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					Trusted partners
Helping family businesses to achieve ambitious
goals while preserving their heritage and values
3i is an international leader in private equity. We
focus on Buyouts, Growth Capital and Infrastructure
and invest across Europe, Asia and North America.
Our competitive advantage comes from our
international network and the strength and breadth
of our business relationships.
These underpin the value that we deliver to our
portfolio, shareholders and fund investors.

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The right balance

              As the leader of a family-owned business,
              the challenges you face can be complex.
              You need to prepare your company for the future
              while respecting its history and achievements.
              You want to tap into financial and strategic support
              without necessarily handing over management
              control. And you would like family members to access
              their wealth when they need it – but still have the
              funds to continue investing in business growth.

              At 3i, we have been working with family-       G   As experienced investors, we support
              owned businesses for more than 60 years –          the bold decisions that deliver
              helping them to make transitions while             transformational changes in scale
              preserving their heritage and the principles       and market leadership.
              and vision of the owners.
                                                             G   With a worldwide presence and deep
              We have built a specialist business,               sector knowledge, we are a gateway
              Growth Capital, which typically invests            to new countries, strategic acquisitions
              in minority, non-control situations where          and fresh talent.
              we work in a partnership of trust to
                                                             G   Our flexible investment approach,
              achieve ambitious goals:
                                                                 primarily investing from our own balance
                                                                 sheet, facilitates the smooth transfer of
                                                                 family wealth and ownership succession.
                                                             By doing this, we help to grow businesses
                                                             significantly and generate substantial
                                                             returns for all shareholders.
                                                             Guy Zarzavatdjian
                                                             Global Head of Growth Capital

Taking significant steps

All family businesses face times when they need
to take significant steps. This can be driven by
the desire of the owners to realise all or part of
their investment, and when the market presents
new opportunities and challenges.
Making a significant change always involves
risk but our experience can help you steer clear
of the pitfalls and make the most of your
company’s potential.

                                                      Accessing family wealth
                                                      3i’s support can enable the smooth transfer
                                                      of share ownership – whether funding
                                                      a retiring shareholder, easing the cascade
                                                      of stewardship between generations,
                                                      or simply generating personal liquidity.

                                                      Opening up new markets
                                                      Exploring options for growth in new
                                                      countries can be time-consuming and
                                                      expensive. With an on-the-ground presence
                                                      across Europe, Asia and North America, our
                                                      network of local connections will introduce
                                                      you to people who can help you move ahead
                                                      swiftly and with confidence.

                                                      Making strategic acquisitions
“We chose 3i because they understood our family
                                                      Acquisitions can often be the way to
 culture, they respected our entrepreneurial spirit   take your business to the next level. Our
 and only took a minority share in the company.       support is not simply financial – as world
                                                      leaders in equity investment, we know
 I would work with them again.”                       how to source, evaluate and complete
Denys Chalumeau, President, SeLoger, France           successful acquisitions.

                            years experience             investments in                   businesses helped by
                            investing alongside          family businesses                3i to IPO on 15 stock
                            families                     since 2000                       exchanges worldwide
                                                                                          in the last 10 years

Adding fresh capabilities
As businesses grow, their needs change.
3i’s network will introduce you to people
who can add value to your business in
a variety of ways – from board-level
roles to senior specialists in finance,
sales and production.

Rebalancing debt and equity                 Preparing for flotation
Over the years, some great family           For larger family businesses, listed status
businesses have built up debt that has      can be an aspiration. Over the last 10
prevented them from making the most         years, 3i has helped more than 170
of market opportunities. By rebalancing     businesses achieve IPOs on 15 stock
the debt:equity ratio, our investment can   exchanges around the world.
enable the company to pursue growth.

Partners in progress

We work on the basis of mutual trust and
respect. We recognise that day-to-day
management of the business is in your hands.
At the same time, we believe we have a lot to
contribute when it comes to strategic decisions
and performance management by drawing on
experience from other 3i-backed businesses.
In many cases, we know the leaders of a
business for several years before we invest.
This helps to ease the investment process
and delivers an absolute cornerstone of our
approach – complete alignment.

                          Aligned interests                          Tailored finance
                          As shareholders, our interests are the     We share the caution of many family
                          same as the family’s – a thriving,         businesses about excessive debt. Our
                          successful, growth-oriented business       growth capital business model is based
                          that creates value, generates superb       on growing the company through active
                          returns and achieves a truly distinctive   partnership, not undue levels of gearing.
                          position in the market. As a minority
                                                                     In some circumstances, additional debt can
                          participant we only invest when we share
                                                                     be the right option for the business. Where
                          the vision and ambition for growth and
                                                                     this is the case, we have the relationships
                          future ownership options with the other
                                                                     with financial institutions to arrange it.
                          owners and management.

Flexible investment                          Active contribution
We typically invest for several years and    3i’s representation on the board will draw   Part of what we bring is a sounding board
only realise our holding when the right      on all our global resources to contribute    to the management team to help them
opportunity arises that fully reflects the   to your company’s strategic development.     achieve controlled growth, access new
value of your business and meets the needs   Our network is your network.                 markets and build incremental value – and
of your shareholders. This may be an IPO                                                  the discipline to deliver results that could
                                             From the outset, we work with you to
or trade sale. In some situations we sell                                                 not be achieved independently.
                                             agree targets for the company’s progress.
our shares back to the family.
                                             Along the way we celebrate the successes
                                             and address the challenges together.

Our investment approach

We invest in privately owned, high growth, profitable
businesses across Europe, Asia and North America. Typically
we invest up to €150m in businesses with enterprise values
ranging from €100m - €1bn, taking a non-controlling stake.
Once we have invested, we are committed to working in
partnership, delivering our international network and Active
Partnership programme to help out investee companies build
exceptional businesses.
We provide funding and strategic support for a wide variety
of situations including:
G   supporting growth strategies;
G   Restructuring shareholdings;
G   Equity release;
G   Deleveraging balance sheets.
We partner with companies which have the following
G   A world-class reputation and leaders in their field;
G   An established platform for growth with international aspirations;
G   Ambitious management and key stakeholders with whom we can
    be fully aligned;
G   The desire for an partner who can contribute to the next phase
    of growth.

To hear about the 3i experience
from family business owners, visit:

Contact us

If you would like to find out more please contact
one of our Family Business team:

       Benelux                      Italy
       Pieter de Jong               Marco Fumagali
       Director                     Partner, Managing Director
       +31 20 3057 451              +39 02 8808 41

       China                        Nordic
       Anna Cheung                  Klas Hillstrom
       Partner                      Partner
       +852 2901 8138               +46 8 506 101 45 

       France                       Singapore
       Olivier Le Gall              Mark Thornton
       Partner                      Partner
       +33 1 73 15 11 53            +65 6216 0432

       Germany                      UK
       Andre Perwas                 David Whileman
       Associate Director           Partner and Head of UK
       +49 69 71 00 0048            Growth Capital          +44 20 7975 3081
       Mahesh Chhabria
       Partner                      Ken Hanau
       +91 22 6652 3106             Managing Partner       +1212 848 1416

About 3i
3i is an international leader in private equity. We focus on Buyouts,
Growth Capital and Infrastructure and invest across Europe,
Asia and North America. Our competitive advantage comes from
our international network and the strength and breadth of our
business relationships. These underpin the value that we deliver
to our portfolio, shareholders and fund investors.

Internationally connected
Asia: Beijing, Mumbai, Singapore
Europe: Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Frankfurt,
London, Madrid, Manchester, Milan, Paris, Stockholm
North America: New York

3i Investments plc is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services
Authority. TTP Ref:8345. M60308. Aug 2009.                       

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