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Presentation Brenits Graphic Design



•   a Graphic and Package Design Firm founded and entirely owned by one principal
•   a branding and design agency specializing in package design, promotion design &
    concept development for mass-market brands
•   an expert in a broad range of categories from snacks, food & electronics to house
    wares, toys & stationary
•   an award-winning design team that creates brand packaging and visual
    communications for category leading companies
Process Flow Chart:
Estimating Worksheet:
    Goya Food and Assignment Background

•     Goya recently conducted qualitative research for their Red and Blue Bean lines
      and the results were positive overall
•     Consumers had positive perceptions about the Goya brand but the current
      package was deemed unsuccessful in communicating the brand‘s quality and
•     Results of the research revealed that the current graphics are not on target with
      the general consumer market
•     The beans are currently merchandised to an older ethnic consumer and the new
      objective is to move Goya Beans to a broader demographic

    Goya has asked Empire to submit an estimate to develop refreshed package
    graphics for the extensive line of more than 30 SKUs of Beans and Peas. The brand
    identity and package redesign solution will support a premium quality positioning,
    targeting North American, South American and Caribbean consumers.
                     Goya Company History

•   Goya Foods produces about 1,000 Hispanic and Caribbean grocery items, including
    canned and dried beans, canned meats, fruit nectars, olives, rice, seasonings and
    sauces, plantain and yucca chips, and frozen entrees
•   Founded in 1936, Goya Foods is the nation‘s largest Hispanic-owned food company
    and fourth largest Hispanic-owned business
•   Goya Food understands how food and family intersect in the lives of their customers
    and has transformed Goya from a small purveyor of olive oil into a food
    manufacturer poised to break $1 billion in sales within the next several years.
•   Goya has been successfully marketing their products to the nation‘s fast-growing
    Hispanic population—nearly 39 million strong at last count since long before Latino
    became a word that made marketers see dollar signs.
•   Goya Foods understands that its customers don‘t make up just one market but
    approximately two dozen throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Central
    and South America, each with its own tastes and traditions.
           Goya Company History …cont.

•   Within the past five years, Goya‘s annual sales have jumped by more than $40
    million, to $735 million in 2002, and the company expects an additional 7
    percent increase in 2003..
•   Independent market research has shown that Hispanics, despite having a lower-
    than-average median household income, spend significantly more money on
•   Goya began a push into the mainstream market about 20 years ago and
    estimates that non-Hispanics account for about 30 percent of its annual sales,
    particularly for crossover foods such as rice and beans, salsas and seasonings.
•   The company‘s biggest marketing drive, though, continues in Mexico, Texas,
    and the western United States, where Goya isn‘t yet a household name.
Photos of Goya vs. Progresso Labels:
SWOT Analysis:
SWOT Analysis:
GANNT Chart:
                   Assignment Objectives:

•   For most marketers of ethnic foods, authenticity is a selling point but for Goya
    Foods, it is a business plan
•   Hispanics represent 12.5% or more of the US population today according to the
    US Census Bureau, representing a major marketplace
•   It is important for Empire Group to reevaluate what the perception or intuition of
    the consumer will be when making a selection among many different name
    brands that are now vying for shoppers.
•   Three trends in packaging that have been used to capture consumer attention
    that Empire Group plans on concentrating on for the refresh of Goya Food‘s
    bean products are, package engineering, health & simplicity. The packaging
    must look good to get noticed and purchased.
•   Empire Group has opted to go for the more simplistic design – triggering the
    consumers to notice what the product is through appealing photography, and
    using plain and bold designs.
          Assignment Objectives cont… :

•   Goya must appeal to two distinct markets through one packaging approach, the
    primary target market of Hispanics and the secondary target market of non-
•   One aim is to enable shoppers to fill their kitchens with nothing but Goya
    products. In fact, while most supermarkets charge food manufacturers ―slotting
    fees‖ for prime shelf space, Goya pays no such fees. In many supermarkets, the
    company‘s products are sold in a dedicated area known as ‗the Goya aisle.‘
    Therefore, the refresh of the bean labels must still work synonymously with
    Goya Foods‘ other products that still carry the current design format.
•   Emphasizing the ease and convenience of the ―blue-label‖ canned beans,
    presoaked and flavored but not cooked, and fully cooked ‖red-label‖ canned
    beans is very important to the design. To accommodate the active lifestyle,
    Empire Group will also consider the treatment of recipes featured on the labels.
           Assignment Objectives …cont :

•   All packaging currently bears the Goya logo as the most prominent feature, and
    this will remain in tact. Goya is a brand that has a strong relation to a San Serif
    Font, so Empire will stick with San Serif fonts for the refresh.
•   Although Goya‘s packaging is currently bilingual, Empire Group will expand on
    the amount of copy that is featured in both English and Spanish. Carefully
    selecting the amount of bilingual copy makes this package look subtle,
    interesting and international, plus helps Spanish-speaking consumers to
    become more familiar with the brand and product.
•   Our solution communicates a fresh, premium quality position that is relevant to
    today‘s consumer, moves away from a ―grandma‘s brand‖ image, yet maintains
    the significant graphic equities of a 70+ year old brand. The new look is youthful,
    active, and speaks to Goya‘s key attributes healthy and flavorful beans that can
    be prepared quickly and conveniently..
•   The identity and package design system developed will work across the range of
    Goya categories.
                   Empire Group Approach

•   Project Scope: Design through mechanicals for 30 SKU‘s
•   30 – 6oz. Aluminum Cans

Phase 1: Discovery

The Empire Group‘s principal, Virginia Galente will attend a meeting meet with Goya
Foods brand and marketing team to clarify project objectives, identify subjective
preferences and review qualitative research information. Our team will review all
materials, the design brief and the digital files provided. Based on the information
obtained in the first meeting, Empire Group will research and analyze client, product,
industry and competition. Virginia Galente will then attend a second meeting with
Goya Foods to present Empire Group‘s research and analysis.
Phase 2: Design Exploration

Empire Group will develop up to six (6) design concepts and submitted for review.
Each approach will be adapted to four (4) bean varieties, two (2) red labels and two
blue (2) labels. Empire Group will then have another meeting with Goya Foods
representatives to present our approaches.

Phase 3: Design Refinements and Adaptation

Empire Group will select a photographer and supervise the photo shoot. Necessary
refinements will be made. Copy will be developed and applied after a fourth meeting.
At any time during this process, additional design refinements, studies, variations,
research stimuli or presentation materials may be requested.
                       Phase 4 and 5
Phase 4: Final Design and Production

Final photographs and high-resolution art will be created and placed into designs.
Final refinements and minor copy changes will be made to each SKU. Final designs
will be electronically prepared for printing and released to Goya for legal and
regulatory review.

Phase 5: Digital Mechanicals (30) SKU’s & Production Supervision

High-resolution mechanicals for thirty (30) packages will be prepared and released on
disc with one set of color fiery proofs. Empire Group will oversee printing of the labels,
supervising color separations and corrections and checking proofs. Goya Foods will
be responsible for accuracy of the labels as indicated by a signed approval of the final
Other Costs:
                          Creative Debrief

•   Empire Group Standards:
     – Can be produced within time and budget constraints
     – Presentation has been rehearsed
•   Product:
     – Is central to creative concept and correctly shown/explained
     – Its benefits are properly emphasized
     – Logos/trademarks/names/intellectual property are treated correctly
     – Other products could not be easily substituted within this creative concept
•   Creative Approach:
     – Is unique/unusual to the product
     – Fits tone/style of the client organization
     – Compliments other media efforts
     – Appears stylish and contemporary
     – Provides means for contacting/next step
Photos of Goya vs. Progresso Labels:

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