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									                             JEFF GREENBERG
                                     Casting Director

MODERN FAMILY – Pilot, 1st and 2nd seasons (20th/ABC) Steven Levitan, Christopher Lloyd,
                        producers; Emmy Award, Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series;
                        Artios Awards, Best Comedy Pilot Casting & Best Comedy
                        Episodic Casting

EDEN – Pilot (UCP/USA) Ken & Mary Hanes, producers

FAMILY ALBUM -- Pilot (20th/FBC) Joe Port & Joe Wiseman, prods; Shawn Levy, director

THE THIRD RULE – Short film (Tribeca Film Festival) starring Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jason
                  Biggs; Aundre Johnson, director

UGLY BETTY – (ABC Studios/ABC) Silvio Horta, Salma Hayek, Marco Pennette, Jim Hayman,
             Reveille, producers; Emmy Award Nomination, Best Comedy Episodic Casting

FRASIER - Pilot & 11 seasons (Paramount/NBC) Grub Street, producers; 6 Emmy Award
          Nominations, 5 Artios Awards, Best Comedy Episodic Casting

CHEERS - 7 seasons (Paramount/NBC) Charles, Burrows, Charles, producers; 5 Artios
         Nominations, Best Comedy Episodic Casting

WAKING SLEEPING BEAUTY – Feature Documentary (Disney) Don Hahn, producer

OPEN BOOKS – Pilot (Warner Bros/CBS) Gail Lerner, producer

ELI STONE - (ABC Studios/ABC) Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, producers

VALENTINE - (MRC/CW) Kevin Murphy, Courtney Conte, producers

GREEN TEAM - Pilot (Reveille/NBC) Fisher Stevens, Rob Morrow, Rob Hanning, Chad Lowe,

I’M WITH STUPID – Pilot (NBC-Universal/NBC) Linwood Boomer, director; Wil Calhoun,
                  Ben Silverman, Teri Weinberg, Reveille Prods, Execute Producers

1321 CLOVER – Pilot (Paramount/CBS) Walt Becker, director; Paul Corrigan & Brad Walsh,
              Executive Producers
OUT OF PRACTICE - 1st Season with Stockard Channing (Paramount/CBS) Chris Lloyd, Joe
                  Keenan, producers

STACKED - 2nd Season (20th Century-Fox/FBC) Steven Levitan, Jeffrey Richman, producers

FOUR KINGS - Pilot (Warner Bros/NBC) Kohan & Mutchnick, producers; Jim Burrows, director

JAKE IN PROGRESS - 1st Season (20th Century-Fox/ABC) Austin Winsberg, Jeffrey Richman,

ACCORDING TO JIM - 4 seasons (Touchstone/ABC) Jonathan Stark, Tracy Newman, Suzanne
                  Bukinik, producers

DIE MOMMIE DIE - Feature starring Charles Busch; Mark Rucker, director; Anthony Edwards,
                 Dante DiLoreto, producers;

A NIGHT AT THE ROXBURY – Feature (Paramount); director, John Fortenberry; Amy Heckerling,
                         Lorne Michaels, exec producers

FATHER OF THE BRIDE 2- Feature (with Sheila Guthrie) (Disney/Sandollar) Charles Shyer,
                       director; Nancy Meyer, producers

MY SO-CALLED LIFE - (ABC) Marshall Herscovitz, Ed Zwick, Winnie Holzman, Scott Winant,
                    producers; Artios Nomination

PAUL REISER PROJECT – Pilot (Paramount/CBS) Starring Bobby Cannavale, Mercedes Ruehl &
                      Hector Elizondo; Paul Reiser, producer

PATRICIA HEATON PROJECT – Pilot (Touchstone/ABC) Christine Zander, Gene Stein, Nina
                          Wass, producers

LOOK WHO’S TALKING - Feature (Tri-Star) Starring John Travolta & Kirstie Alley, Amy
                     Heckerling, director

CLUB LAND - Feature starring Alan Alda & Steven Weber; (Showtime) Saul Rubinek, director;
            Dustin Hoffman/Punch Productions, producers

JACKIE’S BACK - Feature (Lifetime) Robert Townsend, director; Barry Krost, producer

I’M WITH HER - Pilot & 1st season (Tollin-Robbins/Warner Bros/ABC) Chris Henchy, Marco
               Pennette, producers

IT’S ALL RELATIVE - 1st season (Paramount/ABC) Anne Flett-Giordano, Chuck Ranberg, Craig
                    Zaden, Neil Meron, producers
CHARLIE LAWRENCE - Pilot & 1st season starring Nathan Lane (20th Century-Fox/CBS) Jeffrey
                   Richman, producer

BABY BOB - Pilot & 2 seasons (with Cathy Reinking) (Viacom/CBS) Michael Saltzman, producer

IN-LAWS - Pilot & 1st season starring Dennis Farina & Jean Smart (Paramount/NBC) Mark
          Reisman, Kelsey Grammer, producers

THE SEVEN ROSES - Pilot (Paramount/CBS) Christopher Lloyd, Joe Keenan, producers; James
                  Burrows, director

SAY UNCLE - Pilot (20th Century-Fox/CBS) Jeffrey Richman, Steven Levitan, producers

DAG - 1st season (NBC Studios/NBC) Gordon & Conn, Jack Burditt, producers

PLAN B – Pilot (Universal/ABC) Josh Sternin, Jeff Ventimilia, producers

WINGS - Pilot & 8 seasons (with Sheila Guthrie) (Paramount/NBC) Grub Street, producers

NORMAL, OHIO - Pilot starring John Goodman (with Debi Manwiller) (Carsey-Werner/FBC)
               Terry & Bonnie Turner, producers

STARK RAVING MAD - Pilot & 1st season(20th Century-Fox/NBC) Steven Levitan, Jeffrey Richman,
                   producers; Artios nomination, Best Comedy Pilot Casting

TALK TO ME - Pilot starring Kyra Sedgwick (Disney/ABC) Suzanne Martin, producer

SICK IN THE HEAD - Pilot starring David Krumholtz & Kevin Corrigan (Dreamworks/FBC)
                   Judd Apatow, producer

ENCORE! ENCORE! - Pilot & 1st season starring Nathan Lane and Joan Plowright
                  (Paramount/NBC) Grub Street, Anne Flett & Chuck Ranberg, producers

NOTHING SACRED - 1st season (20th Century-Fox/ABC) David Manson, Richard Kramer,

EARLY EDITION - 1st Season (Tri-Star-Columbia/CBS) Michael Dinner, Bob Brush, Lillah
                McCarthy, producers

THE NAKED TRUTH - (with Sheila Guthrie) (Brillstein-Grey/NBC) Michael Saltzman, producer

NEWSRADIO - 2 seasons (with Cara Coslow) (Brillstein-Grey/NBC) Paul Simms, producer
ALMOST PERFECT - Pilot & 2 seasons (with Sheila Guthrie) (Paramount/CBS) Robin Schiff,
                 David Isaacs, Ken Levine, producers; Artios Nomination

DEAR JOHN - (Paramount/NBC) Ed. Weinberger, producer; Casting Consultant

ALL ABOUT US - Pilot (Paramount/CBS) Barry Kemp, Robin Schiff, producers

THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS - Pilot & 1st season (Paramount/NBC) Dave Hackel/Grub Street,

ALL TOGETHER NOW - One Hour Pilot (Columbia/CBS) Richard Kramer, Michael Nankin,
                   producers; Ron Lagomarsino, director

GLORIA VANE - Pilot starring JoBeth Williams (Paramount/NBC) Charles, Burrows, Charles,
             Joe Keenan, producers

FLESH AND BLOOD - Pilot and 1st season (Paramount/NBC) Charles, Burrows, Charles, producers

BOB - Pilot & 1st season, starring Bob Newhart (Paramount/CBS) Cheri & Bill Steinkellner, Phoef
      Sutton, producers

DOWN HOME - Pilot & 1st season, starring Judith Ivey (Paramount/NBC) Ted Danson, Barton
            Dean, Dan Fauci, producers

CHANGING PATTERNS - Pilot (MGM/CBS) Michael Ogiens, Joshua Kane, producers;

THE TORTELLIS - 1ST Season (Paramount/NBC) Charles, Burrows, Charles, producers

PAUL REISER: OUT ON A WHIM (HBO) Carl Gottlieb, director; Charles Wessler, Arleen Sorkin,
                            producers; Artios Nomination

TOP GUN (Paramount) Tony Scott, director; Simpson/Bruckheimer, producers; Casting Asst.

CRIMES OF PASSION (New World) Ken Russell, director; Barry Sandler, Don Borchers,
                   producers; Casting Associate

THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT (New World) John Carpenter, Doug Curtis, Joel
                            Michaels, producers; Casting Associate

VAMP (New World) Richard Wenk, director; Don Borchers, producer; Casting Associate

BLACK MOON RISING (New World) Harley Cokliss, director; John Carpenter, Doug Curtis,
                  Joel Michaels, producers; Casting Associate
STEPHEN KING’S CHILDREN OF THE CORN (New World) Fritz Kiersch, director; Don
                                     Borchers, producer; Casting Associate

TUFF TURF (New World) Fritz Kiersch, director; Don Borchers, producer; Casting Associate

ANGEL (New World) Robert Vincent O’Neill, director; Casting Associate

RAT IN THE SKULL (Mark Taper Forum) Dana Elcar, director; Gordon Davidson, producer

GREEN CARD (Mark Taper Forum) Joanne Akalaitis, director; Gordon Davidson, producer

LADIES ROOM (Tiffany Theatre) Kim Friedman, director; Aaron Spelling, Robin Schiff,

JAILBIRDS ON BROADWAY (Tiffany Theatre) Glenn Casale, director

LIGHT UP THE SKY (Pasadena Playhouse) David Lee, director; Sheldon Epps, producer

DO I HEAR A WALTZ? (Pasadena Playhouse) David Lee, director; Sheldon Epps, producer

AS BEES IN HONEY DROWN (Pasadena Playhouse) Sheldon Epps, director/producer;
                       West Coast Premiere

WORKING (Reprise!) David Lee, Kevin Chamberlin, directors; Artios nomination

SECRETS OF THE TRADE (Black Dahlia Theatre) Matt Shakman, director; Jon Tolins, author;
                     Artios nomination

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