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Transforming Encounters Transforming Encounters


                                                                               JULY - AUGUST 2010
                                                                                          ISSUE 57


e   th   Malaysia Church Conference
                     10 - 13 June 2010

                                         The Leap Forward: Transformation of Society
by Senior Pastor Dr Daniel Ho

A woman caught in adultery was dragged          From all walks of life, many experienced        potential and possibilities. A divine and
before Jesus. Accusing ngers were all           the same. Whether it be shermen like            eternal perspective has taken over in life.
around insisting on a quick verdict. The        Peter and Andrew, a tax collector like Levi,    One’s vision for living is stretched because
Law of Moses was clear. The punishment          a demon-possessed man like the one in           one no longer lives for self and the present.
for anyone caught in adultery was death         the Gerasenes, a blind man like the one at      From henceforth, living for God is what
(Leviticus 20:10).                              Bethsaida or the Syrophoenician woman.          matters.
                                                All these people in the gospel of Mark had
What did Jesus do? Jesus refused to be          transforming encounters with Jesus which        As a result, there is much passion for
caught in a judgmental attitude. He             radically changed them. Many continue to        present engagement in any enterprise and
refused to condemn. What did Jesus              experience the same over the centuries          a con dent hope for the future. Indeed, an
say? All He said was: “If any one of you is     likewise.                                       eternal hope! This passion is fuelled by a
without sin, let him be the rst to throw a                                                      sense of gratitude, of thankfulness and the
stone at her” (John 8:7).                       In an encounter with Jesus, a divine            privilege of being called to serve Him.
                                                exchange takes place. Jesus forgives and        Anyone encountering Jesus would have
Suddenly the tables were turned. Accusing       delivers us from sin and the Spirit of God      his vision extended for living, his faith
  ngers were now turned inwards. Each           takes over and begins to do the renewing        ignited with fervour and his perspective
one recognised the extent of sin in one’s       and transforming work. He exchanges the         enlarged to capture both the earthly and
own life. The older ones were the rst to          eshly for the holy and godly, the earthly     the heavenly.
acknowledge it. Age now held a clear            for the heavenly and the temporal for the
disadvantage. And beginning with the            eternal. He changes our a ection so that        Fuelled by this kind of transformation, we
oldest, we are told, they each left one at a    our passion is no longer, like the woman        can only live with a great sense of urgency
time (John 8:9).                                above, driven by the esh but by the Spirit      and a purposeful God-directed mission on
                                                of God. In that exchange, divinity encoun-      earth while we await timelessness to
Jesus then said, “Woman, where are they?        ters humanity and transforms and                invade our space/time-bound earth some-
Has no one condemned you? ... Neither do        transports us into the realm of eternity with   day.
I condemn you. ... Go now and leave your        God. What an amazing transaction indeed!
life of sin” (John 8:10,11). That unexpected
encounter        with    Jesus     absolutely   More than the divine exchange, there is
transformed the life of the woman.              also the enlargement of life with all the

                                                                                        Where the
                                                              of the Lord                                dwells
by Charlene Thum, PJ North 1

“… planted in the house of the Lord, they will ourish in the courts of our God.” (Psalm 92:13)

W       hen I rst stepped into DUMC in
December 2007, I felt very at home.
                                             Often after a long and di icult week at
                                             work, I would look forward to be back in
                                                                                            I truly believe that DUMC is a church
                                                                                            where the Presence of the Lord dwells.
During worship, I could sense the            Dream Centre again where I know I can          The Lord is at work here. As we are being
awesome presence of the Lord. At that          nd comfort and rest and be refreshed. I      transformed by the Holy Spirit, let us all
time, I had returned to Malaysia after my    am very excited about our church’s Vision      bring glory to His name! Truly, those who
studies abroad where I just had a powerful   which is to transform our communities and      are planted in the house of the Lord will
encounter with the Lord. I was searching     in turn, our nation of Malaysia. I thank God     ourish in the courts of our God.
for a church in Malaysia where I could       for the opportunity to give generously
grow in my walk with the Lord as I wanted    through DUMC to the poor and needy and
to know Him more intimately.                 in the process, advance His Kingdom’s
Initially, I only attended the weekend
celebrations in DUMC. I worked in another    I want to allow the Lord to transform me
country during the week and returned to        rst so that I will have the privilege of
Kuala Lumpur for my weekends. After I        partnering Him in His Kingdom’s purpose.
was transferred back to Kuala Lumpur         I believe this is our Father’s heart and I
early this year, I joined a cell group, a    know that this transformation is only
ministry and also started to get more        possible with God! I am convicted and
involved in our church activities.           inspired by Pr Daniel’s consistent remind-
                                             ers to us to share our testimony and the
Looking back, during these past two years    gospel in every opportunity that comes our
in DUMC, I have also been blessed with       way. I often forget that all I need to do is
countless encounters with the Lord. I have   merely to allow God’s grace to ow through
been touched by His Presence during          me as His vessel and He will do the rest.
worship, cell meetings, altar calls, SOL
classes, Baptism & Membership Encoun-
ter Weekend, Missions Candidate Prepa-
ration Programme 1, Fast & Prayer
meetings, Children’s Church and while on
mission trips.

                                                           Spirit of God
                                                                    is moving in Kota Damansara

by Janice Long, KIDS church

O      n Thursday, 17 June 2010, Isabel,
Paul and I who serve in KIDS church
                                             home cleansing due to objections from his
                                             children. When we arrived this time, the
                                                                                             Subsequent to the house cleansing and
                                                                                             blessing, Mei Ling and I visited some of
visited Kota Damansara when we heard         brother was waiting for us outside his          our children’s homes. Most of the parents
about a ght where a brother’s son was        house. He related the events and told us        we met were happy and eager to send
badly beaten by four young men. All ve of    that all the young men involved in the ght      their children to church. Some even
them were taken away to a police lock-up.    had been released. Praise the Lord!             reprimanded their children for not being
We know the parents of all the youths as     I conveyed Pr Nancy’s message of                regular.
they come to church on Sundays.              FORGIVENESS to him and he replied that
                                             they have forgiven one another.                 We were warmly received on this visit. This
When we arrived in Kota Damansara, the                                                       was a sharp contrast from two years ago,
parents were out as their children were to   This dear brother’s wife, daughters and         when one of the families told us that they
be charged that day. We prayed for their     others joined in. Isabel shared a message       were Hindu worshippers and they did not
release. Then we met a teenager, aged 13     and we sang two praise songs. When              want our things. We also invited parents
who attends KIDS church. Her brothers        Isabel asked again if they wanted to have       who have not been to our church to visit us
were involved in the ght.                    their house cleansed, they all said “YES”.      with their children. It was heartening to see
                                             Isabel explained to them that they have to      some of our regular ladies in Kota Daman-
She shared that her mother has been          renounce all their idols, cut o ties with       sara ministering to their own who eagerly
crying for the last three days and has       them and worship only Jesus from now on.        agreed to be prayed for.
refused to eat any food. The teenager was    They all agreed. Their daughters asked to
very worried and sad. Not knowing what to    change their names to Christian names as        It is wonderful that we now have a group of
do, she decided to pray to Jesus. She        one of them had the name of a Hindu idol.       youths in Kota Damansara who have
shared that Jesus appeared to her.                                                           become our prayer partners. They went
                                             The head of the household with the help of      from home to home with us and prayed
I was very excited and asked her to          his family members broke the altar (the         alongside us! The spirit of God is
describe what she saw. She described         shelf that had all the idols) into pieces. We   certainly MOVING in Kota Daman-
Jesus to be in shining white and had some    helped to clear all the idols in every room.    sara, transforming hearts and changing
goats with him. I asked her what happened    We put everything into plastic bags and         lives.
next. She told me that Jesus released the    threw them into the bins. A youth came to
goats! She said Jesus told her that her      carry the heavy pieces of wood to the bins.
brothers like the goats, will also be        We took away the bigger idols and pictures
released. We prayed together and sealed      to be destroyed. After the cleansing, we
the Lord’s revelation to her.                blessed everyone in the family and invited
                                             the Spirit of God into their home. It is hard
Two days later, we went back to Kota         to describe the spiritual atmosphere then.
Damansara with two more people to            There was joy and the liberating feeling of
cleanse the brother’s home. There were       being set free.
three unsuccessful attempts earlier for
Marriages in the Community

by Rosalyn Ho, Floodgates

G      ood marriage is important to the
e ective functioning of the family and
                                                  Discussing marriage issues in the comfort
                                                  of a home also makes the session less
                                                                                                learning platform. Through their dedica-
                                                                                                tion, beautiful marriages have blossomed
society. Recognising this, Bob and Ruby           intimidating and allows couples to share      into fragrances of love.
Chee have been reaching out to couples            openly. Bob and Ruby hosted the rst
(Christians and non-Christians) through           Marriage Course in their home and have
marriage-enhancing courses in their Sierra        since helped in several other rounds of the
                                                                                                    The Marriage Course is a seven-
Mas community since 2006. Their commit-           same course conducted in Sierra Mas.
                                                                                                    week course covering all the key
ment to strengthen marriages through              After their pioneer run, the course has
                                                                                                    topics relevant for a healthy
godly principles and thereby contributing to      carried on for another ve more rounds.
                                                                                                    marriage, namely:
the building blocks that lay the foundation
                                                                                                    1) Building Strong Foundations,
for strong families is driven by their love for   Bob and Ruby are truly happy to see
                                                                                                    2) The Art of Communication,
people.                                           couples well-bonded. They are also
                                                                                                    3) Resolving Con ict,
                                                  energised by the fact that there is a real
                                                                                                    4) The Power of Forgiveness,
Since 2008, they have also been involved          community e ort in the gatherings and
                                                                                                    5) Parents and In-laws,
in the seven-week Marriage Course                 there is much fun and laughter at these
                                                                                                    6) Good Sex and
designed by Nicky and Sila Lee of Alpha           events. A progression after the “Alpha
                                                                                                    7) Love In Action.
International, London. How do Bob and             Marriage” course is the classic “Alpha
Ruby get people to come to these                  Course”. This course has 15 sessions and
                                                                                                    Each session starts o with food and
courses? According to Ruby, it is really not      is evangelical in nature, sharing the good
                                                                                                    fellowship followed by the screening
that hard. First, they need to invite their       news of Jesus and exploring the meaning
                                                                                                    of a DVD according to topic. The
friendly neighbours to their home for an          of life.
                                                                                                    Marriage Course has bene tted
interesting social event. They once had a
                                                                                                    many couples in many di erent ways.
romantic dinner party for 20 couples where        Bob and Ruby are currently involved in the
                                                                                                    Those interested in The Marriage
all of the couples had a memorable time.          Alpha Course that is conducted in Sierra
                                                                                                    Course can either do it at Dream
Thereafter, they had the dessert served in        Mas. Going forward, they wish to further
                                                                                                    Centre or in a home setting. For more
the TV room.                                      reach out to other communities through
                                                                                                    information about The Marriage
                                                  social events and keep on doing the good
                                                                                                    Course, please contact Joseph Tan
From there, with just a click of the remote       work of “sowing”.
                                                                                                    (012 327 1700) for course at DUMC
control button, The Marriage Course
                                                                                                    and Ruby Chee (012 297 0676) for
promotion video would be launched. That           Their hope is to see many more people
                                                                                                    course in home setting.
was how the couples learnt about The              coming along to bring The Marriage
Marriage Course and its bene ts. This             Course into more communities. To this
modus operandi provided an informal and           end, they have a DVD entitled “How to
non-pressurising way of encouraging               run The Marriage Course in the
couples to join the course.                       community” that serves as an easy

We enjoyed
  e Marriage
by Warren and Amy Tan, PJ North 2

H       ow did we decide to attend The
Marriage Course in DUMC? We were very
                                                London were able to e ectively communi-
                                                cate via DVD, very practical yet simple
                                                                                                 could easily be swept under the carpet
                                                                                                 without realising that these hurts are still in
blessed to have Pr Chris and Stella Kam         teachings on how to maintain and improve         our hearts.
initially as our relationship counsellors and   our marriage relationship.
subsequently as our pre-marital counsel-                                                         Finally, we enjoyed The Marriage Course
lors.      They imparted immense godly          One topic that we felt was very important to     because of the.....FOOD!!!     We were
wisdom into our lives and we also had           us was on The Art of Communication. We           always treated to absolutely yummy food
much fun learning from them. So, after we       realised that it is easy for one party to talk   (usually home-cooked!) by the fantastic
got married in 2009 and our sessions with       and the other not listening carefully and        helpers from the ministry. We are
the Kams had ended, we, as expected,            understanding the message. In that               unashamed to say that the food was really
su ered from the pre-marital counselling        session, we also learnt that it is very          something we looked forward to, as much
withdrawal symptoms!                            common for one party to be overenthusias-        as the opportunity to learn!
                                                tic in becoming an advice giver when all
About six months after our wedding, we          the other party needs is a hug, a shoulder       We highly recommend married couples to
discovered that The Marriage Course was         to cry on or just to be listened to! Such        attend The Marriage Course no matter
open for registration. Without hesitation,      simple advice, yet we often failed to do so.     how many months or years that they have
we signed up. We had expected the               This lesson is useful not only for our           been married. The course has certainly
course to be set up just like any other         marriage but also for our relationships with     helped us in our marriage because we
DUMC training session - chairs together in      others.                                          learnt everything from resolving con icts,
rows and a brightly-lit room. To our pleas-                                                      parents and in-laws, sex to building a
ant surprise, the hall looked really romantic   On The Marriage Course, we also enjoyed          strong marriage foundation. As Pr Daniel
with dimly-lit candles on tables for two! It    the private exercises with our own spouse        regularly says, the marriage institution is
was nice to know that the people serving in     where we discussed questions that were in        very important because strong marriages
the ministry had gone to great lengths to       the manual. One very powerful exercise           lead to strong families which in turn lead to
make the place comfortable and romantic         that we covered was in the area of forgive-      strong societies and a strong nation!
for couples. And we found that it was done      ness and identifying unresolved hurts. We
so that during the times when we had            had to honestly discuss some of the past
discussions with our spouses, we would          hurts in our relationship. The guidelines to
have our privacy.                               help us worked through the issues were
                                                very helpful like how to say the right words
We thoroughly enjoyed every session.            or ask the right questions. It was a very
Nicky and Sila Lee of Alpha International,      powerful exercise as many past issues

Why we attended
           e Marriage Course
by Richard & Peggy Yeo, PJ North 1

A     wedding takes only a while but a
marriage is a life long journey. It is during
                                                The Marriage Course also covers the topic
                                                on “Good Sex”. God created man and
                                                                                               any good advice then. We merely hoped
                                                                                               that time will heal their marriage. However,
the journey where the di erences of two         woman and the intimacy of this relation-       a year after their separation, they decided
people are discovered and overcome. We          ship is to be enjoyed within the con ne of a   to le for divorce.
have been married for 40 years and we           marriage.
have three grown up children and many                                                          Hence, divorce is not only prevalent in
grandchildren. Even after 40 years of           In 1 Corinthians 7:3-5, Paul says, “the        young couples but can also happen to
marriage, we are still discovering our          husband should ful l his marital duty to his   couples who have been married for a long
di erences.                                     wife, and likewise the wife to her husband.    time. Having gone through The Marriage
                                                The wife’s body does not belong to her         Course, we hope to be able to share our
When DUMC organised The Marriage                alone but also to her husband. In the same     experiences in future and help other
Course, we decided to join. When we told        way, the husband’s body does not belong        couples with unresolved di erences.
some of our friends that we were joining        to him alone but also to his wife. Do not
the course, their rst reaction was, “Hey,       deprive each other except by mutual            We encourage couples to take time to
what happened? Why do you need to               consent and for a time, so that you may        attend this course.
attend the course? You have marriage            devote yourselves to prayer. Then come
problems?”                                      together again so that Satan will not tempt
                                                you because of your lack of self-control.” A
We explained that we only have small            good intimate relationship with our spouse
problems and it is better to solve them         according to Paul protects us from adulter-
before they become big problems. We             ous relationship and helps to build a strong
attended The Marriage Course for two            marriage.
reasons. Firstly, we would like to enrich
our marriage and make it even better. A         Secondly, we would like to learn from The
good wedding is at the beginning while a        Marriage Course and be in a position to
good marriage is at the end.                    help couples with unresolved di erences.
                                                We are good and old friends to a couple
As husband and wife, we need to be              who have been married for 30 years. They
connected. The marriage time as                 have three grown up children. They have a
prescribed on the course, helps us to           son who is a doctor and another who is a
communicate with each other and stay            lawyer. Their daughter is a psychology
connected. The marriage time is a time of       graduate.
exchanging information and sharing of
ideas. There is mutual participation.           Two years ago, they told us that they have
Often, marriages break up because of a          decided to live apart because of irreconcil-
breakdown in communication.                     able di erences. We could not o er them

  e 14th
                    10 – 13 JUNE 2010
by Ng Phaik May, Floodgates

DUMC hosted the 14th Malaysia              Rev Jorge shared on church growth               integrity causing unbelief in the people.                 We can receive the gifting but the anoint-     Evangelism                                     Challenges facing the church
Cell Church Conference (MCCC)              and leadership                                  He urged everyone to read the Bible and                   ing will only happen when we have the          Pr Daniel expounded on evangelism,             in Malaysia
from 10 to 13 June 2010. This              Rev Jorge started by sharing the growth         spend time with Jesus every day. If we                    right character. We will only be sent when     Malaysian-style.       He explained that       Notwithstanding the challenges facing the
year’s MCCC themed “The Church             journey of his church. Although the church      have been with Jesus, we will be like                     we are ready under the authority of the        evangelism is the life of the church and it    church today which include deteriorating
that Makes a Di erence”, this year’s       started with only a small group of people,      Jesus. In Christ, we have all the blessings               local church.                                  determines the health and future of the        social situation, the bane of racial politics
MCCC attracted 673 delegates from          he had big vision. At the outset, he already    we need and in holiness, we have proof                                                                   church. Evangelism in a cell church takes      and religious pluralism and religious
89 local and foreign churches. Rev         told his people that they were building the     that we have been with Jesus.                             We are not to despise or underestimate         place at three levels, namely personal, cell   resurgence, Pr Daniel is of the view that
Dr Jorge Lopez, Senior Pastor of           biggest church in Guatemala.                                                                              anyone irrespective of the person’s            and church-wide. Pr Dr Chew Weng Chee          there is no better time to live in Malaysia
Fraternidad Cristiana de Guate-                                                            He also covered on what Jesus taught                      background. God can use little things and      of SIBKL and Pr Dr Philip Lyn of Skyline,      than now. As Christians, our response
mala, Guatemala was the keynote            There is power in visioning and confes-         about leadership. Firstly, Jesus’ leader-                 transform them into something big, citing      Kota Kinabalu also shared their views and      should be to know clearly the call of the
speaker. The MCCC was a fantastic          sion. He is convinced that if God has given     ship begun with “being” the Son of God                    the feeding of the ve thousand with only       experiences in evangelism.                     church, to live accountably, responsibly
conference and many delegates              a vision, He will also make the provision. A    and not with “doing” all kinds of things to                 ve loaves and two shes. God uses the                                                        and hold everybody else likewise to the
  nished the conference spiritually        church that wants to grow would need its        please God. The true leader listens to the                weak to confound the mighty (1 Corinthi-       Pr Chew said evangelism should be made         same high standards, fast and pray on
enriched.                                  people to ”think big and think about            Father, the Word of God and the Holy                      ans 1:27). Rev Jorge encouraged the            a culture in the church. Every heart with      behalf of the land and have the faith to
                                           growth”. If church leaders want to see          Spirit. Secondly, the true leader has a                   congregation to make ourselves available       Jesus is a missionary while every heart        believe God for a transformation of our
Rev Jorge is from humble beginnings        growth, Rev Jorge reminded the delegates        transforming vision, which is the vision to               to God so that He can make us able.            without Jesus is a mission eld. He also        nation. He concluded that Malaysia can
Rev Jorge founded Fraternidad Cristiana    that there is a price to pay. The leaders       see the potential in people. Thirdly, the                                                                quoted Reinhard Bonke who said, “When          become a leading nation if we have the
de Guatemala in 1979 with only 22          must be secure in their identity as they will   true leader has transforming stories to tell.             Relational life of the church                  we make saving souls our business, God         boldness and courage to believe.
members.       Today, the congregation     lose touch with the people once they            Fourthly, he is a servant leader. Fifthly, the            Pr Chris Kam summarised Christianity in        is interested in our success”.
numbers more than 15,000 members,          delegate their responsibilities to others.      true leader empowers others to do the                     one word, which is “relationships”. He said,
making it one of the biggest churches in                                                   work.                                                     “the way we serve people comes from the        Pr Philip Lyn of Skyline SIB, Kota Kinabalu
Guatemala.      Through his leadership,    Rev Jorge stressed on the importance of                                                                   way we view our own worth in God”. In          shared that evangelism in his church is
Fraternidad Cristiana has become a model   praise and worship. He said praise and          Rev Jorge also spoke on the di erence                     attaining spiritual leadership, one must       very simple. It is about :
church to Latin America and the world.     worship prepare us to receive the power of      between “calling” and “sending”. “Calling”                assume responsibility for the health and       (1) sowing simply,
Rev Jorge who started preaching at 15      the Holy Spirit. If we hear the voice of the    is the “what”, whereas “sending” is the                   development of his relationships. Leaders      (2) sowing faithfully,
years old, is a very in uential gure in    Spirit and act on His guidance, our lives       “when”, and both may not necessarily                      ought to develop and empower others to         (3) sowing sacri cially and
Guatemala. He is also a skilful and an     will not be in a mess.                          occur simultaneously. For example,                        do the job, as it is in the doing that the     (4) sowing together.
anointed preacher, an excellent adminis-                                                   Joseph was called at 17 but sent at 30.                   members will grow. The animated feature
trator and more importantly, a humble      Rev Jorge also shared that the challenge        Jesus too, did not do any ministry until he               of “Kung Fu Panda” was a very e ective
servant of the Lord.                       in the Christian world today is the lack of     was 30. Anointing is di erent from gifting.               illustration of this point.

                                                                                                                                            9   10
What did the
delegates say
about the 14th MCCC?

by Ng Phaik May & Low Mei Ling, Floodgates

“It’s amazing! We had our di erences         For Professor Paul Nah and his wife, Dr         the Cell Church” workshop. Vicky felt
among ourselves when we came. At             Chiam, it was their rst time at MCCC.           blessed having attended the Family
MCCC, we found forgiveness, healing and      They found Rev Jorge an eloquent and            Stream workshops, which focused on
reconciliation. We are on talking terms      charismatic speaker. He infused enthusi-        marriage. They all agreed that many of the
again as though nothing has happened.”       asm in the people to serve the Lord. They       lessons learnt at the conference were very
This was shared to us by a group of          concur with Rev Jorge’s tenet that for a        relevant to them.
delegates from an outstation church. Isn’t   church to grow, an e ective leader must be
it amazing to see the fruits of MCCC even    secure in the Lord and be able to strike a      It is evident that all the delegates also
before the end of the conference? It also    balance in exerting control without sti ing     enjoyed the meals and refreshments
reinforced what Pr Daniel once shared        its church members and having leadership        provided.     The break times provided
about the need to have this conference       nurtured at every level.                        opportunities for delegates to network and
annually.                                                                                    fellowship with other delegates from other
                                             For Ruth Cheah of Calvary Church, Rev           churches. It is also a time of sharing in the
At the 14th MCCC, there were many            Jorge’s messages spoke to her on a              knowledge and experience gained from
familiar faces. Many delegates have been     personal level. She thought Rev Jorge’s         the sessions.
coming to MCCC annually. One frequent        messages provided clarity in training a
delegate is Pr Lee Peng Chiat of Wesley      new generation of leaders and they were         During the conference, there was no
Methodist Church, Alor Setar who has         also relevant for personal development          shortage of volunteers to assist the
faithfully attended more than ten MCCCs.     and growth.                                     delegates. Many helped out in hospitality
As we have di erent keynote speaker                                                          while others were like one-stop information
every year, he explained that he gets to     During a break time, we observed one            centre. Many DUMC members also played
hear and learn new things every time. Pr     group of delegates deep in discussion and       hosts by opening up their homes to out-of-
Lee admires Rev Jorge’s humility. To him,    enthusiastically sharing their lessons from     town and overseas delegates. DUMC’s
the substance of Rev Jorge’s messages        this conference. When we approached             Community Excel Services specially
also demonstrates the power of the Holy      this group comprising Janny Yapp, Soo           formed an almost 100-strong choir and
Spirit.                                      Kok Chan, Doreen Lim and Vicky Lam              they beautifully presented the song, “There
                                             from SIB Likas (English), they were very        is still a Dream” during the two nal
For Amanda and Dave Boce, who were           open to share their thoughts and experi-        sessions of MCCC.
from The Church of Acts, Adelaide this       ences.
was their second time at MCCC. They had                                                      Praise the Lord for enabling DUMC to
such a memorable cell visit last year that   Janny      Yapp    extolled    the   virtues    organise yet another fruitful cell church
they decided to visit the same cell group    propounded by Rev Lopez. Soo Kok Chan           conference. As usual, as we seek to bless
again this year. They even made their own    admired Rev Jorge’s humility despite            others, we ourselves are blessed.
way to reconnect with some of these          helming a mega church. For Doreen Lim
DUMC members before the start of the         and Vicky Lam, they found the workshops
conference. Both Amanda and Dave will        to be particularly useful. Doreen was
encourage their fellow church members to     overwhelmed by the presence of the Holy
attend future MCCCs.                         Spirit during Pr Daniel’s “Prayer Ministry in
                                            From Lost Sheep
                                               to Runner for God

                                                                                                                                                             Global Day of Prayer
                                                                                                                                              by Low Mei Ling, Floodgates

                                                                                                                                              E     xcitement was in the air. Imagine
                                                                                                                                              12,000 Christians from di erent churches,
                                                                                                                                                                                             GDOP, the crowd cheered and clapped.
                                                                                                                                                                                             They were all ready to spring into action for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Tabernacle Church shared on how his
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             church responded when it was torched
                                                                                                                                              di erent parts of the city, di erent ethnic    God.                                            earlier this year and how God had power-
                                                                                                                                              backgrounds, yet belonging to the same                                                         fully turned an adversity into a positive
Loh Yuen Tuck, PJ North 2
                                                                                                                                              body of Christ making their way to Stadium     What followed was an incredible worship         outcome.

                                                                                                                                              Malawati in Shah Alam. On the evening of       experience at GDOP. To have 12,000
                                                                                                                                              23 May 2010, they made their way to the        people united in one voice and one heart        Pr Chew Weng Chee of SIBKL led the
     eing a new Christian, I had no idea        possible. I am also reminded of Matthew       As we ran the 5 km route, we prayed for         historic Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) in        and worshipping the one true and living         closing ceremony where he shared about
what Run for the Nation 2010 (RunNat)           5:16 which says, “In the same way, let your   God’s intervention and breakthroughs in         Malaysia, to pray for the nation and joining   God was amazing. God’s strong presence          how the cup in Isaiah 51:17 which
was about. I merely followed the prompt-        light shine before men, that they may see     the various places of power and in uence.       hundreds of millions of Christians around      was felt in the stadium.                        represents the wrath of God is lling up but
ing of the Holy Spirit to participate for the   your good deeds and praise your Father in     We declared the Word of our Lord in             the world in prayer.                                                                           how the censer in Numbers 16:46-48,
glory of God. Prior to this event, I had        heaven”.                                      defeating spiritual forces of evil over the                                                    Pr Daniel had the privilege of delivering the   which represents the prayer of the saints
never run a 5 km marathon. Neither had I                                                      places that we ran past. We were only a         DUMC was well-represented at this              main message for the evening. He shared         can stand between the living and the dead
ran on the streets of Kuala Lumpur at 7.00      On 22 May 2010, over 1,100 runners in         small group of runners but we believe that      historic event. Some went in chartered         from Joel 2 and he made three points            and stop the wrath. He explained that as
am nor prayed and ran in a group.               groups of four, participated in the RunNat    God started to work His way through our         buses while others went in their own cars.     namely, the Call to return, the Call to         we pray, we will ll up the censer. The
                                                across Malaysia. My group consisted of        land step-by-step as over 1,100 chain           Entry to the stadium was by coupon. Pat        repent and the Call to restore. He said the     mercy of God will then pour out over our
At rst, it all seemed like a daunting task.     four runners, namely, Andrew, June,           runners would have ran and prayed over          Wong who was one of 1,000 DUMC                 Call to return was a serious, important and     nation and we will see a revival. He urged
However, once I exercised my faith and          Audrey and me. We were from di erent          1,000 km across Malaysia.                       members said, “I considered it a privilege     merciful call for all God’s people to return    everyone to continue praying, sow good
placed my trust in God, it was as if I was on   churches and we did not know each other                                                       to be at GDOP as there were people from        and in uence the destiny of Malaysia.           works and love everyone with the love of
the auto pilot mode. God laid His steps         prior to the run. We were assigned to pray                                                    other churches who wanted to go but did                                                        Jesus. He wrapped up the evening with a
ahead of me and things just fell into place.    and run along the landmark routes cover-      This experience has taught me that if we        not have coupons.”                             He went on to explain that based on 2           prayer for all the pastors at the stadium.
God knew my needs. He had the organis-          ing DBKL, Dataran Merdeka, Industrial         were to unite our hearts and spirits in                                                        Chronicles 7:14, Christians hold the key to
ing chairman of RunNat, Victor Chua             Courts, Bank Negara, Parliament and part      prayer for our nation, God will start to        From where many DUMC members were              the healing of the land. We must repent         The experience at GDOP was incredible.
whom I met during the signing-up, to            of Bukit Aman police headquarters.            transform our nation. We just need to           seated, one could see our DEW crew busy        and plea for God’s forgiveness so that          There was unity in the body of Christ in
personally guide and train me for my                                                          begin by doing our small individual bits but    at work at the stadium. They did an            Malaysia can be restored. He then led           Malaysia and many people desire to make
prayer run.                                     On that morning, the road leading to          with a common goal. In life, we all seek to     excellent job in manning the sound system      everyone through a prayer of repentance.        a di erence for the Kingdom of God. The
                                                Dataran Merdeka was cordoned o for              nish the race well. For me who have only      for such a massive event.                      Those who were able, were encouraged to         messages of the pastors gave us the hope
Pledges of support for my nominated             another celebration practice. As a result,    accepted the Lord earlier this year, partici-                                                  kneel and pray. This was a de ning              and the key to do our bit and make a
charity organisations also streamed in          hundreds of people witnessed our prayers      pating in RunNat was a good start to my         By 6.30pm, the stadium was packed. The         moment and many sensed a spiritual              di erence in this land where God has
from my cell members, family and friends.       in public and many people clapped in          new race of life. I now seek to nish my         atmosphere was awesome. I had never            breakthrough for Malaysia.                      placed us.
During the RunNat o icial brie ng, God          support when we ran. It was also wonder-      race in partnership with our everlasting        seen so many Christians gathered
gave me an opportunity to share and             ful to have our families coming along to      God.                                            together. When runners from Run for the        Many leaders from di erent churches and
encourage other runners. I realised that        encourage and support us.                                                                     Nation entered the stadium with their torch    representing di erent ethnic groups also
on my own, I was nothing but once I relied                                                                                                    and ags representing the di erent states       had their turns on stage to lead, share and
on His strength, He made the impossible                                                                                                       of Malaysia and marking the start of           pray. Rev Ong Sek Leang from Metro

12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    13
                         GOD’s work in                                                                                                   steps and muttered the minimum when
                                                                                                                                         one of them followed me on his bicycle.
                                                                                                                                                                                            and good support from spectators. It was a
                                                                                                                                                                                            splendid experience for me! Glory to God
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          gun was ready for harvest. I consider it a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          great privilege to be used as God’s worker

                           Nanga Ngungun                                                                                                 When I realised there was no place to run,
                                                                                                                                         the Lord amazingly sent a group of
                                                                                                                                         children to accompany me, at the time
                                                                                                                                                                                            who made a way where there seemed no
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          in His eld.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Let us pray that the Ibans in Nanga Ngun-
                                               by Treonica Ayun Saliang, PJ North 5                                                      when I most needed His protection!                 Treonica Ayun Saliang                         gun will rise up and become the shakers for
                                                                                                                                                                                            God is faithful. God is love. Like the        God in Sarawak! All
                                                                                                                                         A little seven-year-old boy, Robin, came           shepherd, He guides us to still waters and    glory, honour and praise be unto our great
In March 2010, John Loh led a team          gun, we were informed by the local pastor      Debbie Ann Loh                                running, saying, “Saya dengar kakak jerit,         makes us lie down on green pastures.          and almighty God!
of four on a mission trip to Nanga          that 38 people gave their lives to Jesus in    “Let the children come to Me”, Jesus said.    Tolong, tolong! Sebab itu, kami lari ke            Indeed God reveals His greatness among
                                            one of the longhouses we had visited.          In the midst of their enthusiasm, excite-                                                        His people who trust Him. He gives rest to
Ngungun in Sarawak. Our team is                                                                                                          mari.” (We came running because I heard
                                            Hallellujah!                                   ment and energy, the Lord showed me           your shouts for help). A sense of peace            those who put their hope in His name.
very grateful for all the support –                                                        how much these children desired love and       ooded my heart as I heard those words. I
spiritually, nancially, mentally - from     As apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthains 3:5-9,   belonging. Just walking them half-way         had not shouted for help. I then knew that it      When I took a step of faith to go, God
the church, cell groups, friends and        “What, after all, is Apollos? And what is      home meant the world to them, as did a        was the Holy Spirit who prompted them to           miraculously settled all my worries about
families. We saw God’s miraculous           Paul? Only servants, through whom you          packet of biscuits. Giving each one a name    come to my rescue. The Lord had sent His           work and nance. He taught me many
power at work on the mission eld.           came to believe – as the Lord has              tag and involving them in seemingly trivial   angels to deliver me from danger. Praise           things on the mission eld. Day after day, I
                                            assigned to each his task. I planted the       things like sharpening colour pencils and     God!                                               learnt to depend on God's strength and
We had a great time and good
                                            seed, Apollos watered it, but God made it      blowing balloons made them feel so signi -                                                       power. He sustained me when I was weak
memories from the trip.                     grow. So neither he who plants nor he who      cant.                                         Wong Li Leong                                      and healed me when I was sick.
                                            waters is anything, but only God, who                                                        Having returned from Nanga Ngungun, I
John Loh                                    makes things grow. The man who plants          It was a joy when these children (who were    have learnt to count my blessings for the          God loves the Ibans in Nanga Ngungun.
The children’s squeals of excitement                                                       not churched yet) wanted to stay on in the
                                            and the man who waters have one                                                              daily things in life like uninterrupted electric   Throughout the ve nights of revival
during “Sukaneka” (a sports event) were                                                    house of God, long after Children’s Minis-
                                            purpose, and each will be rewarded                                                           supply and internet connection. I also             meetings in the longhouses, we saw God
indeed a moment to remember. The sheer                                                     try was over? The precious opportunities
                                            according to his own labour. For we are                                                      learnt to appreciate simple home-cooked            working in the hearts of the people. As we
joy of the children and the youths, the                                                    to chat with them over pencil sharpening
                                            God’s fellow workers; you are God’s eld,                                                     food.                                              sang “datai mrintah ba ati ku Tuhan”, the
smiles on the faces of the adults coupled                                                  were priceless moments. These taught me
                                            God’s building.”                                                                                                                                spiritual atmosphere was shaken as the
with the great team mates on this trip                                                     that small acts of kindness opened up the     In Nanga Ngungun, God answered our                 name of the Lord Jesus was lifted high
brought great satisfaction to my heart.                                                    hearts of people.
                                            I thank the Lord for all the people who have                                                 prayer for a eld to have a futsal competi-         causing hearts to be touched and lives
                                            gone before us to Nanga Ngungun to plant                                                     tion. He provided a eld which belonged to          rededicated to Jesus. On the nal night
Many responded to the Lord in the nightly                                                  I still marvel at how God intervened one
                                            the initial seeds. We pray that Nanga                                                        the clinic. Turnout for the competition was        meeting held in the church, over 100 young
evangelistic meetings held in four                                                         morning when I was there. I felt uneasy
                                            Ngungun will be transformed into a                                                           good. All the participants were very keen.         and old people came to worship God! I was
longhouses. The praise and worship of                                                      when I saw a group of drunken men
                                            God-fearing and prosperous community                                                         Each team wanted to win and be the cham-           overwhelmed by the unexpected high
Jesus lled the atmosphere wherever we                                                      loitering on the streets. I hastened my
                                            for the glory of God.                                                                        pion. Thank God for ne weather, fair play          turnout. Indeed the eld in Nanga Ngun-
went. The day after we left Nanga Ngun-

14                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                15
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Precious People!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Moly Mathews

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              People of Kg om province
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Are friendly to strangers
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   For they will smile
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                And welcome us inside
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             But better still is our happiness
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             When we see their willingness
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   To welcome Jesus
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In to their lives

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                We met the young ones
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Curious and willing
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  To join in the fun
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 While others prefer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 To watch and listen
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   From a distance

Lessons from our Cambodian trip
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Now we were excited
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             With the many who responded
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 And so we were able
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     To draw them
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                To the wonderful love
By Moly Mathews, PJ North 1                                                                                                                                                                                                                        God has for them

O     ur team went on a mission trip to
Cambodia in March 2010. It was interest-
                                                know their callings and remain faithful to
                                                their callings. I asked myself, “Do I know
                                                                                               being bitten by a deadly cobra. She was
                                                                                               on re for God. I could sense her excite-
                                                                                                                                                                                              God showed me in a very di erent way -
                                                                                                                                                                                              how precious the little children are to Him
                                                                                                                                                                                              and why children evangelism is crucial!
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 And now I thank God
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 For these opportunities
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                To tell them Bible stories
ing that all of us came back with very          God’s calling for me?”                         ment as she spoke. I was suddenly              While we were there, we stayed in a place                                                       And to share our testimonies
di erent lessons from the same trip. Here                                                      humbled. Here I was thinking that my           which only had electricity for four hours a     I was excited to go and share this to the          To preach and to teach
is our brief account of the highlights of our   I was humbled in Cambodia                      sharing and testimony would encouraged         day. The electricity was supplied by a          teachers there. Although there were              And to pray for their needs
trip.                                           Mary Lim                                       the congregation but after hearing this        generator which was turned on from 6.00         moments when I was nervous as it was                  Like never before
                                                                                               sister’s testimony, I realised that I was so   to 10.00 pm. We bathed with water drawn         my rst time to teach and preach, I thank
My best mission trip thus far                   It was a hot Sunday afternoon and I was on     small and what I experienced could not be      from a well and which had a little muddy        the Lord for guiding and giving me so
                                                                                               compared with the experiences of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              And so the Lord was with us
Isaac Cheng                                     my way to repeat my morning sermon at                                                         feel. By getting a taste of how the villagers   many ideas during the worship in the
                                                the afternoon service of Ta Prok church.       people in Ta Prok. This encounter has          lived, I learnt how fortunate we are here in    Cambodian churches or when I was lost
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 For He gave courage
I went with a view to encourage our             However, while I was on the motorbike and      taught me not to be proud; thinking that I     Malaysia. Although we were stretched            for words. It was a warm experience to feel     And He gave understanding
Cambodian pastors and fellow believers          rehearsing my sermon points, new words         am the one who can bless others. In fact,      beyond our usual comfort zone in Cambo-         Him, so close by me – in partnership.                  And His grace
but I was greatly encouraged in return. Pr      kept coming to my mind. I knew I had to        the sharing from this sister in Ta Prok has    dia, we brought back valuable lessons and                                                           was su cient for us
Mot’s church is small, dirty and quite          change my sermon that afternoon.               blessed me even more in return. I thank        insights.                                       While in Cambodia, I marvelled at the          And as we walked in obedience
isolated. There are only women, no man                                                         God for this humbling experience in                                                            mission work that has been established in        His blessings owed freely
and more children than adults. Notwith-         I shared my testimonies on how God             Cambodia.                                      Encouraged to live more purposefully            Baray for almost 15 years and which is still   Amongst all who were present
standing these, Pr Mot patiently ministers      healed my eyes before my trip to Cambo-                                                       Sabrina Ong                                     going strong. We have thus far raised 10
to his lady members and lovingly attends        dia. Then I spoke about the changes one        Stretched beyond usual comfort zone                                                            pastors, planted 30 churches, established        And so, thank you, pastors
to the little children and he has been doing    would experience after encountering            Andy Lim                                       As a student without much money, I              Khmer Life and touched and transformed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                For making this possible
this for years. What a faithful man of God      Christ. I was rather proud of myself and the                                                  consulted my father if I should go to           many of the villagers’ lives. These gave
                                                                                               In Cambodia, I learnt some things which
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               And thank you intercessors
he is! I asked myself, “Can I do this?”         fact I was able to change my sermon topic                                                     Cambodia. He was very encouraging and           me an insight into the impact of mission
                                                so quickly. After my sharing, a few people     cannot be learnt in any other way. Notwith-    he said, “Go Sabrina, this is God’s money,      work and how it can change the landscape
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                For your faithful prayers
I was also encouraged by the women              came forward for prayer.                       standing the hardship that people go           not mine.”                                      of a society. The trip has encouraged me       And now ank You, Dear Lord
leaders I met. They are very committed                                                         through and the lack of hygiene due to                                                         to live my life more purposefully and have      For blessing us and using us
and passionate about touching their             After the service, a sister-in-Christ stayed   poverty, the people praise and worship         Before the trip, I learnt the importance of     a bigger view of God as I continue to seek             To bless others
communities. They face persecution and          behind. She shared with me on how God          God enthusiastically in their cramped little   team unity and the need to be humble            Him for direction for my future.
are often mocked by their fellow village        healed her breast cancer eight years ago       churches and unfazed by the heat.              always.    While studying the Children
folks yet they persevere for the Lord. They     and how her husband was still alive after                                                     Leader’s teaching materials one night,

16                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               17
                                              See a need,
                                              meet it!
                                                    by Mary Anne Tan, PJ South 1

J   oshua was only 48 days old when he
was embroiled in a drama involving his
                                              the arrival of the police. We also had to
                                              make sure that Danni was not too near to
                                                                                              It was near midnight by the time we
                                                                                              brought Rumanan to PPUM. Little Joshua
Nepalese father, Danni and his Indonesian     Joshua that the baby could be taken away.       was admitted as an “unknown” in ICU. He
mother, Rumanan. Danni works as a             The police arrived but on motorbikes. We        had su ered a hemorrhage in his brain and
security guard at the condominium             had to wait for another half hour for a         both his arms were broken. He was put
opposite Jumble Station while Rumanan         police car to take Joshua for medical           through a series of tests. Meanwhile, his
works as a cleaner in the same place.         treatment.                                      father was kept in the Puchong lock-up
They met and married without much                                                             pending investigations into whether
fanfare and had little Joshua.                However, to our surprise, we were told that     Joshua’s injuries were caused by his
                                              Joshua could not go in a police car. Frantic    father’s deliberate throwing as some
The drama began when Danni took               with worry over his increased swelling and      Angsana residents had alleged or due to
Joshua for his usual morning walk and got     his constant crying, we rushed Joshua to        an accidental fall.
enticed into drinking by two of his Nepal-    Subang Jaya Medical Centre in an
ese friends. Rumanan came to get her son      ordinary car. The private hospital refused      Five nights later, Joshua was well enough
on the ground oor of the ats they were        to treat unless someone was willing to pay      to be discharged from the hospital to the
living and also to inform Danni that lunch    for it! Eventually it was decided that          great relief of Rumanan. The next day,
was ready. However, Danni was not             Joshua would be sent to the PPUM (former        Joshua was smothered in kisses by his
himself. They had a terrible ght which        Universiti Hospital) where he was immedi-       very relieved, happy and sober father
became violent. A badly injured Rumanan       ately admitted into the children’s Intensive    Danni. Unfortunately for Danni, his fate will
ran o leaving Joshua with a drunken           Care Unit (ICU).                                now be dependent on the outcome of a
Danni.                                                                                        court hearing. For Joshua, it was a narrow
                                              Much later, Joshua’s mother came to             and miraculous escape from death!
As Danni was in such a bad shape, he          Jumble Station just as Universiti Hospital’s
tripped on a stone, causing Joshua to fall    ambulance arrived. Rumanan was taken            Although Jumble Station's policy is to
and hit his head. Although Joshua was         to the hospital to await her son. However,      assist only Malaysian single parents, when
screaming in pain as he had a severe swell    after waiting for four hours, she returned to   we saw a real critical need as in Joshua's
on his head, his drunken father refused to    Jumble Station not knowing where Joshua         case, how could we not assist this helpless
allow anyone to help him with Joshua. A       had been placed. The police then insisted       little innocent infant? Yes, it meant we had
huge crowd had gathered just outside of       that she and our Jumble Station sta             to bend our rules a little to help Rumanan
Jumble Station with many customers            lodge a report on the incident at USJ 8         with some emergency cash, clothes,
begging us to do something!                   police station. It was a very long process      diapers and transport to hospital and
                                              and we ended up having to drive all the         police station but at the end of it, it was
We managed to persuade Danni. We told         way to Seri Kembangan where the Subang          wonderful to see little Joshua safe and well
him that his little boy needed new clothes    Inspector Police Director was located. We       again.
and Jumble Station had lots of new infant     had to have our statements taken in case
clothes. Danni then handed Joshua to us.      Joshua took a turn for the worse.
Meanwhile, our sta tried to protect Danni
from the brutal beating by the crowd before

                How we
love our cell
          by Kao Chee Ming’s cell, PJ South 1

T    here are 230 cell groups in DUMC.
Each cell is a small community of people
                                                also committed all our children to the Lord
                                                and prayed that we will be able to bring
                                                                                                  Judith Ching

brought together by God and bonded by           them up to know Jesus.                            My cell group encourages me to read the
His love. During a recent sermon, Pr Chris                                                        Bible. At cell, I also get to hear the journal-
Kam asked, “Who are in the boat with            May Yap                                           ing experiences of other cell members. I
you?”    This is an important question                                                            am touched by the genuine sharing and
especially when one is heading towards a        When I rst came to Kuala Lumpur in                care in the cell and from the cell, I also
storm or in the midst of a storm.               2009, my brother and I decided to worship         realised that real man can be godly.
                                                in DUMC. However, we did not join any
For many in DUMC who belong to a cell           cell group until January 2010. Being in a         Kelly Goh
group, their cell members are the ones          cell group has allowed me to serve in small
who are in the boat with them. When one         but meaningful ways like in song leading,         I truly appreciate the support of my cell
member is down, the other members who           interceding for others and sharing my             group even though I am not regular in my
are well will help out. As cell members go      experiences. It is in the cell that I learnt to   attendance because of my travels. My
through the many ups and downs of life          pray for healing for others and see the           leader, Kao always makes the e ort to
together, trust, loyalty and understanding      power of prayer. Now that I have a close          keep us informed of what is happening in
for one another are built up and the cell       “family” of Christians, I am very at home in      our cell group. Love of Christ and words of
group becomes an extended family.               DUMC.                                             encouragement are hallmarks of our cell
In this issue, we have the cell members of      Ray Yap
Kao Chee Ming to share what they like and                                                         Kao Chee Ming, cell leader
appreciate about their cell group.              The cell group is the place where I can
                                                comfortably hang out and my cell                  I am encouraged to see the hunger and
Edgar & Jamy                                    members are the people whom I can share           desire of our cell members in seeking
                                                my life with. The cell group is also the          God’s Word. I wish I had started serving
We appreciate the prayer support of our         place that has allowed me to minister and         God earlier. I will devote whatever active
cell members, especially in times of            be ministered by fellow cell members. At          years I have left to impact more people for
sickness. We have experienced miracu-           cell, I am able to use my talents to serve        God.
lous healing arising from prayers. In April,    God.
when we dedicated our baby during the
cell meeting, it was a very meaningful
event witnessed by our cell members. We

     by Pastor Chris Kam

     It was a great joy on recent Father’s Day to     Our ultimate goal in parenting is not          Son, whom I love; with you I am well
     hear my 20-year old son, Ian shared from         whether our children behave themselves         pleased." (Mark 1:11)
     the stage about the fruits of our relationship   when we are looking. Our goal is to have
     and that I am his hero, friend and teacher.      them knowing how to live rightly and make      In the formative pre-adolescent years, the
     Many people have also complimented               wise decisions when we are not looking. It     mother’s input is vital. The father’s most
     about his sharing. The funny thing about         is inculcating a godly fear of God in their    important in uence is at adolescence.
     being a father is this: We will never be         lives so that they will have godly wisdom to   Before the industrial revolution of the 18th
     envious when our children do better than         make good decisions. (Psalm 111:10 The         century, fathers passed on their trade skills
     us. In fact, we rejoice when that happens as     fear of the LORD is the beginning of           to their sons, and thus led the adolescent
     we see the multiplying e ect of our lives        wisdom; all who follow his precepts have       son into manhood through apprenticeship.
     through our children.                            good understanding.)                           Adolescent daughters also need their
                                                                                                     fathers’ a irmation that they are beautiful
     I still remember that awesome yet fearful        We often prepare our children well with        and loved. Her choice of future partner and
     moment of seeing Ian coming into this            “mind-training” thinking that the higher the   satisfaction in marriage are hinged on her
     world. I was entrusted with someone whom         IQ, the better they will be. The endless       relationship she has with her father.
     I had no idea of how or what he will turn out    pursuit of academic trainings misses the
     to be in this challenging world. While we        point about the heart and spiritual develop-   Using the metaphor of an arrow in the
     may be con dent about taking on a new            ments. These are priceless preparation that    hands of a warrior, the Psalmist described
     assignment at our workplace because we           comes only through much personal               in Psalm 127 that children are blessings to
     are adequately trained over time, fathering      contact, coaching and attention from us        keep our legacy going for the family, city
     is something else. I had wished I was more       fathers. Often we put high price tags on       and nation. They are arrows to be released
     prepared.                                        low-priced items and the consequences of       and let us pray they will hit their marks
                                                      that mistake will reveal itself in the later   accurately. The family preserves the best of
     The toughest thing about being a father is       years.                                         the past and invests this legacy for the
     that we will not know how we fare in our role                                                   future. Every baby born is God's a irmative
     until years later when our children are on       Many adults I counselled reveal the pains      vote for the future of man and our opportu-
     their own. Often, in their growing years, we     of bad decisions. If only they had certain     nity to initiate some new beginnings.
     are more concerned about their behaviour         basic biblical principles to work with or
     and our interventions tend to be reactive.       someone they could seek counsel from           We have just launched our Fathers Club!
     We focus on what is urgent rather than           before they made those decisions. Fathers,     ( Father-
     what is important. Urgent matters require        we play a crucial role in the lives of our     hood is a journey we need not walk alone.
     our immediate attention and important            children. Fathers build con dence, prepare     We have many who have boldly gone
     matters are often relegated to another time,     children for the real world and provide a      before us.
     which is often unavailable anyway, or            look at the world of men. Our children are
     forgotten. For many, pro-active parenting is     longing to hear from us what our Heavenly
     not the norm.                                    Father said to His Son Jesus, "You are my


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