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									                                   The newsletter of the National Capital Area (NCA) Emmaus
                                                       for the glory of God

                                          Fourth Day Journal
                               Vol. XXI No. 9                               September 2003

  The Newsletter of the National Capital Area (NCA)              From the Emmaus Lay Director . . .
 Emmaus and Chrysalis Communities that encourages
                                                                         Well the summer days have come and gone,
   Christians to rise, shine and give God the Glory.
                                                                 it‟s back to school for the young men and women of
                 Inside This Issue                               our Emmaus and Chrysalis Communities. The teach-
Emmaus LD Message              1    NCA Emmaus Outreach      5
Msg from Rectora E113               Team for E-114
                                                                 ers and fellow school staff members are back to a full
                               3                             5
Praise Night St Eliz. Seton    3    Msg. From Rector E114    5   schedule. I pray you all took time to enjoy the relax-
Highlights from Brd Mtg        3    Chrysalis Corner         7   ing warm summer days and absorb the gift of rest.
Gospel of St. John             3    Team/Pilgrims for E113   7
Emmaus/Chrysalis Boards             E-112 Names/ Addresses
                                                                 May your spirits be revived, your minds made clear
                               4                             8
                                                                 and hearts be filled with God‟s great joy.
                 Visit us on the Web at:                                 The summer ended with the E-112 weekend,
                 www.emmausnca.org                               “Humble Thyself” led by the Rector Jim Leamon.
                 www.nca-chrysalis.org                           Jim and the team were God‟s mighty servants, each a
                                                                 wondrous sign of God‟s unfailing love. To the pil-
        Join us for next Ultreya                                 grims of E-112, we welcome you all to the National
                                                                 Capital Area Emmaus community. May your re-
                                                                 newed spirits and humble hearts reflect God‟s love
        Friday, September 19, 2003                               for those you love and walk with, in your 4th Day.
                              7:30 PM                                    E-113 “Shine Jesus Shine” will be held
                                                                 Sept.25-28th. Mary Anne Templeton is the Rectora
                1st Church of the Nazarene
                                                                 and a shining light of God‟s love. Mary Anne is a
                 14001 Smoketown Road
                      Woodbridge, VA                             constant source of peace and joy. The pilgrims will
                                                                 be blessed by her example. Please lift up in prayer
 Baby Sitting Provided for Ages 2 through 6 ONLY                 Mary Anne, the team and the pilgrims to be filled to
                                                                 the brim with God‟s wonderful, unconditional love.
Directions From I-95 South, take the Potomac                     To God be the Glory.
Mills exit. Make a left onto Smoketown Road.                             There are two areas of Emmaus that need
The church is on the right across from Garfield                  your assistance. One is the low number of men‟s
High School.                                                     applications for E-114. Please lift this concern up to
                                                                 the Lord and ask for all our hearts and minds to be
     The October Ultreya will be on the 17th at                  open in whom to invite on the Emmaus weekend.
              Centerville Baptist                                The other concern is the Scholarship fund for Em-
           15100 Lee Highway, Centerville, VA                    maus. The funds are now depleted. The scholarships
                                                                 help with the financial needs of those who want to
              Announcements at Ultreya                           team or sponsor someone but need some financial
 In order to better serve the community and speed up             assistance. Please pray and consider contributing to
the Ultreya, the board will pass out printed announce-           this fund. Our Lord is depending on us to “pass it
ments during the Ultreya. To have your announcement              on” let us not hide it under a bushel; let us all shine
     included, please contact Carolyn Tidd by the                for the world to see.
             Wednesday before the Ultreya                                The 25th Emmaus Anniversary Celebration
              carolyn.tidd@us.army.mil                           was held in Nashville, Tenn. And was a great expe-
                    703-491-5560                                 rience. There were ten of us from our community
                                                                 who were able to attend.      (Continued next page)
We enjoyed great praise and worship music                to attend the training in about eighteen months. Bob
throughout the celebration. There was also a special     Brandt will be directing the training.
guest performer on Saturday night, Larnell Harris.                Bob also recommended 25 team members if
His voice filled the air with praise to our Lord. He     we have six tables on the weekend. We will pray
was fabulous. There were speakers from all over the      and discuss this suggestion. We will be asking for
world giving great witness to the effects of Emmaus      the recommendations of the Rector/Rectoras of
in their countries. Sunday morning Tony Campolo          2003 and 2004, since they have an “birds eye view”
gave a great talk, he was a very inspiring speaker.      of the needs of the weekend and team. Again this
        At the end of the weekend we witnessed the       suggestion will be debated, prayed over without a
biggest Closing we had ever seen with 1,300 in at-       rush to change.
tendance. What an awesome sight! The Upper                        We have a few terms that we are still using
Room will hold its next celebration in five years in     from the Cursillo model such as: Rector(a), Ultreya
Albuquerque, New Mexico.                                 and Palanca. The Board is dialoguing about the use
        There were special speakers and workshops        of these terms and we recognize the need to change
available for all to attend throughout the weekend.      them due to copyright laws. In the months ahead,
Michael Hingson and his guide dog, Rosell, were a        we will be slowly introducing the new terms:
great crowd pleaser. Michael gave an account of his      Weekend Lay Director (Rector), Gathering (Ul-
and Rosell‟s escape from the World Trade Center          treya), and Agape (Palanca). The Lay Director will
and God‟s provisions and work through the spiritual      be known as the Community Lay Director using the
aftermath. What a wonderful man of God Michael is.       same idea as Community Music Director and
        I also attended workshops on the Upper           Weekend Music Director. I ask that we all spend
Room Walk to Emmaus Weekend Outline and the              time in prayer considering embracing these
updating of Spiritual Director (SD) talks. The SDs       changes. The Board has every intention of moving
talks were reviewed and they are going to be a           slowly, but ever forward, in this matter so that we
blessing in aiding our SDs. They are in their final      may be in compliance with the Upper Room Na-
stages of completion and should be available to all      tional Model. If you would like to dialogue about
Emmaus communities at the end of 2003 or in early        these changes with any Board member, please do
2004. The Upper Room has also revised the SD             so. We encourage all to take the first step in this
Manual. There are some updates being completed           journey and prepare through prayer, uniting our
on the Lay talk outlines, but there will be minimal      hearts and minds with our Lord Jesus Christ in
changes.                                                 whose name we have all been called to serve.
        The workshop for Lay Director training                    I praise God for your love, encouragement
proved to be informative. Our area representative,       and willingness to share your thoughts with true
Bob Brandt, led the workshop. Bob gave us an             Christian love. “Pray without ceasing.” DeCo-
overview of the Upper Room Weekend Manual. I             lores!!!
was very encouraged to hear that we are not that far                      With love and prayers,
off from the manual. Bob encouraged all the com-                           Carolyn Tidd
munities to move towards the Upper Room manual                             Lay Director
but to take the steps slowly and to dialogue about
any change we chose to adapt.                                     Fourth Day Journal Deadline
        At the August Board of Directors meeting I                   For the October issue the
brought 10 suggestions from Upper Room that we                    Deadline is September 22, 2003
could adapt to our Emmaus community in the years
                                                                  Send all electronic submissions to
ahead of us. We may not adapt them all. They are
only suggestions. I listed a few at the August Ul-         (If you email a download file, describe it in your email or I
treya on the Handout announcements.                          may not open it due to the potential of hidden Viruses)
        The one mandatory adaptation Upper Room                    Other material may be mailed to
                                                                  Jim Templeton - 7194 Mill Run Drive
made was that the Board of Directors must attend                      Warrenton, VA 20187-7227
training every three years. In the past it was option-
al. Our community Board of Directors is scheduled
Page 2                                                                            Fourth Day Journal  September 2003
Message from the Rectora of Emmaus 113                    August Board Meeting Highlights
         The team of E-113 is joyfully and prayerful-     • Recap of Emmaus 25th Anniversary Gathering in
ly at work preparing for the weekend. Our theme is        Nashville
"Shine, Jesus, Shine" so our theme song is–-Guess         • Thanks to Christie Hope for Chrysalis Lay Direc-
what?-- "Shine, Jesus, Shine." Although there are         torship; Gwenda Ayers LD for 2004 announced at
many verses in the Bible mentioning light, the one        August Ultreya
that I think sums up the theme best is 2 Corinthians      • Continuing work on Website utilization and de-
4:6,7: "God said, „Light up the darkness!' and our        velopment
lives filled up with light as we saw and understood       • Nominating Committee Report. Still soliciting
God in the face of Christ, all bright and beautiful. If   nominees for term 2004-2005. Interested? Please
you only look at us, you might well miss the bright-      contact Regina Segnari or any Board Member.
ness. We carry this precious Message around in the        • Pilgrim updates for upcoming weekends. Men‟s
unadorned clay pots of our ordinary lives." (MSG)         applications needed.
         God has given us the command to light up         • Scholarship Fund Update.
the darkness, but the only way we can do this is to       • Recap of meeting with Area Contact for Upper-
first of all let our lives be filled with light as we     Room. Integration of Emmaus terms vs. Cursillo
"see God in the face of Christ, all bright and beauti-    terms
ful" and then go out to let His Love shine through
our ordinary lives. The team recognizes Jesus shin-       Gospel of St John Presentation
ing in various ways through each other, so we are                  Atlanta Actor Brad Sherrill, voted by Atlanta
using various logos (stars, lighthouses, suns, can-       Magazine in 2000 as the area's Best Dramatic Actor, will
dles, even flashlights) to show the many ways in          perform his highly acclaimed "The Gospel of John" on
which Jesus shines.                                       Friday and Saturday, September 5 and 6, 2003, at Cal-
         I thank the community so much for prayer         vary United Methodist Church, 2316 Grant Street (23rd
support during our teaming. I ask you to continue to      and Grant Streets), Arlington, Virginia. Doors open at
pray for the team, the pilgrims and the sponsors. I       6:30 p.m. Performance begins at 7:00 p.m. and runs
                                                          over two hours with a brief intermission. This stage
know that, with God's help and with your support,         drama is recommended for ages 13 and older to anyone
the light of His love will shine even " in the midst      interested in excellent theatre. Tickets are $10 each and
of the darkness."                                         available for purchase through Albright Events, Inc. at
         Our desire is that Jesus will shine through      703.684.5018. Ample parking is available.
each of us as individuals, as a team and as a com-                 Sherrill, who has acted at major theaters
munity to the pilgrims who, in turn, will take the        throughout the area, spent four-and-a-half months me-
light of Jesus into their world.                          morizing the almost 20,000 words of the Fourth Gospel.
         Look to Jesus and Keep Shining!                  With simple props used in a variety of ways, Sherrill
         Mary Anne Templeton                              transforms the Gospel into a captivating drama. He gin-
         Rectora E-113                                    gerly moves about the stage and even on occasion
                                                          through the audience, touching a hand here and a shoul-
                                                          der there, telling his listeners the story of Christ.
.   Praise Night at St. Elizabeth Seton
        On Saturday, October 4th St. Elizabeth Seton        Are your memories in a safe place?
Catholic Church in Lake Ridge is hosting its third
annual evening of praise music featuring the group                  Photo-safe Scrapbook Photo Albums
“Forgiven by Grace.” The music and singing will                           Classes and Workshops
begin at 7:30 in the church hall, and will be fol-                        Business Opportunities
lowed with fellowship. The community is invited                      BARBARA GEATCHES E107
to join them for an uplifting evening. Please invite                  Creative Memories Unit Leader
any of your fellow church members to attend. St                                703-642-6179
Elizabeth Seton is located at 12805 Valleywood                       bgeatches.cmalbums@verizon.net
Drive in Lake Ridge. For more information call                      www.creativememories.com/bgeatches
Annette Barbier at 703-491-2104.

     Fourth Day Journal  September 2003                                                                 Page 3
Emmaus Board Members                                                              Emmaus Support Staff
             Term Expiring January 2004                                                      Board Secretary
Judy Brawner        703-221-8705    Brawnerjudye46@yahoo.com          Suzie Beeson       703-455-9150 sbeeson@morganlewis.com
Phyllis Casey       703-430-8990    phyllis@thecaseys.org                                       Treasurer
Tom Hazelwood SD    202-548-4002    tomhaze@earthlink.net             Sandy Theiss       703-455-0375    ---
Rich Mulholland     703-590-5401    ric1cam2@aol.com                                        Newsletter Editor
Paul Salbert ALD    703-978-0165    docsalbert@aol.com                Jim Templeton      540-349-9623 FourthDayJour@aol.com
Carolyn Tidd LD     703-491-5560    carolyn.tidd@us.army.mil                                Newsletter Mailing
                                                                      Garey & Sara       703-892-8634 garey.eakes@verizon.net
             Term Expiring January 2005                               Eakes
Denise Bates SD     703-815-8098    RevDPBates@aol.com                              Name & Address Data Base Manager
Jim Leamon          703-978-3220    James.leamon@gte.net
                                                                      Jeff Tidd            703-491-5560
Terry McClelland    703-590-4084    mccleltl@msn.com
                                    TheSegnaris@GTCInternet.com                               Website Manager
Regina Segnari      703-670-3145
                                    Jerry-Jean@cox.net                Rob Cannon           703-560-5153 rcannon@protech-epic.com
Jerry Taylor        703-644-9480
Susan Young         703-491-5460    knotsoveryyoung@yahoo.com                       Prayer Requests/E-Mail Coordinator
                                                                       Rob Cannon          703-560-5153     rcannon@protech-epic.com
     Chrysalis Board & Support Staff                                  Sheryl Hope
                                                                                              Team Applications
                                                                                          703-273-0603 shope4joy@pkfamily.com
Lay Directors (LD), Assistant LD (AL) & Spiritual Directors (SD)
                                                                                       Pilgrim Applications (& drops)
LD Gwenda Ayers 703-824-1735 gwenda.ayers@mci.com                     Jerry & Jean Tay- 703-644-9480 Jerry-Jean@Cox.Net
AL    Bill Moore             ---         wmoore758@earthlink.net
SD    Edwin Clever      703-670-8581     Edwinclever@aol.com                                 Community Palanca
SD    Tom Hazelwood          ---          tomhaze@earthlink.net ver
                                                                      Grace Granger        540-720-4827 GrangerVR@aol.com
                   Other Board Members                                Caroline Zong        703-878-2972 CMZ0418@aol.com
Anna Ailstock             ---         jabawaky@yahoo.com                                      Outreach Palanca
Rhianna Ayers             ---         rhianna.ayers@verizon.net       Jim & Levina        703-273-2884     Jconklin1@cox.net
Bryan Buckles        703-897-9762     Bbuckles@mail.northgrum.com     Conklin
                                      gabriel1angel@cs.com            Bud West                  ---        Budwest681@hotmail.com
Lee Gabriel          571-432-5480
                                      samgero@juno.com                                     Emmaus Music Director
Sam Gero                  ---
                                                                      Steve Russ           703-878-7160 lsruss3d@comcast.net
Doug Hallock         703-450-8015     doggyd13@aol.com
                                      manwillerkv@earthlink.net                                     Manuals
Kristi Manwiller     703-590-6162
                                                                      Tony Bracewell      517-261-3188 tjbracewell@comcast.net
Brittany Marz             ---         nikkie523@hotmail.com
                                      bamickey@yahoo.com                                       Weekend Supply
Beth Mickey               ---
                                                                      Winston & Debby 703-878-0878 Binky1967@juno.com
Bob Weick            703-685-8687     rweick7@aol.com                 Krieter                             Krieters@Juno.com
Warren Wooten             ---         wwooten@centralvahousing.com
                                                                      Ed & Paulette        703-490-5805 Thesgos@hotmail.com
                    Support Personnel                                 Santiagos
  Treasurer               Secretary             Music                                        Facility Liaison
Dwain McMullen           Ellen Mickey     Philip Manwiller            Lynn Copeland       703-521-0706 baboohokie@aol.com
        Supplies                       Applications                   Janice Hughes       703-590-2045 ---
      Kevin Sanborn               Jon Perkins - chrysali-                              Rector(a) Selection Committee
                                    sapps@comcast.net                 Ron Russell         703-250-1709 rrussell2@cox.net
              Crosses & Fourth Day Packets                                                       Historian
                    Julianne McMullen                                 Neal Ailstock       703-920-0646 jenneal78@yahoo.com
                                                                                            Fourth Day Packets
                 Agape (Palanca) Support
                                                                      Terry McClelland 703-590-4084 mccleltl@msn.com
      Renea Melec, Tabby Courtland and Beth Ann Eadie                               Post Emmaus (4th Day & Reunion Groups)
                     Chrysalis Hoots                                  Cindy Rogers        301-585-4676     rogers@rsna.org
                      Bryan Buckles                                                      Wooden Crosses & Ropes
                    Chrysalis Historian                               George Wakefield 703-494-7020 gswakefield@juno.com
                       Scott Niehoff                                  Jan Womer           703-670-5236 Jwomer@peoplepc.com
                    Chrysalis Outreach                                           Kairos Information (Weekend, Cookies, Etc.)
                      Bryan Buckles                                   George Wakefield 703-494-7020 gswakefield@juno.com
                                                                                         Kairos Outside Information
              Prayer Chain                                            Marsha Clements     703-494-4339 ---
                                                                      Barbara Teats       703-354-9043 vakairosoutside@hotmail.com
           Community Messages                                         Lou Ann Bennett     703-913-0926 ---
                                                                              NOTE: If you have a new or different email ad-
 If you have prayer concerns or other Information you wish dis-
                                                                      dress or phone number, or don‟t want one or the other
    tributed to the community via e-mail, please send them to:
                                                                      listed, please contact Fourth Day Journal editor at
         rcannon@protech-epic.com                                     Fourthdayjour@aol.com.

Page 4                                                                                         Fourth Day Journal  September 2003
   This will avoid multiple copies. Thanks for your help
        September-October Outreach                             Team for E-114
   Date                       Community        October 30-November 2, 2003– New Windsor, MD
    Sept     Aldersgate, Central,FL                           “Godly Men Serve”
   7-Apr     Connally, Kairos,TX                       Team Member                   Assignment
             Central TX                        Tom Bee
             North GA                          Ralph Bell
 Sept 11-14 Maryland                           Tony Bracewell              Rector
             Cross Bayou, LA                   Michael Campesi
             Mountaintop,GA                    Jack Christie               Ass‟t Head Cha
             Central TX                        John Chamberlain
             Bloomington, Normal, IL           Doug Covert
 Sept 18-21 North, GA                          Russ Craig                  Ass‟t Music Dir.
 Sept 25-28 Maryland                           Garey Eakes
             BrazosValley, TX                  Stan Esterline              Spiritual Director
             Central TX                        Tim Feagenes
             Bloomington, Normal, IL           Jeff Fix
             Richmond, VA                      Victor Granger
             Rushing Wind, TX                  Ray Guthrie
    Sept     EL Shaddai, IN                    Andy Harris
     Oct     North, Ga                         Barry Hockett
                                               Brian Lewis
   5-Feb     Maryland
                                               David Manner                Spiritual Director
             Care Bexar, San Antonio, TX
                                               Rob Rogalski
             Central, Tx
                                               Rick Sales                  Ass‟t Rector
             East, Ohio
                                               Paul Salbert                Music Director
 Oct 9-12 North, Ga
                                               Edgar Santiago
             Aldersgate, Central , FL
                                               Dick Sestak                 Head Cha
             Greater Findlay, Ohio
                                               Bud West
             Heart of Carolina
                                                   (TEAM ASSIGNMENTS WERE NOT AVAILABLE AT PRESS TIME)
             Mountaintop, North, Ga
                                               E-114 Rector’s Comments
             Central, TX
                                               The theme for R114 is "Godly Men Serve". Our
 Oct 16-19 Cross Bayou, LA                     scriptural reference is I Peter 4:10-11. Our theme
             Aldersgate Central FL             song is "I Surrender All". Peter encourages us to use
             Mountaintop Great Banquet         the spiritual gifts that we have. Given the problems
             Terraced Hills, Iowa              we see today in our society it is imperative that god-
             Wyoming, Walk                     ly men stand up and be counted on the side of Chr-
             Heart of Carolina                 ist; to serve their church, families and community;
             Greater Cincinnati, Ohio          to dedicate themselves to Godly character.
 Oct 23-26 Maryland
             Mountaintop Great Banquet               Executive Moving Systems, Inc.
             Terraced Hills, Iowa                 Serving Washington, DC and the World
             Brazos Valley, TX
                                                                      Dee & Kathy Bailey
             Rushing Wind, TX                                         P.O.Box 4251
             Central TX                                               Woodbridge, VA 22194-4251
Oct 30 Nov 3 Wyoming, Walk
                                                                      Phone: 703.497.2700
     Oct     El Shaddai, In                                           Fax: 703.497.2751
             Western NY
                                                                      e-mail: Kbailey@thebestmove.com
             Northeast, Michigan                                      WWW.thebestmove.com
    Fall     Oregon Trails, Madisonville, KY
   Fourth Day Journal  September 2003                                                         Page 5
   September Chrysalis Corner                             DDU.       Please visit our website at www.nca-
                                                          chrysalis.org for further information.
“Let no man despise your youth, but be an example
                                                                  We have a busy year ahead of us. Though
to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spi-
                                                          our next weekend is not until January of 2004, we
rit, in faith, in purity.” (1 Timothy 4:12)
                                                          are in the beginning stages of preparing for C-56.
                                                          We have begun calls for the Rectors/Rectoras and
         Kind Greetings NCA Chrysalis and Emmaus          covet your prayers as we begin these invitations.
communities! My name is Gwenda Ayers and I                Please pray that God will lead the hearts of those
have been called to be your new Chrysalis Lay Di-         who will be called for this role.
rector. First off, I want to say that I am humbled by             I thank you all for your continued support
this opportunity that God has provided me. I am so        and look forward to working with you in the com-
excited for this new road God is leading me down.         ing year. I praise God for this opportunity to serve
My heart is overjoyed and I am so proud to be part        and ask that you will lift the new board and myself
of this community, which strives to make leaders of       up in prayers.
our youth. This is something that I fully support, as                             Fly with Christ,
it is so important to me. I believe we need to listen                             Gwenda Ayers
to our youth, as God commands in my daughter‟s                                    Chrysalis Lay Director
favorite verse in 1 Timothy.
         I would like to ask for prayers for the new                 Encounter United Methodist
Board and that God will let us be one in mind and             ENGAGED COUPLES - START YOUR MARRIAGE OFF RIGHT -
spirit, uplifting each other and holding each other           attend an Engaged Encounter weekend, October 31-November 2, 2003, at
                                                              Camp Overlook, near Harrisonburg, Virginia. Engaged Encounter is a
accountable. Last year‟s board themed their year as           weekend away from your daily activities so you can plan your future
one for Accountability. I would like to carry on that         together. Strengthen your relationship with God, learn positive communi-
                                                              cation skills, and increase your awareness of your partner's feelings and
theme as I feel it is so important for us to hold each        needs through Engaged Encounter. The total cost of the weekend is
other accountable in all situations.                          $250.00 with a $25.00 discount for registration by the deadline of Octo-
                                                              ber 3, 2003. For more information and a registration form, visit the local
         I would like to take this opportunity to thank             Engaged Encounter website at www.erols.com/themeans/ee
the Board members whose term has come to a close.                        or contact Duff & Polly Means at (703) 860-1506,
                                                                                    email: themeans@erols.com.
Thank you each for your commitment to this com-
munity and for all of your service. Your loving
hearts and giving spirits have allowed this commu-
nity to see what it means to live a life of servant-
hood. I thank you for your willingness to allow
God to work through you. I will miss serving be-
side you and covet your prayers as the board transi-
tion takes place. Hope to still see you around!
         I would also like to take the time to wel-                    Tom L. Douthat (E43)
come the beautiful, new butterflies from Chrysalis             Gary Douthat (E-75) - Regional Manager
55. Welcome to the Chrysalis and Emmaus family!               The Carpet Store That Makes House Calls!
My prayer is that you each had an amazing moun-
taintop experience. I am so happy that you have
each made the transition from caterpillar to butterf-
ly. May God watch over you as you continue to
“fly” and I hope to see you all at upcoming events.
         One such upcoming event is the Day of Dee-            Gifts  Cards  Books  Bibles  Jewelry
per Understanding on September 20, 2003. This will                     Music  Palanca  T-shirts
be held at Messiah UMC in Springfield. It will be a            If we don’t have it, we’ll order it for you.
gathering for music, fellowship, yes more food!, and
a time to learn about many 4th Day opportunities. All
                                                                                   (703) 242-9145
                                                                      108-110 Church Street NE  Vienna, VA
are welcome to attend and a reminder that in order to
team or sponsor for Chrysalis, one must attend a

Page 6                                                                               Fourth Day Journal  September 2003
                    Team for E-113                                               Pilgrims for E-113
       September 25-28 – New Windsor, MD                        Candidate Name                       Church
                 “Shine Jesus Shine”                           Cathy Adell
                                                               Sheila Agullana
                                                                                     Sydenstricker UMC, Springfield
                                                                                     Church of Redeemer FG, Gaithersburg
      Team Member                     Assignment               Dina Andrews Alt.1    St Paul UMC, Woodbridge
Jennie Ailstock             Ass‟t Music Dir, Closing Cha       Yolanda Antonio       Calvary UMC, Arlington
                                                               Kimberly Barker-      Sydenstricker UMC, Springfield
Debby Ballard               Ass‟t Rectora                      Brugman
Bev Barthmaier              Table Leader                       Claudia Bellamy       Outreach Deliverance Center Apostolic
Denise Bates                Spiritual Director                 Sharon Borsari        Trinity Episcopal, Manassas
                                                               Chris Cahow           Dumfries UMC, Dumfries
Kathy Channell              Table Leader                       Sarah Campesi         Ebenezer UMC, Stafford
Dee Culver                  Table Leader                       Brenda Caruthers      Montclair Tabernacle CoG, Dumfries
Brenda Esteves              Talk Room Cha                      Jennifer Casey        First United Presbyterian, Dale City
                                                               Andrea Cottrill       Culpeper UMC, Culpeper
Marguerite Gibson           Dining Room Cha
                                                               Louisa Davis* Alt.2   United Christian Parish, UCC, Reston
                                                               Angela Draughn        Victory Christian Ministries Internation
Jen Girten                  Palanca Cha
                                                               Karen Evans           Burke UMC, Burke
Fran Guthrie                Table Leader
                                                               Gloria Freeman        Prince of Peace UMC, Manassas
Teri Johnson                Table Leader                       Yvonne Frye           Dumfries UMC, Dumfries
Marty Martin                Spiritual Director                 Maureen Glaser        Burke UMC, Burke
                                                               Trish Gray            Burke UMC, Burke
Pat Martin                  Table Leader                       Brenda Hall           Franconia UMC, Franconia
Kathy McCray                Ass‟t Chapel Cha Ass‟t Mananita    Susan Hollabaugh      Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge
                            Cha                                Lisa Hunter           Tribe of Judah Miracle Center
                                                               Pat Johnson           Sydenstricker UMC, Springfield
Neva Potts                  Mananita Cha & Ass‟t Talk Rm       Cynthia Kroger        Old Bridge UMC, Woodbridge
                            Cha                                Barb Lawrence         Franconia UMC, Franconia
                                                               Pam Lindholm          Triangle Baptist, Triangle
Cindy Rainger               Ass‟t Palanca Cha                  Christine             First United Presbyterian, Dale City
Nikki Rhodes                Ass‟t Dinning Room Cha & Ass‟t     Joanne McNeilly***
                                                                                First Baptist, Alexandria
                            Agape Cha                          Lyntoria Milne   Triangle Baptist, Triangle
                                                               Dawn Mosteller   Springfield UMC, Springfield
Carolyn                     Table Leader
                                                               Martha Mraz      Messiah UMC, Springfield
Ritenour                                                       Deb Munn         Dumfries UMC, Dumfries
Kathy Skilton               Agape Cha                          Kim Nickens      First Baptist, Alexandria
Dawn                        Chapel Cha                         Nada Nuckolls    Springfield UMC, Springfield
Squires-Bell                                                   Jane Phillips    Messiah UMC, Springfield
Mary Anne Templeton         Rectora                            Jan Prentace*    Sydenstricker UMC, Springfield
                                                               Tracy Quinlan    Burke UMC, Burke
Sandy Theiss                Music Director                     Polly Rosenstein Culmore UMC, Falls Church
                                                               Kelly Schay      First Baptist, Alexandria
Carolyn Tidd                Ass‟t Head Cha
                                                               Debbie Sellers   Dumfries UMC, Dumfries
Susan Young                 Head Cha                           Susan Templeton  Cornerstone Chapel, Leesburg
                                                               Janet Wolfinger  Burke UMC, Burke
     Seatco Custom Embroidery                                 *Clergy **New ADD ***Name Change (Formally Smith)

     Let us transform your original design into                          Palanca Drop Off Location
          beautiful, lustrous embroidery!                     Lyn Adams has offered her business location as a drop
                                                              off location for Palanca. Please plan to get your Palanca
                Jennifer Ailstock E-67                        to Lyn no later than the Wednesday immediately before
                                                              the weekend.
  5610 Scoville St.    Bailey‟s Crossroads, VA 22041
      Phone: 703-931-4844          Fax: 703-931-4803                               Joy Unlimited
               e-mail: jenneal78@yahoo.com                                    108-110 Church St., NE,
                                                                                    Vienna, VA
   Fourth Day Journal  September 2003                                                                              Page 7
   Pilgrims of E-112          JONES, Bob
                              6520 Castine Ln.
CAHOW, Rodney
                              Springfield, VA 22150
17543 Wayside Dr.
                              h: 703-451-4329
Dumfries, VA 22026
                              w: 703-692-9724
h: 703-441-0369
w: 703-810-8400
                              LAY, Dean
                              5419 Quantas Pl.
                              Woodbridge, VA 22193
8131-B Lawson Lp.
                              h: 703-878-9159
Ft. Meade, MD 20755
                              w: 703-283-8830
h: 410-672-3139
w: 301-677-7473
                              LEE, Edgar
                              8754 Old Colony Way, Apt. 1-C
DURHAM, Bernard
                              Alexandria, VA 22309
43888 Paramont Pl.
                              h: 703-704-6569
Chantilly, VA 20152
                              w: 703-907-0682
h: 703-542-6005
w: 703-385-3560
                              MAHACH, Roger
                              7901 Ludlow Ln.
                              Dunn Loring, VA 22027
8745 Sheridan Farms Ct.
                              h: 703-205-9475
Springfield, VA 22152
                              w: 202-208-5412
h: 703-451-0256
w: 703-971-0842
                              MANN, Matthew
HARRIS, Patrick
                              9328 Pilar Ct.
6017 Shaffer Dr.
                              Columbia, MD 21045
Alexandria, VA 22310-2228
                              h: 410-715-0644
h: 703-314-6248
                              w: 410-545-2952
w: 703-292-3700
                              MILNE, Paul
HOLLAND, Thornton
                              385-B Quarters
1320 Fairmont St. N.W.
                              Quantico, VA 22134
Washington, DC 20009
                              h: 703-630-2778
h: 202-415-5440
                              w: 703-784-0848
w: 202-723-5644
                              MONK, Brett
3923 Triad Ct.
                              3755 Mill Pond Ct.
Lake Ridge, VA 22192-6288
                              Fairfax, VA 22033
h: 703-878-1920
                              h: 703-391-5052
w: 703-808-5266
                              w: 703-447-5326
                              MURRAY, Ray
3603 Carson Dr.
                              7513 Collins Meade Way
Woodbridge, VA 22193-1609
                              Kingstowne, VA 22315-5251
h: 703-680-4350
                              h: 703-719-0705
w: 703-781-2249
                              w: 703-283-1875

Page 8                                             Fourth Day Journal  September 2003
NELSON, Tom                              STRIBULA, Charlie
12387 Copenhagen Ct.                     3527 Soffit Pl.
Reston, VA 20191                         Woodbridge, VA 22192-5213
h: 703-648-0281                          h: 703-492-7628
w: 301-443-6434                          w: 703-614-0940
tnelson914@aol.com                       Stribula@aol.com or stribula@ndu.edu

PETERS, Don                              SULLIVAN, Russ
7727 Rockledge Ct.                       900 N. Harrison St.
Springfield, VA 22152-3854               Arlington, VA 22205
h: 703-455-3094                          h: 703-256-2765
w: 703-715-9605                          w: 202-224-1550
don.peters@ngc.com                       russ_sullivan@finance-dem.senate.gov

RADFORD, Dan                             TORRES-ANJEL, Mannie
8724 Pinnacle Rock Ct.                   P.O. Box 1246
Lorton, VA 22079                         Bolivar, WV 25425-1246
h: 703-690-6959                          h: 304-535-2439
dradford@mail.com                        w: 301-496-0735
12335 Manchester Way                     TUCKER, J.D.
Woodbridge, VA 22192                     6016 Monticello Rd.
h: 703-878-8816                          Alexandria, VA 22303
w: 703-216-1626                          h: 703-721-0541
JRx3@aol.com                             w: 571-225-8183
4324 O'Kane Ct.                          WARE, Allen
Ft. Meade, MD 20755                      6500 Tower Dr. #301
h: 410-674-7517                          Alexandria, VA 22306
w: 301-677-7009                          h: 703-768-8025
mark.romaneski@comcast.net               w: 703-838-5038
2822-D Shandy Hall Rd.                   WASHINGTON, Clyde
Aberdeen Pro Gr, MD 21005                P.O. Box 154
h: 410-278-8103                          Dumfries, VA 22026
w: 703-697-6134                          h: 703-221-1843
                                         WASHINGTON, Henry
SCHERER, Wolfie                          3423 Minnesota Ave., SE #2
2936 Village Spring Ln.                  Washington, DC 20019
Vienna, VA 22181-6112                    h: 202-246-1141
h: 703-255-1586                          w: 301-459-1093
w: 703-610-2176

5516 Kempton Dr.
Springfield, VA 22151-1404
h: 703-978-8820

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