Unit 1 Study Guide by AllisonSimpson1


									Unit 1 Study Guide:

There are 40 items on the test. Some are document based questions. Use this study guide to help focus
your test preparation. The test will be open book/notes but can only be taken 1 time!

   1)    Understand the development of modern humans.
   2)    Lives of Paleolithic peoples
   3)    Describe anthropology
   4)    Understand how and why humans adapted to their environments (ex. Use of fire, choice of
         settlement location)
   5)    Describe the Neolithic Revolution
   6)    Define theocracy
   7)    Describe cuneiform and its development
   8)    Understand the achievements of the Code of Hammurabi
   9)    Understand the importance of Siddhartha Gautama
   10)    What was the Silk Road and why was it important?
   11)   Describe the Zhou Dynasty
   12)   Be able to identify and describe the three main schools of thought in early China
   13)   Advances made in the Han Dynasty
   14)   Understand early Greek life and what was the center of society
   15)   Describe the outcome of the Spartans at Thermopylae Pass
   16)   Describe the teachings of early philosophers
   17)   Reasons why Greek culture spread in Southwest Asia during the Hellenistic Era
   18)   Describe the characteristics of Athens during the Age of Pericles
   19)   Describe the Roman Emperor Constantine
   20)   Understand early Christian writings
   21)   Threats to the Roman Empire under the reign of Diocletian

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