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How to Use Direct Email for Marketing Your Online Business

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									  How to Use Direct Email for Marketing Your Online
by : Devon Shaw

t's easy to forget that not everyone across the globe who you'd like to market your Internet business to
is going to be online throughout the day. You are probably used to selling your products and services to
more internet savvy people who have used their access for almost everything, from finding employment
to communicating with one another, as well as using it for entertainment! On the other hand, many other
people who could be buying from you remain online for only 10, maybe 20 minutes a day. So what can
you do to reach these people? Direct Email is an excellent means of connecting with people who are not
online often to let them know about your Internet business.

Take the time to offer promotions and coupons for your business, as this is one of the easiest and most
effective ways to bring people to your site. You can use these promotional coupons and codes to track
how well your marketing campaign is going. When you send out your direct Email pieces, make sure that
each piece offers the recipient a special deal if they enter a certain code (contained in the Email piece of
course) into your website. If you send out a cheap postcard that offers a 10% off deal on your
merchandise or services, you can drive thousands of dollars in sales to your business. When you write
direct Email, make sure that the most important information is at the beginning of your direct Email
piece. The recipient is then sure to see what you want them to read, even if the letter is really long. You
will probably not believe the number of customers that will buy from you without having read even a
majority of the material you sent them. If you can draw them in at the beginning of the letter, you are
nearly guaranteed success.

Make certain to sign your postcards and letters every time. Even if you think you are sending an
incredibly informal piece of Email, perhaps a quick sales notice, sign the end with a handwritten
signature. If you are going to be sending out hundreds of postcards you might consider getting a stamp
of your signature made. You should keep in mind that your recipients are going to be able to tell the
difference if you use a stamp, but it's better than not signing it at all. In personally signing every piece of
your Emailings, you demonstrate to individuals that you accept full responsibility for your promotions
message. You will definitely seem more professional.

Particularly after you begin earning money from your endeavors, you will find that direct Email should
not be frightening or daunting. The best direct Email marketing campaigns take a little effort and a lot of
time. However, once you have figured this out you will succeed immensely. You can expand your market
exponentially if you work with direct Email as well as with online marketing methods. If you don't believe
us, do a test run. Your profit margin will be proof enough!

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