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					              LACDL Presents

   Seminar Chairs: Ross Owen and Elton Richey

                                          October 7-8, 2010
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                                           Shreveport, LA
           LACDL ● P.O. Box 82531 ● Baton Rouge, LA ● 70884
Phone: 225-767-7640 ● Fax: 225-767-7648 ● Website:
         LACDL The Art of Criminal Law Seminar & Golf Registration
                 October 7-8, 2010      Shreveport, LA
LACDL SEMINAR FEES                        Registration & CD Only   Registration, CD & Printed Materials**     LACDL GOLF TOURNAMENT
LACDL                                               $300             $335– w/ Printed Materials & CD
Non-Member                                         $400              $435– w/ Printed Materials &CD
                                                                                                            Team Captain #1 _______________________
New Member Joining*                                $250              $285– w/ Printed Materials & CD
                                                                                                            Team Player #2 _______________________
Non-Lawyer Team (P.I., Paralegal, etc.)            $200              $235– w/ Printed Materials & CD        Team Player #3 _______________________
One Day Only                                       $150              $185– w/ Printed Materials & CD        Team Player #4 _______________________

LACDL Life Member                                  No Charge         $35– w/ Printed Materials & CD
                                                                                                             Golf Team Registration is $320 per team
Law Student (Must be an LACDL Member)              No Charge          $35– w/ Printed Materials & CD        ($80 per player). Please list the names of all
                                                                                                                 the players on your team above.
*A “New Member Joining” must pay their membership dues at the same time as
their seminar registration fee. (Membership Dues: Lifetime $2000, Sustaining $250,                               Golf Tournament Sponsorships:
Regular $150, Indigent Defender $75 and Student $10).                                                           Golf Platinum Level Sponsor $500
** Printed materials will not be available to purchase at the seminar. Printed                                    Golf Gold Level Sponsor $250
materials, ordered prior to the meeting will be handed out at the seminar. If you                                   Drink Cart Sponsor $500
would like printed materials, they MUST be purchased before September 30, 2010.                                      Golf Hole Sponsor $100

CANCELLATION & LATE REGISTRATION: Registrations received after                                                       Saturday, October 9, 2010
September 30, 2010 WITH or WITHOUT a registration fee will incur a $50 late                                   Gol f Tournament Will Start at 10:00 am
registration fee. All registrations cancelled on or after September 30, 2010 will                              Lunch will be served for the players!
incur a $100 cancellation fee. LACDL will not issue a refund for “ No Shows.”

City_____________________________ State________ Zip__________________                                         Seminar Registration Fee: $__________
Phone (______)____________________ Fax (______)______________________                                         (Check appropriate box above)
E-mail______________________________________ LA State Bar #__________
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           METHOD OF PAYMENT                  Check #___________________                                      Late Registration Fee:         $__________
              MC VISA Discover AMX                                                                            (If on or after September 30, 2010)
           Cardholder’s Name_____________________________________
           Card Billing Address_____________________________________                                          Golf Registration             $__________
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           City____________________State_________ Zip_____________
           Account #____________________________________________                                              Golf Tournament Sponsor      $__________
           Expiration Date__________________ V-Code*_______________                                           ($500 or $250)
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           Signature____________________________________________                                              ($500)
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                 Mail your Seminar and Golf Tournament                                                        ($100 per hole)
                   Registration Form with Payment to:
             LACDL ● P. O. Box 82531 ● Baton Rouge, LA ● 70884
                                                                                                              Total Enclosed:             $_________
     You can fax your completed form and                                Questions?? Contact
    credit card payment to (225) 767-7648.                         Jill Guillory at 225-767-7640

            Are you planning to attend the LACDL Welcome Recpetion on
             Thursday, October 7, 2010 from 5:00-6:300 pm at Artspace?
  Page 2                       (check one)                Yes          No
                                           Thursday, October 7, 2010 (6 1/2 CLE Hours)
 8:00-8:30 a.m. Registration & Breakfast
 8:30-8:45 a.m. Welcome
 Anna Sparke Keele, Shreveport, LA, The Courtroom As A Theatre: Acting Techniques for Lawyers
 Julie Kilborn, Baton Rouge, LA, Picking a Script and Casting the Production: From Initial Interview through
 Investigation, Positive Defense Position, Attack on the Prosecution, and Presentation of the Case, Witnesses and Client.
 Jean Faria, Baton Rouge, LA, Ethics: Production Standards, LPDB Standards & ABA Criminal Justice Standards
 12:00-1:00p.m.      Lunch (will be provided)
 Cpt. Ernst “Mitch” Martzen, Shreveport, LA, War Movies: What Every Civilian Lawyer Should Know About
 Representing a Military Member or Dependent in a Criminal Case
 Dr. James Pinkston and Dr. Mark Vigen, Shreveport, LA, Psychological Tests Every Criminal Defense Lawyer Should Be
 Familiar With
 5:00-6:30 pm Welcome Reception at ArtSpace
                                                 Friday, October 8, 20010 (6 CLE Hours)
 8:00-8:30 a.m. Registration & Breakfast
 Hon. Kenneth Craig Smith, and Hon. Maurice Hicks, Shreveport, LA, Panel: An Audience of One – Bench Trials, Persuad-
 ing a Professional Critic.
 King Alexander, Lake Charles, LA, Critical Reviews - Case Law & Legislative Update
 Richard Bourke, New Orleans, LA, Moving Pictures- A Collection of Memorable Pre-Trial Motions
 11:45 am -1:15 p.m. Lunch (will be provided) and LACDL Board Meeting
 Bruce McCormick, Shreveport, LA,Child Stars and Screen Tests: The Role of Expert Witnesses Evaluating Child
 Jim Boren, Baton Rouge, LA, Relating to the Audience: Jury Selection & Presentation
 John Wesley Hall, Little Rock, AR, Professionalism: Protecting Your Integrity as a Criminal Defense Lawyer
                                                 Saturday, October 9, 2010
 10:00 am LACDL Golf Tournament at Shreveport Country Club, 3101 Esplanade Ave. (see info below)
       We make every effort to present the topics as listed. Due to unforeseen circumstances, times, speakers and/or presentations are
      subject to change. This program is pending 12.5 hours of LA MCLE approval, including one hour of ethics and professionalism.

                       SEMINAR INFORMATION:                                                 LACDL Golf Tournament
Seminar Location:
Artspace, 710 Texas Street, Shreveport, LA                                           Saturday, October 9, 2010 - 10:00 am
                                                                               Shreveport Country Club - 3101 Esplanade Avenue
Hotel Address:
Hilton Shreveport, 104 Market Street, Shreveport, LA                                       (See page 2 for a registration form)
Special Room Rate and Code:                                                  The golf course is continually ranked as one of the
$119, Rooms are limited. Make your reservations NOW!                         best in the LA. You will enjoy playing the only
Call Hotel Reservations at 800-445-8667 to reserve your room. In order       course in Louisiana with bent grass greens. They
to receive the special room rate, make sure to mention the special group
code, “CDA” when making reservations.
                                                                             are proud of their storied history. Since 1909, golf
                                                                             greats such as Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan, Tommy
Online Hotel Reservations:                                                   Bolt, Emilyn Aubrey, Meredith Duncan, John Daly,
Go to
- Input your arrival and departure dates, then click the GO button.
                                                                             David Toms, Hal Sutton and Shreveport's own Perry
- On the second screen, complete the reservations details, including stay    Moss have graced their fairways.
information and room type preference.
- After completing the Stay Information and Room Type Preference
sections, scroll down to the Special Accounts section. Input the group       The Par 3, 8th hole is
code, “CDA“ next to the field labeled: GROUP/CONVENTION                      one of the favorite
CODE. Then click on the CONTINUE button.                                     holes on the course.
 - Select the room you prefer (Double-Queen or King).
                                                                             It is 210 yards from
Special Room Rate Deadline:                                                  the longest tee to
September 22, 2010 - If you need a room after the September 22nd             the hole. What
deadline, please contact Jill Guillory at 225-767-7640.
                                                                             makes this hole so
Red River Revel Festival:                                                    intimidating is the
Our Seminar coincides with the 35th Annual Red River Revel Arts              large pond between the tee box and the green.
Festival. The Festival is held Oct. 2-9, 2010. Check out their website at for more festival and live music information.
                                                                             Plus, four bunkers surround the green.                                                                                                                       Page 3
                    P.O. Box 82531
                    Baton Rouge, LA 70884

                                LACDL Presents
  The Art of Criminal Law CLE Seminar October 7-8, 2010
                 Artspace    Shreveport, LA
        LACDL                                                    FOR MORE DETAILS
   Golf Tournament                                                   CALL LACDL
    October 9, 2010                                                      or
Shreveport Country Club                                          VISIT OUR WEBSITE!
                                                                     P.O. Box 82531
3101 Esplanade Avenue                                             Baton Rouge, LA 70884
 Phone: 318-631-4511                                             Phone: 225-767-7640
                                                                  Fax: 225-767-7648
   Golf Tournament Will Start at 10:00 am
    Lunch will be served for the players.
 Golf Team Registration is $320 per team of four.
                                                            Hotel rooms are limited, call the
   Golf Tournament Sponsorships Available:                 Hilton Shreveport at 800-445-8667
                                                               and reserve your room now!
      Golf Platinum Level Sponsor $500                     In order to receive the special rate of
                                                           $119, don’t forget to mention LACDL’s
        Golf Gold Level Sponsor $250                       special group code, “CDA” when making
                                                           reservations (see page 3 for online
          Drink Cart Sponsor $500                          reservation information). Make sure to
           Golf Hole Sponsor $100                          reserve your room before September
                                                           22nd. After September 22nd rooms will
                                                           be based on hotel availibility.
 (See page 2 for the Golf and Sponsor Registration Form)

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