CXI Photon Controls and Data Systems by yaoyufang


									                Coherent X-ray Imaging Instrument Final
                      Instrument Design Review

                 CXI Photon Controls and Data Systems

                              Gunther Haller

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                       G. Haller
June 3, 2009                         1   1
         XES Near & Far Hall Hutches and Beamline Layout (not to scale)

                                                    230 m




LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                   G. Haller
June 3, 2009                            2   2         
                    LCLS X-Ray Endstation (XES) Provided Controls

                Following sub-systems are provided to CXI by LCLS
                XES and are thus not described in this review (reviewed
                  Hutch Protection System
                  Machine Protection System
                  User Safeguards (include Oxygen Deficiency Monitoring)
                  Laser Femto-Second Timing System
                  Machine Timing System
                  EPICS Control system
                  Online/Offline Processing System
                  2-D Pixel Array Detector

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                         G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                 3   3          
                    Specification and Interface Control Documents

           Released Engineering Specification Documents (detailed
           requirements regarding controls and data systems needs
           of instrument)
                CXI Controls ESD (SP-391-001-13)
                CXI DAQ ESD (SP-391-001-18)

           Released Interface Control Documents (specify where the
           interface is, who is responsible for what)
                XES-LUSI ICD (1.1.523)
                XES CXI Controls ICD (SP-391-001-14)

           Status: all documents are released

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                            G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                  4   4            

           CXI Controls and Data Systems Preliminary Design Review held May
           11, 09

           Presentations are at

           Many controls items are already used in other (earlier) photon
           sections, XTOD and AMO, both are past the Final Design Review
           stage and are being assembled. XTOD is in the commissioning stage.
           In addition XPP will be installed before CXI.

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                      G. Haller
June 3, 2009                               5   5         
                             Risks and Procurements

           No technical, schedule, cost risk items except
                Usual risk that devices are changed or added without controls
                being informed
                Mitigated by
                    Regular meetings
                    Keep ESD and ICD documents up-to-date

           No long term lead-time or > $100k items
                Components are ordered with sufficient margin

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                          G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                  6   6          

           Hutch Protection Systems provided by LCLS XES, hutch 3
           (CXI) is the fourth hutch to be operated

           Same for User Safeguards (Oxygen Deficiency Monitor)

           Electrical Safety
                All cables/equipment are rated for their use
                All equipment will be NRTL listed or inspected and approved under
                SLAC's Electrical Equipment Inspection Program

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                         G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                 7   7          
                                          CXI Instrument

                Diagnostics/Common Optics

                                                                                         Diagnostics &
                                                                                         Wavefront Monitor

                                                             1 micron Sample Environment

                                            * 0.1 micron KB & Sample Environment,
                                            Particle Injector and IToF (CD-4)
                            1 micron KB
                        Reference Laser

                                                                      All Early Science except *

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                                              G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                         8   8                       
                                       Controls Subsystems
           Power Supplies
           Racks and Cabling
           Other items
           Software: EPICS/Python/Qt
           Type of controls
                Valve Control
                Vacuum Controls
                Pop-In Profile Monitor Controls
                Pop-In Intensity Monitor Controls
                Intensity-Position Monitor Controls
                Slit Controls
                Attenuator Controls
                Pulse Picker Controls
                KB Mirror Controls
                X-Ray Focusing Lense Control
                Sample Environment Controls
                Particle Injector Controls
                Ion ToF Controls
                Vision Camera Controls
                Detector Stage Controls
                Reference Laser Controls
                DAQ Controls

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                 G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                          9   9
                                    CXI Components to Control

           X-Ray Optics KB system
                Vendor provided, integration with LCLS
           Reference Laser
           Sample Environment
                Sample Chamber
                    Motion, vacuum, vision
                Ion ToF
                    HV, DC/pulser, digitizer
                Instrument Stand
                Detector Stage
                    Motion, vacuum, thermal
                Particle Injector
                    Motion, vacuum, digitizer, vision, integration of commercial component
           Vacuum System
                    Valve and Vacuum Controls

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                                        G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                         10 10                 
                                     CXI Components to Control con’t

           Diagnostics and Common Optics
                Pop-In Profile Monitor
                     Motion, Viewing
                Pop-In Intensity
                     Motion, Digitization
                Intensity Position
                     Motion, Digitization
                Slit System
                     Motion, Viewing
                X-Ray Focusing Lense
           CXI specific interface and programming
                Racks & Cabling
                Vision Cameras
                Beam Line Processor
                Channel Access Gateway
                Machine Protection System
                Data Acquisition

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                          G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                         11   11 

           EPICS (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System):
                Control software for RT systems
                Monitor (pull scheme)
                Widely used at SLAC and other labs
           Python/Qt is a user interface between the EPICS drivers and records
           and the user
           System is used for XTOD and AMO, provided as part of the XES
           Photon Controls Infrastructure

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                        G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                    12 12      
                Example of Python/Qt user interface

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                         G. Haller
June 3, 2009                      13 13     
                                      Example: Vacuum

         All gauge controllers are MKS 937A
                   Terminal server – DIGI TS16 MEI
                   Automation Direct PLC
         All ion pump controllers are Gama Vacuum DIGITEL MPC dual
         All valves are controlled by PLC relay module
         The out/not-out state of all valves go into the MPS system to prevent
         damage if a valve closes unexpectedly.

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                         G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                         14 14  
                                        Example: Motion

           Control System provides support for all motions
                   IMS MDrive Plus2 integrated controller and motor
                   IMS MForce Plus2 controller for control of in vacuum and other specialized
                   Newport motor controllers
                   Others as required
                Pneumatic motion
                   Solenoid Driver chassis, SLAC 385-001

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                                       G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                        15 15                 
                Fast (DAQ) Camera System

LUSI CXI FIDR                                              G. Haller
June 3, 2009                16 16
                                      Data System Architecture

                       XPP specific            Photon Control Data Systems (PCDS)‫‏‬

                                                                            Beam Line
                                              L1: Acquisition                 Data

                   Digitizers + Cameras

                                                  Timing          L0: Control      L2: Processing   L3: Data Cache
                                                                    (One)              (Many)           (Many)
        DAQ system primary features
              Trigger and readout
              Process and veto
        Provided to CXI by XES, same system as used for AMO and XPP

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                                                       G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                                    17 17                     
                            CXI 2D-Detector Control and DAQ Chain



  Carrier          Cornell detector/ASIC with
  Board            SLAC quadrant board                                    ATCA crate with SLAC DAQ Boards

                                                                                    S:AC RCE ATCA Module
     Each Cornell detector has ~36,000 pixels
     Controlled and read out using Cornell custom ASIC
            ~36,000 front-end amplifier circuits and analog-to-digital converters
     Initially 16 x 32,000-pixel devices, then up to 64 x 32,000-pixel devices
            4.6 Gbit/sec average with > 10 Gbit/sec peak

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                                                     G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                                  18 18                     
                                       CXI Online Processing

         Electronics gain correction (in RCE)
                Response of amplifying electronics is mapped during calibration
                Science data images are corrected for channel gain non-uniformity + non-linearity.
         Dark image correction (in RCE)
                Dark images accumulated between x-ray pulses
                Averaged dark image subtracted from each science data image
         Flat field correction (in RCE)
                Each science data image is corrected for non-uniform pixel response
         Event filtering (in RCE or later)
                Events are associated with beam line data (BLD) via timestamp and vetoed based upon BLD
                values. Veto action is recorded.
                Images may be sparsified by predefined regions of interest.

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                                                    G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                                19 19                      
                                   CXI Online Processing con’t
         Event processing (processing stage)
                Examples are
                    Sparcification (region of interest)
                    Locating center
                    Reducing data by binning pixels
                    Mask errant pixels (saturated, negative intensity from dark image subtraction due to e.g. noise, non-
                    functioning pixels, edge pixels from moving center)
                    Filling in missing data with centro-symmetric equivalent points
                    Transforming camera geometry due solid angle coverage and dead space between tiles
                    Radial averaging, showing intensity versus scattering angle or momentum transfer
                    Compute 2D autocorrelation function (single FFT) and store. Essentially at rate of 1 Hz with 4 MB (2Mpixel x
                    2 bytes) frames.
                    Peak finding (locate and fit Gaussian intensity peaks). There may be multiple peaks in some cases and the
                    peak finding algorithms should be able to identify up to a few thousand peaks.
                    The CXI instrument will have an Ion Time-of-Flight which will produce data at 120Hz. The online processing
                    of this data involves data reduction based on thresholding and vetoing based on thresholding or the fitting of
                    peak positions and height.

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                                                                  G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                                       20 20                             
                                        CXI Monitoring

           A copy of the data is distributed (multicast) to monitoring nodes on the DAQ
                corrected detector images at ≥‫ 5‏‬Hz
                histories of veto rates, beam intensity, + other BLD values.
                Reduced analysis of sampled binned data (versus scan parameter) or other
                processing tbd
                Implemented with Qt (C++/Python open source GUI)

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                                      G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                        21 21                
                                       Common Diagnostics Readout

            E.g. intensity, profile monitor, intensity
            position monitors
            E.g. Canberra PIPS or IRD SXUV large
            area diodes (single or quad)                                q2       q1         R1

                 Amplifier/shaper/ADC for                      Target
                 control/calibration/readout                                 L
                                                                                                   • Four-

                • On-board calibration circuits not shown

                • Board designed, fabricated, loaded, is in test

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                                                          G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                                22 22                            
                WBS for LUSI XPP Controls & Data Systems

 XPP H3 Controls Requirements, Design and Setup XPP H3 Standard Hutch Controls XPP H3 Specific Controls

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                    G. Haller
June 3, 2009                               23 23       

           Controls Dates for Installation in FEH (incremental
           installation driven by instrument component availability)
                Start: Early                                  ~April 2010
                Finish: Early                                 ~Nov 2010
                Finish‫“‏‬Early‫‏‬Science”‫‏‬Commissioning‫‏‬before   ~ May 2011

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                      G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                 24 24       

         Interface and Requirements documents released
                Clear what needs to be done
                No issues, design meets requirements

         Design Mature
                Most items are already used (hardware and software) in XTOD and AMO, plus XPP
                ahead of CXI

         CXI Preliminary Design Review completed
                Most items similar to XTOD and AMO and XPP which already had Final Design
                Reviews for Controls and Data Systems (XTOD is being installed, AMO will follow in
                July 09)

                Engineers and technicians from PPA Research Engineering Group, sufficient man-
                power available for CXI

LUSI CXI FIDR                                                                                        G. Haller
June 3, 2009                                           25 25               

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