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          “The	Current”
          ApRil	008	
          Vol.	MMViii	No.	04                                                                             Manager’s	Column
          USPS #356-710
          “The Current” is the official newsletter of Talquin
          Electric Cooperative, Inc., published monthly as
                                                                                                                   John	D.	Hewa
          an informational and educational service to the                                                         General	Manager
          members of the Cooperative. Periodical postage
          paid at Quincy, Florida.

          SUBSCRipTiON	RATE
          Cooperative Member $1.50 per year. Talquin
          Electric Cooperative is an Equal Opportunity

                                                                                       arch was a very
          EDiTORiAl	OFFiCES                                                            busy Month at
          P.O. Box 1679
          1640 West Jefferson Street                                                   Talquin. I want
          Quincy, Florida 32353-1679                                 to commend the employees
          John D. Hewa, General Manager                              who responded to the high
          Ken A. Cowen, Editor                                       winds and tornado that hit the
          pRiNTED	BY:                                                Capitola area on March 7th.
          The Printing House, Inc.                                   Our Talquin crews worked
          Quincy, Florida
                                                                     tirelessly until power was
          pOSTMASTER                                                 restored to the 344 members
          In using Form 3579 please give key
          letter and mail to “The Current,”                          affected. Eight poles were
          P.O.Box 1679, Quincy, Florida 32353-1679                   broken and five transformers
                                                                                                                    Talquin crews at work in Capitola.
          OFFiCERS                                                   were damaged.
          Mal Green
          President                                                      Our new Wakulla office opened this past month and is located at 681 Wakulla
          7882 Bandits Run
          Tallahassee, Florida 32309
                                                                     Arran Road in Crawfordville. The new location offers a two lane drive-thru, ample
          Carrie L. Durden
                                                                     parking, convenient night depository and easier access in and out of the property.
          Vice President                                             Members have been pleased with the new conveniences.
          P.O. Box 541
          Havana, Florida 32333                                           Talquin has participated in many opportunities to provide information on
          Bernard Lewis                                              energy conservation. Our staff has participated in the Wakulla Green Expo,
          591 Lewis Lane                                             the Florida Local Government Climate Protection Summit in Tallahassee, and
          Quincy, Florida 32352                                      several other community activities. We are pleased to provide services in energy
                                                                     conservation and education to local schools and our community. If your school
          Joseph Alexander                                           would like to schedule a presentation from Talquin, please contact one of our area
          507 Deerwood Circle                                        offices.
          Quincy, Florida 32352
          Dr. Clifford S. Bristol                                        In this issue of the newsletter, we provide a list of persons that have been
          15333 N.W. CR 12
          Bristol, Florida 32321                                     mailed capital credit checks, but have had their checks returned unclaimed. Please
          Doug Bruce
                                                                     take time to review this list, and if your name appears, inform the Cooperative of
          P.O. Box 10855                                             your current mailing address. If you happen to recognize another listed name,
          Tallahassee, Florida 32302                                 please ask them to contact us so that we can get their capital credit check to them.
          Sam Fenn                                                   I’m sure that they would appreciate your help.
          3539 Lakeview Drive
          Tallahassee, Florida 32310
                                                                         Our capital credit program is one of the many benefits of being a member.
          William R. VanLandingham
          519 Telogia Creek Road                                     Not only do we work to keep your energy rates low, but we also return to the
          Quincy, Florida 32351                                      membership through the capital credits program. Thank you again for your help
          Bobby J. Strickland                                        with this.
          108 Coleman Road
          Crawfordville, Florida 32327
                                                                         We appreciate your continuing support and look forward to serving you in the
          Talquin Electric Board meeting will be held the third      future. TEC
          Wednesday of the month at Headquarters Office in
          Quincy, Florida, at 7:00 p.m. Notice of any changes
          and special meetings will be posted at business offices.
                                                                                     Talquin Service — Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
        	                                                                                                               THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	008

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           “Our Energy, Our Future: A Dialogue With America”

                  ressure is mounting for Congress to do               1. Experts say that our nation’s growing electricity needs
                  something about climate change. Although                will soon go well beyond what renewables, conservation,
                  political debates in Washington, D.C., may seem         and efficiency can provide. Can you tell me of Florida’s
     far away, the outcome of environmental legislation will have         plans to make sure we have the electricity we’ll need in
     a direct impact on Talquin—and on you, our members.                  the future?
                                                                       2. What are you doing to fully fund the research required
          Already our nation faces a looming energy crisis, with          to make emissions-free electric plants an affordable
     demand for electricity ready to outstrip supply. Unless              reality?
     significantly more power plants are placed into service soon,     3. Balancing electricity needs and environmental goals will
     consumers could experience brownouts and even rolling                be difficult. How can Florida balance these two issues?
     blackouts in the not-too-distant future. Building this
     generation will be the most expensive in history, coming at a         We must all get involved in these critical issues for our
     time when prices for fossil fuels and construction materials      future and for generations to come.
     like steel, copper, and concrete are shooting upward.

          Additional costs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions—
     notably carbon dioxide, blamed for contributing to global
     climate change—will only strain the pocketbooks of
     consumers even further. Various climate change bills under
     consideration in Congress could boost wholesale power
     costs 50 percent to 80 percent by 2020, and push up retail
     rates from 25 percent to 40 percent.

          Some members of Congress believe we can solve all of
     these problems through efficiency measures and by adding
     renewable energy sources. While we certainly need more
     energy efficiency programs and “green power,” they will not
     be enough to ensure that you continue to receive a safe,

     reliable, and affordable supply of electricity.                                 alquin Electric is pleased to
                                                                                     announce the appointment of Mr.
          To keep the lights on and rates reasonable, the federal
                                                                                     Doug Bruce as Trustee for District
     government must exercise dedicated leadership—the same
     leadership that got us to the moon in the 1960s. Without           6. Mr. Bruce is a life long Leon County resident
     it, and without a sound, responsible, sustainable energy           who resides in southeastern Leon County with
     policy, we risk returning to a time when electric service was a    his wife and two children. He has been active in
     privilege enjoyed only by the wealthy.                             state government during his career and works as
                                                                        a professional lobbyist. Welcome, Mr. Bruce, to
         As electric co-op consumers you can help prevent that
     from happening by contacting your elected officials today.
                                                                        the Talquin Electric Board of Trustees.

          To assist you in your conversations with our
     government leaders, log on to www.talquinelectric.com
     and click the conservation link. From the website, you
     will also be able to send a sample letter to members of
     Congress recommending that they seek out a balanced
     solution to energy and climate change. The letter may be
     sent electronically or printed for regular mail. Below are the
     questions that need to be addressed:

         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                                                      

001-032_Current.indd 3                                                                                                         4/24/08 12:19:08 PM
                         TAlQUiN	COUNTRY’S	MiCCOSUKEE	
        By George Lane

                    ocated 17 miles northeast                                                      constructed a 47 mile line between 
                    of Tallahassee on County                                                       that city on the north (via 
                    Road 59, Talquin                                                               Miccosukee) south to Fanlew in 
        Country’s Miccosukee Community is a                                                        Jefferson County in 1907 and 1908 
        historical small-unincorporated village                                                    and was soon hauling cotton, lumber 
        in northeastern Leon County.                                                               and other forest products.  The first 
                                                                                                   ten miles ran from Thomasville to 
             Miccosukee is old and historic                                                        the lumber mill in Metcalf, Georgia, 
        even by Leon County and Florida Big                                                        then on to Roddenberry.  
        Bend standards.  Florida history and 
        heritage abounds in the region with                                                                Cotton was still king in this 
        numerous historical landmarks in                                                              part of the country and Miccosukee 
        this community, which include some listed on the National          thrived.  But then, in rapid succession, came the destructive 
        Register of Historic Places.                                       invasion of the boll weevil in 1918.  This brought the 
                                                                           collapse of the cotton farming, the depression years of the 
            Also nationally listed is the 80-year old Bradley’s            1930’s, and finally the loss of the railroad in the 1940’s.
        Country Store, a landmark and popular tourist attraction.                  
        Bradley’s still functions as a community general store,                   Although there are no structures remaining from the 
        famous for the family’s homemade country sausage, locally          original settlement, the community still has many significant 
        produced cane syrup and ground corn meal.                          historic homes and other structures.  The 100-year old Van 
                                                                           Brunt-Morris House (just north of the junction of State 
             The original Village of Miccosukee got its start as a         Road 59 and Moccasin Gap Road) is one of four structures 
        Native American village in the 15th or 16th century —              in Miccosukee listed on the National Register.
        before the arrival of Europeans to the region.  In 1778 the                
        British mapped this once thriving community, originally                   Today, commercially, Miccosukee is but a shadow of 
        called Mikasuki, with sixty houses, a square, 28 families and      what it once was but this historic and proud community 
        70 gunmen.                                                         thrives with churches, a busy grocery store, community 
                                                                           center, a public park, a head start center and more.  Its 
             Modern day Miccosukee Road began its history as an            nearly two centuries of rich history, heritage and traditions 
        Indian footpath leading to that Native American village.           promises to keep the community and its identity in tact.  
        Apparently the Miccosukee Indians continued to farm the            As the South Leon County Heritage Trail Tour Guide 
        area until forced out by settlers.  In 1818, Andrew Jackson        says, “ Today the town is a desirable place to live (and raise 
        and his men invaded, defeating the forces of village leader,       a family) for those who love the slow and easy pace of 
        Kinhagee.  Most of the Native Americans fled, but the area’s       rural life, but want to live close enough to Tallahassee (and 
        fertile soil drew settlers and the area was soon repopulated.      Thomasville) to enjoy its big-city conveniences and social 
             Miccosukee had one of the first post offices in the area.             
        Established March 18, 1826, a local post office served the                FYI: In Talquin Electric country and Florida, there’s 
        community for more than 134 years, until it became a rural         history and heritage all around us.  
        station of the Tallahassee Post office in 1961.  By 1831, a 
        U.S. Post Office as well as churches, schools, and general              For more information, George Lane can be contacted 
        stores were built to serve the new residents.                      at: c/o 8348 Summerdale Lane, Tallahassee, FL 32311.  Fax 
                                                                           (850) 219-2100; E-mail glane@infionline.net or phone 
             Miccosukee was connected with the outside world               (850) 216-1000.
        via the now defunct Florida Central Railroad (FCR) for                    
        nearly fifty years.  The FCR, headquartered in Thomasville, 
        	                                                                                              THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	2008

001-032_Current.indd 4                                                                                                           04/23/2008 1:24:47 PM
            Tips for Members Using                                      TEC Celebrates Twenty
                Online Banking                                            First Youth Tour

                       he net payment window was recently
                                                                                 Front Row L to R: Amanda McCullers (Wakulla High),
                       expanded from ten (10) days to fourteen                   Seleste Cooper (Rickards), Courtney Jones (FAMU
                       (14) days to provide ample time for bills to              High), Brittany Tharp (NFCS), Callie Bateman
          be received, reviewed and for payments to be returned in               (Maclay), Melissa White (Lincoln),
          a timely manner.                                                       Second Row L to R: Mustafaa Rahman ( Tallavana),
                                                                                 Marcus Gurley (West Gadsden), Will Nimmons
                                                                                 (Chiles), Michael Dobson (Leon) and Brian Juszczyk
               We have received some calls from Members that pay                 (Florida High).
          their bill using “On-Line-Banking,” a process they initiate

          through their bank, about being assessed a late charge                     alquin Electric Cooperative held its
          when they had instructed their bank to pay the bill prior                  annual Youth Tour April 9th – 10th.
          to the due date. Most Members assumed that the On-
                                                                                     Eleven high school juniors representing
          Line-Banking transactions are completely electronic. We
          have learned that they are not.                               schools throughout Talquin’s four county service
                                                                        areas assembled in Tallahassee for competition. Each
               Many banks/credit unions actually use a third party      student was selected by his or her respective school
          to complete “On-Line-Banking” transactions. Although          administration.
          the funds are usually withdrawn from the Member’s bank
          account on the date requested, the third party completing         The late President Lyndon B. Johnson inspired the
          the transaction (getting the payment to Talquin) actually     Youth Tour, in 1957, hoping that young people could
          prints a check, which is then mailed to Talquin. Although     have the opportunity to visit the nation’s capital and
          Talquin extended the net window by four days, in some         learn what the flag stands for and represents.
          cases, those checks from the third party payment service
          have been received after the due date making the account
          subject to the late charge even though the Member was             The Youth Tour now has grown to over 1,500
          under the impression payment would be made in a timely        students participating each year.
                                                                            The students visited the Florida Supreme Court
               For Members that want to continue paying their           while it was in session and they were recognized and
          Talquin bill by “On-Line-Banking” through their bank          welcomed to the Supreme Court by Chief Justice Lewis.
          or credit union, we recommend that you instruct the           After speaking and listening to these young people, it is
          institution to withdraw the funds from your account           very apparent that this year’s group has a bright future.
          earlier to provide ample time for the third party vendor
          to generate the check and get it to the Cooperative
          in a timely manner. Another option would be to take               The four students selected to attend the
          advantage of the Cooperative’s automatic bank draft           Washington D.C. conference in June are Amanda
          program whereby the payment would be deducted from            McCullers from Wakulla High, Melanie White from
          your account on the due date or the nearest business day.     Lincoln High, Michael Dobson from Leon High and
          There is no charge for that service.                          Brian Juszcyk from Florida High. Seleste Cooper from
                                                                        Rickards High was chosen as the alternate.
              Should you elect to take advantage of the
          Cooperative’s bank draft system, please contact the Area           Talquin would like to thank all of the schools and
          Office most convenient to you.                                students who participated in this year’s competition. It
                                                                        is a pleasure to work with such fine young people.

         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                                                             

001-032_Current.indd 5                                                                                                                04/23/2008 1:24:49 PM
                                                     Capital	Credits
             A portion of the capital credit refund checks mailed by Talquin Electric in December, 2008, has been returned unclaimed.
        If your name is listed here, please inform the Cooperative of your current mailing address, so Talquin can send your check to
        the correct address. If you know the current address of someone listed here, the Cooperative would be most appreciative if you
        would have him or her contact us so that they can receive their check. In the Quincy area, call 627-7651, and in Tallahassee,
        call 878-4414.

                         A              Alexander Laurie J               Amiss Harry W                   Arndt Evenlyn F
                                        Alford Elijah                    Amoco Oil Co                    Arnett Nicole D
        1840 House
                                        Alfree Barbara A                 Among Friends                   Arnold Eric
        2 M A Corporation
                                        All Star Int’L Trucks Inc        Anderson Delanna A              Arso Radio Corp
        27 Home Center Inc
                                        Allbaugh Gertrude                Anderson Glenda                 Asbell Charles
        Aaa Cooper
                                        Allbaugh Tony                    Anderson James L                Ash Sandra D
                                        Allen Albert H Sr                Anderson Julie                  Ashabraner Cecelia R
        Abarbanel Roy J
                                        Allen Annetta                    Anderson Michael W              Asher Diane D
        Abbott Bryce E
                                        Allen Deborah L                  Anderson Nancy G                Ashley Annette D
        Abbott Timothy C
                                        Allen Derrick                    Anderson Otis                   Ashmore R E
        Abdatul Hakeem Umm
                                        Allen Earnest A                  Anderson Richard T              Askins William F
                                        Allen Floyd R                    Anderson Teresa                 Asquith Kristin
        Abdullaj Perparim N
                                        Allen German E                   Anderson Willie Ruth            Athnos Vicki L
        Abel Patrick C
                                        Allen Henry G                    Andrew Jackson Sav              Atkins Deborah S
        Abraham Scott P
                                        Allen Henry G Ii                    Bank                         Atkins Demestric
        Abshire Bill
                                        Allen Herman                     Andrew Jackson Savings          Atkins James
        Acadian Builders
                                        Allen John A                     Andrews Barry                   Atkins Sonja M
        Acree Cathy Louise
                                        Allen Laura L                    Andrews Charles                 Atkinson Angel R
        Adams Barbara
                                        Allen Lorna I                    Andrews Charles                 Atkinson Patricia P
        Adams David L
                                        Allen Solomon                    Andrews Clora                   Atkinson Robert M Ii
        Adams G Tamara
                                        Alleva Fredrick L                Andrews Dorian                  Atlas Auto Glass
        Adams James W
                                        Alligood Anthony                 Andrews Idella                  Attilio Donald E Mr
        Adams Kathryn R
                                        Alligood Ruth W                  Andrews Stephen                    Auger Stephen P
        Adams Martha
                                        Allison Steven M                 Andrews Steven R                Auman Ray
        Adams Patricia D
                                        Allison William E                Andrews Tommy B                 Austin Joseph
        Adams Paul R
                                        Allman James W                   Anfinson Lou J                  Autenrieth Roland F
        Adkins Connie L
                                        Allman Ned                       Ansley Wiley S                  Automotion
        Adkison Tim
                                        Allman Stephen E Jr              Antoszewski Adam                Averett Ed M
        Advanced Coating
                                        Almond Sally S                   Apalachee Land                  Averitt Barbara L
                                        Alonso Cesar                        Conservacy                   Averna Darren
        Advent Christian Church
                                        Alonzo Joe                       Aquilar Santos                  Avirett Debra K
        Aguilar Lynette Christine
                                        Alrich John H                    Arambula Paul                   Avitable Timothy R
        Agyapong Linda S Baker
                                        Altman Jamie D                   Arbogast Rene’ R                Aycock Jonathan S
        Akins Bridgette
                                        Altman Terri                     Armistead Carolyn D             Ayers Teresa K
        Al-Saud Saud S
                                        Alvarez Catarino A               Armstead Helen I
        Albright Richard
                                        Alvarez Jose Jaime               Armstrong Billy G                            B
        Albritton Brothers
                                        Amato Lorenzo                    Armstrong Blair W
           Construction                                                                                  B J’S
                                        Ambrose William K                Armstrong Charles H
        Aldrich Lisa                                                                                     Babcock Lawrence A
                                        American Construction            Armstrong Harold K
        Alexander Kent                                                                                   Baber Kyle L Jr
                                        American Paint & Body            Armstrong Lula E
        Alexander Kerry S                                                                                Baggett Margaret
                                        Amerigas Propane                 Armstrong Tim
                                                                                                         Baggs Wade H Md

        	                                                                                           THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	2008

001-032_Current.indd 6                                                                                                        04/23/2008 1:24:50 PM
        Bailey Barbara J        Bass Lisa Miller        Bennett Rhonda K         Blacklidge Michael Lee
        Bailey Clifton J        Bass Penny M            Bennett Teresa Rozar     Blackman James
        Bailey Michael          Bateman Katherine       Bennett William          Blackman Jimmy W
        Bailey P C              Bates Charlie Jr        Benrvidez Angel          Blair Eugene
        Bailey Robin            Bates Jeff S            Benson Dirk & Joanne     Blaisdell Brenda
        Bailey Thomas E         Batista Rachelle M      Benson Warren P          Blake Mark V
        Bair Jack L             Batson Tina Rae         Benton Edward            Blakemore Joseph T
        Baker Fekeita           Baucom John F Iii       Benton L M               Blanco Robert
        Baker J S Sr Rev        Bauer H O               Benton Wayne L           Bland Cecil K
        Baker John              Baurley Thomas M        Berkins Edwin            Blank Leslie C
        Baker Katherine S       Baxter Decima C         Berlin Bonnie L          Blice Wilma Jean
        Baker Kevin H           Baxter William H Jr     Berlin David L           Blinn William H
        Baker Maritza M         Bay Anestheria Inc      Berlin Harold J          Bliss Steven C
        Baker Patricia A        Bayles John             Berlinghoff Jeffrey J    Blizzard Joseph F
        Baker Rodney A          Bayliner Marine Corp    Bernardo Ruth A          Blombergh Reign L
        Balazs Frank W          Bayne Steven R          Berne Thesla             Blount Elizabeth T
        Balducci Adrienne       Beach John              Berry Annie B            Blount Polly A
        Baldwin Larry A Ii      Beal Kimberly A         Berry Eva J              Blount Robert S
        Baldwin Sarah S         Beal Michael W          Berry Mrs Marie G        Bob Theodis J
        Balough Thomas          Beall Kimberley Anita   Berryhill Robert S       Boddie Darah L
        Banister Wesley         Beaman Reed S           Bertoch Carl A           Bodziony Dale R
        Barber C H              Beamish Rosemary        Best Bruce               Boerckel Debby Sue
        Barber Cathy            Bear Construction       Bethea Ella              Boisvert Aline P
        Barber Dairy            Beard John B            Betts Matthew G          Bolding Susan M
        Barber Edward G         Beattie Robert          Beverly C Lyn            Bonas Linda J
        Barber Franchatta       Beaver Kermit           Beyer Dean E Jr          Bondesson Rolf
        Barber Herman           Bechtold Cheryl         Bialor Jonathan A        Bonds Leroy J
        Bare Margery Jane       Beck George B           Bicknell E Paul          Bone Joseph E
        Barineau Mary C         Beck Natalie L          Biddle Melissa K         Bonifay Sandra L
        Barker Dorene P         Becker Douglas S        Bies Barbara Ann         Bonvissuto Joseph
        Barker James M          Beckwith Sylvia R       Bies Larry J             Booker Bryan
        Barnes Catherine        Bedard Charles W        Biggers Joseph Leroy     Bookout Deborah A
        Barnes Jeff             Bedard Melody L         Bill Hubbard Inc         Booth William M
        Barnes Kevin            Behrman Douglas N       Billings Charles R       Bordelon Steve
        Barnes Misty            Behymer Dale G          Birch Edwin Alan         Borhani Hossein G
        Barnes Robert C         Belk John E             Birch Johnnie            Borowski John R
        Barnes Robert F         Bell Donald L           Bird Elmer S             Bosco Abigail M
        Barnett Bank Of Sun     Bell Mable H            Birk Edward L            Boswell Kitty L
            Coast               Bell Priscilla Denise   Bishop Barney T Iii      Botts Claudia M
        Barnett Clifford M      Bell Ray D              Bishop Don B             Bouie Emory
        Barnett Curtis          Bell Renee              Bishop Frank             Boutin Anthony J
        Barnett Roger L         Bellamy Randolph        Bishop Jane              Boutwell Norman C
        Barrett Elise C         Bellamy Tom             Bitner’S Music Service   Bowden Warren M
        Barrios James V         Bellflower Marine       Bittaker Henry F         Bowdoin Anna C
        Barron David Shane      Benbow Helen Jean       Bivins Gary L            Bowe Joann
        Barry Rodney N          Beneficial Of Florida   Bivins Sheila M          Bowen Carol M
        Bartlett David J        Bennett Carla           Bjork Dwight A           Bowen Teresa A
        Bartlett Kenneth D Jr   Bennett Chester         Bjorklund David N        Bower Kay Kyser
        Bartlett Michael G      Bennett Duane C         Black Mary A             Bowerfind John M
        Bascom Wilbert O        Bennett G Dan           Blackburn Gary L         Bowers Gloria
        Bass Kitty D            Bennett Melvin O        Blackburn W Wayne        Bowers James K

         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                         

001-032_Current.indd 7                                                                            04/23/2008 1:24:51 PM
        Bowers Ralph O             Bridges Sandra        Brown W Anthony          Burns Doris J
        Bowers Roger L             Bridges William M     Brubaker Bill R          Burns Harriet
        Bowling Maria E            Bridget Dale M        Bruce James E            Burnside Mary Ann
        Bowman John Bruce          Bridget Donna M       Bruce Samuel W           Burroughs David H
        Bowne Gregory C            Briggs Donna Mae      Brumby M A               Burrows Glenn E
        Boyd Alpha                 Brill John S          Bruni Nancy              Burton Fred
        Boyd Catherine             Brindger Andrew C     Brunson Eleanor          Busbee Alfred W
        Boyd Edward S              Briscoe John Lee      Brunty Lenore            Busby Dianne L
        Boyd Richard D Sr          Britt Bill A          Bryant Carlton           Bush Alta C
        Boyd W A                   Brixhoff James D      Bryant Cynthia           Bush Anthony
        Boyer Cynthia              Broadwell Ronald A    Bryant Geneva            Bush Barry E
        Boyett Carl E              Brock Charlie Mae W   Bryant Gwendolyn         Bush James B
        Boynton Development        Brock Paul            Bryant Martha W          Busse Duane R
        Bozeman Clarissa L         Brock Sandra L        Bryant Steward           Butler Andrea &
        Bozeman Jacquelyne L       Broderidge Sharon G   Bryd Joan B                 Jonathan
        Brack Regina               Brogdon James D/B/A   Bryn John R              Butler Langdon
        Bradfield Emilia           Bronson Blair E       Bryson John              Butler Linda F
        Bradford Michael D         Brooks James L        Budd Violet M            Butler Princess J
        Bradham Michael            Brooks Karol T        Budnick Stephen M        Butler Ruth M
        Bradham Rosezina           Brooks Robert N       Buell Todd W             Butler Sally
        Bradley Patricia           Brooks Sandy Sr       Buie V Shane             Byrd Fred C
        Bradley Richard K          Brophy Robb L         Bullard James D          Byrd Joseph C
        Bradwell Charles           Brothers Donald W     Bullard Jo Ann           Byrd William L
        Brady Gladys S             Brown Alexis A        Bullard Michael B
        Brafford Nancy B           Brown Carol R         Bulloch Thomas S                   C
        Bragdon Thomas             Brown Cassandra       Bulmer Karen M
                                                                                  C & S Tires
        Braley Keith W             Brown Cathy M         Bunce Carol
                                                                                  C B J Investment
        Branch Neil W              Brown Charles D       Bundy Gary
                                                                                  C K B Inc
        Brand Gary                 Brown Christopher A   Bunker Dawna M
                                                                                  C Q Computer Comm
        Brandenburg Charles        Brown Debbie          Bunting Ronald A
        Brandhorst Larry           Brown Debra K         Buoni Steven F
                                                                                  Cabrera Cirenia
        Brandt Catherine L         Brown Dell            Burch Dan
                                                                                  Cadenhead F Muriel
        Branecki James B           Brown Earnestine      Burch Daniel A
                                                                                  Cain David M
        Brannan Melva L            Brown Emma Jean       Burch David A
                                                                                  Cain Kevin R
        Brannon Michael L          Brown Helen M         Burch Jimmy C
                                                                                  Cain Teresa A
        Brantley Huey P Jr         Brown Herman          Burch Linda
                                                                                  Caison Harry E
        Brantley Robert L          Brown James           Burch Ronnie E
                                                                                  Caldwell Jesse D Jr
        Braswell J B               Brown James L Jr      Burdeshaw Charles
                                                                                  Calhoun William D
        Braswell W G Mrs           Brown Jeffery W       Burdette Monica B
                                                                                  Callahan Michael T
        Braude William L           Brown Jessie M        Burge Terrell
                                                                                  Callahan Sandra
        Braxton Ernest P           Brown Johnny          Burgess Nancy I
                                                                                  Callahan Ted F Jr
        Bray Richard E & Joyce L   Brown Juanita         Burke Dwayne
                                                                                  Callan Matthew D
        Breakiron Robert Q         Brown Michael R       Burke Loretha
                                                                                  Callan Robert M
        Breazeale Eugene S         Brown Nina            Burke Raymond J Jr
                                                                                  Callaway Gertrude H
        Bredthauer Lisa            Brown Patricia A      Burke Sherri L
                                                                                  Calzada Antonio A
        Breeden Roger D            Brown R Jean          Burkett Bobby R
                                                                                  Cameron Marvin E
        Brentano Daniel R          Brown Ralph H         Burleson Lorraine P
                                                                                  Camp Kenneth E
        Brett Joseph P             Brown Ray O           Burlew Wanda J
                                                                                  Camp Michael
        Brewer Bertie              Brown Ronald J        Burnett Beatrice
                                                                                  Camp Terry D
        Brewster Gartha            Brown Sandra Jolene   Burnett Donald
                                                                                  Campanella Nicholas M
        Bridges Ken                Brown Steven T        Burns Bobbie Faye
                                                                                  Campbell Clifford N

        	                                                                     THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	200

001-032_Current.indd 8                                                                            04/23/2008 1:24:52 PM
        Campbell Janet H         Carraway Jeff L            Cherry Claudia K         Cobb Lucia S
        Campbell Janice          Carrillo Maria             Cherry Edward            Cobbs Daniel
        Campbell Ken             Carroll George F           Cheshire Lisa S          Cochran Debra J
        Campbell Marie D         Carroll Rhonda             Chesser Jeanette         Cockerman Mark
        Campbell Steven K        Carryl James               Chesser Steve            Cody William L
        Campbell Sylvia M        Carson Eric A              Chester Frederick A      Coester Joe G
        Camper William L         Carstens Jerry R           Chester Mary S           Coggin Edwin O
        Campos Melesio           Carter Audrey I            Chick George             Coggins Charles A
        Canaday William T        Carter Connie              Childers Construction    Coggins Cindy A
        Cancio Angela M          Carter Donna Hall          Chittim Michael D        Coker Vada P
        Caneldaria Yvette        Carter Howard L            Chivers E Ck             Colby Tami L
        Canington Billy E        Carter Nancy               Christ John J            Cole Brian R
        Cannady Joyce H          Carter William S           Christensen Andrea L     Cole David A
        Cannon David L           Carthern Margaret          Christian Robert R       Cole Donald W
        Cannon W L               Carver James L             Christie Emma L          Cole Graham L
        Cantini Hilda S          Carvin David A             Christy James E          Cole Jane L
        Cantrell Doris           Cash James M               Church Michael R         Cole Norma
        Canup James C            Cash Lorna D               Cicin Donna              Cole Thomas Frank
        Capaldi Building Co      Cassidy Thomas J           Cignarella Rocco         Coleman Betty P
        Capital Asphalt Inc      Castaneda Eipfano          Cigolle Thomas A Jr      Coleman Hazel J
        Capital City Auto        Castle Logan               Cisneros Noberto         Coleman James A
           Auction               Castro Juan                Clare Dane L             Coleman John H Jr
        Capital Community        Castro Luciana             Claridy Pamela D         Coles Mary H
           Action                Caswell Bailey W           Clark Alfred W           Collier Irene D
        Capitol Stone Co Inc     Catchings Judy A           Clark Betty J            Collins Leroy
        Capo Cathy               Cates Carl M               Clark Bruce L            Collins Mark L
        Capozzi Laura M          Cates Laurence             Clark Fladger Lee        Collins Richard A
        Capozzi Peter J          Causey Utility Supply Co   Clark J Derrell          Collins Robert L
        Cappelli Michael P       Cave Norman M              Clark Kevin              Collins Sam
        Cappleman Jennifer W     Cederholm Carrie J         Clark Rhea M             Collins Thomas Jr
        Capps Myrtis E           Chambers Johnny J          Clark Robert             Collins William R
        Captain Tim’S            Champagne Donald E         Clark Sharon Y           Colson Lloyd
           Restaurant            Chan Ka Ling               Clark Willard P          Colvin Curtis
        Carbonell Diane L        Chancy Roberta             Clarke Maryrose          Colvin Jerry
        Card Christopher J       Chandler James             Clarkin James M          Colvin Marie
        Card Ernestine A         Chandler Mary F            Clary Bonnie M           Colvin Sue A
        Carlisle William P       Chandler Suzanne           Cleare E Ann             Comerford Steve
        Carmichael James R       Chaney Cherry A            Cleland David T          Comerford William C
        Carnett-Castro Valerie   Chaney Mark                Clements Christopher W   Comppen Robert E
        Carney Richard C         Chapin Sandra Mosher       Clements Shirley         Compton Andrew
        Carney Steven B          Chapman Christopher C      Clemons Henry            Compton John M
        Carnley Sarah M          Chapman Patricia J         Clenney Arthur D         Conaldson Annie L
        Carpenter David C        Chapman Robert             Cleveland Truman A       Conaway Mark E
        Carpenter Jacquelyn L    Chapman W A                Clewell A F Inc          Concord Laundry
        Carpenter Ken J          Chapman Wayne              Clifford Margaret        Concord Laundry
        Carr Barbara             Charles J Benda Cont       Clifton Dana L           Cone Kasey Fletcher
        Carr James E             Chasar David A             Cloud William D          Conley Ada Belle
        Carr Leah L              Chase Brian L              Coaker Gary J            Connell Christopher J
        Carr Scott               Chellemi Nancy C           Coats Arthur R Jr        Connell Norman L
        Carraway George W        Chemonie Crossing          Cobb G Denny             Connell Robert E
        Carraway Howard E        Chern John R Jr            Cobb Linda W             Connell William D

         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                             

001-032_Current.indd 9                                                                                04/23/2008 1:24:54 PM
        Conner Mark A             Cox Douglas H          Cutler Virginia M        Davis Patricia C
        Conner Raymond F          Cox Hazel              Cuttray Walton           Davis Phyllis O
        Conrad Earl               Cox Janice L           Cylc Bernard J           Davis Ted E
        Conway Romona Jean        Cox Kathy H                                     Davis Teresa F
        Cook Barbara              Coyne Annette                                   Davis Tracy A
        Cook Earlene              Craft Steve W                                   Davitto Christina D
        Cook Glen W               Craft Susan R          D’Agostino Joseph A      Dawkins Cary Bruch
        Cook Joni T               Cramer William R       D’Haeseleer Gilbert      Dawkins Jack D
        Cook Lois                 Cranmer George C       Daffin Joe               Dawkins Lenna
        Cook Wendell H            Crawford William K     Dagostino Debra M        Dawkins Lucille G
        Cook’S Corner Joint       Creekmore Lillian      Dallas Jim               Dawkins Richard E
        Cooley Windy              Creel Kathleen         Dallis Linda             Dawson Ernestine
        Cooper Annie E            Creel Patrick W        Dalton Ricardo           Dawson Kevin Timothy
        Cooper Christine J        Crenshaw Sharon        Dame-Wilson J K          Dawson Natalie M
        Cooper Dawn W             Crew Barbara Jane      Damon Donald B           Day Arlin
        Cooper Joseph M           Crews Roy MacK Jr      Dang Van Hoa             Dean Kelly J
        Cooper Neil B             Crisler William Paul   Daniel Elnora            Dean Russell A
        Cooper Rene Victor        Crlenjak Alexis        Daniel Jason C           Deane Bobbie D
        Cooper Wayne G            Croft Lisa C           Daniel Maxie E           Dearden Connie
        Copeland Carolyn D        Croker M W             Daniel Tammy             Deason Elwood
        Copeland Gwendolyn J      Cron Andrew D          Daniel Thomas M          Deason Vanessa J
        Copeland John             Cronin John M          Daniels Dorothy          Deasy Leila C
        Copeland Sheila           Cronin Larry R         Daniels Elizabeth        Deback Judith A
        Coppeler Douglas D        Cronin Patricia        Daniels Kathy J          Debary Myrtle L
        Copper John S             Crook Arthur L         Daniels Sidney           Decambra Michelle
        Cordell Harold W          Crosby John W          Daniti Robert P          Decker Randy
        Cordero Alexander M       Cross Katherine        Darna Gaston E           Deen Sonya
        Cordis Kimberly A         Crowder Sam Jr         Daugherty Anthony W      Degagne Ronald L
        Corley Laura              Crowe Cynthia M        Daugherty James K        Degraff Debra J
        Corley Robert L           Crowe Robert           Daughtry Gerri G         Dehart Kenneth L
        Cornelison Carolyn E      Crowell Archie         Daughtry Malinda K       Deibler Toni M
        Cornell Ronald H          Crowley J L            Daughtry Mark            Delaney William J
        Cornett Earnest H Jr      Cruse Nicole M         David Clifford L         Delello Joseph F
        Corning Michael J         Cruse Pauline          Davidson Michael A       Deliverence Temple
        Cornwell Clarence R       Cruz Martin B          Davidson Randall L          Church
        Cornwell Vincent          Cruz Pablo             Davis Alan               Delmar Joe Day
        Corrick James Michael     Cudjoe Joe Y           Davis Alan C             Deloney Jerry A
        Corry Nell C              Culver J L             Davis Angela T           Delong Andy
        Cortner Helen I           Cunningham James B     Davis Arienne T          Delphinus Lucia
        Corwin Alfred F           Cunningham M D         Davis Bobby Glenn        Delre Marsha J
        Costa Ralph               Cunningham Ruth N      Davis Emma L             Demarino Ronald J
        Costley Rose              Curry Alice Lynn       Davis George             Demott Ann
        Cothern Gail              Curry Brian E          Davis J Nedine           Dempsey Warren O
        Cotton Larry & Sherrie    Curry Linda J          Davis Jan                Denning Linda D
        Coughlin Kent R           Curry Mena H           Davis Jeremy Lee         Dennis Karen P
        Coughlin Susan            Curry Walter H         Davis John C             Dennison Charles R
        Counselman W David        Curtis Faye            Davis Juanita J          Densmore Thomas L
        Country Boy’S Resturant   Curtis Wilder M        Davis MacHelle D         Denton Sara J
        Country Club Developer    Custer Deborah         Davis Margaret L         Depasquale Richard S
        Coval Joel M              Cutchen Patricia D     Davis Mary               Depasquale Steven P
        Cowart Henry              Cutchin Allan H        Davis Nancy              Dept Of Education

        10	                                                                    THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	2008

001-032_Current.indd 10                                                                          04/23/2008 1:24:55 PM
        Deramus Larry E          Douglas Howard J     Dykes Jeffery A            Etzler Stephen J
        Despres Henry            Douglas John         Dykes Tammy B              Eubanks Nellie
        Dettra John D            Douglas Joseph D     Dykman Kimberly R          Evans Dennis L
        Devane James I           Douglas M Ann        Dyson-Straley Susan        Evans Doris E
        Dewaters Dorothy E       Douglas Mary F                                  Evans Duane M
        Dial Alan B              Douglas Ruth                    E               Evans Gordon T
        Diambra Paul M           Douglas Valerie R                               Evans John H
                                                      E System Technologies
        Dickerson Donald M       Douglas Wayne Dye                               Evans Lisa M
                                                      Eady Kevin L
        Dickerson Michael T      Dowdy David W                                   Evans Marcus W
                                                      Eagen John
        Dickinson John           Downs Rossie E                                  Evans Mary A
                                                      Earnest Joyce Marcum
        Dicks Jimmy              Dozier Carlton E                                Evans Nelson M Ii
                                                      Eastman Sharon B
        Didawick Gina C          Dozier Gregory L                                Evans Otis W
                                                      Eaton Martha
        Diefendorf Carolyn A     Dozier Pattricia                                Evans Regina
                                                      Edelen Benjamin M
        Diehl Oneill             Drake Douglas D                                 Evans Sun Ae
                                                      Edenfield Ruby J
        Diehl Patricia           Drenkhahn Denise M                              Evans William L Iii
                                                      Edwards Hugh E
        Diemer Ricky L           Driest Ron B                                    Eville Paul H
                                                      Edwards James D
        Dierking John E          Driggers Paul N
                                                      Edwards MacK A
        Difiore Christine        Driver Betty R
                                                      Edwards Robert L                       F
        Dillard David P          Drozd Joannne
                                                      Edwards Thomas H           Fail Tammy R
        Dimaggio Merry C         Dryer Rodney K
                                                      Egan Dennis J              Fair Fredrick J
        Dinkins Brenda C         Dryfuss Claire D
                                                      Ehrich David               Falchero Lisa A
        Dixon Janice Tucker      Dubois C Zon
                                                      Elias Benjamin             Fancher Quenlyn
        Dixon Linda G            Dubois Michael
                                                      Elkins John D              Faridazar Fred
        Dixon Patsy M            Duda Mark D
                                                      Elkins Melissa B           Farlin Lula M
        Dixon Thomas W Sr        Dufault Patricia I
                                                      Elliott Laurie C           Farmer Alice
        Dixon Vicki L            Duff John H
                                                      Elliott Samuel L           Farmer Terry W
        Doan David A             Duffield Roger W
                                                      Ellis Anita K              Farmer Veronica
        Dodson Kenneth P         Duggan James V
                                                      Ellis Betty                Farr Laura Ann
        Dodson Shirley H         Duggar Beatrice
                                                      Ellis Marcia A & David J   Fasthoff Deborah B
        Doherty Edward P         Dugger Gary S
                                                      Ellis Michael E            Faulkner Joyce
        Dolan Dianna L           Dugie Arthur J
                                                      Ellis Olivia               Fautheree Susan G
        Dollar Edward            Dulock Patty L
                                                      Ellrich Elizabeth S        Feddon Margaret J
        Dollar James C           Dunaway Samuel R
                                                      Elofson Linda S            Feezel Richard
        Dolley Wendy             Duncan David C
                                                      Elrod Patricia M           Feil Matthew J
        Donaldson Audrey         Duncan Mary C
                                                      Elsheimer Mary E           Feiock Richard C
        Donaldson James R        Duncan Paul
                                                      Emineth Stephen H          Feliciano Michael A
        Donaldson Miles G Ii     Duncan Sherry L
                                                      Entry Norman Paul          Felker Andrew E
        Donaldson Mirine         Dunn Catherine A
                                                      Episcopal Church Holy      Fellers John J
        Donaldson R Scott        Dunsford W L
                                                      Eppley Herman H            Fellowship Assembly Of
        Donaldson Stan C         Dunson Cheryl R
                                                      Erdman A Dean                  God
        Donaldson William L      Dupree Jacquelyn W
                                                      Ernst Joseph O             Fennimore Ellen M
        Donnally-Pickett Diane   Dupree Julia B
                                                      Erwin-Wilson Vicari        Fenstermaker J Scott
        Donohue Terrence J       Duprey Lynn E
                                                      Eslinger David L           Ferguson Ronald L
        Donovan Tim              Durden Edward G
                                                      Esposito John A            Fernandez Sharon L
        Dooley Joseph            Durham Leeanne C
                                                      Essex Comm Corp            Ferrara Gene
        Dooner James M           Durrence Palmer L
                                                      Essex Tv                   Ferrari Reynold L
        Dormada Elaine M         Dutey Julia M
                                                      Essien Frederic            Ferrell Charles R
        Dorsett George R         Dutton Teresa
                                                      Estes Gary L               Ferrell Corry
        Dorsey Anthony W         Dutzy Baptiste
                                                      Estes Mary Beth            Fey Carl
        Dougherty Brian J        Duval David L
                                                      Etheridge Maryellen        Fibertech Insulation Inc
        Dougherty Craig          Dyer Pearl S
                                                      Ettore Anthony J

         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                        11

001-032_Current.indd 11                                                                            04/23/2008 1:24:56 PM
        Ficke Rita R               Ford Patricia A          Fugua & Davis              Ghigliotty Ramon
        Fields James H             Ford Willie Mae          Fuhrman Gayle C            Gibbs Builders
        Fields Margaret A          Fordham Donnie           Fukuhara Tom S             Gibbs Nicki P
        Fierro Manuel S            Forehand Bonnell         Fuller Sharon A            Gibbs Sandra
        Figgers Michael T          Forehand Denise J        Fultz Linda S              Gibson Christine B
        Figley Charles R           Foreman Sue Ellen                                   Gibson Craig A
        Figueroa Cynthia           Form Doyle                                          Gibson Gwendolyn D
        Fillyaw Jackie             Forman Flavius R                                    Gibson Robin M
        Finch Charles Lee Jr       Forman Katherine S       Gaal Joseph W              Gibson Sammy L
        Finch James A              Forrest Betty M          Gabriel Scott Alan         Gibson Vicki L
        Fischer Douglas S          Fortenberry Ross         Gager Daniel M             Gibson Yolanda V
        Fish Myron E               Fortin & Gilbert         Gagnon Patrick A Sr        Gibson-William-Lindsey
        Fisher Barbara G           Fortson Robert C         Gainey Catherine G         Giddens Marilyn
        Fisher Curtis R            Fossi Carlos E           Gale Vicki L               Giddens Tony
        Fisher Jodie L             Foster Tractor Company   Gamble Anthony             Giddings Thomas L
        Fisher Maggie Mae          Fotopoulos Harry V       Gannon Linda F             Gifford J Vicki
        Fisher Richard             Foulkes David M          Ganshirt Christy           Gilbert Freddie Lee
        Fisher William L           Fountain Barbara A       Gappa Lavon M              Gilbert Gene E
        Fitch Stephen A            Fowler Dorothea          Garcia Jose A              Gilbert Pansy L
        Fite Van R                 Fowler Paul W            Gardner Richard Jr         Gilbert Sylvia A
        Fla Biotechnology Inc      Fowler Sandra M          Garland Laura R            Gilbert Ted
        Flamingo Gifts & Florist   Fox Allen                Garner David W             Giles Sandra Lawrence
        Flannery Dwayne            Fox Robert               Garner Louise              Gilles Richard D
        Fleming George P           Frair Karen L            Garren Margaret            Gillespie James C
        Fletcher John P            Frame William L          Garret Marian B            Gilliam Irene
        Fletcher Kathleen S        Franceschina John C      Garrett Charlene M         Gilliam Mike
        Fletcher Sidney            Francis Mary             Garrett Timonthy E         Gilligan Al G
        Fletcher Susan S           Franklin Allan Jr        Garrett William M          Gilman David
        Floda Cheryl Mills         Franklin Yvette L        Garris Robert E            Gilmartin Betty M
        Florence William E         Frantal Susanne Q        Garrison Frank             Gilmore Geneva B
        Flores Jacinto             Franz James R            Garrity Violet B           Gilmore Gwendolyn T
        Florida Federal Savings    Frascona Henry C         Gaskins Samuel             Gilyard Johnny Lee
        Floyd Brenda L             Frauenthal Richard       Gassett Alan L             Ginger Dottie
        Floyd Eddie M              Frazier Ivory L          Gatlin Vickie              Gingery Shirley M
        Floyd Jessie B             Frazier Marty            Gatlins Gladys H           Gipson Owen E
        Floyd Melode J             Frederick Roscoe W       Gault Wayne                Gisbert Mairo
        Fluhr Gary A               Freeman David S          Gause Pat Iris Shuler      Gitten Lisa B
        Foddrill Vicki P           Freeman William T        Gayheart Lucinda A         Gladue Michael P
        Fogler Carrie L            Freesmeier Rick J        Gee Berti J                Glass Ellen A
        Fokes Robert E Jr          French Evelyn A          Gentry W Ernest            Glass Gayle
        Foldhazi Patricia          French George W          George Delbert             Glass Robert W
        Folk Rod J                 Frezon Doanld E          George Jack L              Gleasman Paul A
        Folsom B Wayne             Friede Richard E         George Lawrence A          Gleason Annette M
        Folsom James Jr            Frier J Randall          George Lisa B              Gleason Patrick C
        Foltz Lynn E               Froberg Carolyn W        George Pamela P            Gleaton Adrienne D
        Fontenot Leyshia A         Froemke Henrike S        George Vic                 Glenn William
        Footman Moses              Frost Kenneth            Georges-Abeyie Daniel      Glidewell Vivienne
        Footman William Jr         Fryfogle David           Gerber Dianna L            Glore Donald A
        Ford Construction          Fryson Jesse G           Gerdes Carlos A            Glover James E
        Ford Hezekiah              Fryxell Andrew H         Gersten Joseph M           Glover Tracy L
        Ford Kenneth E             Fuduloff Michael A       Ghiasian Eghbal            Glynn John H

        12	                                                                         THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	2008

001-032_Current.indd 12                                                                                04/23/2008 1:24:57 PM
        Gocken Ted R            Gray Walter            Gunn James E Jr          Hamilton Harold W
        Godard Gregory A        Gray Walter W          Gunter Melody & Joseph   Hamilton Mark A &
        Godby Bill              Green Galeion F        Guo Zhi                    Tamzon
        Godek Helen             Green James A          Guthrie Gary T           Hamilton Patricia A
        Godwin Eddie Lee        Green Melva Jean       Guthrie Perry Thomas     Hamilton Willie
        Golden Charles E        Green Oscar            Guthrie Wanda H          Hammac Katie H
        Golden Michelle         Green R Gerald         Gutierrez-Sanders        Hammett Ellen H
        Golden Sheri L          Green Randy W             Celeste               Hammond Dennis E
        Golden Wendy            Green Robert C         Guy William E            Hammond James B
        Gonglach Eric           Green Robert E         Guyer Thomas A           Hampton Phyllis S
        Gonzalez Armando P      Greene David L         Guyett Rick D            Hamrick Bascom
        Gonzalez Mary Jane      Greene J P             Guyton James             Hamrick Dan S
        Gonzalez Nancy E        Greene James S                                  Hancock Sharon L
        Good Alan E             Greene Kevin D                   H              Hand Judson J
        Goodman Christina D     Greene Maxine G                                 Hand Norma Virginia
                                                       H & S Contractors Inc
        Goodner Keith W         Greene Robert C                                 Hand Thomas M
                                                       Hackney William B
        Goodno Shana L          Greenfield Sandra                               Handtke Phil S
                                                       Hadar Brian R
        Goodson Brenda L        Greens Iamonia Store                            Hansen Christopher H
                                                       Hadd Elizabeth A
        Goodson Emmett          Greer Helen                                     Hanson Lynda G
                                                       Haddock Derrick
        Goodson Fred T          Gregg Betty S                                   Haralson Darron S
                                                       Haff Donna J
        Goodson Jimmy E         Gregory Deborah A                               Harbin Lee B
                                                       Hagan Beth
        Goodson Johnny Ray      Gregory James D                                 Harbuck Oscar B
                                                       Hagan Bruce & Page
        Goodwin Bobby J         Grey Dennis S Ii                                Harding Barbara E
                                                       Hagan Joetta L
        Goodwin James E Jr      Grice Nathaneil E                               Harding Jeanne
                                                       Hageloh Michael
        Goodwin John W Ii       Grier William H                                 Hardman Pamela J
                                                       Hagen Lawrence T
        Gordon Phillip V        Griffen Michelle A                              Hardy John G
                                                       Hager Jeffrey S
        Goree Clint H           Griffin Barbara J                               Hardy Stacey
                                                       Hageseth E Carroll
        Gornik Chris            Griffin Debra H                                 Hardy Wayne L
                                                       Hagin Mabel P
        Goss Dorothy            Griffin John D Jr                               Harless Betty
                                                       Haines Jerry Dean
        Gould James Gardiner    Griffin Johnny P                                Harlow Judy G
                                                       Haire Nancy S
        Gould Jonathan T        Griffin Jullian H                               Harlow Vernon N
                                                       Hale Frances C
        Grace Frances Ray       Griffith Jerry A                                Harmon James B &
                                                       Hall Bubber
        Grafentin Roland E      Grimes Fred C                                     Rebecca
                                                       Hall Charlotte
        Graham Archie L         Grimes Larry                                    Harp Jeffrey J
                                                       Hall Claudia
        Graham Carlyne          Grippo Jeffrey M                                Harper Daniel E
                                                       Hall David
        Graham Harry L          Grippo Mark A                                   Harper James
                                                       Hall Debrah S
        Graham Richard A        Griswold Jeffrey L                              Harper Richard H
                                                       Hall George F
        Grand Auto              Gross Clarice M                                 Harper Robert Marlowe
                                                       Hall James F
        Granger Beth            Gross Todd A                                      Jr
                                                       Hall Johnnie
        Granger Donald L        Ground Control Inc                              Harrell Barbara A
                                                       Hall Johnnie
        Granger Wayne           Groves Rhonette L &                             Harrell Charles L
                                                       Hall Myrta W
        Grant Cathy                Dale                                         Harrell Dianne
                                                       Hall Nathaniel
        Grant Jeffrey N         Grubbs Cassandra S                              Harrell Donna J
                                                       Hall Ollie Sanders
        Grantham Charlie F Jr   Grubbs Larry T                                  Harrell Glenn W
                                                       Hall William R
        Grantham Mary Ann       Grudak Cynthia N                                Harrell Kenneth E
                                                       Hall Winfred Wade
        Graves Janice L         Gto Inc                                         Harrell Sheila F
                                                       Halligan Elaine
        Graves Tim              Guido Gerardo Silva                             Harrell Theodore W
                                                       Halpern Leopold E
        Gray Anna R             Guidry Paula M                                  Harrigan Ronald
                                                       Halpren Marisa A
        Gray John D             Guillen Artoro                                  Harrington Clifton B
                                                       Halstead Rev Ross E
        Gray M R                Gulledge Todd                                   Harrington Natalie
                                                       Hamby Jeffery D
        Gray Tyler              Gully Delores R                                 Harris A Allen

         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                    13

001-032_Current.indd 13                                                                        04/23/2008 1:24:58 PM
        Harris Chris              Hayes Roger               Herrin Timothy R            Hoffman Arthur G
        Harris David A            Hayes Ruth D              Herring Elvin & Sandra      Hoffman Joseph A
        Harris Dorothy B          Hayes Thomas J            Herring Nancy               Hoffman Patricia H
        Harris Dottie S           Haynes Dennis T           Herring Willie Lee          Hogan Linda D
        Harris James              Haynes Richard J          Herson James P Jr           Hogan Marvin S Jr
        Harris Joe L              Hays Flora D              Hess Charles A              Hogan Wade
        Harris John H             Hays Terri S              Hester Sandra Todd          Holcomb Kenneth Dee
        Harris Laura E            Hays William K            Heyward Gleycia             Holcombe Max H
        Harris Lola F             Hayward Nathan D          Hi Way 20 Enter             Holden Dorothy R
        Harris Marvin             Headlee Roberta D         Hibner Virgil R             Holland Roy E Ii
        Harris Rose Ann           Heaney Daniel J           Hickey James O              Holley Buck
        Harris Sandra K           Heaphy Donna              Hickman Judith J            Holley Michael E
        Harris Sherri L           Hearn Angelia M           Hickman Robert              Holley Sandra M
        Harris Timothy            Hearn Louise              Hicks Daphne L              Hollins William R
        Harrison Casandra A          Wainwright             Hicks Georgina L            Hollis Jacquelyn L
        Harrison Gene             Hearn Michele S           Hicks Leslie                Hollis John H
        Harrison Robert P         Heaton Lisa Kaye          Hicks Pamela                Hollis Johnnie Mae
        Harrison Rodney           Heaton Warren J Jr        Hidle Bobby R & Donna       Hollis Randy A
        Harrison Sterling G III   Heburn Karen D            Hildenbrand Bonnie L        Holloman Lilly M
        Harrison Thomas H         Heemstra James A          Hilfstein Leon              Holloway Donald L
        Harrod R Keith            Heerema David J           Hill Diane F                Holloway Joe E
        Harrod Richard Allen      Heffner David W           Hill Grazell M              Holloway Nathan
        Hartley Deborah A         Heffner Scott             Hill Gregory E              Holm Mike
        Hartley Myles             Heim Ima                  Hill Kenneth C              Holm Suzanne
        Hartsfield D B            Hein Ron                  Hill Larry D                Holmes Fannie Mae
        Hartsfield James R        Heisler David W           Hill Monica                 Holmstrom Greg A
        Hartsfield Julius F Jr    Helbing Michael J         Hill Ralph D                Holmstrom Sandra
        Harvard Larry B           Helm Jeffry D             Hilliard Alice Lawhon       Holt Ruth
        Harvell Danny G           Helm Mark S               Hills Nathan                Holt Thomas
        Harvell Linda S           Hemanes Christopher B     Hiltebeitel Donna L         Holton Tommie L
        Harvell Terry E           Hembree Bradley A         Hilton Mark T               Holzhauer Linda
        Harvest Baptist           Henderson Bernard         Hiltz Suzanne               Homich Deborah
           Tabernacl              Henderson John W          Hinds Maurice R             Hook Charles E
        Harvey Carolina           Henderson Johnny          Hines James F               Hoover Jon D
        Haselton Stanley C        Henderson Robert R        Hinkle Danny J              Hopkins Byron
        Hassell Leonard           Hendrick James C Mrs      Hinote Hugh P               Hopkins Douglas M
        Hasty D R                 Hendricks J Matt          Hinson Gail                 Hopkins/Donaldson Dev
        Hatch William             Henley Debbie             Hinson Lillie               Hopson William W
        Hatcher Angela F          Hennekes Christina E      Hinton Patricia M           Horak Lawson M
        Hatcher Gennie            Henrie Patrick F          Hoagland James W            Horan John M
        Hatcher Jason D           Henry Albert              Hobbs Donna                 Horn Sue
        Hatcher Jeff              Henry Simon S             Hobbs Susan D               Horn William M
        Hatchett R Lawrence       Hensel William U          Hodge Jon H                 Hornak Nancy C
        Hatfield Paul D           Henshaw Kevin             Hodge Thedore Sr            Horner Clarence
        Hatler Rickey             Hereford Toby             Hodge Therrell              Hornsby Craig
        Hatton H Darrell          Hernandez Abraham E       Hodges A Wayne              Horse Trader General
        Hauer John D              Hernandez Carlos Rafael   Hodges Don                    Store
        Haughee Chris             Hernandez Jose A          Hodges Donald               Hortenstine Susan
        Hawke Maynard C           Herndon Fred R            Hodges Gene                 Horton John T
        Hawkins Clifford C        Herrell William C Iii     Hodges James E Sr           Horvath Glenn Kim
        Hawley John M             Herrin Brenda             Hodnett Albert M            Hotaling James

        14	                                                                          THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	2008

001-032_Current.indd 14                                                                                04/23/2008 1:24:59 PM
        House Debra Collins     Hunter George C Jr          Jackson Bryan N        Jenkins Ervin
        House Dwyane            Hunter Kathleen M           Jackson Christal       Jenkins Henry
        House Louise            Hunter Mildred D            Jackson Construction   Jenkins Oliver J
        Housser Dawn            Huntley Elizabeth C         Jackson Corners        Jenkins Phillip E
        Houston Rachel          Huntley Nathaniel           Jackson David Elwood   Jenkins Zollie
        Houston Vera Mae        Hurlbut B L                 Jackson Emma           Jennings Dean K
        Howard Carolyn          Hurley Ken                  Jackson Evone          Jensen Don
        Howard Elizabeth D      Hurley Robert D             Jackson Gloria J       Jensen Karen
        Howard Genie D          Hurricane Island            Jackson Irvin R        Jenson Earle I
        Howard John E              Outward                  Jackson Kaiale         Jeppesen Georgia A
        Howard Johnson Motel    Hurst Cathy                 Jackson Karl E         Jerkins Robin L
        Howard Lenore L         Hurst Emma J                Jackson Margie         Jerry’s
        Howard Linda D          Hurst Richard C             Jackson Marilyn A      Jessie Katheryn L
        Howard Lulu             Hurt Frank J                Jackson Patricia A     Jessie Willie Lee Jr
        Howard Mary Lucus       Hutcherson Eleanor M        Jackson Randy L        Jimmy Mac’S Sub &
        Howard Ulysses          Hutcheson Etoyle            Jackson Shanley L          Salads
        Howell Faye M           Hutson Donna                Jackson Shannon R      Johns Richard M
        Howell Leonard R        Hutto Diane                 Jackson Thomas H       Johnson Altha
        Hoyt David L            Hutto Vinnie C              Jackson Tommy R        Johnson Ben W
        Hubbard Kathleen        Hycrest Dairy Inc           Jackson Willie Lee     Johnson Beulah Mae
        Hubbard Linda M         Hyden Doris F               Jacob Jeffrey D        Johnson Beverly I
        Hudson Corine           Hydro-Conduit Inc           Jacobs Kim K           Johnson Boyd W
        Hudson Nelda R          Hydro-Conduit Inc           Jacobs M Michele       Johnson Brian E
        Hudson Sam              Hylton James P              Jacobs Myrtle          Johnson Chari P
        Huelsman Fred           Hynes John M                Jadrych Guy K          Johnson Cora L
        Huffman Craig D                                     Jadwin H W             Johnson Craig A
        Huffman Dennis L                                    Jahn Robert D          Johnson Cynthia D
        Huffstickler W Jerry                                Jaillet Dorothy L      Johnson David P
        Huggins Wilton L        Ibrahim Eronif              Jamerson Sammie K      Johnson Deborah Trotter
        Hughes Belinda G        Iglesias William T Jr       James Alice            Johnson Eldrid E
        Hughes Bronna M         Iliff William R             James Barnette R       Johnson Frank L
        Hughes Dinah F          Ingram Benjamin K           James Cynthia          Johnson Fred
        Hughes George H         Ingram James C              James Edgar P Iii      Johnson Fred W
        Hughes James P Jr       Ingram Jonathan E           James Hugh D           Johnson George
        Hughes Loretta Ann      Ingram Michael H            James Jane             Johnson Gloria Dean
        Hughes Pamela S         Ingram Paul A               James John P           Johnson Greg M
        Hughes Shelley A        Investors Realty            James Kimberly R       Johnson Herbert
        Hughes Timothy B        Investors Realty Of Talla   James Lin H            Johnson Jeffrey K
        Hughes Timothy J        Irvin Builders              James Teresa           Johnson Jerry A
        Hull Christopher L      Irvin Stuart J              Janik Jerome S         Johnson Jerry A
        Humphrey Catherine      Irwin Jeanette              Janik Nancy M          Johnson Jerry W
        Humphrey Elbert         Ismail Kathleen S           Janssen Carroll Ann    Johnson Jimmy
        Humphreys Stewart J     Ivester Robert              Jason Kenneth S        Johnson Kathleen
        Humphries Deborah M     Ivester Rosalind E          Jeff Drake Builder     Johnson Kevin L
        Humphries Linda M                                   Jefferson Frazier      Johnson Lamar
        Hunt Charles W                      J               Jefferson John G       Johnson Laurel
        Hunt Jerry              J & C Club                  Jefferson Lillie       Johnson MacK O
        Hunt Patrick M          Jack Noel M & Lillian L     Jefferson Patricia     Johnson Nancy Miller
        Hunt Paul E             Jacks Allen Jr              Jeffery James          Johnson Phillip D
        Hunter Anthony D        Jackson Alicia M            Jen Wei                Johnson Raenell
        Hunter Carl             Jackson Brenda              Jenkins Elizabeth A    Johnson Randy

         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                        15

001-032_Current.indd 15                                                                            04/23/2008 1:25:00 PM
        Johnson Raymond L       Jones Trina M             Kelly Christine L           King Robert A
        Johnson Rebecca S       Jones Walter H III        Kelly Cleveland E           King Todd R
        Johnson Robby           Jones William A           Kelly Daniel P              King Tommy
        Johnson Robert B        Jones-Horne Pamela        Kelly Harold J              King Toni K
        Johnson Robert P Jr     Jordan Irby F             Kelt Acurian                King William W
        Johnson Ruth            Jordan Moses              Kemp Robert L               Kinser Ralph H
        Johnson Sheraze T       Jowers Cleveland J        Kemp Tammie                 Kinsey Carol
        Johnson Sherry D        Joyce John M              Kempton Thomas J            Kinsey Nancy A
        Johnson Shinetha        Joyner Aimee G            Kennedy Diana C             Kirbo Susan D
        Johnson Thelma J        Joyner J C                Kennedy Dianne              Kirkendall Donald G
        Johnson Vera            Joyner James F            Kennedy Jean B              Kirkham Corinne
        Johnson Vivian L        Joyner Jayne              Kennington Joey A           Kirkland Frank L
        Johnson Wesley          Joyner Otis M             Kennon Dorris C             Kirkpatrick Charles R
        Johnson William L       Joyner Ronald R           Kenon Evelyna               Kirksey Thom E
        Johnston Billy G        Jr Food Store #225        Kent Jeffery                Kiser Craig
        Johnston Robert E       Jr Food Stores Inc #120   Kent Larry M                Kissiah Donna L
        Johnston Thomas E Iii   Judah Leroy Jr            Kenyon Lynne                Kissinger David
        Joiner Randi            Julevich Daniel J         Kenyon Michael E            Kissinger H Philip
        Joly Rodney J           Juwel Mavis E             Kerr Deborah A              Kissinger James P
        Jones Carla O                                     Kerr Lemuel                 Kitching William J
        Jones Catherine L                                 Kersey John C               Klar Thomas B
        Jones Clarence E                                  Kerzan John R               Klaus Dennis
        Jones Demeatrice        Kahl Carole L             Kessler Jeffrey B           Kloesel Kevin A
        Jones Donna             Kain Bernard Lawrence     Kestner Michael R           Klotz Kevin D
        Jones Donna L              Jr                     Ketchem Randal R            Kluska Stella
        Jones Donna M           Kalita John               Kever M Faye                Knapp Jill W
        Jones Harold P          Kamiya Henry R            Kicklighter Kathy L         Knecht Cynthia M
        Jones J R               Kappes John J Jr          Kicklighter Patricia J      Knecht Thomas
        Jones James H           Karioth Mary B            Kidd Tracy Scott               Roderick
        Jones Jann K            Kasen Khaledih K          Kiedrowski Leah G           Knight Fred
        Jones Jeffrey Randall   Kassack Charlotte         Kiele Katherine R           Knight Henry Jr
        Jones John T            Kautz Mary C              Kiff Michael K              Knight Norma J
        Jones Josephine         Keahey Ricci R            Killearn Communication      Knight Sallie
        Jones Julie             Keeler Michael L          Killearn Construction       Knisley David P
        Jones Kathryn M         Keen Stephanie E          Killearn Construction       Knopes Timothy M
        Jones Kurt A            Keen William D            Killian Peggy G             Knowles Belle
        Jones Leslie S          Keiffer Ralph J           Killion Robert Jr           Knox Kenneth
        Jones Lillian           Keirstead Phillip O       Kimball Roy E               Knox Larry J Mrs
        Jones Loren             Keith David Carroll       Kimble Alice C              Koagel Ida
        Jones Malcolm W         Keith Dianna M            Kimble Dawn M               Kochanowsky Paul A
        Jones Marshall Lee      Keith Harlon              Kimbrell Carolyn O          Koenig Hildegard E
        Jones Marvin Franklin   Keith Lydia M             Kimbrell Gordon T           Kohler William C Dr
        Jones Mary Ann Ripley   Keith Robert              Kimmel Joseph B             Kohn Ira
        Jones Mary Jane         Kellenberger Melanie A    Kimmons Nancy R             Korzilius Bruce
        Jones Melvin L          Kelley Jake               King B F                    Kosier Julie A
        Jones Michael R         Kelley Linda K            King Clete D                Kouloungis George N
        Jones R Michael         Kelley Michelle A         King Douglas P              Kraft General Foods Inc
        Jones Richard C         Kelley Phillip            King Henry P                Kratofil Lisa
        Jones Tempess C         Kelley Richard W          King John N                 Kratofil Rendie J
        Jones Teresa M          Kelley Sandra B           King Linda J                Kravitz Richard K
        Jones Tina M            Kelly Carmen              King Lisa A                 Kretz Theresa

        16	                                                                        THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	2008

001-032_Current.indd 16                                                                                04/23/2008 1:25:02 PM
        Kuhne Jeff J             Lawrence C M              Leuchtman Marc A          Logan Charles S
        Kulinski Thomas F        Lawrence Yasmin M         Lever Roger L             Logan Jerry L
        Kuper Deborah Stephens   Laws Maurice              Lewis Ava P               Logan Marie Ellen
        Kurtz Mark T             Lawson Denise Gail        Lewis Cheryl A & Victor   Lojan Christine M
        Kyle Eunice L            Lawson Evette M           Lewis Esther R            Lollie Roy
        Kynoch Anne O            Lawson Richard D          Lewis Evelyn              Loncich Donna
                                 Lawton Bradly E           Lewis G C Mrs             Lonestar Construction
                                 Lawton Thomas             Lewis Hazel A             Long Arthur T
                                 Lazare Clark A            Lewis Jack R              Long Breck O
        La-Rae Elmer R           Leadman Elizabeth C       Lewis James M             Long Jeffrey W
        Labadie Chris G          Leal Oliver               Lewis Janet W             Long Margaret S
        Lacroix Scott L          Leasure William F         Lewis John W              Long Patrick
        Ladwig Joanne Stevens    Leatherman Norma K        Lewis Luther J            Long Robert W Iii
        Lafollette Patricia J    Lebeda Guy W              Lewis Mary                Long Theresa M
        Lafrance Robert          Leblanc Daniel L          Lewis Michael G           Longsworth Ruth
        Lagos Carmen A           Ledbetter Ike             Lewis Robert E            Longver Steven
        Lahteine Valerie K       Leddon Paul R             Lewis William C           Lopez Gerard F
        Lake Club Apartments     Ledsinger Robert H        Liberty Homes             Lopez Jose R
        Lamb Rowland             Lee Arnita                    Construction          Lopresti Andrew
        Lambert Damin Allen      Lee Bebe N                Libscomb Jennifer         Lord Howard A
        Lambert Judith A         Lee James H               Liburo-Roberts Eunice     Loree Debbie
        Lambert Sandra           Lee Janis M               Lifherd Mabel             Lott Trudy E
        Lamikanra Olusola        Lee John C                Liford James C            Loud Mark C
        Lamp David A             Lee Juanita Diana         Light Mrs L S             Lousberg Stephen
        Land Todd                Lee Lisa A                Lightsey Scott D          Love Of God Church
        Landfall Farms           Lee Rebecca S             Lilliman Michael T        Love Robert L
        Landis Karen S           Lee Robert E              Linch Laura J             Lovett Linda S
        Landrum James D          Lee Robert E              Lincoln Denise H          Lowe Bill
        Lane Joanne L            Lee Rodney B              Lindbloom Terri           Lowe Lucy H
        Lane Tilda Helton        Leeds Building Products   Lindgard Susan E          Lowery Robert W
        Laney Robert F           Legette Denise            Lindon Shaun R            Lucckino Michael
        Lang Glenn F             Leggett Doris V           Lindsey Dorothy           Luce Daniel M
        Langdon Frank Iii        Leggett Morris E          Lindsey Eddie Joe         Lueck Chris H
        Lange William W          Leija Santiago            Lingerfelt Laura          Lugo-Munoz Luis A
        Langford Bonnell         Leininger Lance E         Link Thomas H             Luher Laurie A
        Langford Carl A          Leis Thomas E             Linthicum John            Luhn Dennis M
        Langston Wade G          Leite Helen B             Lipner Yvonne             Luna Manor Prop
        Lankford Larry J         Lemler Edna E             Liszka Lawrence R            Owners
        Lanphere Frederick       Lemocks William B         Little Daniel E           Luther James H Jr
        Large Barbara            Lemoine Daphne            Littlefield Manuel R      Lutz Jonathan R
        Large Shirley                Bennett               Living Waters Open        Lutz Richard T
        Larkin William F Jr      Lenaerts Eileen D             Bible                 Lyda Reditha
        Larkins Eddie            Lentz-Gaddis Cheryl       Lloyd Gerald R Jr         Lynch Burrie F
        Larko Lorri L            Leonard Kathleen A        Lock Stephanie            Lynch Cindy
        Laster Willie James Sr   Leonard Maxie             Locke Dorinda A           Lynch Mary F
        Latimer David R          Leoni Construction        Locke M D                 Lynn Anthony
        Latimer Jere M               Company               Lockett Emma              Lynn H V
        Latimer Ron B            Leroy Paul S              Lockhart Beverly          Lynn Marvin
        Laux Warren R            Lessem Robert A           Lockhart Jim              Lynn Minnie R
        Law Sandy                Letchworth Charles R      Lockhart Meirley N
        Lawley Andrea L          Letts Dennis R            Lofland H L

         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                            17

001-032_Current.indd 17                                                                               04/23/2008 1:25:03 PM
                          M      Martin Harry E          McAlister Judy              McDaniel Charles E
                                 Martin James R          McAlister Linda L           McDaniel Jeff
        Mabardy Marilyn
                                 Martin Kenneth E        McAllister Geri L           McDaniel Joe N
        Mabry Frank
                                 Martin Louis            McAllister L Glenn          McDaniel K W
        MacDonald Douglas S
                                 Martin Marsha A         McAuley James M             McDonald Kathryn
        MacDonald John R
                                 Martin Michelle         McBride Jeanette            McDonald Phillip W
        MacIas Susan
                                 Martin Patricia         McBurrows Ruth H            McDonald Stephanie
        MacKenzie Robert O
                                 Martin Ramona T         McCabe Don                    Lynn
        MacKinnon A R
                                 Martin Randal R         McCabe Gary                 McDonald’S
        MacKlin Patsy
                                 Martin Robin M          McCall Harry N              McDowell Johnnie M Jr
        Madden John B
                                 Martin Sandra L         McCaw Communications        McDuffie Herman B
        Maddox Scott C
                                 Martina Michael H       McClellan Susan K           McElveen Cynthia M
        Madey John P
                                 Martindale Cheryl L     McClenithan Rebecca         McFall Mike
        Madigan John
                                 Martinez Evelio         McClintock Deborah J        McFarlain Malcom Sr
        Madison Barbara J
                                 Martinez Silvestre L    McCloud Aaron               McFarlian Karen
        Madison Robert Rev
                                 Marx Edward L           McCloud Betty               McGee Mary
        Madsen Nels
                                 Marx Yvonne R & James   McCloud David               McGhee Katie L
        Madsen Thomas K
                                 Mashburn J C            McClure Jerry D             McGriff Alexis D
        Maiorano Suzanne G
                                 Mask Charles            McClure Tonya               McGriff Squire Jr
        Maley Timothy W
                                 Mask Charles W          McCluskey Ann Marie         McGuigan Marion S
        Malkowski Leonard F
                                 Mason Juli A            McCluskey Thomas J          McGuire Rose
        Mallison Christopher R
                                 Mason Susan A           McCollum April Dea          McInnis Michael Q
        Mally Stephen M
                                 Massey Charles E        McCollum George J           McIntyre Richard A
        Maloy Johnnie J Jr
                                 Massey Michele I        McConnell Ruby              McIntyre Vickie L
        Mancuso Louis C Dr
                                 Massie Aaron            McConnell Thomas B          McIver Morris
        Mann Richard L
                                 Mateo Ada V             McCord Estella R            McKee Allan
        Manning Dean B
                                 Mathers John M          McCormick John              McKeehan J E Iii
        Manning Linda
                                 Mathers William H       McCormick Kathryn M         McKenzie Cathy
        Manning Mark R
                                 Matheson Jennifer L     McCowen George F            McKenzie James R
        Manzano Maria Norma
                                 Mathieu David L         McCoy John F Md             McKenzie Karen
        Marchant Herbert L Jr
                                 Mathis Jeffrey A        McCoy Laura H               McKenzie Michael B
        Marchant Lisa M
                                 Mathis Teresa K         McCrane Donald A            McKenzie Naomi
        Marchessault Dairy
                                 Matthews Beatrice M     McCranie David              McKenzie Walter
        Marcho Tom M
                                 Matthews Glenn T        McCray Alvin Lee            McKeown Agnes
        Marcone Appliance Pts
                                 Mattic Raymond F        McCray Angela Y             McKeown Frances B
                                 Maurer Alan G           McCray Phyllis              McKinley Elizabeth
        Marguette Albert
                                 Maxfield Douglas B      McCray Valerie L            McKinney D Joy
        Marianna Auto Truck
                                 Maxwell Donna           McCreless John Phillip      McKinney Donald Jr
                                 Maxwell John P Iii      McCroan Bettye O            McKinnon Malcolm D
        Markley Lloyd C
                                 Maxwell Kelly           McCroan Keith D             McLaughlin William J
        Marrero Ramon
                                 Maxwell Tammy L         McCroan Patricia C          McLendon Idus
        Marsh Elva J
                                 Maxwell W H             McCue Lester Scott          McMahon John J
        Marsh Guy
                                 Mayer Debra S           McCue Linda L               McMahon Michael R
        Marshall Betty C
                                 Maynor Mamie S          McCullers Fred              McMath Bryan J
        Marshall Gary
                                 Mayo David B            McCulloch Betty L           McMillan Dennis L
        Marshall Gloria
                                 Mayo Howard             McCullohs H Lee             McMillian Lizzie
        Marshall Mary M
                                 Mayo Kathy              McCullough Ruby M           McMurrain Robert Lee
        Martens Wanda
                                 Mays Charlie M          McCullough Sherry             Jr
        Martin Claude B
                                 Mazerolle Angela R      McCully Barbara Jo          McMurray Leslie
        Martin Edna
                                 Mazza Candace E         McCurley Lillian M          McNeese James C
        Martin Frances B
                                 McAfee Lorenzo          McDaniel Betty              McNichel Janice L
        Martin Frederick W

        18	                                                                       THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	2008

001-032_Current.indd 18                                                                              04/23/2008 1:25:04 PM
        McNish David P          Middleton David J          Mitchell D Renee          Morris Alice
        McPeters Libby T        Middleton Wade D           Mitchell Elizabeth        Morris Bruce N
        McPhaul Sterling F      Miechick Diane M           Mitchell J W              Morris Lorenzo E
        McPherson Beatrice      Miers Michelle L           Mitchell John W           Morris Michele A
        McPherson Linda D       Migut Dennis D             Mitchell Patrick J        Morris Patricia
        McRae Carol J           Mikell Balsy T             Mitchem Robert W Jr       Mortimer Doretha C
        McRae Susie Christie    Mileo James                Mittenen A David          Morton John W
        McSmith Donna R         Miles Eddie                Mixon Doris D             Mosher Joyce A
        McVay Jimmy R           Miles Kathleen A           Mixon Harriet K           Moss Ossie
        McVey Marsha L          Miles Laurence F           Mixon Heather M           Mote Almond E Jr
        McVicker Dale M         Miley Janice L             Mobley Maria              Motorola Inc
        Meacham Don H           Milhollin Melody           Mohrman Delaine J         Moyer Anthony &
        Meade Dale S            Millender Edward J         Moller Herman W             Dianna
        Means Roy D             Miller Cindy M             Mollohan W H              Moynihan Daniel A
        Mears Elizabeth R       Miller Curtis              Moncrief Charles L        Mozingo Dennis B
        Mears Tammie R          Miller Douglas C           Moncrief Michael          Muhs B J
        Mears Walter I Jr       Miller Gary L              Moneyham Martha J         Mulholland Brick S
        Medders Ronald D        Miller Gibbes U Jr         Montgomery Danny L        Mullinax Bobby G
        Medfax Incorporated     Miller Heidi R             Moody Faith S             Mullins John L
        Medina Bonnie L         Miller J H                 Moon Curtis G             Mullins Karen A
        Medina Jose             Miller Jerry W             Moon Tracks Inc           Mullis Dianne H
        Medina Pedro I          Miller Joyce Clifton       Mooney Chuck S            Mullis Mark Alan
        Meeks Shedrick T        Miller Luther R            Moore Brian M             Muntner Marla L
        Mehaffey Patricia E     Miller Margaret            Moore Douglas A           Murkerson John H
        Meinen L Christine      Miller Mason C             Moore Eric S C            Murphy Daniel J
        Mejia Marco             Miller Michele             Moore Henry V             Murphy Easter Mae
        Meldrum Eileen          Miller Michelle R          Moore Ida Mae             Murphy Margaret M
        Melton Larry N          Miller Mitch R             Moore James E             Murray Ann R
        Menendez John V         Miller Sarah               Moore Jason M             Murray Bobby D
        Mercer S Leona          Miller Steve C             Moore Johnny              Murray Nathaniel
        Mercer Timothy W        Miller Wayne S             Moore Judy                Murray Roscoe
        Merchant Larry P        Milligan Christine A       Moore Kenneth             Musgrove Richard J
        Merchent Janet M        Mills E C                  Moore Margaret            Mutter Randy C
        Merickel Alan P         Mills Harvey J             Moore Richard G           Muxworthy Gregory S
        Merickel Alan P         Mills Laverne              Moore Robert William Jr   Myers Christine K
        Mero Eugene W           Mills Melanie Ann          Moore Ruby J              Myers Edwin L
        Merritt Albert          Mills Regina L             Moore Walter L            Myers Glen H
        Merritt George Mrs      Mills River Plant Grower   Mora Guisselle            Myers Ione L
        Merten Robert J         Mills River Plant          Mora Guisselle            Myers Ron C Sr
        Mertz Ervin E              Growers                 More Joy Cable Tv         Myles France L
        Mescan Greg J           Mills Toney                Moreira Nancy T           Myrick Marion D
        Meshach Felicia A       Millsap Brian A            Moresi Gary L
        Messer Linda L          Milner Kathy               Moret Louis D
        Messex Beverly C        Milson Manufact Corp       Morgan Alan E
        Metcalf James H         Minckler Martin R          Morgan Arthur J           Nalefski Robert A
        Metz Thomas E           Minnie Vickers             Morgan Joseph P           Naley Linda H
        Meyers Steven David     Mire Thomas H Jr           Morgan Kevin              Nance Beverly A
        Michael Herbert W       Miro Ralph H               Morgan Michelle L         Nance Martha S
        Michaels Harry L Jr     Mision Juan Diego          Morgan Stanley            Nathan Melvin Jr
        Michaud Gregory R       Mitchell Barbara Blake     Morganti Reed A           National Video
        Microtel Inc            Mitchell Charlotte B       Morphonios J J               Plantation

         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                              19

001-032_Current.indd 19                                                                                  04/23/2008 1:25:05 PM
        Natoli Richard            Norwest Paggage             Ott David H               Parker Shirley
        Nazworth Marti M          Notley James H              Ott Paula L               Parker Timothy
        Neal Clifford B           Nowicki Philip R            Ottavi Neil A             Parker Willie James Sr
        Needelman Shirley         Nuce Nancy L                Otwell Mickey L           Parks Gregory L
        Neely Claude A            Nudd Michael F              Overby Robin R            Parmarter Nancy A
        Neilson Edith M           Nunez Brett                 Overcash Patricia D       Parnell Kathleen A
        Nelson Buddy E            Nunez Maria Elene           Overman Kris G            Parraguez Frances &
        Nelson Christina D        Nykamp Angela G             Owen Tina E                   Osval
        Nelson Clyde                                          Owenby Norma W            Parramore Katherine
        Nelson Gideon E                                       Owens Delma               Parry James
        Nelson Richard F                                      Owens Kelvin G            Parsons Mark D
        Nemeth James A            O’Baugh Nancy S             Owens Ken                 Partida Domingo
        Nesmith Sheri D           O’Berry Theresa Leigh       Owens Willie T Jr         Parton Donald E
        Nettles Properties        O’Brien/Silvestri Const I   Owners Choice Realty      Pascale Linda
        Nevils James B Jr         O’Bryan David               Oxbottom Land             Pastula Robin K
        Newburn Sonya             O’Connor Development           Company                Pate Franklin E
        Newell A W                   Corp                                               Patrick Avery A
        Newman Bart               O’Connor John J                                       Patton James
                                  O’Dara Kevin M
        Newman Conrad D                                                                 Paul Allen Z
                                  O’Dell Larry K              Pace Ronald L
        Newman Franklin D                                                               Paul Emily P
                                  O’Donnell Ruth Edna         Pace Ted H
        Newsome Suzanne                                                                 Paul Raymond
                                  O’Malley Tom                Pace Terry
        Newton Mary Kelley                                                              Paul Terry C
                                  O’Neal Karen                Padalino Joseph R
        Newton Michael                                                                  Payne Gerald E
                                  Oates Nicole C              Padgett Deborah J
        Nguyen An Thi                                                                   Payne Jim F
                                  Obryan Carl W               Padgett Lyndia R
        Nguyen Cudng B                                                                  Payne Robert T
                                  Ochoa Jorge                 Page Bill
        Nguyen Dien Dinh                                                                Peacock B J
                                  Odell Gerard B              Page Michael W
        Nichols Malcolm G                                                               Peacock K Renee
                                  Odom Floyd D                Pagels Janet
        Nichols Scott E                                                                 Peak Lawrence M
                                  Odom Grace E                Painter Rendina R
        Nichols William W                                                               Peak Mary N
                                  Odom James                  Palen Mark T
        Nicholson Susan                                                                 Pearsall Michael F
                                  Officer Judith              Palis John G
        Nicol Gordon T                                                                  Pearson Debora
                                  Ogden Dorothy M             Palmer John W
        Niedermaier Richard A                                                           Pearson Jim A
                                  Oindham Betty J             Palmer Voncille H
        Nieders Shauna K                                                                Peary Evelyn
                                  Okolo Eucharia N            Pan Laura D
        Nielson Charles & Doris                                                         Peddie Tim
                                  Olah Lillie J               Panhandle Auto Inc
        Niemann Rhonda R                                                                Pederson David A
                                  Oleary Daniel J             Pankaskie Lewis V
        Nobles Herman E                                                                 Pederson Jeffrey G
                                  Olive C W                   Paramore Charles D
        Nobles Tom E                                                                    Peele H Thomas
                                  Oliver Alisa                Parcell Daniel Aaron
        Nof Doron                                                                       Peele Marty E
                                  Oliver Anthony              Parham Cary D
        Nolen Benjamin &                                                                Pegram George L
                                  Oliver Hunter M Jr          Parham Sharon M
           Barbara                                                                      Pelletier Mike S
                                  Olmsted David A             Park Edwin T
        Noojin Jeanette                                                                 Pellman Sandy
                                  Olson-Weeks Joanne          Park Woosoon
        Norman Erleen C                                                                 Pelt Laurel L
                                  Olvera Abbie Taylor         Parke William R
        Norred J B                                                                      Pennick Bertha L
                                  Oorlog J W                  Parker Alan R
        Norrie Karen                                                                    Pennington James L
                                  Open Door Baptist           Parker Betty L
        Norris Foster                                                                   Pennington Rhonda
                                     Church                   Parker Brent R
        Norris Kathy                                                                    Pennington Susan
                                  Organ Christina             Parker Carey Lee Jr
        Norris Melissa J                                                                Penrod James C
                                  Orr Harvey J                Parker Carol L
        Norrman Jackie                                                                  Peppers Steve
                                  Ortega Robert A             Parker Forrest C
        North Fla International                                                         Perkerson Kathleen A
                                  Ortiz Joel D                Parker James Allen
        North Florida Lawn                                                              Permenter Randall W
                                  Osterbye Rosemary Ilic      Parker Jeffrey C
        Northern Joseph                                                                 Pero Robert J
                                                              Parker L Clayton

        20	                                                                          THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	2008

001-032_Current.indd 20                                                                                   04/23/2008 1:25:06 PM
        Perritt Tim              Pinson Danny L        Prather Michelle N       Rains Yvonne W
        Perry Carla J            Pippin Michael E      Preacher Libia M         Raker David J
        Perry Douglas T          Pippin Stacy A        Prepelka Mark L          Raley Quentin
        Perry Edith              Pitts Harold C        Prescott Dennis T        Ramey Brett M
        Perry Michael D          Pitts Kenneth         Prevost David P          Ramirez Milissa
        Perryman Gloria          Pitz Jeanine M        Price Charles D Jr       Randall Brenda E
        Persio Peppino J         Pitzer Herbert E      Price Dan T              Randall Laura C
        Peter Brown Building     Plank R O             Price Marie              Randolph Dorothy L
            Corp                 Plantation Centre     Price Mark               Randolph Gary
        Peters Margie M          Plante Michele R      Price Randolph W         Randolph Virginia E
        Peterson Brigette        Pletcher Paul         Price Scott              Ransom Deborah
        Peterson Cheryl L        Plummer Robert        Price Suzanne            Ransom Kathy
        Peterson Ester           Pochapsky Robert G    Price Tracey & Sharon    Rapier
        Peterson Lynn B          Pokorny Marsha A      Prida Ramona             Ratcliff Frank L
        Peterson Lynn Maxwell    Poles Bianca          Pride Willie L           Ray Charles A
        Peterson Raymond E       Polodna Michael P     Pridgeon Darlene D       Ray Denny
        Peterson Sarah B         Pomeroy John P Jr     Pritchard Allen          Ray Michael K
        Petrizzo Susan           Pompey Franklin D     Pritchett Neil V         Raybon James P
        Pettis Walter O          Ponteriero Mildred    Pritchett Priscilla      Rayboun Kelley
        Pettit Steve             Poole Larry M         Pro-Steel Builders Inc      Elizabeth
        Petty J Denise           Poole Stanley         Probert Gordon L         Reardon Penolope
        Pewitt Wayne D           Pope Robert L Jr      Proctor Earl W Jr        Reardon Trudy
        Pfeil Catherine G        Pope Susan G          Proctor James B          Reda Joseph L
        Pham Whiem               Poppell Dennis A      Professional Car Care    Redd Kathryn S
        Phase I Inc              Porretto Dean J       Pruitt James E           Redd Phyllis G
        Phifer Verna M           Porter Dawnn          Pruitt Martha Ann        Reddick Douglas R
        Phillips Christopher S   Porter Edna           Puett Gary R             Redding Sabrenia D
        Phillips Clara           Porter Gary R         Puett Gary T             Redman T Aaron
        Phillips Cleo            Porter Harry          Pugh Bryan T             Reed Ruby A
        Phillips Deborah B       Porter James T        Pugh Marcia C            Reed Tammy
        Phillips Dolly           Porter Patrick A      Pugh Timothy             Rees Richard H
        Phillips Harry R         Portivent Melissa A   Purvis Jimmy A           Rees Robert D
        Phillips Horace K        Posey Bryan W         Putnam Gregory A         Reeve Ernest B
        Phillips Jeanette M      Poston Thomas B                                Reeves Charles A
        Phillips John W          Potluck Stuart P                               Reeves Maudrine
        Phillips Marion H        Potter Jerry M                                 Reeves Otis R
        Phillips Tracy G         Pottinger Daniel C    Quackenbush Linda E      Reeves Warren G
        Phinazee Herbert S       Potts William E       Quinn Patricia A         Register Felicia
        Pianese Joseph L         Pou Theresa                                    Register Michael Stephen
        Pickles Vicki A          Pourfarzaneh Nasser              R             Rehwinkel Charles J
        Pierce Jack              Powell Bennett        R & R Partnership        Rehwinkel Chryl A
        Pierce James T           Powell Bobby L        R N Pyle Mechanical      Reichert Herbert W
        Pierson Judy P           Powell Carla             Construction          Reilly J Michael
        Pierson Richard          Powell Rodney T       Rabieh Moufied           Reilly M Gail
        Pigott Kirk R            Powers Carl              Mahmmoud              Renae’S Creations
        Pijarowski Rich S        Powers Donna          Radin Jordan             Renfroe Denise R
        Pike Jonathan L          Powers Kathleen E     Ragans April S           Renfroe Martha
        Pinder Carlton E         Powers Mark W         Rainer Frank P           Rengaswamy Mohan
        Pinder Ruth A            Powers Sherry         Rainey Aaron C           Reno Henry K
        Pineda Maria Amparo      Poyner Lindy          Rainey Bartow R          Rentz Pat A
        Pinsky Richard B         Prasad Indirarant D   Rainey David W           Resha Donald G

         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                      21

001-032_Current.indd 21                                                                          04/23/2008 1:25:07 PM
        Ressler Eileen            Roberts Thomas         Rose Terry                             S
        Retherford Timothy E      Roberts Wesley Kyle    Ross Rob K
                                                                                      S & H Thrift Shop Inc
        Revell Sandra R           Roberts William P      Rosser Carol
                                                                                      Saalmann Terryl R
        Revels Lisa C             Roberts Yvonne         Roth Charles W
                                                                                      Saba David E
        Revels Mary B             Robertson Charles      Rothe Franklin
                                                                                      Sabatini Starline
        Revis Gail                Robertson Decatur P    Rother Albert J
                                                                                      Sabus Gene F
        Reynolds C A              Robertson Gerald       Rotruck Jerry
                                                                                      Sackett Odessa T
        Reynolds Daisy            Robinson C S           Rouis Will
                                                                                      Sackwitz Chere A
        Reynolds Harry & Fredia   Robinson Dorothy B     Roupas Phillip C
                                                                                      Sadbury Kim L
        Reynolds Jackson Michel   Robinson Douglas A     Rouse Donald W
                                                                                      Sadler Oris
        Reynolds Russell G        Robinson Eulyse        Rouse Dorothy
                                                                                      Sadler Thomas S
        Reynolds Thomas H         Robinson George        Rousseau Charles D
                                                                                      Sager Karen M
        Reynoso Maria A           Robinson Harold W      Rousseau Edwin E
                                                                                      Sailor Roy Jr
        Rhames Bennie L           Robinson Isaiah        Rowan Richard L
                                                                                      Salas Martha L
        Rhames Maribeth           Robinson Loretta D     Rowan Vicky L
                                                                                      Salerno Toni B
        Rhyne Vickie              Robinson Peter         Rowe Janice J
                                                                                      Salley Ronald C
        Rice Kathy A              Robinson S F           Rowe Kerry D
                                                                                      Salters Evelyn
        Richard Terry J           Robinson Sarah B       Rowell Milissa R
                                                                                      Sams Joseph L
        Richards Cynthia N        Robinson Steve M       Rowland Allan R
                                                                                      Sanborn Gene
        Richards Edmund C         Robinson Wendy         Rowley Kenneth S
                                                                                      Sanders Alice Evans
        Richards Kelly A          Robson Donald          Royals Tammy M
                                                                                      Sanders Jerry Lamar
        Richards Michael C        Rocholl K Paul         Ruben Edward J Ii
                                                                                      Sanders Terry E
        Richardson Billy G        Rocky Comfort Ranch    Rucker Denver M Sr
                                                                                      Sanderson David L
        Richardson Charles E         Inc                 Rudd Denise L
                                                                                      Sanford Bryan Lee
        Richardson Dr William     Rodgers Eric J         Rudd Wanda Jo
                                                                                      Sanford Ellsworth G
        Richardson James N        Rodgers James W        Rudd Wayne M
                                                                                      Sanford Steve E
        Richardson John B Iii     Rodgers Patricia A     Rudd Wendell J
                                                                                      Sangster David Lamar
        Richardson Linda          Rodgers Phillip J      Ruiz Rodolfo
                                                                                      Sangster John M
        Richardson Matricia       Rodriguez Jose Luis    Rumlin Arthur
                                                                                      Sangster Natalie
        Richardson Nell M         Rodriguez Rodolfo      Rush Irene
                                                                                      Sanhedrin P B Church
        Richardson Walter         Rodriquze Phillip      Rushing Michael L
                                                                                      Santana John O
        Ricketts Raymond J        Rogers Ben W           Rusnak Dean W
                                                                                      Santos Antonio G
        Ricord Herbert O          Rogers Brian T         Russell Clyde
                                                                                      Santos Cindi B
        Rieker Scott A            Rogers Debra M         Russell D J
                                                                                      Sapp Jane E
        Riffle Michael S          Rogers James Michael   Russell Fred
                                                                                      Sapp Sheree B
        Riggs Charles D           Rogers Judy            Russell Terry S
                                                                                      Sargent Fred M
        Riggsby Kimberly A        Rogers Julie           Russo Devin J
                                                                                      Sarkkinen Elaine
        Ritchie David C           Rogers Robert M Jr     Russo Janet B
                                                                                      Sarver Betty
        Ritter Franklin H         Rogers William Roy     Rustom Milad M
                                                                                      Sarvis Billy S
        Rivenbark Ted M           Roggenstroh Herman     Rutherford Sandra
                                                                                      Sasnett Emery W
        Roach Dennis              Rogowski Pamela J      Rutledge Lucinda K
                                                                                      Sasser Bertha
        Roberson Larry E          Rohe Frank             Ryall Kelley Parkhurst
                                                                                      Satterwhite Carolyn S
        Roberson Susan P          Rohrlack Robert J Jr   Ryals E Wade
                                                                                      Saunders Latrella M
        Roberts Anthony           Rohrs Paul J           Ryals Teresa
                                                                                      Saunders Mark Jr
        Roberts Curt              Rollins Willie         Ryan Paul E
                                                                                      Savage Michael F
        Roberts Garry             Romano Karen L         Ryder Christopher M
                                                                                      Scarboro Sam
        Roberts Howard D          Rooks David R          Ryder Truck Rentals Inc
                                                                                      Scarbrough Daniel L
        Roberts John D            Rooks Jesse M          Rye Gary J
                                                                                      Schaffner Nancee L
        Roberts Mildred           Root Grace W
                                                                                      Schank Gary A Jr
        Roberts Richard D         Roschy Gordon
                                                                                      Scherling J David
        Roberts Robert T          Rose James T
                                                                                      Schimp Edwards C

        22	                                                                        THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	2008

001-032_Current.indd 22                                                                               04/23/2008 1:25:08 PM
        Schmertmann Gloria          Selva Paula R            Sid & Shelia’S Hse Of    Smith Bob R
        Schmittou Alice P           Selznick Michael A           Sea                  Smith Carole D
        Schnaufer Virgie            Sereico Martha P         Sigler Carolyn           Smith Carolyn
        Schneider Kathi             Serres Robert J          Silva Sydney C           Smith Cassie J
        Scholastic Great            Sewards Joseph J         Silverman Susan S        Smith Darren K
            American                Seymour John R           Silvey Tina M            Smith David E
        Scholefield John Hood       Shaffer Gary             Silzer Scot A            Smith Deborah R
        Schons Rosanna T            Shaffer Scott W          Simmons Erma S           Smith Diana L
        Schooley O Jack             Shafter John Jr          Simmons Frances H        Smith Donald A
        Schremp Janice E            Shank John W             Simmons Julie            Smith Donna D
        Schubart Patricia G         Shark Security Systems   Simmons Lola             Smith Edgar Jr
        Schuetz Betsy H             Sharpton Annie           Simmons Robin R          Smith Evelyn V
        Schultz Linda J             Sharpton Fred J          Simplex Time Recorder    Smith Gary B
        Schutte Fred J              Shaver Robert B              Co                   Smith George
        Schwab William P            Shaw Charles L           Sims Bobby Glen          Smith Harry V
        Schwarte Kevin C            Shaw Ira                 Sims Martha M            Smith Irene
        Schwartz Edward             Shaw Katretta            Sims Robert L            Smith Jack D
        Scofield Cheryl P           Shaw Richard             Sims W T                 Smith James J
        Scott Bryan E               Sheely Carl E Jr         Sinclair Almeda          Smith Jeff L
        Scott Charlotte             Sheer John               Sinclair James B         Smith Jerome
        Scott Craig                 Sheffield Michael L      Sinclair Richard W       Smith Jerry
        Scott Donald G              Sheikh Jennifer L        Singletary Bobby Joe     Smith Jo Ann B
        Scott Donaldson Irrigatio   Shelton Betty            Singletary Donald E      Smith Joseph
        Scott Donna                 Shelton J K Dr           Singletary Timothy R     Smith Joy L
        Scott H Bradford            Shemwell Donald J        Singleton Bobby R        Smith Judith B
        Scott James                 Shepard Christine C      Singleton Charles R      Smith Kathleen B
        Scott Jeanette              Shepard Jeremy R         Singleton Lionell        Smith Katrinka
        Scott Johnny M              Shepherd Gene H Jr       Singleton Tammy          Smith Kent
        Scott Julie E               Sherburn Larry G         Sinyard Jerry P          Smith Kevin D
        Scott Martha V              Sherlock Homes           Sirois Lori A            Smith Lawrence
        Scott Ronald R              Sherman Mattie Mae       Sisario Kelly A          Smith Lawrence M
        Scott Sherrie W             Sherman Turosia E        Sise Robert C            Smith Lillian C
        Scott Sid                   Sherrill Barry W         Sisk Leslie              Smith Linda H
        Screen Dorothy              Shervis Doris W          Sivils Harold F          Smith Lisa K
        Scurlock Arvin E            Sherwood Gladys J        Six Oak Interiors        Smith Lorie C
        Scurto Dennis C             Shields Richard D        Sizemore Charles Wayne   Smith Louise H
        Seal Matt L                 Shipmon Justin W         Skinner Debbie           Smith Lucille
        Sealey Thomas H             Shiver Kenneth B         Skinner James            Smith Maria T
        Seay Floyd Jr               Shiver Loomis L          Skipper Timothy S        Smith Melvin W
        Sebastian T C               Shiver Peggy M           Skiver Lucia             Smith Mildred
        Security First Federal      Shook William H          Slater Andrew Lee        Smith Naomi R
        Seeley Scott C              Shore Donald W           Slaughter Brenda M       Smith Pamela M
        Sego Vickie E               Shotwell Carol S         Slaughter Earlma L       Smith Patricia B
        Sehar Eleanor B             Shoumate Zelda           Slayton Gladys           Smith Patti S
        Seigler Shannon             Showers Jerome           Slocum Richard L         Smith Paul J
        Sekac Ethel R               Shuford Joseph R         Sluder Frankie M         Smith Paul L
        Self Leslie                 Shuler James P           Small Lisa               Smith Richard
        Sellers Elbert Earl         Shumack Dawn & Allen     Smiley Spencer           Smith Ronald H
        Sellers James E             Shutes J W               Smith A M                Smith Ronnie H
        Sellers Louis M             Sicinski John F          Smith Angela             Smith Rosa
        Sellers Robin E             Sickler Warren J         Smith Barry E Jr         Smith Shari A

         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                          23

001-032_Current.indd 23                                                                              04/23/2008 1:25:09 PM
        Smith Sharon              Springhart Mickey N        Stewart James F                Sumner Emmie J
        Smith Sterling Lamar      Springhill Road Groc Inc   Stewart Jean                   Sun Belt Tomato Sales
        Smith Susan O             Sprouse Ronald             Stewart Lenny                     Inc
        Smith Thelma O            Squires Karen D            Stiles Michael H               Sundeen James E
        Smith Tonya F             St Clair Curtis B Jr       Stills James W                 Sundstrom Janice L
        Smith Wanda               Stabler Scot A             Stilwell Barbara A             Sunset Park
        Smith Yvonne M            Stack Michael              Stimson Carla A                Surgent John W
        Snell Margaret E          Stalcup Deborah Kay        Stinson James R                Surguy David Neil
        Snellgrove Charles        Stanaland Deborah T        Stock, Lock & Barrell, In      Sutherland Lisa A
        Snider Richard R          Stanewick Dave             Stockton Charles               Sutorka Laura E
        Snow Eddie & Marcia       Stanfield David M          Stoll William H Jr             Sutphin Charles R
        Snow Robert G             Stanfill Drywall Inc       Stone James D                  Sutton Adrienne A
        Snyder Conrad W Jr        Stanfill Geneva            Stone Phil W                   Sutton Brenda
        Snyder Elizabeth A        Stanley Anne V             Stone Stacey R                 Sutton Daniel L
        Snyder Elizabeth H        Stanley Michael D          Storey Samuel A                Sutton Dennis W
        Snyder Jerry              Stanton Susan E            Stormant Rebecca K             Sutton Janice M
        Solomon Melissa           Starner Harry              Story Lois H                   Sutton John W
        Sommer Louis R            Starnes Debbie             Stowers Debra B                Sutton Teresa McMillian
        Sorensen Kenneth L        Starr Davis G Sr           Stratton Trena S               Suwannee Swifty #166
        Souders Janet L           Starr Diana                Straughan Debra B              Swain Willard
        Southeast Bank Na         Starr Suzanne              Strayer Mary Lee               Swango Emily C
        Southern Bank             Staten Carlene             Street Richard                 Swann Vic
        Southern Broadcasting     Ste Marie Kathleen         Streetman Dewey E Jr           Swanson Darrin L
           Co                     Steadman Sherry L          Stremski Cheryl R              Swartz Alva W
        Southern Heritage         Steele Rebekah             Strickland Allen               Swearingen Rhonda
        Southgroup Equities Inc   Steeplechase Farms         Strickland Clarence R          Sweazy Stephanie L
        Southwell Karen June      Stehle David               Strickland Debra M             Swenson Sandra Dee
        Southworth Daniel R       Steinmetz Daniel L         Strickland Joel                Swift Harold R
        Souto Ersaid B            Steinvorth Walter Jr       Strickland Laura Jo            Swin Stephen D
        Spangler David E          Stembridge Greg P          Strickland Lori A              Swindle John C
        Spaniol Patricia          Stensland Melanie C        Strickland M J                 Swope Tracey M
        Spath-Leoni Elizabeth     Stephen Gary               Strickland Marvin              Swords Larry
        Speagle John              Stephens Agatha            Strickland Robert E            Syfrett Edward Alain
        Spear Wendy               Stephens David L           Strickland Robert L            Sykes Emmett
        Spears Constance          Stephens Dianne            Stringer Phyllis               Sykes James C
        Speed Donald              Stephens Jessie H          Stringfellow R E               Szielasko Anna
        Speed Ed                  Stephens Lonnie E          Stroup Mike                    Szudera Roger E
        Speiser Brian C           Stephens Mitchell L        Strozier Beverly Dean          Szulczewski Lisa M
        Spell’S Sandblasting      Stephens Norman R          Stubbs George
        Spencer Cynthia           Stephens Suzanne B         Studstill Dick R
        Spencer Debra A           Stephens Timothy D         Stum Russell A
        Spencer Hattie            Stephens Todd E            Sturmer Shawn S                Taff Construction
        Spencer Timothy D         Stephenson John W          Stutts Marci                   Talla MacK Sales
        Spettel Robert W          Stepina Lee P              Stutts Suzanne                 Tallahassee 27
        Spicer Sandra             Stevens Jesse              Stuy Alexander                 Tallahassee Christian
        Spikes Larry S            Stevens Kenna              Suarez James L                     Church
        Spivey Clayton            Stevens R C                Suber M Lanier                 Tallahassee North Est
        Spivey William L          Stevens Roger              Sullivan Daniel L              Tallent James
        Spooner Pamela B          Stewart Annie G            Sullivan Donald J              Talquin Development Co
        Sprague Robert M          Stewart Della A            Sullivan James P               Taplin Wale Arnold Jr
        Spratt Simmon             Stewart Dennis M           Sullivan John H                Taquino Douglas H

        24	                                                                              THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	2008

001-032_Current.indd 24                                                                                      04/23/2008 1:25:10 PM
        Tart Debra A             Thomas Norman C         Traver Shirley A                     V
        Tate-Ritchie Donnajean   Thomas Penny D          Traverso Debra
                                                                                  Vail Richard A
        Tatilian Desmond Lee     Thomas Roy E            Travis George
                                                                                  Value Plus Homes Inc
        Taylor Alfred M          Thomas Shaniqua         Treadway Clifton Jr
                                                                                  Vanbrunt Denise A
        Taylor Celeste H         Thomas Steven L         Tremblay Jeremy C
                                                                                  Vandergriff Allen W
        Taylor Cynthia L         Thomas Susan C          Treweek Robert R &
                                                                                  Vanderhyde Pamela J
        Taylor Gabrielle L A     Thomas William A            Joan B
                                                                                  Vandeusen Edward R
        Taylor Gary E            Thompkins Maggie        Tri State Cable
                                                                                  Vann Billy N
        Taylor Joseph            Thompson Carlton            Communica
                                                                                  Vann Robbie S
        Taylor Mark H            Thompson Construction   Tri State Capital Inc
                                                                                  Vannette Terry S
        Taylor Mary              Thompson Curtis O       Trick Harold N
                                                                                  Vanorman Dennis
        Taylor Richard Peter     Thompson Cynthia        Trimble Spencer W
                                                                                  Vaught Pamela G
        Taylor Rick              Thompson Elnora         Trotta Alfred M
                                                                                  Vause Lucia M
        Taylor Robbie            Thompson Elsie          Troy Frank D
                                                                                  Vause’S 4 X 4 Inc
        Taylor Sonja C           Thompson Ida M          Trucks Claude H Jr
                                                                                  Vazquez Ana
        Taylor Teri              Thompson Jess W         Truett & Watkins
                                                                                  Veal Karen Y
        Taylor Terry Wayne       Thompson John           Truong Canh D
                                                                                  Veal Robert S
        Taylor Ulva M            Thompson Martha J       Tsacrios George
                                                                                  Veal Willis D
        Teagarden Meg S          Thompson Robert F Jr    Tterlikkis Lambros P
                                                                                  Veliz Zeferino
        Teague Robert            Thompson Roy L          Tucker Allen L
                                                                                  Vermeiren Edward E
        Teal Carol E             Thompson Willis E       Tucker Jacquelyn
                                                                                  Verne Ernest R
        Tedder Allen R           Thornburg Walter R      Tucker Kellie L
                                                                                  Vernon Lisa M
        Tejada Jose Elelio       Thornton Brian K        Tucker Kimberly D
                                                                                  Versteeg Luther Lee
        Tejada Juan Antonio      Thornton Carlton E      Tucker Mike
                                                                                  Vichich Patricia J
        Tejada Melissa S         Thornton Carol          Turk Matthew R
                                                                                  Vickers Inez
        Tellone Catherine A      Thrasher Elwin R Iii    Turlington Robert Iii
                                                                                  Vickers Jennie
        Telogia Community        Threatts Mark Evans     Turnbull James R
                                                                                  Vickers Jerry L
            Holines              Thurman Pat L           Turner Betty C
                                                                                  Vickers John L
        Tfm Inc Dba Movie        Ticehurst Ann R         Turner John P
                                                                                  Vickers Marvin C
            Gallery              Tidwell David           Turner Sandra K
                                                                                  Vickers Patricia J
        Thames Gary M            Tidwell Jennifer        Turner Thelma R
                                                                                  Vickers Rosemary H
        Tharpe Jerome G          Tilleman Daniel A       Turpin Randall W
                                                                                  Vickery Walter L
        The First Born Church    Tindel Claudia A        Tutterrow Lyle E
                                                                                  Village Enterprises Inc
        Thiel Michael D          Tinter Sonya G          Tutton Laura E
                                                                                  Vinchiarello Albert
        Thieleke Walter L        Tipton Walter Jeff      Twin Oaks Construction
                                                                                  Vinson Tracy E
        Thomas Andrew L          Tobiasz Milton          Twyford Mary Ann
                                                                                  Vinzant Mary L
        Thomas Brenda L          Tobin Truck Service     Tye Michael W
                                                                                  Vizcorra Carlos
        Thomas Christine S       Tointigh Charlotte      Tye William W
                                                                                  Vogt Donald
        Thomas David L               Garcia              Tyler F B Jr
                                                                                  Volz Cynthia P
        Thomas George            Toler Doris B           Tyler John A
                                                                                  Volz Desiree C
        Thomas Henry Ray         Tompkins Lavern D       Tyre Avie L
                                                                                  Vonkuehlman Rebecca
        Thomas Hermimir R        Tondee Gregory C
                                                                                  Vorisek Robert J
        Thomas James M           Tonsmeire Daniel L
                                                                   U              Vuong Dat Thanh
        Thomas Jeanette Rivers   Toole James M
        Thomas Johnny            Torres Michael          Ulrich Ernest O
        Thomas Lamarr A          Township Builders       Unger Matthew Marc                  W
        Thomas Leslie M          Township Builders       Ungerer William M
                                                                                  W C T V Transmission
        Thomas Lucy A            Townson Monty           Usher Millie M
        Thomas Lyndell           Tranmer Carla M         Utley Linda
                                                                                  Wade Hollis
        Thomas Mary              Transus Inc                                      Wade Roy L Jr
        Thomas Mary C            Travelstead James E                              Wadsworth Deborah A

         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                           25

001-032_Current.indd 25                                                                             04/23/2008 1:25:11 PM
        Waff Robert Lee         Ward Jamie             Weeks Stanley E              White Dexter W
        Wagner Christy          Ward Mary              Weigly Theodore C            White Earmer L
        Wagner Robert Jr        Ward Parry J           Weiner Charles J             White Hubert
        Wagoner David R         Wardlow Lynn           Weinstein Billy C            White James A
        Waites Thelma N         Warmack Kurt C         Welch Delbert                White James Richard
        Wakeman John P          Warner Jennie B        Welch Gordon W               White Janice E
        Wakulla Equip Sales     Warren Donnie C        Welch Mildred L              White Joan E
        Wakulla Eye Center      Warren Robert W        Welch Olita D                White L A
        Wakulla Water System    Warren Sharon Diane    Weldon R Allen               White Mosey
        Walden Daisy            Warren Thomas O        Wells Allison P              White Nancy J
        Waldrop Jay K & Risa    Warren Wendy J         Wells Billy S                White Nancy L
        Wales Thomas R          Washington Charlie     Wells F E                    White O L
        Walker Charles T        Washington Johnnie     Wells James A                White Richard F
        Walker Connie           Washington Willie L    Wells James O                White Richard W
        Walker Construction &   Waterfield William E   Wells Kenneth A              White Springs Water Co
          Des                   Waters Chester         Wells William                White W Larry
        Walker Fred C           Watkins Cathy          Welt Stephan Brendan         Whitefield Larry K
        Walker Fred Wayne       Watkins Robert E       Wentworth Inge               Whitehurst Albert
        Walker George W         Watson Alisa D         Werner Nancy                 Whitehurst Troy
        Walker Hill H           Watson Anne            West Edwin N Jr              Whitfield Kenneth M
        Walker James K          Watson B Mike          West Elnora                  Whitfield Nellie M
        Walker Jeanie           Watson Iris J          West Fla Truck Brokers       Whitfield Ronald G
        Walker Kenneth L        Watson James E           In                         Whiting Willie D
        Walker Linda S          Watson Robert B Jr     West Iris Cheyenne           Whitlock William E
        Walker Michaele         Watson Tammy           West Karen                   Whitman John B
        Walker Odel             Watson Teresa L        West Robert Sr               Whitmore Marcus W
        Walker Ollie            Watson William J       West Rodney                  Whitten Wava
        Walker Patricia         Way Paul               West Tenn St Auto Sales      Whittle Kittie
        Walker Warren D         Wayt Dennis H          West Veda                    Wholesale Pizza Co Inc
        Walker Willie D         Weatherford Bettye     West William J               Widman William R
        Wallace Bob N           Weathers Michael L     Westberry Timothy A          Widner Debbie P
        Wallace John            Weaver Dwight          Wester Raymond K             Wiehagen Jean (Finn)
        Wallace Martha M        Weaver Gary W          Wester Rufus L               Wilcox W Eugene
        Wallace Pat             Weaver Henry           Westmark Mary                Wild Terry L
        Wallace Philip L        Weaver James W           Katherine                  Wilder Todd
        Wallace Robin E         Webb Bill C            Westmoreland Ben R           Wiley Herbert R
        Wallace-Nelson Co       Webb Laura B           Westmoreland Michele C       Wilford Judi M
        Waller Rhonda G         Webb Theresa           Weston Brigdeg F             Wilkerson Tommy L
        Walley Angela           Webb William O         Weston Paul                  Wilkes Cheryl A
        Walls Janet C           Webber David G         Wewerka Joe F                Wilkes Virdean M
        Walsh Cheryl            Webber Jan E           Whaley Annie H               Wilkins Albert L
        Walsh Mary              Webster Adrene         Whaley Williams B            Wilkins Catherine
        Walters David           Webster Barbara        Wheeler Janel M J            Wilkins Deloris
        Walters L R Rev         Webster Joan           Wheeler Robin C              Wilkins William E Sr
        Walters Larry J         Weckwert E Karl        Wheeler Valerie H            Wilkinson Amy T
        Walters Linda           Weeks Aaron C          Whitaker Beverly Jean        Wilkinson Bruce E
        Walters Linda C         Weeks Barbara          Whitaker Martha L            Williams A George
        Walton David R          Weeks Douglas G        Whitaker Penny S             Williams Benjamin F
        Ward Billy R Jr         Weeks Kenneth A        White Avery                  Williams Carrie
        Ward Bobby W            Weeks Larry Dwane      White Beth B                 Williams Charlie Lee Jr
        Ward James Edward       Weeks Paul             White Cecil B                Williams Christine A

        26	                                                                      THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	2008

001-032_Current.indd 26                                                                              04/23/2008 1:25:12 PM
        Williams David            Williams Sandra K      Withers Nathan Lynn                     Y
        Williams David & Elaine   Williams Saundra E     Witt Frederick W
                                                                                    Yarter Michael T
        Williams David J          Williams Scott K       Witzen Suzanne
                                                                                    Yeager Gary D
        Williams Dennis           Williams Shirley W     Witzleben Eugene A Iii
                                                                                    Yearty Marvelyne
        Williams Doris            Williams Susan I       Wolf Jean B
                                                                                    Yepez Felisa O
        Williams Earl             Williams Terry         Wolfe Ruth
                                                                                    Yesulaites Frances A
        Williams Eddie B          Williams Theresa       Womack Mary Lou
                                                                                    Yildirim Virginia G
        Williams Edward           Williams Victoria M    Wong Akine
                                                                                    Yon Boyd
        Williams Emory            Williams Wyatt D       Wonsch Tiffany L
                                                                                    York Gary A
        Williams Eva H            Williamson Gwen        Wood Audrey C
                                                                                    Yost Gena A
        Williams Flossie          Williamson J David     Wood Carolyn A
                                                                                    Young Brent D
        Williams Henrietta        Williamson Janice C    Wood Elijah
                                                                                    Young David A
        Williams Iva              Williamson Roy W       Wood J R
                                                                                    Young Dennis
        Williams J T              Willis Barney H Jr     Wood Jill E
                                                                                    Young Fred R
        Williams James            Willis Joseph C        Wood John Carl
                                                                                    Young Glenn A
        Williams James A          Willis Kandy P         Woodall Jo A
                                                                                    Young James E
        Williams John A Jr        Willis Scott           Woodard Jacqueline L
                                                                                    Young John G
        Williams John E           Willis Steve M         Woodham Martha K
                                                                                    Young Pamela R
        Williams John E           Willis Warren E        Woodham Pam G
                                                                                    Young Ronald
        Williams John V           Willit Elaine C        Woodruff Sandra L
                                                                                    Young Sharon L
        Williams Joyce            Wills Alan R           Woods Tony
                                                                                    Young Vance
        Williams June E           Wilson Allen           Woodson James
        Williams Karen A          Wilson Betty           Woodville Apostolic Mis
        Williams Katrine          Wilson Cathy J         Woodward Lelia M                        Z
        Williams Kenneth N        Wilson Christa B       Word Charles M             Zadnik Frank J Iii
        Williams Lawrence         Wilson Danny M         Workman Janette K          Zarate Alma Margarita
        Williams Leonard H        Wilson Holly L         Worley Ida                 Zebra Construction Inc
        Williams Lew D &          Wilson Jackie K        Worley Scott               Zedaker Willis D
           Susan                  Wilson Jacqueline E    Worth Nancy K              Zeigler Terry B Mrs
        Williams Linda C          Wilson Jim H           Worthington Ernest         Ziegler Hertha
        Williams Margaret T       Wilson Julia A         Wright Betty Gene          Ziegler MacHelle L
        Williams Marvis           Wilson Lisa M          Wright Claudia             Ziggas Matthew J
        Williams Mary             Wilson Marilyn J       Wright Donald E            Zigler Myrtle
        Williams Mary B           Wilson Mark E          Wright Lloyd J             Zimmerman Harry G
        Williams Michael          Wilson Mary Coleman    Wright Michael             Zipperer Floyd
        Williams Michael E        Wilson Maureen B       Wussler Doug               Zotti Mike D
        Williams Michael J        Wilson Monte E         Wyche Lucile M             Zuschlag Clifford
        Williams Michael R        Wilson Priscilla H     Wynn Karen
        Williams Michael T        Wilson Rose C          Wynn Michael J
        Williams Millie           Wilson Sharon L
        Williams Nathaniel A Jr   Wilson Sharon L
        Williams Neal A           Wilson Shirley F
        Williams Patricia         Wimberley Arnold L
        Williams Paul             Winget Robert J
        Williams Paul L           Winters Debi
        Williams Phillip D        Winton Samuel Cooper
        Williams Robert L            Jr                                    Talquin’s website will provide you
        Williams Robin S          Wiqi-Fm Radio                             with tons of information about
        Williams Roderick E       Wireman Jackie                           how energy is used in your home.
        Williams Ruby             Wise Robert H                             www.talquinelectric.com
        Williams Sandra           Witherington Steve

         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                               27

001-032_Current.indd 27                                                                                 04/23/2008 1:25:14 PM
                  Spring	Chore	Safety                                   MEMBERS’		FAVORiTE	RECipES
                                                                        Hash	Brown	Quiche	

                                                                        Recipe courtesy Paula Deen, 2007
                       fter spending long winter days indoors,
                       most folks love to get outside in spring,
                                                                        3 cups, shredded frozen hash browns, thawed
                       even if it’s just to do chores. However,         and drained
           outdoor chores can bring electrical hazards.                 4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) butter, melted
                                                                        3 large eggs, beaten
                For example,                                            1 cup half-and-half
                                                                        3/4 cup diced cooked ham
           ladders contacting                                           1/2 cup diced green onions
           power lines                                                  1 cup shredded Cheddar
           cause 9 percent                                              Salt and freshly ground black pepper
           of electrocution-                                            Preheat oven to 450 degrees F.
           related deaths each
                                                                        Gently press the drained hash browns between paper towels to dry
           year, according to                                           them as best as possible. In a 9-inch pie plate, toss the hash browns
           recent data from                                             with the melted butter into the plate. Press them into the bottom and
           the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).               up the sides to form a crust. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes until golden
           Landscaping, gardening, and farming equipment cause          brown and starting to crisp.
           another 7 percent. To avoid electrical hazards, make sure    Meanwhile, in a large mixing bowl, combine the remaining
           you and your family follow these simple tips:                ingredients. When the hash brown crust is ready pour the egg
                                                                        mixture over it and return to the oven.
           General                                                      Lower the oven temperature to 350 degrees F and bake for about 30
           •     Teach children to stay away from electric              minutes until the quiche is light golden brown on top and puffed.
                 transformers and substations and explain what                        Send your favorite recipe to: Kim Gay
                 posted warning signs mean.                                     Talquin Electric Cooperative, Inc., P.O. Box 1679,
           •     Avoid damp conditions when using electricity. Keep        Quincy, FL 32353-1679 Or email to kim@talquinelectric.com
                 all electrical devices and cords away from water.
           •     Place waterproof covers on all outdoor outlets.
           •     Have ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs)
                 installed in outlets where water may be present.           For	security	reasons,	the	Cooperative	
           •     Only use extension cords marked for outdoor use;
                 match power needs of an electric tool or appliance
                                                                           will	no	longer	accept	cash	payments	in	
                 to the cord’s label information.
           •     Dial 8-1-1, the national “Call Before You Dig”
                 phone number, at least 72 hours before engaging in     the	field.	Talquin	field	personnel	will	only	
                 any type of excavation work. Local utilities will be
                 notified to mark the approximate location of any
                                                                        accept	payments	by	check	or	money	order.	
                 underground lines on your property.

           power	Tools                                                      Other	alternatives	to	make	payments	
           •     Inspect power tools and appliances for frayed cords,
                 broken plugs, and cracked or broken housing, and           outside	of	the	business	offices	include	
                 repair or replace damaged items.
           •     Store power tools indoors.                               payment	by	a	credit/debit	card	through	
           •     Unplug outdoor tools when not in use.
           •     Do not carry power tools by the cord.
                                                                                     the	website	or	by	phone	at		
           Source: Electrical Safety Foundation International;
           CPSC                                                                       1-888-257-8462.

        28	                                                                                            THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	2008

001-032_Current.indd 28                                                                                                                04/23/2008 1:25:15 PM
                                                                                                    plEASE HElp US HElp YOU!

                                                                                          pROViDE NAME & ACCOUNT NUMBER WiTH YOUR AD!

                                                          “Trading Post” is a free service for the members of Talquin Electric Cooperative. All ads received will be run one time. If an ad is to
                                                          be repeated, it is necessary that you send another copy.
                                                          THE DEADLINE FOR ADS IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH PRECEEDING THE MONTH OF

                                                          PUBLICATION. Please limit your ads to 25 words or less and provide your member ID number with your ad. Commercial ads
                                                          cannot be accepted. Please print ad clearly to avoid mistakes in publication.

                                                          Mail your ad to “The Current”, Talquin Electric Cooperative, P.O. Box 1679, Quincy, FL 32353-1679
                                                          or email kim@talquinelectric.com.

          AUTOMOTiVE                                        Reese, 20k 5th wheel, hitch w/rails, 4                                 FARM/GARDEN
                                                            years old, $550 obo, 574-1529
          ‘93 Buick Skylark custom burgundy color
          V-6 engine with 4 new tires body in good
                                                            ’77 Dodge 4 wheel drive truck, rolling                                 EQUipMENT
                                                            body, No engine or tranny, gd. running                                 Craftsman leaf/Grass Bagger for
          condition ac/heater works $1200, 539-             gear $500, 878-8698
          0585 or 294-4613                                                                                                         Craftsman or Murray 30 in. lawn tractors.
                                                            ’00 F-150 XlT extended cab, automatic,                                 Great condition pd. $300 - asking
          ‘03 Cougar Fifth Wheel Camper w/                  power everything, Loaded, bed liner, tool
          hitch 28.5’ rear kitchen model w/satellite                                                                               $85..668-8544
                                                            box, running boards, tinted glass, 85,500                              Highly fertilized hay, Bermuda Square
          receiver. Upgraded mattress. No pets or           miles, $8900, 422-3060
          smoking, 309-0594                                                                                                        Bales Bahia rolls & construction hay, 545-
                                                            ’71 Chevrolet C-10 step side, body                                     5411, 545-4977
          Wheelchair Accessible ‘98 Windstar,               off restoration, new 350, Show quality,
          3.8 liter. Braun Conversion, lowered                                                                                     Bahia & Argentine hay, $38 roll, 877-
                                                            $22995; ’92 porsche 911 Carrara 2 targa,                               0564
          floor, kneeling suspension wheelchair tie-        stunning, $22995, 566-2886
          downs/belts, power driver’s seat/hand or                                                                                 120 gallon water tank, $40, cement
                                                            ’99 Accord EX, V-Tec engine, automatic,                                mixer, $100, open metal post, $40, two
          foot controls, power ramp. AC, 877-3634           silver w/tan leather Interior, sunroof, cd
          ‘04 Hyundai Santa Fe GlS, V6, 2WD.                                                                                       20’ sections 2”metal water pipe, $20,
                                                            player, alloy wheels, 93000 miles, $7800,                              539-9604
          82K. $9,250 obo, 694-4202                         926-9959
          ‘72 15’ Arrowglass Boat, 85 HP Mercury                                                                                   Troy-Bilt pony driving lawn mower, 8
                                                            ’03 Honda Civic EX, 2 door coupe, 4 cyl,                               speed transmission, 17.5 hp 42 inch cut,
          green runabout $1,750, 566-4233                   can get 40mpg Low emissions, $11000
          ‘99 Fleetwood Southwind Storm Class                                                                                      new battery, gas filter, exc. cond.442-6165
                                                            firm, 926-7505                                                         John Deere Zero turn commercial
          A, 33’, V10 engine, fully equipped with           ’00 Toyota Avalon, XlS, white w/tan
          Large Slide Out queen bed & queen fold                                                                                   lawnmower, 54”, 23 hp, any reasonable
                                                            leather interior, Fully loaded, exc. cond.,                            offer, Carmate, 6x12 enclosed trailer,
          out couch, $35,500, 926-9959.                     $8000 482-5017
          ‘05 Suzuki Z250 Quad Sport 4-wheeler,                                                                                    $1200, lawn care equipment commercial
                                                            ’03 Wildwood travel trailer, great cond,                               grade, some accounts a available to
          used less than 30 hours, garage kept,             hardly ever used, clean, 229-246-9641
          automatic shift, original owner $1,850,                                                                                  qualified person, 294-9051
                                                            ‘90 Cadillac Deville, blue, leather, 4.5 liter                         Heirloom tomato, pepper & eggplant
          508-4914                                          engine, runs great, 109K easy miles 668-
          ‘06 29’ RV, Chateau Sport, Four Winds                                                                                    plants organically grown $3 & up, 363-
                                                            4274 or email: the_lady_rue@hotmail.com                                0018
          Model 28A Ford E450, loaded, 4700 mi,             ‘05 Coachmen Cascade 26’ travel trailer,
          $55,000, 216-4021                                                                                                        Edger- Craftsman- Briggs 3.5 hp,
                                                            like new, upgraded cabinetry, bunk and                                 9” blade, 3 wheels, used 1 season on
          ’03 Ford Expedition, Eddie Bauer                  queen beds, weight distribution & sway
          edition, black w/tan interior, DVD & cd                                                                                  personal lawn, 878-5081
                                                            control. 3 year warranty, $13,500 obo,                                 Various potted plants including Japanese
          player, 39,000 miles $17,500, 509-5883            251-7434.
          ‘05 Nissan Xterra, Grey, 41362 miles,                                                                                    plums, camellias, and Sago palms, $5 and
                                                            4 almost new trailer tires with galv rims,                             up, 877-9931
          clean non smoking owner, photos via e-            ST 185/80R13, asking $300 for the set
          mail 15,000.00, obo 894-5417                                                                                             lease: 150 acres pasture for cow/hay
                                                            obo! ‘70 Dodge pick up blue, runs good                                 operation Cross fences, south Gadsden
          ’70 Malibu pro Street 496 cu. in. BBC             strong engine. sell for $1500 or consider
          TH400 Link ladder bar/roll cage $35,000                                                                                  Co. 877-3874
                                                            trade, 320-424-3896                                                    Ford 600 tractor, new tires & hydraulics,
          Immaculate, 656-3075                              Century Fiberglass camper top for Ford
          ’72 Dodge Challenger, 75% restored,                                                                                      bush hog w/stump jumper, box blade, lift
                                                            F-250 pair of telescopic mirrors for 2008                              boom, 18’ trailer extra parts. $6000 893-
          needs paint & interior work, drove 100            GMC/Chev van, 442-6543
          miles since restored, $12,000, 878-3932                                                                                  3327
                                                            ’99 Mustang convertible, like new, 45,000                              Corn, in bulk only, barrels or wagons call
          20” tires & rims, ADR style, $2000 obo            miles, $8000, 894-2928
          good condition, 556-0074                                                                                                 for price, 566-1100
          ’94 Cadillac Deville, 104k, loaded Blue                                                                                  10” 2.7 Hp Craftsmen table saw w/
          leather interior, pearl white Michelin tires,                                                                            table, $250, 510-1919
          Garaged, drove 1214 mile 2007, $3650,
                                                                                                                                                                 continued on page 30
         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                                                                                                             29

001-032_Current.indd 29                                                                                                                                                              04/23/2008 1:25:17 PM
           Wood	chipper, 8 hp super Tomahawk             Windward	21	sailboat, trailerable, shallow        lp	records/cassettes, 50’s-90’s, 528-5043
           chipper/shredder Troy Built Briggs &          draft, swing keel lg. cockpit, fast, $2900 obo,   12’	dark	star	satellite	dish, $200, 539-
           Stratton $800 obo 926-7271                    926-2139                                          9604
                                                         Bass	boat:	’05	Triton	TR	186, 150 Yamaha          Edison	standard”	cylinder	phonograph,
                                                         trolling motor, battery charger, depth finders,   1905, with large bell, $800. Llardro
           livEsToCk/                                    warranty, $17,000, 562-2799                       collection, some rare; 2 large Art LeMay
           ANimAls                                       ‘97	Bayliner	Trophy 20’ Cuddy with                numbered signed & framed litoho $200, 4
                                                         trailer $7500 120 HP Mercury Force,               pool	lounges, white/blue $200, 893-6742
           Yard	chickens $5 each, 766-6472 Wood	
                                                         dual batteries, fish finder, spare tire. Great    2	lazyboy	rocker/recliners, $200 2 oak	
           goats, $60 each, 694-4202
                                                         condition, 907-9896                               end	tables, $75,	oak	armoire, pd. $1000,
           Dressage	horse	riding/	training	
                                                         2	boats/2	trailer’s both in good con. 9.8         asking $500, 668-1772
           equipment general	horse	and	farm	
                                                         mer. w/either boat, trolling motor and 1 new      Wheelchair excellent condition. $100.
           equipment	also,539-3194
                                                         spare tire. $1200 or will trade for 4wheeler      Toilet seat elevator $15, 878-9315
           pit	bull	mix	w/American	pit, female, 11
                                                         of same value. 575 4704/251 3588                  large,	medium	or	small	moving	
           mos first shots, good nature, $100, 627-
                                                                                                           boxes	for	sale.		Asking $1 - $2 per box
                                                                                                           depending size.
           Would like to breed	my	registered	male	       misCEllANEoUs                                     Washer/Dryer for $125, acquired when
           tea	cup	Yorkie to female for puppy, 229-      lifestyles	Fitness	Trainer	treadmill $150,        we moved but have own. Older looking
           392-3145                                      Electric	scooter w/rechargeable battery,          Kenmore large capacity machines. Very
           purebred	Chihuahua	puppies/many               good shape, $1500 443-5129                        good machines, 212-0680 (can deliver)
           colors, long and short hair, no papers,       Have your old items sandblasted,	primed	          Andersen	sliding	doors: used and in great
           $250-400, 539-9685                            &	repainted Trailers, patio sets, auto,           shape, 4 panel unit. Length measures 9
           Chickens,	rabbits,	ducks,	peacocks,	          motorcycle and tractor frames. Pick-up/           ft 10 in. screens recently replaced, $700,
           guineas,	turkeys,	goats,	prices vary,	875-    delivery, reasonable rates 509-2773               339-8092.
           4225                                          Digital	Cameras, Canon 20D with 18-               sony	Trinitron	vega	37”	flat	screen	
           Registered	quarter	horse, sorrel mare, 14     55mm lens $650, Nikon	FE2	35mm	film	              digital	Tv model #kv-36fv15 exc.
           yrs. great trail horse, $1200; Bay	mare, 9    cameras	&	lens 4x5	linhof	view	Camera	            condition/home theatre ready $250, 875-
           yrs. old, gentle, great trail horse, $1000,   &	lens, $450 Novatron	studio	flash	units          4327,528-4034
           539-5564                                      $250, 539-7173                                    Food	saver	food	vacuum	packaging	
           pekin,	Cayuga	and	pekin/Cayuga	cross	         pfaltzgraff,	Remembrance	pattern, 11-4            system $25, 539-4331.
           ducklings, large Breed chicks, $2 and up,     pc place settings, sugar, creamer, platter,       True	60	cu.	ft.	reach-in	cooler, completely
           363-0018                                      vegetable bowls, tea pot, 82 pieces, $130,        rebuilt $1500, 539-4331
           Horse	trailer, 2002 20’ Adam all              627-7003                                          Refrigerator Norge white side-by-side
           aluminum, 3 horse slant load, rear Tack       Diamond	Tennis	Bracelet 23 bezel set              21.6 cu. ft. water/ice in door. $250 works
           room, front sleeping quarters, $11,000,       brilliant diamonds w/23 begets 3.25 TDW           perfectly, 656-5586
           692-3110                                      Valued at $4000, only $3000, 539-1892             sewing	machine,		sears	kenmore	#1302,	
           6yr.	paint	gelding-green broke- $1500, 5      Yount’s	Concrete over 35 years exp.               W/ zig- zag & all attachmentsHome	
           yr. old paint mare 894-2928                   sidewalk, driveways & foundations. Office-        movie	projector, Argus reel to reel/extra
           Baby	goats, 3 mos. old, $75 each, 878-        576-0754 Cell 545-4000                            bulb included, $35 ea. 421-2571
           2870                                          solid	oak	Dining	table – 48 X 96 w/               Baldwin	lawn	service - Debris removal
                                                         leaf, 48x72 w/out leaf, 6 chairs - $600 obo;	     & lawn maint. Residential: 6 cuts and 7th
           mARiNE                                        Navy9	x7	Wool	Rug $100; pink	9x	7	Wool	           free. Commercial: 6 cuts and 7th ½ price,
                                                         Rug $100, 514-3762                                544-1091
           ‘87	16.2	Wahoo	w/70hp	Evinrude, w/
                                                         Boys	bike: Blue Trek Trikester with Helmet,       Wedding	decorations: white, pastel blue
           Everstart starting battery, w/Evinrude bow
                                                         ideal for 3-4 yr. old, very sturdy! cannot        and yellow flowers, ivy vine rings; archway;
           mounted trolling motor w/Eagle Magna
                                                         topple over easily, excellent condition! Pd.      $200, 926-9397
           sonar fish finder, & Magic Tilt Trailer,
                                                         $150; sell for $75; 878-6508                      oriental	rug, handed knotted 7ft X10
           $5,000, 576-3466
                                                         Antique	heart	pine	flooring prof. remilled        ft, geometric shapes of red, blue, cream,
           ’05	17’	Carolina	skiff w/50 HP 4 stroke
                                                         From 100 yr. old framing timbers/kiln dried       brown, green, etc. $275 obo. side	by	side	
           Honda performance Trailer/custom made
                                                         many sizes/starts at $3.99/sq.ft.229-226-         refrigerator	w/ice maker/almond, $100,
           cover, like new, $12,000 591-6910
                                                         5450                                              Almond/Whirlpool	heavy	duty	dryer
           ‘72		15	foot	Arrowglass	Boat	85 HP
                                                         Goat	feeders, $150/Firewood	racks,$150/           $100, 856-9032
           Mercury Green Runabout,	$1,750, 566-
                                                         toy storage	bench, $85/wood	signs/$30             3	ton	central	heat/air	unit,	needs
                                                         251-0633                                          compressor, $100 obo, Fisher	price	high	
           ’06	scout,	18.5’	sports	Fisherman, center
                                                         Utility	trailer, new tires, $250, 550	watt        chair, $20, 3	pc.	luggage, $25, 877-2407
           console, Full electronics, t-top, Yamaha 4
                                                         generator, $400, used 2 hours, 656-3075           China-	Reverie	by	lamberton- service for
           stroke motor, $19,000, 668-2785
                                                         sectional	sofa, two 5’ sections, green &          8 including soup & serving pieces, retail
                                                         mauve, like new, $300 obo, 627-8742               $1200-asking $385, 893-6910

        30	                                                                                                        THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	2008

001-032_Current.indd 30                                                                                                                        04/23/2008 1:25:18 PM
          Lots of ladies plus size clothes/very         clock- antique$150; Bracelet w/ standing        many deer, 1/3mi from Lake Talquin
          reasonable, size 18-24, 627-7567              wolf, $400; Crystal Dragons- 9 piece            park and boat ramp, 1mi from nat’l forest,
          Firewood, delivered, $60 per pick up          $500; Trampoline/$150 875-4225                  $175,000, 508-1086
          truck/442-6907                                Used Kenmore large capacity washer &            Medart - 3 BR/2 BA 1484sq. ft.,newly
          porcelain white sink, cast iron, double       dryer white, gd cond. $40 each, 562-0736        remodeled. Hardwood floors, custom
          bowl, 22x33x9remodeling $25, 562-2086         Christian lady to care for elderly, great       bathroom. 2.70 acres, all fenced, huge
          50 hardback books, self-help,                 references, reliable, caring, 575-8906          work shop, concrete kennels. $179,500.
          inspirational, 50 cassettes tapes, 50’s-      Hughes net high speed internet satellite        926-1622
          60’s, 926-2196                                plus new 2000 modem, make offer must            Villages of St Marks Residential
          T shirt quilts/old t-shirts & photos          sell, light rattan kitchen table, 4 chairs,     1/2 acre lot. Lot #6 $38,500. Lot #30
          made into heirloom quilts, 894-0011           glass top, $200, 580-2946, must sell fast!      $42,500, 545-9679.
          Semi retired finish carpenter affordable,     Kitchen Aid stand mixer, heavy duty             Vacation Rental—lake Talquin,
          quality service, molding, shelves, doors,     w/attachments $150, pd. 300, leather            21006 Lanier Court. waterfront deep
          small jobs in Quincy and Lake Talquin         recliner, taupe color,                          water, great for families, multi families
          area/544-7012                                 one year old, $275, 402-0047                    or groups. 4BR/2b, sleeps 14, www.
          All new ceramic kiln, several molds and       Deluxe Bassinette, exc condition, Winnie        laketalquinfishing.com,, 504-0643
          accessories, $1000, 627-7567                  the Pooh, w/lights, $75, 894-2928               Greater Farms of Quincy, beautiful 5.8
          4000 W generator, less than 30 hrs. use                                                       acre lot, cleared in front and ready for
          5 HP cover, $195, 878-5081                                                                    building, wooded in rear with 15’ lake
          Hot tub, $400, you come and get it,           REAl ESTATE                                     access, $116,000, 766-3743 or 875-2176
          everything works, 539-1912                    3 corner lots, furnished, 2BR1b, M/H 5          lake Eufaula Water Front lot $85,000
          i do windows! 656-8615                        miles south Quincy, Mossy Oak, Talquin          level, lightly wooded 200x90, dock, boat
          paint 5 gallon buckets, all colors Exterior   electric and water, 482-1121                    slip, and seawall permitted , 510-5437
          latex, 926-8527                               5.1 acres with 2 br trailer in gd.              Northeast Ga. mountains, Lake Burton-
          Cordless phone, never used, $32, paper        condition, fruit/pecan trees, grape arbors      Batesville area Habersham County 1 acre
          shredder, new $34, Seth Thomas wall           for $95,000. Back property line against         w/ 03 DW 1900 sq ft 5 bed/3 bath ,
          clocks, never used, $17, 575-3561             Havana Country Club, 868-0928                   mntn. Stream $105,000 706-540-6328
          Duncan phyffe, replica, 3 seat sofa 3         Coastal lot with partial bay view, .18ac lot    15 Acres in Wacissa (Jefferson County).
          matching chairs, like new, $800, 926-         located in (The Refuge at Panacea) gated        Beautiful land, dry, wooded with cleared
          4061                                          community with many amenities. $89,900,         area for homestead. $150,000 421-6621
          Electric cash register drawer for sales       566-2090                                        lake Front lot, Shell point gated
          w/computer, $100, Sharp copy machine,         prime location 3,000 square feet across         community. Walk to beach or yacht club.
          $50, Typewriter, $30, 894-1044                from Home Depot/Pet Smart/591-6910              was listed at $245,000 priced to sell at
          1940’s Duncan phyfe mahogany double           5 ac. northern Wakulla County, 2BR/             $125,000/591-5892 / 926-1573.
          pedestal dining room table & chairs,          2BB MH large deck, deep well, storage           8 acres in the country near Havana on
          rare and classic, $1500, 421-4110             building/ beautiful dogwoods lots of            Frank Smith Rd 3 BR2b modular with 2
          Remodeling specialist-30yrs. exp. all         trees/ reduced $93K , 421-9542 or 510-          story cabin. will consider leasing land for
          phases homebuilding, repairs, 627-7169        6803                                            horse bordering & or rent home/302-
          175 yards used carpet, Berber                 1.36A., 200’ Highway 90, West, Frontage,        424-3896
          commercial level loop – 6 mos. old, best      near I-10 concrete block structure,             For Rent-St. George island plantation.
          offer, 627-7169                               1,400 Sq. Ft. “As Is”. $250,000. panacea,       3BR/2.5b, private bay front home on 1.5
          2 swag lamps, brown cane shades, $20          beautiful lot, 60’ X 125’ Chipola St.           acres. Boat dock, screened porch, large
          each or $30 for both/ Floor lamp, new,        $69,000, 575-1436                               deck, near beach, pool, tennis courts. 514-
          antique brass adjustable height, $50, 562-    Ochlockonee River Getaway, 4 lots at            6503/ weezrows@yahoo.com.
          5862                                          Jack Langston Landing, small 2 B/R M/H          14 miles south of Bristol bordered by
          Vermont castings “vigilant” wood stove        w/screened porch well & septic, no flood        Apal. Nat’l Forest trailer, cook shed &
          cost $2000, sell for $950, beautiful          zone, $60,000, 567-8279
          solid oak entertainment center w/glass        13.55a, leon Co. beautiful lot, country
          doors, $450 obo 55”x48”x16”d, 893-3966        living, gated, horses, barn, Deerlake/Chiles,                            continued on page 32
          Sectional sofa w/sleeper (green),$400, 4      deeded lake access, potential for creative
          oak bar stools, $25 each, Oak secretary       financing, 668-7355
          w/drawers, $150 Oak table, $50, 627-          Vacation Rental Shell point, canal front,       BANK DRAFT SERViCE AVAilABlE.
                                                        3B/2b, boat dock, pool table, screened          Talquin Electric Cooperative, Inc., offers its
          1118                                                                                          members the advantage of having their bill paid
          lazy Boy sleeper/recliner w/ottoman,          porch, w/d, full kitchen, 4 tv’s/cable, 2-      by BANK DRAFT through their bank. If you
          like new, $365, 575-9093                      night min, debedwards54@aol.com (770)           would like to sign up for this convenient service,
                                                        830-7115.                                       please contact your area office for more informa-
          Custom made jewelry- Dinner ring-                                                             tion. Members who sign up for this service and do
          diamond & onyx $200; Grandmother              7.31acres, 3/2DWMH, Leon County,                not have access to a computer may CALL IN their
                                                        paved road, wooded, complete privacy,           meter reading.

         THE CURRENT / ApRil 2008                                                                                                                        31

001-032_Current.indd 31                                                                                                                           04/23/2008 1:25:19 PM
         TRADiNG	pOST	continued from page 31
                                                                                                            TAlQUiN	ElECTRiC	
        boat house on 3 wooded lots excellent          getaway or home, 228-0950                            COOpERATiVE,	iNC.
        hunting /fishing area/643-5757.                Mexico	Beach,	206	louisiana	Dr.	2	story	                   Office	locations
        2/3	acre	home	site in Greenwood Hills          2 blocks to beach, 2 car garage, new paint
        area. inside Cap. Cir., next to woods and      carpet, $349,900, 514-3094                                 1640 W. Jefferson Street
        stream, private. $65,000, 562-3620.            Owner	built	home,	14	acres, underground                     Quincy, Florida 32351
        Waterfront	1	acre	lot	in	Eastpoint, FL.        utilities, woods and stream, must see, on                    (850) 627-7651 or
        $365,000 obo, no restrictions, high, dry,      dead end road, priced right 442-3385                          (850) 878-4414
        build on or off grade, beautiful private       Vacation	Rental	lake	Mystic	@	Bristol,
                                                                                                                 Quincy	Area	Office
        white sandy beach. 893-4900 or email:          2B/2b fishing, no pets, no kids under 12,                  1607 W. Jefferson Street
        images2006@comcast.net                         weekly min. screened sleeping porch, canoe,                 Quincy, Florida 32351
        Ochlocknee	River - 3 BR2b 3, 100               fireplace ninaallison@comcast.net                             (850) 627-9666
        square feet, custom built home located on      Western	mtn.	lot-beautifully wooded Sylva,
        Ochlocknee River on 3+ acres located off       NC, 1.22 acre, city, water/sewer Paved/city            Crawfordville	Area	Office
                                                                                                                 681 Wakulla Arran Road
        Highway 93, Cairo, GA, 539-6998.               road, $22000, 544-5571                                   Crawfordville, Florida 32327
        3	BR/2	bath, 3 acres, Lake Talquin,            House	for	sale: waterfront-Crystal River                      (850) 926-7422
        Hwy 267 14 x 70 singlewide with a 600          3/2/2 includes apt, 8 RV sites, partial
        sf addition. $68,000 as is, remodeling in      Owner financing. For	Rent:	Waterfront,                Crossway	Road	Area	Office
        progress. No owner financing/ 926-3702         RV site, Crystal River, full hook up 566-                    326 Crossway Road
                                                                                                                 Tallahassee, Florida 32305
        More	4	less	and	homestead	portability.         4195                                                           (850) 877-2111
        4500+ under roof, 3092 HC. Close-in
        4BR has 9 ft ceilings, 25 windows, spacious                                                             Hosford	Area	Office
        porches. $369,500 or trade/514-4247            WANTED                                                   20557 NE Cooperative Way
        1.25	acre	mixed-use	property securely          Four	wheeler	to	buy, older weak & rough                    Hosford, Florida 32334
                                                       ok, 627-9224                                                  (850) 379-8679
        fenced w/hwy. frontage & 900 sq.ft. bdg.,
        Hwy. 20 & 267 N, $75,000, 421-4110             Twin	size	canopy	bed w/o mattress Must                 lake	Jackson	Area	Office
        Great	mtn.	home,	fully	furnished, 3 acres      look new, 697-4107                                            4508 Portal Drive
        3BR/2b. front porch, gazebo. Robbinsville,     Male	roommate: Quiet grad student                         Tallahassee, Florida 32303
        NC, near Cherokee, 363-3919/363-3920           or professional to share 3 BR house.                           (850) 562-0125
        Beach	Rental-St.	George	island, 3 BR/2-        no smoking, drugs or partying no
                                                                                                              Bradfordville	Area	Office
        1/2b Large deck, grill, outside h/c shower,    lease/$375 Month, $250 security dep.,1/3                   6724 Thomasville Road
        across From beach, sleeps 8, great rates-      Utilities/942-6764                                        Tallahassee, Florida 32312
        627-6998                                       Old	power	equipment/ I repair and give to                      (850) 893-6853
        DW	trailer	for	rent, 3BR2b, 2740               disadvantaged/539-0661
        Hutchinson Ferry Rd, 856-5110, HUD             Mature	roommate for 3BR/2b house in              Service	interruptions	(Outages)	
        recipients welcome                             Crawfordville/$400+1/2 util.926-2196                 Should	Be	Reported	To	
        4BR/2b	home	on	30	acres, asking 325K,          Experienced	horse	rider	to	ride	w/me in
                                                                                                        1-888-802-1832	(live	operator)
        Negotiable for qualified buyer, 385-2455       Monticello, I have the horses/878-2870
                                                                                                       1-866-899-4832	(automated	system)
        2 acre lot, Wakulla Co, Summerwood
        Subdivision	on	Sharonwood	Street, paved                                                              Visit	us	on	the	Web	at	
        street and city water, 545-6463                                                                     www.talquinelectric.com
        lot	for	sale	in	Tradewinds,private comm.
        Ochlocknee Bay, pool, clubhouse, pier, Great                                                 “The	Current” is printed on recycled paper.

                          ‘THE	CURRENT’
         TE               TAlQUiN	ElECTRiC	COOpERATiVE,	iNC.
           C              p.O.	BOX	1679
                          QUiNCY,	FlORiDA		32353-1679

        32	                                                                                                   THE	CURRENT	/	ApRil	2008

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