and prayed for friends in Gaza who were forced to leave their homes
in the settlements. Many said they came to pray and express sadness rather than protest.

"As emotionally tied in as we are to the imminent destruction of the Jewish community in Gaza,
this is a day when we cry out to God rather than scream protest slogans," said Glenn Richter, an
organizer of the service at the Isaiah Peace Wall (search).

Israel (search) closed the Gaza Strip to Israeli civilians late Sunday. Soldiers lowered a road
barrier at the Kissufim Crossing between Israel and Gaza, with a sign reading: "Stop, entry into
the Gaza Strip and presence there is prohibited by law."

In New York, Esther Neistein held a sign that read, "Don't make a legal terrorist state," referring to
the Palestinian takeover of Gaza and four settlements in the West Bank.

"This was Jewish land thousands of years ago, and we won it back in the Six Day War" in 1967,
Neistein said.

A block away, a half-dozen anti-Zionist, ultra-Orthodox Jews who oppose a Jewish state for
religious reasons held Palestinian flags. At one point, a young man tried to grab one of the flags,
but police restrained him.

"We want the peaceful dismantlement of the Jewish settlements in Gaza — and of Israel," said
Rabbi David Feldman, a teacher in a Rockland County Hasidic Jewish community, whose
viewpoint is in the minority among religious Jews.

History of Israeli settlement in Gaza:

June 1967 — Israel captures the Gaza Strip from Egypt and Israeli Prime Minister Levi Eshkol
declares that the coastal area will "never be returned to Egypt."

Late 1967 — Eshkol plans the establishment of Jewish settlements in Egypt to form a Jewish
buffer zone on Israel's southwestern flank. The idea meets with government opposition over fears
of attacks by Palestinians in the area and the lack of water sources.

June 1970 — Government passes initial decision to establish settlements in Gaza.
1972 — Israel begins establishing two army posts in Gaza, which later become the communities
of Netzarim and Kfar Darom.

1977 — More Israeli civilians are allowed to move into the army installations, and new
settlements are established.

1982 — Israel evacuates the settlement of Yamit in the Sinai as part of its transfer of the territory
to Egypt under a peace agreement, moves some of the removed settlers to Gaza.

1987 — First Palestinian uprising begins in Gaza. Israel responds by establishing new

Sept. 13, 1993 — Israel and the Palestinians sign the Oslo accords, clearing the way for Israel to
pull out of parts of Gaza.

December 2003 — Sharon presents plan to dismantle all Gaza settlements and four in the West
Bank. By this time more than 8,000 Israelis live in 21 Gaza settlements.

October 2004 — Sharon's withdrawal plan is approved in the Israeli parliament.

Aug. 15, 2005 — Israel begins withdrawal.
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By: Dr. Robin Loxley

Exposure of Smuggling Tunnels: A Chronology
Article Archive and Background Material

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      The Rafah Smuggling Tunnels: A Historical Background
      Summary of Events from April 20-24, 2003
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      Two IDF soldiers killed and two injured in Rafah (14/05/04)
      An IDF officer and four IDF soldiers were killed this evening along the Israel-
       Egypt border near Rafah (13/05/04)
      An IDF officer and four IDF soldiers were killed this evening along the Israel-
       Egypt border near Rafah (12/05/04)
      Israeli Civilian Wounded By Qassam Rocket (20/04/04)
      A Weapons-Smuggling Tunnel Uncovered During IDF Activity (16/04/04)
      IDF forces uncovered a 6 meters deep entrance to a weapon smuggling
       tunnel (15/04/04)
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      IDF Forces Uncover Weapon Smuggling Tunnel at the Outskirts of
       Rafah (04/04/04)
      A summary of the joint IDF and border police forces activity to uncover weapon
       smuggling tunnels in the outskirts of Rafah, as well as the weekends
       events (03/04/04)
        IDF Operational Activity in the Rafah Area (17/03/04)
        The Demolishing of Terrorists' Houses in the Aida Refugee Camp in
         Bethlehem (27/02/04)
        IDF Forces Uncover Two Tunnels in Rafah (05/01/04)
        Weekly Summary of Security Events in Judea, Samaria, the Jordan Valley and
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        IDF Forces Uncover Two Weapon Smuggling Tunnels in the Gaza
         Strip (10/12/03)
        Egyptians Uncover Two Weapon Smuggling Tunnels (25/11/03)
        IDF Forces Operate Along the Israel-Egypt Border to Uncover Weapon
         Smuggling Tunnels (18/11/03)
        IDF Forces Uncover a Weapons Smuggling Tunnel 15 Meters Underground in
         Rafah (18/11/03)
        IDF Forces Operate in the City of Rafah to Arrest a Senior Operative
         Involved in Weapon Smuggling Via Tunnels on the Israel-Egypt
         Border (16/11/03)
        The Rafah Smuggling Tunnels: A Historical Background (12/10/03)
        IDF Forces Uncover Three Weapon Smuggling Tunnels in Rafah (10/10/03)
        IDF Activity in the City of Rafah to Uncover Weapon Smuggling
         Tunnels (10/10/03)
        IDF Forces Operating in Rafah Uncover Two Weapon Smuggling
         Tunnels (10/10/03)
        IDF Forces Destroy Weapon Smuggling Tunnel in Gaza (17/09/03)
        IDF Activity Last Night in the Southern Gaza Strip (29/05/03)
        IDF Forces Uncover Weapon Smuggling Tunnels Along the Israel-Egypt
         Border (12/05/03)
        IDF Activity Overnight in the Gaza Strip City of Rafah (01/05/03)
        IDF Operations Overnight in the Gaza Strip (01/05/03)
        Weapons Smuggling Tunnels: A Lifeline to Palestinian Terror (21/04/03)
        IDF Forces Operate Along the Israel-Egypt Border in the City of Rafah (20/04/03)
        IDF Operations In The West Bank And Gaza During The Past Week (10/04/03)
        Summary Of IDF Activity Against Terrorist Infrastructure In The West Bank And
         Gaza Strip In The Past Week (05/04/03)
        IDF Operations Last Night in the Southern Gaza Strip (03/04/03)
        The Rafah Terror Tunnels: An Underground City of Weaponry (11/02/03)
        Hizbullah Fires Anti-Aircraft Shells At Israel (03/02/03)
        IDF Discovered Tunnels Used for Smuggling Weaponry (24/12/02)
        "Victory in war will bring a better peace" (20/12/02)

Total number of terrorist attacks in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Homefront since September
   Israeli civilian and security forces causalties since September 2000
      Details of Security Forces and Israeli Civilians Killed since September 2000
      Suicide Bomber Attacks Carried-Out vs. Attacks Prevented(01.12.2004)
     Kassam Rockets attacks against civilian population since september 2000 updated til the

A terrorist infiltrated Israel, using the workers passage; IDF forces thwarted
over 30 terrorist attacks in the past 2 weeks
Thursday 06/01/2005

An armed Palestinian gunman was killed earlier this morning by an IDF force
near the security fence surrounding Gush Katif communities. The terrorist
infiltrated the Ganey Tal community greenhouses using the Palestinians workers
passage, and opened fire while hurling hand grenades at an IDF force. The force
returned fire and identified hitting him.

Later on, the Terrorist's body was found along with an explosive device that was
neutralized by the Border patrol sapper unit. In addition, an ak-47 assault rifle, 6
magazines and 2 dud grenades. In the past 2 weeks, IDF forces thwarted over
30 terrorist attacks against Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers in the Gaza Strip.

Twelve IDF Soldiers Wounded In Kassam Rocket Attack On IDF Base
Wednesday 05/01/2005

Twelve IDF soldiers were wounded this morning in a rocket attack in which (apparently) two Kassam

rockets hit an IDF base. Two of the soldiers sustained moderate injuries, and ten sustained light injuries.

The rockets were fired at an IDF base near the security fence in north Gaza. The wounded soldiers were

evacuated to hospital for medical treatement. The rockets also caused damage to buildings on the base.

Terrorists are Taking Advantage Over Security Terminal Crossing in Order
to Injure IDF Soldiers
Wednesday 05/01/2005

Yesterday night (Tuesday) IDF forces identified an armed terrorist, who infiltrated
the 'Erez' terminal, in the northern Gaza Strip.

Initial investigation shows that the terrorist infiltrated 'Erez' via the Palestinian
tunnel that leads to the Israeli terminal, activated an explosive device that
created a hole in the tunnel's wall and entered the courtyard connecting the
Israeli and Palestinian checkpoints.
The terrorist hurled grenades and opened fire at an IDF post near the courtyard.
An IDF force which arrived at the scene shot the terrorist, killing him. No injuries
were reported on the Israeli side but damage was caused to the crossing facility.

During the exchanges of fire three Palestinian policemen on duty at the
Palestinian side of the crossing were seriously, moderately and lightly wounded
respectively. They were taken by IDF forces to receive medical treatment on the
Israeli side of the terminal. In addition, several other policemen were taken to an
IDF base near the crossing for protection and questioning purposes.

IDF forces are conducting searches in the area. The terminal will be closed until
searches are completed.

This infiltration attack was carried out in the midst of the special humanitarian
mission by the IDF and the DCO to enable 4500 Palestinian pilgrims to go to
Mecca, to allow freedom of religious ritual.

The infiltration attack has delayed the course of the mission, which has been
halted until searches in the 'Erez' terminal are completed and the terminal is

Previous terrorist attacks at the Erez terminal
Wednesday 05/01/2005

Terrorist organizations carry out terrorist attacks at important civilian sites, such
as Erez, sites that contribute much to the welfare of the Palestinian population, in
order to sabotage any co-existence between Israelis and Palestinians.

Furthermore, by striking at the Palestinians? ability to earn a living, the terrorist
organizations attempt to present Israel as responsible for the suffering of the

A number of terrorist attacks have been carried out at Erez since
September 2000:

      On January 4th, 2005, an Israeli civilian was lightly wounded from two
       mortar shells that were fired at the Erez Industrial Zone
      On January 2nd, 2005, an Israeli civilian was seriously wounded from a
       mortar shell that was fired towards the Erez industrial zone.
      On August 31st, 2004, a Palestinian terrorist wearing explosive
       underwear was arrested at the Erez crossing.
      On April 17th, 2004, a suicide bomber killed a Border Policeman when he
       detonated himself at the workers' terminal crossing into the industrial
      On March. 06, 2004, four terrorists traveling in three vehicles (two of
       which were rigged with explosives) attempted to kill Israeli civilians and
       IDF soldiers at the Erez crossing.
      On Feb. 26, 2004, an IDF reserve soldier was killed when two gunmen
       infiltrated the Erez industrial zone through a tunnel.

      On Jan. 14, 2004, a female terrorist carried out a suicide bombing attack
       in the workers crossing terminal in the Erez industrial zone, where
       magnetic entering cards are issued. As a result of the attack, one civilian
       was murdered, in addition to two IDF soldiers and a Border Police soldier.
       The Hamas and Fatah terrorist organizations claimed responsibility for the
       suicide bombing. It is important to note that this was the first time that
       Hamas had used a female suicide bomber. The terminal was severely
       damaged, and needed to be rebuilt. As a result, Palestinians were not
       able to enter the industrial zone for a few days.
      On Dec. 4, 2003 a package containing components for making an
       explosive device was discovered in a truck carrying mail out from the
       Gaza Strip.
      On June 20, 2003, a terrorist attack using a bicycle laden with explosives
       was thwarted at the Palestinian workers? crossing near Ganei Tal.
      On June 8, 2003, four IDF soldiers were killed and four others injured
       when three terrorists infiltrated the IDF post Magen 12, in the Erez
       industrial zone.
      On April 15, 2003, two Israeli civilians were murdered when Palestinians
       infiltrated the Karni terminal.
      On Feb. 21, 2003 a gunman armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle, three
       hand grenades, four magazines, a knife and a fence cutter infiltrated the
       Erez industrial zone and was killed.
      On May 12, 2003, an Israeli civilian was murdered when a Palestinian
       worker opened fire at him at the Hila crossing.
      On April 20, 2002, a Border Police officer was killed when a Palestinian
       gunman opened fire at an IDF post in Erez.
      On April 12, 2004, a Border Police officer was killed when a Palestinian
       gunman opened fire at the Erez terminal.
      On Nov. 26, 2001, four IDF soldiers were lightly injured when a suicide
       bomber blew him self up at the entrance of the Erez terminal.

Until today, one Israeli civilian has been murdered, eleven security forces
personnel have been killed and ten Israelis injured.
A Top Islamic Jihad Terrorist was Arrested While Hiding between Two Bed
Wednesday 05/01/2005

Ballal Hasny Hassan Yassin, a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist, was arrested during
the night in Anin, southwest of Jenin. Yassin was responsible for numerous
attempts to carry out suicide bombing and shooting attacks in the past few years.

During this period Yassin recruited terror operatives and suicide-bombers, and
manufactured and collected materials for the purpose of carrying out attacks.

Yassin, a senior Islamic Jihad operative, resident of Anin, became a key
operative in the region following the death of the heads of the Islamic Jihad in

Yassin was arrested in July 2002 after he was known to be involved in planning
terrorist attacks and operating for the Islamic Jihad and PFLP. In his
investigation, Yassin admitted to recruiting operatives, placing explosive devices,
planning shooting attacks, in addition to his willingness to carry out a suicide-
bombing attack.

On January 2003 Yassin escaped the 'Ofer' prison along with another Islamic
Jihad operative. The two escaped after finding a tare in the prison's fence. After
escaping, he managed to return to the Jenin area and began establishing his
position as a key Islamic Jihad terrorist in the region.

Since January 2003, Ballal was known to have been involved in numerous
terrorist attacks and attempts to carry out terrorist attacks, including:

      Planning an explosive device attack against an Israeli truck driver in the
       area of Anin, along with other Islamic Jihad and Tanzim operatives,
       including Kutsi Hamadia who was involved in several attempts to carry out
       suicide bombing attacks in Israel. The attack did not take place.
      Directing an attempt to carry out a suicide bombing attack inside Israel,
       around Febuary/March 2003, an attack which was thwarted when a
       number of terrorists involved were arrested, including the suicide bomber.
      Transporting an explosive briefcase around February/March 2003, to be
       used in a suicide bombing attack. The briefcase was confiscated and
      Planning a shooting attack against a bus transporting soldiers around
       February/March 2004, in the Anin area. The attack did not take place.
      Known in May 2003 as the head of a cell responsible for planning of
       shooting and suicide bombing attacks, including an explosive device
       attack at the Jenin bypass road. The cell planned to carry out a double
       suicide bombing attack in Israel, an attack which was thwarted with the
       arrest of the suicide bombers and their leader.
      Recruiting two suicide bombers to carry out a suicide bombing attack in
       May 2003. The two were arrested.
      Recruiting a suicide bomber who was to carry out an explosive vehicle
       attack inside Israel and was arrested before carrying out the attack by the
      Planning a shooting attack at the community of Shaked in July 2003. The
       attack did not take place.
      Transferring an explosive device in March 2004 to the Tanzim terrorist
       network which planned to carry out a suicide bombing attack inside Israel.
       The attack was thwarted with the arrest of the suicide bomber.
      Recruiting a female suicide bomber to carry out a suicide bombing attack
       in March 2004. The attack was thwarted with the arrest of several
       terrorists involved.
      Yassin was connected with the Islamic Jihad HQ in Syria for purposes of
       funding and direction. He often used his family members to receive the
       funds. In addition he was in contact with Islamic Jihad operatives in Gaza
       for the purpose of collaborating with them.
      During 2004 Yassin became a senior Islamic Jihad operative and
       cooperated with various different terrorists, including Zacarye Zubeidy, to
       whom he even transferred funds for terrorist activity.
      During May 2004- attempt to arrest Yassin failed due to the involvement of
       an Israeli citizen.

Recently Yassin worked on carrying out a suicide bombing attack inside Israel, in
cooperation with terrorists in the Gaza Strip and additional terrorists in the area of

IDF Allows Palestinians Not Involved With Terror to Perform Haj
Monday 03/01/2005

In honor of the Haj holiday (the pilgrimage to Mecca), the IDF and the
Administration Coordination Liaison decided on Sunday to carry out a special
week long humanitarian operation. The concept of this operation is to allow
freedom of worship to those Palestinian Muslims wishing to perform the Haj
pilgrimage, while maintaining the security of the residents of the State of Israel.

Palestinian residents of Gaza who will fulfill the Haj pilgrimage to Mecca will
arrive at the Erez Crossing in Northern Gaza, in coordination with the heads of
the Administration Coordination Liaison and representatives of the Palestinian
Liaison. From there they will be transported by bus to the Kerem Shalom
Crossing on the Israeli Egypt border.
From the Kerem Shalom Crossing, the buses will continue along the 'Philadelphi'
Route along the Egyptian border until they cross into Egypt via Rafah Crossing,
all the while under tight IDF security.








         The Israeli Victims of Islamic Terrorism should be sufficient for our belief that negotiations with a

Palestinian State should not be made. Eventually, Israeli leaders are going to have to unite together against

the will of the United Nations and use their weapons of mass destruction to implement a FIRST STRIKE

against all the nations who are opposed to the establishment of Israel as a Nation: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan,

Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Morrocco, Libya, Turkey, France, North Korea, Indonesia, and even Russia.

         Unfortunately, there can be no peace negotiations with these gangs of ruthless terrorist countries.

         The above few articles posted on the Israeli Defense Forces website should alarm all nations and

motivate people all over the world to go to war for Israel against the Islamic countries whose leaders are

performing lies and double speak.

         Israel, as a Faithful Nation of Orthodox priests, must be supported and defended by both faithful

Jews and faithful Christians. For Christians such as myself, we have accepted the death of Jesus in our own

bodies and are awaiting for our Messiah‘s return. We believe that Jesus is coming soon to liberate Israel

and the believing Christians of the world, but until Jesus Christ‘s Second Coming, Jews and Christians will

continue to be persecuted, harassed, and hated by all nations.

         Although I have accepted the death of myself and Eternal Life in Jesus‘ Name and plan to carry

my own cross here in America, there is one nation always on my mind, always in my heart, always in my

concerns: ISRAEL.
         Since I will never lead the world during World War III and have accepted my own demise and

defeat (and I am quite optimistic for my real future, which is not on earth), I will offer my opinion for how

I would handle World War III if I were in a seat of power with weapons of mass destruction at my disposal.

         Everybody hates war. I am more of a pacifist than a warmonger, however, when it comes to the

Israeli equation, Israel must obtain the full support of Americans, Christians, & Jews – meaning that a

FIRST STRIKE in a coalition between Israel and America would have to be launched before any enemies

can use their weapons against us.

         A FIRST STRIKE. Scary huh. We absolutely cannot wait for the world to become another 9-11

catastrophe and if we do not eliminate our enemies before they eliminate us, then families like my own are

the example of what will happen to Israel in the future if military action is not taken.

         The Presidential Administration of George W. Bush 2002, in the war in Afghanistan and Iraq was

the right way to go about fighting a war. His success was astonishing. However, we will not be able to

perform this kind of war in the future when the Islamic countries obtain weapons of mass destruction,

intending to launch a FIRST STRIKE against Israel. A secular, Islamic democracy in Iraq will most likely

be overruled by extremist authorities who are going to continue the oceans of Islamic warriors performing

Jihad against our American soldiers and against the Israeli Nation.

         While at the same time professing peace and security, our enemies will continue to plan and

prepare for war, a strategy that all Americans should become aware of.

         The desire of the Temple Mount Faithful Movement to build the Third Temple and pray on the

Temple Mount is a cause worth fighting for and we as Americans must support Israel‘s right and freedom

to take down the Islamic Dome of the Rock and build the Third Temple. It is believed that the ark of the

Lord‘s covenant with Israel is buried in a chamber beneath the Temple Mount, but because of the

oppressive Islamic Waqf, the Israelis have not been able to dig down into that chamber to recover the ark.

In fact, Israel has not been allowed to do anything on account of this primitive, barbarous religion which

has brought us back to the medieval times when it was Europeans against the Middle East.

         Our European ancestors who fought bravely against the Islamic countries would be appalled at

Europe‘s current position in supporting the very people they fought so hard against during the times of the

Crusades. The reason for Europe‘s failure at liberating the land of Israel during the Crusades was because
they did not support, defend, or help the Jewish people re-establish the Land of Israel. The Crusader

Nations of Europe did not love the Jewish people, but oppressed and hurt them and that is why the war

against Islamic countries failed.

         Hitler could have been successful at fighting for Israel instead of against Israel. His chief mistake

was his hatred of the Jewish people. If he had fought a war for Israel instead of against Israel, placing

Israeli people on the Land of Israel instead of concentration camps, he might have been the greatest

military hero of all time. Imagine if Hitler did not kill his enemies, but merely exiled them from Europe

into the countries of their origin? That would have been a better strategy – to allow people he didn‘t like to

be sent away into their home countries, while at the same time supporting and defending the Jewish people.

         The mistake of all world leaders throughout history has been the hatred and annihilation of Jews

throughout time and the result has been a global curse among the nations.

         The reason why the world is failing at peace is that they are hating and destroying Israel –

supporting, defending, and helping Israel‘s enemies rather than assisting Israel.

         A new kind of thinking must emerge during our present Armageddon.

         The real reasons why nobody wants to support the Israeli cause is because it will require us to give

up everything on planet earth to achieve such an objective. It will require World War III.

         The search for the ark requires a Holy People and a Holy Nation seeking the face of the Lord. To

perform such a magnificent war, it will require a full World War III plan – a FIRST STRIKE against all

those nations who are against Israel.

         It will mean the absolute destruction of OPEC countries and the loss of financial power coming

from oil and petroleum revenues for the wealthy stockholders. Those who own such corporations do not

consider a war effort worth the loss of economic growth and stability that has accumulated with buying and

selling various goods and services which have been beneficial to the survival of families and nations.

         The Book of Revelation is clear that such a destruction of the world is imminent and that when the

devil and the fallen angels, who have been kicked out of heaven to earth have risen to power seats

throughout the earth, Israel must fight against them and their advocates. The war strategies of the so-

called, ‗AVATARS OF WORLD PEACE,‘ have in mind, to move their advocates into seats of global
power to destroy Christianity and Israel from the face of the earth. Knowing that his time is short to prove

his stupid cause, the devil‘s fury will be fully unleashed against Israel.

         God promised that he will divinely intervene, while at the same time Israel launches an offensive

against the United Nations who are united against their nation. If Israel does not rise up, something strange

and unique will happen in Israeli Government – the Anti-Christ ruler will rise up WITHIN ISRAELI

GOVERNMENT? Can this happen? Is it conceivable?

         Well, most Protestant Seminaries are preaching that as soon as the Third Temple is built, a Jewish

Anti-Christ will stand in the Holy Place and profess to be Israel‘s Savior and Messiah. If this comes true,

and the Anti-Christ arises from within Israel, then Orthodox Israel, in addition to true Christians will have

to flee underground. The result of this 7-year persecution of the Israeli nation by a hostile democratic

takeover of the devil‘s anti-Christ will require us not to reject the Faithful Remnant of Jews who will be

called to flee Judea when the one world armies surround the Land of Israel, but to resist and rebel against

this New Age Messiah.

         While on one front we can support Israel until such an action happens, on another front, we would

have to help the Orthodox Jews, not by becoming terrorists ourselves, but by allowing God to intervene and

appoint His ministers of wrath, as foretold in the Book of Revelation. According to Daniel, the power of

the holy people is destined to be broken and the abomination of desolation is destined to rule in the Holy

Place, on the Temple Mount, until Israel‘s Savior returns.

         Can there be any effort made by Israel to stop this? Human effort shall fail. According to the

Prophet Zechariah, Jerusalem is an immovable rock and any nation who tries to move it will injure

themselves. Even the Anti-Christ ruler to come, who stands in the Holy Place, professing to be God, will

find himself as Pharoah found himself in the days of Moses – helpless against the wrath of the Lord.

         If Israel never gets their chance for a FIRST OFFENSIVE STRIKE and is destroyed internally

through its own Sanhedrin, then Israeli Jews and Global Christians will have to flee underground and await

the coming of Israel‘s true Savior – Jesus Christ who will destroy the enemy by the splendor of his coming.

         As my father was crippled by a stroke during the 50 th Anniversary of the State of Israel, his

paralysis was a sure sign that our sins have crippled us, not just as families, not just as cities, states, and

nations, but as a world. When my father fell down, I fell down too with no way to get up or get out. God
wanted me out of this war for a reason and so my response can only be submission to God‘s Will for me as

an individual to not participate in this war.

         The only way I could support this war against the Islamic beast is to pray, while at the same time

putting family as a priority over war. Many of us in the last days will have to concern ourselves with daily

survival and will have to only observe and watch as our world leaders send us down the tunnel of nuclear


         Will America remain neutral, subjected to the powers of the Satanic Masons or will Americans

stand united with Israel and protect Israel against the creation of an Islamic Palestinian State?

         The nations are worried about how to pay the devil‘s bank back. We spent our College years

taking out loans, mortgages, & credit cards and after College pimped us out for the bank loan, we were too

busy dating, getting marriage partners, and paying back the bank to really care about whether the Third

Temple, the Lord‘s House was built on the Temple Mount or not. Most of us were too busy whacking off

to pornographic lusts and supporting homosexual ordinations, while the mountain of the Lord‘s Temple

remained desolate with the people of a false god and a false prophet being endorsed by nations united

against Israel. Most of us ordinary citizens are just too concerned with our own survival to get involved

with helping out Israel.

         All we can really do is donate money to the families of the victims of Islamic terrorism at

www.onefamilyfund.org . All we can do is vote for programs that help people – especially the crippled and

the poor. We may end up finding ourselves crippled and poor and absolutely powerless.

         Such is the real state of our union – we are pitiful, poor, blind, and naked and Jesus is counseling

all of us to buy gold refined in the fire. All most of us can do is pray for Israel.

         All I can do is observe and then report what I think and feel about war and peace.

         That is all that most people have – an opinion of Yay or Nay.

         Israel‘s economic ties to the United Nations countries, greatly affected decision making among

Israeli government officials, a form of fear and caution that General Moshe Dayan expressed when he

turned over the Temple Mount to the Islamic Waqf back in the 6-day war of 1967 when the Israeli military

liberated the Temple Mount from Islamic occupation. That one impulse, that ‗our actions will lead to our

destruction,‘ has been the philosophical viewpoint of every world leader who has risen to power – the use
of a weapon of mass destruction will lead to World War III. Eventually, one of our enemies will push the

button. Eventually, other men than Osama Bin Laden will attack first, and America can only respond as

she did against Afghanistan and Iraq. When it comes to the Israeli equation, no one wants to step up to


         The Lord is compassionate and just and understands the basic human need for survival and the

need for us to take care of our families and children under the current oppressive monetary systems of the

world. He understands our business with building our own houses while the House of the Lord remains

desolate on the Temple Mount.

         The God of Israel wants us to be responsible and pay back what we owe to the world system we

have borrowed from, but let us not forget that this current global monetary system is not something the God

of Israel created, designed, or wanted to govern nations and peoples. To say that capitalism comes from

God is to give the Rockefellers the glory of divinity, the seat of Satanic power on God‘s Throne. Extreme?

No. I am merely explaining that the monetary system was created by man, beginning with the Rockefellers

and their banking affiliations in Rothschild Europe, and ending in your own account through Citibank

Student Loans. (Citibank was a major Rockefeller bank in its beginning phases.)


         So either Jesus Christ is your master or money is your master.

         Yes, the Church has duped you into thinking that you can and should use money to glorify their

corporate Jesus. It is true that money can be given up as a sacrifice to save families throughout the world

who are oppressed under the rules of the monetary system.

         Poor people who are financially destitute are not miserable and unhappy because THEY ARE

POOR, but they are miserable because of the System which allowed them the possibility of being poor.

         The monetary system has been philosophically used to make poorer nations believe that they

didn‘t have any dignity before the MONEY GOD came along and saved them by providing them with a

General Education and pride within this kind of an education.

         Both my grandmother‘s Church and the majority of my relatives served money more than they

served Jesus Christ, while my grandmother and people outside her Church served Jesus more than they
served money. In other words, they used money to serve Jesus by giving it all up, everything they had, to

save me.

           I learned Salvation, not through the monetary system, but through the people who sacrificed

themselves and their money for the love of Jesus Christ. It is this kind of service that defines Christianity

inside and outside the monetary system: What we gave up for Jesus in our time and our money – which we

hand over to the Name above all names – Jesus.

           This is how we can justify being participants of the monetary system as believing that everything

we have and own, belongs not to the bank, but to Jesus Christ, who created the earth and its resources. So

when we use earth‘s resources that God created for us to enjoy, we always give Him worship, praise, glory

and honor. We can praise Jesus for our local grocery stores being filled with all kinds of great tasting foods

and we can praise Jesus for the medicines needed to heal ourselves. We can praise Jesus when our basic

needs are provided for, like food and clothes, but let us not ever forget that we can never praise Jesus for

the capitalistic system, which did not come from God.

           In Heaven, no prices are placed on God‘s Creation. Everything is given to everyone for free. You

don‘t have to work for it and you don‘t have to pay for it. The God of Israel gives you Heaven and its

Eternal Life because He loves you – without cost. I can only imagine that we will all have our own Home

Depots in our backyards to learn how to build and be creative on our own, in a piece of Paradise that will

be given to us without cost – with no prices put on anything and no self-efforts used to try to get them.

           But in this world, a price is put on everything and you must ‗work real hard‘ in the anti-Christ

monetary system to obtain those material wants and needs and desires.

           On earth, we are frustrated because we are forced to pay for everything and the primitive

barbarism of man putting a price on God‘s Creation and the abundant resources he provided FOR FREE,

are being used by an anti-Christ monetary system to oppress mankind and create inequality through the

spirit of competition. Competition can breed a form of pride that causes many wars, thefts, and evils that

have destroyed the world and its peoples.

           The soldiers in our military system have a new war to fight when they get back home and the great

maze of their survival skills in the military will have to be re-learned in civilian life, because civil America

is completely different than military America.
         When soldiers come home and come out of the military, the rules are going to change and a new

war will have to be waged for survival – a war that will defeat most of us and allow only a small fraction of

us the opportunity for success. In the last days, it will seem as if most people are successful, except you.

         We have all been suckered into believing that ‗being responsible‘ means taking out loans and



relatives did not understand is that it would have cost them everything to help their brother and sister and

nephew out. They were unconcerned that my family was attacked by God‘s enemies, because they had

sold their souls to God‘s Chief enemy.

         This monetary system is the only system we have and so we surrender ourselves and our children

to a whole lifetime of paying back the bank and as surely we had no rights in the military, we have no

rights in the current monetary system. Their rules and policies may end up injuring and hurting families

more than helping and saving families, and so we‘re frustrated because no radical reforms of our oppressive

monetary system are taking place. NO GLOBAL PROTESTS are being made because we are too busy

with providing ourselves with roofs over our heads to really care about fighting for Israel or the Temple

Mount. It‘s the only system we‘ve got. It‘s the only system we grew up with that we were taught,

represents America‘s pride (which is naturally hated by those outside America and those inside America).

Sure, it‘s better than communism, but not much better.

         The reason why America is better than other nations is because of our heritage in Jesus Christ and

not because of our capitalistic heritage created by men for a man‘s world.

         As surely the banks own and control ALL CHURCHES and is being groomed for anti-Christ

dominion over every soul, as surely all Churches have become a Rockefeller sponsored business, with their

suit and tie clubs dominating the pulpits, seminaries, and places of learning, so do the banks own and

control ALL HOUSES and ALL NATIONS. The banks own the world and the banks own your children

and so you must fight under the rules of the system to avoid the communistic policies of the global banks

from seizing your life, your property, and your pursuit of happiness.

         The United States Constitution promoted our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

and our right to be secure within our property and possessions. But now, the banks have violated your
constitutional rights by taking everything away from you when you can‘t pay back what you OWE THEM.

So the Churches bow their heads in prayer every Sunday, praying to corporate Jesus with gratitude that

they have a corporate job to pay for their bank owned houses, their bank owned cars, and their bank owned

land – none of which are exempt from taxes. This is the misery that we have subjected ourselves to by

listening to them, instead of Jesus.

         Jesus gets two hours of Church time, while the world get 142 hours of your life, between sleep and


         Our human misery all has to do with being worried whether we will be able to pay the banks back

on time; whether we will have job stability in a terrifying economy; whether we will be able to keep our

homes and cars or not. The silent form of capitalistic terrorism, all done by paperwork, is the current

monetary force being used to enforce the principles of slavery that caused the Egyptian pyramids to be built

by the demon hierarchies of Egyptian Pharoahs. It is no surprise that fallen angels, or their children, took

seats of power all throughout history to oppress and injure the human race and our battle has never been

against human flesh and blood made in God‘s Image, but against the spiritual forces of evil in the Heavenly

realms who have been allowed to prove their cause of rebellion against the Creator through the building of

various empires and cultures. And they keep being re-incarnated because of people who are practicing

astrology, the Kabbalah, witchcraft, transcendental meditation, and ‗other religions‘ which all lead to the

same god, the god of hell.

         The human race, in every land, has only desired to break free of the oppressive rules and

governments of the fallen angels, the demons, the Hitlers, the Cesars, and the Stalins of the world.

         The human race has been struggling for absolute freedom, but every system, religious and

political, built by the devil and his angels, have failed to free the human race from the wages of sin, which

is death and destruction. The devil and his children will continue to gain power seats throughout the world:

at your local Church; at your local schools; at your local cities and governments; and what can we do to

stop and derail these terrible entities from ruling the world: BY HONORING AND OBEYING THE


         This is the only Way to defy the devil‘s pyramid: Obedience to the principles of Jesus Christ

whom we must follow for our personal Salvation.
         Any nation choosing this endeavor will loose everything. That is correct. The price for

supporting Israel or Jesus Christ against all enemies foreign and domestic will mean global World War III.

         In Israeli Warfare, we give up everything to fight against their enemies.

         In Christian Wafare, we are forced to give up what we have to be beaten down and destroyed by

our enemies, as we are left as lambs to the slaughterhouses of banking cartels.


OUR DOLLAR BILLS – the god of hell. Isn‘t it great that we are all uniting and living in peace because

we all share the common heritage of reliance upon money, rather than upon God for our survival and

salvation? Isn‘t nice how we are tolerating each other and getting along in Corporate America and in our

Corporate Churches because we are all serving money together, which in essence, is the same god that rules

the world? Isn‘t the anti-Christ MONEY GOD great? Who can wage war against such a great monetary

system that the anti-Christ beast has provided us with?

         In World War III, the whole world will learn a single lesson: Everyone looses and nobody wins

which is why most leaders threaten each other, with no real plan to use the weapons they threaten each

other with, because we all understand that it is better to save life than to condemn life. Therefore, most

leaders will not go there. But there is a time when a threat will be actually completed, and the only

response will be the response Bush had after the September 11 terrorist attacks: LET ME SEE YOUR


         As surely Jesus gave up everything on the Cross for our Salvation, what nation on Earth is willing

to give up everything for Israel‘s Salvation? Israel‘s Salvation comes with Israel‘s Savior and it is His

Divine Intervention, as it was in the days of the Egyptian Pharoah receiving wrath from Heaven, so it will

be at the coming of Jesus. Jesus is coming to save Israel and to save the world from the final tyranny that is

about to take place.

         Allah is a false god and Muhammad is a false prophet.

         Muslims are deceived by a Satanic lie.

         Can we ever separate the 1.5 billion Muslims from the few terrorists, who are fundamentally

following the Koran‘s teachings?
         Can we consider that there are Muslims who are peaceful and don‘t hate Israel and America?

Well, I suppose that no Muslim likes being pimped out with a suit and tie dress code, but neither do I? As

rebellious and hateful as I am towards the oppressive monetary system of capitalism, I am not using

violence against Masonic buildings, leaders, or corporations. I have chosen the path of non-violence my

whole life, even though other people destroyed me and destroyed my family from having economic

security. My parents and I are the victims of other people‘s stupidity, but even though I am a victim, I

chose the path of peace rather than war, of love and forgiveness rather than hatred and condemnation.

         I have accepted Jesus as the Savior of the world and the answer to every problem in the world.

         However, there is one nation on earth that is worth fighting for: ISRAEL.

         Is there anything in the Koran that has anything nice, comforting, or soothing about Israel?

         Is the Koran more interested in Israel‘s Salvation or condemnation?

         Since every nation on earth has nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction, the only

alternative is for the nations to unite and make peace. If the nations do not make peace, a war that will

wipe out the world in a quick flash could happen at any moment. This is why evil dictators such as Sadaam

Hussein should never be allowed to have access to such weapons. Such weapons must be in the hands of

responsible leaders who would only use such weapons in the art of self-defense or as a last resort? Hmmm.

Well, I completely supported war against Sadaam Hussein‘s regime and thanked God we had such a great

leader like Bush to lead the fight and capture this terrible villain. Iraqis have been given a taste of freedom

and what freedom is like and that was also worth fighting for.

         Will the new Iraqi regime make peace with Israel and be nice?

         Practically every nation on earth hates the imperialistic occupation of the world by the United

States, except when it comes to the valuable abundant resources that we ship oversees, which are

sometimes crucial to the world‘s salvation. Even on the homefront, Americans depend on government

programs, which are essentially merciful to the poor, the needy, the crippled, the injured. It is these

merciful programs that merciless Democratic leaders are trying to take away from the people, for although

it seems like Democrats fight for the poor, they are fighting against the poor by taking away the programs

upon which so many people depend on to live and breathe within this current oppressive system.

Republicans were also responsible for the acceptance and creation of the monetary system, but have
improved fighting for merciful government programs which help people who are disabled physically and

financially. For such leaders we can thank God that there are righteous men in leadership positions

continuing to use this system to make a difference, since we are all under the same oppressions of the

merciless monetary system.

         Many educated men in leadership roles have also made an attempt to negotiate with foreign

governments, not because they want to betray America or hurt America, but because we need to save the

world through peace rather than war. The sane leaders of the world who are not interested in violence,

destruction, and war, are attempting to get along and find common ground to stand upon which will benefit

their peoples and communities and nations.

         I think a majority of earth‘s inhabitants want peace, but the MAIN SOURCE OF HUMAN


merely the Islamic religion.

         The current financial system is ―GOOD‖ only for the wealthy who have job security and business

ownership security, but it is not good for the billions of slaves who consider ―THE GLOBAL FINANCIAL

SYSTEM‖ an evil that must be changed or else stopped.

         Many Islamic fundamentalists and communist countries hate imperial capitalism, which the

American government has used to define this great country. Capitalism does not define America: It‘s the

people who have overcome capitalism through incredible odds that define the true spirit of America.

         We might boast that America is the greatest nation of the world. In a patriotic spirit, I love

America. I love this country and believe America is still the greatest nation on earth.


earth. I don‘t believe that capitalism is any better than communism or socialism. In truth, capitalism has

become like communism in many ways because if you really think about it, the government can come and

seize your house, your property and your possessions when you are unable to pay up.

         If you get sick and don‘t have insurance, you are doomed with very few choices left.

         Americans are always under the threat of losing everything they own and the reason why a lot of

Americans thrive and survive, is not just because of honest work, but because they had to beat the system

through achieving some kind of financial boost or break to inflate their revenues and achieve success.
         America is great, in that, if someone helps elevate you to success, you will achieve success.

         America is not so great, in that, if someone does not help you to achieve success, as it takes money

to make money, you will not achieve success. For those who fail, depression and defeat can often never be

recovered from.

         Getting back on track with my thoughts on the War in Iraq, the American military has my full

support through prayer and supplication.

         I supported the War In Iraq because an evil dictator like Sadaam Hussein should not be in power.

No ruler who threatens, hurts, or plots evil against Israel should be allowed to sit in a leadership position,

unless Israel were to actually break God‘s Laws as described in the Bible. Only if Israel were to establish

the Masonic Temple in Jerusalem with an anti-Christ ruler would anyone have the right to attack Israel to

get to that evil leader.

         Otherwise, this Holy Nation called by God to inherit the land must be defended, supported, and

helped against all odds. This calls for isolationism, rather than submission to a United Nations orgy. It

means saying, ―No!‖ to the United Nations and yes, to the God and people of Israel.

         Muslims are fighting for a false god and a false prophet with verses that never came from the God

of Heaven. Why anyone would support an Islamic state or country is beyond comprehension, apart from

ignorance due to a total lack of education on what defines Islam from its Koranic glory.

         It is true that Allah is a god, the god of hell. Hell has been brought to earth in the form of Islam

and we, who reject Islam, do not want Islamic gangs, terrorists, or governments ruling over us, so we must

continue to fight against this evil hostility until the world is freed from such a tyrannical force.

         We can thank the United States Marine Corps. and their incredible leaders for doing a job that

nobody really wanted to do, but had to do. We can thank God for the leadership of the Commander-in-

Chief, who defied the world community, for principles that were Biblical, even though an anti-Biblical

party seemed to surround his cause. We can only motivate them and encourage them that this war is the

right thing to do, despite all the smoke and mirrors surrounding this cause for liberating the Middle East.

         Whether we agreed or disagreed with the war in Iraq, the Marines got the job done in capturing

Sadaam Hussein and destroying his evil regime and now it‘s time to get rid of Syrian and Iranian

governments, which are the next immediate threat to Israel, in addition to the Palestinian State.
         However, in our war against Islamic terrorism, we are essentially replacing one form of terrorism

with another form of terrorism – which all the people of the world have to unite against – it‘s called

imperial capitalism.

         Not everything about capitalism is bad, but what capitalism teaches is not Biblical or from God.

         It required capitalism in billions of dollars to fight the war against Iraq.

         How many more billions will it cost to fight for Israel? I don‘t think that world has enough money

to fight for Israel. Did the world have enough money for the victims of the Tsunami in December 2004?

No. And the world will not have enough money to pay for all the disasters that lie ahead for the One World

community in the future. Therefore, there will be recipients of financial help, and people who die for not

getting financial help. In the final monetary system of the anti-Christ beast, you will have a choice to either

accept the monetary system and live comfortably, or reject the monetary system and live like a homeless

person. You will eventually have only one of two choices and a majority of the world will choose

accepting the new monetary system, rather than rejecting it and suffering for it. Society rejects one form of

suffering and accepts another form of suffering, because at least you will have SOME SELF-RESPECT

instead of NO SELF-RESPECT.

         Capitalism teaches young children to go to College SO THAT THEY CAN BECOME

INDEPENDENT and not live with their parents anymore. College years prepare us for a career and so we

pride ourselves in the fact that we risked our lives to go into tremendous debt to the banking families of the

Rockefellers & Rothschilds so that we could achieve our College degrees and become independent by

working for everything we have. Every man on earth has had to take pride in his hard work and by

working hard, achieving an independent lifestyle, men and women have been able to have a sense of

freedom in pride that they ‗did it on their own, their own way.‘

         Americans have always prided themselves in hard work and that THE SYSTEM of capitalism

works great when we make the right choices and are in control of our lives. People feel victorious and

happy when they have control of their lives and no longer have to worry about the simple stuff, while

people who have no control of their lives, feel miserable, rotten, cheated, and frustrated, angry and

wrathful. Who should we take our aggressions out on?
         We realize that the freedom to choose our career paths is better than communism which forces

people into a cornered career path. Everyone likes to have a choice on where they would like to work and

what they would like to do. Being free to make our own choices and decisions without being forced to by

other people, is essentially, what makes imperial capitalism better than communism.

         Can you achieve independence and freedom without the monetary system? Ask the homeless

what they are going through today, as they are outside looking in. Can you really blame them for not

wanting to work, since all that we toil for is a chasing after the wind? Will Christian Churches who serve

corporate America really be interested in the opinions or ministries of the poor and the needy, or will they

continue to brainwash those who are freed from the monetary system, that they should come back into the

system and work real hard so they won‘t be dirty anymore? Should we continue to brainwash each other

with worldly principles or should we continue to encourage each other with Jesus Christ‘s principles?

         But just because capitalism is ‗a better system‘ than communism, does not mean that capitalism is

a system that works fairly and equally for everyone. For the people under strange and unusual

circumstances, capitalism has become like communism with no way out.

         Although we have freed Iraq from an oppressive government, is American-style democracy

something that really works? Only if Democracy is united, and neither Republicans nor Democrats can

unite on issues that really matter, so if Democracy doesn‘t work for American government, how will it

work for an Islamic government? Is it possible that every system of government is destined for failure?

         I agreed with fighting the war in Iraq and was happy when Sadaam Hussein was captured. I have

nothing but respect for George Bush as Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and I voted for him as

the best man for the job of fighting against the Islamic beast. Bush fought against corrupt companies who

had dishonest trade and the SEC brought many betraying corporations to justice for their betrayal of

American Biblical values of working HONESTLY and not lying, cheating, & stealing. We have all learned

that big corporations lied, cheated, stole, and committed countless acts of fraud to achieve success, thus,

being a bad example to all the hard working people at the bottom of the totem pole who are attempting to

achieve honest work and not become the liars and thieves that they have become.

         Islamic terrorists have been killed and arrested and thwarted. The Military Code of Justice has

wiped out Sadaam Hussein‘s regime and instituted a new democratic government, granting the Iraqis a
chance to vote for their new dictatorship. Women and children never have to stare at that evil man‘s face


         Despite our patriotic spirit and heroism, which kicked some Iraqi butt, will the Masons really

achieve success in a new democratic Iraqi government?

         Whether one person, or 250 people, the Muslims really don‘t have chance for freedom, even under

Islamic democracy, because Islam, as a religion is not from God and regulates man-made rules, traditions,

and ideals that will cause Muslims to still be enslaved. The Koran is set in stone. You can‘t delete the

religion unless you delete the people who follow that religion. Muslims are interested in the deletion of

Israel, America and the world. We can only fight back.

         I am grateful for the Commander-in-Chief, President George Bush for taking a stand on the

battlefield and sending our armed forces to the Middle East to bravely fight against the Islamic terrorists

and I am certain his motives were good motives, although what creates a shadow of a doubt over the whole

war is our financial connections with Saudi Arabia, OPEC, and the IEAEA. Are we really there to fight

against terrorists or to protect our oil & petroleum interests? Are we really interested in helping Israel or

continuing to appease the Arabs by supporting the Palestinian State? Are we really fighting for Iraqis to

have democracy in Iraq or fighting for Iraqis to vote for the people that we can control into compliance

with the multi-billion dollar oil and petroleum revenues that can be exported from Iraq?

         Who cares? As long as the gas stations fill up our tanks so we can return to work tomorrow,

whatever it takes to keep our ship from drowning like the Titanic did, let‘s bend and break all Biblical

rules, because that is what it is going to take for peace and freedom in the world.

         If we are concerned about evil dictators, then should we not uproot the North Korean President or

the President of China?

         If we are all concerned about ‗world peace‘ should we all be supporting a ‗Palestinian State‘

which is in direct defiance to the God of the Holy Bible? I share the Temple Mount Faithful‘s sentiment

that Islam is an abomination to the God of Israel and since ―PEACE AND SECURITY‖ is something that

cannot and should not be negotiated with any Islamic State, the nations are united against Israel in the

creation of an Islamic Palestinian State in addition to an Islamic ‗democratic‘ government.
          ―The Iraqi people should have the freedom, through the democratic process, to vote for which

Islamic leadership they want for their countries. They did not vote for Sadaam Hussein, so now they have

the choice to vote for the government that they want.‖

          Shiites won the vote in 2005. This is a sect that practices the same exact ritual that the prophets of

Baal did in the times of Elijah: They dance around half naked and cut themselves with swords.

          Muslims in Saudi Arabia still walk around a square box chanting anti-Israeli and anti-American

mantras from their Koran; Muslims are still turning their backs on Jerusalem with their faces buried in the

dirt towards the direction of their true religion; the rest of the nations are fighting against Israel instead of

for Israel.

          The Israeli government will have to make the toughest decision someday soon: A choice that

should never have to be made but will have to be made because Israel‘s enemies will not be able to give the

nation any other alternative – FIRST STRIKE.

          Israel will have to decide to use nuclear weapons against the Islamic states and completely wipe

out the Islamic countries from ever having power again and the American government will have to also

face the critical choice of being abandoned by the United Nations to support and protect and liberate Israel

from her enemies. This means severing our ties with all foreign governments, which is something we are

likely never to do. America will never be an isolated island again and must continue to police the whole


          If America had supported Israel in the war against Islamic nations, I would have gladly given

100% of my heart to the cause of war. For our motive must be the preservation and protection of the God

of the Holy Bible‘s land in Israel for Israel.

          We must fight for our rights to be freed from Islamic oppression or any oppressive regime &


          For the cause of protecting and liberating Israel, the war in Iraq and throughout the Middle East is

necessary and I spent my entire youth dreaming and imagining the day when I would be a decorated

combat soldier who had blown up the Islamic Dome of the Rock and destroyed the Kaaba in Mecca

through an air campaign! I would imagine myself as the great hero of the world (NOT THE MESSIAH!



         For the protection and liberation of Israel and America, I would have gladly joined the Military

Code of Justice, enduring the verbal abuses and intimidations that come with being a U.S. soldier.

         In truth, my war strategy, had I been a soldier, would have been to either steal a fighter jet, or have

a friend who flies jets to fly right towards the Dome of the Rock and blow it up with a missile!

         In truth, I would have had another jet fighter blow up Mecca with a weapon of mass destruction.

         If I were the American President, I would have given Israel 100% support against the United

Nations and against the ―Palestinian State.‖ Other countries need us, we don‘t need them and such power

must be waged in our fight.

         I would have allowed the Israelis to build the Third Temple on the Temple Mount and help them

to dig under the Temple Mount to find the ark of the covenant. I am positive that some leaders want this

too, but have counted the cost for doing so, which would be too high. So they back down and out of World

War III and make efforts to reach peace agreements, rather than war agreements.

         Israel has always had my support and prayers and always will (unless an anti-Jesus ruler comes to

rule over Israel and a secular Israeli government over rules the Orthodox parties, in which case, secular

Israel would not have my support.) Only groups like the Temple Mount Faithful would be parties worth

fighting for and supporting.

         Yet, all nations have backed out of supporting the Orthodox Jews in re-building the house of the

Lord on the Temple Mount. For Masonic Protestant Christians, the Gospel has become replacement

theology in which the Christian Church has replaced the Jewish Temple, a clear mistake that is not so clear

to those who choose neutrality on the Temple Mount, rather than a shift to support and defend Orthodox

Israel from secular Israel.

         Are we fighting for the God of the Holy Bible or the God of Islam?

         Are we fighting for the Masonic God of the Masonic Bible or are we fighting for the God of

Israel? Although it is true that God does not require us to defend Him or His Mountain, Israel must one

day launch a campaign that is a FIRST STRIKE before the enemy launches their first strike. This means
that an unpredictable, un-televised, un-voted move must be made. The nations that are united against

Faithful Israel must be opposed and condemned.

          People have asked me if I am a pacifist and can do no violence to anybody, due to the fact that I

got out of the military as a conscientious objector (meaning that I refused to fire my weapon due to

religious reasons).

         First of all, my grandfather had Italian mafia connections, violent, wrathful connections. He

participated in the Capone family. If I wanted to go to hell, like the Capone family did, I could have easily

sought out my mafia roots and been a rich and wealthy Italian mafia leader – IF I REALLY WANTED IT,

which I don‘t.

         My grandfather on my dad‘s side was a violent wife beater and a child abuser. You might say that

my bad temper is inherited or somehow it is in my genes to be violent. Well, violence is a choice, one that

I declined using under the Clinton Administration when I had a clear opportunity to serve in the military

and achieve a College Degree.

         I had the opportunity to promote wrath and violence and destroy many Muslims. I saw myself

rising to the Presidency of the United States and becoming a war hero. I saw myself standing with Israel in

building the Third Temple on the Temple Mount and liberating the earth from Islam. I had a vision for my

life that I would help my brothers on the battlefields of the Middle East destroy the devil and his armies. It

just simply did not happen and I have no complaints. Jesus chose to save my soul rather than let me gain

the world, and by letting go and realizing that I am not the Savior of the world, I have surrendered my soul

and my life and my death to the Name above all names – Jesus.

         Capitalism shattered most of my dreams and turned my life into a nightmare.

         Programs of mercy and grace saved me because God‘s Love worked through certain leaders to

promote and advocate certain programs that were necessary for human salvation. God‘s Mercy, Grace,

Love & Forgiveness saved me and my family and as surely the Lord gave, the Lord shall take away, and so

blessed be the Name of the Lord.

         For now, I get to enjoy the fruits of my hard-earned labor. I get to watch T.V. I get to drive a nice

car and go to a couple of jobs. For now, I am still alive and having fun. But I know that a time will come

when I must cast aside the world and its system and surrender to death on the Cross of Jesus Christ, a
burden that none of us can really follow through with since we are all weak, miserable creatures who would

rather save ourselves than let ourselves go.

         I never really had control of my life to begin with and I am not likely to ever have control of my

life in the future. I have really surrendered to Jesus Christ and so I must continue to endure patiently and

wait for my Savior to return.

         I was a foolish dreamer in my youth and realizing what a foolish dreamer I was, realizing that I am

not the Messiah chosen for the salvation of the world, I took a bow before the Name of Jesus and

surrendered myself to His Will for my personal life. I am not a world leader; I do not sit in a seat of power;

I can barely lead my own bank account!

         As a prophet and a priest, I have stripped myself of yearning for any title, authority, or power on

earth, either in Church or in politics, as I have been called out of the world to overcome the world and the

result is Eternal Life and learning about true salvation. To be a simple nobody – is good enough for me as

long as Jesus is with me and not against me.

         Like the prophets of Israel, I have seen that in Heaven there will be no more war, death, fighting or

sin. The devil will someday be gone. The Jewish and Christian saints will see the Face of their Creator in

an Eternal Paradise that will have Eternal Peace.

         The Nations will one day be united by Earth‘s Savior – Jesus Christ.

         My reasons for leaving the military and forsaking my College Degree, as I have left most

Churches, was that I foresaw disaster with Clinton becoming the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed

Forces. Now if President George Bush had been commander of the armed forces in the 1990s, I would

have gladly stayed in the military and joined my brothers on the battlefield and by now I could have been a

lieutenant or a general. My family history was filled with successful warriors from World War II on both

sides of my family so I saw myself as being as successful as they were.

         My story is more or less like Jimmy Stewart‘s story in the movie: IT‘S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

He considered himself blessed in the end and so I share that same sentiment.

         I am not a pacifist. In fact, I recently had a conversation with a Jehovah‘s Witness who didn‘t

believe in voting; who believed that all governments are evil, including the United States government; was
against the war in Iraq and did not believe in violence, even for the purposes of law enforcement!


         I found myself in a unique position when speaking with this Jehovah‘s Witness, because people

automatically assume that if you become a Christian, you will not use violence to protect yourself or other

people, which is a sad doctrine indeed. People think that when you follow Jesus you will let the Romans

hit you like they hit Jesus, a doctrine many wimpy, compromising Churches teach when they preach to us

about ‗turning the other cheek.‘

         When I wrote my chapter entitled: HOW TO LOVE YOUR ENEMIES, I was not promoting

pacifism in the face of world conflict or world war. Obviously, in a world war, one must choose sides and

take appropriate action to achieve law enforcement and social justice when murderers rise to power. Force

must be used to stop evil men from pursuing their evil agendas.

         I believe in violence and the use of force for the purposes of law enforcement and the preservation

and protection of a just and fair Biblical society. In war, the enemy must be hated and destroyed with much

sympathy and prayer.

         I have Biblically concluded that there will be no more war in Heaven once Satan is forever dealt

with by God‘s Judgment; that World Peace will come after this present earth is destroyed by Jesus Christ‘s

Second Coming; that all nations shall unite in the Name of Jesus when He makes His dwelling with man in

the new heaven and the new earth; I still believe that the use of force in this world is necessary to maintain

the protection and preservation of the innocent.

         My military decision to leave the United States military under the Clinton/Gore Administration

was a moral choice because I could not compromise Biblical values for a President and a Democratic

Congress who had none. I can feel confident and blessed with leaders like George Bush Jr. in charge. But

once his Administration is overthrown, more Clintons and Gores will rise to power and oh, how happy are

those whom Jesus will call out of the grave to inherit Eternal Life with Him!

         My decision to leave the military was the right decision and I take great pride in overcoming the

entire United States Military through the Name of Jesus. I overcame the United Nations who are against

Israel and attacking Israel. I said an emphatic, ―NO!‖ to all the nations who attacked Israel and made peace

with Israel. I stood with the Temple Mount Faithful Movement in my heart, for although I had my share of
sins that violated Biblical Standards, I still always loved the Lord and His chosen people – Jewish and

Christian. I even loved the enemies of the Gospel and Israel by praying for them instead of hating them.

Although I hate the enemy‘s hatred of the God of Israel, I sympathize with their ignorance for lack of

having the Holy Spirit in their lives and it is with this Spirit that I can pray for some of my greedy relatives

who sold their souls to the anti-Christ monetary system.

          I overcame the Democratic Party and their stupid policies by saying, ―NO! I will not bow,

surrender, nor submit to the policies of the Democratic party which have destroyed America and the whole


          Clinton was going to allow homosexuals into the military with his: ―Don‘t ask, don‘t tell,‖

initiative and I knew that I could not wage a Holy War against Muslims with a President who wouldn‘t take

a stand against homosexuals and homosexual marriages.

          And, as moral, and good, and just as President Bush was and is, the anti-Christ organizations are

not being dismantled and new seats are being filled.

          Waging war against the Islamic beast requires a nation of Holy Soldiers ready to do battle for the

right reasons. When a military becomes unholy by violating Biblical values, that military is destined for

failure, for it requires help from heaven to overcome the forces of the armies of hell. It is only when

American and Israeli troops unite together for the Biblical God of Israel and commit themselves to their

Faithful Creator that this war can be won.

          I was taken out, because I was not a holy warrior. I was immoral, careless, and stupid and

therefore disqualified. And so, I must accept the wages of sin which is death and the Gift of God which is

Eternal Life in Christ Jesus, my Lord.

          Our military system has had their hands ties because the Democratic Party is too busy getting into

bed with foreign governments and opening up the borders of America to drug and petroleum cartels from

the Middle East to really care about doing the right thing. What do I mean by, ―the right thing.‖

          The ‗right thing‘ from the very beginning is SUPPORTING ISRAEL.

          One by one, our Churches in America turned their backs on Israel.

          All the United Nations attacked Israel while the mountain of the Lord‘s Temple remained desolate

and the Temple Mount Faithful Movement www.templemountfaithful.org often was left with
disappointment over the failed governments of Israel compromising the safety and security of Israel for

budgetary reasons.

         Money has been used to gag and oppress Israel‘s rights to Sovereignty over the land.

         It is my opinion that the only right way to have waged the war against Israel‘s enemies, would

have been to allow Israel to destroy all Islamic nations through whatever methods necessary, with the full

support of the United States. In this case, I would gladly stuck out my military career, with the knowledge

that the Third Temple would be built after the full removal of the ―Palestinian State‖ from Israelite soil.

         When you wage war, it‘s like building a Church: HOLINESS must be there. Without holiness in

your cause, no one can see God and I think that the same applies to Church building and war making:

Holiness must be there.

         Holiness means not wavering from God‘s Laws, His Commands, His Will. Yes, God will show

mercy and forgiveness, wherever His Laws condemn us, but the sanctity of the rule of Law must always be

respected, no matter what our own sins or the sins of others have been.

         As you might have guessed, the Democratic Party has tied America‘s hands: Our borders around

Canada and Mexico are not secure; the immigration issue is a nightmare; terrorists are on every street

corner in America; corrupt judges who accept bribes rule the judicial system so that the rich get away with

murder and the poor are not forgiven and quite forgotten; our military has not been permitted the right to

completely destroy all Muslims because the Rockefeller Money is too busy forming an alliance with the

seats in the United Nations to really care about supporting Israel against all pagan influences.

         In fact, Masonic doctrine is promoting pagan influences against Israel and in your current

corporate culture.

         In the business world, pagans, atheists, Muslims, homosexuals, power hungry women,

transvestides, and democrats are all united together in one huge Satanic utopia against Israel and Israel‘s

God and those who are faithful to Him.

         If President Bush was judged and criticized so harshly, what is to become of the white Christian

Republican male who has minorities, women, and pagans in charge of his job – especially the lower wage

jobs? It‘s like a lamb in the middle of a pack of hungry wolves ready to attack and I speak from experience
when I tell you that white Christian Republicans don‘t survive for very long in corporate America, unless

you either own the business or are in with the in crowd.

         I don‘t consider myself a Republican and am a non-partisan voter, meaning that Jesus Christ is my

Commander in Chief and when He calls me, I do what I can to listen, respond with Holy love and fear, and

obey with great humiliation, humbleness, and repentance.

         It is His Authority I surrender to and no one else‘s. I care very little about following men or

women, although I must submit to those whom I have chosen to work for in order to get paid today.

         I understand the oppression that Americans are suffering in having to learn ‗tolerance‘ in the work

place in order to get a paycheck. We are all sharing a common connection that we are united to make these

secular corporations money and that we must all forsake our religious beliefs to live in ‗peace‘ and ‗get

along.‘ What I mean is that the pride of every religion, once in power, does not allow borders to be

crossed, or peace to be negotiated.

         Everyone must go where the work is and so we must obey the rules and regulations of whoever we

are working for, regardless if we agree or disagree. That is part of our maturity and growth: Learning how

to take hits like Jesus did.

         In the military code of justice, if you disobey a direct order, you are court marshaled and sent

away to prison for insubordination; in corporate America, you are simply fired.

         When following Jesus Christ, all man-made rules are forsaken, in order to bring glory to the Lord

by rejecting the principles of the world.

         The reason I am disconnected and no longer in service to the world, its churches, its governments,

its schools, or its many money-making institutions, is that my soul is governed by Jesus Christ, despite my

own sinful, selfish indulgences which condemn me on a Gospel level.

         The well of Eternal Life flows from within me and there is nothing any man can say or do to take

Jesus Christ and His Laws from heart.

         Now I will gladly go to the Cross with great suffering and pain if that is what my Lord commands

me to do. By dying in Jesus‘ Name, I have been born again with Eternal Life for my soul, so the temporary

world has passed away already in my mind.
         But between here and there, I must dwell on this wicked planet and try my best to be a survivor

and love my fellow man in the way that God intended.

         Now that I have accepted Eternal Life in the Name of Jesus Christ, the world has passed away.

         Until I am either resurrected or Jesus returns, I must cope with this world, its problems, its wars,

its petty and stupid people.

         This requires that I must make Biblical decisions pertaining to every issue that Satan promotes in

his global one world orgy. The enemy of the God of Israel is a tough enemy; he is far more intelligent, as

most of us have underestimated; but the one who is in us is greater than the one who is in the world,

meaning that the Holy Spirit counsels us on the appropriate response to the strategies of the enemy who has

been cast out of Heaven to destroy, steal, and murder on the earth.

         Since we live in a world fundamentally ruled by Satan and his advocates (who are as numerous as

the sand on the seashore), we must somehow listen to God‘s calling to ‗patiently endure‘ and ‗stand firm to

the end,‘ so that we‘ll be saved. Salvation is about obeying the Will of Jesus.

         When it comes to the issue of war, people have underestimated Christian men, such as George

Bush, who believe in Jesus, yet wage war in His Name.

         Although it is not God‘s Will that all nations kill and murder each other, God‘s Will is to support

righteous men who take a stand in His name against the forces of evil which would attempt to attack,

plunder, and kill God‘s Children.

         Since Allah is a false god and Muhammad a false prophet, those who would wage war and kill in

His Name ought to be stopped and sometimes, the only way to stop Islamic terrorism, is to wage war

against them before they can wage war against us. This requires a decision to take a ―FIRST STRIKE‖

position. We must strike Iraq before they strike us. Why? We don‘t want dictators like Sadaam Hussein

ruling over us or anyone else – and neither does God. As surely God wanted Israel to be freed and used

tremendous force to wipe out Pharoah and his army, so does God want all nations to be free and will once

again have to intervene in the last days so that all of us can be freed from Satan‘s ruling forces.

         When dictators rule our Churches, our schools, our jobs, our most natural reaction is to use

violence to achieve social justice because we don‘t like nor want people in charge who have abused their

authority and have hurt us in with an unfair advantage. So in America, we have lawyers and we sue each
other to achieve social justice and the laws will protect the guilty and arrest the innocent who might use

violence for self-protection against those evil throne dwarves and stooges who did them dirty.

           A Tommy Gun was what my grandfather‘s friend in Capone‘s family used: 100 bullets in 8


           Sometimes, people take matters of law and justice into their own hands because they place no

confidence or trust in our current judicial system, which would liberate a guilty man of his crimes against

your humanity. We feel ripped off that homosexuals are allowed to live, until we gaze upon our own

pornographic lusts and addictions and become disarmed because of our hypocrisy.

           When you wage war, you must become 100% Holy in your mind and make sure that you work

within the framework of God‘s Laws without being biased in your personal opinions.

           Christians who entered America from Europe, no longer wanted to submit to the authorities of

Catholic European monarchies and so, in the same spirit, the true Christians must rebel against today‘s

churches and seminaries, against its schools and institutions by using the letter of God‘s Law.

           On the battlefields of the Middle East, the only answer is war.

           On the battlefields of America, the only answer is peace.

           So how did I respond to WAR and what did I personally give up?

           Was I willing to give up my military career and college education for Jesus Christ?

           Yes. And I did.

           Now just because I gave up my seat of power, does not believe that I have given up my love for

Israel or for America. I have the freedom to support the United States military campaign against Islamic

terrorism, while being a soldier of a different kind.

           In war, you have to hate your enemies with wrathful indignation.

           In Peace, you have to love your enemies with forgiveness and understanding.

         Every military force in the world operates upon similar patriotic foundations: ―Kill the enemy for

the preservation of our National Flag, Heritage, and Beliefs. NATIONALISM. PATRIOTISM. Do not let

the enemy take over our land. Fight against those who fight against you and destroy those who would seek

to take away your family and your nation from its independence under its own Flag of Pride. We must

preserve OUR CONSTITUTION and defend ourselves against those who are against OUR

CONSTITUTION. Defend our CONSTITUTION against all enemies, foreign and domestic.‖

         The GLOBALISTS are the masterminds of a great mission: Get rid of NATIONALISM and make

all nations interdependent upon each other economically so that war can eliminated. We‘ll keep a few

villains alive so that the whole world can unite together against a common foe: YASSER ARAFAT,


         The GLOBALISTS don‘t care about religion, politics, or NATIONALISM, but care about

FINANCIAL PROFIT and whatever can be bought, sold, or capitalized on. Although GLOBALISTS

might create a few charitable organizations, which make them ‗spiritually‘ favorable in the eyes of the

world community, their true agenda, as we have all learned through experience, is GLOBALLY

DESTRUCTIVE and not constructive for those of us who aren‘t millionaires and billionaires.

         The God of Israel does desire for everyone to ‗love our enemies,‘ but not in the way that LUCIS

TRUST, the NEW AGE MOVEMENT, or the CORPORATE GLOBALIST preaches. The answer for the

capitalists is to save the world through MONEY, and anyone can love anyone to achieve that, but what they

can‘t understand is the fact that MONEY can never replace the value of the human soul made in God‘s

Image who is seeking TRUE FREEDOM from the tyranny of our modern WORLD SYSTEM.

         My answer to the WORLD SYSTEM would be to eliminate MONEY completely and give

everyone a new FREE TRADE SYSTEM that works according to how the Gospel of Christ has taught. If

the WORLD obeyed the Gospel of Jesus, the world could be saved, but the more the world refuses to

accept the Gospel, believe what it says, and practice it, the WORLD SYSTEM will break down and our

true ENEMY, SATAN knows this, which is why he has tried reviving the pyramids of Egypt as the symbol

and mark of his financial empire throughout the world.
         Every nation on EARTH has a military system based upon pride in human tradition, religion,

heritage, and a set of what appears to be a set of National Moral Codes and Standards. How can a world

filled with so many different armies who have soldiers ready to die for their National and Religious

Freedoms and independence possibly achieve Peace and Security? By laying down their weapons at the

foot of the Cross, bowing before the Lord singing, ―JESUS, YOU ARE LORD.‖

         We sign Peace Treaties, seeking the disarmament of all nations, yet we all have nuclear weapons

pointed at each other. Every nation on Earth has a military, full of soldiers ready to die for the cause of

their government, while GLOBALISM feeds the individual agendas of Communist, Socialist, Monarchies,

States, Nations, and Corporations. SELF interests dominate every interest, which talks a good talk about

PEACE and SECURITY, but marches within circles of other interests which seek elimination and


         The answer for WORLD PEACE according to the International Corporate Agendas in the New

Age is Money, Economic Prosperity, Security, Wealth, etc.

         What kind of Army are we supporting, defending, and asking to kill other nations for? Some

people kill for the preservation of Holiness in their Religion or in their National Charters.

         Why do we want to kill and wipe out our enemies? Self-preservation? What if God chose to

preserve Himself before He went to the Cross? What if God just punished Satan immediately and

prevented all the sin and death that happened in our world? Why tolerate such an evil, blasphemous entity

as Satan at all?

         What if the Creator decided to never allow us to exist at all? Don‘t we at least owe Him some

respect for the work He has completed within us and around us? Respect for the God of Israel‘s Creation is

how we can overcome destroying each other and the world.

         What if He just decided to wipe out everyone and save only the Jewish people? Why didn‘t He

kill off Hitler in World War I before he could start World War II? Why has God ever allowed any monster

dictator to exist and why will he let the devil rule the world in the last days of Earth? Why will God allow

the world to be dominated by the Masons in the future? Perhaps God is a lot kinder and caring than we

give Him credit for? Yes, he is not baby Jesus in a manger anymore and we can forget about the Yuppie
Fascist Gummy Bear, Bubble Gum Christianity that these religious leaders have become because God is

King and neither they are we are.

         Surely God had a plan from the beginning on how He would save us? God does have a plan and

that is what this book is about: God‘s ultimate Plan from beginning to end through the Name of Jesus.

Jesus is ultimately the key to success, joy, freedom, and of course, Eternal Life. It is a Plan much greater

than what the millionaires and billionaires had hoped to achieve.

         Why do we give in to impulses of hatred and contempt of others who think differently than we do?

Is it because we hate their beliefs and their lifestyles and do not want them to take away our own system of

beliefs and ideals, which we feel are so necessary and sacred for the preservation of OUR peoples, cultures,

and nations?

         Do we really want to wipe out those undesirable elements from the face of our personal maps and

extend our borders to smother and cover their land with our own world vision? We all have a world vision.

Satan also has a world vision. For those who say there is no ‗God of Israel‘ they live in exactly the world

that they believe in. What they see is what they get.

         GLOBALISM is an enemy to all of us, for it forces us to give up our TRUE IDENTITIES for

MONEY and what the capitalists call ‗success‘. GLOBALISM can only lead to disaster, for it feeds the

rich and the criminals while leaving the poor and the decent citizens of our NATIONAL IDENTITY


         My world vision would be to live in a world without homosexuals. Should I go out and bomb a

gay parade to fulfill my vision? Absolutely not. Why? Murder is just as bad as homosexuality and for me

to wipe out homosexuals puts me into the same mental perversion that they are in. I have to wait for God‘s

Judgment to fulfill His World Vision of a world with no homosexuals and until that glorious day I have to

love those people and the way I must love them is to not judge them. I can judge their sin and reject it as

being against God‘s Will, but this does not give me a license to hate them, hurt them, or kill them, as is the

natural inclination.

         Truthfully, my sexual sin is on the same level as homosexual offenders, especially when I have

sex before marriage. In the sight of God my sins are on the same level as any other sins and that is why I

have no right to judge a homosexual.
         God has already judged homosexuality as a perversion of His Divine Will and He will always

have the Final Word which will condemn their lifestyles as immoral and worthy of Eternal punishment. I,

on the other hand, am a sinful human being. I am not Holy. I am not righteous. I am not pure. I am not a

good person and cannot earn my way into Heaven by doing good works.

         I am defiled by sin and the only way that I can approach God for forgiveness is through the Name

of Jesus. Since I am not under the Jewish Laws of Moses, I am under Grace, and grace is mercy that I

receive from God which I don‘t deserve by Law. The Law brings punishment for disobedience. God, in

the Name of Christ, released me from the punishment that brought me death when I chose to accept and

believe Jesus. Therefore, although homosexuals are unrepentant, and do not love Jesus or God because of

their lifestyle and no homosexual offender wants to believe that they will not inherit the Kingdom of God

(1 Corinthians 6:9-11) I must demonstrate that same mercy towards them that God has towards me.

         I have used this illustration as a colorful example, because most of us who have the Christian,

Jewish, or Islamic World View want a world without homosexuals. We know from God‘s Word that

unrepentant homosexuals will not inherit God‘s Kingdom.

         Does this give us a license to slander them, hate them, and perform acts of terrorism and violence

against them? No! We can scrunch our faces as if we are smelling the stench of injustice when we find

ourselves having to tolerate indecent people who practice indecent behavior, but our first priority is to

respect God and react to intolerable situations in the Way we know He wants us to react.

         By realizing our own iniquities, we can better learn not to judge other people‘s sins. God is the

Judge of all sin and all sin has been judged at the Cross of Jesus. All sin is disgusting to God and has

already been condemned by God. He came to release us from our cruel bondage to sin, decay, and death

and all that we have to do is trust in Him and believe in Him to be saved. God cannot do anything for us

until we open up our hearts to Him and accept His Love for us.

         The God of Israel is the only Being who has the right to Judge us. We cannot judge each other

because we are all sinners. God is not a sinner, but even though He is Holy and the only Judge Who has

the right to condemn, God is ready to forgive those who turn to Him with sincerity, honesty, and Truth.

         Do we have a right to sit in the Place of God and sort of help God out by killing off other people?

Absolutely not! Jesus came to save and not to condemn.
         When God joined us in our human race He did the following: He healed the sick, cured diseases,

made the crippled walk, the deaf hear, the blind see, cast out demons, and chose not to side with Barabas by

picking up a sword and killing the enemies of Israel. He freed an adulteress from her condemnation, he

went to the cross in place of a murderer, he forgave the two thieves who were dying on two crosses beside

him, he sat with prostitutes, tax collectors, and what the Jewish Sanhedrin called, ‗sinners.‘ Through

forgiveness, mercy, and love, God brought all nations near Himself. He had a plan to deal with the curses

of the Law, with the curses of sin, with the curses of death, and with all the problems of the world—even

violence and war. The One True God, the Holy One, became a curse for our sakes. He became like a

criminal to save criminals. He became like human beings to free human beings from their mortal

conditions caused by our slavery to sin and death. God‘s great plan for the human race was to suffer and

die on our behalf, not so that He could condemn us all to the lake of fire, but bring us into Eternal Life.

God wanted to give us hope, faith, and love while we were still sinners. Anyone who would approach God

the Father through the Temple of Christ‘s broken body, the Lamb ‗of God‘ could be healed.

         We would all love to have the whole world operate according to what we personally perceive as a

Utopia that God approves of. Some people force words into the mouth of the One True God that don‘t

exist as anything more than blasphemy against the God Who is, Who was, and Who is to come.

         Some of us will fight and wage war in the Name of God and paste God‘s Name right over our own

cause, unaware of those who capitalize on our misery, while other people will fight and wage war in their

own names or in the name of their own causes which would seek to liberate those with similar thought

processes from those who think differently. National and Religious borders are always set up and today,

every religion is trying to unite on the foundation: ―As long as we don‘t kill anyone we are good people,

can smile, hold hands, sing ‗WE ARE THE WORLD‘ bringing a NEW AGE of PEACE without violence.‖

         We oppose those who think differently than us, because we have developed our own set of

standards for right and wrong, good and evil, whether by traditional or religious impulse. Truthfully, we

find other people most ignorant and intolerable for holding viewpoints which we believe to be inferior and

unenlightened to our own. We each have come to know that the world should be or ought to be the way

WE envision. The world is not the way we had personally envisioned in our dream state and we suffer
anger and disappointment over the injustice we must endure when undesirable people surround us.

Everybody wants to rule the world and everybody has a dream for their own type of World Peace.

         For example, a Muslim Paradise would be that the whole world be converted to Islam and that

every other religious text other than the Koran be burned forever. Every religious person would have the

whole world patterned after its own rules, regulations, and moral standards of right and wrong. The war

impulse is created from a system of personal and national pride. What is pride by definition? Pride is a

high opinion of one‘s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority; conceit; arrogance; self-respect; self-

esteem; splendor, magnificence or pomp.

         Muslims worship a false god and follow a false prophet. Yet, look at how high they carry their

heads in confidence believing that what they follow is the Truth. Look at how ready they are to die and to

kill to preserve and protect their religion.

         Every nation does have the right to defend themselves against Islamic aggression or any form of

oppression which takes away our God-given rights and freedoms as individuals, but no nation has the right

to do what Milisovec did in condemning the innocent with the guilty. The only Nation that has a right to

remove anyone from their own soil is Israel, because Israel belongs to Israel by God‘s decree and this is

one reason that the Kosovo conflict will be repeated on the soil of Israel in the 21st Century.

         The God of Israel has already reduced Islam down to nothing but a lie since He already died for us

on the Cross, delivering us from the death penalty.

         Muslims are an extreme example of just how foolish we all are in our human natures. We all seem

to pride ourselves in our Knowledge, our God, our traditions, and the values that we hold to be sacred. At

the Cross of Christ all of this amounts to nothing but death to God, Religion, and whatever PRIDE we

would have in ourselves.

         When we learn to nail all of our self-pride to the Cross of Christ, our life is put to death and all

that remains is certain death. Thanks to God, our True Rock, death on our own crosses is not merely the

end. God died and rose again and therefore, when we die we can rise again too. God came to deliver us

from our fear of death. Even when we were God‘s enemies, God died with us in our human race and chose

to make us born again through His Resurrection. When we are born again in this life, we are born again
into the Resurrection of Jesus and we will live again after we have died for the Kingdom of God that we

must appear before on the Day of Judgment. The key to loving our enemies is the Body of Christ.

         China will fight for Communism and Buddha. The Islamic Nations will fight for Allah.

Americans will fight for democracy or a Republic. Israel will fight for the God of King David. White

Supremecists and Black Supremecists will fight for the superiority of their own races. The Irish and the

English will fight against each other for the preservation of their own religions and cultures. Russia will

fight just to keep its drowning head above water. Cuba will fight for Alien Gonzalez. The PLO will fight

against Israel for the Muslim Palestinians. Everybody wants to fight against everybody and establish their

own independent Nations which are free from the dominion of other nations and cultures. Homosexuals

will fight for their Homosexual agendas. Women will fight for women. Black leaders will fight for black

dominance. Everybody wants to rule the world—yet nobody is ruling the world.

         The World Leaders make the decisions of when all the war buttons will be pushed and the many

millions of soldiers under each type of World Government will follow the commands and dictates of the

will of their National Leaders and each military will march out with pride against whoever their

Government labels as ‗the enemy.‘ Each army has their own ―United States‖ for which they go to war

against other nations, united for a single purpose under one common flag to destroy the enemy and preserve

that nation.

         When you are a soldier in any kind of military system, you cannot love your enemy without

holding a gun or a weapon of mass destruction in your hand. You are called to kill the enemy, even women

and children if you have to, whoever the Government determines is the current enemy and you are called to

destroy and plunder any forces who resist and oppose your peoples. Whether you like it or not, when it

comes to you or them as a soldier on the battlefield, it is always going to be them who are to be killed so

that you can live.

         I, ROBIN LOXLEY, was in the United States Army. I want to share with you my military

experiences because it is essential for me to share with you how we can achieve world peace by learning let

go and lay down our weapons by laying down our pride. Not only will I share with you my military

experiences, but also what happened when I came out of the military and how I dealt with it all.
         We are never taught on how to let go of our anger, hatred, or pride, but instead, especially in the

military, we are taught to use anger, pride, and war to kill, injure, and destroy our enemies. Even if we go

to war and make the sign of the cross in a Catholic gesture, we are called to kill everybody whom our

government says is the enemy of the day. We, as military soldiers have no choice. We, as military soldiers

have no freedom to choose whether we want to kill our enemies or not. We‘ve got to choose sides because

it is going to come down to ‗them or us.‘ The most typical military attitude is to ‗kill them before they kill


         Soldiers are slaves to the commands of the political hierarchy who makes the decisions of war and

peace based upon certain circumstances in which they find it either necessary or unnecessary to create or

advocate a war campaign against an aggressor. We, as military soldiers can‘t follow Christ and beat our

swords into plowshares, for we are taught that war is good and necessary for the preservation of our

National Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

         I, Robin Loxley, was in the United States Army. I wanted to go to College and get $24,000

towards my education from the Montgomery G.I. Bill and the Army College Fund. If I served only two

years in the U.S. Army, then my reward would be entrance into the College of my choice and I would have

an economic boost to jump start my life and get it together financially. I could leave the home of my father

and mother and become financially independent and that was my motive for entering the U.S. Army. I also

took pride in the United States of America and raised my right hand to swear that I would defend the

United States Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, even though I had forgotten about much

of what was written in the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. I had basically no clue

that the U.S. Constitution had already been violated and desecrated by enemies foreign and domestic for

corporate advantages.

         I wanted to take pride in my ―Christian‖ Nation and perhaps someday fight for the preservation of

the Nation of Israel against their enemies, foreign and domestic. It was my dream cloud to become a great

warrior and to fight against the whole world in their consistent bombardment of crimes against the United

States, Israel and God. The temptation to get a College education, travel around the world, become a great

military soldier, perhaps decorated for his achievements, and to take personal pride, honor, and human

dignity in my achievements, awards, and certificates was something I planned to accomplish not only in my
own personal objectives, but in the National Objectives to protect and preserve the United States of

America. Perhaps one day, I could take my stand for Israel and fight for her as King David did. I was not

and am not Jewish, however, my whole faith came from Jewish people and I have always been zealous for

the preservation of Truth and Justice in the Land of Israel.

         In the fall of 1992, I entered the United States Army Basic Training. I signed away my life on

several pieces of paper, left my mommy and daddy, and started my Basic Training. Before Basic Training

the Processing Center was backed up and could not process us out of our civilian clothes for three weeks

due to screw ups. Finally, I put on my combat boots, received my uniforms, got several shots (which made

me sick), received my dog tags, and got assigned to an Army Battery.

         There was a whole lot of profane shouting in the military which I quite never understood.

Somehow, using God‘s Name in Vain was supposed to make me a stronger and better soldier and the Drill

Sergeants who said, ―Fuck‖ in every sentence was supposed to somehow make us into better men. ―God

damn it‖ was supposed to be some kind of tough language used to make boys into men. I, of course, never

approved of the foul language being used by the Drill Sergeants, especially when it came to using God‘s

Name in vain, which was against the Law in the Ten Commandments of God. Yes, I was going to become

a Christian soldier and as a Christian soldier I was deeply offended and bothered by the fact that the U.S.

Army had Military Personnel who made it a careless habit to say: ―God damn this‖ and ―God damn that!‖

Also, the dreadful, vile Hollywood word ―Fuck‖ was used by everyone. I counted the word ―Fuck‖ being

used fifty times in two minutes by one Mexican Drill Sergeant who had no fear of God or love of God

whatsoever. When God‘s Name was being insulted and used in a blasphemous manner, I began to wonder

what kind of military system could possibly hold together for the Morality of the Nation, when its Military

Servants were using God‘s Name in Vain and speaking such vile language which represented the filth,

shame, and disintegration of the Christian Morality which made America great.

         It‘s not that I couldn‘t handle it. I did handle it because I was forced to listen to it without so

much as being able to oppose it or resist against all the vileness which came out of every Drill Sergeant‘s

mouth. You did what you were told to do whether you liked it or not. You have no rights, no privileges,

and if you so much as whisper a protest you‘ll never hear the end of it. Your life is reduced to a Social

Security number on a dog tag.
         I certainly knew that Islamic militants never used Allah‘s name in vain! How could the United

States Government allow its soldiers to be trained with such a vile approach? There was and is a common

belief in the U.S. Military that harsh language, filthy language, using God‘s Name in vain, somehow makes

men tougher, better, and more able to face the enemy during Prisoner of War situations in which the soldier

is captured and then interrogated with extreme insults and slander. Slander and filthy language is used with

the philosophy that men will become stronger and better if they endure persecution under the vilest


         I disagreed. My philosophy was that if soldiers could learn to fire a weapon accurately and defend

themselves in combat, then that was all was needed for war. Polishing our boots and making sure our beds

and shirts were tucked in did not seem like a very intelligent way to train soldiers in the areas of True

Discipline that mattered, like how to tame the tongue, how to please God and Trust in God, and how to be

honorable before God by having faith, hope, and even love. Could soldiers be trained to love their enemies

with a gun in their hands? Probably not. However, could the military have taught young soldiers to shoot

the enemy and not take pleasure in it, rather than teaching soldiers to kill the enemy and enjoy it as

something fun to do? A God-less nation could not do such a thing.

         If I was going to war against the Muslims and perhaps go to the Gulf to fight against that evil

Sadaam Hussein or Yasser Arafat, I wouldn‘t want a bunch of vile soldiers who used God‘s Name in vain

or supported homosexuals fighting with me on the battlefield against those who loved and revered their

god, even if he was a false god.

         As a Christian soldier, I was fighting for Truth, Morality, and the Christian Way, and the United

States Military System had no such values. In fact, I couldn‘t recognize any Biblical Values in the United

States Military System other than slogans quoted from the Bible which felt tainted by the ‗kill the enemy‘

philosophy. I found the whole Military system to be vile, corrupt, and filled with God-hating men that

were immoral, used God‘s Name in vain, used the Hollywood Idol Name ―Fuck‖ in every sentence, and

laughed about it as if it was something funny. I discovered that the Constitution of the United States which

had been written by Christian men had been polluted and corrupted by secular, pagan men, who did not

love God, by enemies both foreign and domestic who had polluted the Moral Values of Christian Integrity

which made Americans spiritually great in the first place.
         Several thoughts raced through my mind during Basic Training.

         If I am on the battlefield, facing Islamic armies, do I want to fight side-by-side with homosexuals,

drunkards, God-haters, criminals, drug-addicts, and men who have no love of or fear of God? The Muslim

armies would never use Allah‘s name in vain, nor would they give themselves over to drunkenness,

prostitution, drugs, or any other vile behavior.

         At least in Afghanistan, homosexuals were put to death! In the United States Army, homosexuals

would be allowed to pick up a weapon and shower in the same bathrooms as heterosexual men—a thought

most disgusting to normal men. Even though Muslims follow a false god, a false prophet and worship a lie,

they are truer to their lie than most American troops were and are to the One True God. The Marine Corps

and the U.S. Army was and is filled with vile, sinful men, who didn‘t and still don‘t care about serving

God. They talk a lot about God and Honor, but the true definition cannot be discovered within most

individuals who aren‘t there to serve God, but serve themselves, money, and a College education to reach

personal objectives.

         I reasoned that the Government of the United States had turned its back on God to follow SELF-

interests. The Islamic armies were more faithful to their God than the United States Army was to their


         How could I possibly want to fight with an army whose men cussed with filthy language,

committed indecent acts of sexual immorality, used God‘s Name in vain, caroused and subjected

themselves to drunkenness and drugs, and turned their backs on serving and obeying the Lord? How could

I face Islamic militaries beside such an immoral, disgraceful Army which is merely the pawn of corrupt,

vile politicians such as adulterous Bill Clinton who actually would consider that having homosexuals in the

military is somehow a good idea. A lot of great military personnel with morals and values resigned from

the military during the 1990s because of Bill Clinton signing the ‗don‘t ask, don‘t tell‘ initiative.

         I was in the Army Basic Training before the 1992 Presidential elections when Bush was running

against Bill Clinton. I knew that if Bill Clinton was voted into office that the White House would be

disgraced and violated in every way possible and there was no way that I would want Bill Clinton as my

Commander-in-Chief. Letting homosexuals into the military would have been a bad idea. We would have

to have co-ed shower rooms if such a decree were to be taken seriously. God was my Commander-in-Chief
and to see Bill Clinton‘s picture as the Leader of the United States was both a disgrace and a joke. How

could I ever find Morale in my military career with someone like Bill Clinton and Al Gore as my boss?

         This was in 1992 before he ever went into office. I knew that Bill Clinton and Al Gore would do

everything possible to ruin America and the world on a spiritual level if they got elected and sure enough,

they did. Bill Clinton and Al Gore not only destroyed America, but they destroyed the entire world with

their immoral leadership. Bill Clinton was a murderer, a thief, a liar, an adulterer, and became an icon of

everything wrong about Americans. He sold America out to Globalization and he made decisions that were

profitable but not right in the Sight of God.

         Before I had made my commitment to the U.S. Army, my simple motives for entering military

service were to serve God, to serve my country, and to get a College education. What were the chances of

going to war? According to most people‘s viewpoint, pretty slim, with all the Peace Treaties being signed.

However, I didn‘t think that a College education was worth it for the one moment when I would have to

enter an Islamic state and kill a bunch of Muslim men who were only trying to defend their families and

their nation from what their governments and their religions have labeled as ‗infidels‘ and ‗the devil‘s

advocates‘. The Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein was correct in calling America ‗the great Satan‘ because

Satan was ruling over Americans just as much as Iraqis.

         Although I would fight for Israel‘s National Defense, I could not see myself setting foot on

Arabian sands to achieve greedy American interests in oil and petroleum. Besides, America could very

well turn its back on Israel as it has on so many occasions and send its troops against her, allied with the

Muslims someday because they hold oil and petroleum investments more sacred than holding on to the God

of Israel—the Rock of Ages.

         It was usually the bad political leaders that should have been eliminated, and the United States

certainly had the technology to use satellites in locating Sadaam Hussein and shooting him with a simple

press of a button. Of course, Bill Clinton was just as rotten as Sadaam Hussein, perhaps worse in the eyes

of the One True God. Some of our worst enemies were inside of our own government and American

politicians were just as corrupt and vile as Sadaam Hussein, who was an extreme reflection of all World

Leaders. This was the goal of terrorists was to reveal the greed of corporate America, in addition to

fighting for the glory of Allah..
           Money, oil, petroleum, and politics destroyed the purity of the cause in bombing Iraq and still

clouds our reasons for bombing the Middle East, despite our patriotic duty in killing Islamic terrorists.

           Why has any great Islamic terrorist been allowed to live? Why was Khaddafi, Sadaam Hussein,

Yasser Arafat, Osama bin Laden, or any other murderer allowed to live? Money, OPEC, and politics.

           Those who fought bravely in the Persian Gulf War did what they were told to do, but never could

the soldiers of the United States Military, imagine that their Government could stoop so slow as to

inventing a patriotic spirit in bombing Iraq and then letting Sadaam Hussein, who was within sniper vision,

go free.

           We have learned over the course of history that our enemies are not Muslims.

           Our enemy is Islam and the EVIL ONE who inspired it in order to fulfill his own destructive

agenda for God‘s Creation. If God said, ―Forwards‖ Satan would preach, ―Backwards.‖ If God said, ―Go

straight ahead,‖ Satan would teach, ―Here, take a short cut, a detour—this way is better than just going

straight.‖ Whatever God would establish, His enemy would try to turn everything upside down or reverse

it. Whatever would oppose God and make God the villain and the devil a saint, Satan would fight until the

end of the world, just to prove that the choice of evil is somehow good, while the choice of goodness is

boring, unenlightened, restricting, and undesirable.

           If God commanded the world, ―Serve me only and don‘t create other gods and images,‖ Satan

would get the world to serve anything or anyone but God and get us to fashion our own gods or images—

whatever our imaginations delighted in. Satan said, ―You‘re not going to die if you eat what God tells you

is forbidden! If you bow down before this or that, you will inherit the whole world! Forget God and be

your own god!‖

           Indeed the ENEMY who exalted Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Islam, the Occult, the New

Age/Masonic Movement, and whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine of the Bible, is the one who

has approached all of us with a decision: Either follow God or follow yourself.

           The religion of Islam, like every other religion which opposes THE TRUTH, is our enemy.

Beyond Islam is the Liar who sold Muslims and the whole world the lies expressed in the Koran. This liar

in Revelation 20 has been released from his prison and the whole world has shaken hands with him

unknowingly. He can wear many different hats and faces and sit in many high positions anywhere in the
world, and in a world not aware of his movements, his political persuasion is simple. When a person learns

how to have a relationship with the God of Israel in the Name of Christ, the soul becomes super-sensitive to

the nature of evil, which becomes more vile and intolerable with time. Yet, God gives us the power of

patience until He returns to UNITE all nations under the Throne of Jesus, God‘s Chosen Lamb.

         It is the deceitful religion of Islam and the violent terrorists such as Sadaam Hussein, Yasser

Arafat, and Hamas that are our true enemies. Our true enemies can be found in Washington DC and New

York just as easily as in any other ‗Godless‘ country.

         Beyond these groups of men who need to be forgiven because they don‘t know what they have

done, is the Great Liar who deceived them and gathered them together for Peace and for battle. God cares

about the human condition, even though the human race, by its own choice, allowed themselves to become

deceived by the lies they bought into.

         They may just very well be some of the most intelligent human beings on earth, masterminding a

conspiracy to capitalize on their Satanic agendas.

         Did we do our patriotic duty in eliminating Sadaam Hussein who was responsible for invading

Kuwait? Did we punish Yasser Arafat and his Fatah movement for killing innocent women and children?

Did we impeach President Bill Clinton for his immoral, adulterous affair with Monica Lewinsky? Did we

eliminate the terrorists threats of Hizbollah or Hamas? No. So proudly we failed.

         OPEC and their financial contributors helped make sure of that. Money. Oil. Petroleum. World

Trade. The answers are simple for those who refuse to have an attitude of ‗ignorance is bliss‘. The United

States and Europe only did what was profitable and never what was right. We can disguise PEACE

TREATIES over our financial arrangements with the world governments but the unity of the world

governments have been due to economic unity and not religious unity.

         When I discovered how George Bush (1991) was compromising and learned that Bill Clinton was

coming into office, I had no motivation to serve a corrupt and vile government that would turn its back on

God, on Christ, and on Israel for greedy gain. Never could I, or anyone else imagine how out of hand the

Temple Mount conflict would get.
         Why should I go blow up Islamic States when my leaders don‘t love or serve God? They serve

money. I learned that a majority of people who entered the military joined for money, College, education,

and all the benefits of economy and security—not for the morality of the nation under God.

         When the Army and Marine Corps sang songs of God, Honor, Commitment, Duty, Country, they

had only a secular view of such words which really had no profound significance since most soldiers were

vile, used God‘s Name in vain, slept with prostitutes, went to Rave parties, took drugs, got drunk, had pre-

marital sex, used dirty, filthy, vile language that the Bible is strongly against, and really were the opposite

of Honor. The United States Military was dishonorable in the sight of God‘s Holy Words and I knew that

fighting for such a dishonorable establishment was not worth having to kill a Muslim soldier who might

have more faith and dedication and purity before his god, than we do our God.

         The United States was founded on ‗In God We Trust.‘ Unfortunately, it became a phrase attached

to money rather than to souls. My decision to leave the U.S. Army was a good decision because I learned

more in being financially poor than ruling as a king of hell in the U.S. Military. In essence, the U.S.

Military was never the same since World War II. The Persian Gulf War was a joke and whoever went over

there fought bravely for patriotism, but almost everyone ignored just how corrupt and stupid the politicians

in Washington D.C. were. I could not ignore it and chose to end my military career early before it even

started. I laid down my guns and my weapons of mass destruction to pursue the Peace of God. I found it

and held onto it. Through the Name of Christ I discovered the great Mystery of God. I learned that I could

not serve both God and Money. I chose a service to God and not to money.

         By Faith, I believe that God chose me for a noble mission. This book did not evolve out of human

effort or achievement, but by Divine Revelation through God guiding me. It is incredible that a sinful little

wretch like me without a College degree who attended rave parties could obtain the amazing Grace of God

and be given the key to unlock the Gate to Truth. The Gate leading to the Truth was and is Jesus.

         Getting a College Education, wanting to serve God with Honor, Courage, and Commitment by

serving in the military was always ethically okay to me. It was more or less looking at the hierarchy of my

world leaders whose pens wrote my Social Security number to their decisions that I was disappointed in.

Jesus taught that we could not serve both God and Money and I considered that my military service was

more about serving money than serving God. Would killing a Muslim be worth a College education?
Certainly not, since my government leaders were truly all just a bunch of infidels. I made up my mind to

give up my career to serve and please God and at the time I couldn‘t serve and please God in that sinful and

vile system of corrupt government officials.

         While I was training for combat I made a new friend whose name was ―Preacher‖. While we were

out running one day he fell down and broke his ankle and his big toe. He had to get a cast for his foot and

continue on in his training. The other soldiers all shunned him thinking of him as a coward and a wimp

suspecting him of trying to get out of the Army by feigning a broken foot. They made fun of him, cracked

coarse jokes of all kinds, and no one spoke to him at lunch time. Well, I made friends with him, helped

him with his tray of food at the food line, and sat with him during lunch, because I was conscious that this

would be what Christ would do. Christ would do the unpopular thing and love the person that everyone

else shunned and despised.

         Every time ―Preacher‖ wanted to give up and go back home I tried encouraging him not to give

up, to stay in the Army, and to keep praying about his situation. I told him to be strong and to keep going,

never taking his eyes off the rewards waiting for him when he completed his mission. Sometimes during

our free time we would have a prayer time or a Bible study at his bunk right in front of everyone. Most of

the guys scoffed at us, while some other guys would get into religious arguments. I just stood my ground,

prayed, and had a Bible study every night. The more I read in the Gospel, the more I became convinced

that I was in the wrong place as a man of God.

         Observing how U.S. soldiers behaved during Basic Training was a tragedy and the filthy language

emanating from the Drill Sergeant‘s mouths was intolerable and a blasphemy against God. The U.S. Army

was a disgrace in the sight of God and the training was poor quality. While I was motivated to remain in

the military, I felt like a civilian in a G.I. Joe costume.

         How did I get out of the United States Army? Not easily. I wrote a letter to my Drill Sergeant

which informed him that I wanted to resign from the Army and quit Basic Training because I had come to

the decision that I didn‘t believe in killing anyone. It was true. I did not want to kill Muslims or anyone

else for my College education. Jesus had taught me something greater than what I would learn in College.

         After awhile, the Drill Sergeant came storming into the Platoon and shouted, ―Private Loxley,

pack your bags and get out of my Platoon. Go on up to Fourth Platoon. I don‘t want any conscientious
objectors in my Platoon!‖ I packed my duffle bags weighing about 300 pounds altogether and took them

up to the Fourth Platoon Barracks. After waiting about an hour and a half the Drill Sergeant of that Platoon

raced into his office and slammed the door shut while all the Recruits came in from the field. I dragged my

bags up to his door and knocked. ―What do you want?‖ the Drill Sergeant shouted. I replied, ―Private

Loxley requesting permission to enter.‖ He shouted for me to enter. ―What do you want?‖ I replied, ―My

Drill Sergeant sent me up here to your Platoon.‖ The Drill Sergeant responded, ―Why the hell are you in

my Platoon Private? What did you do?‖ I replied, ―I wrote a letter to my Drill Sergeant telling him that I

don‘t want to be in the Army anymore.‖ The Drill Sergeant said, ―What the fuck is the matter with you?

Why the hell don‘t you want to be in the Army?‖ I replied, ―Well, I have come to the conclusion that I

don‘t want to kill anybody.‖ The Drill Sergeant inquired, ―Why the fuck did you join the Army if you

didn‘t want to kill anybody. Shouldn‘t you have thought about that before you sworn it Private?‖ Each

and every person in the Chain of Command would ask me this question over and over again for two and a

half weeks. ―Yes, Drill Sergeant, I did think about it before I swore in and at that time, I didn‘t really mind.

But now that I have thought about the possibility of having to kill someone for my College Degree, I

changed my mind.‖ The Drill Sergeant said, ―Why the fuck would I want you in my Platoon Private? Get

down on the floor and give me fifty push-ups!‖ The Drill Sergeant made me do several exercises to test me

to see if I would disobey his direct orders. The Drill Sergeant couldn‘t break me, so he grabbed one of my

bags, grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me with my bags to the back of his Platoon. He threw my bags

down the stairs with my toilet paper running down the steps and shouted, ―Get out of my Platoon Private.

Don‘t ever show your face in my Platoon again or I‘ll kick your ass! Go on down to First Platoon!‖

         I basically went through all four platoons before I landed back at my original platoon with my

bags on my bed. The Drill Sergeant came in and said, ―Don‘t unpack your bags Private, you‘re not in my

Platoon anymore!‖

         For 2 ½ weeks, the Drill Sergeant, Senior Drill Sergeant, Captain, and Major all made me stand

before them and give a testimony as to why I wanted out of the military and I told each of them that I had

become a conscientious objector [a person who refuses to kill someone for the sake of their religion]. They

were going to make me stay, however, I was persistent in refusing to back down from my personal beliefs

that I did not want to kill anyone because it was against my religion. I was harassed and humiliated as can
be expected. When marching out to the field to fire an M-60 machine gun and a dummy gun, my Drill

Sergeant called me to the front of the Platoon and said, ―Private, I want you to go out there on that range

first and fire that weapon.‖ I consented and went out and fired my weapon, for I was not shooting at human

beings but only targets.

          If you refuse to obey a direct order in the military you can be punished with the stockade, which is

the military prison. I was threatened with the Stockade several times, but I obeyed the orders of my

commanding officers all the while that I was demonstrating to them that I had no motive to be in the Army

whatsoever. When each commanding officer asked me, ―What has convinced you that you are a

Conscientious Objector?‖ I responded, ―I read the Gospel and read some things that Christ taught which

have convinced me that I should love my enemies and not kill them.‖ The Army Chaplain asked me,

―What verses in the Bible convinced you that you are a conscientious objector?‖ I spoke with faltering lips

as I said, ―When Jesus suffered he made no threats and he did not retaliate. He also asked Peter to put

away his sword when he struck the servant of the high priest.‖ The Chaplain asked, ―What chapter & verse

is that?‖ I replied, ―I don‘t recall. I know it is in 1 Peter.‖ After quoting a couple of verses the Army

Chaplain said, ―Go back to your formation Private. I am not convinced that you are a conscientious

objector and you are staying in the Army whether you like it or not!‖

          Nevertheless, by God‘s Grace and by certain laws which allowed conscientious objectors the

opportunity to not fire a weapon for religious reasons, I got out. I obeyed the commanding officers, did

what I was told to do, yet still stood firm in my convictions that I could not and would not fire a weapon for

the United States Army because I didn‘t believe in killing people for a Nation that served Money more than

God. Christ had put His peace into my heart and I did not want to kill anyone for my College education.

Had America fought for Israel and the right to pray on the Temple Mount, perhaps I might have stayed, but

I just had that funny feeling that if Bill Clinton got into office that America might turn its back on Israel

and jeopardize my safety and the safety of all nations for greedy interests. I gave up my military career and

my college education to serve God‘s interests rather than my own interests and the interests of my

corrupted government officials.

          Two years after I had come out of the military, my friend ―Preacher‖ wrote me the following


         Hey man, how‘s life treating you. Good I hope. You were smart to get out of the Army when you

did. I can promise you I‘ll be out as of December, and I can‘t wait!



         Anyway, they sent me here to Fort Polk Louisiana. My roommate is from your state too. He‘s

also a Christian. We help each other out till we put our problems behind us. Just like you helped me

through the hard times at Basic Training.

         I wanted to write and say thanks Hollywood. I‘m almost out of the Army but I wouldn‘t have

made it without your friendship. No matter what happens I‘ll always know you were one of the best

soldiers the Army made, and one of the best men God blessed the world with.

         Friends forever in Christ,


         It was encouraging to know that I had made a difference in someone‘s life, even though I had left

the Army as a conscientious objector. It was refreshing to read this letter, because when I examine all of

the spiritual blessings I received after giving up my military career and College money, it has far surpassed

anything I could have ever expected, hoped for, or imagined. Life treated me rough, but through God‘s

Grace I survived.

         If you place yourself inside of someone else‘s situation, how would you personally respond or

react to any given crises? When we look through someone else‘s eyes we gain understanding of the way

they think and why they think the way they do. To know your enemy, sometimes you must become like

your enemy to learn who they are, how they think, what they do, and how they respond. Perhaps then we

can learn to love them and to lay down our guns.

         We are all called by the God of Israel to: ―Love our neighbors as ourselves.‖ If we love ourselves

and our loved ones, that same love that we feel for ourselves and our loved ones, should be carried over to

every person we come into contact with. By treating others as we would want to be treated, we might be

able to cure ourselves of Selfishness, Hatred, War, and many other sins.
         Everyone who is educated with a mature outlook generally agrees on the Golden Rule. We are

trying to agree on the Golden Rule with a common Foundation Stone to build upon, however, is the Golden

Rule really working since we all don‘t have the same Foundation Stone that we are building upon?

         On a financial, corporate level, yes we seem to be getting along with all of our fake smiles and

hugs. On a personal, religious level, no. Of course, we are not all going to agree on where the Golden Rule

came from even though most of us might agree that the Golden Rule is necessary for World Peace to be


         In every spiral galaxy in the universe there is a central core around which all the stars hover

around. There is a nucleus which is the epicenter of each galaxy. Beyond these lights are the epicenter of

God‘s Throne and each nation is attempting to sit upon the Center of God‘s Throne without much success.

Why? Because God, Who is the Center of Creation, chose Jesus to sit on His Throne forever and whoever

would want to approach the Throne of God would have to go through the Cross first to be born again and

receive God‘s Spirit. This is what I was looking for beyond the universe I had come to know. One of the

reasons that my name is Loxley is that the Core, the Center, the Rock of my soul is the Light of the

universe Who is Jesus. The fingers of God ignited my soul with a fire that has consumed the entire

universe with a powerful Love that has absorbed everything, everywhere and purified it all—with God‘s


         We need to study, investigate, and discover the Origin of the Golden Rule, if we are ever going to

convince ourselves that it is a good and necessary Rule to obey and follow. Of course, most of us try to

obey the Golden Rule because in order to work, make money, and buy ourselves the American Dream of

financial comfort and prosperity, to drive our nice cars and live in our nice homes, we have to co-exist and

get along with people that we would never invite into our personal lives or to our personal homes.

         The modern Golden Rule has originated from a Corporate perspective because obeying the Golden

Rule helps us all to make lots of money so we can feed ourselves and our own children. In the corporate

and political sense of the Golden Rule, we have to get along, not because we want to, because it is

something that we must painfully endure to achieve our own Selfish agendas. It is not in my own human

nature to want to ‗get along‘ and ‗make peace‘ with people who are different than me.
         Keeping quiet about religion and politics in the workplace helps all of us to get along and make

money, because when we begin to discuss Religion and Politics in the work place, division happens, we

think less of others, animosities towards certain differences in thought processes develops, and we end up

really hating each other for the way we think. Nobody ever really cares to talk about religion or politics,

except with people who of course, think like we do and live lifestyles that match our own personal

preferences of the way we perceive the way things ought to be or should be. The American workplace is an

excellent illustration of just how NOT UNITED we all are. We are only united in the workplace for

corporate gains. We are forced by law, not to discriminate and such adjustments have been painful

intellectually and spiritually for everyone.

         Everyone has their own standards culturally and religiously and we know that most cultural and

religious discussions end up in debate, anger, and fighting, so we have been all forced to get along by being

silent about Religion and Politics. When we keep quiet about Religion and Politics we can have Peace and

Tranquility and follow the Golden Rule because in the Corporate and political world we are happily

making our money so that we can make our personal lives the fulfillment of our childhood visions of a

successful life. We want the nice house, the nice cars, to buy our children‘s future education, and to fill our

mortal senses with every pleasure that life has to offer, so we just shut our mouths about our personal

beliefs for fear that people won‘t like us, that people will reject us, and that perhaps we‘ll get fired for

discussing who we are in Reality and what our True Beliefs really are.

         Everyone, when you discuss Religion, gets angry and offended because they have already made up

their minds about how life is supposed to work and they are not open to being criticized or ridiculed for

their beliefs. However, the Golden Rule was never intended for such purposes and although the Golden

Rule has been used for modern Corporate and political advantages, people have failed to see just where the

Golden Rule comes from in its True Foundation.

         Some people might think that the Buddhists came up with the Golden Rule; some people might

say the Jews came up with the Golden Rule; some people might say that Christians borrowed the Golden

Rule from other cultures. There is a religious dispute between all religions about Origins, about how life

should work, where it came from, and how Peace and Security is to be achieved.
         What is the Golden Rule? ―Love your neighbor as yourself‖; ―Do to others as you would have

them do to you‖; ―Treat others as you would want them to treat you.‖ Does this concept belong to all

religions? No. There has to be One Foundation for why we should love our neighbors as we love

ourselves or treat other people in the same fashion as we would want to be treated. Since we are all created

in God‘s Image, the Golden Rule came from God.

         Just because the Buddhists claim that their religion occurred in the 600s B.C. doesn‘t mean that

Christians borrowed the Golden Rule from them or that Jesus stole this teaching from Buddha. Perhaps it

was the Buddhists who stole the Golden Rule from either the Jews or the Christians. Perhaps no one

borrowed it or stole it from anyone else and perhaps just learned it in their own cultures at different points

in time without ever knowing that someone in another land thought about the same Rule. After all, we are

all God‘s children created in His image and likeness. Many people surely think similar thoughts at the

same time and what we have perceived as our own original thoughts or a new idea someone else might

have already thought about before us.

         Historians would love us to believe that just because Buddha discovered what Christ taught first,

that Christ must have stolen the Golden Rule from him. This kind of logic comes from a primitive, child-

like thought pattern of, ―I was here first, so I have the rights to it and you have no rights to it because you

were here last,‖ which, of course, obliterates the Golden Rule entirely when push comes to shove in our

intellectual debates.

         If we wish to argue that one culture stole this idea from another culture, then we should really

blame Buddha and Christ from stealing the Golden Rule from the Jews, because Moses had the Golden

Rule written down not long after 1446 B.C. in Leviticus 19:18 which says—―Do not seek revenge or bear a

grudge against one of your people, but LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. I am the Lord.‖

         Now, we have to blame Moses for taking the Golden Rule from Someone else. Who is really the

Origin of the Golden Rule according to the Torah that was written in 1446 B.C.? The God of Israel! To

end the argument of: ―Buddha discovered the Golden Rule before Christ‖ we could then say, ―Moses wrote

down the Golden Rule before Buddha, so Buddha borrowed the Golden Rule in the six hundreds B.C. from

the Jews. Of course, to put an end to all argument, God taught us the Golden Rule and it is possible that
Buddha had discovered the Golden Rule on his own without ever having heard of Christ or knowing that

the phrase ―Love your neighbor as yourself‖ existed long before him.

         So everybody stole the Golden Rule from the Jews and if it wasn‘t the Jews who came up with the

Golden Rule, then it was the Creator of the heavens and the earth. If everyone is God‘s Creation created in

God‘s form and likeness then doesn‘t everyone have the chance to discover that Golden Rule within

themselves if we are all a part of that One Body? Yes, Buddha discovered what God had in mind to do

since the Creation of the world and the principles that Buddha had discovered were discovered before God

completed His Mission on earth. Should we go to God through Buddha then?

         According to the Gospel of John 14:6 Jesus answered, ―I am the way and the truth and the life.

No one comes to the Father except through me.‖ We could argue about who should have the legitimate

claim to the Golden Rule when we don‘t accept the Gospel of Christ. However, everyone, since the

beginning of time, who has been made in God‘s Image has had the ability to discover that Golden Rule of

Love which God had practiced when He had come to Earth in the human form of Jesus. If we want to

approach God‘s Throne, then we must approach God‘s Throne through the Body of Christ, becoming One

with Christ in His sufferings and in His death. This is the only real way we can learn to love our enemies is

by imitating Christ and obeying His Teachings.

         Self-denial is quite truly an unpopular teaching in a Selfish society and those religions which teach

Self-denial do imitate God‘s Work completed in the Body of Christ. Both Buddha and Ghandi practiced

some of God‘s Teachings without even knowing God or knowing Christ. Both Buddha and Ghandi were

men who had fulfilled Romans 2:14 which says—―Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by

nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law,

since they show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing

witness, and their thoughts now accusing, now even defending them.‖

         Buddha and Ghandi, who did not have God‘s Laws, did by nature, things required by God‘s Laws,

showing that the requirements of God‘s Laws were written on their hearts. So then, are those who follow

Buddha and Ghandi‘s teachings going to live forever with God the Creator because of this fact. Are not all

men saved now? We will discuss the process of Heaven and Hell, Salvation and condemnation later, but
for now, we are trying to pinpoint the Source for why we feel the need to obey the Golden Rule, because

we are all criminals who have broken many laws.

         The Golden Rule has been broken down into two parts by the world‘s Savior and is reaffirmed by

the Savior of the world in Matthew 22:37-40 which says—―Love the Lord your God with all your heart and

with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is

like it: ‗Love your neighbor as yourself.‘ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two

commandments.‖ Therefore, loving our neighbors as ourselves is not just a Rule, but a Commandment—a

commandment that all of us have failed to practice. We have come to know that the Golden Rule is the

most important Universal Moral Code that the world must practice in order for World Peace, Unity, and

non-violence to exist among the nations.

         Most people think that God or the religions that surround Him is a failure, after all, look at the

world around us! Since God is the Foundation and the Author of the Golden Rule, we are attempting to

deny that the Deity of Christ has anything to do with the Golden Rule and that somehow, like Buddha and

Ghandi, the Golden Rule is quite natural and a part of the human nature. In other words, we are struggling

to forget about Religion oppressing and suppressing us and trying to free and liberate our minds with the

concept that we can learn to follow the Golden Rule on our own without any Divine help.

         The Golden Rule should come quite naturally to us as it did with Buddha and Ghandi and we

don‘t need any ―Higher Power‖ to discover this light within ourselves or for ourselves. [I wonder where

that idea really came from—Satan?] Then again, why are we complaining that when things go wrong, that

the Divine God should intervene, IF He exists? We deny God and then turn around claiming that we need

Him to fix everything that has gone wrong, since we cannot depend upon ourselves and our human

goodness to achieve this goal. Everyone knows the Truth at the blink of death!

         We would like to believe that we can be independent without God‘s Help, but as soon as we run

into a problem, a fire, an earthquake, a famine, a flood, or a disaster we suddenly go running to God for

help asking, ―Why didn‘t you help us?‖

         One of the greatest arguments against God‘s Existence among the so-called ―intellectuals‖ of our

generation is, ―If God existed, then this or that wouldn‘t happen.‖ People tend to match God with a certain

humanistic criteria of their own, meaning of course, that because certain deaths and tragedies occur then
God must not exist because surely a Good and Righteous ―Creator‖ wouldn‘t let such horrible things

happen to people. Death and tragedy are the greatest weapons that have been used to sort of remove the

existence of God from the face of the visible universe. ―Well, a good and righteous God wouldn‘t let

people suffer and die the way they do, therefore, God must not exist because of all the misery and suffering

of the human race.‖ What we need to understand is that to the perspective of the Eternal Author of Life all

are alive and no one is dead. The Creator promised us a resurrection and we have a certain hope that will

never perish.

         As for the many billions of Muslims who are resurrected, I believe they are all in for a huge

surprise, only instead of getting the lake of fire like they all deserve for being so gullible in following their

false prophet, God might forgive them in the Name of Jesus after the correction in their religious beliefs has

been completed when they are made aware of what happened to them.

         Homosexual offenders will argue, ―I was raped and molested as a child, therefore, God does not

exist because he wasn‘t there for me. Therefore, it is okay and natural for me to love the same sex, after

all, there is no God. If God exists then He must accept me for who I am. Surely a good God would not

send me to hell for my natural inclinations? I mean, I can‘t help myself when I stick my penis in another

man‘s mouth, or, as a woman I can‘t help myself sticking my fingers in another woman‘s vagina.‖ Another

homosexual argument might be, ―Well, my perversion is natural and not a perversion. It is my choice!‖

Child molesters give in to their own perverted impulses based upon the same thought patterns. The major

arguments against God are, ―My loved ones have suffered and died. I don‘t believe in God because of the

way they suffered and died.‖

         Another argument against God is that, ―I can‘t see God. I have never seen God. Therefore God

does not exist.‖

         Still another argument against God is that, ―Science has proven the Bible to be inaccurate and

wrong because the world was not created in six days, it evolved over millions of years.‖ Perhaps if you are

Buddhist, Buddha is the god of choice. If you are Hindu you have some other gods to worship.

         Faith in God is either logical or illogical based upon a certain intellectual criteria, which gives us

reasons to believe or not to believe in God. Christians and Jews believe in God based upon what the Bible

says. Anyone who rejects the Bible does so because they are convinced that the whole Bible was made up
by a clever group of men who just wanted to use religion to reach a political objective. In other words, the

66 books of the Bible were all written by men for a man‘s world (the feminist argument) and did not come

from any God. Whatever words were written in the Bible were made up by men and are filled with beliefs

and ideas that never came from anyone except the lying men who wrote them. Okay, then if all religions

are just human lies, then by which Foundation can we build upon to start a new religion? If God does not

exist, then we must create a new God and create One Central Throne which will help us to solve all the

world‘s problems and achieve World Peace.

         We discredit the Bible based upon a certain logic. So how is it that we can accept Hinduism,

Buddhism, Islam, A Course In Miracles, and the Church of Scientology without questions of right or

wrong, good or evil? Why do we choose to believe in Astrology and not in God? Aren‘t these other

religions based upon the teachings of men and haven‘t men wrote down these religions as well? Let‘s

suppose that the argument against God is true for one moment. Let‘s use our imagination to pretend that

God really does not exist and that atheists were right all along. We should desire to question the existence

of God to its fullest extent so that we can come to some reasonable, logical conclusion for why we don‘t

believe in God based upon what we have convinced our own minds to believe.

         If there is no ―One God‖ and the universe was not ―Created‖ and just ―Evolved‖ then perhaps we

should either accept or reject some or all religions. There can be no One Foundation for right or wrong,

good or evil, if there is no God to resurrect us after death. If death is just the end of us and there is no one

to meet us on ‗The Other Side,‘ then why should we care about anyone or anything at all?

         If we are going to be re-incarnated without any ―God‖ being involved, then why should we care

about the Golden Rule? The Golden Rule states, ―Treat others as you would want to be treated.‖ Wow.

What a profound human belief!

         Why should I treat others in the same way that I would want to be treated? Because it is the moral

thing to do? Why should you dictate to me what is moral?

         People who have denied the existence of the God of Israel have made the following claims: If I

did what makes me happy, then like Hitler, if I want to kill you, then I have a right to kill you because I

don‘t like you. It is natural for me not to love you at all. In fact, I have a right to disobey all laws because

all laws are human laws that don‘t come from any God. It was Hitler‘s right to kill off all the Jews because
it was his personal opinion that Jews were inferior to the German Master Race. We can justify war because

only the strongest and most fittest survive. Since we have no foundation for Truth or Morality and God

does not exist, then I don‘t have to love my neighbor. In fact, I can hate my neighbor because hatred is the

essence of how I truly feel towards everyone. I really dislike my relatives and their sinful neglect of my

mother, so I should just kill them because they are stupid, greedy, selfish yuppies who don‘t care about

anybody else but themselves and their own appetites.

         Many other people opposed to the existence of God have said things like: ―You can‘t tell me that

hating other people or my relatives is wrong. That is your own man-made belief and opinion. As for

human law, what a joke! I can get away with murder if I want to as long as I don‘t get caught. I can get

drunk and stoned because there is no God that I have to be accountable to. I can do whatever I want to do

and there should be no rules or laws to govern my life for I am a free spirit and as a free spirit I want to set

up my own empire and destroy all other empires. I hate other cultures so I have a right to destroy them if I

want to. After all, I don‘t have to be accountable to any human being or god. Let me kill everyone that I

hate and do whatever I want to do. Whatever impulse comes into my mind, I should follow it and seek my

own pleasures.‖

         Go into any prison where criminals have been judged and condemned eternally and they will say

many things like: What is your argument? That I must be a bad, evil criminal? Excuse me. But what

moral foundation do you have to call me bad, evil, or criminal if you don‘t believe in God? There is no

bad, evil, or sinful criminal in my universe. In my universe I am my own god and therefore I am good

according to my own standards of right and wrong, good and evil. Your evil is my good and my good is

your evil.

         Who cares about giving women equal rights to me? I am a man. Women are weaker than I am

both physically and emotionally. If there is no God then I think that women should submit to men. Do you

have a moral foundation to give me that convinces me that women should have any rights or privileges at

all? After all, if only the most strongest and fittest survive according to the rule of evolution, then women

should be beat up and kept submissive because they are weaker than men. If I don‘t want black people in

my city or in my nation, then it is my right to get rid of them, after all, there is no God and I can do
whatever I want when I want to. [I don‘t really believe this or think this way myself, I am just making a

graphic point about a universe without the God of Israel]

         If your argument is correct and there is no God after I die to resurrect me, then I should forget

about you and get rid of you because I don‘t like you. You are in my way and worthless to me. If you

don‘t leave my city and my nation then I will wipe you off the face of the earth. I hate you. I was born

with hate and think that hate is good. You can‘t tell me that what I find good is wrong or evil. There is no

wrong or evil. Hey, if you hate me and I hate you then we can fight and wage war and whoever wins is the

strongest and most fittest to live. I think you are a loser, a wimp, and I think that all faggots should be shot

and killed. I hate faggots. They are disgusting to me so I have a right to purify my world of their

existence. Hey, God doesn‘t exist so I can pretty much do whatever I want to do and you can‘t tell me

what to do. I have a right to do what I want.

         No? I don‘t have a right to kill someone else that I don‘t personally like? Why? Do you have a

moral foundation that I can look upon and say, ―Oh yes, this is the reason that I should love you and accept

you?‖ No. You have no foundation because there is no God! I don‘t have to love you and accept you if I

don‘t want to. Oh, I get it. I have to love you and accept you to achieve a corporate and political success in

this world. Well, in that case, after work, I will follow you and have you killed so that when I return to

work tomorrow I don‘t ever have to put up with you again. Yes, I have the mind of a murderer. I am a

criminal because there is no god to hold myself accountable to. What you call criminal, I call a saint.

Criminals are just as good as homosexuals claim to be. After all, I can‘t help myself any more than the

homos can help themselves. I am just following through with my own inclinations and desires. I was born

a murderer and it is in my human nature to want to kill other people because it makes me feel good.

         What? Does this offend you and make you sick? Why? There is no god so why should you have

any moral conscience about who I am as an individual? I mean, if you can accept a homosexual for their

lifestyle then why can‘t you accept me for my lifestyle? Aren‘t you discriminating against me? I am a

murderer and so I should have equal rights to homos because like them, I am following through with my

own natural impulses and inclinations. I love to steal too. Why should I have to work in a corrupted

system when I can take what I want from others? Because it isn‘t fair? Hmmm. Well, I was born a thief

so I have a right to steal and have the same rights as homos because I can‘t help myself when I steal? Did
you know that I love to have sex with children? I love having sex with children, I mean, I can‘t help

myself. I don‘t get aroused by women around my own age. I only get aroused around children, therefore it

is natural and normal for me to want to have sex with children because there is no God and I am only doing

something that feels good and natural to my own human nature.

         [I am stating this as an argument about human impulses and whims and this is not at all a

reflection of what I sit around thinking, nor does it imply who I would be even without God, although, had

I been an atheist this could have been me. I have heard all of these statements from criminals who have

denied the existence of God and followed through with what made them feel good]

         Rapists say, ―Oh, and I just love to rape women. I get such a wonderful rush from raping weak

women and violating their will. I have the right to rape women because there is no god whom I have to

hold myself accountable to. As homos were born homos, so was I born with a rapist will. I can‘t help

myself. I don‘t get sexually aroused unless I have raped a woman or a young teenage girl. Oh yes, I love

having sex with teenage girls. It‘s so arousing to caress their young flesh and it feels so good.‖

         Criminals usually have the attitude: What? I have violated someone else‘s rights? Who has any

rights? There is no god. I am doing what I feel is right and doing whatever my impulses get most aroused

by. Are you going to tell me that there is a moral religion which can convince me that what I am doing or

saying is wrong? Which one? Buddhism? Ha! Why should I follow a big fat Chinese man that a bunch of

stupid people believe in? I would rather just blow up Buddha and all his slanted eyed followers. Yes, I am

a racist and I like the supremacy of my race over yours, after all, there is no god except the impulses of

human will. If I don‘t believe in God do you think I would actually be so stupid as to believe in the Hindu

gods of India? Hinduism is by far the most stupidest religion in the world. I would become a Muslim

before I would become a pagan Indian. I think that the Muslims should wipe India off the face of the

world. Besides they are all suffering from severe poverty and it would be better if they all died. As for

Muslims, well, I don‘t believe in their version of ―God‖ either. Let‘s see now, the Church of Scientology is

a joke. They set up a bunch of man-made rules and moral codes that are for women and faggots.

         Yes, I was born a racist and a bigot. So what? If you are right and there is no god, then like

homos, I am only following through with my natural design! Hatred is in my nature so by hating I am only
giving in to my animal nature, the nature I was born with. I can‘t help it. I hate everybody. I have hated

everybody since I was a child!

         Once again, I reiterate that I personally don‘t believe any of this, but I am graphically trying to

persuade you that without God doing what He did in the Name of Christ and without our Faith that God

really did appear to us through Christ, then all religions are dead and all we have left is evil and chaos. If

we are to assume that no Creator set the sun, moon, stars, and earth in motion, then we virtually have no

reason to confine ourselves to human laws or ‗God‘s‘ laws whatsoever. When we lose our faith in the

Creator and Author of Life, we become the most dangerous type of individuals, unstable, unholy, and

without self-control. Taking our focus off the God of Israel and following through with our own impulses

often leads to the destruction we have witnessed during our lifetimes.

         If there is not a Creator to greet us after we die and all that we have is the human forms that are

withering away into the dust, then is it any wonder people in every society throughout the world are losing

it? Everybody seems to be losing their minds because they have lost their faith in God and for those of you

who haven‘t lost your mind yet, I feel sorry for you. I lost my mind writing this book! I had to undergo a

certain kind of death to even my own religion to be born again into the life God had called me into—which

was the life, death, and resurrection of Christ.

         Many people have fallen asleep in their own little dream world taking vacations and sipping on

their various drinks without a clue in the world that their dream world is about to end and if they are aware

of it, they are ignoring it with an ‗ignorance is bliss‘ attitude. As long as people are making money they are

happy. Take away their money and their careers and what will remain? Where has the FOUNDATION of

their souls been based? Certainly no one can take their money and their material possessions with them

after death. All that remains is the soul and the decisions and choices we made while captivated by these

mortal forms.

         I have accepted the real world for what it is. What man has created is real ugly and the only

beauty that remains is what God the Father has created—and much of what He has made has been and is

being destroyed. I have the good sense to know that there is an Adversary out there who hates God and

wants to separate the whole world from having a relationship with God through Christ. Christ has defeated

God‘s enemies, however, God‘s enemies are doing everything they can to destroy Christ and the Faith in
God that comes through His Name. The real enemy of the human race is not religion or the people who

follow these religions, but the one who created the false religions.

         The only reason world peace was launched was because of corporate greed. War used to be

profitable, but Peace has also been profitable. Religion never achieved world peace. Neither did

GLOBALIZATION. Certainly neither the Catholics nor the Muslims ever convinced intelligent people

such as myself that Peace has something to do with these religions.

         The people who are rulers over these two religions of Catholicism and Islam have been just as

corrupt as any other prostitute. We have all become prostitutes selling our flesh for money.

         Why else is everyone in the world required to keep silent about religion in the work place? Could

it be because religion is the core of our hearts and that if we were to discuss our religious beliefs in the

workplace we would all really hate each other and be distracted in our job performances? Or is it because

people have a fear of not being accepted, loved, or appreciated beyond the surface and the exterior masks

they momentarily wear in their ‗business uniforms‘? I am quite puzzled as to how any society can really

thrive without knowing who your fellow employees really are in the religion they practice when they leave

work and go home. Most people don‘t care. As long as they are making money and providing for

themselves and their own families they are happy—or at least they put up a front of happiness.

         If we can be open to listening to what someone else has to say, without anger or quarreling, we

can achieve true peace. Someone who is confident within themselves and their own religion will not get

easily angered, quarrel, get into fits of rage, or slander others if they know that what they believe in is the

Truth. This is why the world hates Christians.

         Christians are confident that what they believe in is the only Truth in the world, and all other

religions, who stole some of their ideas from God‘s Teachings, get angry and quarrel, fight and get into fits

of rage, because they do not have the Truth. Christianity teaches that the only path to Heaven and

Salvation is through Christ, but other religions teach that there are many paths to Heaven which lead to

God, but the Heaven that other religions teach is quite a different form of heaven, than what the Bible

teaches. The Bible has to be the Truth. Why? Because every religious book in the world is accepted with

love and flattery except the Bible. The God of Israel must exist, because there is so much blasphemy and

hatred towards Him demonstrated by countless hoards. People are quicker to accept Buddhism, Hinduism,
Islam, or other pagan religions with an attitude of tolerance, but as soon as someone mentions the Bible or

Christ you never hear the end of anger, fighting, malice, and slander.

         The way we can love those who have a different opinion, religion, or viewpoint than ours is to

demonstrate kindness, compassion, and love. We can still reject their ideas without resorting to anger,

violence, and hate. We can still find other religions intolerable and keep what we know to be true and

honest to ourselves, and still share our faith on solid ground.

         There is One Rock, One Foundation, One Throne, for Inner Peace and Love: It is called the Rock

of Jesus Christ through which all nations can enter the Temple of the God of Israel.

         It was money and economic globalization that moved the Peace Process forward and kept religion

silent in the work place so why should I personally believe in Peace? Well, Christ taught me the message

of True Peace and it is His Message which has brought me Peace and taught me to lay down my military

guns. Therefore, I don‘t have to believe in World Peace since I happen to know that modern ‗World Peace‘

came from Satan who keeps deceiving the nations in the four corners of the world.

         Of course, now that we have extra-terrestrials coming down to earth from heaven, they will serve

as the ―missing link‖ and the ―next step in human evolution.‖ After all, aren‘t aliens an intelligent

community that proves we can live without God and be our own ‗gods‘ worshipping ourselves within our

own ‗higher intelligence?‘ The world community is attempting to discover a ―Higher Intelligence‖ which

will unite the whole world together and create a Utopia where everyone‘s problems will be taken care of.

Everyone is seeking a Savior to save them from the many injustices of the world.

         Can a New Age Religion really save us? Can a world with so many different worlds really

become One World? No. God‘s Adversary loves a good controversy as well as any thought or idea that

opposes His validity as the King of Kings and Lord of lords. The strategic goal of Satan is to take all of

God‘s attributes and rebel against His Throne as the Center and the Foundation which holds all things

together. He has done a great job of building alternative thrones.

         God‘s Eternal answer to Satan and to all followers of false religions is the Name of Christ. To

turn the Cross of Christ upside down is Satan‘s strategic goal. Through Christ, God has made Himself

known to the human race and through Christ the secrets and mysteries of the universe have been granted to
the human race. Attempting to unite the world on any other name other than the name of Jesus will only

work for a short period of time.

         The world has to move towards One Central Global Government which establishes Eternal Law,

Order, and Peace. The world has to move towards the Throne of the One True God, Who has only One

Form, and the world must unite upon the Foundation He has built in the Name of Christ. World Peace

came in the form of money and the countless souls who were bought at a price to give up God and country

for economic survival.

         Christ‘s Adversary will attempt to unite the world in a different way—opposing everything that is

called by the Name of God or is worshipped—even as he already has. The god of Self is the Religion of

the New Age and the human race will strive to achieve Peace on its own without the God of Israel as the

Foundation. As long as we make money and build our own castles we are happy and get our way. Silence

about religion developed for this very reason.

         What is the destiny of building empires without Christ? Destruction. One of Satan‘s greatest

deceptions is convincing the human race that neither God nor Satan exist and that their forms are One with

everything. If God and the devil are a myth, then I am sure I would not believe in World Peace, like a lot

of enemies of World Peace do not. I personally believe in Peace and reject war and violence, however, as a

man of Truth I know that human nature, sinful and evil as it is, will not permit such a Utopia.

         How can we love our enemies? By obeying the Gospel. We will never have pure joy in our lives

unless we learn to let go of our bitterness, our anger, our frustration, & our anxiety. We must be confident

within ourselves in our relationship with God—so confident that no one whom we would consider our

enemy can touch our spirits with their primitive thought patterns which are un-Godly. Focusing on Jesus

rather than ourselves will bring the healing we need to love everyone as He loved and still loves everyone.

         Colossians 1:17-20 says—―Jesus is before all things, and in him all things hold together. And he

is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning and the firstborn from among the dead, so that in

everything he might have the supremacy. For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him, and

through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace

through his blood, shed on the cross.‖

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