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									  Building The Best Links For Your Site Is Crucial For
             Search Engine Optimization

By : Collin Pope

For you to get traffic to your site from the search engines, it will depend on two points of SEO. Both things
you have to focus on are generally on and off page optimization. Even though both of these facets of SEO
are very crucial, in this post we will be focusing more on the off-page search engine optimization.

I want to explain what off page optimization is for anyone who is new. This is how you will get your web
page to rank in the search engines using techniques that do not have anything to do with your site.
Generally we are talking about creating links to your site that are pointing from other sites. Not
surprisingly you probably are aware of this but there are many various approaches you can take to do this.
In this post we're going to be addressing the top two ways for you to construct backlinks to your website.

The 1st method we would like to discuss is the building of links using Internet site directories. Although a
site directory can almost be described as a search engine, they just don't crawl the web looking for new
websites and pages, you essentially need to submit your Internet site to them. This is a good way to build
top quality one way links to your site from high authority Internet sites. A thing you may not know is that
some site directories can have a huge page rank and getting your site there will definitely help your own
page rank. It isn't just about the page rank though because you will also be judged on the amount of links
in total you have, so be sure to submit to every single directory.

Another link building process that is extremely popular is article marketing. Using this strategy is also a
good way to get your links all over the Internet You will also realize that some of
these article directories also have good page rankings. The majority of the very popular article directories
have a page rank of 5 and above. This supplies you with good quality quality links pointing back to your
Internet site. Something more important you should know is that these powerful links will be helping you
to get a far better page rank for your site. There are loads of books and guides online that can give you all
the in's and outs of article marketing.

You will come across various software packages that will say they can build you all the links you want,
easy, stay away from them. Almost all of those softwares use spammy strategies that could actually wind
up damaging your site. With that being said you will be able to locate softwares that can help you to
submit your web page to directories and help submit your articles to article directories. These kinds of
softwares are generally a good idea to make use of as it can take the time it takes to do your submissions
and minimize it greatly. Leaving you additional time to produce new websites or products and services.

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