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					Well, the chairs and tables are packed away, the pens are in their cups and the
books are back on their shelves and the SAIL venues are unusually quiet, so we
thought we’d take the opportunity to reflect on the amazing year that was from a
wholeSAIL perspective.

Highlights from SAIL Footscray
SAIL’s fourth birthday.
SAIL celebrated its fourth birthday in style, with a showcase of performances by
our very own, very talented SAILors. It was an immensely successful day, with
everything from crazy circus feats of bravery, to rappers with ‘tude, to copious
cake! SAILors were treated to an amazing performance by Ajak Kwai, Tasmania’s
Sudanese singing sensation. Once again, an incredible effort was made for a
wholeSAIL photo – 15 minutes, 500 people, three photographers, two campuses, and
one brilliant set of photos! We can only hope next year’s celebrations are as

Clowning around
SAIL Xtend continued this year under the steady guidance of Caitlin N. SAILors
had the chance to make jewelry, redesign the mural in the hall and develop their
hockey skills. Even the recorder was offered which- inexplicably- was popular and
apparently ‘cool’. Times have changed! We hope everyone enjoyed the lunchtime
drumming performance, in which participants showcased their drumming skills
learnt during Drumming Xtend.

With the guidance of the Westside Circus, dozens of our students also trained in
the art of circus. While we swapped throwing knifes for throwing plates, 10 meter
high trapezes for soft mats, and juggling fire for catching tennis balls, their many
performances were nonetheless thrilling! Members of the SAIL Circus Troupe
showcased their skills at SAIL’s birthday celebrations, and also at The Welcome
Day in Maribyrnong.

SAIL Senior students also had the opportunity to participate in a Senior Xtend
short course of sorts. A parenting program was run by Margaret C., a long time
SAILor and once Senior SAILor herself. This program was immensely successful
and culminated in a performance at the Footscray Arts Centre in which both
students from Western English Language School and parents from SAIL were

That’s a rap
SAIL’s group of talented rappers gave several performances at SAIL and in the
community throughout year. While SAIL currently exists as a humble community-
based not-for-profit organisation, we are confident that we’ll end up rich and
famous on the coat tails of these superstars. The highlight was a group led by
Ezeldin and Francis breaking it down (we think that’s appropriate rap lingo) on the
main stage at Highpoint in October. They’re happy to give autographs (which may
not be free for much longer)!

World Cup ’06 anyone?
A dedicated group of Under 17 boys participated each week in a soccer league as
part of the Richmond Soccer club, with Harry C. as their coach. This was a
fantastic opportunity for participating in competitive soccer, and each player’s
skills developed immensely as a result.

SAIL away with me!
SAILors big and small continued to SAIL About Melbourne on various excursions
this year. Notable highlights include trips to Rove Live, Sista She’s ‘Local Ladies’
performance, the circus, the zoo, the football, the movies and many, many more!
Saturday SAIL time opportunities included tree-planting in Sunshine by the creek,
and also the Nyet Nyet performance, involving puppets used to tell indigenous
Australian stories. The SAIL About opportunities have been increased due to the
dedicated team of About volunteers that we have had this year. We look forward
to another big year of SAILing About in ’06!

A Clause for applause.
SAIL has been visited by many celebrities in its time, but none as big as Santa!
Dodging questions about why Santa had a blue stomach, and how could he see
without his glasses, Santa patiently made sure that each student received their
present. Santa was so impressed, he’s already asking Mrs. Clause to pencil in a visit
for next year!

A change at the helm
Will’s time as Campus Coordinator ended as Cam’s began. We look forward to
starting the new SAIL year under the direction of the new navigating team - Cait
and Cam.

Highlights from SAIL Dandenong
SAIL Dandenong began its second year with energy and smiles as the Dandy SAIL
community reunited after an extended Christmas break - we were sure that every
one of our students had grown at least 6 inches!

While the students may not have grown quite that much, Dandy SAIL definitely
has, in fact we've doubled our numbers. February 2005 began with 34 tutors and
45 students; we ended the year with 91 students and 62 volunteers; SAIL's
relentless birth rate accounts for only a small number in this increase. In
particular the Senior program has established itself strongly with about 10 regular
mums in attendance.

Week five celebrations have been a big part of the year, beginning with the
wonderful Polyglot puppet-making work-shop, and followed by the Sudanese dancing
and feast, the fire-brigade visit, the soccer clinic, the West African drummers and
the immensely popular trip to the beach - we thought we'd never get the kids out
of the water. The cyclical themes have been a great success again this year and
have introduced some novel learning tools including googly amoeba toys and mini-

One of the major highlights of 2005 (aside from Joy's weekly treats in the
kitchen) has been the construction and opening of our library. This small space is
gradually becoming the hub of the SAIL session on Saturdays, with more and more
students and tutors discovering the wonderful world of books and resources that
lies there. In 2006, the library will also become the heart of the Reading Program,
with all the readers and student progress sheets stored there.

A couple of months ago eight of our students and two tutors were treated to the
live puppet stage show 'Possum Magic' based on the children's book by Mem Fox.
This lovely program has been the stimulus for many letters, drawings and posters
many of which have been on display on the notice board.

Overall it has been a fabulous year for the Dandy SAIL Program, with many
wonderful new tutors and students joining us. Meanwhile we've been continuously
inspired by the energy, spirit, resilience and dignity of our courageous Sudanese

Highlights from SAIL Altona
The highlight for the SAIL Altona campus this year was that we started the Altona
campus. It is arguable that without this pivotal event there would not be much else
to report.

From small beginnings, SAIL Altona has grown into yet another throbbing heart of
SAIL activity. With its own library, computer lab and kitchen (complete with
electric knife and electric shutters), it would now seem like a fixture at the centre
of Altona itself!

WholeSAIL review
The advent of SAIL Penpals.
We piloted the new and exciting idea of cross campus Penpals. Due to its immense
popularity, SAIL ’06 will begin with a long Penpals long waiting list! The creativity of
the SAILors involved was fantastic, taking SAIL Penpals into waters previously

Ably led by editor-in-chief Lauren, the SAIL Star has had its biggest year ever. All
eight editions featured the work of the most talented SAILors across all three
SAIL campuses.

The year end was highlighted at every campus with the awarding of the SAIL
scholarships. We were thrilled to be handing over about 15 $300 bursaries to
SAILors who have chosen to undertake VCE in 2006. We wish them all the best in
their studies. We were also pleased to see the inaugural awarding of the Rebecca
Tomilson Scholarship to Matoc Mordechai, a grant to cover his Union fees at the
University of Melbourne in 2006.

It is also with great pleasure that we announce that two young SAIL boys will be
entering on full SAIL-specific scholarships to Xavier College, Brighton from 2006.
This is a very exciting development which presents some wonderful opportunities to
the lucky recipients, Konker (Footscray) and Ater (Dandenong).

Camps swamped the SAIL calendar again this year from Bright to the Wimmera to
Queenslcliffe. SAILors joined in the groups to explore and enjoy the great

Sudan news
The majority of SAILors have had a tumultuous year with one eye firmly on the
events unfolding in Sudan. The initial joy at the signing of a peace deal on 9 January
was made a little bitter when the leader of the southern people for over 20 years
was killed on 31 July. Thankfully, the people of Sudan have demonstrated their
commitment to peace and, it is with great pleasure that Sudan-watchers have seen
the first reports of refugee returns to South Sudan emerge in the last week – see
for example
home/2005/12/18/1134840742757.html. We hope that 2006 will see peace taking
root in Sudan after 22 years too many of ongoing conflict.

There are many unsung contributors in the SAIL world. The most silent of these
are arguably some of the most important; the SAIL donors. We would like to take
this opportunity to thank the major donors to SAIL 05. Without their financial
support we would all be hitting the snooze button longer on Saturday mornings and
missing a highlight of every week.

Our thanks go to the major donors for SAIL 05 including John and Annie Paterson,
Westbourne Grammar School, the MAX group and M Cohn and Associates (for the
third year in a row).

The most important review of all…
But our biggest thanks are reserved for you, the volunteers who keep the
organisation SAILing. The people at the coal face who stoke the fire and warm the
hearts of the SAIL community members of all backgrounds. Thank you for your
donation of time each week and for believing in the ideal of inclusiveness that SAIL

We look forward to seeing you back on board when we set SAIL for 2006 on 18

Smoooth SAILing,
Matthew, Jackie, Cait, Wayn, Catherine and Cam
2005 Co-ordinating team

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