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									                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ARAB TIMES, TUESDAY, JULY 12, 2011
INTERNATIONAL                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          14

                                    World News Roundup


   People disappointed

 Few answers
 in Casey case
 ST. PETERSBURG, Florida, July
 11, (AP): Many of the thousands
 who followed the Casey Anthony
 trial did not get the guilty verdict
 they wanted, nor did they learn the
 truth about what happened to the 2-
 year-old daughter she was accused
 of murdering.
    And for the public, that may be
 one of the most frustrating parts of
                      the          case:
                      Despite all the
                      speculation and
                      theories, they
                      will        never
                      know how or
                      why        Caylee
                      Anthony died.
                          “I think we
                      know as much
                      as we ever will
                      know,”        said
                      Beth Hough, a
 27-year-old administrative assis-
 tant from Chicago who followed
 the trial. “We don’t know exactly
 what happened, but if we did, it
 would help people to finally just
 move on and to end the story.”
    That’s what’s missing: an end-
 ing. Americans are used to neatly
 packaged, hour-long TV crime dra-
 mas where the bad guy is usually
 put behind bars. The fact that
 Anthony could be convicted only
 of lying to police has left people
 unsatisfied. And they have been
 vocal about their dismay, turning to
 Twitter and Facebook to vent their
 frustration. So what’s left? Some
 fuzzy defense claims that little
 Caylee drowned and that her
 grandfather tried to make an acci-
 dent look like a homicide.
    “One of the quite healthy and          Oil collects in trees and brushwood in a flooded plain alongside the Yellowstone River, July 10, near Laurel, Mont. A week after 1,000 barrels of oil leaked into the river, clean-up crews are still working
 appropriate satisfactions we get out      to soak up the oil which has collected in farmland along the river’s banks, back channels and islands. (Inset): Farmland is saturated with both floodwaters as well as oil leaked from a broken Exxon
                                                                                                                                Mobil pipeline upstream. (AP)
 of a well-functioning justice sys-
 tem is the belief that the justice sys-
 tem will give us the best answers to
 questions,” said Doug Berman, a                                                                                        Coaster
 law professor at Ohio State
    A little girl ended up dead in the
 woods near her grandparents’ home
 with duct tape over her mouth, and                                                                                     Double amputee’s theme park fall reignites regulatory fight
 her mother didn’t report her disap-
 pearance for more than a month.
 But how did Caylee die?
    That’s where it gets complicated.
    The defense said Caylee
 drowned in the family’s swimming
                                                                                             Questions swirl after vet’s death
                                                                                             BUFFALO, NY, July 11, (RTRS):               speak. He was released in March          federal safety oversight,’’ Markey        country.
 pool. Prosecutors couldn’t say how
 Caylee died because the girl’s body                                                         As investigators work to determine          and lived in Gowanda, New York.          said.                                        A Democratic minority in the
 was too decomposed to harvest                                                               how a double-amputee veteran fell              “The investigation is still ongoing     He plans to introduce legislation,      House of Representatives will likely
 DNA or other forensic evidence.                                                             to his death from a New York roller-        and there is no way to predict how       which he has proposed multiple            prevent Markey from pushing
 So the state relied on circumstantial                                                       coaster Friday, one lawmaker                long the process will take,’’ Darien     times before, to make fixed-site          through the legislation when he
 evidence: the trunk of Casey’s car                                                          stepped up a campaign for federal           Lake Theme Park spokeswoman              amusement parks subject to the reg-       introduces      it    this     session.
 smelled like a dead body to some                                                            oversight of fixed-site theme parks.        Cassandra Okon told Reuters              ulatory authority of the Consumer         Republicans have not co-sponsored
 witnesses; someone did an internet        Staff members of the Florida Keys-                   Most such parks are regulated by         Sunday.                                  Product Safety Commission, a fed-         similar legislation. A 2008 vote on
 search for chloroform — a chemi-          based Turtle Hospital and volunteers              local and state authorities, including         “We are all brokenhearted by this     eral consumer protection body. The        similar legislation received opposi-
 cal that can be used to knock some-       release ‘Goody,’ a 105-pound ado-                 the one where on Friday US Army             tragic accident and will continue our    move could prevent future injuries,       tion on both sides of the aisle.
 one unconscious — at the Anthony          lescent loggerhead sea turtle, into               Sgt James Hackemer was ejected              support of both the family and the       he said.                                     Hackemer is survived by his par-
 home; and there was duct tape on          the Atlantic Ocean off Islamorada,                from a rollercoaster that reaches a         investigation,’’ Darien Lake Theme         Owners of the amusement parks           ents and two children. His mother,
 Caylee’s skull when it was found          Fla, July 10. The reptile was found               speed of 70 miles per hour.                 Park Resort General Manager Chris        as well as industry lobbyists oppose      Nancy, told local media after the
                                           floating six weeks earlier and taken                 Hackemer, a 29-year-old local                                                     the legislation.
 six months after she was last seen        to the hospital where it was diag-                                                            Thorpe said in a statement.                                                        accident that her son had been
 in June 2008.                             nosed with an infection and treated               war hero who lost his legs while               Hackemer will be buried at                           Safety                     helped on to the ride by other people
               Factors                              with antibiotics. (AFP)                  serving in Iraq, suffered fatal             Arlington     National      Cemetery,       “Safety is the number one priority     and was “doing what he wanted to
    “If we don’t know how Caylee                                                             injuries in the fall from the Ride of       according to news reports.               of the amusement park industry, but       do.’’
 died, we can’t assign responsibility                                                        Steel rollercoaster at the Darien              The accident reignited an effort to   tragic events are extremely rare and         “It’s going to help a little bit that
 for the factors that led to her death.                                                      Lake Theme Park and Resort, east of         place fixed-site theme parks under       would not be less frequent under          he was happy,’’ Hackemer’s mother
 So there’s no justice,” said                                                                Buffalo.                                    federal regulatory oversight, U.S.       federal      oversight,’’      Colleen    Nancy told local reporters after the
 Maryann Gajos, a 51-year-old                                                                   The ride, at 208 feet, is one of the     Rep. Edward Markey, a democrat           Mangone, a spokeswoman for the            accident. “We shouldn’t have had
 mother of two and a reading                                                                 tallest rollercoasters east of the          from Massachusetts who has long          International      Association      of    him for these last three years and
 teacher in Inverness, Florida.                                                              Mississippi River, according to the         advocated for broader oversight,         Amusement Parks and Attractions,          four months.’’
 “Watching all of these crime shows                                                          Darien Lake Theme Park’s website.           told Reuters Sunday.                     said.                                        Amusement park industry con-
 has spoiled all of us. In TV shows,                                                            “I want to live my life to the              The local and state regulators who       There is no evidence that federal      sultant Dennis Speigel said two
 the coroner always has the answer.”                                                         fullest from here on out,’’ Hackemer        currently oversee amusement parks        oversight would improve the amuse-        things should be considered when
    But in this case, the coroner did-                                                       told local news media after his reha-       may lack the budget resources and        ment park industry’s excellent safety     determining whether someone
 n’t have the answer. Dr Jan                                                                 bilitation.                                 technical experience to carry out        record, Mangone said, adding the          should be allowed on a ride.
 Garavaglia told the jury that Caylee              Crow                    Ward                               Lost                       effective safety checks and investi-                                                  “One is rider responsibility and
                                                                                                                                                                                  likelihood of being seriously injured
 had been murdered, but she could-                                                              According to local authorities and       gate accidents, Markey said.             after a fixed-site ride in the US was     then there is operator responsibility,
 n’t establish exactly how she died                                                          news reports, Hackemer lost both               “While the cause of the accident      1 in 9 million rides.                     and those two issues have to homog-
 from only a skeleton. And in the                America                                     legs and a hip when a roadside bomb         that claimed the life of Sgt                The approximately 400 fixed-site       enize,” Speigel said Sunday. “This
 life-imitates-TV irony of this case,                                                        exploded when he served in Iraq in          Hackemer is still unknown, one           amusement parks in the United             just seems to me that it was a bad
 Garavaglia is also the star of her                                                          2008. He suffered two strokes, blood        thing is crystal clear: Hypercoasters    States are visited by 280 million         decision on both parts.”
 own reality TV show on Discovery          Singer’s donation criticized:                     loss, and brain damage in the attack        that hurtle riders at speeds exceed-     guests annually, she said, adding that       Hackemer’s relatives have said
 Health Channel called “Dr G:              Sheryl Crow, hailed as a champion of
                                           wild horses that roam the range in the US         and then spent three years in rehabil-      ing 70 miles per hour along 200-foot     there were an average of three ride-      they don’t hold the park responsible
 Medical Examiner,” in which she                                                             itation, relearning how to eat and          drops should not be exempt from          related fatalities annually in the        for his death.
 solves cases through autopsies.           West, has been criticized by a national
                                           animal rights group that is calling her a
    “It’s frustrating that they can’t      hypocrite for performing at a Wyoming
 come up for a definitive reason for       rodeo.                                        Kathrens told The Associated Press.           Rocker accused of pharmacy robbery:           Attleboro police say Michael Todd,          Police say the 30-year-old Todd, of
 this girl dying,” said Sherri Cohen,         The “All I Wanna Do” singer planned        “They are not using wild horses off our       The bass player for a rock band has been   bassist for Coheed and Cambria, entered     Anaheim, California, then made off with
 a self-employed photographer from         to donate a portion of the proceeds from                                                    arrested and charged with robbing a        the Walgreen’s pharmacy after 1 p.m. on     six bottles of Oxycontin and fled in a cab
 Fort       Lauderdale,        Florida.    her July 22 concert at the Cheyenne           ranges in that race.” (AP)
                                                                                                                                       Massachusetts pharmacy of prescription     Sunday and showed the pharmacist a note     headed to the Comcast Center in
 “Archaeologists can tell you about        Frontier Days to a wild-horse protection                   ❑       ❑     ❑                  painkillers just hours before a show.      on his phone saying he had a bomb.          Mansfield, where his band was to open
 bones that were found thousands of        group that’s suing the government to try                                                                                                                                           for Soundgarden that night. He was arrest-
 years ago, but they can’t tell you        to halt a big mustang roundup in Nevada.                                                                                                                                           ed at the concert hall before the show, and
 how a 3-year-old girl died three          Crow is the opening act for Kid Rock on a
                                           summer tour that includes the Wyoming
                                                                                                                                                                                           Engine fails                       the band played without him.
 years ago.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                     He’s scheduled to be arraigned Monday
                                           gig. But Showing Animals Respect and                                                                                                                                               in Attleboro District Court.
          Also:                            Kindness claimed that wild horses are                                                                                                    7 die in plane crash                         The band’s website says the tour will
 MELBOURNE BEACH, Florida:                 abused at that event in a special race just                                                                                                                                        continue. (AP)
 Authorities in Florida say a man          for them.                                                                                                                                DEMOPOLIS, Alabama, July 11,
                                              “How can an organization dedicated to                                                                                                 (AP): A small plane crashed in                          ❑      ❑       ❑
 struck a woman during a fight over                                                                                                                                                 the US state of Alabama after one
 the Casey Anthony trial.                  helping wild horses take blood money that                                                                                                                                          Hines Ward arrested: Professional
                                           was based, in part, on abusing wild hors-                                                                                                of its engines failed, killing all        football player and recent “Dancing With
    Melbourne Beach police arrived         es? We believe what Ms. Crow is doing is                                                                                                 seven people onboard, the                 the Stars” winner Hines Ward was arrest-
 at the city’s pier Saturday after a       nothing but PR spin,” said Stuart                                                                                                        Federal Aviation Administration           ed over the weekend on drunken driving
 fight broke out. They say the sus-        Chaifetz, a spokesman for the Illinois-                                                                                                  said Sunday.                              charges in Georgia, according to police.
 pect,      42-year-old     Robert         based group. The group, also known as                                                                                                       The pilot of the Cessna C421              Hines, a Pittsburgh Steelers wide
 Hakimoglu, jumped into a lagoon           SHARK, called on the Cloud Foundation                                                                                                    tried landing at an airport in            receiver, was detained early Saturday
                                           to reject the donation.                                                                                                                  Demopolis after it lost its right
 to elude police.                                                                                                                                                                   engine Saturday night, Federal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              morning in Dekalb County, just outside
    Sgt Rick Dovale tells Florida             Ginger Kathrens, executive director of                                                                                                                                          Atlanta, and charged with driving under
                                           the Colorado-based group, said she and                                                                                                   Aviation Administration spokes-
 Today that an argument started as                                                                                                                                                  woman Holly Baker said in an              the influence of alcohol. He was released
                                           other activists consider Crow a true cham-                                                                                                                                         on $1,000 bond.
 he and others discussed the trial of      pion of wild horses. Crow has adopted a                                                                                                  email. The plane — which was
 Anthony, who was found not guilty                                                                                                                                                  flying from St Louis to Destin,              The two-time Super Bowl winner was
                                           wild horse and contributed time and                                                                                                                                                named the 12th season winner of widely-
 last week in her 2-year-old daugh-        money to the cause of keeping them on                                                                                                    Florida — crashed in a wooded
                                                                                                                                                                                    area within two miles (three kilo-        watched television competition show
 ter’s    death.     Dovale     says       public lands, she said. SHARK’s criticism                                                                                                                                          “Dancing With the Stars” in late May. He
 Hakimoglu started fighting with           is unjustified because rodeos are prohibit-                                                                                              meters) of the airport.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Marengo County Coroner                 and his dance partner Kym Johnson
 others and hit a woman during the         ed under the 1971 federal Wild Free-          In this recent photo, former Mayor Ray Nagin arrives to talk about his new                                                           squared off in the finals against actress
                                           Roaming Horses and Burros Act from                                                                                                       Stuart Eatmon told Montgomery
 fight. According to officers,                                                           book, ‘Katrina’s Secrets’, at a news conference in New Orleans. Nagin writes               television station WAKA that the          Kirstie Alley and Disney Channel star
 Hakimoglu agreed with the jury’s          using mustangs removed from the range         in a new memoir that he was the only one to understand how to recover from                                                           Chelsea Kane.
                                           by the government, Kathrens added.                                                                                                       people killed were a mother,
 decision and said he wanted to                                                          Hurricane Katrina, and that he endured plots against him and incompetence                  father and their five children who           He was the second pro football player
                                              “I think it’s important for people to      around him as he set his plan in motion. He publicly contradicted Louisiana
 meet Anthony and “maybe have              know the wild horse act prohibits the                                                                                                    ranged in age from 2 to 10. Their         to win the show, following Dallas
                                                                                         Gov Kathleen Blanco, president George W. Bush and US Sen Mary Landrieu,                    names hadn’t been released.               Cowboys star Emmitt Smith’s win in
 kids with her.”                           activity they’re concerned about,”                         a move that he writes left him fearing for his life. (AP)                                                               2006. (RTRS)

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