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					Item 5a

          Older People’s Strategy – Key Outcome 1 - High quality accessible information and advice to all older people

          Year 2 – 6 month update (Please update against all actions for which you are lead/joint lead)

          Action                            Lead person                Progress update                         Impact made/expected
          1.1 Implement the                 Information and            Awaiting the appointment of a
               recommendations of the       Communications Manager     Community Engagement Officer.
               BME review re. information   Kate Wilson
               needs of BME communities
          1.2 Consult widely with older       Information and          The development of an Older             The Forum will provide a single point
               people about how they          Communications Manager   people‟s Forum has been agreed by       of engagement for organisations in
               would want information to      and PPI Manager (NHS     the Older People‟s Partnership and      Calderdale. It will provide people over
               be disseminated                Calderdale)              will provide a means by which older     the age of 50 with a means of
                                              Kate Wilson              people across Calderdale can be         engaging with organisations in
                                              Dawn Gaukrodger (NHS     consulted with about all manner of      Calderdale and influencing service
                                              Calderdale) (?)          issues.                                 delivery.
          1.3 Increase the number of Chief Officer, Benefits           Successful Benefit Take Up work         The impact made in the first five
              people claiming benefits Assessment Unit                 has continued through joint working     months of 2009/10 through proactive
              checks in order to maximise John White                   between the DWP Local Pensions          work by CMBC Benefits Service in
              the income of older people                               Service and the Councils Benefits       conjunction with partners, in particular
              through        Hot      Spots,                           Service. In addition there have been    the DWP Local Pensions Service, is
              Warmzone and targeting                                   referrals to the Council from Hot       that across all pensioner state
              areas     that     have    not                           Spots and a network of partner          benefits & allowances including
              previously been considered                               organisations which the Council‟s       Housing and Council Tax Benefit the
              to be in need of benefits, i.e.                          Benefits Service work with, including   equivalent of £8670 of new weekly
              Narrowing the Gap                                        both through the HEAT and               payments are being made. When
                                                                       Warmzone schemes.                       projected up to an annual figure that
                                                                                                               represents £450,840. Whilst there
                                                                                                               may be some fluctuation as the year
                                                                                                               progresses, it looks probable that the
                                                                                                               projected annual figure will reach at
                                                                                                               least £1 million pounds. In addition,
                                                                                                               although in smaller numbers than last
                                                                                                               year, the Hotspots & Warmzone work
                                                                                                               is still producing positive results.
1.4 Implement single point of     Locality Integration Project   A single point of access for adult       Provides improved access to adult
    access to locality based      Manager                        social care will be operational by       social care services and sign posting
    health and social care        Kerry O‟Hara                   01/02/10. In terms of a joint single     to other organisations and services. It
    services.                                                    point of access with health              will also provide access to some
                                                                 colleagues, a scoping exercise has       services previously provided through
                                                                 taken place as to what will be           assessment, therefore reducing the
                                                                 included from an NHS perspective         waiting times for simple services.
                                                                 and what the impact of this will be.
                                                                 No definite timescales are attached
                                                                 to the joint single point of access at
                                                                 present but it is tentatively expected
                                                                 to be the next financial year.
1.5 Develop universal access to   Locality Integration Project   Gateway to Care (the single point of     Will provide improved access to
    advice and information        Manager/Information &          access to adult social care) will        information and advice, encouraging
    using face to face,           Communications Manager         become live on 1st February 2010         the public to access services earlier in
    telephone and web-based       Kerry O‟Hara                   providing face-to-face and telephone     order to positively impact upon the
    channels                                                     access to information and advice.        prevention agenda.
                                                                 This service will be supported by
                                                                 web-based information from June
                                                                 2010 which will be used by both
                                                                 public and staff to access information
                                                                 and advice.
Older People’s Strategy – Key Outcome 2 - Implement personalised planning and funding for people through the development of
direct payments and individual budgets

Year 2 – 6 month update (Please update against all actions for which you are lead/joint lead)

Action                            Lead person            Progress update                                Impact made/expected
2.1 Develop individual            Individual Budgets     Individual Budget Pilot Team in place.         Procedures are in place to evaluate the
     budgets and self directed    Project Manager        Roll out to Locality Teams commenced           outcomes for people as a result of the
     support using various        Anne Jackson           December 2009 , completion end March           implementation of Individual Budgets.
     funding streams, and pilot                          2010
     the take-up of personal
     health budgets.                                     The timeframe has slipped slightly (by
                                                         approximately 2 weeks), due to the
                                                         installation of the IT system.

2.2   Expand take-up of Direct    Commissioning          The number of people accessing direct          Older people are able to mange their
      Payments by older people    Manager PSD            payments as the way of receiving the care      own care if they so choose. At the end
      and meet LAA stretch        Anne Jackson           and support they require continues to          of September 2009 x people were
      target                                             increase. There is also an increase in the     choosing to access their care in this
                                                         number of older people choosing direct         way.
                                                         payments. We are currently on track to
                                                         reach the stretch target for Direct payments
                                                         at the end of March 2010.

2.3   Develop integrated          Locality Integration   A bid for funding to become a demonstrator
      assessment and care         Project Manager        site for CAF with the Department of Health
      planning, using the         and Care Closer to     was submitted in October 2009.
      common assessment           Home Programme         Unfortunately the bid was unsuccessful.
      framework and joining up    Manager (NHS           Further work is now ongoing with our
      IT systems across health    Calderdale)            partner organisations to discuss how to take
      and social care partners.   Kerry O‟Hara           this work forward without the support of
                                  Rhona Radley           Department of Health funding.
                                  (NHS Calderdale)
Older People’s Strategy – Key Outcome 3 - Shift resources from long term residential and nursing care and maintenance level home
care to prevention, early intervention and enablement.

Year 2 – 6 month update (Please update against all actions for which you are lead/joint lead)

Action                            Lead person             Progress update                              Impact made/expected
3.1 Commission a service          Programme Manager,      No update received
     specification for the new    Care Closer to Home
     Rapid Response Service.      (NHS Calderdale)
                                  Rhona Radley
3.2 Develop more transition       Commissioning &         No update received
    beds to enable people         Strategy Manager
    leaving hospital to move
    into community setting
    before deciding on long-
    term care options.
3.3 Commission a community        Programme Manager,      No update received
    based sub-acute unit to       Care Closer to Home
    prevent hospital              (NHS Calderdale)
    admissions.                   Rhona Radley
3.4 Move in-house home care       Home Care               At the present time we are half way          This new service will support people to
    from a maintenance            Modernisation Project   through moving our maintenance               live independently at home to assist
    service to a reablement       Manager                 service to a reablement service, this will   them to function as well as they can to
    service.                      Liz Wainwright          be completed by end of February 2010.        get back to their maximum potential.
3.5 Commission practical task     Commissioning Officer   An internet shopping service is being        This service will be available for any
    shopping and cleaning         OP                      developed by Age Concern for older           older person who would like assistance
    services that can be made     Chris Willis            people to have their shopping delivered      with internet shopping. It is not intended
    available on a preventative                           direct to the door by supermarkets. Age      to be an assessed service. Individuals
    basis                                                 Concern will enrol people who wish to        will have the facility of on-line shopping
                                                          access the service, and contact them at      without requiring the technology (i.e.
                                                          agreed intervals, collect their shopping     computer) to be able to do it.
                                                          list and ensure that the order is placed
                                                          on behalf of the individual. This service    These services will be available for any
                                                          will be available through additional         older person to access, thus promoting
                                                          funding to Age Concern from Health           independence with regard to cleaning,
                                                  and Social Care                              shopping and any other practical help in
                                                                                               the home. As the individuals and
                                                  An advert has been placed for providers      companies will have had some checks
                                                  to be considered for an approved list.       made, there are some safeguards for
                                                  Individuals, as well as companies, have      older people.
                                                  been invited to apply. The Council will
                                                  ensure that all approved providers have
                                                  been CRB checked and will have
                                                  undergone a suitability interview, to take
                                                  place in January 2010. However, the
                                                  Council will not monitor performance of
                                                  the providers; arrangements will be
                                                  directly between individuals and
3.6 Implement „Reclaiming      Stroke Programme    Developed high level stroke                   Improved patient pathway for
    Independence‟              Manager (NHS           rehabilitation pathway                       patients and their carers.
    rehabilitation strategy.   Calderdale)         Identified services / groups available        Better use of current services
                               Robert Lees (NHS       to patients to enable better                 available
                               Calderdale)            signposting for patients                    Improved patient outcomes
                                                   Stroke Association are providing a            Expected to reduce long term disability
                                                     Family & Carer support service for            and dependency.
                                                     stroke survivors and their carers.
Older People’s Strategy – Key Outcome 4 - Provide housing and housing-related support so that older people can stay in their own

Year 2 – 6 month update (Please update against all actions for which you are lead/joint lead)

Action                            Lead person               Progress update                               Impact made/expected
4.1 Carry out feasibility study   Phil Shire                An industry day involving developers,         Subject to Member approval being
     on further expansion of                                housing and care providers has been           obtained, the next stage is a formal
     extra care and                                         held. A design brief has been completed.      tender process.
     development of retirement                              However a final feasibility study report is
     village in Calderdale.                                 still in the process of being compiled.
4.2 Establish gardening           LD Support Services       Funding bids not successful. Adult and
     service for older people     Manager/ Private Sector   Social Care have identified some finance
     and further expand the       Housing Manager           for this, leading to a move to Adult and
     handypersons service         Helen Rhodes              Social Care Commissioning Manager
4.3 Continue the review of        Housing Access            Following agreement at Cabinet on 16th
     (non-PH2K) sheltered         Manager                   November 2009 it was agreed that a full
     housing services             Heidi Wilson (Karen       sector review of sheltered housing will
                                  Midgley from next         take place during 2011/12 and the future
                                  monitor)                  of such services will be agreed at that
4.4   Strengthen the links        Group Directors Safer     Meeting arranged for Jan 2010 between         More suitable homes for older people
      between the Council‟s       and Stronger, Adults,     senior staff in Economy and enterprise        in the medium to longer term through
      Planning, Housing and       Health and Social Care    and Adult Health and social care              age proofing all new developments
      Social Services and agree   and Economy and                                                         and encouraging new more specialist
      the most effective way of   Environment                                                             provision
      ensuring that planning      Jonathan Phillips
      decisions are informed by   Ian Gray
      evidence regarding older
      people‟s housing
      requirements, including
      the development of
      Lifetime Homes
4.5   Strengthen adaptations      Private Sector Housing Work continuing on initiatives to improve        Improved access and reduced
      service to reduce waiting   Manager/Commissioning access to adaptations. Reduced                    waiting times for adaptations.
      times and provide more      Manager PSD             specifications are being implemented          Relocation now a possibility for some
      flexible service            Helen Rhodes            where possible to stretch capital funding     customers, majority of minor works
                                  Ann Jackson             of major works, showers in particular.        available with direct referral.
4.6   Roll out third extra care   Housing Access          Pennine Housing‟s new extra care              This is new service and not yet fully
      scheme in the Lower         Manager/Commissioning   housing scheme (Willow Court in Elland)       operational. At this stage it is not
      Valley                      Section OP/PH2K         was completed on 12th Nov 2009. New           possible to describe the impact.
                                  Heidi Wilson (Karen
                                                          residents will be moving in from week         However over the next 12 months
                                  Midgley from next
                                  monitor)                commencing 23rd Nov. The majority of          impact measurements will be
                                  Sue Lewis               residents (42 households) will have           developed alongside the existing
                                                          moved in by Christmas 2009 and it is          process which is the five key
                                                          anticipated that the scheme will be fully     outcomes from Every Child Matters
                                                          occupied (52 households) by the 15th          that are measured using a 10%
                                                          January 2010.                                 sample basis via CLG.

                                                          Agreed by Heidi Wilson
4.7   Assist older people to Private Sector Housing       Equity and interest free loans available to   The stretch target of 7500
      maintain their homes to a Manager                   vulnerable older home owners to carry         households assisted to install
      decent standard, including Helen Rhodes             out repairs. Work carried out with private    affordable warmth measures has
      LAA target on affordable                            landlords to improve stock (environmental     been exceeded. These households
      warmth.                                             health). Advice available to all in private   will save money on energy bills and
                                                          sector housing in terms of maintenance        many will have improved health due
                                                          and energy efficiency. Hard to treat pilot    to living in warmer conditions.
                                                          project about to be delivered, tackling the   All assisted to live in decent homes
                                                          energy efficiency of some of the oldest       will benefit from living in a safer and
                                                          housing.                                      more secure environment.
4.8   Develop Housing Options     Housing Access          Calderdale Housing‟s new Doorways             The opening of Doorways provides
      Service, linked to wider    Manager                 Centre offers a wide range of housing         older people with a “one stop shop”
      advice services             Heidi Wilson            advice, including advice, information and     resource where all of their housing
                                                          support for older people. This includes       needs can be met. Their housing
                                                          information on moving home, getting           outcomes are also often improved,
                                                          access to the Handyperson Service,            as they may approach the centre
                                                          getting aids and adaptations fitted to your   thinking they need to move, as they
                                                          home and information on affordable            can‟t manage in their own home
                                                          warmth. We are working closely with           (even though they would prefer to
Adult Health and Social Care around         stay there), however, Doorways can
personalisation/Putting People First        make improvements to the property
agenda‟s to look at new opportunities for   and access support for the older
our services to work more closely, one      person, to help them remain where
example being A H&SC staff being able       they are and to maintain their
to use Doorways to issue Blue Badges        independence
Older People’s Strategy – Key Outcome 5 - Assist older people with long-term health conditions to manage their own health and care
needs, for example by harnessing assistive technology.

Year 2 – 6 month update (Please update against all actions for which you are lead/joint lead)

Action                                  Lead person                  Progress update                           Impact made/expected
5.1 Commission and develop              Commissioning Manager PSD/   Discussions on way forward still          N/A
     integrated management of           Commissioning Manager (NHS   taking place with Calderdale NHS
     assistive technology, including    Calderdale)
     telecare/telehealth.               Anne Jackson

5.2   Mainstream telecare/telehealth    Commissioning Manager        Discussions on way forward still          Improved independence for older people
      to maximise benefits of           PSD/Care Closer to Home      taking place with Calderdale NHS          and support for their carers
      promoting independence and        Programme Manager (NHS       Adult Social Care to recruit Telecare
      self care.                        Calderdale)                  assessor to work with locality teams.
                                        Anne Jackson
                                        Rhona Radley
5.3   Review Community Equipment        Commissioning Manager PDSI   On hold due to insufficient capacity to   N/A
      Service in light of the           Anne Jackson                 pick up the work
      “Transforming        Community
      Equipment Services” TCES
5.4   Develop           commissioning   Assistant Director Service   The Transforming Community                The strategy states that we want our local
      intentions in accordance with     Improvement &                Services Commissioning Strategy           population to have access to the best
      the Transforming Community        Delivery/Commissioning &     was submitted to the Strategic Health     possible care, support and services that
      Services initiative.              Strategy Manager OPD         Authority in October 2009. This           will improve their health and general
                                        Lis Boulton                  included statements of our                wellbeing. We will achieve this by
                                                                     commissioning intentions.                 supporting the use of innovative
                                                                                                               approaches to commissioning and the
                                                                                                               delivery of services. Single
                                                                                                               commissioning and evidence based
                                                                                                               pathways will lead to better delivery of
                                                                                                               services and improved experiences for
                                                                                                               the local population.

5.5   Use    community    hospitals     Programme Manager, Care      The Council and PCT are looking at
      developments to enhance           Closer to Home (NHS          the Rawson Road premises to as a
      services closer to home for       Calderdale)                  potential site for the development of a
      older people.                    Rhona Radley                     new Health Centre.
5.6   Develop       an    integrated   SAP Programme Manager and        A bid for funding to become a
      electronic records solution to   Assistant Director of IMT (NHS   demonstrator site for CAF with the
      share assessment and care        Calderdale)                      Department of Health was submitted
      planning information to share                                     in October 2009. Unfortunately the
      information with our NHS         Kerry O‟Hara                     bid was unsuccessful. Further work is
      partners                                                          now ongoing with our partner
                                                                        organisations to discuss how to take
                                                                        this work forward without the support
                                                                        of Department of Health funding.

Older People’s Strategy – Key Outcome 6 - Provide effective support to older people suffering from dementia.

Year 2 – 6 month update (Please update against all actions for which you are lead/joint lead)

Action                                 Lead person             Progress update                                  Impact made/expected
6.1 Implement a specialist             Home Care               A workstream has been formed to develop          It is expected that the service will
     home care service for             Modernisation           a pilot specialist support service for people    delay the need for permanent
     people with dementia.             Project                 with dementia. This group is made up of          residential care or hospital admission,
                                       Manager/Operations      representatives from Home Care, Adult            or facilitate early hospital discharge.
                                       Manager Home Care       Care Team, PCT, SWYFPT, Carer‟s                  The service is also intended to support
                                       Liz Wainwright          Project and Alzheimer‟s Association. The         family carers by providing a service
                                                               workstream is currently identifying the          that is not necessarily provided by
                                                               pathway for people both in and out of the        traditional home care.
                                                               service. The pilot will determine whether
                                                               the service is to be long or short term
6.2 Develop a commissioning            Head of MHLD/           Project Manager now in place to develop a        Both Local Authority and NHS
    strategy in response to the        Programme Manager       joint local strategy. A steering group has       Calderdale are to work in a clear
    national „Living well with         Mental Health (NHS      been established to identify our current         structured manner whereby LEAN
    dementia” strategy                 Calderdale)             positions, any gaps and future aspirations       principles can be used to eliminate
                                       Jeevan Bhadare                                                           duplication of work and reduce waste
                                       (NHS Calderdale)                                                         to improve the lives of carers and
                                                                                                                service users. The steering group will
                                                                                                                identify and monitor any quick wins.
6.3 Implement the new model Operations Manager                 Integration of Option 3 is now complete.         Eliminates transfer to another building
for day services for older OP/General Manager   Informal feedback given by the reference   for specialist input by qualified nurses
people with mental health OPMH                  group. Formal feedback to commence in      for people whose dementia increases.
problems.                  Sue Shaw             January 2010 with all service users and    Shorter travelling time for people.
                                                carers.                                    Better use of newly refurbished
Older People’s Strategy – Key Outcome 7 - Engage with carers in assessment and planning and provide them with the support they
need to continue in their caring role.

Year 2 – 6 month update (Please update against all actions for which you are lead/joint lead)

Action                            Lead person        Progress update                               Impact made/expected
7.1 Continue to strengthen        Commissioning      Over 120 back up plans have been              Calderdale Carers Project has been
     services for carers in an    Officer OP/POPPs   completed – these are currently being         able to provide extra home based
     emergency,       including   Programme          transferred to CMBC electronic records so     support due to an external bid, this
     developing back-up plans     Manager            that the Emergency Duty Team can access       includes sitting services. The
     and provision of home-       Karen Midgley      the plans in an out of hours emergency. The   Alzheimer‟s Society has been
     based support services.                         Carers Project provide a carers link worker   commissioned to provide home based
                                                     during office hours to deal with              support through 2 new family support
                                                     emergencies. Calderdale Carers project are    worker posts. These people offer
                                                     continuing to develop plans and update        support to families caring for someone
                                                     existing plans where changes are required.    with dementia within a family home.

7.2   Development     of    self Commissioning       A revised Carers Assessment being             Improved outcomes for carers through
      directed   support    and Manager PSD          developed as part of work on IBs              the ability to choose how to manage
      individual  budgets    for Anne Jackson                                                      and choose their own support.
Older People’s Strategy – Key Outcome 8 - Improve older people’s access to leisure and lifelong learning, transport and
opportunities for paid work or volunteering.

Year 2 – 6 month update (Please update against all actions for which you are lead/joint lead)

Action                             Lead person          Progress update                                  Impact made/expected
8.1 Expand the Neighbourhood       Commissioning &      Proposals for the next 3 schemes to be           Activities will be accessible to people
     Network schemes (POPPs)       Strategy Manager     developed are going to PPF Board on 3rd          over 50 living across the whole of
     and to all four localities.   OPD/Care Closer      December. The multi agency Partnership           Calderdale. Activities and schemes will
                                   to Home              Group is recommending developments in            increase the number of people over 50
                                   Programme            the Lower Valley, North Halifax and              actively participating in their
                                   Manager              Sowerby Bridge. Added to the existing 2          communities. The benefits seen in the
                                   Lis Boulton          schemes, this begins to cover all 4              POPPs schemes, of improved
                                   Rhona Radley         localities.                                      wellbeing and engagement, are
                                                                                                         expected to be realised in the new
8.2 Expand take-up by older        Development          No update received
    people of Council leisure      Manager Sport and
    facilities by extending        Active Recreation
    Passport to Leisure            David Brook
8.3 Improve take-up by older       Development          Adoption and promotion of MY Guide (UFi)         Users who have completed the course
    people of IT                   Manager, Libraries   targeted at older people as a means of           have better understand of general IT, e-
                                   David Duffy          introducing IT via the Access For All facility   mail and Internet usage.
                                                        at Central Library Halifax has resulted in a
                                                        152% increase in sessions Nov ‟09 over
                                                        Nov ‟08.
                                                        A volunteer recruitment has been held and        Improved accessibility and greater take
                                                        volunteers have been recruited to help           up.
                                                        deliver more ICT sessions in libraries
                                                        across Calderdale.
                                                        We are working as part of national and           The concept is that Doctors refer
                                                        regional partnerships to encourage people        people to Libraries to use the website.
                                                        to use the NHS Choices website through           This will help us to assist and up skill
                                                        libraries.                                       older people with ICT needs as a
                                                                                                         certain level of basic skill with ICT is
                                                                                                          required to access the information.
8.4 Improve participation of Development                   Extra funding received from the PCT to         More uptake of the upbeat from older
    older people in physical Manager Sport and             expand Upbeat, including Long Term             people meaning more people taking
    activities               Active Recreation             Conditions and Stroke Rehab.                   part in a minimum of 10 weeks physical
                             David Brook                                                                  activity.
8.5 Continue “Pathways to            Operations Manager,   No update received
    Work” in relation to over        Jobcentre Plus
    50s                              Karen Jackson
8.6 Develop plan for older           Calderdale Activity   Marketing plan has been designed and agreed    Co-ordinated approach to older people‟s
    people segmented in 10           Network               at the CAN and programmes continue to be       activities.
    year age brackets to take        David Brook           developed through Upbeat and Healthy Halifax
    into account specific activity
    requirements at different
    stages of old age

8.7 Develop     the    Silver Head of                      Project has been developed and is now          63 enquiries received (to end of
    Entrepreneurs Scheme      Regeneration                 operational on a 12 month pilot.               November): three workshops have
                              David Moore                                                                 been held so far in Halifax,
                                                                                                          Mytholmroyd and Todmorden (4 more
                                                                                                          planned for Brighouse, Elland, Sowerby
                                                                                                          Bridge and Halifax): 46 people are
                                                                                                          being assisted so far: 12 have already
                                                                                                          started new businesses. 3 other
                                                                                                          attendees have regained employment.
Older People’s Strategy – Key Outcome 9 - To help older people to feel safer and more secure by working with the Police and other
partners through the Safer and Stronger Communities Delivery Partnership.

Year 2 – 6 month update (Please update against all actions for which you are lead/joint lead)

Action                             Lead person        Progress update                                 Impact made/expected
9.1 Continue with the target       Community          No update received
     hardening scheme providing    Safety Manager
     advice and safety measures    Derek Benn
     for vulnerable people who
     have been targeted by
9.2 Gap analysis of safety         Community          No update received
     issues for older people and   Safety Manager
     recommendations for           Derek Benn
     moving forward
9.3 Evaluation of impact of „The   Community          No update received
     Box‟ - an intergenerational   Safety Manager
     programme aimed at            Derek Benn
     improving understanding
     between young people and
     older people
9.4 Continue to work with Fire &   High Risk          -WYFRS has improved the targeting of fire       Access to vulnerable peoples homes to
     Rescue Service around the     Manager            safety education and awareness amongst          provide fire safety education
     prevent agenda for older                         older people. Partnerships with other           /interventions and utilise partner
     people                        Ruth Cornelissen   organisations can help us to identify those     organisations to provide further support
                                   (Deputy – Daniel   older people more vulnerable to fire risk.      if required. Maintain the position of
                                   Tate, High Risk    -Targeting our Home Fire Safety checks          2008/09 where there were no
                                   Co-ordinator)      more appropriately and providing high risk      accidental dwelling fire injuries or
                                                      interventions and solutions will reducing the   deaths involving people aged over 60.
                                                      risk of fire.
                                                      Calderdale District team are currently
                                                      meeting their monthly targets for Home Fire
                                                      Safety checks- 10% - 466 per month
Older People’s Strategy – Key Outcome 10 - Increase dignity and stamp out abuse in all settings through effective safeguarding
systems and procedures.

Year 2 – 6 month update (Please update against all actions for which you are lead/joint lead)

Action                                 Lead person           Progress update                                Impact made/expected
10.1 Evaluate the effectiveness of     Commissioning &       Report to Scrutiny submitted in May 2009.      N/A
       Citizen Advocacy in             Strategy Manager      Also met with Calderdale Pensioners
       providing regular support to    OPD                   Association regarding the contract and their
       isolated older people in care   Lis Boulton           concerns. The service has been evaluated
       homes and in the
                                                             and it has been agreed that funding be
       community, and consider
       options to develop new                                withdrawn.
10.2   Increase the number of older    Chief Operations      Following a change to the contracts in the     Increased dignity and quality of life.
       people placed in single         Manager               summer of 2009, there has been an
       rooms on admission to           Chris Kidd            increase in the number of residents in a
       residential care                                      single room, from 84.7% in April 2008 to
                                                             87.1% in April 09 and 89% at the end
                                                             October 2009. Between April and October
                                                             there has been 214 admissions to care
                                                             homes , 90.2% of whom were placed in a
                                                             single room.
10.3 Ensure that safeguarding          Safeguarding Adults   NHS Calderdale (Commissioning) have            More robust guidance for people
       policies and procedures are     Manager               appointed a full time lead for Safeguarding    working in partner agencies should
       fully embedded in the work      Janet Blackburn       they are developing internal policy and        result in timely and appropriate
       of all agencies and care                              procedures. CHNHSFT have developed a           response.
                                                             strategy as a result of an internal review
                                                             and will be reviewing policy, procedures and
                                                             guidance as a result.
                                                             Adults, Health and Social Care is
                                                             developing internal guidance and training
                                                             for practitioners.
                                                             Thresholds of response are being
                                                             developed. These will identify cases that
                                                             can be dealt with in an immediate and short
                                                             term way compared to those that may need
                                                             further investigation, may be criminal
                                                             offences or may need long term protection

10.4 Work with providers of care Safeguarding Adults         Some of this work has been delayed              To improve failing services and reduce
       services to reduce the          Manager               because of resource issues. However,            institutional and poor practice abuses
       number of occasions of          Janet Blackburn       there has been considerable input from the      by care workers.
       actual   abuse    by    care                          PCT in some weak services regarding
       workers on service users
                                                             nursing practices and medication.

                                                             Last year 11% of all cases reported were
                                                             ones perpetrated and substantiated against

10.5 Develop a training strategy       Safeguarding Adults   A detailed training strategy is in place        To ensure appropriate reporting and
       and action plan to ensure       Manager and           identifying levels of responsibility and        response to abuse.
       practitioners are aware of      Safeguarding          competence in the Safeguarding process.
       safeguarding issues and         Trainer
       ways of handling them in the    Janet Blackburn
       remit of their role

                                       Training and          The independent sector can access the           The outcomes are yet to be evaluated
       Use Workforce Development       Workforce             training provided by the council but in order   of this scheme – the hope is to do this
10.6   Grant to improve training and   Development           to add value to this a scheme was               by the end of March 2010. In the
       workforce development in        Manager
                                                             successfully launched last year where more      meantime the scheme is continuing for
       independent sector care on      Coll Bell
       an on-going basis.                                    specific tailor made training can be provided   this year.
                                                             to service providers. The independent
                                                             sector put forward bids for the use of the
                                                             funding and in excess of 75% of these were
10.7 Raise      the   profile  in      Safeguarding Adults   Dignity Standards will be included in acute     To ensure that respect, privacy and
       Calderdale of the national      Manager /Deputy       and community service contracts by              dignity are addressed in care and
dignity and care campaign       Director Quality and   October 2009 and will be monitored by the   medical processes.
and promote local initiative,   Professional           Clinical Quality Board of NHS Calderdale.
e.g. dignity champions          Development (NHS       They are also being taken forward with
                                Calderdale)            Adult Care Services through the Practice
                                Janet Blackburn
                                                       Development Programme.
                                Penny James (NHS
Older People’s Strategy – Key Outcome 11 - Develop commissioning processes to widen choice of provision and deliver reliable,
efficient, joined up and high quality services.

Year 2 – 6 month update (Please update against all actions for which you are lead/joint lead)

Action                                Lead person              Progress update                             Impact made/expected
11.1 Develop an integrated high       Chief Executive          This work is being progressed through the   The expected impact is the
      level approach between the      NHS                      Transforming Community Services             identification of innovative
      Council and PCT to the          Calderdale/Group         Steering Group which has agreed to put      opportunities for improved services
      commissioning of services for   Director Adults,         informal arrangement in place by end of     and identification of efficiencies
      older people.                   H&SC                     2009 and move to a single set of            across the system
                                      Lis Boulton              integrated commissioning programmes.
                                                               Work is now in progress to implement        The changes in commissioning are
                                                               those decisions                             expected to:
                                                                                                           Make commissioning more
                                                                                                           streamlined and effective
                                                                                                           Promote cross agency working and
                                                                                                           facilitate integrated service provision
                                                                                                           and strategies.
11.2 Alignment of programmes by       Head of OP &             The Transforming Community services         As above
     NHS Calderdale and the           Disability and           strategy has been agreed by council and
     Council to ensure the delivery   Assistant Director       NHS Calderdale (see Action 11.1)
     of jointly agreed priorities     Innovation and
     including a focus on             Improvement (NHS
     prevention                       Calderdale)
                                      Lis Boulton for update
11.3 Develop more joined up           Head of OP &             A joint contract has been introduced for    Greater clarity for residential
     SS/PCT                           Disability and           residential and nursing homes and the       providers and improved monitoring
     procurement/contract             Executive Director       work outlined above will lead to further    processes. Leading to better and
     monitoring to ensure quality     of Commissioning         integrated approaches to procurement        quicker action on quality issues.
     provision                        (NHS Calderdale)         and contracting
                                      Lis Boulton for update
11.4 Make better use of population    Deputy Director of       The JSNA will be refreshed in December
     and needs based data to          Public Health (NHS       2010 to coincide with the development of
     ensure services are more         Calderdale) and          a new LAA for commencement in April
responsive to the needs of   Acting Principal       2011. As part of this refresh it is proposed
local older people. For      Research &             that there will be a focus on dementia.
example through exploring    Consultation Officer
the use of geographic data   Paul Butcher NHS
techniques such as Mosaic    Calderdale
                             Nancy Corbin
Older People’s Strategy – Key Outcome 12 - Increase the involvement of older people in governance, decision making and planning
future provision.

Year 2 – 6 month update (Please update against all actions for which you are lead/joint lead)

Action                             Lead person         Progress update                                Impact made/expected
12.1 Actively involve older        Commissioning       Older people are involved in the monitoring    The older people have shaped the
      people in wider              Manager PSD         groups for the Handyperson Service and         development of the initiatives. They
      governance arrangements      Anne Jackson        the Neighbourhood Schemes. Meetings are        have contributed to the wording and
      of all new initiatives                           held quarterly for the Handyperson Service.    style of the advertising and promotion.
                                                       Three older people receive the activity data   They have helped to determine the
                                                       (workbook) 2 weeks before the meeting          priorities for the service and team to
                                                       and are able to seek clarification and         focus on.
                                                       explanation at the monitoring meetings.
                                                       The Neighbourhood Schemes Partnership
                                                       Group meets every 8 weeks and also
                                                       includes membership from older people.
12.2 Continue to develop LINKs     Head of Housing
     to ensure that older people   and Environment
     are actively involved in      Andrew Pitts
     planning and shaping
     future services in health
     and social care
12.3 Explore the ways in which     Community
     we can strengthen             Development
     engagement of older           Manager BME
     people from BME               (NHS Calderdale),
     communities                   Community
                                   Officer (CMBC)
                                   Safeena Ali (NHS
12.4 Facilitate the development    Commissioning &     Development agreed at Older People‟s           The Forum will provide a single point of
     of an Older People‟s          Strategy Manager    Partnership Delivery Group on 19th             engagement for organisations in
     Forum using the model of      OPD                 November. Forum to be developed in             Calderdale. It will provide people over
the Disabilities Partnership   Lis Boulton   partnership with Age Concern Calderdale     50 with a means of engaging with
                                             and Kirklees, who also have some money      organisations in Calderdale and for
                                             available for the development. Terms of     influencing service delivery.
                                             Reference, draft plan of implementation
                                             and proposed outcomes to be signed off by
                                             OPPDG in January 2010, for development
                                             to begin in Q4 of 2010.

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