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									Contact:         Richard C. Bruno
                 Sun-Maid Growers of California
                 (209) 472-8440

                           TURNS 90 AND LAUNCHES NEW TELEVISION ADS
  In Tribute, Celebrity Chef Sandra Lee to Put Modern Spin on Traditional Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Recipe

(Spring 2006 – Kingsburg, CA.) The Sun-Maid Girl, famous for her red bonnet and for holding a tray of
freshly picked grapes, is receiving a digital make-over on her 90th anniversary. This American icon is taking
on an animated form in nationwide television commercials, print advertising, and on a newly designed

It was 90 years ago that a young girl Miss Lorraine Collett posed for America‟s favorite raisin and dried fruit
trademark in Fresno, California. Her likeness would become one of the world‟s best known trademarks and
the cornerstone of Sun-Maid‟s packaging and advertising.

“Set to turn 90, the Sun-Maid Girl deserves a new look for the new century and our continued mission of
sharing the benefits of naturally delicious raisins and other dried fruits with consumers,” said Barry Kriebel,
president, Sun-Maid Growers of California. “We‟re excited with the resulting television commercials, which
put a modern spin on our message that raisins are „Just Grapes and Sunshine.‟ ”

Likewise, the brand has enlisted Celebrity Chef Sandra Lee, of “Semi-Homemade” fame, to put a modern
take on the traditional oatmeal raisin cookie recipe.

“Sandra herself has become somewhat of an icon to today‟s busy woman, who juggles family and career,”
said Kriebel. “We are pleased to have her showcase the added benefits that raisins can bring to a wide-
range of recipes – from both a taste and health perspective.”

Lee will also help launch four new recipes from Sun-Maid, including a raisin bread Monte Cristo and
spinach salad with raisin vinaigrette.

Sun-Maid Girl Turns 90, p. 2

“I‟m delighted to take a role in commemorating the Sun-Maid Girl's 90th birthday, by retooling and
modernizing an American classic with America‟s favorite raisins,” said Lee. “I remember growing up and
baking with my grandmother, who always had Sun-Maid raisins for any occasion from snacking to baking. I
do the same today with my nieces and nephews. They love Sun-Maid raisins and I love that they help to
make many of my semi-homemade dishes delicious.”

The animated Sun-Maid Girl and the new television commercials are the work of Synthespian Studios,
North Adams, Massachusetts and are based upon consumer research conducted by McCann Erickson,
Los Angeles, California, which also planned and purchased the national television schedule. The newly
designed website was created in collaboration with Marsteller, New York, New York. Sun-Maid‟s new
campaign was announced in a full-page color ad in USA TODAY on March 15th.

Sun-Maid Spice Raisin Oatmeal Cookie Bars

You Will Need:                                    Directions:
9x13 baking pan                                   1. PREHEAT oven to 375 degrees. Spray
Cooking spray, butter flavored                       baking pan with cooking spray; set aside.
Large mixing bowl                                 2. COMBINE eggs, vegetable oil, and
Electric mixer                                       vanilla extract in a large mixing bowl.
                                                     Use an electric mixer to beat on low, until
Ingredients:                                         combined.
2 large eggs                                      3. ADD spice cake mix and brown sugar.
1/2 cup vegetable oil                                Beat on low until dough comes together.
1 teaspoon vanilla extract                          (Dough will be dense.)
1 box (18.25 oz.) spice cake mix                  4. STIR in oats, raisins, and pecans
1/2 cup brown sugar                                  separately.
1 cup oats                                        5. SPREAD dough into prepared pan.
1 cup Sun-Maid Raisins                            6. BAKE for 20-25 minutes.
1/2 cup pecan pieces (optional)                   7. REMOVE from oven and let cool. Cut
2 tablespoons to ¼ cup decorative                    into bars to serve.
or coarse sugar (optional)
                                                  Optional: Sprinkle desired amount of coarse
                                                  or decorative sugar over dough mixture for
                                                  added decoration before baking.
Yield: 24 bars

Sun-Maid Girl Turns 90, p. 3

Consumers can visit for additional, versatile recipes from healthy meals and snacks to
delicious desserts, including:

   Breakfast Tortilla Roll Up
   Raisin Bread Monte Cristo
   Spinach Salad with Raisin Vinaigrette
   Chocolate, Apricot and Raisin Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce
   Pan Seared Sea Bass with Spiced Fruit Salsa
   Sun-Maid Morning Parfait
   Cinnamon Orange Raisin Loaf
   Raisin Crostini Appetizers
   Wild Rice Pilaf
   Glazed Chicken and Fruit Pilaf
   Sun-Maid Creamy Rice Pudding
   Raisin Crumb Bars

About Sun-Maid
Founded in 1912, Sun-Maid Growers of California is the world‟s largest producer and processor of raisins
and other premium quality dried fruits. Sun-Maid‟s raisin sales of over $200 million and 200 million pounds
annually are approximately half “Sun-Maid” retail consumer products and half ingredient products for such
items as cereals, breads, and a variety of other food products. Located in Kingsburg, California in the heart
of the San Joaquin Valley‟s raisin producing district, Sun-Maid products are distributed throughout the
United States and in more than 50 countries.

For more information about Sun-Maid Growers, visit


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