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(Professional Standards)

Overall Job Purpose

The Administrator is responsible for the efficient and effective processing of all
administrative tasks for the department.

The post holder reports to the Head of Professional Standards.


   1) Acting as the first point of contact for any enquiries to the department.

   2) Processing all administrative tasks for the department.

   3) Maintaining the information systems for the department.

   4) Coordinating travel and accommodation.

   5) Provision of project based support as and when required.

   6) Scheduling meetings and coordinating the booking and setting up of meeting rooms
      as required.

   7) Maintaining paper and computer based filing systems for correspondence and

   8) Sending out correspondence as required.

   9) Helping to maintain liaison between the functions of the organisation.

   10) Providing support to the facilities team including occasional cover on reception.

Role Specific Duties

   •   Providing support to the Head of Professional Standards as required.
   •   Coordinating internal training and development provided by the Head of
       Professional Standards.
   •   Tracking the timetable for the risk management processes alongside the Corporate
       Assurance (CA) Officer.
   •   Tracking the Quality Assurance (QA) framework alongside the QA Officer.
   •   Supporting the QA Officer and the Planning Officer with the business planning cycle.
   •   Supporting the QA Officer and CA Officer with the collection and analysis of
   •   Liaising with the Administrator (Knowledge) and providing cover where necessary.
   •   To support lawyers with corporate work allocated by the Head of Professional
   •   To liaise with the Administrator (Regulation) to support the lawyers with work
       allocated by the Regulation Programme Manager which relate to casework,
       regulation and guidance.

Person Specification

   •   Able to demonstrate a strong customer focus.
   •   Able to manage and prioritise a busy workload.
   •   Able to work on own initiative and to achieve targets.
   •   Able to demonstrate a good standard of verbal and written communication skills.
   •   Able to demonstrate good interpersonal skills.
   •   Able to maintain a high standard of accuracy.
   •   Able to demonstrate strong planning and organisational skills.
   •   Experience of maintaining and manipulating databases.
   •   Experience of dealing with external customers.
   •   Experience in providing administrative support within a team environment.
   •   Computer literacy skills.
   •   A commitment to working within and supporting a diverse organisational culture.

Resources Managed

People: None

Finance: None


   1) Supporting and cooperating
      Supports others and shows respect, working together effectively with teams and
      individuals, clients and customers. Upholds and promotes equal opportunities and
      diversity in the work place.
   2) Serving the customer well
      Focuses on customer satisfaction and delivers a quality service or product to the
      agreed standards

   3) Initiative and ownership
      Able to think ahead of the present and identify potential problems and opportunities
      before they rise. Seeks opportunities to improve the organisation or their work.
      Takes responsibility for their work and seeing it through from start to finish.

Job Specific Competencies

   1) Concern for quality
      Focuses on the detail to ensure accuracy and high quality output. In this role the post
      holder will use systems to keep track of things, be detail conscious and accurate and
      keep work in an orderly way so that others can access it quickly.
      Level required: normal

   2) Planning and organising
      Being able to think ahead and work in a systematic and organised way. Identifies and
      organises the resources needed to accomplish tasks. In this role the post holder will
      be expected to plan how to deal with peaks and troughs in workload during the
      day/week and work in a systematic, methodical and organised way.
      Level required: enhanced

   3) Delivering in a challenging environment
      Focuses on results and achieving work objectives. Adapts and responds well to
      change whilst being able to deliver. Manages pressure effectively and copes well
      with setbacks. In this role the post holder focuses on delivery but is able to adapt to
      changing situations and prioritises tasks accordingly. They are able to contain
      feelings even under significant and does not let frustrations impact on others.
      One level only

Department Purpose/Objective

Department name: Standards

The department is responsible for ensuring the following strategic outcomes:
      •    Best practice and quality: that the organisation operates to best practice standards
           in strategic regulation and more generally.

      •    Research and the environment: that we are engaged in and prepared for strategic
           developments affecting the local standards framework and its operation, and we are
           able to demonstrate the value and impact of what we do.

      •    Developing expertise and standing: that we are recognised as leading expertise in
           ethical standards, able to influence and shape the local standards framework and
           that within the organisation knowledge is structured and accessible and knowledge
           grows and is shared.

Application and Selection

Application Form

The application form has been designed to assess how closely your experience and expertise
matches the requirements of the post.

In the ‘Relevant Experience / Skills’ section of the application form you are asked to answer
three questions which are designed to assess the competencies that we feel are key to the
success of an Administrator. In providing your answers to these questions please ensure
that you use specific examples of your past experience to demonstrate that you have the
skills and experiences required for the role.

As well as judging the substance of your responses, judgments will also be made about your
written communication skills.

For each example we would like you to include the following information:

  •       The task or problem you were assigned to.
  •       Your role and responsibilities during the task.
  •       Your actions and when you carried them out.
  •       The outcome and the extent to which the problem was solved and the task

Please also provide a current CV along with your application form.
The Selection Process

Online applications are preferred.

The closing date for submitting applications is Thursday 29 October 2009.

Interviews for short-listed candidates will take place on Monday 16 November 2009.

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