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					LGH Material Safety Data Sheet, Optical Clear Adhesive, OC9171D, 04/22/2010

LG Hausys
Material Safety Data Sheet

This material safety data sheet (MSDS) is provided as a courtesy in response to a customer request.   Use
or processing of the product not in accordance with the product’s recommendations or not under ordinary
conditions may affect the performance of the product and may present potential health and safety hazards.
This MSDS may not comply with national legislation; shall be used only as a source of information.

1. Identification of the Product/Preparation and the Company
Product Name                 OC9171D
Producer/Supplier            LG Hausys. Ltd./Cheongiu Complex
                             Hungduk-gu, Cheongju-City, Chunguk
Phone number                 82-43-261-9012
Telefax                      82-43-261-7193

Emergency Phone              82-43-261-9012
Issue Date                    04/22/2010
Product Use                   Bonding

2. Composition on Ingredients
Acrylate Copolymer Adhesive              99 ~ 99.9 wt%        CAS No: trade secret
Silane Group Compound                      0.1 ~ 1.0 wt%      CAS No: trade secret

3. Hazards Identification
Physical Form: Solid Tape
Odor, Color: Slight Acrylate Odor, Colorless
Immediate health, physical, and environmental hazards:
The environmental properties of this product present a low environmental hazard.     This product, when
used reasonable conditions and in accordance with the LGH directions for use, should not present a health
hazard.   However, use or processing of the product in a manner not in accordance with the product’s
directions for use may affect the performance of the product and may present potential and safety hazards.
Skin Contact: No health effects are expected.
Eye Contact: No health effects are expected.
Inhalation: This product may have a characteristic odor; however, no adverse health effects are
Ingestion: No health effects are expected.

4. First Aid Measures
The following first aid recommendations are based on an assumption that appropriate personal and
industrial hygiene practices are followed.
Eye Contact: No need for first aid is anticipated.
Skin Contact: Wash area with soap and water.         If signs/symptoms develop, get medical attention.
Inhalation: No need for first aid is anticipated.
Ingestion: No need first aid is anticipated.

5. Fire Fighting Measures
Suitable extinguishing media
Use fire extinguishers with extinguishing agents (e.g., dry powder, carbon dioxide, water spray)
Special protective equipment for fire fighters
Special fire fighting procedures: wear full protective equipment and a self-contained breathing apparatus
Unusual fire and explosion hazards : no unusual fire or explosion hazards are anticipated.
Hazardous decomposition products
Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide

6. Accidental Release Measures
Accidental release measures: No applicable

7. Handling and Storage
This product is considered to be an article which does not release or otherwise result in exposure to a
hazardous chemical under normal use conditions

If possible, store in the dry place.
8. Exposure controls/personal protection
Engineering controls
Not applicable
Technical measures/Precautions
Not applicable
Eye/Face Protection
Not applicable
Skin and hand protection
Gloves not normally required.   Avoid prolonged or repeated skin contact.
Respiratory Protection
Under normal use conditions, airborne exposure are not expected to be significant enough to require
respiratory protection
Prevention of Swallowing
Not applicable
Exposure Guidelines
None Established

9. Physical and chemical Properties
Physical Form                             Solid Tape
Odor, Color                               Slight Acrylate Odor, Colorless
Ignition temperature                      no data available
Flash point                                Not applicable
Flammable Limits – LEL                     Not applicable
Flammable Limits – UEL                     Not applicable
Boiling Point/Range                        Not applicable
Density                                     0.92-1.10g/cm3
Vapor Density                               Not applicable
Vapor Pressure                              Not applicable
pH-value                                     Not applicable
Melting/Freezing Temperature               Not applicable
Assessment of Water Solubility            Not applicable
Evaporation rate                            Not applicable
Volatile Organic Compounds                 Not applicable
Percent volatile                           Not applicable
VOC less H2O & Exempt solvents           Not applicable
Viscosity                                  Not applicable
10. Stability and reactivity
Stability: Stable
Materials and conditions to avoid: strong acids and strong bases
Hazardous Polymerization: Hazardous polymerization will not occur.
Hazardous Decomposition: Under recommended usage conditions, hazards decomposition products are
not expected.     Hazardous decomposition products may occur as a result of oxidation, heating, or reaction
with another material.

11. Toxicological Information
Please contact the address listed on the first page of the MSDS for toxicological information on this
material and/or its components

12. Ecological Information
Ecotoxicological information
Not applicable
Chemical fate information
Not applicable

13. Disposal considerations
Waste disposal method: Reclaim if feasible.      If product can’t be reclaimed, dispose of waster product in
a sanitary landfill.   Alternatively, incinerate the waste product in an industrial, commercial, or municipal
incinerator.    Since regulations vary, consult applicable regulations or authorities before disposal.

14. Transport Information
Not regulated per Korea.
The shipper remains responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations, including proper
transportation classification and packaging.      LG Hausys’s transportation classifications are based on
product formulation, packaging, LG Hausys policies and LG Hausys’s understanding of applicable
current regulations.     LG Hausys does not guarantee the accuracy of this classification information.
This information applies only to transportation classification and not the packaging, labeling, or marking
requirement.     The original LG Hausys package is certified for Korea ground shipment only.        If you are
shipping by air or ocean, the package may not meet applicable regulatory requirements.
15. Regulatory Information
Domestic: Not applicable
Abroad: 311/312 Hazard Categories:
Fire Hazard – No Pressure Hazard – No         Reactivity Hazard – No, Immediate Hazard – No Delayed
Hazard - No

The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is believed to be correct as of the date issued.         LG Hausys
makes no warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of
merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or course of performance or usage of use trade.   User
is responsible for determining whether the LG Hausys’s product is fit for a particular purpose and suitable
for user’s method of use or application.      Given the variety of factors that can affect the use and
application of a LG Hausys’s product, some of which are uniquely within the user’s knowledge and
control, it is essential that user evaluate the LG Hausys’s product to determine whether it is fit for a
particular purpose and suitable for user’s method of use or application.

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