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									                                   Death and Dying
                                 Exam #2 Study Guide

problem-focused coping vs. appraisal-focused coping vs. emotion-focused coping
The most effective method of understanding what a dying person needs is…
The Horse on the Dining-Room Table” (our Prologue) is an example of…
Criticisms of Kubler- Ross’s stage theory
What is important to take away from Kubler-Ross’s theory?
Autonomy means…
What sort of task is a person who is dying and questioning his or her purpose in life and
reason for being engaged in?
What are the three things dying persons typically ask of their caregivers?
When caring for a dying person’s physical needs, what is the first intervention to
What are the challenges for therapeutic interventions in management of pain in terminal
When strong narcotics are used in the management of severe pain in dying persons, what
is the least concern?
 For dying persons, how should feelings of anger and disappointment be handled?
Being an advocate for dying persons means…
 “nearing death awareness” means…
How does hope in dying persons shift?
What is most important regarding hospice philosophy?
What programs may serve persons coping with dying? (meaning institutions)
Hospital care in the United States was greatly changed by…
Another name for a “nursing home” is …
In American society today, what percent of all deaths occur in long-term care facilities?
In 2006, the leading diagnosis on admission to a U.S. hospice program was:
How is loss related to attachments?
hospice programs primarily offer what sort of care? To whom?
Bereavement/ grief/ mourning
Normal reactions to loss include…
Grief reactions to loss
How would you describe grief reactions at the time of death?
Experiences of bereavement and grief are likely to be affected by what elements?
initial reactions to loss are likely to take the form of what behaviors?
What does Worden mean when he speaks about a task of mourning that asks the
bereaved person “to emotionally relocate the deceased and move on with life”?
In the vignette near the beginning of Chapter 10 it appears that Stella Bridgman was
helped most in her bereavement by what sorts of friend’s responses?
In our society, unhelpful messages to bereaved persons typically include…
Loss of a pet or companion animal can be important because…
Mrs. Elder, age 85, has just experienced her husband’s death. A good way to help would
be …
   According to Phyllis Silverman, for all bereaved persons the central issue in any
   helping encounter is…
   cognitive tasks for bereaved persons
   valuational tasks for bereaved persons
   Stephen Ministry
   During bereavement , grieving people may direct anger toward whom?
   Your close friend has been notified that her husband committed suicide at work.
   Your most helpful response would be:
   On the basis of her work in anthropology, Margaret Mead found what about death
   The most common form of body disposal in the United States is
   memorial service is…
   funeral practices in America
   Individuals who experience the death of an important person in their lives may
   undergo “disintegration”- what does that mean?
   Support groups for the bereaved consist mainly of what people?
   The title of Rabbi Kushner’s book, When Bad Things Happen to Good People, is an
example of what kind of characteristics of bereavement support groups?

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