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					Ilaria Marcucci
 Anno 2006/2007

Giorgio Grati and his wife founded the brand in Ancona, as Giorgio Grati
Tricot Sas, in 1970. They wanted to transform their natural sense of style
and elegance into business and the first collection, only knitwear for
women, was the confirmation of the right direction.

Since birth, the firm organizes and manages everything: from models
creation, to production, up to selling. The manufacture is connected with
innovation, care for details,and Italian tailoring tradition. Throughout
the years, a careful policy of definition of the product, contributes to
address the brand from an “average” to an “average-high” market range.

The greatest success develops during 1980s. The Company changed into
Giorgio Grati S.p.a., starts producing shirt and jackets and reaches
wonderful export peaks.
Giorgio Grati S.p.a. produces by its own trade-marks, three product

                  • addressed to a high target for a classical and
                  modern woman

                  • a young line with good quality at low prices

                   • a collection of elegant and sports clothes for
                   ladies, with comfortable sizes.
Moreover, the Company has recently acquired the license for the
producing and the selling of


                    Precious                          Lancetti

 Giorgio Grati
The Company has its headquarters in Camerano (AN), in a 10.000 sm.
structure. The products distribution is made:

IN ITALY through
• a network of agents
• the showrooms in Camerano and in Milan, where there is a Company’s

ABROAD (South-Eastern Asia and Europe) through
• the structure in Milan
• agents
• importers
Giorgio Grati decides to advertise his products using two methods:
1. endorsement. It consists in using well-known persons to advertise
   products. Infact in the campaigns and in the catalogues the Company
   engages famous international top-models, show-girls and actresses.

                      Eva Herzigova                             Carol Alt

   Carla Bruni                               Afef
2. placement. It means using products in films or TV programmes.

                                Fiction TV: “Un papà quasi perfetto

 Reality show “Il ristorante”                                         Fiction TV: “Il bello delle donne 2”
Giorgio Grati has a thirty years history of a strong business character
achieved through:
 a complete structure that follows all the phases (stylistic creation,
production, distribution and selling);

 a complete and coordinated offer (knitwear, fabric clothes, shirts);

 high quality and product’s image, addressed to an average-high and
a high market range;

 costant attention to markets evolution;

 punctuality in delivery.
As in a perfect network, all the competences in the Company match and
contribute to realize very high level products.

To garantee a high quality standard, Giorgio Grati S.p.a:

 has specialized laboratories in Marche region, and other workshops,
always in Italy, where the clothes control phases are made.

 doesn’t use only electronic programmable machines and looms, but
also hand-run straight knitting machines.

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