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County of Santa Clara Social Services Agency


									                                                                                            BOS Agenda Date : December 4, 2007
                                                                                                              Agenda Item No. 7

County of Santa Clara
Social Services Agency
Department of Fiscal & Administrative Services
Financial Management Services

SSA05 120407                                                                     .
                                                                  Prepared by:. Alfredo Nevius
                                                                                MAPM I
                                                                                Jeanne Gonzales
                                                                                Administrative Support Officer IlI

                                                                 Submitted by:. Sandra Dalida
                                                                                Chief Financial Officer
DATE:           December 4, 2007

TO:             Board of Supervisors


                Will Lightbourne
                Agency Director, Social Services Agency

SUBJECT:        Approve Appropriation Modification in the Social Services Agency (SSA) to Purchase Fixed Assets

Approve Request for Appropriation Modification No. 81 - $452,607 transferring funds within the Social Services
Agency (SSA) Budget, BU 0501 relating to the purchase of computer and communications equipment. (Roll Call Vote).

There is no increased cost to the General Fund associated with this action as the purchase of the fixed assets will be
funded from current budget appropriations.

Each year the State and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families
requires the Agency to submit a County Annual Planning Estimate (CAPE) detailing expenditures related to Electronic
Data Processing (EDP) activities for the upcoming federal fiscal year. Federal regulations require the State to monitor
and account for all county EDP expenditures and procurements as a condition of eligibility for federal funds. In
connection with this responsibility, the State requires all counties to report EDP planned activities, and requires each

                                                                                           BOS Agenda Date : December 4, 2007
                                                                                                             Agenda Item No. 7

county submit a written request for each EDP project or activity, and wait for written State approval prior to purchasing
EDP related products or services.

The sequence and timing of State approvals for EDP requests is uncertain. Therefore, to expedite the purchase of EDP
related products or services, the Agency budgets funds for technology fixed assets in single budget unit (BU 501), cost
center (4903), and general ledger account (5255600). After State approval is received, the Agency submits requests to
transfer funds to the appropriate budget unit, cost center, and general ledger account.

SSA is requesting funds transfer from Object 2 to Object 4 between the Cost Centers and General Ledger Accounts
detailed on the attached Request for Appropriation Modification (F-85) for the following reasons. These proposed
purchases have all recently been approved by the State.

Voice Over Internet Provider (VOIP)

In FY 2007, the Agency completed the VOIP Pilot. VOIP technology prioritizes telephone traffic and reduces the
number of dropped call echoes, or intermittent delays known as jitters. VOIP technology will improve client services
through voice activated appointment scheduling, and will improve independent provider positive payroll reporting. In
addition, VOIP technology eliminates office-to-office per minute telephone charges with the exception of monthly
billing for WAN links, and enables Tail End Hop Off (TECHO) that reduces long distance telephone charges as calls
travel across internet provider trunks rather than through the public switch telephone network system. The existing
Mitel telephone equipment is compatible with the planned Mitel VOIP equipment, and the VOIP production
development plan includes the use of new technology for all new office installations, and a “phase-out approach” of the
older circuit based phone systems. The VOIP plan employs a hybrid system which provides immediate access to current
VOIP equipment in SSA’s Gilroy and Mountain View offices which will result in an immediate reduction of long
distance telephone charges. The total cost of this equipment is $150,143.

Network Port Switches and Network Server RAM

The Network Switches are needed to upgrade existing equipment and increase server fiber optic connection capacity to
the IT Storage Attach Network. The Network Server RAM is needed to upgrade exisitng equipment at satellite facilities
which currently do not have racks and are running desktop workstations as servers. The total cost of this equipment is

SUN Servers

The Agency is replacing two SUN servers and one SUN database server which are at the end of their expected life cycle.
The total cost of this equipment is $73,610.

IPS Appliance Sensor, Software, and SPAM and Encryption Solution

The IPS 4240 appliance sensor and software will enable upgrade of the seven year old appliances which are no longer
supported by the vendor. The equipment is used to protect the Agency system from network intrusion and track network
attacks. The SPAM and encryption solutions, two IronPort C350s, are needed to replace existing surf control systems
provided by the County’s Information Systems Department (ISD). This equipment is no longer supported by the vendor
and ISD has requested the Agency replace the antiquated equipment. This equipment is necessary to receive clients’
MEDS information. The total cost of this equipment is $73,514.

Electronic Fax, Licenses and Printers

                                                                                           BOS Agenda Date : December 4, 2007
                                                                                                             Agenda Item No. 7

The Agency has centralized the eligibility integrated document management processes (IDM). The electronic fax and
licenses will enable the Medi-Cal Service Center (MCSC) to fax directly through the IDM system and expedite the
application process. The three printers are needed by Foster Care staff to create outreach, education and training
materials for clients. The total cost for this equipment is $55,510

Negative action will result in the Agency not improving client services in Eligibility and Foster Care, not realizing cost
savings from a reduction in telephone charges, inability to provide adequate systems controls and security, and potential
equipment outages.

The Clerk of the Board’s Office is requested to send Keyboard notification of completed processing to Jeanne Gonzales,
Social Services Agency (SSA), Financial Management Services (FMS).



      • F85 Fixed Asset Appropriation Modification #81 - Computer Equipment


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