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					    The Annual Quality Assurance Report – 2007-2008
    Name of the Institution :                                                Year of Report :
    The Jamner Taluka Education Society’s                                         2007-2008
    G.D.M.Arts, K.R.N.Commerce &
    Manoharseth Dhariwal Science College,
    Jamner Dist- Jalgaon.( M.S.)

    Part A : What is the plan of action chalked out by the IQAC in the beginning of the year
    towards quality enhancement and what is the outcome by the end of the year ?

   For the Academic Year 2007-08 the Internal Quality Assurance Cell was restructured.
               This Committee comprises the members as follows: The Principal, as the
               Ex-Officio Head, The Co-ordinator and Six other members. The Committee,
               in its First Meeting took the review of the earlier report submitted to the
               NAAC in order to decide the plan of action for the next year. It was decide
               that as the institute has been completing four years of accreditation, it should
               prepare for the re-accreditation process and necessary steps would be taken by
               the cell---viz. Intention letter to be sent, preparation S.S.R. and study of new
               criteria. Assistance of Expert Resources, Renowned Institutions that are going
               through this process should be sought out.
                       The Cell took the note of the working performances of Curricular,
               Co-curricular, and Extra-curricular activities along with the working of
               various units.
                       The following facts are to be humbly noted here :
                  1.    Miss. Patil Vaishali Bhagwan stood First in the University Merit
                         List in the subject of Economics.
                        Mr.Golhare Pradeep Gunvant stood First in the University Merit
                         List in the subject of Mathematics.
                  2.   Women‟s Hostel has commenced as a separate unit and it has
                       been facilitated to not only the Girls students of the institution but
                       also for students of sister institutions of the area. For an extension of

3.                this unit a proposal of Rs.75 lacs was sent and approved.
     As the First Installment is received the further work will be
     undertaken shortly.
4.   Teaching – Learning –Evaluation (The Curricular) activities were
     planned and implemented by the faculties. As the syllabi for the First
     Year B.A./ B.Sc. were introduced newly, the changes in teaching-
     learning- evaluation were taken into consideration and incorporated as
     per the new needs. The Committee instructed to the related faculties
     to take the note of the changes in evaluative system of the new syllabi
     for the purpose of internal evaluation improvement programme.
                 The Institution runs the center of Counseling and Learning
     of     Yashwantrao      Chavan     Maharashtra      Open     University,
     Nasik(YCMOUN). 221 students have been taking the benefit of this
     study center. For all the three years (Arts Faculty) the inspections are
5.   Proposals for Minor Research Projects were submitted to the UGC.
     Some members have completed their projects and submitted the same
     to B.C.U.D.,N.M.U., Jalgoan and UGC, W.R.O., Pune. A number of
     faculties registered for M.Phil. and two members have been awarded
     with Ph.D. Some faculty members have registered for Ph.D. newly
     and their research work is in progress.
6.   Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities were paid attention to
     achieve prosperous success as follows :
          a. At the University level , students participated in Youth Festival
             and pocketed several Medal, Mementos, Prizes & Certificates.
          b. The N.S.S. unit undertook many social-oriented activities in
             the interest of volunteers and the society. Lectures of renowned
             personalities were organized for them. Some health activities
             like Dental Check-up, Blood Donation, Anti AIDS, Nirmal
             Gram Jagruti Abhiyan, Disaster Management Training Camp,
             Shram-Sanskar and Personality Development Camp were

                           organized. Totally 20 volunteers took parts in these activities.
                           1 Volunteer was selected for R.D parade of Delhi. The unit
                           has undertaken the plantation of variety of medicinal plants.
                       c. In sports, students were selected in Volley Ball, Cross-Country,
                           Bad Minton, Weight Lifting, Power Lifting, Kabaddi,
                           Wrestling, Disc-Throw, Hammer-Throw, High Jump, Long
                           Jump etc. Near about Eleven students got success upto Inter-
                           Collegiate and University Level.
           All these activities were planned and activated by the various units. The
        Committee took review of the planning and implementation of the same. Inter
        University Ashwamegh Krida Competition, one student represented at Patiala.

Part B :

   1.       Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of institution:

    Goals and objectives of the institution are reflective in the mission of the
        institution. The mission is:
            “ G.D.M. Arts, K.R.N. Commerce & M.D. Science College, Jamner is an
            about where together we all are committed to generate excellence through
            quality education, empowered personalities, developing dynamic and
            progressive citizens and society at large.”
                In order to attain the goal set in the mission, effective Teaching-Learning
        and Evaluative practices were undertaken and executed. Students were made
        aware regarding academic aims/ objectives and need of their active participation
        in the various activities. A number of faculties assigned projects and curricular
        assignments at special level, so as to motivate learners for self-study. They were
        inspired to seek independent support from the library. Thus, class- room teaching
        was augmented with extra-classroom work so as to have better Teaching-Learning
        and Evaluative results. Extra coaching was imparted to the students for difficult

            Co-curricular activities were planned and run through various committees.
     For this purpose, renowned personalities were invited for lectures from various
     colleges. Students took part in the university level activities and events related to
     Sports, N.C.C. and N.S.S. These units undertook various activities for the
     participants. e.g. Blood Donation Camp, Students routine health check-up etc.
     Study tours were arranged for the students and they visited to a number of
     Business Units, Historical Spots etc.

2.      New academic programems initiated ( UG and PG):

       It is proposed to introduce Computer Science as a special subject at B. Sc

3.      Innovations in curricular design and transaction:

           Faculties participated in the workshops on curricular designing and
        transaction organized by the University / other Colleges. They made valuable
        suggestions and expressed opinions on the changing needs of curricular
        designing, so as to bring out favorable changes in the process of curricular
        designing. Some faculties are the members of Boards of Studies. They have
        taken part in curricular designing / syllabus framing.

4.      Inter-disciplinary programmes started :

        NIL, however many faculty members from the dept. of Geography and
     science contribute to the teaching of Environmental Science and General

5.      Examination reforms implemented :

         As per University guidelines, practical, tutorials, tests and seminars were
     conducted. For certain courses at special level projects were assigned to the
     students. As per changed pattern of the first year, the internal and university
     exams were conducted along with the conduction of the assessment programme.
     It was seen that students get an opportunity to prepare themselves for the final
     annual examination.      Intercollegiate Seminars and Quiz Programmes were

         organized to as to impart wide exposure to the students. They were assessed and
         evaluated continually through these methods throughout the years.

    6.      Number of candidates qualified : NET/SET

                 Nil. However, two faculty members completed Ph.D. work and were
         awarded with Ph.D. Degree.

    7.      Total number of seminars / workshops conducted:

           A University Level Quiz Competition was organized by the Science Faculty

    8.      Research projects            a) Newly implemented :
                                        b) Completed :

           a) Twelve – Total outlay Rs.2,49,500/- (Annexure-I)
            b) Four - Total outlay Rs.3,17,500/- (Annexure-I)

 9.        Patents generated, if any:

          NIL

10.       New collaborative research programmes:

          NIL

11.       Total research grants received from various agencies:
          U.G.C. has sanctioned Total outlay Rs.5,67,000/- for 12 Minor Research

12.       Number of research scholars:
           Eighteen. (9 faculties are Ph. D. and Seven members have registered for M.
            Phil. (Annexure-I). Their research work is in progress.

13.       Citation index of faculty members and impact factor:
          NIL

14.     Honors/ Awards to the faculty:
        Two members have been awarded with Ph.D. (Annexure-I)

15.     Internal resources generated :
     Fees collected from M.A., M.Com. students Rs.2,50,000/-.

16.     Details of departments getting SAP, COSIST/ DST. FIST, etc. assistance/
     Nil.
17.     Community services:
     The N.S.S. and N.C.C. units run these services by organizing Blood Donation
        Camp. 10 days Special Winter Camp is organized by the N.S.S. unit in the
        adopted village. Students participate in Disaster Management Camp and other
        State Level and National Level Camps. This year 34 cadets of N.C.C. Units, 23
        Volunteers of N.S.S. unit and 16 sports persons have taken parts in various
        activities at University, State and National Level. The department of zoology
        undertook a training program for the peasants. ( See the Appendix- I)

18.     Number of teachers and officers newly recruited:

       One qualified Teacher has been recruited as per U.G.C. norms.

19.     Teaching- Non-teaching staff ratio:

       4:3

20.     Improvements in Library Services:

     Previously introduced facilities (computerized issuing and transaction system) are
        effectively working. Internet facility to this unit is under consideration. It is
        available at Computer Department.

21.     Number of new books/ journals subscribed and their value:

              Total books        value           Journals        value
                 1019             Rs.2,41,779       87          Rs.20,162

22.    Number of courses for which student assessment of teachers is introduced and the
       action taken on student feedback:

      For all the courses students‟ feedback was received. Teachers having weak
       performance were made aware regarding their weaknesses. Also on the basis of
       annual examination results, teachers were made aware to plan and implement
       their teaching activities effectively. Overall teachers‟ performance is fairly good.

23.    Unit cost of education:
      Including salary: 50,536/-
       Excluding salary: 38,740/-

24.    Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and
       examination results, issue of certificates:
                The above processes are computerized.      The university has introduced
       the new MKCL software in order to deal with the admissions, students‟ eligibility,
       Univ. exam forms, Results & administrative functioning related to students and
       the Univ. The Non-Teaching staff members are experienced, trained and work
       effectively so as to workout administrative and financial matters speedily.

25.    Increase in infrastructural facilities:
     The construction of Women‟s Hostel, extension unit is under consideration.

26.    Technology up gradation:
     Computer department has got 18 computer sets and Internet facility. The Central
       Library has got C.D.‟s, tapes, Computerized Operational Systems and display

27.    Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students:

              The Internet facility is available for all the researchers, teachers and
       learners. Students take information from this source and acquaint with new trends

       in various branches of knowledge. For Teachers & Non-teaching staff, computer
       facilities available.

28.    Financial aid to students:

              Students from weaker section are facilitated with various Central and State
       Govt. schemes/ Scholarships such as B.C. Scholarships, Freeships, O.B.C.
       Scholarships etc. Students‟ Safety Insurance Scheme is implemented for their
       benefit. Student Aid Fund is raised for the financial help of poor & needy
       students. The Central Library runs Book-Bank for the needy students. Under the
       „Earn While Learn Scheme‟ 14 students were facilitated. The staff members also
       raise poor students Aid fund.
               The college has raised the fund of Rs. 5,000 Through the contribution of
       faculties for financially weaker students.

29.    Activities and support from the Alumni Association:

     There is Alumni Association. Amenities are made available by the alumni.

30.    Activities and support from the Parent-Teacher Association:

       NIL.

31.    Health services:

              Students at the entry point are checked medically and provided help and
       counseling in this regard. For this purpose special Medical Practitioners are
               Lectures of Guest Physicians are organized for Health Care of the
       students. N. S. S. organizes special activities for students‟ health awareness in its
       routine work and special camps viz. Blood Donation Camp, Blood Group
       Checking Camp, AIDS Awareness Camp, Plantation etc.

32.    Performance in sports activities:

     In sports, students were selected in Volley Ball, Cross-Country, Bad Minton,
       Weight Lifting, Power Lifting , Kabaddi, Wrestling, Disc-Throw,            Hammer-

          Throw, High Jump, Long Jump etc. Near about Eleven students got success upto
          Inter-Collegiate and University Level.
       Incentives to outstanding sports persons:

                 Sport persons are awarded with trophies, shield, mementos, certificates
          and cash. T-shirts, Track Suits, Trousers, Sport Shoes, Helmet, Bodyguards etc.
          are also distributed to boost them up. The local financial institutes encourage
          sports persons by sponsoring awards & prizes.

 34.      Student achievements and awards:
                At the University level, Students‟ Youth Festival, Students participated in
          Folk Dance, Western Vocal Solo, Western Vocal Debating, Oratory, Mute
          Performance, Mockery Performance, Rangoli, Folk Song, Drawing , Classical
          Dance, Tabla Performance & Mimicry. They got 2 Bronze, 4 Gold, 3 Silver
          Medals, Trophies and Certificates.

 35. Activities of the Guidance and Counseling unit:
    Lectures of renowned personalities were arranged. Also, guidance was provided
          by the faculties to the students regarding Competitive Exam, Career
          Opportunities, personality development and so on. For this purpose the various
          units arranged Debating Competition, Quiz Competition, Poetry recital and such
          other activities.

 36.      Placement services provided to students:
                 Information regarding placement opportunities is displayed on notice
          board. The Library has handouts, news bulletins and the material required for
          going through placement camps.

 37.      Development programme for non-teaching staff:
                 Some welfare plans for the Non-teaching staff are in consideration.
          Already they are the members of Credit Society of the Institute from where they
          get financial help. The Institution felicitates their achievements.

38.   Any other relevant information the institution wishes to add:
   Faculty Members have attended Seminars and Conferences. They have
      participated in Curricular and Co-curricular activities for self-improvement and
      the improvement of the institution.

  Part C :     Explain the plans of the institution for the next year.

      a) The Institution is undertaking disaster management course for the next
             academic year.
       b) Watershed Management is planned to be undertaken for water conservation.
       c) New Women‟s Hostel construction (Extension) is planned to be undertaken
             out of U.G.C. funding amounting to Rs. 75 lacs.
       d) Classroom extension is proposed to be undertaken out of Management

               (C.U.KULKARNI)                                  ( Dr. S.S.ALIZAD )
                Co-coordinator, IQAC                             Chairman, IQAC

                               APPENDIX - I

       The Institute and the department of Zoology identified the growing

importance of Apiculture or Bee-keeping. It is an ideal agro-based subsidiary

enterprise providing supplementary It is seen that this activity can serve as a

supporting business to the farmers of the region. Taking this into account the

department organized a training programme for the farmers interested in the

activities.   It was Sponsored by Taluka Agricutlural Department (Govt. of

Maharashtra) and organised by G.D.M.Arts, K.R.N.Commerce & Manoharseth

Dhariwal Science College, Jamner Dist- Jalgaon.( M.S.) at Nasik from 27th To 30th

March,2008. 25 farmers participated in the training programme along with the

Team Manager Prof. Dr. N.S. Sharma. 18 farmers have decided to undertake

Beekeeping and have ordered 47 boxes for the purpose.

              First, this Camp was organized at college level in which 140 farmers

were participated. Then 25 farmers participated in the training programme along

with the Team Manager Prof. Dr. N.S. Sharma at Nasik. The same scheme has

been extended to the neighboring college at Muktainagar Dist- Jalgoan.

                            RESEARCH ACTITIVITIES

A]   List of the members who completed Minor Research Project :
            i.                    Prof. Dr. N.S.Sharma
           ii.                    Prof. R.H.Bari
          iii.                    Prof. D.S.Patil
          iv.                     Prof. S.L.Vispute
           v.                     Prof. R.P.Joshi
          vi.                     Prof. Mrs. P.S.Mahajan
          vii.                    Prof. Dr. S.B. Patil
         viii.                    Prof. Dr. A.V.Mishra
          ix.                     Prof. S.L.Vispute

B] List of the members who have undertaken Minor Research Project :
                 1) Prof. Dr. C.U.Kulkarni
                 2) Prof. B.D.Patil
                 3) Prof. Dr.S.G.Narkhede
                 4) Prof. R.B.Patil
                 5) Prof. S.B.Patil
                 6) Prof. B.S.Shinde
                 7) Prof. S.R.Thorsare
                 8) Prof. Dr. J.M.Avathre

C] List of the members who have registered for M.Phil. :
               1) Prof. B.L.Baviskar
               2) Prof. S.R.Thosare
               3) Prof. D. S. Patil
               4) Prof. A.A.Pawar
               5) Prof. P.S.Sapkal
               6) Prof. V.B.Wagh

D] ]    List of the members who have registered for Ph.D. :
               1) Prof. A.B.Khadpe
               2) Prof. A.N.Chaudhari
               3) Prof. A.R.Gotmare

E]     List of the members who have been recently awarded Ph.D. :
               1) Prof. R.H.Bari
               2) Prof. R.S.Khadayate

The Director,
N. A. A. C.
      Subject:     Submission   of   Internal   Quality
      Assurance Cell for the year 2006-07.

              A VIEW OF ‘WOMENE’S HOSTEL’
                        RUN BY
                   JAMNER DIST- JALGAON

                                            Date : 20th May, 2005

Respected Sir,

             It is a great pleasure on my part to meet you years after. I am
always remained in receipt of your warm help
             It a kind request to admit the Candidate Mr. Vishal Sudhir
Chaudhari in S.Y.B.Sc. at your College, who has passed F.Y.B.Sc. with
distinction. He is in my close relation.
             Thanking you,

             With regard,

                                             Yours faithfully,

                                               ( K.B.MALI)

                                                           Date : 20th May, 2005

Respected Sir,

               It is a great pleasure on my part to meet you years after. I am
always remained in receipt of your warm help.
               It a kind request to admit the Candidate Miss. Manisha Sudhir
Chaudhari in M.Sc. at your College, who has appeared for T.Y.B.Sc. She
is in my close relation.
               Thanking you,

               With regard,

                                               Yours faithfully,

                                                ( K.B.MALI)

                The Annual Quality Assurance Cell

1. Name of the Institution    :          The Jamner Taluka Education Society’s
                                         G.D.M.Arts, K.R.N.Commerce &
                                         Manoharseth Dhariwal Science College,
                                         Jamner Dist- Jalgaon.( M.S.)

2. Contact Details          :                G.D.M.Arts, K.R.N.Commerce &
                                             Manoharseth Dhariwal Science College,
                                             Jamner Dist- Jalgaon.( M.S.)

                                             e-Mail :
                                             Tel No.: (02580)230078,231078
                                             Fax : ---

3. Is IQAC established ?    :

               Yes                                     No

4. Kindly inform the date of IQAC establishment ? :

               d     d      m      m         y     y        y      y

              2      2      0      3        2      0        0      2

5. Have you provided details of the composition of IQAC of your institution to NAAC ?

               Yes                                     No

6. Have you sent IQAC –Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) for the following
years to NAAC ?
                         i)    2002-2003
                            ii)        2003-2004
                            iii)       2004-2005
                            iv)        2005-2006

               (Prof. C.U.KULKARNI )                            (Prof. R. P.JOSHI)