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									                            Business Administration
                            Associate in Applied Science Degree
                            with Specializations in Management and Marketing

Estimated Costs             Program Description
Application fee             The purpose of this program is to prepare students for employment for mid-
$25                         management positions in a variety of business environments or to provide supplemental
                            training for persons previously or currently employed in management occupations. This
In-state tuition            program has two specializations—Management and Marketing.
(with proof of              PHCC offers several certificates that can be earned as students work toward AS degree
Florida residency)          goals. Students who wish to transfer any credits from this program to another
$5,202                      institution must accept the responsibility for securing approval in advance from that
                            institution. The Associate in Applied Science degree in Business Administration includes
Out-of-state tuition        certificates in Business Specialist, Business Management, and Business Operations. As
$19,782                     certificates are completed, students can contact the staff in the Admissions and Student
                            Records Office to receive their certificate(s).
Specialization              Job Outlook
Total Lab fees              According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor,
                            employment growth in this field is projected to be about 12% through 2016.
$2,742                      Potential Earnings
                            According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U. S. Department of Labor, salaries
Marketing                   for business administrative professionals vary depending on the employer, the specialty,
Specialization              and the geographic area. In general, annual salaries for business operations specialists
Total Lab fees              start at about $26,500 with mid-range salaries from $33,000 to $55,500. Typical salaries
$75                         for more experienced professionals range from $55,500 to $71,000.
                            Length of Completion
                            This 64-credit hour program can be completed in approximately two years if students
Financial aid is            are attending classes on a full-time basis. Part time students will require additional time.
available to students       Certification
who qualify. Contact a      No certification is required for this program.
financial aid advisor for
information.                Please Note:
                              • Managerial Accounting should be taken immediately after successfully completing
                                Financial Accounting.

                             • Introduction to Business is an important course and should be taken early in your

2009-2010 Catalog Year

Business Administration
Associate in Applied Science Degree with Specialization in Management and Marketing

Prerequisite Requirements
This program requires submission of valid placement test scores (SAT/ACT/FCELPT).

Course           Listing                                                             Credit Hours
ACG 2021         Principles of Financial Accounting                                        3
BUL 2241         Business Law                                                              3
CGS 1100         Microcomputer Applications                                                3
ECO 2013         Principles of Macroeconomics                                              3
ENC 1101         English Composition I                                                     3
GEB 1136         Introduction to eBusiness                                                 3
GEB 2350         International Business                                                    3
GEB 1011         Introduction to Business                                                  3
MAR 1011         Principles of Marketing                                                   3
MNA 1100         Organizational Behavior                                                   3
MNA 1345         Principles of Supervision                                                 3
OST 1100**       College Keyboarding I                                                     3
OST 2335         Business Communications                                                   3
QMB 1001         Business Mathematics                                                      3
SLS 2401         Career Enhancement                                                       1
Elective         Area III – Mathematics or Natural Sciences                                3
Elective         Area IV – Humanities*                                                     3
Electives        Management or Marketing Specialization Electives                         15

Total Hours                                                                               64

Management Specializations—AAS to BAMS
ACG 2071         Principles of Managerial Accounting                                      3
BUL 2561         Legal Issues in Information                                              3
CGS 1820         Web Page Design                                                          3
ECO 2023         Principles of Microeconomics                                             3
MNA 2941         Internship in Business                                                   3
Total Specialization Hours Needed :                                                       15

Marketing Specializations—AAS to BAS
ACG 2071         Principles of Managerial Accounting                                      3
MKA 1021         Salesmanship                                                             3
MKA 2041         Principles of Retailing                                                  3
MKA 2511         Principles of Advertising                                                3
MNA 2941         Internship in Business                                                   3
Total Specialization Hours Needed:                                                        15

*See Associate in Science General Education Requirement in Catalog
**Keyboarding courses may be waived by satisfactorily completing the next level course.


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