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                   W Technologies, Inc. (WTCG) Expands
                       Mobile Advertising Services

                     Note: This is not an official W Technologies, Inc. news release.
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In recent technology stock news and which stock to buy now information,
SMS text message mobile advertising services company, W Technologies,
Inc. (Stock Symbol: WTCG) continues to expand their mobile marketing
solutions services.

Regarding news on technology stocks and which stocks to buy now, OTC Markets growth
company W Technologies, Inc. (Stock Symbol: WTCG) and their subsidiary, SoMo
Technologies, Inc. (http://www.SoMoTechnologies.com), continues to expand their innovative
high technology social media marketing and mobile advertising services solutions. This growth
technology stock company offers innovative SMS text messaging and other mobile marketing
advertising services and solutions to help businesses increase sales.

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Mobile Optimized Website Development - On August 31, 2011 the mobile advertising services
company announced that its subsidiary, SoMo Technologies, Inc., has launched a new
technology and process to create mobile optimized websites and mobile landing pages where
in many cases, the entire process can be completed and online within 24 hours.

The process allows clients of W Technologies, Inc. to have their websites mobile optimized
and accessible via mobile devices by the next business day. Similarly, marketers can have
landing pages developed for their products and services, complete with lead capture, and
accumulate opt in prospects from a mobile device without the need for scrolling or resizing.
SMS Text Message Mobile Advertising - On August 3, 2011 W Technologies announced its
subsidiary was developing a new mobile marketing product with iVision Mobile, a well
respected text messaging software development company, whose clients include: The Miami
Heat, Houston Rockets and The Kabbalah Centre.

SoMo Technologies is launching a new product developed with iVision Mobile technology
designed to create a new revenue stream from the 500 plus existing customers in the
company's recently announced acquisition of the Hot Deals Network.

Las Vegas Stock News - On August 1, 2011 the company announced that SoMo Technologies
entered into design discussions with a major Las Vegas hotel and casino owner to launch an
SMS mobile marketing campaign for their properties. The casino owns more than 25,000
rooms in the Las Vegas area, creating huge potential for additional SoMo revenues.

SoMo believes this opportunity, if finalized, will vastly accelerate our business plan. The use of
SMS text messaging and mobile marketing to establish a communications path with each
customer is accomplished at a much lower price than any other advertising medium currently
available. We believe SoMo Technologies' text messaging solution will bring significantly
higher sales to our clients through intelligent, targeted marketing plans. This level of interest
demonstrates that our innovative use of social and mobile technologies is gaining traction in
the market.

"We are very excited at the interest our SMS text messaging marketing solution is
generating," said Ron Costa, Vice President of SoMo Technologies, Inc.

"The innovative use of two way text messaging will save our clients on advertising and
marketing cost, while generating more business from existing and new customers. We
look forward to demonstrating these efficiencies to any interested merchant”

About W Technologies, Inc. and SoMo Technologies, Inc.

W Technologies (www.WTechMobile.com) has focused its operations on the development of
innovative high technology social media and mobile marketing solutions through over wholly
owned subsidiary, SoMo Technologies, Inc. (www.SoMoTechnologies.com).

These solutions focus on interactive, two way communications between the seller and its
buying public, creating a stronger, more trusting relationship with the customer.

Our goal is to create new revenue streams for our clients at a cost of pennies per customer.
The use of social media in combination with the enhanced capabilities of mobile phones opens
the door for clients to opt into W Technologies solutions.

Our initial focus is on those businesses that benefit from the generation of demand from
communicating offerings direct to the consumer, and we then can adjust those offerings to
meet changing input from the consumer.

The principals of WTCG have previously developed and installed project management
solutions at EDS, Microsoft, and discussions are presently under way with casinos.
For More Information:

               Visit: www.WTechMobile.com and www.SoMoTechnologies.com

                                 Contact: W Technologies, Inc.
                                        Craig Crawford
                     123 N. Post Oak Lane, Suite 440, Houston, Texas 77024

                                            Phone: 281-796-6380


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Act of 1934, as amended, and such forward-looking statements are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of
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results may differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements as a result of various factors,
and other risks identified in a disclosure made by the Company. You are further cautioned that penny stocks, like
WTCG, are inherently volatile and risky, and that no investor should buy this stock unless they can afford the loss
of their entire investment.

Description: Which Stock To Buy Now W Technologies, Inc. (WTCG) Expands Mobile Advertising Services In recent technology stock news and which stock to buy now information, SMS text message mobile advertising services company, W Technologies, Inc. (Stock Symbol: WTCG) continues to expand their mobile marketing solutions services.