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									                                        Liberty’s Teeth Firearms LLC
                                    Address City State Zip Phone

Firearms Consignment Agreement

Consignor agrees to place the items listed below on consignment with YOURSHOPNAMELLC to try to sell
them under the terms of this agreement. YOURSHOPNAMELLC agrees to accept the items listed for
consignment sale under the terms of this agreement.

YOURSHOPNAMELLC will inspect all of the items listed in this agreement, and determine condition and
functionality. YOURSHOPNAMELLC will write up the description and specifications necessary in order to
offer the items for sale.

YOURSHOPNAMELLC will offer the items for sale at its CITY,STATE retail location, or at suitable trade
shows, game fairs, and internet auction sites. YOURSHOPNAMELLC will also advertise the items as it deems

While the items are in the possession of YOURSHOPNAMELLC, YOURSHOPNAMELLC will be responsible
for their care, and will insure the items for the net amount due to the Consignor as stated in this agreement.
When the items consigned are sold and final payment is made by the buyer, the Consignor will receive the net
amount within 30 days, and no sooner than 15 days from the date of sale.

The Consignor represents that they are the rightful owner of the items listed, and that they are free of any
encumbrance including liens, collateral, or coownership. Because a sale may be pending, or an advertisement
just placed; the Consignor agrees to give 48 hours notice if the Consignor wishes to have items covered by this
agreement returned.

If the Consignor decides to have consigned items returned to them, Federal Law requires that the Consignor
provide the necessary identification and/or permits, and fill in the appropriate forms as if they were purchasing
the firearms, including completion of a $10.00 State of Oregon NICS background check.

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   Consignor signature                                                                           date

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   Employee                                                                                      date
                                     Liberty’s Teeth Firearms LLC
                                  Address City State Zip Phone

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      Name                                                                  Phone


      City                                                          State           Zip

                              Serial                   Description &                      Asking   Lowest
                             Number                 Included Accessories                   Price    Price

    My signature below indicates I have read and agree to all terms set forth in the preceding agreement.

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   Consignor signature                                                                       date

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   Employee                                                                                  date

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