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Faculty and Staff Directory September 6, 2011 AREA CODE 325 (for all numbers, unless otherwise noted)


									                                 Howard Payne University
                               Faculty and Staff Directory
                                   September 6, 2011

             AREA CODE 325 (for all numbers, unless otherwise noted)

Academic Affairs: 649-8042
  Dr. Mark Tew, Provost and Chief Academic Officer
  Brenda Brittain, Executive Assistant to the Provost

Academic Testing: (see Collegium)

Academy of Freedom: 649-8700
  Dr. Justin Murphy, Director of Academy of Freedom
  Terrie Wells, Administrative Assistant

Accreditation: 649-8065
  Dr. Robert Bicknell, Accreditation Liaison

Advancement/Development: 649-8006 or 800-950-8465
  649-8025 – Dr. Brad Johnson, Senior Vice President for Institutional Advacement
  649-8025 – Yvonne Lundy, Executive Assistant to the Senior VP for Institutional Adv.
  649-8006 - Paul Dunne, CFRE, Vice President for Development
  649-8048 – Sarah Collom, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Development
  649-8007 –Tammy Lowrey, Director of Annual Giving
  649-8047 - Diann Prickett, Gift Processing Clerk
  649-8128 – Diane Tinkler, Project Specialist

Alumni Relations: 649-8044 or 800-950-8465
   649-8069 –Nancy Heady, Director of Alumni Relations

Admissions: 649-8020 or 800-880-4478
  649-8020 - Kevin Kirk, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management
  649-8406 - P. J. Gramling, Director of Admission
  649-8027 - Cheryl Mangrum, Associate Director of Admission
  649-8028 - Alexa Maddox, Associate Director of Admission
  649-8407 - Jamie Coston, Admission Counselor (in Fort Worth Area)
  649-8024 - Travis Cuff, Admission Counselor
  649-8026 - Beka Mullins, Admission Counselor
  649-8120 – Pamela Carrizales, Admission Counselor (in San Antonio Area)
  649-8628 – Natalie Stary, Admission Counselor (in Austin Area)
  649-8303 – Amy Jones, Admission Counselor
  649-8020 - Carrie Singleton, Campus Visit Coordinator
  649-8517 - Becky Keith, Data Management Coordinator

Art: (see Music & Fine Arts)
  649-8100 - Mike Jones, Athletic Director
  649-8100 - Sharon Riker, Senior Women’s Athletic Administrator
  649-8100 - John Nickols, Special Assistant to the Athletic Director
  649-8111 - Abram Choate, Sports Information Director
  649-8117 - Stephen Lynn, Head Baseball Coach
  649-8073 - Jerry Don Gleaton, Assistant Baseball Coach
Cross Country:
  649-8950 - David Foster, Head Cross Country/Assistant Softball Coach
  649-8109 - Steve Fanara, Head Football Coach
  649-8209 - Roger Geise, Assistant Football Coach & Defensive Coordinator
  649-8116 - Jordan Neal, Assistant Football Coach
  649-8207 - Lance Unger, Assistant Football Coach
  649-8115 - Hunter Sims, Assistant Football Coach
  649-8107 – Guy Ament, Assistant Football Coach
  649-8109 – Mike Petty, PT Assistant Football Coach
Men’s Basketball:
  649-8103 - Troy Drummond, Head Men’s Basketball Coach
  649-8104 - Matt Zinser, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach
Mens’s Soccer:
  649-8106 - Kevin Wright, Head Men’s Soccer Coach
  649-8106 – Wilson Jones, PT Men’s Soccer Coach
  649-8827 - Sally Brown, Head Tennis Coach
  649-8827 - Dalton Hutchins, PT Assistant Tennis Coach
Training Staff:
  649-8101 – Gene Kirkpatrick, Head Athletic Trainer
  649-8127 – Larry Walls, First Assistant Athletic Trainer
  649-8102 – Kara Taylor, Assistant Athletic Trainer
  649-8813 - Ken Carver, Head Women’s Volleyball Coach
Women’s Basketball:
  649-8110 - Joshua Prock, Head Women’s Basketball Coach
  649-8306 - Lindy Hatfield, Associate Women’s Basketball Coach
Women’s Soccer:
  649-8105 - Sam McCutchen, Head Women’s Soccer Coach
  649-8105 – Michael Hatcher, PT Women’s Soccer Coach
Women’s Softball:
  649-8970 - José Mata, Head Women’s Softball Coach

Audio/Visual Services: (see Marketing and Communications)
Baptist Student Ministry:
  649-8317 – Keith Platte, Director, Baptist Student Ministry

Biology (see Science & Mathematics)

Business (School of) – 649-8704
  Dr. Les Plagens, Dean; Professor of Business Administration
  Mary Hill, Administrative Assistant
  649-8136 – Charles Boland, CPA, Chair, Department of Accounting; Professor of
  649-8138 – Tim Cooper, Instructor of Multimedia Comm. & Computer Information
  649-8155 – Trissa Cox, Assoc. Prof. of Computer Info. Systems;
  649-8139 – Mike Daub, CPA, Associate Professor of Accounting
  649-8140 – Mike Dillard, Assistant Professor of Business Administration
  649-8146 – Dr. Lois Patton, Professor of Business Administration
  649-8147 – Dr. Mark Patton, Professor of Business Administration
  649-8149 – Shawn Shreves, Associate Professor of Computer Information Systems
  649-8165 – Lester Towell Chair, Department of Computer Information Systems; Assoc.
    Prof. of CIS; Computer Support Technician
  Ray Bertrand – Part-time Instructor
  Larry Meadows - Adjunct
  Priscilla Monson – Adjunct
  Jason Nicholas - Adjunct

Business/Finance/Human Resources

Finance – 649-8045
   Brenda McLendon, CPA, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration
   Kim Schuster, Executive Assistant to the Senior VP for Finance and Administration

Human Resources – 649-8012
  649-8012 - Bill Fishback, Assistant Vice President for Business & Human Resources
  649-8012 – Katrina Lynn, Administrative Assistant, Business & Human Resources
  649-8031 - Judy Kelley, Payroll Coordinator

Business Office – 649-8013
  649-8019 - Marcie Drew, Controller
  649-8018 - Rita Griffin, Assistant Controller
  649-8030 - Tammy Arreola, Accounts Payable Coordinator
  649-8053 - Gretchen Campbell, Student Accounts Coordinator and Backup Cashier

Campus Security – 649-8609
  Tracy Stansberry, Security Shift Leader
  Mark Cartwright, Security Officer
  Timmy Hord, Security Officer
   Paul Lawson, Security Officer
   Robert Nelson, Security Officer

Chapel – 649-8502
  Corey Ash, Wednesday Chapel Coordinator

Christian Studies (School of) – 649-8403
  649-8408 - Dr. Donnie Auvenshine, Dean; Professor of Christian Studies
  649-8404 - Dr. Gary Gramling, Dir. of Youth Ministry Graduate Program; Professor of
     Christian Studies
  649-8039 – Jeffri Foster, Youth Ministry Graduate Program Assistant
  649-8403 - Eydie Henderson, Administrative Assistant, Christian Studies
  649-8131 - Dr. Art Allen, Professor of Christian Studies
  649-8132 - Dr. Mary Carpenter, Assistant Professor of Christian Studies
  649-8133 - Dr. Bill Fowler, Assistant Professor of Christian Studies
  649-8135 - Dr. Derek Hatch, Assistant Professor of Christian Studies
  649-8307 - Dr. Russell Wheelington, Assistant Professor of Christian Studies
  Don Fawcett - Adjunct
  Chuck Gartman – Adjunct
  Brett Levy - Adjunct
  Dr. Vicki Vaughn – Adjunct

  649-8619 - Dr. Wendy McNeeley, Dean of Advising and General Education / Associate
     Professor of Developmental Studies & English
  649-8616 - Shannon Johnson, Academic Success Coordinator
  649-8617 – Shawn Matlock, Academic Services Coordinator

Communication and Theatre (see Music & Fine Arts)

Computer Services (see Information Technology Services)

Corpus Christi Center – 361-991-9403
  Tony Celelli, Director

Criminal Justice (see Humanities)

Developmental Studies – 649-8619
  649-8619 - Dr. Wendy McNeeley, Dean of Advising and General Education / Associate
    Professor of Developmental Studies & English
  649-8618 - Landry Blackstock , Instructor of Developmental Studies
  649-8611 - Tom Johnson, Assistant Professor of Developmental Mathematics
  649-8617 - Shawn Matlock, Academic Services Coordinator
  Cindy Proud – Adjunct

Education (School of) – 649-8203
   Dr. Michael Rosato, Dean; Chair; Professor of Education
   Susan Haynes, Administrative Assistant for School of Education/Certification Officer
   649-8205 – Dr. Joe Robinson, Instructional Leadership Program Director/Associate
     Professor of Education
   649-8142 – Dr. Mitzi Lehrer, Assistant Professor of Education
   649-8151 – Dr. Daresa Voss, Professor of Education
   649-8206 – Lauren Kirk, Instructor of Education
   Kenan Boland, J.D. - Adjunct
   Jill Underwood – Adjunct

Exercise & Sport Science – 649-8060
  649-8060 - Dr. Rick Beelby, Chair; Associate Professor of Exercise and Sport Science
  649-8056 - Curly Cox, Associate Professor of Exercise & Sport Science
  649-8064 - Scott Owen, Assistant Professor of Exercise & Sport Science & Director of
     Wellness Center
  649-8087 - Kim Rosato, Instructor Exercise & Sport Science
  649-8959 - Mike Terrill, Assistant Professor of Athletic Training
  Chuck Boland – Part-time Instructor
  Ken Carver – Part-time Instructor
  Troy Drummond – Part-time Instructor
  David Foster - Part-time Instructor
  Steve Fanara – Part-time Instructor
  Gene Kirkpatrick – Part-time Instructor
  Sam McCutchen – Part-time Instructor
  Jordan Neal – Part-time Instructor
  Mike Terrill – Part-time Instructor
  Lance Unger – Part-time Instructor
  Teresa Cavitt - Adjunct
  Justin Crossland – Adjunct
  James Darby - Adjunct
  Dalton Hutchins – Adjunct
  Minessa Mesic - Adjunct
  Jerome Nowowiejski – Adjunct
  Susan Oliver - Adjunct

El Paso Center – 915-778-4815
   Dr. Dag Sewell, Director
   Matthew Rutkowski, Administrative Assistant
   Bertha Valle, Office Manager
   Dr. Carmen Santana-Melgoza, Professor of Business
   Dr. Stephen Kovach, Assistant Professor of Christian Studies and Criminal Justice

English (see Humanities)

Enrollment – 649-8025
   Dr. Brad Johnson, Senior Vice President for Institutional Advancement
   Yvonne Lundy, Executive Assistant to the Senior VP for Institutional Advancement

Exercise & Sport Science (see Education)

Extended Education – 649-8600
  Dr. Rob Tucker, Dean

Facility Reservations (see Marketing and Communications)

Family Studies (see Humanities)

Financial Aid – 649-8015
   649-8014 - Glenda Huff, Director of Student Aid
   649-8032 - Ferrisa Childs, Assistant Director of Student Aid
   649-8016 - Joyce Myers, Grants/Scholarships Coordinator
   649-8070 - Sandra Alexander, Data Specialist
   649-8071 - Karalee Fikes, Loan Coordinator
   649-8072 - Connie Westfall, Financial Advisor

Geography (see Humanities)

Health Services – 649-8601
  Jamie Skaggs, University Nurse

Heart-of-Texas Literature Center – 649-8172
  Carrie Harding, Coordinator
  Patsy Weeks, Program Director

History (see Humanities)

Human Resources (See Business/Finance/Human Resources)

Humanities (School of) – 649-8702
  Dr. Justin Murphy, Dean
  Terrie Wells, Administrative Assistant to the Dean
  Cynthia Givan, Departmental Administrative Assistant

English – 649-8201
  Cynthia Givan, Administrative Assistant
  649-8171 – Dr. Glenn Hopp, Chair; Professor of English
  649-8170 – Kathleen Hagood, Associate Professor of English
  649-8173 – Millard Kimery, Associate Professor of English
  649-8619 – Dr. Wendy McNeeley, Dean of Advising and General Education / Associate
    Professor of Developmental Studies & English
  649-8200 – Dr. Evelyn Romig, Professor of English
   649-8174 – Dr. Rodney Stephens, Associate Professor of English
   Stephen Dillard, Adjunct

Modern Languages – 649-8176
  649-8176 - Dr. Danny Brunette-Lopez, Chair, Associate Professor of Spanish
  649-8175 - Carla Hawkins, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages
  Frank Hawkins – Lab Assistant

Criminal Justice/Social Work/Sociology - 649-8702
  Cynthia Givan, Administrative Assistant
  649-8143 - Dan Humeniuk, Chair; Assistant Professor of Social Work
  649-8097 - Toni Damron, Coordinator of Field Instruction; Assistant Professor of Social
  649-8703 - Lynn Humeniuk, Director of the Criminal Justice Program; Associate
    Professor of Sociology
  649-8134 - Paul Lilly, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
  649-8178 - Mandy Locker, J.D., Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
  David Balkum, J.D., Adjunct
  Chad Gann – Adjunct
  Melissa Switzer - Adjunct

Psychology and Family Studies- 649-8702
   649-8143 - Dr. Keith Mask, Chair; Professor of Psychology
   649-8810 - Dr. Athena Bean, Assistant Professor of Psychology
   649-8137 - Dr. Jennifer Clement, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Geography/History/Political Science - 649-8700
   649-8708 - Dr. Matthew McNiece, Chair; Associate Professor of Political Science
   649-8178 - Mandy Locker, J.D., Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
   649-8706 - Dr. Robert Mangrum, Professor of History and Political Science
   649-8179 - Jennifer McNiece, Assistant Professor of Political Science
   649-8796 - Samuel Greene, Assistant Professor of Political Science
   649-8701 - Dr. Justin Murphy, Professor of History
   649-8180 - John Nickols, Assistant Professor of History and Political Science
   Rick Justice, Adjunct
   Gen. Terry Scott, Adjunct
   Ty Wolosin, Adjunct

Information Technology Services – 649-8034
   649-8034 - Ray Bertrand, Assistant Vice President for Information Technology
   649-8036 - Randy Weehunt, Director, Administrative Computing
   649-8040 - Russell Ezzell, Network Administrator
   649-8075 – Jodi Goode, Systems Administrator

Institutional Research and Effectiveness
   649-8052 – Shannon Pittman, Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Intramurals – 649-8056
   Curly Cox, Director

Library – 649-8602 or 877-311-3199
   Nancy Anderson, Dean of Libraries; Professor of Library Science
   Mary Dunham, Technical Services Librarian; Assistant Professor of Library Science
   Wade Kinnin, Public Services Librarian; Assistant Professor of Library Science
   Laura Coulter, Reference Librarian; Assistant Professor of Library Science
   Jalea Dunaway, Library Acquisitions Coordinator
   Mary Griffin, Serials Coordinator/Cataloging Assistant
   Bobbie Jo Sims, Circulation Services/Music Library Supervisor
   Juanita Sypert, Government Document/Interlibrary Loan Coordinator

Mail Room and Copy Center (see University Services)

Marketing and Communications – 649-8009
  649-8008 - Louise Sharp, Associate Vice President for University Marketing and
             Communications, Chief Marketing Officer and Special Assistant to the
  649-8049 - Kyle Mize, Assistant Vice President for University Communications
  649-8409 - Kathy James, Special Events Coordinator and Executive Assistant to the
             Chief Marketing Officer
  649-8046 – Coby Kestner, Director of Media Relations
  649-8054 - Debbie Childs, Facilities Coordinator

Mathematics (see Science and Mathematics)

Music and Fine Arts (School of) – 649-8500
  Dr. Rob Tucker, Dean; Professor of Music
  Jill Holamon, Administrative Assistant

  649-8085 – Ann Smith, Chair; Professor of Art
  649-8088 – Joshua Pickens, Assistant Professor of Art
  Julie Mize - Adjunct

Communication and Theatre – 649-8517
  649-8515 – Dr. Nancy Jo Humfeld, Chair; Professor of Communication; Director of
  649-8113 – Kim Bryant, Associate Professor of Communication
  649-8518 – Nick Ewen, Assistant Professor of Theatre
  649-8112 – Mike Lee, Director of Student Media; Instructor of Communication
  649-8508 – Dr. Julie Welker, Professor of Communication
  649-8089 – Vannessa Stewart – Adjunct
  649-8517 – Jill Holamon, Administrative Assistant
Music – 649-8500
  649-8502 - Corey Ash, Associate Professor of Music; Director of Bands
  649-8504 - Lance Beaumont, Assistant Professor of Music; Director, Music Computer
  649-8081 - Dr. Celeste Church, Associate Professor of Music
  649-8082 - Dr. Greg Church, Associate Professor of Music
  649-8503 - Dr. Monte Garrett, Associate Professor of Music; Director of Choral
  649-8167 - Stephen Goacher, Professor of Music
  649-8501 - Diane Owens, Associate Professor of Music; Director, Pre-college Music
  649-8169 - Dr. Allen Reed, Professor of Music
  649-8084 - Dr. Elizabeth Wallace, Professor of Music
  649-8083 - Deanna Erxleben, Part time Pre-College Music and Adjunct-Music
  Dr. Juan Alamo – Adjunct
  Deanna Erxleben - Adjunct
  Elisabeth Greene - Adjunct
  Danny Ingram - Adjunct
  Dr. Peter Neubert – Adjunct

Physical Plant – 649-8607
  Sara Haley, Director, Facilities and Planning
  Rex Franks, Assistant Director, Facilities and Planning
  Jamie Patterson, Administrative Assistant

Custodial - 649-8051
  Michael Pitts, Custodial Services Supervisor
  Paul Anderson, Custodian
  Dora Arellano, Custodian
  Jeff Bell, Custodian
  Jason Cook, Custodian
  Tammy Dake, Custodian
  Jayla Devery, Custodian
  Jann Ellis, Custodian
  Christina Garcia, Custodian
  Sheena Griffin, Custodian
  Dora Hernandez, Custodian
  Sylvia Moreno, Custodian
  Sally Ramirez, Custodian
  Magda Rodriguez, Custodian
  Esperanza Sanchez, Custodian (President’s Home)
  Jeff Sproles, Custodian
  Patricia Valencia, Custodian

Grounds – 649-8090
  Casey Cox, Grounds Supervisor
   Hagen Baker, Groundskeeper II
   Victor Trevino, Groundskeeper III
   Allen Fisher, Groundskeeper I
   David Watson, Groundskeeper I
   Shelby Webb, Groundskeeper I

Maintenance – 649-8607 or Student Hot Line @ 646-2502, ext. 5613
  Brent Groom, Carpenter
  Don Gunter, General Maintenance

Motorpool (see Warehouse)

Warehouse – 649-8068
  Dennis Simons, Warehouse/Motorpool Coordinator

Physical Sciences (see Science and Mathematics)

Political Science (see Humanities)

President’s Office – 649-8041
   Dr. Bill Ellis, President
   Betty Broome, Executive Assistant to the President

Psychology (see Humanities)

Registrar’s Office – 649-8011
  649-8011 - Lana Wagner, Registrar
  649-8078 - Bobbie Price, Administrative Assistant
  649-8077 - Mary Long, Coordinator of Transfer Credits and Records
  649-8079 - Martha Fothergill, Coordinator of Records and Reports

Residence Hall Directors
  Jennings Hall: Brian Street – 649-7418
  Taylor Hall and Campus Apartments: Soren Baird - 649-7688
  Veda Hodge Hall: Larissa Leifer – 649-7343

Science and Mathematics (School of) – 649-8400
   Dr. Lynn Little, Dean; Professor of Biology
   Diane Hackney, Administrative Assistant

Biology – 649-8162
   649-8162 - Dr. Harlan Scott, Chair; Associate Professor of Biology
   649-8158 - Dr. Kristen Hutchins, Assistant Professor of Biology
   649-8161 – Amy Kresta, Instructor of Biology
   649-8159 - Dr. Marilyn Mathis, Associate Professor of Biology
Physical Sciences – 649-8400
  649-8152 - Dr. Pam Bryant, Chair; Professor of Chemistry
  649-8153 - Dr. Gerry Clarkson, Associate Professor of Physical Science
  649-8163 - Dr. Derek Smith, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  649-8164 - Dr. Gary Succaw, Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  Jennifer Gober, Part time Chemistry Lab Coordinator
  Dr. Gerald Maxwell - Adjunct

Mathematics – 649-8166
  649-8166 - Dr. Kenneth Word, Chair; Professor of Mathematics
  649-8154 - Dr. Brett Coulter, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  649-8156 - Wendy Grooms, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  649-8157 - Tonya Horner, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  649-8611 - Tom Johnson, Assistant Professor of Developmental Mathematics
  649-8160 - Dr. José Romero, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  Mickey Sargent - Adjunct

Social Work Program (see Humanities)

Student Life – 649-8017
   Dr. Brent Marsh, Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students
   Deanne Cooke, Executive Assistant for VP for Student Life
   Tyler Sellers, Director of Student Activities
   Jeffri Foster, Cheerleading Coach

Telephone (see Campus Visit Coordinator under “Admissions”)

University Counselor – 649-8810
  Dr. Athena Bean

University Historian – 649-8706
  Dr. Robert Mangrum

University Services
  649-8050 - Rebecca Mainka, Clerk, Mail Room & Copy Center

Wellness Center
  649-8064 – Scott Owen, Director

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