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                      Held in the Pavilion on the Village Green
                          12th October 2010 from 7.15pm

 Present: Councillors, Mrs G Drewett, Mrs G Hurn, Mr R Pearce, Mr S Lloyd, Mrs J Snooks, Mrs K White,
          Mr K Davis, Mr K Miller and Mrs A Whittle (Clerk).
   Open forum.
   The clerk read out the following Police report:
      Although a fairly peaceful month, we have had a number of reports relating to suspicious vehicles
      around the villages which would include Capps Lane and Lower Westbury Road, Bratton. I would
      advise that all suspicious incidents are reported to the police including descriptions of people and
      make, model and registration number of vehicles. We have, once again, had door to door sellers
      in the area selling household goods. There have been reports that some of these people have
      been aggressive in their approach which can be quite intimidating. These sellers should be in
      possession of a peddlers licence. Please call the police to let them know that they are in the area.
      I did stop and search one seller along Trowbridge Road heading towards Court Lane. All his
      documents were correct but I would rather check the people out to ensure they are genuine then
      not know until some time later, that they are operating in the area. There have been reports of a
      male who will be next to his vehicle and when motorists stop he tells them that he is out of fuel
      and needs money to go and get some fuel. The male was described as being 30 years old, slim
      but with muscular arms, and was saying that he had to get to the Turkish Embassy. This male was
      in company with a female and two children. I am aware of similar reports elsewhere in the
      country. Again, please inform the police. A number of incidents of horse mane platting have been
      reported. Some people believe this to be a Pagan ritual and others believe it to be a sign that their
      horse is being singled out to be stolen. Any sightings of this please call it in to the police. We have
      also had one stolen vehicle which was recovered burnt out near to the main car park on the White
      Horse and a vehicle was broken into and a bag taken at the viewing point car park for the White
      Horse on the B3098. This is also coupled with a theft of garden tools across the sector. Ensure
      that all your property is marked and take note of any serial numbers. The next Drop In is Saturday
      13th November 2010. Any queries please contact either PC 1750 Darren Foulger or PCSO 6064
      Luke Breedt.
      Cllr Miller advised that a number of incidents of Horse Mane Plaiting have been recorded recently
      and it has happened on his families horses in Lower Westbury Road. When reported to the Police it
      took an inordinate time for the Police to attend site i.e. days later. This has also happened on
      Neighbours land. These incidents are also trespass and should be taken more seriously by the local
      police. The lack of response is not satisfactory. Also there has been no response to the email sent
      by the clerk after the last meeting regarding signs showing horse and farm watch. The council
      would also like a Police representative at the next meeting as we have not had an officer attending
      for the last two meetings.

118/10 Apologies. No apologies.

119/10 Declaration of Interest No declarations of interest were received.

120/10 To approve the minutes of the meeting held on the 14th September 2010
     The minutes were accepted as presented
     Proposed     Cllr Davis   Seconded     Cllr Lloyd All in Favour

121/10 Planning Applications
      Applications for comment
      W/10/02922/S73 – Land rear of the Elms Millditch – Construction of new detached chalet style
      residence dwelling with integral garage (extension to time limit to permission granted under
      planning application W/06/02214/FUL).
      Members of the council and the clerk had been approached by the local residents to this property
      but there is nothing the council can object to which wasn’t covered by the appeal on application
      06/00710 and the revised application 06/02214 which was given permission in September 2006.
      At this meeting the council voted to send the original objection by a vote as follows:
      Proposed       Cllr Davis    Seconded       Cllr White    8 in Favour and 1 against
      However the clerk has ascertained that the council did not object to the application
      W/06/02214/FUL which this application is a time extension of. The only objections were raised on
      application W/06/00710 which was dealt with on appeal.
      Therefore the council has no objections to raise on the application before them.

                                                     1    Signed ………………………………….. Date …………….
       W/10/02952/FUL – The Pentire Church Lane – Erection of summerhouse (retrospective)
       No objection
       Proposed     Cllr Davis Seconded    Cllr Lloyd    All in Favour

       W/10/02994/TCS – 26 Lower Road – Various works to 4 trees
       The council will accept the tree officer’s recommendation
       Proposed     Cllr Davis   Seconded      Cllr Lloyd All in Favour

       W/10/03088/FUL – Kajha Millditch – Removal of chimney
       No objection
       Proposed     Cllr Davis Seconded     Cllr Lloyd   All in Favour

122/10 Wiltshire Council report – Cllr Swabey –
     Lafarge site. John Carter will keep Julie informed of any changes in the present position. Cllr Miller
     expressed that his concern was with the removal of the kilns which will leave a large re
     development area, which will be in the Bratton Parish not Westbury. Westbury seem to be getting
     information about plans for the site, which is listed on their minutes. Julie will get him an update
     and inform the council of any future plans. The quarry will no longer be used and as far as she is
     aware will be made secure but environmentally sound. The underground pipe work from the quarry
     to the main plant will remain in place but will be sealed. Cllr Drewett asked if Cllr Swabey could
     find out what work had recently been undertaken on the top of the chimney.

123/10 Westbury Area Board – 19th August
     Cllr Davis and Cllr Miller gave the following resume of the meeting on the 19th of August.
         1. Julia Cramp who is employed by Wiltshire Council and the Wiltshire PCT spoke about
             children’s services and the challenges of providing the service. She highlighted the problem
             of child obesity and underage pregnancy in Westbury. She explained that a new panel is
             being established to try and help children in the early stages of both problems.
         2. 11th of December is the Christmas Market in Westbury
         3. Police update. Anti social behaviour has reduced. House burglaries have reduced but there
             has been an increase in non dwellings i.e. sheds outbuildings and farms.
         4. The BA13+ partnership are looking for more members
         5. Wiltshire Council are looking into the adoption of the open spaces on Leigh Park
         6. Laura Young attended from affordable housing and explained the differences in need from
             town to rural housing. She explained the new banding system and was asked for how many
             people from the villages are on the waiting list. She will report back to the next board
         7. Car parking. Richard Humphries and David Bullock explained the policy of charging for car
             parking. It is evident that shop keepers are very anti charges.
         8. Westbury Pool. A new committee has been set up by Neil Hawker to look at taking over the
             running of the pool. He is looking for more people to join the group.
         9. Grant monies were awarded and the meeting was advised that more monies are available.
         10. Next meeting 2nd December at the Laverton with the February 3 rd 2011 meeting being in
             the Jubilee Hall.
     A request was made for a notice to be placed in the churchman regarding new members for the
     Westbury Pool committee.
124/10 Play equipment on village green
     Cllr Drewett advised the council that she had approached a number of companies for quotes on
     repairing the matting under the galaxy play unit. Once she has received the quotes she will bring
     them to the next council meeting.
125/10 Possible Memorial to Mr David Hogbin
     Cllr Drewett advised the council that she had spoken to Mrs Hogbin about the council’s intention to
     mark David’s sad passing and the work he had undertaken on behalf of the village. Cllr Drewett
     had said that the council may look at planting a tree in Reeves Orchard in his memory as he put so
     many hours of work into the orchard and it held a special place in his heart. Having discussed the
     idea with her children it was thought by them that a tree would be a very nice idea. Cllr Drewett
     had then spoken to Mike Pearce and asked him to source a number of tree varieties and also to
     think about the best place for a tree to be planted. Cllr Miller thought that something other than an
     apple tree would be more striking and stand out more. It was decided to place this on the
     November agenda when Mike Pearce should have come back with the information requested.

                                                     2    Signed ………………………………….. Date …………….
126/10 Clerks Report
  1. Clover Grass Court. I was asked at last months meeting to write to Selwood Housing and asking
     why they were again not letting the flats in Clover Grass Court. The response from Andrew Myatt
     from Selwood was as follows dated 30th September: At present we have 5 flats empty at Clover
     Grass Court. We are now considering what we do longer term with the flats. We are aiming to
     update our Board of Directors before Christmas on potential options, and will keep the Parish
     Council up to date with progress.
     A discussion ensued from this report regarding the tenancy of Clover Grass Court and the future
     tenancy of any new build properties on the site should Clover Grass be closed and demolished.
     When Chestnut Corner was built the Parish Council fought very hard for a clause to be included
     when the prospective tenants where being allotted the houses that said they should have a strong
     connection to the village, i.e. they have lived here or their parents or grandparents have lived
     here. The council members are worried that this clause will not be included on any future new
     tenancies. It was decided that the clerk will write to Eric Pickles MP regarding the Coalition
     governments plans to allow neighbour hoods more say it what happens in their areas and who
     lives in them.
  2. Reeves Orchard Visit. On Saturday 2nd October a group of children and their parents visited the
     village from the White Horse Children’s centre in Eden Vale Road in Westbury. The visit was
     organized by Michael Pearce and Sarah Callaway. The children walked through the Orchard where
     Michael, Doreen, Warren and I explained the history of the orchard and the different varieties of
     trees before the children picked apples to take home. The group then walked to Tim Martins
     emporium in Imber Road via the church steps and the church. Again the children had a wonderful
     time exploring Tim’s yard and the White Horse news arrived to take photographs. We all returned
     to the Pavilion where everyone had the chance to try some of Doreen Pearce’s home made Apple
     Cake. Those wanted lunch then moved to the Duke where sandwiches and soup were served. A
     lovely morning was had by all. We hope to repeat this event with other groups in the near future.
     Michael was approached by BBC Wiltshire radio to speak every morning during the week leading up
     to the 2nd of October about the Orchard, which he did at approximately 7am every morning that
     week. The response has been fantastic with many other organisations contacting Michael to
     arrange a visit. The apples from the orchard are due to be used by the Duke to produce special
     apple pies etc during this month but especially over the last weekend of the month to coincide with
     Halloween and apple bobbing etc. Michael has also arranged for a hotel in Westbury to have some
     apples to prepare something for their menu that weekend and the menu will state where the
     apples have come from.
  3. Recreation Ground. The building of the new garage/store is now under way and should be
     completed within about 6 weeks. The REC committee is also pushing ahead with installing a trim
     trail around the perimeter of the field. I believe Cllr Lloyd will advise further during his members
  4. New Allotments – Pear Tree Orchard. Having spoken to Ed Bailey the allotments will be
     marked out by the end of this week and once approved by either myself or Cllr Drewett; Ed will
     spray off the plots and get them ready for the new tenants to take over in the forthcoming weeks.
     I have prepared a letter to send to the first 10 people on the waiting list asking for them to advise
     that they are still interested in a plot and if so to attend a get together on site in early November
     when all the plot numbers will be put in a hat and each tenant will choose one. The installation of
     the water supply is now being organized by Wessex Water. I will require some one to purchase a
     tap and stand pipe, to be charged to the Parish Council, and install it around the same time as the
     water is piped to site. We need to also have a very sturdy box and locking system on the pipe to
     deter children from trying to turn on the tap and wasting water.
  5. External Audit of Parish Council Accounts. The accounts for 2009/2010 should have been
     audited and signed off by Mazars the auditors by the 30th of September. Due to staffing issues at
     Mazars this has not happened and a letter has been placed on the notice board advising the
     electorate of the delay.
  6. Display Boards. Whilst speaking to Mrs. Hogbin last week she said she was having a clear out
     and wanted to get rid of the display boards David had used on various occasions whilst he was on
     the Parish Council. I know they are very good display boards and would be of use to the Parish
     Council and other organisations within the village. Could I ask that the Parish Council agree to
     purchase them on behalf of the village for a sum of £50 as a fair price for an item that would cost
     over £400 to purchase new? In principle the council agreed to the purchase but the clerk was
     asked to put this on the November agenda as a formal item.

                                                   3     Signed ………………………………….. Date …………….
127/10 Parish Steward Visit – 4th November

       There were no specific tasks for the Parish Steward but the clerk was asked to confirm with
       highways that the village requires all its grit bins filled completely, not half full, before any
       inclement weather hits the area this coming winter.

128/10 to consider items of Correspondence
       WALC – AGM 16th November Devizes Town Hall – Clerk to attend
       Selwood Housing AGM – 9th Nov
129/10 to confirm the Financial Statement for September and accounts for payment
       The council accepted the financial statement for September and the accounts for payment as
       A Whittle – Hours and Travel - £839.87            Inland Revenue – Month 7 - £70.44
       R Jordan – Hours and Travel - £52.20              Jubilee Hall – Pavilion Hire - £21.56
       Callaway Grass Maintenance – Grass Cutting - £86.12
       Viking Direct – Stationary – £67.76               RB Legion – poppy donation - £50.00

130/10 to receive reports from Members
     Cllr Drewett wished to express her thanks to every one who turned up to help on the clean up
     day in September.
     Cllr Lloyd reported that the Recreation Ground committee are pushing a head with their plans and
     the building of the new garage/store is underway. Mike Manson would like to know if the Parish
     Council is in agreement for him to organise an opening ceremony on December when the garage
     and the trim trail will have been finished. He would like to invite the whole village to attend and
     wondered if we could invite Andrew Murrison MP to open it. The council agreed that this was a
     good idea. A new mower is in the process of being purchased.
     On another subject he asked if Cllr Swabey could be asked to find out the position with Bonnie
     Park as we were advised that the last of the Wiltshire Council tenants will be vacating site by the
     end of December. Can she please find out if there is any further development on the future of the
     The negotiations regarding the charity commission and the funds from the sale of the Old British
     School have now come to an end.
     The speed gun has been recalibrated and will now also be shared with Heywood.
     Cllr Hurn reported that the leak on the roof of the Jubilee Hall had been fixed and thanks to the
     Parish Council who helped the Hall committee fund the repairs by paying for the repairs to the
     Cllr Davis asked if the clerk could find out from highways whether a white line could be painted at
     the bottom of Court Lane where it Joins Lower Road and Trowbridge Road as on a number of
     occasions he has been entering the village from the West Ashton direction only to find a vehicle
     coming down Court Lane into Trowbridge Road on the wrong side of the road.
     Cllr White asked if a sign could be put up advising drivers of a possible narrowing of the road due
     to vehicles parking outside the village shop as there was a near accident in the vicinity recently
     due to two cars travelling in opposite directions being on the same side of the road and travelling
     at speed.
     Cllr Drewett asked if the clerk or Cllr Lloyd could contact Sarah Andersson again regarding the
     recent site survey on the B3098. Could the clerk also ask for the flashing speed signs to be erected
     on the bash and could she find out if the Westbury Area Board would award a grant should the
     council decide to purchase a set of signs for the village.

       The meeting closed at 9.05pm

       Next meeting Tuesday 9th November 2010 at 7.15pm in the Pavilion.

                                                       4     Signed ………………………………….. Date …………….

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