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					                          GOULBURN MULWAREE COUNCIL

                      POSITION DESCRIPTION

Date last reviewed:                      March 2011

Position Title:                          PARKS WORKER
Directorate:                             Engineering – Parks Operations

Supervisor:                              Team Leader
Role:                                    The position will be responsible for maintaining
                                         the grassed and landscaped areas and facilities
                                         associated with sports fields, reserves,
                                         cemeteries and other landscaped areas.

Number of Staff reporting to position:   Nil
Delegation authority of position: Nil
Award coverage:                   NSW Local Government (State) Award
Work Hours:                       76 hours per fortnight
                                  9 Day fortnight
                                  7.00am – 4.00pm (Hours may vary slightly subject to
                                  seasonal requirements)
                                  30min lunch break

Remuneration:                     Grade 3



         Demonstrated ability in labouring position and experience in grass maintenance.
         Demonstrated ability to operate and maintain plant and equipment associated
         with horticultural services (e.g. whipper snipper, out-front mowers).
         Class C Driver’s Licence.
         NSW Work Cover Induction for Construction Workers Certification (White Card).
         Demonstrated ability to work with minimum supervision.
         Knowledge and understanding of roles and responsibilities under the OH&S Act


         Demonstrated experience and accreditation in cross cutting felled trees.
         Current chemical application certificate.
         Class MR Driver’s licence.


         Maintain grassed and landscaped areas within sports fields and reserves,
         including but not limited to:
             o Us of plant and equipment in the maintenance of grass and landscaped
                areas (e.g. whipper snipper, out-front/ride-on mowers, tractors).
             o Assist with application of herbicides.
         Undertake manual labouring duties as required.
         Maintain facilities associated with sports fields, reserves and other landscaped
         Conduct risk management and hazard identification, in accordance with
         Council’s policies and procedures before the commencement of any works.
         Operate and maintain plant utilised to perform duties, checking the general
         serviceability of plant, and conducting daily maintenance.
         Assist other work teams, including cemeteries, in carrying out their functions as
         Carry out un-programmed activities as advised.
         Undertake such duties that are within the limits of the employee’s skills,
         competence and training as directed by Council.
    Entry Level Competencies

    NSW Work Cover Induction Card for Construction Workers (White Card)
    Class C Driver’s Licence
    Demonstrated ability in labouring position and experience in grass
    Demonstrated ability to operate and maintain plant and equipment associated
    with horticultural services (e.g. whipper snipper, out-front mowers, tractors).
    Demonstrated ability to work with minimum supervision.
    Knowledge and understanding of roles and responsibilities under the OH&S
    Act 2000.
    Level 1 Competencies

    Demonstrated skills in chemical application – AQF3.
    First Aid Certificate.
    Demonstrated skills in setting up traffic control (Blue & Yellow Cards).
    Level 2 Competencies

    Demonstrate ability to cross cut felled trees.
    Demonstrated ability to work autonomously and work to set programmes.
    Demonstrated sills in selecting and modifying traffic control plans (Red Card).
    Level 3 Competencies

    Knowledge of Council’s Parks assets and the individual requirements to
    maintain each site.
    Demonstrated ability to program work loads and prepare work schedules.
    Grave Safe Certification.

    Level 4 – two consecutive years of satisfactory performance at the
    annual evaluation and development review.



    I agree to the current requirements of the Position Description as at ____/____/____

    ____________________________           _____________________________
             Employee Name                              Signature
  OHS Responsibilities & Performance Measures

                             All Employees

Responsibilities                         Performance Measures

   Ensure all work is performed in          Demonstrated adherence to OH&S
accordance with requirements of the      Policy and procedures
OHS Policy, and procedures.
   Ensure all work is performed in          Demonstrated adherence to site
accordance with site specific risk       specific risk assessments.
assessments, Safe Work Method               Demonstrated use of SWMS and
Statements (SWMS) and Safe               SOPs.
Operating Procedures (SOPs).
   Take reasonable care for their own        Adhere to all safe working
health and safety as well as that of     procedures including verbal
others                                   instructions given by Managers /
                                             Demonstrate reasonable care of
                                         themselves and others who may be
                                         affected by their actions
   Report all identified hazards,            Actively monitor the workplace to
accidents/incidents and near misses to   determine presence of hazards and
Manager / Supervisor                     initiate actions to rectify / eliminate the
   Use and maintain all safety               Demonstrated use and maintenance
equipment and personal protective        of PPE.
equipment (PPE) in accordance with
relevant standards.
   Commitment to OHS and promote a          Participate in risk assessment
risk assessment approach to all          process and attend toolbox and other
activities performed by Council.         meetings relating to OHS requirements.
   Have a sound understanding of the        Attendance at OHS training sessions
OHS requirements associated with their      Demonstrated awareness of OHS
employment duties.                       responsibilities outlined in position
Job Demands Checklist
The purpose of this section is to describe the physical and psychological risk factors
associated with the job. Applicants must review this form to ensure they can comply with
these requirements and successful applicants will be required to sign an acknowledgment of
their ability to perform the job demands of the position.

This form is to be completed by the manager/supervisor of the position being recruited to.

Position: Parks Worker     Department: Parks and Recreation           Facility: Engineering Services

TASKS PERFORMED: (e.g. Manual labor, Administration, Field staff, etc)

Occasional ................. Activity exists up to 1/3 of the time when performing the task
Frequent ................. Activity exists between 1/3 and 2/3 of the time when performing the task.
Constant ..................... Activity exists more than 2/3 of the time when performing the task.
Repetitive ................ Activity involves repetitive movements.
                                                                                 Manager to tick relevant box
         Demands                                                 Description                              Frequency
                                                                                                      O F C R N
Physical Demands of Job Tasks
Kneeling/Squatting            Tasks involve flexion/bending at the knees and ankle, possibly                   X
                              at the waist in order to work at low levels
Leg/Foot Movement             Tasks involve use of the leg and or foot to operate machinery                    X
Hand/Arm Movement             Tasks involve use of hands/arms – e.g. stacking, reaching,                   X
                              typing, mopping, sweeping, sorting, and inspecting.
Bending/Twisting              Tasks involve forward or backward bending or twisting at the                 X
Standing                      Tasks involve standing in an upright position without moving       X
Driving                       Tasks involve operating any motor powered vehicle                            X
                              Types of vehicles:
Driving                       Tasks involve driving vehicle on unsealed roads.                             X
Sitting                       Tasks involve remaining in a seated position during task           X
Reaching                      Tasks involve reaching overhead with arms raised above                   X
                              shoulder height or forward reaching with arms extended.
Walking/Running               Tasks involve walking or running on even surfaces                                X
                              Tasks involve walking on uneven surfaces                                         X
                              Tasks involve walking up steep slopes                                    X
                              Tasks involve walking down steep slopes                                  X
                              Tasks involve walking whilst pushing/pulling objects                             X
Climbing                      Tasks involve climbing up or down stairs, ladders, scaffolding,          X
                              platforms, trees
Working at heights            Tasks involve making use of ladders, foot stools, scaffolding,           X
                              cherry-pickers etc. anything where the person stands on an
                              object other than the ground.
Lifting/Carrying              Tasks involve raising/lowering or moving objects from one                    X
                              level/position to another, usually holding an object within the
                              1. Light lifting/carrying (0-9 Kg)                                           X
                              2. Moderate lifting/carrying (10-15 Kg)                                      X
                              3. Heavy lifting/carrying (16 Kg and above)                              X
Digging                       Tasks involving manual digging                                                   X
Pushing/Pulling               Tasks involve pushing/pulling objects away from or towards                       X
                              the body. Also includes striking or jerking.
Grasping                      Tasks involve gripping, holding, clasping with fingers or hands.                 X
Manual Dexterity              Tasks involve fine finger movements – i.e. keyboard operation,           X
         Demands                                      Description                                 Frequency
                                                                                              O   F C R N

Sensory Demands of Job Tasks
Sight                       Tasks involve use of eyes (sight) an as integral part of task                 X
                            performance – i.e. looking at screen/keyboard in computer
                            operation, working in dark environment, working at night.
Hearing                     Tasks involve working in a noisy area – e.g. workshop and/or                  X
                            operation of noisy machinery/equipment
Smell                       Tasks involve the use of the smell senses as an integral part     X
                            of the task performance – e.g. working with chemicals
Taste                       Tasks involve use of taste as an integral part of task                            X
Touch                       Tasks involve use of touch as an integral part of task                        X
Psychological Demands
                            Working with animals                                                              X
                            Dealing with dead or injured animals etc.                                         X
Psychosocial Demands
                            Tasks involving customer service (members of the public &         X
                            Tasks involve interacting with distressed or angry people         X
                            Tasks involve interacting with people with mental                                 X
Exposure to Chemical Hazards
Dust                        Tasks involve working with dust – e.g. sawdust                            X
Gases                       Tasks involve working with gases                                                  X
Fumes                       Tasks involve working with fumes – i.e., which may cause          X
                            problems to health if inhaled. e.g. herbicides & insecticides,
                            water treatment etc
Liquids                     Tasks involve working with liquids which may cause skin           X
                            irritations if contact is made with skin – e.g. dermatitis
Hazardous Substances        Tasks involve handling hazardous substances including                     X
                            storage and/or transporting.
Working Environment
Lighting                    Tasks involve working in lighting that is considered inadequate   X
                            in relation to task performance – e.g. glare
Sunlight                    Exposure to sunlight                                                          X
Temperature                 Tasks involve working in temperature extremes – e.g. working                  X
                            in a cool room, working outdoors, boiler room
Confined Spaces             Tasks involve working in confined spaces                                          X
Accident Risk
Surfaces                    Tasks involve working on slippery or uneven surfaces                  X
Housekeeping                Tasks involve working with obstacles within the area – bad            X
Heights                     Tasks involve working at heights below knee level and/or                  X
                            above shoulder height.
Manual Handling             Tasks involve manual handling.                                                X

Biological Hazards
Biological Products           Tasks involve working around Waste water/ garbage etc.                          X

In addition add special comments or notes on significant physical or other demands required to
perform this job.

Date checklist completed:

I have read and understood the physical and psychological requirements of this position and
agree that I am able to meet the requirements as identified.

Signature of applicant:                                      Date:

Print name :