cabinet wood k.d. double wood by gdf57j


									cabinet wood
aquarium stands

These high quality laminate wood cabinet stands
provide enough space to store your aquarium
supplies and accessories. They feature a front
hinged door and open back for convenient
access. Each stand is 28 inches high.

    OAK         HI-GLOSS BLACK

     STAND               FITS TANK           HI-GLOSS             OAK
       SIZE                 SIZE           BLACK FINISH          FINISH
        20”             10,15H,20X            34020              36020
        24”           15,20H,25,30X           34024              36024
        30”              20L,29,37            34030              36030
        36”               30,38,45            34036              36036
        48”             33L,40L,55            34048              36048
      18x36           30BR,40BR,50,65         34136                 -
      18x48            75E,90,110X            34148              36148
   10 Hexagon           10 Hexagon            34210              36210
   20 Hexagon           20 Hexagon            34220              36220
   35 Hexagon           35 Hexagon            34235              36235
   60 Hexagon           60 Hexagon            34260              36260

k.d. double wood
aquarium stands

These stands are made from quality laminate wood and include twin
shelves, giving your aquarium an exceptionally sturdy base to sit on.
Each KD Double Wood Stand is easy to assemble and is 30 inches high.

      STAND             FITS TANK           BLACK              OAK
       SIZE                SIZE             FINISH            FINISH
        20”            10,15H,20X           31020             33020
        24”           15,20H,25,30X         31024             33024
        30”             20L,29,37           31030             33030

                                                                          A L L - G L A S S           A Q U A R I U M


critter cages
by all-glass aquarium

Critter Cage™, the number one
selling reptile and small animal
enclosure, incorporates “top
frame” construction and a sliding
screen top with built-in self-
aligning slide guides for easy
removal and effortless installation.                     One-piece top frame offers the
                                                            customer breakout sections
                                                        that will accommodate electrical
   CAGE         APPX.       BLACK                          cords for heating accessories
   SIZE         LxWxH       TRIM                         and has built-in recessed areas
                                                              for hanging water bottles.
    51/2       16x8x10      60005
    10        20x10x12      60010
    15        24x12x12      60015
   20H        24x12x16      60020                                          Our new top frame           Lockable
                                                                           also features a built-in    front latch for
    20L       30x12x12      60021
                                                                           “screen catch”.             permanent
    29        30x12x18      60029                                                                      security (lock not
   30BR       36x18x12      60031                                                                      included).

   40BR       36x18x16      60040

the natuary™
turtle tanks

The patented (#4,995,334)
All-Glass turtle tank gives you
an easy way to filter the shallow
water needed in a turtle or
amphibian set-up. A half-height
end glass with easily removable
molded acrylic panel provides
space for a small power filter at
the correct operating height.

   TANK         APPX.       BLACK
   SIZE        LxWxH        TRIM
    10        20x10x12      60350
    20L       30x12x12      60352      20L Turtle Tank (60352)
    30        36x12x16      60354      Deluxe Full Hood (21230)

   40BR       36x18x16      60356

PA G E 1 4

all-glass tetra
aquarium kits
All-Glass Aquarium and Tetra™ have combined
to produce a line of popular-sized, easy-to-use
aquarium kits. Now the convenience of boxed kits
makes it easy to get started in the aquarium fish
hobby or upgrade your current setup. The series
is led by the Starter 10 aquarium kit. Deluxe 10,
20 High, 29 and 55 sizes round-out the All-Glass/
Tetra™ lineup. Each kit is complete with a Whisper®
Power Filter, Whisper® 20 Bio-Bag® Filter Cartridge,
                                                                          29 Gallon Freshwater
full light hood, AquaSafe® Water Conditioner and                          Starter Kit

TetraMin® Fish Food.

Deluxe kits feature All-Glass UL listed submersible
heaters, digital thermometer, fish net and are
improved with All-Glass UL listed fluorescent
lighting. Check out these great value aquarium kits
with high quality glass aquariums and accessories.
                                                                              10 Gallon Freshwater Starter Kit               20 Gallon Freshwater Starter Kit

        KIT                  APPX.                ITEM
        SIZE                LxWxH                NUMBER
     Starter 10            20x10x12               09350
     Deluxe 10             20x10x12               09351
     Deluxe 20             24x12x16               09352
     Deluxe 29             30x12x18               09353
     Deluxe 55             48x13x20               09354

submersible heaters
                                                                                                                       Choose from
These UL listed heaters feature state-of-the-art technology, employing a patented                                      50, 100, 200 or
                                                                                                                       300 watt units
heating film and shatter-resistant glass to provide extra durability and even heating.
Heaters can also be submersed in either vertical or horizontal positions, making them
easy to conceal. They feature automatic shut off when not properly submersed.
Available in four sizes: 50, 100, 200 and 300 watt to fit aquariums up to 90 gallons.

• Easy temperature setting
                                                          PRODUCT             ITEM                                                             TANK
• Use in vertical or horizontal position                 DESCRIPTION         NUMBER                     DIMENSIONS                             SIZES
• Shatter-resistant construction                            50 Watt           65705                 7” long, 1” diameter                 5-15 gallon tanks
• Shuts off if not properly submersed                      100 Watt           65710                 9” long, 1” diameter                 10-30 gallon tanks
• Four sizes to fit aquariums up to 90 gallons             200 Watt           65720                12” long, 1” diameter                 30-60 gallon tanks
                                                           300 Watt           65730              15-1/2” long, 1” diameter               60-90 gallon tanks

                                                                                 A L L - G L A S S                       A Q U A R I U M


twin flow™
corner overflow™                      pre-drilled aquariums
                                      with megaflow overflow system                                                      SHOWN: MegaFlow™ single molded overflow
                                                                                                                              aquarium. Gravel not included.
Designed for efficient water
                                      The MegaFlow™ Overflow System by All-Glass Aquarium is engineered to allow maximum
collection and replenishment for
                                      water flow to the main filter system, while greatly reducing cascading water sound. The
the 54, 55, 90, 92, 125 and 180
                                      MegaFlow™ Overflow System design draws water from the surface, mid-range, and bottom
Corner Aquariums.
                                      levels of your aquarium. This provides more effective circulation and filtration, which helps
                                      eliminate dead water zones in your aquarium, significantly out-performing the competition
                                      with a maximum flow through rate of 600 G.P.H. per overflow. The MegaFlow™ Overflow is
                                      securely bonded and sealed to the back wall of the aquarium with silicone making it rugged and
                                      durable—allowing the user to stack rock or decorations up against it. The back wall mounted
                                      design also keeps unsightly plumbing from being seen. Aquariums up to 110 gallons are fitted
                                      with one MegaFlow™ Overflow and are rated for a maximum flow through of 600 G.P.H. (Using
                                      a rated 2,400 G.P.H. pump at a 5 foot head). Aquariums over 110 gallons are fitted with two
                                      MegaFlow™ Overflows and are rated for a maximum flow through of 1,200 G.P.H.

                                           TANK                 FRAME                 APPX.               OVER-            BLACK                           OAK
                                           SIZE                 STYLE                 LxWxH               FLOWS            TRIM                            TRIM

                                             55                                      48x13x20                1             12600                               —

                                             65                                      36x18x24                1             12302                           12342

                                            75E                                      48x18x20                1             12304                           12344

                                             90                                      48x18x24                1             12306                           12346

                                             90                                      48x18x24                1             12605                               —

                                           110X                                      48x18x29                1             12307                               —

                                            120                                      48x24x24                2             12308                           12348

                                            125                                      72x18x22                2             12310                           12350

                                            125                                      72x18x22                2             12608                               —
Accessory kit positioning for
Twin Flow™ overflow system.                 150                                      72x18x29                2             12311                           12351

                                            180                                      72x24x24                2             12312                           12352

accessory kit                               180                                      72x24x24                2             12612                               —

                                            210                                      72x24x29                2             12315                           12355
for overflow aquariums
                                            54*                                      38x27x22                1             12417                           12517

This simple to install kit contains         92*                                      48x34x24                1             12419                           12519

bulkhead fittings, adjustable                72                                      48x18x22                1             12407                           12507

drainpipe, return pipe with dual            155                                      72x24x25                2             12415                               —

flexible nozzle and straight barb     * Fitted with Twin Flow™ Corner Overflow
fittings. Fits in MegaFlow™,                                                                                                                    1

                                      how it works...                                                                                       Top Inlet

TwinFlow™ and Corner Overflow
                                          Water flows in from the bottom, middle, and top inlets and spills over inner      2
                                                                                                                                            Middle Inlet

Aquariums. PART #29251                    wall of overflow into reservoir.                                                       2

                                          Unfiltered water passes through drain pipe and out of tank to main
                                                                                                                                            Bottom Inlet
                                          filter system.                                                                                         1

                                          Filtered water is pumped back into tank.
PA G E 1 6
megaflow sumps                                                                                              Model 4
The All-Glass MegaFlow™ Sump Filters have been painstakingly engineered to provide quiet
and efficient filtration for your fresh or saltwater aquarium. They are available in four sizes
and are designed for aquariums from 54 to 240 gallons. The MegaFlow™ sumps are the
perfect fit for both MegaFlow™ and Corner Overflow Aquariums.

As the water from the main aquarium enters into the sump the enclosed "Drain / Bubble
Chamber" allows air to expel quietly. The water then passes through the prefilter media and
out the bottom of the removable filter media tray. This tray can easily be removed and filled
with aquarium media. The large bio area comes filled with blue bio balls and the molded
media grate keeps the biological media above the water line for effective filtration. Each                      Model 1

sump has a large main sump reservoir allowing the user to add protein skimmers, calcium
reactors or fluidized chambers. Prior to the water entering the pump chamber it passes
through a bubble defusing sponge. The pump chamber is designed to accommodate most
major brands of submersible pumps. Each sump includes flexible drain hoses and hose clamps.

                                                                                                            Model 2

               For Model 1, 2 & 3                                  For Model 4

                         ITEM                         FITS                    PRE-FILTER MEDIA
     SUMP               NUMBER                      TANKS                          3-PACK
    MODEL 1              19000                   54 Corner, 55                      19030
    MODEL 2              19005                  55, 72 Bow, 75                      19035
    MODEL 3              19010            65, 75, 90, 92 Corner, 110X               19035
    MODEL 4              19015         120, 125, 150, 155 Bow, 180, 210             19040
                                                                                                                Model 3

adjustable drainpipe                                                                  twin flow™
                                                                                      prefilter sponge
Quiet your old Corner Overflow or add the
adjustable feature to your existing overflow                                          2 pack replacement sponges
                                                                                                                          ITEM NUMBER
aquarium. Press fits right into the standard                                          for Twin Flow™ Overflow
                                                                ITEM NUMBER                                               29265
1" bulkhead provided in the All-Glass Overflow                  29252                 accessory kit.
Accessory kits.

                                                                             A L L - G L A S S                 A Q U A R I U M


deluxe full hoods

This most popular hood is
designed to perfectly compliment
your All-Glass aquarium. It is
custom fit to sit on the inside lip   Designed to fit
of the aquarium frame, which          all major brands
greatly reduces evaporation.          of aquariums

A full length door provides
roomy access in the front and                   HOOD                           LAMP                BLACK    OAK      MAPLE   CHERRY
cut-out section in the rear                      SIZE                          TYPE                TRIM    TRIM      TRIM     TRIM
                                                  16”                       Fluorescent            21216     –         –        –
allows installation of heaters,
                                                  20”                       Fluorescent            21220   21520       –        –
power filters and other popular                                                                    21224   21524       –        –
                                                  24”                       Fluorescent
accessories. These hoods are                      30”                       Fluorescent            21230   21530       –        –
available in a variety of sizes and        36” 1-24” Tube                   Fluorescent            21236   21536       –        –
in matching black, oak, maple              48” 1-48” Tube                   Fluorescent            21248   21548       –        –
                                             10 Hexagon                     Fluorescent            21601   21710       –        –
and cherry trim styles.
                                             20 Hexagon                     Fluorescent            21602   21720       –        –
                                             35 Hexagon                     Fluorescent            21603   21735       –        –
                                            60 Hexagon*                     Fluorescent            21606   21760       –        –
                                               16 Bow                       Fluorescent            21781     –       21800    21810
all-glass brand                                26 Bow
                                               36 Bow
aquarium spectrum                              46 Bow                       Fluorescent            21784   21794     21803    21813
                                      * Includes three 15 watt tubes with an aluminum reflector.
fluorescent tube included in all
fluorescent hoods or strip-lights

See page 21
                                      full hoods

                                      These incandescent hoods can be used on most brands of aquariums. They
                                      fit on the lip of the aquarium frame for a nice, finished look. The Ecomony
                                      16” and 20” hoods feature a one piece design with lexan bulb splash shields
                                      for longer bulb life. 16” and 20” Deluxe Incandescent Full Hoods feature full
                                      length door and convenient rear cut-out sections for popular accessories. All
                                      hoods are the latest design and are U.L. listed. Bulbs not included.

                                                                 HOOD                                          LAMP           BLACK
                                                                  SIZE                                         TYPE           TRIM
                                                             16” Economy                                   Incandescent       20007
                                                             20” Economy                                   Incandescent       20009
                                                 20” Universal Incandescent Full Hood                      Incandescent       20010
                                                  16” Deluxe Incandescent Full Hood                        Incandescent       21016
                                                  20” Deluxe Incandescent Full Hood                        Incandescent       21020

PA G E 1 8

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