General Special Power of Attorney _SPA_ by linzhengnd


									                                      SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY


That I/we, _____________________________________________, Filipino/s, of legal age/s, and presently residing

do hereby name, constitute and appoint,, _____________________________________________Filipino, of legal
age, and a resident_____________________________________________________________________________

to be my/our true and lawful ATTORNEY-IN-FACT, for me/us and in my/our name, place and stead, to do and
perform the following acts, deeds and things, to wit:

1.        To obtain from the Local Civil Registrar/National Statistics Office/National Bureau of Investigation/Land
          Transportation Office/Department of Education/CHED, the following:

                NSO Birth/Marriage/Death Certificate             Transcript of Records/Diploma
                NBI Clearance                                    Police/Court Clearance
                Driver’s License                                 Others, please specify_____________________

2.        To sign all papers, documents and other instruments that may be necessary or required for processing of
          the abovementioned document/s;

3.        To arrange for the authentication of the abovementioned documents with the Authentication Division of
          the Department of Foreign Affairs, and other concerned offices;

4.        To arrange for the legalization of the abovementioned documents at the Spanish Embassy in Manila; and

5.        To receive the abovementioned document/s upon its/their release from the concerned office/s;

        HEREBY GIVING AND GRANTING unto said ATTORNEY-IN-FACT full power and authority to do and
perform all and every act that may be necessary or requisite relative to the above, as to all intents and purposes as
I/we might or could do if personally present and acting in person, hereby ratifying and confirming all that my/our
said ATTORNEY-IN-FACT shall lawfully do or cause to be done in and about the above matter by virtue of these

         IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I/we hereunto set my/our hand/s this ______day of _______________________
in Barcelona, Spain

                                                         Signature above Printed Name
Signed in the presence of:

                    _______________                            _________________

Philippine Consulate General      )
Barcelona, Spain                  ) S.S.

         BEFORE ME, ____________________, ___________________________ of the Republic of the Philippines
in Barcelona, Spain, the aforementioned Principal, with Philippine Passport No.___________________issued
on___________________in______________________, appeared personally and swore that he/she/they
voluntarily, freely and willfully executed the foregoing SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY. For the contents of the
foregoing document/s, the Philippine Consulate General in Barcelona, Spain assumes no responsibility.

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Series of 2009

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