deceased list by stariya


									           In cherished memory of our classmates called home *
           Name              HS COLL                    Name            HS        COLL
Backus, D. William          1944               Knoedler, Ruth                     1963
Bailey, Clark R.            1946 1948          Kreidt, Arnold H.       1946
Barnwell, Robert                               Kringel, Henry A        1948        1950
Berner, James                       1945       Lautenschlager, Adam                1936
Borchers, Al                                   Magee, Irene                        1941
Bowles, Grace (Busch)       1953               Mann, Albert                        1948
Engle, Clark                                   Mann, Kenneth           1969        1971
Fisk, Harry                                    Manthey, Vivian
Fritze, Walter                                 Masters, Leroy
Griesel, Ebert L.           1953               Mycroft, Roger                      1945
Hacker, Gloria Runyon               1952       Ohlendorf, Elmer H.
Haller, Fred                1948               Ormond, Jack                        1946
Hansen, Paul G.                     1933       Riedel, E. Paul         1936        1938
Hillmann, Len               1946               Ritterbush, Walt        1940
Hillmann, Leonard                              Sahnow, Ed
Hopkins, John               1958               Schinnerer, Richard     1953
Hubbard, David                      1947       Scholz, Egon Robert     1940
Jachens, Norman             1954               Schroeder, Roger        1961        1963
Janzow, Ludwig                                 Schultz, Lois Mary      1945
Jonas, Arnold T.                               Seiler, Judy
Kahle, Walter                                  Shade, William A.
Kaufeldt, Bernard                              Shibata, George                     1941
Kerman, Carol Ann                              Smiley, Fred
Kleber, Dalene (Hitzeman)   1967               Sorsdahl, Douglas
Knaus, Rheinhold                    1934       Stevens, Leland         1946        1948
Kniep, Walter                       1945       Steyer, Eunice          1951        1953
Knight, Judy                1966    1968       Stolp, Martha O.        1940
                                               Wolkenhauer, Richard    1950        1952

 * The list of deceased individuals represents those alumni that either passed away since the
reunion in 2005 or those that we learned of after that time but had been called home earlier.

         In most cases, these names have been reported by classmates and friends.
        Deaths have not necessarily been confirmed by Concordia University Irvine.
                                   We regret any errors.

                 Please send death notices/corrections to
                          or call (949) 854-8002, x2586 (ALUM).

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