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La Salle Catholic College Preparatory by wanghonghx


									La Salle Catholic College Preparatory
                                                                2008-2009 Profile
11999 SE Fuller Road, Milwaukie, OR 97222
Phone: 503.659.4155 Fax: 503.659.2535

Since 1966, La Salle has been providing a quality, Catholic, college-preparatory
education to the students of the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area. La Salle serves a
socio-economically diverse student population; about 15% of this population is minority
and 30% are non-Catholic. Our student body is drawn from throughout the entire
Portland/Vancouver metropolitan area, from as far north as Ridgefield, WA and as far
south as Salem, OR. 16% of our students reside in the state of Washington.

La Salle is sponsored by the Brothers of the Christian Schools and is one of 1,600
Lasallian educational institutions located in over 80 countries worldwide. The Christian
Brothers were founded in 1682 by St. John Baptist de La Salle, an aristocrat in Rheims,
France. De La Salle was also a Roman Catholic priest and canon lawyer, who used the
whole of his inheritance to further the education of poor children, the children of 17th
century France’s artisan class. Named Patron Saint of Teachers by the Catholic Church in
1953, many characteristics of modern education that we take for granted, such as lessons
in common (instruction previously had occurred one-on-one, with tutors), a fixed class
schedule, fixed arrival and departure times, education in the vernacular (it had previously
occurred only in Latin), first appeared in De La Salle’s schools. However, what truly
made De La Salle the pioneer, the educational innovator that he was, was his key tenet,
that true teaching is rooted in an authentic love of students and that a truly effective
teacher-student relationship must be based on practical affection and mutual respect. This
core philosophy remains the foundation of De La Salle’s many contributions to education
and is a unifying characteristic of Lasallian schools worldwide.

La Salle is a Catholic, college preparatory high school dedicated to creating a safe and
nurturing educational environment. Students are challenged to fulfill their spiritual,
academic and social potential in response to the demands of an ever-changing global
society. The school is especially committed to providing increased opportunities for
economically disadvantaged youth.

        300 Stadium Drive North, Monmouth, Oregon 97361
     Phone: 503-838-0157 FAX: 503-838-4476
TEST DATA                                                  Marquette University
2008 Average SAT Scores                                    University of San Francisco
      Reading       558                                    Simon Fraser University
      Math          536                                    Washington University in St. Louis
      Writing       546                                    Whitworth University
      Total         1667                                   Willamette University
                                                           Oregon State University
HONORS, ADVANCED PLACEMENT, &                              University of Oregon
CONCURRENT COLLEGE                                         Pacific University
Honors Courses                                             Perdue University
Algebra I, II   Geometry                                   Regis
Pre-Calculus    Biology                                    Rice
Chemistry       Physics                                    United States Air Force Academy
English II, III Spanish IV
German IV       French IV                                  EXTRACURRICULAR
Christology                                                Clubs
                                                              Art Club
Advanced Placement                                            Book Club
Biology                Calculus AB                            Dance & Fitness Club
Calculus BC            US History                             Earth Club
Spanish Language       Government and Politics US             Engineering Club
English Literature     Art Studio                             Entrepreneur’s Establishment
                                                              Knitting Club
College Credit CoursesCollege Credit Courses                  Multicultural Club
Spanish III, IV     German III,IV                             Nintendo Gaming Club
French III, IV      English Literature IV                     Ping Pong Club
Honors English III                                            Skate Club
                                                              Taxidermy Club
96% of La Salle graduates indicated they were going on     Sports
to further studies. Graduates were accepted to many fine      Football                    Volleyball
colleges and universities, including the following:           Cross Country               Boys’ Soccer
University of Arizona                                         Girls’ Soccer               Swimming
Boston University                                             Boys’ Basketball            Girls’ Basketball
Concordia                                                     Track (boys/girls)          Softball Varsity
UC Berkeley                                                   Baseball Varsity            Boys’ Golf Varsity
UCLA                                                          Girls’ Golf Varsity         Boys’ Tennis Varsity
Gonzaga University                                            Rally Varsity               Dance
Oregon State University                                       Girls’ Tennis Varsity, JV
Notre Dame
University of Washington
Washington State University
Bucknell University
UC San Diego
US Santa Barbara
Fordham University
Loyola Marymount University

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