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									                The ILEX Graduate
                 Fast-track Diploma

Use your law degree to qualify as a lawyer with ILEX

If you are a law                              Why are more law graduates training to be legal executives?

graduate the ILEX
                                              Qualifying as a legal executive now offers the opportunity to become a
                                              partner in a law firm, to train as a court advocate or to be selected for judicial

Graduate Fast-track                           appointment.

Diploma is your direct                        What is a legal executive?
route to a successful                         A legal executive is a qualified lawyer, regulated by a professional body. The

career in law.                                term ‘legal executive’ can only be used by a Fellow of the Institute of Legal
                                              Executives (ILEX).

                                              Being a legal executive lawyer is a fulfilling and rewarding career. In a law
                                              firm you could be a partner or department head with a significant client
                                              following. Opportunities also exist for senior roles in the legal departments
                                              of commercial organisations, charities, government agencies and local

                                              How does a legal executive differ from being a solicitor?
                                              Legal executives study to the same level as solicitors, but study fewer subjects
                                              overall. You will become a specialist in your chosen area of legal practice,
                                              with knowledge at least equal to your solicitor colleagues. You will also be
                                              eligible to become a partner in your firm.

This qualification can be used instead of a
                                              How does a legal executive differ from being a paralegal?
Legal Practice Course or Bar Professional
Training Course to complete your legal        The term ‘paralegal’ refers to a wide range of personnel working in the legal
                                              environment, from a legal secretary who has undertaken some training in
                                              aspects of legal practice, through to law graduates who have not completed
Once you achieve the Diploma, you             their legal training. There are no rights associated with the role of a paralegal.
will be well on your way to becoming a
qualified legal executive lawyer.             How will I benefit from the qualification?
                                              By becoming a legal executive you will gain a recognised professional
                                              status. It is an alternative way in to a very competitive profession without the
                                              necessity of enrolling on an expensive Legal Practice Course.
How will my employer benefit?                                                                     How much study time will
If you are currently employed as a paralegal, the ILEX Graduate Fast-track Diploma offers         I need?
an inexpensive way of developing you into a qualified lawyer with the fee-earning capacity        We recommend that you spend 120
that goes with the qualification. Your employer will be reassured that you have the necessary     hours in total for each Level 6 practice
knowledge and skills to progress files and deal with client care matters. Importantly, you will   course and 60 hours for the client care
also be regulated by a professional body.                                                         skills course. The three courses that make
                                                                                                  up the Diploma are usually completed

What will I study?                                                                                within a year.

The ILEX Graduate Fast-track Diploma complements the substantive legal knowledge that
you acquired on your law degree. Two ILEX Level 6 practice units give you LPC- level              How are the ILEX Level 6
knowledge, while the ILEX Level 6 professional skills unit in Client Care teaches you client-     units assessed?
facing skills and telephone negotiation skills, paving the way for you to become a fee earner.    The practice units are examined by a
One of the practice units must link to a law unit that you have studied as part of your           three-hour exam in January and June
degree. A list of the practice units and the law units to which they relate is given below.       each year. The courses are very flexible
These latter are for reference only – no law units are studied as part of the ILEX Graduate       and you can set your study pace and
Fast-track Diploma.                                                                               select your exam session according to the
                                                                                                  amount of time you have available for
The three units Civil Litigation, Conveyancing and Criminal Litigation all relate to a core law
                                                                                                  study each week.
degree subject, so if you choose any one of these three units then you can select freely from
the other practice units for your second choice. You should be careful if you wish to study       The client care skills unit is assessed by
two units, neither of which are related to core law degree subjects, for example The Practice     one assignment which you do at home in
of Employment Law and The Practice of Family Law. In this case you must have studied              your own time.
either Employment Law or Family Law as an elective subject within your law degree.

                                                                                                  What will it cost?
 ILEX Level 6 Practice units                               Linked law units (already studied)
                                                                                                  The course fees are £495 for each
 Unit 15 Civil Litigation                                  Contract Law or Law of Tort
                                                                                                  practice unit, and £295 for the Client
 Unit 16 The Practice of Company and Partnership Law       Company and Partnership Law
                                                                                                  Care Skills unit, amounting in total to
 Unit 17 Conveyancing                                      Land Law
                                                                                                  £1285. We recommend that you also
 Unit 18 Criminal Litigation                               Criminal Law
                                                                                                  enrol on our Getting Started at Level 6
 Unit 19 The Practice of Employment Law                    Employment Law
                                                                                                  course (£15) for all new ITC distance
 Unit 20 The Practice of Family Law                        Family Law
                                                                                                  learning students. Membership and
 Unit 21 Probate Practice                                  Law of Wills and Succession
                                                                                                  assessment fees are also payable to ILEX
                                                                                                  as shown below.

How are the courses delivered?                                                                    The total cost of £1909 is considerably
                                                                                                  less expensive than the Legal Practice
The courses are available whenever you wish to enrol, and are delivered by supported
distance learning. Your course materials for the practice units include a comprehensive
course manual covering the ILEX syllabus, as well as five study exercises and a mock
exam, designed to test your understanding and application of syllabus topics. These are           ITC COURSE FEES
marked by a personal tutor who will give you feedback and comment. You will also have             Getting Started course £15
access to an academic help-line and a tutor-monitored course forum for you to raise queries       2 x ILEX Level 6 practice courses £990
as you go along.                                                                                  1 x ILEX Level 6 Client Care Skills £295

The client care course is available in a selection of three practice areas – Civil Litigation,
                                                                                                  ILEX FEES
Conveyancing and Family Practice. You will learn negotiation skills and other advanced            ILEX first registration fee £35
client care techniques and submit a practice assignment for marking and comment before            ILEX Associate Member fee £145
starting work on your assessed assignment.                                                        2 x Level 6 practice unit exam fees £174
                                                                                                  1 x Level 6 prof skills assessment fee £55
Courses are valid for a period of fifteen months, which means that you will have access to
                                                                                                  Law Graduate exemption fee £200
your tutor, to the on-line facilities and other resources during this period.

You will need to have access to a computer with an internet connection and a personal             TOTAL COST £1909

email address.
    What else do I need to do to qualify as a legal                                                 What are the CPD requirements?
    executive lawyer?                                                                               As a member of a professional body you will be
    Once you complete the ILEX Graduate Fast-track Diploma you will become                          required to undertake continuing professional
    a Graduate Member of ILEX. To become a Fellow of ILEX (a legal executive                        development (CPD). When you first register
    lawyer) you must complete five years of qualifying employment. If you are                       with ILEX you will join as an Associate Member
    already working as a paralegal you may have achieved some qualifying                            by virtue of your qualifying law degree. On
    employment already, as relevant work experience can be acknowledged                             achieving the ILEX Graduate Fast-track Diploma
    retrospectively. The final two years of the five year period must be served after               you will become a Graduate Member. When your
    completing your ILEX Graduate Fast-track Diploma.                                               qualifying employment has been served you will
                                                                                                    be eligible to become a Fellow of ILEX, that is, a
    Qualifying employment is defined by ILEX. Broadly, it includes conducting
                                                                                                    legal executive lawyer. The CPD hours for each
    work of a legal nature under the supervision of a solicitor, senior legal
                                                                                                    level of membership are as follows:
    executive, barrister or licensed conveyancer. Employment can be in legal
    practice, in the legal department of a private company or in local/national                     • Associate Member 8 hours
    government.                                                                                     • Graduate Member 12 hours
                                                                                                    • Fellow 16 hours

    I’m not currently employed in a legal environment.
    What should I do?                                                                               Entry requirements
    You need to apply for work in the legal environment as soon as possible, so                     To be eligible for the ILEX graduate fast-track route

    that you can start building up your qualifying employment concurrently with                     to becoming a Graduate Member of ILEX, you

    your studies. Typical roles that you might apply for include paralegal, legal                   must have achieved, within the last seven years, a

    assistant, legal clerk, case handler, claims handler, caseworker, legal secretary,              qualifying law degree as recognised by the SRA.

    legal assistant and, of course, trainee legal executive. Advertised posts can be
    found at                                                   Application
                                                                                                    You can apply on our on-line shop at
    Can I become a solicitor after qualifying as a legal                                   or use the application
    executive lawyer?                                                                               form titled ILEX Graduate Fast-track Diploma
                                                                                                    Enrolment Application Form. As well as enrolling
    If you are a legal executive lawyer then it is possible to become a solicitor
                                                                                                    on your courses you need to register with ILEX in
    using your ILEX qualification. You must complete the Legal Practice Course
                                                                                                    order to be eligible to sit your legal practice exams
    and Professional Skills Course. Under the current rules set by the Solicitors
                                                                                                    and have your client care skills assessed. We
    Regulation Authority (SRA) legal executive lawyers (Fellows of ILEX) are
                                                                                                    recommend that you do this as soon as possible
    exempt from the training contract. Always check with the SRA to confirm your
                                                                                                    after enrolment.
    eligibility before commencing any course.

ILEX Tutorial College, College House, Manor Drive, Kempston, Bedford MK42 7AB DX No. 124782 KEMPSTON 2 Tel. 01234 844326 Fax. 01234 841373

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