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					Photo by John Maniaci

                        2008 – 2010

                        RepoRt to
                                                                              What follows is the story of a community, the way that
                                                                              community expresses itself, and the way that community engages in
                                                                              the expressions of others. It is a story of a community actively engaged
                                                                              in the free exchange of ideas, emotions and artistic expressions.
                                                                              Overture Center for the Arts is, at its heart, a place where those exchanges
                                                                              take place. Its caretakers both create and facilitate those exchanges.
                                                                              What follows is our story: what we intend and endeavor to do for our
                                                                              community; what we have accomplished over the last two years specifically;
                                                                              the legacy we have begun to build over our first six years generally.
                                                                              As you know, our story is only beginning. The next chapter is a crucial
                                                                              one, as thoughtful, dedicated citizens join city leaders and Overture
                                                                              Center staff to imagine and invent a future that will allow Overture to
                                                                              fulfill its mission and contribute to a full and exciting life for the city
                                                                              and its people.


                                                                              Tom Carto
                                                                              President and CEO

                                                                              OVERTURE’S MISSION
                                                                              To engage the community in the arts, we
                                                                              n   Present a broad spectrum of high-quality performing arts programming
                                                                              n   Develop audiences for the arts through high quality outreach and
                                                                              n   Advance the missions of resident arts organizations
                                                                              n   Advocate for the development of the arts in the community
                                                                              n   Provide a world-class forum for diverse artistic expression

                        CURRENT BOaRdS OF dIRECTORS
                        MadISON CUlTURal aRTS dISTRICT                        201 STaTE FOUNdaTION, INC.                                  OVERTURE FRIENdS
                        Overture's operating board                            Overture's supporting foundation board                      Overture's volunteer organization board
                        Linda Baldwin, Chair; Isthmus Newspaper               Deirdre Garton, Chair; GartonWorks, Inc.                    John Kraniak, President;
                        Brian Butler, Vice Chair; Stafford Rosenbaum LLP      Carol Toussaint, Secretary;                                   Wisconsin Natural Resources Foundation
                        Jim Ruhly, Secretary; Melli Law S.C.                    independent non-profit consultant                         Wanda Stroyny, Vice-President; Veterans’ Hospital
                        Scott Hammersen, Treasurer; Wegner CPAs               Betty Harris Custer, Treasurer; Custer Financial Services   Nathan Wautier, Secretary; Reinhart, Boerner, Van Duren
                        Nino Amato, Coalition of Wisconsin Aging Groups       Linda Baldwin, Isthmus Newspaper                            Duane Hinz, Treasurer; City of Madison (retired)
                        Dianne Christensen, Christensen & Associates          Tom Basting, Tom Basting Consulting                         Steve Head, UW-Madison School of Education
Photo by John Maniaci

                        Susan Cook, UW-Madison School of Music                Brian Butler, Stafford Rosenbaum LLP                        Richard Sass, Williams, Young & Associates
                        Deirdre Garton, GartonWorks, Inc.                     Greg Dombrowski, Johnson Bank                               Richard Scott, MMSD – East High School
                        Bill Keys, retired educator and school board member   Jim Ruhly, Melli Law S.C.
                        Jed Sanborn, Common Council District 1                Charles Saeman, State Bank of Cross Plains
                        Carol Toussaint, independent non-profit consultant    Tom Terry, private investments
                        Mike Verveer, Common Council District 4
                                                                                                                                                  2008–2010 Report to the Community | 3
Photo by John Maniaci

                           expeRiences: main stage

                                                                                                                                                          Thanks for your part in bringing such quality
                                                                                                                                                          shows to us and for renewing our faith in the

                 Overture Center for the Arts is home         In no way are these two needs mutually        Steps, Grease, Little House on the Prairie,
                 to seven of the finest performance
                 venues in Wisconsin. We strive to
                                                              exclusive. For example, when Disney's
                                                              The Lion King made its Broadway
                                                                                                            Rent, and, of course, a full month of The
                                                                                                            Lion King. Despite a worldwide financial
                                                                                                                                                          power of accomplished artists and the possibility
                 provide the highest quality experience—
                 technically, acoustically, visually and
                                                              debut, it became one of the most
                                                              influential and important works in the
                                                                                                            crisis and the worst blizzard in a decade
                                                                                                            on the opening night of Grease, our
                                                                                                                                                          of great performances at the Overture.
                 artistically—for both audience and artist.   history of musical theater. Fifteen years     Broadway series met sales projections.                                       –Connie Ludlum and Paul Sabelka
                                                              later, the touring company's first stop       And The Lion King provided thousands
                 We continue our commitment to                in Madison brought nearly 70,000              with their first Overture experience.
                 presenting the finest in many genres         people and $4.8 million to Overture.
                 of performing arts, including music,                                                       In addition to the touring artist
                 dance, theater, international and cultural   Our success over our first five years         engagements booked and managed by
                 programming, and programming for             was rewarded during the 2009/10               our staff, Overture’s stages play host to
                 families and children. Our programming       season, as Broadway Across America            big-name artists handled by national
                 decisions recognize two important            began offering full weeks of Broadway         concert promoters who continually
                 needs: first, to offer the community         performances at Overture. This allows         return to our state-of-the-art facility and
                 important, relevant and elevating artistic   us to book bigger and better Broadway         best-in-market technical staff. Further,
                 experiences; and second, to offer salable    shows and gives us thousands more             local arts nonprofits join our resident
                 product that will generate enough revenue    tickets to sell. Our first full-week season   companies in receiving subsidies from
                 to support our continuing operation.         included Alfred Hitchcock's The 39            Overture to present work in our spaces.

                 4 | Overture Center for the Arts
                 4 | Overture Center for the Arts                                                                                                                                                 2008–2010 Report to the Community | 5
                                                                                                                                                                                                  2008–2010 Report to the Community | 5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo by Todd Rosenberg Photography

  open aRms:
                       community engagement
                                   pRogRamming                                                       “        Because I am part of the community,
                                                                                                                               I am part of Overture Center.

                                                                                                                                                                                    – Richard Scott, educator,
                                                                                                                                                                                    playwright and performer

                                             Our mission, at its core, is to engage the      generation—draws 25,000 parents             reached out to area performers, offering       enterprises on an ongoing basis. We
                                             community in the arts. This means the           and children to free Saturday morning       advice and awards for 23 area schools          also provide discounts on performance
                                             entire community—not just the community         performances annually. International        and their musical theater programs (and        space rental for other local nonprofit
                                             who can afford Broadway tickets.                Festival celebrates the many nations        offered students opportunities to learn        arts organizations, and free space for
                                                                                             and cultures represented by residents       from touring Broadway professionals            certain groups and events. We take
                                             In fact, people who buy full-price tickets to   of Dane County, offering more than 30       in special workshops at Overture).             seriously our duty to nurture local artists
                                             the performances we present represent           free performances for more than 6,000                                                      and provide the highest quality space
                                             only half of the audience we serve.             people in a single magical day every        We also feel a responsibility to create        for them to showcase their brilliant work.
                                                                                             spring. Overture OnStage provides           an environment in which artists can
                                             Each year, roughly 190,000 people               professional performances at the highest    work, and see their work elevated              We thank our generous sponsors
                                             engage in artistic and educational              level for school children for just $6 or    in unparalleled surroundings. We               and donors for allowing all of these
                                             experiences at Overture Center                  $8 per ticket, which is often paid for by   happily subsidize roughly 60% of the           critical programs to thrive.
                                             at little or no cost. Kids in the               their schools. And for the first time in    facility costs for eight excellent local
                                             Rotunda—now entering its second                 2009/10, Overture's Tommy Awards            performing groups and two visual arts

6 | Overture Center for the Arts
6 | Overture Center for the Arts                                                                                                                                                               2008–2010 Report to the Community | 7
                                                                                                                                                                                              2008–2010 Report to the Community | 7
   “         Congratulations! Kudos! Applause! The Tommy Awards
             were incredible. What a wonderful, moving, meaningful
             celebration of high school musical theater you created!

                                                             – Lynda Sharpe, Middleton High School

            COMMUNITy PROgRaM aTTENdaNCE                     2008-2009              2009-2010
            Artist Residencies, Workshops & Pre-show Talks          1,278                  2,351
            Community Arts Access                                  18,048                20,092
            Community Ticket Vouchers                               2,476                  2,801
            Duck Soup                                               3,837                  2,523
            International Festival                                  7,000                 6,500
            Kids in the Rotunda                                    31,560                 25,137
            Meet the Artist                                           820                   640
            Musical Memories/St. Mary's AM Series                   3,195                  1,215
            Overture After Work                                     3,400                  3,400
            Overture Galleries                                    80,000                 90,000
            Overture OnStage                                       42,982                 36,632
            Special Engagement Events                                N/A                   3,250
            Take 10                                                  460                     228
            Tommy Awards                                             N/A                   3,669
            Wisconsin Writers Series                                 N/A                     180
                                                                                                     Photo by Mark Frohno

            COMMUNITy PROgRaMS TOTal                             195,056                198,618

8 | Overture Center for the Arts
8 | Overture Center for the Arts
Photo by Dick Ainsworth


                               effect: oveRtuRe’s                                                                                                           OVERTURE aTTENdaNCE
                                                                                                                                                            Community Programs

                                                      economic impact                                                                                       Overture Galleries
                                                                                                                                                            Ticketed Performances
                                                                                                                                                                                             80,000          90,000

                                                                                                                                                               Broadway                       46,435        106,080
                                                                                                                                                               Overture Presents              79,642          61,993
                                                              The arts are an important driver of        what they spend on tickets, on things                 Resident Companies             90,164         80,049
                          The downtown is                     economic development for any city.         like dinner, parking and shopping.                    Promoter Events                32,957         24,862
                                                              Madison is no different, and Overture      Property values in the area immediately            Events
                          doing very well,                    Center is a critical piece of Madison's    surrounding Overture have risen at four              Weddings                          7,169          6,269
                                                              arts economy.                              times the rate of the property values in             Business Meetings                3,408           8,182
                          and a major part                                                               the rest of the city.                                Receptions & Banquets           12,326          11,390

                                                                                                                                                              Non-Ticketed Events              5,435          15,034
                          of that is Overture
                                                              A recent study bears this out. According
                                                              to AMS Planning and Research, activity     Less tangible but just as important is               Workshops                         1,130            914

                          Center.                             at Overture Center supports 1,471          Overture's contribution to that elusive                                             473,722         513,391

                                                              full-time equivalent jobs. Audiences at    "quality of life” that attracts talented
                                                              Overture Center events spend about         workers, growing businesses and
                                – Susan Schmitz, President,
                                                              $9.8 million per year related to their     investment capital to a city.
                                   Downtown Madison, Inc
                                                              visits to Overture, above and beyond                                                  If it weren’t for Overture, I would be out of business by
                                                                                                                                                    now. And I certainly wouldn’t have started and built so
                                                                                                                                                    many businesses downtown.          – Moe Barketallah, Downtown Restaurateur

                  10 | Overture Center for the Arts                                                                                                                                                         2008–2010 Report to the Community | 11
                                      week                                     at       oveRtuRe
                        Most know Overture hosts touring Broadway productions and other big-name artists, and serves as the home of many local arts
                        groups. But many other extraordinary experiences take place within our walls, from intimate modern dance performances to
                        weddings to business meetings. Here’s what our calendar looked like for one typical week last spring.

                        VENUE           SUN, aPR 18       MON, aPR 19    TUE, aPR 20    WEd, aPR 21      THU, aPR 22    FRI, aPR 23      SaT, aPR 24
                        CaPITOl         UW             UW All            Wisconsin                                                       Suzanne Vega
                        THEaTER         Athletics: The Campus Idol       Chamber
                                        Buckinghams                      Orchestra:
                                                                         V Stewart
                        OVERTURE        Disney’s The
                        Hall                                             Disney’s The Lion King
                                        Lion King
                                        Bruce Company Landscape Display
                        Hall lOBBy
                        THE             Children’s
                        PlayHOUSE       Theater of
                                                          The Playhouse Series: Almost Maine, Milwaukee Repertory Theater
                        PROMENadE       Kanopy            The Nelson      Overture's     UW Tangled      Edgewood
                        Hall            Dance             Institute Earth 2010/11 Season Up in Blue      High School
                                                          Day Concert     Sneak Peek                     Prom
                        ROTUNda         Kanopy            Madison        Delta Delta    Unikists
                        STUdIO          Dance             Metropolitan   Delta Sorority Concerts
                                                          School         Winter Formal
                        WISCONSIN       Madison           Wisconsin      Madison        Natural Step     Overture                        Suzanne Vega
                        STUdIO          Symphony          Chamber        Metropolitan   Business         Center                          Master Class
                                        Orchestra:        Orchestra:     School         Meeting          2010/11
                                        Phillippe         Materworks     District                        Season
                                        Bianconi, piano   V Stewart      ChoralFest                      Anouncement
                                        Rehearsal         Goodyear                                       Reception
                        ROTUNda                                                                                                          Kids in the
                        STagE                                                                                                            Rotunda:
                                                                                                                                         Mad Fusion
                        WaTROUS         Selected Visions 2010 Wisconsin Arts Board Visual Arts Fellows
                                        Saudades: New Paintings, Esdaile & Miller
                        gallERy I
                                        Time to Put Away Your Childish Things, Hobaugh & Sims
                        gallERy II
Photo by John Maniaci

                                        Form and Function in Tile and Mosaic: Echoes of the Earth, Wisconsin Homemade Tile Guild
                        gallERy III
                                        OCA Exhibit

                                                                                                                   2008–2010 Report to the Community | 13

                                                           OPERATING EXPENSES
                                                       (July 1, 2009–June 30, 2010)

                                                                                                  Production costs
                                                                                      (less salaries & wages): 44%
                           Salaries & wages: 31%

                                           PILOT: 3%
                                                        Utilities: 4%                 Services & supplies: 18%

                                                           OPERATING REVENUES
                                                       (July 1, 2009–June 30, 2010)

                                                   Ticket sales: 50%

                                                                                                     Other earned revenue: 26%

                            City of Madison subsidy
                                                                    Contributions: 16%
                                 (net of PILOT): 8%
Photo by James Schaefer

                                                                                                          2008–2010 Report to the Community | 15
                                                                                                                                  Overture gratefully acknowledges the following contributors to the Ovation Fund for their support of Overture’s

                                                                                                                                  free and low-cost community and education programming.
                                                                                                                                  This list reflects donations received between 7/1/08 & 6/30/10. If you notice an error in your listing, please call Erin Wenzel, 608.258.4442

                                                                                                                                  PRESIdENT’S CIRClE                                 Dan & Debbie Jackson                                Mary Jo Bernhardt
                                                                                                                                  ($5,000 and up)                                    Rosemary Johnson                                    Robert Bolles
                                                                                                                                  Tom & Maryann Bast                                 Esther A. Kaplan                                    Judy & Mark Bunge
                                                                                                                                  Cummings Christensen Family Foundation             Scott & Mary Kolar                                  Jim & Cathie Burgess
                                                                                                                                  Anne & Tim Connor                                  Timothy Lardinois                                   Laurel A. Butler
                                          Overture Center’s first six years have seen a dramatic increase in financial support    Deirdre Wilson Garton                              Richard & Richelle Lehmann                          Michael C. Caliva
                                          from the community. Clearly, the people of the greater Madison area value               Kathleen J. Hempel                                 Suzanne Loberg                                      Peter & Terri Cavi
                                          Overture and its contributions to their quality of life. And this trend shows no sign   Marlee R. Jones                                    Scott & Karen Lockard                               Allen H. Chase
                                          of slowing. As Overture continues to contribute to the well-being of the community,     F. Joseph & Mary Ellyn Sensenbrenner               Willis Long                                         Charles & Jennifer Clifford
                                                                                                                                                                                     Ronald Luskin & M. Therese Ruzicka                  Honner & Bob Cooper
                                          the community will certainly continue its commitment to Overture.
                                                                                                                                  OVERTURE CIRClE                                    Madigan Family Foundation                           Don & Sue Cowan
                                                                                                                                  ($2,500–$4,999)                                    Doug & Norma Madsen                                 William A. & Judith S. Craig
                                                                                                                                  Dean & Nancy Baumgardner                           Helen & Jeff Mattox                                 R. Chris & Kathy Davis
                                             ANNUAL CONTRIBUTIONS & NUMBER OF CONTRIBUTORS                                        Curt & Dawn Hastings                               Connie Maxwell                                      Bill & Karen Davis
                                                                                                                                  Jim & Carol Ruhly                                  Marie S. McCabe                                     Greg & MaryAnn Dombrowski
                                                                                                             2009/10              James Sanger                                       Jean & Walter Meanwell                              James Drews
                                                                                                             SEASON               Albert F. Schams                                   Gary & Lynn Mecklenburg                             Judith & Richard Ela
                                                                                                             12 MONTHS            W. Stuart & Elizabeth Sykes                        Diane Meier                                         Russ & Jean Endres
                                                                                                                                  Thomas E. Terry                                    Joe & Margo Melli                                   Flora & Douglas Flygt
                                                                                                                                  John & Carol Toussaint                             Joe and LuAnn Meyers                                Joseph & Eva Fok
                                                                                                JAN–JUN                                                                              Elaine & Nick Mischler                              Bonita Friedrich
                                                                                   2008          2009                             CaPITOl CIRClE                                     Julie & John Mitby                                  Betty & Jerry Fuller
                                                                                  12 MONTHS     6 MONTHS                          ($1,000–$2,499)                                    Peder & Jeanne Moren                                Dennis Funk
                                                                                                                                  Carla & Fernando Alvarado                          Dale & Deborah Nickels                              Dan & Michelle Gillette
                                                                                                                                  Collette Stewart & Scott Anderson                  Ann F. Peckham                                      Sara Guyer & Scott Straus
                                                                      2007                                                        Rajai & Chickee Atalla                             Reynold V. Peterson                                 Brenda Hacker
                                                         2006        12 MONTHS                                                    Martha Vukelich-Austin & George Austin             Evan & Jane Pizer                                   Steve & Elaine Hathaway
                                                        12 MONTHS
                                                                                                                                  Vince & Linda Baldwin O'Hern                       JoAnn Six Plesko                                    Dr. Paul & Kathy Hinderaker
                                                                                                                                  Tino Balio & Mary Pinkerton                        Cathy & Dave Potter                                 Linda & John Hughes
                                                                                                                                  Diane Ballweg                                      Martin & Beverly Rosenberg                          Wayne A. Hutter
                                        Total Dollars

                                                                                                                                  Larry & Susan Barton                               Drs. Carol Diamond & Howard Rowley                  David & Karen Jarrard


                                                                                                                                  Tom & Sally Basting                                Charles & Barbara Saeman                            Melissa Katwala
                                                                                                                                  Thomas & Martha Beach                              Kate Sanford                                        Ruth W. Kearl
                                                                                                                                  Dr. Stacey Bean                                    Joy & Jeff Schleusner                               William & Linda Keys
                                                              1013        1572        1696          1024         1835             Carolyn Lazar Butler & Brian Butler                Orange Tree Imports                                 Charles & Valerie Kime
                                                                                                                                  Frank & Cindy Byrne                                John & Mary Schroeder                               James & Jill Krogstad
                                                                      Total Number of Contributors                                Tom & Laurie Carto                                 Joe & Jeanne Silverberg                             Pat & Shirley Kubly
                                                                                                                                  Phillip & Melinda Certain                          Kurt Sladky & Debra Neff                            Richard & Judy Kvalheim
                                                                                                                                  Dana & Patricia Chabot                             Mr. & Mrs. Phillip C. Stark                         Roberta Laska
                                                                                                                                  Lau and Bea Christensen                            James A. & Mercedes R. Stewart                      Richard & Christina Lemon

                                                                                                                                  Dr. Gary & Judith Conger                           Susan Stites                                        Peggy Lindberg
                                                                                                                                  Pat & Dan Cornwell                                 Anne Stoelting                                      JoAnn Martens, DDS
                                                                                                                                  Steve & Shirley Crocker                            Jeff & Amy Supple                                   Joel Martin
                Overture Center has revitalized the downtown area                                                                 James F. Crow
                                                                                                                                  Betty & Corkey Custer
                                                                                                                                                                                     Fran & Brad Taylor
                                                                                                                                                                                     Brian and Jennifer Van Wyk
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Jim & Cindi Matras
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Darryl McCants
                and is something our city can be proud of. Its success                                                            Marjorie Devereaux & David Hall                    Karen Warren                                        Dick Moll

                                                                                                                                  Rob & Sue Engelke                                  Bill White & Kathie Nichols                         Michael & Shelley Muranyi

                is a reflection of how we as a community value the arts.                                                          John J. Frautschi
                                                                                                                                  Sunil Gopalan
                                                                                                                                                                                     Theodora Zehner                                     Jeff & Linda Nygaard
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Maxine L. Palmer

                We are in!
                                                                                                                                  Judith Ann Green                                   PROMENadE                                           Kevin Palmersheim & Kelsie Doty
                                                   – Anne & Tim Connor, Overture donors                                           Dr. & Mrs. Frank Greer                             ($500–$999)                                         Brett & Nancy Pautsch
                                                                                                                                  Tamara Hagen                                       Kristine & Paul Ashe                                M. Diane Pollock
                                                                                                                                  Larry & Sharon Hahn                                Mark Aulik & Michael Beere                          Drs. David & Joy Rice
                                                                                                                                  Terry Haller                                       Richard Baker                                       Robert & Barbara Rogan
                                                                                                                                  Bridget Hauser                                     Mr. Brian D. Beaber & Dr. John G. Rose Jr.          Judith & Michael Rothschild
                                                                                                                                  Susan Horwitz & Tom Reps                           Dana Beck                                           James Schad & Celia Kiela
                                                                                                                                  Penny Hubbard                                      Mary & O.L. Bell                                    Phil & Nancy Schaecher

16 | Overture Center for the Arts                                                                                                                                                                                                               2008–2010 Report to the Community | 17
James & Diane Schauer                       Bea Fox                                 C.A. Peters & Leslie Hearn             Jim & Sandy Adams                    Alice Buechner                      Teresa & Doug Drabenstadt
Brenda and David Scidmore                   John and Alice Frohna                   Robert & Jane Pricer                   Sandra Adcock                        Warren L. Bull                      Joseph & Laura Dresen
Lynda Sharpe                                John & Fanny Garver                     Dr. Arthur & Ursula Rathburn           Christine Ahern                      Susan & Thomas Bush                 Cathy Driftmier
Daniel Shea, Ph.D                           Dryden Geronimi                         Tom & Jo Ann Reed                      Frank & Pam Albi                     Bobbi Bushey                        Sandra Dulin
Terry Sivesind                              Margaret Giljohann                      Julie Reis                             Kit Albrecht                         Laura Buss                          Janet L. Dunaway
Maureen Skelton                             Norris & Sandra Glick                   Gary Rice                              Jeffrey Alt                          Debra Byars                         Jim & Nancy Dunham
Robert & Lisa Skeway                        Polina Godovich & Yakov Shpigelman      Deb Riederer                           Shaun Andersen                       Kevin Campion & Wesley Marner II    Deidre & John Dunn
Pam Smestad                                 Mark & Debbie Hamilton                  Jeff Robertson                         Marge & Bruce Anderson               Scott W. Carey                      Diana Durant
Jayne Squirrell & Gary Lyons                Phillip & Julie Hannifan                Jackie & Gary Rockweiler               Natsuyo Aoyama                       Ron & Mary Ellen Carne              Michael C. Dussault
MaryAnn Stolp                               Lynn Harmet & John Devereux             Joyce & David Rolnick                  Georgia Ascher                       Gail Carpenter & Tom Maerz          Patrick & Lloyd Eagan
Suad & David Stratton                       Robert M. & Taissa S. Hauser            Marjorie Rosenberg                     Mark & Dawn Ashley                   Richard & Carol Cass                Debra Earl
Patricia A. Thomas                          Lorraine Hennessey                      Bruce & Conni Rowe                     Dennis L. Dresang & Maxine Austin    Laurel Cavalluzzo                   David & Ce Ce Easton in memory of
Kate J. Thompson                            Liz & Joe Henry                         Steve & Judith Rubert                  Frederick M. Bachmann                Sue & Charles Center                   Mel Beach
Robert and Dorothy Troller                  Jim & Kathy Herman                      Ken & Pamela Rucks                     Patricia Ann Bakken                  Jerri Cerniglia                     Julianna Ebert, in Memory of
Russ Vogel & Dae Jean Jahnke                Cynthia S. Hiteman                      Dean & Mary Rugotska                   Joseph Baldazzi & Sarah Balz         Loren & Jean Chapman                   Frances R. Hoadley
Turk & Judy Waterman                        Sandra & Mark Hoel                      Diane Kravetz & Mark Saltzman          James Baldwin & Alexis Buchanan      Connie Chesnik                      William & Aleta Edwards
Frances Weinstein                           Wm. Pharis Horton & Carolyn D. Horton   The Sauer/Frederick Families           Robert & Janice Baldwin              Richard & Judith Chilson            Connie Kinsella & Marc Eisen
William J. & Victoria Whitford              Evelyn Howell                           H. David & Maryann Schacht             Charles & Linda Barrett              Carla Christman, DVM                Jane Eisner
Stanley and Carol Woznick                   John Delamater & Janet Hyde             Dan & Lonnie Schmidt                   Nancy & Dan Barry                    Richard Christofferson              James Ely
John Zimbrick                               John & Karen Icke                       John H. Schreve                        Jeff & Angela Bartell                Jim & Mollie Chritton               Christine & Timothy Erickson
Jane F. Zimmerman                           Bill Scheuerell & Ginny Janssen         Nate Schulz                            William Ehrhardt & Jessica Bartell   Ron & Carol Cichocki                Dr. Steve Erickson
Joan & Erwin Zuehlke                        Norman Jenkins                          Dr. Alan & Laurie Schwartzstein        Nina & Thomas Bartell                Dave & Dianne Cieslewicz            Frances L. Erney
                                            Carol Jenkins-Espinosa                  Richard D. Scott                       Carrianne & Rob Basler               Jeffrey P. Clark                    Teresa A. Escher
ROTUNda                                     George & Barbara Johnson                Vicki Scott                            Thomas F. Baxter                     David Coe                           Jean E. Espenshade
($250–$499)                                 Darko & Judy Kalan                      Oscar & Karen Seibel                   Ronald Behling                       Ken & Kristen Collins               Terry & Marty Evanson
Linda L. Albers                             Gretchen Karnosky                       David & Margaret Sharpe                John & Ann Benedict                  S & J Combs                         Ginevra Ewers
Colin & Melissa Anglin                      Donna Katen-Bahensky                    Edward Shinnick & Julie Hood           Norlin & Cynthia Benevenga           Laura Contreras                     Gordon Stuart Ewy
Dennis Appleton & Jennifer Buxton           Albert & Edie Kelm                      Karen Shmerler                         Susan Benjamin & Stuart Olkes        Diana Cook                          Mary Anne Farley
Randy & Areanne Arb                         Judith M. King                          Philip M. Shultz                       Thomas W. Benson                     Mark & Ellen Cook                   Carol Feiler
Don Ashbaugh, Allstate Insurance Agency     Shad Fanta & Nina Kinnunen              Susan Skinner                          Michael & Kim Bentz                  Susan Cook                          Lisa Fernan
Nancy E. Barklage & Theresa J. Welch        Robert & Gloria Knipschild              Jeffry W. Smith                        Kelly & Darren Berg                  Edward & Mary Corcoran              Dan Fields & Ilene Isenberg
Greg Sutter & Mary Bastean                  Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Kosovec           Patty Spires-Merkel                    Dr. & Mrs. Louis Bernhardt           Louis Cornelius & Pris Boroniec     Jonathan & Tracy Filter
Isabel H. Beck                              Keith & Mary Krinke                     Tim Stadelman                          Lynn & Kent Berton                   Jack & Joyce Cotton                 Sherry Finkler
Alice E. Benn                               Mark & Laura Kruck                      Robert & Marsha Steffen                Norm & Stella Beryen                 Frank & Karen Covelli               Nancy Finley
Robb & Kathie Besteman                      Michael & Megan Kushner                 James Sugden, III                      Jonathan Biatch & Bonnie Margulis    Mary Cullen                         Ann Fish
Roger, Pat & Jamie Birkett                  Donald Lang                             Suttle-Straus, Inc.                    Anna Biermeier & Roger Hanson        Lisa Cvengros & Nancy Nichols       Jill L. Fisher
Matthew Boller                              Jean Ledford                            Philip & Penny Symes                   Eric & Nicole Biessman               Emma Czarapata                      Thomas & Bonnie Fitzgerald
Cenon & Amy Buencamino                      Gerald & Charlotte Lefert               Victoria & Karl Szewczyk               Mary Binkley                         Roxane Dachman                      Carol Flint
Thomas Burke & Megan Waltz                  Roma Lenehan                            Miriam & Robert S. Thorne              Bonnie Bisbee                        Debbie Daggett & Ty Lemon           Michael & Barbara Foley
Shawn & Nancy Carney                        Elaine & Jim Leonard                    Nick & Judy Topitzes                   William & Denise Bjerregaard         Tim Daley                           Ingrid & Dick Foley
Connie Chapman                              Richard & Sue Linton                    Sal & Judy Troia                       Jon & Deanna Blanchard               Mary Ann & Michael Damm             Pixi & Bob Foulks
Jeff & Robin Cherwinka                      Mary & Eileen Maher                     Gary & Janet Tupy                      Donna Blankenbaker                   John Daniels                        Susan Fox
Jim Chiolino & David Heuer                  Sharon & Art Mann                       Doris Van Houten                       Tom & Paula Blankenheim              Barbara A. Darcey                   Anna M. Freidel
Lynn & Dennis Christensen                   Katie Marcus                            Drs. Reggie Regenold & Donald Vangor   Mary L. Blasdel                      Howard Davis                        Elizabeth Freitick & Neal McGuffin
Ellen L. Connor                             Steve & Susan McCarthy                  Steve & Kristine Vaughn                Robert Blitzke                       Peter G. Davis & Meaghan B. Healy   Sara Record Frings & Gary Frings
Daniel Cottam & Maria Theresa Arenas        Cary & Brenda McNatt                    Sarah Jane Voichick                    Linda Bloom                          Dr. Mark De Clute                   John Fritsch
Creative Learning Preschool Class of 2010   Nancy & Kim Meadows                     Mae Wachholz                           Jason E. Blunk                       Juan & Marina De Pablo              Judy & Richard Fritz
Dr. Frederick J. Davis                      Chris & Kelly Medenwaldt                Ann Wallace                            M. Lynn Bonneau                      Marty Deignan                       Lisa & Michael Frucht
Edo & Rebecca de Waart                      Donald & Mary Metz                      Patricia Welch                         Barbara Borders                      Deborah A. Delwiche                 Steven Koslov & Mary Fulton
Robert Doornek                              Larry & Jane Mialik                     David & Cheryl Wersland                Ann Bourque                          Thomas V. & Ronnie A. Demergian     Mark & Margaret Furdek
Dr. Craig & Krista Dopf                     Jan & Sy Miller                         Ruth Westmont                          Carol Boysen                         John A. Dennhardt                   Jeremy A. Garrett
Alison Dorner                               Dan & Pam Millmann                      David L. White                         Chris & Patty Brady                  Jim & Sandy Derer                   Jan Garske
Michael & Pam Druhan                        Bob Mischka                             Marv Wickens & Judith Kimble           Don & Evie Breitenbach               Paula DeRubeis                      Elenore Garton
Gregory Dutch                               Robert & Colleen Moren                  Tim & Tenley Williamson                Mary L. Brock                        Gregg & Helen Dickinson             Roberta Gassman & Lester Pines
Nena & Thomas Dyhr                          Micah & Natalie Muller                  Joy & Richard Wood                     Cathy Brodbeck                       Brenda L. Dieter                    Jacki A. Gerbitz
Brad & Sherry Eichhorst                     Josephine Musser                        Linda & Dwight Zeck                    Betty M. Brown                       Matt & Sue Dixon                    Chet & Barbara Gerlach
John & Andrea Emmerich                      Christian Neuhaus                       Dave & Sandy Zweifel                   Claudia & David Brown                Gib & Gail Docken                   Kimberly & William Giesecke
Victoria & Timothy Enright                  Brian & Brynne Nodolf                                                          Dale & Jackie Bruckner               Beatrice Doering                    Vania Gillette
Jean Esch-Theobald                          Jeffrey J. Parisi                       TERRaCE                                Buchholz Planning Corporation,       Dennis & Shirley Dokken             Sharon Gilpatrick
Drs. David Falk & Joanne Robbins            Marcia Park Brabender                   ($100–$249)                               William M. Buchholz               Teresa Donlin                       Laurie A. Giorno
Janet, Anne, & Michael Faulhaber            Kato Perlman                            Anonymous (4)                          Dolores A. Buchler, M.D.             Betsy Donohue                       Jean Glick
Charles N. Ford & Sharon L. James           Mark & Char Pertzborn                   David Ableman                          Bill & Lynne Buckingham              Linda Dostal                        Thomas & Joanne Gobel
18 | Overture Center for the Arts                                                                                                                                                                         2008–2010 Report to the Community | 19
Peter Grafton                       Justin & Tammy Johnson                   Donald A. Lund                      John & Mary Nordlie               David & Miriam Rohrer               David E. & Denise L. Solie
Patricia K. Graham                  Carol A. Jones                           Kay Lund                            Dr. & Mrs. James O'Brien          Lauri Roman                         Ronald & Christine Sorkness
Frank & Mary Graziano               Lee & Rosemary Jones                     Judith Lyons                        Tom & Carol O'Connell             Scott Rosga                         Jim & Kathy Sosnouski
JoAnn Gruber-Hagen & Doug Hagen     Sheryl Jones                             Stacy Lyons                         Kevin & Jill O'Connell            Jeanette Ross                       Thomas Spear
Kaaren A. Guenther                  Robert & Maryanne Julian                 Matt Macdonald                      Lisa O'Connell                    John R. Ross                        Jennifer Spence & Brian Seliger
Corey & Rachel Guralski             Fred & Roberta Kane                      Greg & Megan Mahaffey               JoAllison Oehrlein                Louise S. Rowe                      Alice Spencer
Randy & Diane Hager                 Dennis Kartman                           Maija Maki-Laurila                  Dee Okon                          Steve Royster                       Michael Cain & Anita Sprenger
Tom & Bobbie Haig                   Brad & Megan Katz                        Kathlyn S. Maldegen                 Darlene & Burt Olson              Bob & Suzanne Rusch                 James & Judy St. Vincent
Bob & Bevi Haimerl                  Sandra Kaul                              Bradley & Susan Manning             Judy & James Olson                Paul & Pam Rush                     Lisa Stahl
Amy & Steve Hall                    Joanna Keefe                             Bruce & Ruth Marion                 Renee & Andy Olson                Margaret Saager                     Chuck & Shirley Stathas
Linda P. Halverson                  Mallory Keener                           Mr. & Mrs. Marling, in memory of    Sandra Osborn & Marshall Finner   Margaret & Tim Saewert              Harriet Statz
Diane Hamilton                      Daniel & Sheree Kehoe                       Mel Beach Ela                    Michelle & Richard Oster          Waseem Kazi & Cheryl Sanchez-Kazi   James & Andrea Stein
Kim A. Hansen                       Ronald & Catherine Kellen                Patty & Victor Marsh                Raymond Ostertag                  Alan & Jen Sanderfoot               Kathleen Steiner & James Garnett
Peter Hansen                        Mary Louise Keller                       Charles Martin & Kathryn Schubert   Steve Ostrom                      Michael Sanders                     Sue & Don Steinmetz
Carleen Hanson                      Molly A. Kelly &                         Jack & Nancy Martin                 Kathy & Jerry Oswald              John & Linda Sauer                  Shirley & Paul Stephan
James & Myrna Hanson                   Bruce R. Chapman                      Linn Roth & Jean Martinelli         Tad Ottman                        Steve & Susan Saunders              Deb Steuck
Darald Hanusa                       Lee & Arly Kempf                         James & Toni Mastrangelo            Roger Palek                       Ann L. Schachtner                   Kathy Stewart
Kathleen Harker                     Patrick A. Kennedy                       Brian & Rebecca Mayhew              Nancy & Doug Palm                 Theresa L. Schacker                 Lee & Becky Stilwell
Mary & Don Harkness                 Scott Kennedy, Ellen Gibson-Kennedy, &   William McClenahan                  Connie Palmer Smalley             Todd & Sherry Schad                 Ray & Jo Stommel
Ruth V. Harper                         Finn Kennedy                          Anne & Jerry McGill                 James Parise                      Sarah Schaettle, MD                 Bill & Audrey Strang
Ed Harris                           Mary Beth Keppel                         DeAnn McAllan                       Thomas Parslow                    Dennis & Jan Schattschneider        Elaine B. Strassburg
Martin & Eileen Harrison            Miriam Kerndt                            Dana Mccloskey                      Janelle & Robert Pasch            John & Susan Schauf                 James Stratton
Keith Harrsch                       Jane Kesting                             Rose McCullough                     Ron & Pat Paska                   Scott & Angela Schellenberger       Kevin & Joan Stringer
Henry Hart                          Anne Kienitz                             Mark & Marcia McDermid              David Patnode                     Willa Schlect                       Wanda Stroyny-McGonigle &
Ellen Hartenbach & Kathy Oriel      Debra Kindley                            Amy & Bill McDonald                 Darwin & Jean Paulson             Alyson Schmeisser                      John McGonigle
David Hassemer & Sandra Guthrie     Graham & Shari King                      Kurt NcDuffie                       Robert and Margaret Pearce        Jodi Schmidt                        Steve Stumbras
Diane Head                          Renee Kirch                              Barbara McGlynn                     Gloria Boone & Bob Pellegrino     Karl & Joan Schmidt                 Charles & Diane Stumpf
Daniel & Dawn Hearn                 Debra Kirchner                           Chandler & Beverly McKelvey         Frank & Laurie Peregrine          Rita Schmitz                        Marcia & Richard Sunderlage
Ellie Hein                          George & Pam Kiskunas                    Kevin McKown & Nancy Fuller         Connie & Scott Pernitz            David & JoAnn Schoengold            Millard & Barbara Susman
Tim & Jana Heinrich                 Fred & Wendy Klancnik                    George Mejicano                     Gary Pesicka                      Jean Schomisch & John Luehrsen      Robin Sweet & John Grande
Erna Heinrichs                      Larry & Mary Kleinsteiber                Susan Meredith                      Michael & Regan Peters            Ken Schreibman                      Gary & Linda Sykes
Ruth & Richard Heins                Carol Klukaczewski                       Miles Meyer & Jennifer Schlimgen    Mr. & Mrs. John Petersen III      Barbara Schuler                     Susan Sylvester
Brian & Annette Hellmer             Penny & Jerry Koerner                    Charles & Sally Miley               Richard L. Petersen-Stellish      Pam Schultz                         Glenn & Geri Symons
Alyssa & Jordan Henry               Gail & Rick Konopacki                    Judy & Al Miller                    Carla & Fred Peterson             Steven & Janice Schur               Richard Taugher
Bill Herbert                        Rudy & Patti Korsmo                      Delores R. Miller                   Joanne M. Peterson                Robert & Patricia Schwan            Jane & Tom Taves
Diane Highsmith                     Kenneth & Carol Koscik                   Leslie Miller                       Roger & Shirley Peterson          Mary & John Schwartz                Jack & Kay Taylor
Jeanne Hills                        Steve Kowalsky                           Mark Miller                         Dick & Sandy Pfahler              David & Antoinette Schwoegler       Cheri Teal
Loretta Himmelsbach                 Jeff Kramer                              David E. & Claudia Berry Miran      Jim & Carolyn Pflasterer          Allan & Barbara Scidmore            Kevin & Lori Tebrinke
Duane & Audrey Hinz                 Kathy Kreul                              Mike & Peg Modl                     Patrick & Donna Ploc              Betty Scott                         Sybil Teehan
John P. & Sheryl L. Hinze           Kristine Krigsvold                       Mary & Peter Monkmeyer              Ken & Sharon Poniewaz             Jenny Rowland & John Sears          Dianne Terry
Mark & Joan Hoenecke                Kleo Baruth Kritz & Thomas H. Hurst      David S. Morel                      Gerald & Christine Popenhagen     Nick & Wendy Seay                   Marsha Tesar
Deborah Hoffman &                   Marty & Mary Krueger                     Stephen D. Morton                   Tony & Erika Prater               Ellen J. Selle                      John & Jean Tews
   Mark Hazelbaker                  Michelle M. Kruse                        Kristine Moser                      Susan Pratt                       Marshall B. Sergenian               Gerald Thain
David & Nancy Hoffman               Janice C. Kuchar                         Delores & Mort Moyer                Thomas W. Pritchard               Mary Severson                       Sylvia M. Thal
Susan V. Hollenbeck                 Bob & Kathy Kuritz                       Michael & Jeanne Mraz               Joseph Quick & Diane Lemke        Dee & George Seyfarth               Stephen & Victoria Thedinga
Paula Holm                          Terry Kurth                              Nancy & Richard Mueller             Rick & Sally Raschick             Claire Shaffer                      LaRynda Thoen & Neil Salyapongse
Sandra Homburg                      Michael & Debra Kutchin                  Gary Muldoon                        Cheryl L. Ray                     Gerald & Bonnie Shattuck            Gordon Thomas
Amit Hose                           Richard & Meg LaBrie                     Tess Mulrooney & Paul Eastwood      Marge & Rod Reek                  Robert & Helen Shearer              Mary Ellen Thomas
Rosalie Hovey-Andersen              Beverly Lange                            Bonnie S. Musial                    Judeen & Michael Reese            Daniel G. Siehr                     Joseph & Pauline Thome
Patricia Huyett                     Pattie Lange                             Marilynn Myers                      Linda & Daryl Remington           Marie & Glen Siferd                 Dennis Thompson & Roseanne Theis
Lora Hynek                          Cari Larsen                              Randy Nagy                          Cynthia Rhyner                    Paul & Ellen Simenstad              Joseph & Pauline Thorne
Ralph & Marie Jackson               Kristine Larson                          Nancy Nehring                       Everett & Maureen Rice            Steve Simer                         Rebecca Thousand & Eric Anderson
Rita Jackson                        Sid Larson                               Sharon R. Nellis                    Dean & Katherine Richards         Suzannah & Gary Sisler              Ted & Mary Tibbitts
Glen & Sandy Jaeckel                Mark & Ilene Laufman                     Bill & De Nelson                    James Riendeau                    Michael & Linda Slepica             Jerry & Eileen Tifft
Al & Judy Jaloviar                  Bill & Collette Lee                      Blaise & Stacy Nemeth               John Rinehart                     Marlys & Joe Sloup                  Deborah & Steven Tinker
Karen Jamison                       Rob & Kay Lera                           Henry Newcomb                       Lorene Ritland                    J.R. & Patricia Smart               Gregg & Janice Tipple
Jason & Julie Jensen                Teresa & Jim Levin                       Joy & John Newman                   Joel Robbin                       Brad Smith                          Keith Topp
Joy M. Johannsen                    Shana Lewis & Rob Magasano               Christina Kendziorski Newton        Janet Robertson                   Greg & Bobbi Smith                  Laurence & Jennifer Trueman
Amy Johnson                         Patricia & Peter Lipton                  Stephen Nickels                     Laura Robison                     Janice Smith                        Lynn & Vern Tucker
Richard & Roberta Johnson           Deborah Loney                            Kim Niesen                          Claude Rochon                     Reeves Smith & Glenna Carter        Robert & Judith Tuttle
Scott & Anne Johnson                Lindsey Lopez                            Stan & Beverly Ninedorf             Kay Rock                          Susan & Steven Smithson             Vince & Wendy Ulfig
Dianne Byerly & Stephen Johnson     Dick & Cindy Lovell                      Tom & Mary Nordland                 Connie & Bob Roden                Jennifer Snow                       Elizabeth Urban
20 | Overture Center for the Arts                                                                                                                                                           2008–2010 Report to the Community | 21
Fred & Ann Urben                       Louis F. Warrick, Jr.                    John & Vicki Wilson
James & Leone Van Epps                 Curtis Weatherhogg, M.D.                 Judie & Michael Wilson
Robert & Marjorie Van Handel           Mary Weatherwax                          Naomi W. Winfield
Bonnie J. Vander Meulen                William & Barbara Weidanz                Jason & Tricia Witt
Dick & Cynthia VanderWoude             Pam Welter                               Colleen Woerner
Vanderheiden Family                    Alan R. West                             Robert Haveman & Barbara Wolfe
Neil & Eileen Vassau                   Ken & Lisa West                          Jon & Nancy Wolfgram
John Vick                              Martha J. Whalen & Gary Watchke          Ryan Wood
Stephen D. Vig                         George C. & Patricia K. Whitely          Karen & Robert Wortinger
Katherine Voight                       Barbara J. Widder                        Bob & Ida Wrenn
Marcy & Bob Voss                       Tripp & Nancy Widder                     Alexandra Wright
Kathy & Elton Waack                    Conrad Wiederhold                        Don & Dee Wylie
Thomas L. Wacker                       Becci Wiegand                            Richard & Katie Yde
Suzanne & Larry Wade                   Marybeth Wilk & Katherine Brophy         Keith Yefchak
Peter & Alice Waldron                  Michael & Maureen Wilkes                 Tom & Catherine Zdeblick
Theresa Walske                         Jay & Torrey Wilkins                     Sara L. Zentz
Alice Wampole                          Elizabeth L. Williams                    Mary E. Ziebarth
Barbara Ward                           Carri R. Williams                        Irene Zimmerman
Joe & Lou Ann Ward                     Gloria Williams                          Mary Zins
Nancy Warner                           Joyce & Joe Wilson

CHaRTER PaRTNERS                                             Oak Park Place
Alliant Energy                                               Pepsi Cola of Madison
First Choice Dental                                          Stafford Rosenbaum LLP
Goodman’s Jewelers                                           State Bank of Cross Plains
Fields Jaguar—Land Rover—Volvo of Madison                    SupraNet Communications, Inc.
TDS Telecommunications                                       TDS Telecommunications
Wells Fargo Bank & Wells Fargo Home Mortgage                 Virtual Properties
                                                             Wells Fargo
($10,000 and up)                                             COMMUNITy PaRTNER CIRClE
American Family Insurance                                    ($500–$1,999)
Bell Laboratories                                            Axley Brynelson, LLP
The Bruce Company of Wisconsin, Inc.                         CUNA Mutual Group
DeWitt Ross & Stevens, SC                                    The Madison Club
Food Fight, Inc.                                             Town Bank of Madison
Knupp & Watson & Wallman                                     Wisconsin Alumni Association
St. Mary’s Hospital                                          gRaNTS aNd FOUNdaTION SUPPORT
TOMCAT Products                                              Alliant Energy Foundation
                                                             American Girl’s Fund for Children
BUSINESS SPONSOR CIRClE                                      Arts Access Fund
($2,000–$9,999)                                              Arts Midwest
Boardman Law Firm                                            Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission
Custer Financial Services                                    The Kennedy Center

                                                                                                                 Photo by Jaimie Young
Gail Ambrosius Chocolatier                                   Madison Arts Commission
Goodman's Jewelers                                           Madison Community Foundation
J.H. Findorff & Son Inc.                                     National Endowment for the Arts
MGE Foundation                                               Wisconsin Arts Board

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