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					                     CHIEF:           RUAIRIDH DONALD GEORGE MacLENNAN OF MacLENNAN
                     CHIEFTAIN:       GREGORY SCOTT MacLENNAN
                     PATRON:          OLIVE MacLENNAN

NEWSLETTER NO. 85                                                                  NOVEMBER, 2006

PRESIDENT: Max McLennan      45 Rhodes Pde.,    OAK PARK            3046     TEL 9306 7948
VICE—PRES: Bob McLennan      13 Lamart St.,     STRATHMORE          3041     TEL 9379 2425
SECRETARY: Patsy McLennan    13 Lamart St.,     STRATHMORE          3041     TEL 9379 2425
TREASURER: Geoff McLennan 11 Gleeson Drv.,      BUNDOORA            3083     TEL 9467 5410
EDITOR:    Mary Cooper       22 Cherry St,      GLEN WAVERLEY 3150           TEL 9802 5453
COMMITTEE: Mary Cooper, Enid Macfarlane, Bruce McLennan, Ivan McLennan, John McLennan,
            Marion McLennan, Mary McLennan, Kath Nicholls, Heather Vickers
WEBSITE:    <>        EMAIL: <>
Dear Clansfolk,
A card with your congratulations and best wishes was
signed by members at our Annual General Meeting/Ceilidh
and sent to our Chief’s sister, Kirsteen and her fiance,
James Eckersley           on the announcement of their
engagement. Their wedding is to be held on 16th
December, 2006 at Drumtochty Castle near Stonehaven,
Aberdeenshire on Scotland’s East coast. The Committee
will be sending a wedding present to them on your behalf
but I am sure Kirsteen and James would very much like to
have your personal congratulatory messages for their
wedding day.                                                               Kirsteen and Chief Ruairidh
Ruairidh’s sister Lorna, celebrated her birthday on 17th
On a more sombre note I am sorry to advise that the proposed World Gathering for 2007 has been
cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances preventing the organisation of this event. There is a
possibility that it may be held in 2008. “DUM SPIRO SPERO”.
Our Annual Meeting and Ceilidh on 18th June at the Roseville Community Centre in Doncaster East was
excellent with over 50 attending and enjoying a most entertaining day in the pleasantly comfortable, large,
warm, carpeted lounge room at this retirement village. Our sincere thanks to Bruce and Pat McLennan for
                                                    again obtaining access to this fine venue. Our thanks
                                                    also to all who assisted and contributed with catering
                                                    and items for our enjoyment.
                                                    During the Ceilidh we were to have presented our
                                                    2005 MacLennan Piping Trophy winner, Ben
                                                    Croft with the trophy and listened to his excellent
                                                    piping. Unfortunately Ben was unable to attend as he
                                                    fell off his bicycle and broke his ankle on 15th June.
                                                    Entertainment during the afternoon was provided by
                                                    the Celtic and Australian folk music group, “Celts
                                                    and Cobbers”. This four piece group is comprised
                    Celts & Cobbers

      A RED CROSS MEANS you are unfinancial for the year 2005/2006. Please forward back payment with
      your 2006/07 Membership Fee which was due on 1/5/2006.
      ANNUAL FEE: $22.00. LIFE MEMBERSHIP: $250.00 plus Voluntary yearly levy of $6.00.
of Don Cameron, President of Clan Cameron and his daughter Elizabeth with Gary and Diane Johnstone,
who come from New Gisborne and Woodend. The comic content and high quality of these four excellent
entertainers enthralled us all, from four years through to ninety years. So much so that they would be
enthusiastically welcomed back for a future encore.
At our Annual General Meeting the following retiring members from Group One of the Committee were
re-elected for three years: Max McLennan (President), Marion McLennan (Assistant Secretary), John
McLennan (Genealogy), Mary McLennan (Liaison) and Heather Vickers (Welfare). A vacancy has
occurred in Group Three of the Committee with the resignation of Leonie Michailidis due to her ill-health
and a replacement is needed as soon as possible. Presentations were made to Heather and Wes Vickers for
their hosting of Committee Meetings and to Patsy and Bob McLennan for despatch of newsletters. For all
those who were unable to attend, your copy of the Annual Report is enclosed.
Membership fees remain the same for 2006/2007 and you are reminded that your fees for that year have
been due for payment since 1st May, 2006.
Our last Gathering for 2006 will be a Clan Barbeque/Picnic and Mock Highland Games on 19th
November at Woodlands Park, Essendon. (Melway 28 F1), starting with a “bring-your-own food and
beverages” barbeque or picnic lunch between 12 noon and 2pm. This will be followed by some piping and
the Mock Highland Games. The gathering will finish at 4.30 pm with afternoon tea provided by the
Committee. This function is a Family Fun Day for all age groups, from Grandparents to Grandchildren,
so please bring the whole family to join in the spirit of this occasion.
Our first official Gathering in 2007 will be at the Ringwood Highland Games on 25th March, back in
the original venue at Jubilee Park. This is always a great day, so reserve it in your diary now.
A final draft of the New Constitution to meet the requirements for Incorporation of our Association, is
with your Committee for consideration and awaiting comment from the Office of Consumer Affairs . We
expect to send our financial members a copy for consideration prior to voting at our Annual General
Meeting on 17th June, 2007.
As this is our last Newsletter for 2006, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Happy
and Prosperous 2007. Meanwhile I look forward to seeing you all on 19th November.
Sincerely yours, Max McLennan, President and Chief’s Lieutenant.

                       NEWS FROM OUR CHIEF AND HIS FAMILY
From Chief Ruairidh, 6th October, 2006.
                            All is well here in the Bonny Highlands. We are rapidly moving from
                            Summer into Autumn and the weather has taken a turn for the worse. It has
                            been a very wet week with localised flooding around the Inverness area. The
                            nights have also drawn in which means less time to get outside jobs done
                            after work. Really it is the time of year to migrate somewhere warmer for
                            the next six months period - if only!
                              Kirsteen and Lorna are both well. Kirsteen is to marry James Eckersley on
                              16th December at Drumtochty Castle which is near Stonehaven on the east
                              coast in Aberdeenshire. The castle is not in any way connected to either
          Chief Ruairidh      family but was chosen after Kirsteen and James attended a friend’s wedding
                              there last year. We were all at home a few nights ago and sat chatting whilst
drinking wine and going through old photographs looking for embarrassing ones of Kirsteen to use for the
wedding. We found plenty but had to hide them from
Kirsteen who is getting increasingly worried about what will
come of asking her young brother to be the Master of
Ceremonies at the wedding. Lorna will be a bridesmaid
(always the bridesmaid never the bride), our Godfather,
Kenny MacKenzie will give Kirsteen away and I have a range
of duties as Usher and Master of Ceremonies. We will have a
mini-pipe band from the Officer Training Corps which will
get me off the hook with piping. Whilst Kirsteen and the girls
are going on a hens’ weekend to Ullapool on the West coast,
the chaps will be heading to Iceland! Although I am looking
                                                                        Kenny MacKenzie & James Eckersley
                                                         forward to the trip, my bank balance is in for a shock
                                                         due to the high cost of alcohol.
                                                         Kirsteen is still frequently away because of her job
                                                         with British Airways and spends a lot of her time in
                                                         Fochabers where she will live after getting married.
                                                         She will keep a room here in Dores and hopefully
                                                         return home on the odd occasion to make me dinner.
                                                         Lorna is busy with nursing at Raigmore Hospital in
                                                         Inverness and various bank nursing jobs.
                                                         I continue to be busy with work, Territorial Army,
              Mrs Eckersley with Lorna MacLennan         Community Council and too much socialising for my
                                                         own good! I had a lot of piping competitions over the
summer period so am quietly pleased that things will hopefully calm down for a while – at least until the
wedding. I very narrowly escaped deployment to Iraq with the 7th Battalion, Royal Regiment of Scotland
with whom I now serve in the Territorial Army. My employers appealed on the grounds that I am not
easily replaceable to which one of my friends responded, “not only do CKD Galbraith employ you, they
also save your life”! I will now have to consider how much longer I can afford to remain in the TA if I
decide not to do a tour of duty. I have rather mixed feelings, for whilst Iraq is not the desert that I would
like to spend six months in, I do feel that if I don’t go, I will regret it. Time will tell. I suppose it’s one way
to get a break from work.
Our love and best wishes to the Clan and family members, I hope that this reaches you all in good spirit and
health. With love, Mr. Chief.

From Lorna MacLennan, 2nd October, 2006
Everything on this side is well. Ruairidh has just gone out with one of his piping pals, Kirsteen is on a trip
home tomorrow and I am just back from a week’s holiday in Croatia, which was lovely.

                                  CHIEFTAIN GREG’S MESSAGE
Christmas greetings from Chieftain Greg and his wife Annelle to Clansfolk far and wide.

                       NEWS OF CLANSFOLK BOTH FAR AND NEAR
From Robin MacLennan, President of the Central Ontario Branch, Clan MacLennan, Canada -
September 2006.
My father was a MacLennan, born in Inverness into a family which came from near Tain on the Dornoch
Firth, Scotland. I was also born in Inverness but left there for India at the tender age of six weeks and
didn’t return to Scotland until I was eighteen. I came to Canada in 1971 and settled in St Catharines, a
small city not far from Niagara Falls and about an hour from Toronto.
This area is mainly known for vineyards and particularly its “ice wines” because our temperatures vary
over the year from +30C to -020C. At the moment the days are sunny with a high of about 18C.
[Canada is the world’s largest producer of ice wine. Harvesting is done entirely by hand and commences
once the temperature drops below -10-13 degrees C and the grapes have frozen on the vines. They have a
high sugar concentration and so the finished wine is intensely sweet and full of flavour.]
Clan activities are winding down now because travel can be a problem if the snow comes. Down here in
the “Banana Belt” of Canada we do not get much snow until Christmas but there have been times when I
have returned from Ottawa in mid-October just ahead of winter storms. Autumn and Spring in Canada are
measured in days or even hours!
I joined our Clan Branch in 1988 after a bit of prodding by my sister Eileen who lives in Ottawa and was a
Lieutenant to the late Chief Ronnie. Our Branch draws mainly from the Toronto-Hamilton area.
Cheers for now, Yours aye, Robin.
From Lock and Maryann McLendon, USA, July 2006
We are both the age of 76 now and slowing down a bit but we are able to stay active. We spent the last
week on a big lake here in Texas, boating, skiing and just having fun. Our two sons are here along with our
grand-daughter Lindsey and we do lots of things together. We wish everyone well over there and we send
our love, Yours aye, Lock
Dr John (Jack) MacLennan, USA, August 2006
Clan MacLennan USA, Incorporated, will hold its Annual General Meeting for 2006 at the Stone Mountain
Scottish Games, Georgia in October, a two-day affair. On Sunday, the Association will make its initial
award to a piper for additional payment of piping lessons in accordance with our Charitable Organization
Classification requirements.

Sally-Jo Truhlar, Texas and Nebraska, USA, August 2006
I don’t get to Scottish Gatherings any more other than the two summer Gatherings of the Nebraska Scottish
Society and we are such a small group that nothing earth-shaking ever reaches us. We do receive the
Highland Magazine as part of our membership. That and your newsletter are the only Scottish news that I
I may be coming to having to have my left knee looked out. It has been bothering me some this summer.
It’s the leg I injured in that fishing accident in 1996….I decided to drive our old Nissan pickup, which has a
clutch, to save on gasoline as it gets about twice the mileage of the van when we came back up here in
May. After a few weeks, my knee started hurting so I went back to driving the van and my knee got better
but still hurt some. When we came back to Texas in June I decided that since no one was working my land
this year due to the drought, I would borrow a tractor and shred (mow) the grass and weeds on the fields to
keep the weeds from seeding back and lessen the danger of wild fires. I then decided to plough the upper
field as some wild mimosa had invaded it. Bob helped, but I still spent a lot of time working the clutch,
especially ploughing as the tractor was under-powered for my plough and the dry conditions. You had to
be on the clutch and lift all the time to keep the plough from going too deep and stalling the tractor. By the
time we finished, I could hardly walk on my knee.
We thought it was hot in Texas and the drought is worse but 100 degrees F. was the hottest we had had
there and that was just before we left on July 15th. When we got here to Nebraska on July 16th, it was 102 F
at 5 pm and during that week it got up to 108 deg. F at the airport, so it was undoubtedly hotter here in the
city. With the humidity the heat index was 115F. We got a rain and a cool front out of Canada late in the
week that cooled it off by thirty degrees and had a week of nice weather but the temps have been steadily
rising and after two days of 103 degrees, we hit 105 degrees today. There is supposed to be a cool front
and thunderstorms come thru tonight, but it looks like it has passed us by….The drought and wild fires go
on in both Texas and Nebraska as well as most of the plains and western states. Western Nebraska has
three huge fires still burning despite getting rain and cooler weather there for the past few days. We had
one fire between our house and China Spring before we left. We had so many wild fires last Spring, that
everyone is pretty jumpy about them.
My garden here is pretty good this year as I have been pouring the water to it. There wasn’t any fruit in
Texas other than wild grapes. The late Spring freezes got most of it. There were quite a few pecans set on
when we left but if the drought and heat persist, they will dry up on the trees like they did last year. I have
a few peaches here if I can keep the squirrels at bay. I have trapped 49 so far. I think apples will be scarce
this year and I don’t know about wild plums so I may have to cut back on my jelly and jam making. A
friend in Texas is supposed to freeze some figs for me and I know where I can get pears here if some
disaster doesn’t hit them…..
Love, Sally Jo and Bob

Scotland’s White-Tailed Sea Eagle Chicks, June 2006
After 21 years of tireless work and protection by conservation groups, local communities and landowners,
the 200th wild-bred white-tailed eagle chick has fledged on the Isle of Skye. “This is a terrific milestone for
us to reach”, said Alison Maclennan, Skye Officer for The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Scotland. “It’s especially exciting because these are the first-ever sea eagle chicks to hatch after the
magnificent birds were reintroduced to the islands. [RSPB Scotland, 27/7/2006]
Sarah McLennan Does Something “Wheely Good” in Lochaber
For the first time ever in the United Kingdom, the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup Finals will be held at
The Witch’s Trail, Leanachan Forest, Fort William from 3-9 September, 2007. In the biggest such event
in the world, 750 of the world’s top riders will compete over a week-long festival of mountain biking.
Sarah McLennan, Recreation Forester in Lochaber for Forestry Commission Scotland said, “The Witch’s
Trail has built a reputation as one of the great mountain bike trails in Britain”. Sarah and her team are
finishing off some new bridges and clearing trees which had fallen on the course during storms last winter.
[Scottish Executive News Release, 27/9/2006 & Forestry Commission News Release]

                                               Welcome to Wee Jessica MacLennan
                                               Sue and Mark MacLennan, of Middle Park have been
                                               blessed with a wee daughter.
                                               Jessica Ailsa Boston MacLennan was born at the
                                               Freemason’s Hospital on 31st May, 2006. Jessica’s birth
                                               weight was 4.02kg. and she is the sister of Lachlan
                                               MacLennan. We wish Mark and Sue every happiness with
                                               their family and are glad to welcome their expansion of our
                                               Clan family.

                                                Jimmy “Mac”, Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire, Scotland,
                                                August 2006
                                                Unfortunately Jimmy’s wife Sandra recently had a stroke
         Lachlan, Mark, Sue & Jessica MacLennan
                                                and was in hospital in Aberdeen and then Peterhead for
some weeks. As they do not have a car, Jimmy had to catch three buses to Aberdeen when visiting the
hospital. Sandra is now home and able to walk around the house. They celebrated their Golden Wedding
Anniversary on 18th August, 2006. Congratulations Sandra and Jimmy.

Bob’s Very Happy Birthday by Mary McLennan
 Everyone knows that thoroughbred horses celebrate their birthday on 1st
August each year but do you know that one of our hard working
members, our friend Bob McLennan also celebrates his birthday on that
Bob had said he did not want a big party for his 70th birthday, just a
family day with a few friends invited. Wife Patsy knew he needed a new
golf buggy so that was what was waiting for him when he awoke on that
important day. When the family arrived later they presented Bob with
another present he had always wanted, a BANJO. Bob, of course, has
been told he has to practise very hard as it would be great to have a banjo
recital at one of our Ceilidhs. By the way one of his old friends gave him
the cap, not exactly a “MacLennan” !                                             Bob McLennan & his banjo

Medic to the Rescue Again
                   “Sunbury Leader” September 12th, 2006
                   “Forty years ago, Corporal Frank Donovan stepped out of an armoured personnel
                   carrier and into a scene of unimaginable devastation and ruin.
                   The decimated Vietnamese rubber plantation before the 19 year old medic’s eyes was
                   strewn with the dead and dying, some 250 enemy bodies piled in the red mud.
                   It was the morning after the Battle of Long Tan, Australia’s best known engagement
                   during the Vietnam War and Corporal Donovan, a medic for D. Company 5RAR, was
                   searching for survivors from the marauding North Vietnamese forces. The night
                   before just 108 Australian and New Zealand servicemen had withheld a force of some
                   2500 enemy soldiers, and sustained hours of artillery and small arms fire. “It was huge
                   and horrendous,” Mr. Donovan said. “It was not just the sheer volume of human
                   devastation that confronted me, but also the fact that we young men could do that to
    Frank Donovan
each other, almost without batting an eyelid.” Mr. Donovan said it was a scene he has replayed “every day
of my life since.”
Now as President of the Vietnam Veterans Association, Victorian Central Highlands Branch, Mr. Donovan
is once again coming to the aid of his comrades-in-arms. The Association is pushing for a Federal
Government inquiry which could potentially see veterans of the battle given due recognition for their
courage under fire.
(Frank Donovan is the husband of member Anne McLennan.)

                                                50th Wedding Anniversary Dinner by Mary McLennan
                                                Don and Margaret MacLennan of Rosebud celebrated their
                                                50th Wedding Anniversary on 8th September with a “Grand
                                                Affair Dinner” at the Old England Hotel in Heidelberg. Their
                                                eight children and the five eldest of their seventeen
                                                grandchildren were guests. The following day, Don and
                                                Margaret set off on a six-week caravan touring trip along
                                                Victoria’s Shipwreck Coast to Adelaide where they had spent
                                                their honeymoon. From there they travelled into the South
                                                Australian countryside visiting the Flinders Ranges, Renmark
                                                and across the border to Mildura.
            Don and Margaret MacLennan

Kate McLennan – Comic Actress in Melbourne
In 1985 Kate McLennan made her debut in front of an audience,
nervously walking out as a small flower girl for the Mortlake High School
Debutante Ball. The experience has obviously left an impression for Kate
held her very own Debutante Ball early in October as a fundraiser for her
one-woman show “The Debutante Diaries” in Melbourne’s Fringe
Comedy Festival. The setting for the show is a High School in the lead-up
to its 1977 Deb. Ball. Couples dressed in their best 1970s outfits, made
their debut at Kate’s Ball held at the North Melbourne Town Hall and
danced the night away to musical hits of years gone by.
Kate graduated from Ballarat Academy for Performing Arts (BAPA) in
2000 and since then she has worked consistently within Melbourne’s
fringe theatre and comedy circuit, performing her trademark characters to                Kate McLennan
critical acclaim.

                                   Welcome Finlay Alexander Peck
                                   Stuart and Meaghan Peck welcomed Finlay Alexander Peck, at Frankston
                                   Hospital, on the 12th August 2006, weighing in at 9lb 15oz and 56cm long.
                                   Finlay is a little brother to Lochlan and is the second Grandson for Graham
                                   and Joy Peck.

                           From—Malcolm Lobban (alias Calum Curamach), South Australia,
      Finlay Alexander Peck
                           August 2006
                                        Lobbans’ Grand Finale!
On 17 August, 2006 at 10.15 pm, our daughter Mairi arrived at Adelaide Airport with a permanent visa
stamped in her UK passport. Earlier that same evening, she had a brief welcome to Oz from Leon Vance at
Sydney Airport. Thanks Leon.
So ends a five-year struggle to be allowed to remain in Australia, during which time we had the support of
our many friends, MacLennans and others, in this big country, which we, as a now united family, have
greatly appreciated. Our next target, after a two-year period, is to apply for full citizenship. As “heiid-
bummer” of this wee Aussie clan, I take this opportunity to thank all of you for your past support and
helpful encouragement. All that remains now is to learn the words of “Advance Australia Fair”!         The
Lobban family have become members of our Association.

                                       A McLennan Wedding. Max and Mary attended the wedding of
                                       Kathleen McLennan and Bruce Meade on Sunday 1st October, at St.
                                       Luke’s Uniting Church, Highton, Geelong. Kate is the daughter of
                                       the late Kath and Clive McLennan who were very faithful members
                                       of our Clan. She is also the sister of our members, Malcolm
                                       McLennan, Dr. Roger McLennan and Angus McLennan and a
                                       cousin of our Patron Olive and President Max.

              Kate and Bruce

A New Grandchild for Ann and Ian McLennan. At 2.30pm on
Wednesday 17th May, 2006, Alanna Ruby Grigg came into the world three
weeks early, weighing 3.065kg. Alanna is the second child of Colette and
John Grigg from Balgowla, New South Wales and the tenth grandchild for
Clan members, Ann and Ian McLennan of Donald, Victoria. Alanna has a
two year old brother, Lachlan.
                                                                                     Colette and Alanna

                                CLAN McLENNAN ACTIVITIES
Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan, Scots’ Church, Melbourne, 2nd July, 2006
Tartan-clad clansfolk from all over Melbourne joined with the Presbyterian congregation at Scots’ Church
in the city for the annual Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan. The beautiful Gothic Church dating from 1874 was
constructed by David Mitchell, father of Dame Nellie Melba. Reverend Richard O’Brien led the Service
and a piper played for the promenade of Clans down the long central aisle. In addition to the glorious
singing of the Church Choir accompanied by the magnificent Rieger Pipe Organ, the Gaelic Choir sang and
a member of the Scottish Gaelic Society, Barra-born Mairi McIntosh read from the Gaelic Bible. The
Clans then gathered in the Church Hall for luncheon and entertainment by Scottish singer and guitarist,
Jamie McKinnon.

The ceremony of Kirkin’ o’ the Tartan was devised in 1941 in America by the Scottish-born Presbyterian
Minister, Reverend Peter Marshall who was then Chaplain to the United States Senate. It was at a stage
during World War Two when there was concern that Americans were not signing up to fight on behalf of
Britain. Peter Marshall devised the ceremony in an attempt to instil pride in their homeland amongst Scots
living in the United States of America. Despite having no authentic Scottish historical basis, what began
as an American-Scots tradition has become popular in Australia and can be enjoyed as a colourful church
parade of Clansfolk clad in their tartans.

The Scottish Fiddlers Fiddled While the Clans Devoured Haggis by Kath Nicholls
The Annual Council of Clans Luncheon was held on Sunday October 8th, 2006 at the Karralyka Centre set
in spacious, largely Australian native gardens in Ringwood, east of Melbourne. There were nine of us at the
Clan MacLennan table, including our patron, Olive MacLennan.

Council of Clans Chief, Doug McLaughlin welcomed guests and our Piper for the occasion was Ian
Coombes of Clan McThomas whose playing contributed greatly to our enjoyment of the day. Master of
Ceremonies, Ron Sudden informed us that although his name didn’t sound particularly Scottish, he was in
fact a Glaswegian, his ancestors having been French Huguenots who fled to Scotland in the seventeenth

The Haggis Ceremony was most impressive and Bev Tait’s haggis was voted delicious. At our table, Max,
Bob and Ewen put on their ‘lean and hungry look’ and were rewarded with seconds. After a tasty main
course and decadent dessert it was time for some entertainment. Five members of the Melbourne Scottish
Fiddlers Club had us tapping, clapping and thoroughly enjoying their music. There were three fiddlers, a
piano accordionist (who doubled as a fourth fiddler) and a guitarist. With her fiddle still in hand, one of the
fiddlers performed a lively jig for us to great acclamation.

The Scottish Country Dance Group from Hawthorn entertained us next. Having ably demonstrated their
skills they chose a circle dance – the Kerry Boat Dance -– to demonstrate and then invite guests to join in.
We all enjoyed the bonus of the live music accompaniment provided by the Scottish fiddlers. Towards the
end of proceedings we were treated to a bagpipe and keyboard duet when Ian and Ron gave a moving
rendition of ‘Highland Cathedral’. The singing of “Auld Lang Syne” drew to a close a memorable and
most enjoyable afternoon.

                    Association Members Enjoying the Clan Ceilidh 18th June, 2006

                Yvette and Ross McLennan                           Pat McLennan and Enid Macfarlane

                Connor and Liz McLennan                                     Denise Gaston

                           MELBOURNE’S SCOTTISH COMMUNITY
Death of Grace Leslie Robb, Melbourne            by Mary McLennan
We were sad to hear of the passing of Grace Leslie Robb on 8th June, 2006. Leslie, as we knew her, was
the wife of the late Ron Robb. Although not a MacLennan, we all knew Leslie and Ron through their hard
work in the Scottish community throughout Victoria and particularly with Clan MacFarlane and the
Council of Clans of which Ron was the Chief for many years. Max, Mary and Patsy McLennan attended
Leslie’s funeral service at the Uniting Church, Canterbury.
Australia Highlanders Finalists at the 2006 World Pipe Band Championships
The Australia Highlanders, formerly Nunawading Pipe Band, competed in Scotland during August and
were successful in reaching the final of the World Pipe Band Championships. Field Marshal Montgomery
Pipe Band from Ireland was the overall winner. Whilst in Scotland, the Australia Highlanders also
competed at the Bridge of Allan Competition near Stirling.
The Scottish Gaelic Society of Victoria

                                                   The Society meets in Melbourne’s south-eastern suburbs and
                                                   presents the opportunity to attend Gaelic language classes, to
                                                   enjoy informal Ceilidhs and to sing with The Scottish Gaelic
                                                   Choir of Victoria. The Choir wears the attractive “Flower of
                                                   Scotland” tartan incorporating the colours of the Scottish
                                                   native bluebell and the thistle. The tartan was designed as a
                                                   tribute to the late Roy Williamson, writer of the words and
                                                   music of “Flower of Scotland”. Visit the Society’s website –

          Scottish Gaelic Society, Melbourne

Melbourne Branch, Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
As Melbourne’s Scottish Country Dancing year draws to a close in November before Christmas and the
weather becomes too warm, many groups are hosting End of Year Socials. In October, the Ringwood
Caledonian Society held an enjoyable Barn Dance and Ceilidh-Dancing evening and the Mitcham Scottish
Society celebrated Halloween. The Melbourne Scots Dancing Circle’s final social for 2006 is on 10th
November at the Thomson Memorial Church Hall, corner Booran and North Roads, Ormond. The
following weekend, 18th-19th November, a Social and Barbeque will be hosted by the Warnambool &
District Scottish Country Dancing Group, (phone: 5562 2864).

Haileybury College Pipes & Drums Scholarships for Girls
Haileybury College in the outer Melbourne suburb of Keysborough is now co-educational and is offering
scholarships for girls who are proficient pipers or drummers, for entry into Years 7 – 10. The College’s
decision to form a Girls’ Pipe Band is still in the planning stages and for more information contact the
College Registrar, Jeanette Hardy on 9213 2222.

                                               MacLENNANS OF NOTE
Lord Maclennan of Rogart
Robert Maclennan was born in1936 in Glasgow to Sir Hector Maclennan and his wife Isabel, both doctors.
                     He was educated at Glasgow Academy, then read Law at Balliol College, Oxford
                     and continued his academic career at Trinity College, Cambridge and Columbia
                     University, New York. He was called to the Bar in 1962 and went on to practice
                     International Law in New York and London.

                             At the 1966 General Elections in the U.K., he was elected Labour MP for the seat
                             of Caithness and Sutherland. In 1981 he left the Labour Party to become a
                             founder-member of the Social Democratic Party and was elected Leader of the
                             Party in 1987.

                            In 1994 he was elected President of the Liberal Democrats by ballot of the Party’s
                            one hundred thousand members, a position in which he served until 1998. He stood
   Lord Maclennan of Rogart down from the House of Commons in 2001 and was elevated to the peerage as Lord
                            Maclennan of Rogart. He is married with three children and his interests include
the theatre, music and the visual arts.
Duncan McLennan, Victorian Member of Parliament, Pioneer Agriculturist and Commissioner of
The Melbourne Harbour Trust
                          Duncan McLennan was born at Angas Plains near Strathalbyn in South
                          Australia in 1861. He was the fourth child of Kenneth McLennan and
                          Margaret McGregor, both of whom were born at Scardroy in the Glen of
                          Strathconon, Scotland. Moving from South Australia, the family became
                          pioneer settlers in Kellalac near Warracknabeal, Victoria. Aged 17 when
                          his father died, Duncan and his older brother Donald worked the family’s
                          wheat farm. He married in 1891 and continued to farm in the area as well
                          as taking a prominent part in public life in the district. He was a member
                          of both the Dimboola and Wimmera Shire Councils, Chairman of the
                          Western Wimmera United Water Trust; President of the Caledonian
                          Society, member of the Agricultural and Pastoral Society, on the
                          committee of the Warracknabeal Hospital Committee, one of the chief
                          supporters of the Ailsa Presbyterian Church, teacher at the Ailsa Sunday
                          School, member of the South Cannum Debating Society and founder of the
                          local Farmers’ Co-operative Association.
        Duncan McLennan

                             Moving to Geelong to further the education of his four children, in 1917
Duncan McLennan was elected to the Legislative Assembly of Victorian Parliament representing Barwon
District. For many years he was on the Council of The Royal Agricultural Society, President of the
Geelong Try Boys’ Society and also of the Geelong Mechanics’ Institute and a director of the Federal
Woollen Mills.

Duncan was also a Commissioner of the Melbourne Harbour Trust which had a policy of naming their
floating plant after their Commissioners. The steel Dredger “Duncan McLennan”, was built in Holland in
1912 and had a length of 165.5 feet, breadth 10.8 feet and depth, 10.8 feet. Its maximum dredging depth
was 59 feet and its buckets which held 22 cubic feet, moved at a speed of 18 per minute. The “Duncan
McLennan” worked on the extension of Lower South
Wharf in the Yarra River and at Station Pier, Port

The Dredger was scuttled on 8th June, 1949 in the “Ships’
Graveyard” in Port Phillip Bay which covers a 20-
kilometre stretch of the Victorian coastline between
Torquay and Port Phillip Heads.           The “Duncan
McLennan” lies about 25 fathoms deep about 5 miles off
Barwon Heads.                                                       Steel Dredger—”Duncan McLennan”

                                     GENERAL INTEREST

Adventures Around Scotland by Elspeth Horn
                              Elspeth Horn is the oldest grandchild of Max and Mary McLennan.
                              Elspeth is studying Medicine at Monash University and having done
                              three years, including one year in the Latrobe Valley Hospital she
                              decided to take a year off and travel through the UK and Europe. She
                              left Melbourne on Christmas Day last year and travelled to London
                              arriving on Boxing Day where she spent a few days seeing the sights
                              then did a 16 day tour in Europe. Returning to England, Elspeth got
                              herself a pub job at Staines - about 12 miles from London on the
                              Thames river, where she worked for three months and then travelled on
                              to Scotland. These snippets have been taken from emails received . –
                              “Well I am finally getting myself organised to hit the road again - this
                              time I am off to the home of haggis, bagpipes and kilts …SCOTLAND!
            Elspeth           I’m thinking of joining a jump-on-off bus tour that stops in Edinburgh-
                                                                      Pitlochry- Inverness- Fort William-
                                                                      Oban- Skye- Edinburgh.
                                                                      Hello from Scotland!         I arrived
                                                                      Edinburgh by train, and a bus to
                                                                      Inverness – on the way having a swim
                                                                      in Loch Ness (freezing) I spent a night
                                                                      in Dores – Chief Ruairidh was at a
                                                                      town planning meeting for a huge
                                                                      upcoming concert, so his sister, Lorna
                                                                      and I went to the pub for a meal then
                                                                      watched some TV.              I really
                                                                      appreciated the night spent in a double
                                                                      bed complete with electric blanket and
                                                                      no room-mates! On Tuesday Ruairidh
dropped me back at the hostel where I caught the bus by the skin of my teeth – off to Skye via a hike to a
psychedelic waterfall. On Wednesday I joined three Canadians in hiring a car for the hilarious and brilliant
trip around the island. We travelled around the north of the Island along the coast, stopping at least 20
times! The scenery was breathtaking – from rugged cliffs on the coast to rolling hills in the fairy glen. On
the bus again on Thursday – this time for Fort William. On Friday I took a day trip by train to Mallaig,
which is one of the most beautiful train journeys in the UK. We passed over the bridge that Harry Potter
travels over on the Hogwarts Express. On Saturday we went to a free concert in the High Street, traditional
Scottish music that reminded me of ‘Claymore’. Today, Sunday I’m sitting at the computer because my
bottom is sore from a bike-ride we took to a waterfall in Glen Nevis this afternoon. Like everywhere I have
been so far in Scotland the surrounds are stunning, if a little damp. Tomorrow I hope to see Ben Nevis, the
UK’s highest mountain.

I am seriously considering returning to Scotland to work rather than job-hunting in England again. Other
than the rain, I am completely in love with it. I am so excited to be travelling again- and have met so many
amazing people and seen/experienced wonderful things. By the way, we stopped at a few places, including
Pitlochry, Culloden, Glen Coe, Eilean Donan Castle. etc. Also, seeing Ruairidh was good and Lorna and I
got along very well. On Friday I arrived back in London and headed out to Staines to say farewell.

Yesterday I had fun wandering around London. I walked from my hostel in Bayswater to Oxford
St.,Regent St., past Bond St. and along Pall Mall, checked out the Hamley’s Toy Shop (5 floors of toys)
then the National Portrait Gallery. Today I intend to see the Tate Modern. I’ve decided to go back to
Scotland to work again. I am sure that I will miss the sunshine but I really loved the place. I’m having a
ball, even getting used to travelling completely alone!
I still had no specific plans that would help me to make money so I jumped on the Internet, made two
phone calls and within 53 minutes I had transport, a job and accommodation. I was quite amazed.
A hellish 8 hours overnight on the bus followed by 4
hours in the morning and I arrived in Oban looking
and feeling rather dishevelled. I am living and
working at the Oban Backpacker’s with an evening
job in a local bar. During the day I spend 4 hours
cleaning in the hostel and by night I am working at a
bar called “The Waterfront”
I have been at the Oban Backpackers for almost 2
weeks now and since arriving, amongst other things, I
have had my hair cut in a lounge room by someone
who has never cut hair before but it looks great and
was free!- dyed my hair red, gone to a quiz night,
enjoyed a Ceilidh with lots of Scottish dancing, found
a brilliant job and made some great friends.
I am working in the Waterfront Bar full-time now. I
took the bus to the Island of Seil last week and went                      Swan Hotel, Staines
on a Rigid Inflatable Boat ride around a bunch of islands and to the world’s third largest whirlpool The
ride was awesome and we saw seals, porpoise, deer and lots of birds. Last Monday I got some time off and
did a tour of Oban. I’ve also done a tour of Argyll, seen Standing Stones, played soccer on a 400 year old
soccer pitch at a castle, walked up to the site of a castle where the first few Scottish coronations took place
and also walked to Easdale Island and explored the old slate quarries. Last week I caught the ferry to the
Island of Kerrera and walked around it in the rain, almost 10 miles, which was lovely. The island has a few
farms on it but is otherwise quite wild. The tea-rooms were closed so I snacked on oat cakes and apples.
The highlight of my day was talking to my Dad for his birthday while standing on the cliffs of Kerrera.
Pounds pending, I have come up with some ideas as to how I am going to spend October and November
before I go home. I have been having fun in Oban and have met a great bunch of friends and I shall be sad
to leave but would like to travel to other places and see other things.”

                                            DID YOU KNOW?

That next Year has been Designated “Highland 2007”, the Year Scotland Celebrates Highland
Thousands of events and activities will take place in villages, towns and cities in the Highlands of Scotland.
These include a Summer School in July in Inverness where there will be a fascinating programme
exploring the past, present and future of the Highlands and Islands. Participants will have the opportunity
to enjoy excursions to key historical sites such as Culloden Battlefield, the Highland Folk Museum in
Newtonmore and Urquhart Castle, as well as Edinburgh Castle, the Scottish Parliament and the Isle of
Skye. A mid-summer Festival on 18th August will be held in Rothiemurchus, near Aviemore and The Blas
Festival celebrating Highland Music will run from August 31st to September 8th, 2007 beginning with
Runrig’s “Beat the Drum” a day-long music fest at Drumnadrochit in a stunning outdoor location. The
Royal National Mod, Scotland’s premier Festival of the Gaelic language, arts and culture will be a major
event in “Highland 2007” and will be held in Lochaber from 12-20th October.

That it was a McLennan Who Founded The Glen Ord Distillery?
In 1838, D. McLennan was one of the partners who established The Glen Ord Distillery at Muir of Ord,
Ross-Shire on the edge of the Black Isle in the Highlands west of Inverness. The Distillery produces single
malt whiskies which are sweet, malty and dry on the palate. In 1985 the Distillery was acquired by United
Distillers. It is open to the public.

That McCowan’s Highland Toffee Is No More?
That famous Scottish sweetie, McCowan’s Highland Toffee which has been a favourite for over 80 years,
will no longer be produced as it’s makers at Broxburn, West Lothian have gone into receivership and are
closing down.

There are McLennans Owed Unclaimed Money?
The New South Wales Treasury’s Office of Unclaimed Revenue, has unclaimed money in the names of the
following Mac/McLennans –
McLennan, K. G., Homebush, New South Wales
McLennan, Barbara, no address given
McLennan, E., Princes Highway, Engadine, New South Wales
McLennan, Mary Josephine, Glen Eira Road, Caulfield, Victoria
MacLennan, G. R. J., no address given
MacLennan, Fergus Hamilton, Hayborough, South Australia
MacLennan, Mary Catherine, 4 Terregles Avenue, Glasgow, G41 4LX, Scotland

That Saint Andrew’s Day May Become a Public Holiday in Scotland?
Early in October it was reported that a new Bill to establish St Andrew’s Day, 30th November, as an official
holiday, is under consideration in the Scottish Parliament. First Minister Jack McConnell said that if
passed, the largely symbolic Bill would provide an important signal that Scotland’s Parliament wishes to
see, over time, a greater celebration of Saint Andrew’s Day.
Celebrating St. Andrew’s Day in Melbourne
As early as 30th November, 1840, Saint Andrew’s Day was being celebrated in newly-settled Melbourne.
Some of the small town’s Scottish elite held a dinner at the Caledonian Hotel in Lonsdale Street to
celebrate their National day. The guest of honour was a Scottish chieftain, Aeneas Ranaldson MacDonnell,
“The Glengarry”, who was passing through Melbourne with plans to settle in Gippsland                    In his
Chronicles of Early Melbourne, “Garryowen” records that the dinner was progressing well with numerous
speeches and toasts until “the place was rushed by a half-dozen boisterous Scots who had been making
over-merry at another hotel in Little Flinders Street. After a brief stand-up fight the intruders were ejected
‘neck and crop’ through the windows” The St. Andrew’s Day celebrations the following year also came to
an unfortunate conclusion with the guests over-indulging and conducting themselves “outrageously” and
being locked up for the night by the police.

On St. Andrew’s Day, 1860, special trains were needed to transport the 20,000 Victorians who attended the
“Grand Caledonian Gathering” at the Zoological Gardens. It was in effect, a massive Highland Gathering
with the traditional piping, dancing and heavy games. A similar festival held the following year at the
Melbourne Cricket Ground led the “Argus” editorial to claim that Scottish national games were “surely the
most singular of all festival celebrations”.

Melbourne’s Scottish societies continue to celebrate St. Andrew’s Day with dinners which include guests
of honour, haggis ceremonies, pipers, the singing of nostalgic Scottish songs and numerous toasts. For the
tartan-clad members and their guests, these functions provide the opportunity to enjoy both Scottish
traditions and nostalgia.

                                         GENEALOGY—CAN YOU HELP?
From Sandra Carvalho, Western Australia, July 2006:
                                  I am researching the family of Kenneth McLennan and Mary
                                  McLeod. Their son William MacLennan, (b. 1835) in Perthshire,
                                  Scotland married Alexandrina (known as Lexina) Mathieson
                                  (b.1842) in Urray Church, Ross & Cromarty. William and Lexina
                                  then came to the Bathurst area of New South Wales and raised 7
                                  sons, (Kenneth 1862), Lachlan (1864), William (1868), John
                                  (1872), Duncan (1874), Archibald (1876) and Herbert (1880).

                                             The eldest son Kenneth MacLennan married Nancy (known as
                                             Annie) Parkes in 1881 in Bathurst and raised 6 children, William
                                             (1882), Alexandrina Alice (1884), Annie Matilda (1885), Herbert
                                             (1886), Charles (1887) and Leslie (1889).
                                             Kenneth and Annie and their family moved to Western Australia
                                             about 1900 where Leslie their youngest son, married Lilian Smith
                                             about 1912. I am his grand-daughter and we are all still in Western

                                             I am trying to confirm if this photo is of Alexandrina (Alice)
                                             MacLennan, Kenneth and Nancy’s third child and first-born
                                             daughter. She was born about 1884 and if this photo is of her, it
                                             would have been taken about 1908 when she was about 25. It may
                                             help jog some memories.

                                             I would be very interested in hearing from any of your members
        Alexandrina (Alice) MacLennan?       who may be descendants, particularly of Kenneth and Annie’s.
                                             Hoping someone is out there looking for me too -          Sandra
Carol Davis, Camberwell, Melbourne. July 2006
Searching for information about Donald and Mary McLennan, Sale, Victoria
I’ve just received my copy of the Newsletter and have enjoyed reading it from cover to cover.
We visited Ullapool for the first time in 2004 after a few days in beautiful Inverness . My mother Jean was
a very proud McLennan. She passed away in 2003 and our trip to Scotland was a pilgrimage for her and
the heritage that had been so lovingly passed down and we weren’t disappointed when we arrived. We
were greeted with warmth and friendship and felt very much at home.
My great-great grandparents, Donald and Mary McLennan (nee McKenzie) left Ullapool in 1854 with their
four children and settled in Sale, Victoria, 214 km east of Melbourne. Mary came from Glackour which,
for those who blink and miss it, is a few kilometers before Ullapool. They are buried in Sale cemetery but I
have no knowledge of what took them to the area or anything about their lives there. Donald was a builder
in Ullapool so I assume work was the key factor in them settling in Sale. I’d be very keen to hear from
anyone with a Sale connection to Donald and Mary. Their son Collin, my great-grandfather, and his wife
Sarah ended their days in South Yarra, Melbourne

From Hannah McLennan, USA, July, 2006
Searching for information about the family of Donald Duncan McLennan, New York. USA
Hello, I am new to the group and hoping someone has information about my father’s family. My father,
Donald Duncan McLennan, was born in Ballston Spa, New York and the family later moved to Hudson
Falls, New York. He was an only child. His father, an executive with a paper mill, had an unmarried sister
Jessie and at least one brother, Roderick, also unmarried who was an engineer on the Panama Canal and
later spent his life in California. My father died when I was too young to be interested in genealogy but I
recall that his ancestors first went to Toronto, Canada where a street is named for them. Does anyone have
further information?
Many thanks, Hannah McLennan. Email:

From Robyn Dickson, Queensland, July, 2006
Searching for information about the family of James and Margaret MacLennan.
Greetings to all MacLennans. I am Robyn MacLennan, (married name Dickson) and my family and I live
in Queensland. I am attempting to research my MacLennan line and am having a great deal of trouble
finding the information needed.

My great-great grandparents were Alexander McLennan and Margaret Cameron and their son, my great-
grandfather was James MacLennan, born in Contin, Ross and Cromarty, Scotland. James married
Margaret MacDonald on 25th June, 1862 in North Gairloch and they had 8 children. Their children, in
order of birth, were –
   Alexander Kenneth, born 23/1/1863, Gairloch, Ross and Cromarty
   Margaret, born 20/8/1864, Aharacle, Argyll
   James Donald, born 18/12/1866, Rosemarkie, Fortrose, Ross and Cromarty
   John, born 7/10/1869, Rosemarkie, Fortrose, Ross and Cromarty
   Hugh William (my grandfather) born 13/7/1872, Rosemarkie
   Roderick Duncan, born 25/6/1876, born Rosemarkie
   George, born 14/5/1878, Avoch House, Ross and Cromarty
   Mary Ann, born 29/8/1880, Avoch House. Died 1881.
   [Avoch is on coast of the Black Isle overlooking the Inverness Firth.]

I have James’ personal bible which was presented to him by Reverend John Gibson of the Avoch Church
and inscribed, “To W. James McLennan – With kind regards and best wishes, 17th October, 1885” so I am
guessing that James and Margaret and presumably their family migrated to Australia around 1885. They
disembarked in Melbourne. It is said that due to Margaret’s health, some of the family moved to
Queensland whilst older members remained in Victoria, perhaps around Ballarat. Both James and Margaret
died in Brisbane about 1914/15.

My grandfather Hugh MacLennan married Agnes Sophia McLauchlan in Townsville and later settled in
Brisbane. They had four children, Ella Margaret, Mavyn Violet, James Douglas (my father) and Hugh
Alexander (KIA World War 2).

Grandfather Hugh’s younger brother Roderick married a lady called Grace and they had two children that I
know of – Jessie and Alan. Jessie married a man with the surname of Pallier who was killed in World War
Two. I have some photos of Margaret, Roddy and Hugh. From what Dad said, Alex was a policeman in

If anyone recognizes any of this, I would love to hear from them.
Thank you and God bless, Robyn Dickson. Email:

From Suzanne McClendon, USA, June, 2006,
asking whether there was a connection between McClendons and MacLennans.
Max McLennan replied: “I’m sure that McClendon is a variant of MacLennan and that you definitely
belong to our Clan. There are many McClendons/McLendons and other variants already members of the
Clan MacLennan Association in USA.

                                             SMILE AWHILE
Gardening rule: when weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable
plant is to pull on it. If it comes out of the ground easily, it is a valuable plant.

The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement.

I felt that my body was totally out of shape so with my doctor’s permission, I joined a fitness club and
started exercising. I decided to take an aerobics class for Seniors. I bent, twisted, gyrated, jumped up and
down and perspired for an hour but by the time I got my leotards on, the class was over.

If at first you don’t succeed, skydiving is not for you.

Experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it.

Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night.

Law of Traffic Lanes: If you change lanes, the one you have left will start to move faster than the one you
are in now.

Law of Biomechanics: The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the reach.

                          Seasons Greetings

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