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									      Eastern Region Curriculum
        Development Program
           May 25 – 27, 2011
Program Outcomes
At the completion of the Aligning and Building
  Curriculum (ABC) conference, you will be able to
1. Articulate and use an inquiry-based curriculum
    planning process to guide your own curriculum
2. Plan courses and programs applying principles of
    learning and curriculum design.
3. Aligning course curriculum to the needs of the
    workplace and provincial/college guidelines,
    standards and performance expectations.
3. Develop a coherent course curriculum that is
   learning centered and aligns all curriculum.
   components – learning outcomes, content, learning
   activities, assessment, learning resources and the
   needs, abilities and interests of the learners.
4. Develop tools and processes to review and revise
   courses and programs.
5. Collaborate in the construction and exchange of
   curriculum knowledge.
Ice Breaker – Marooned!
                If you were marooned on
                 a deserted island,
                 which three people
                 would you want with
                 you? They can be dead,
                 alive, or imaginary
                introduce yourselves and
                 share your choices with
                 the group.
Curriculum Feud

      ABC The Curriculum Feud   5
Round # 1
Three parts of a provincial program
 standard are…

And the answer is …

Time: 30 seconds

             ABC The Curriculum Feud   6
Round # 2
Four credentials that are part of the
 Credential Framework are…

And the answer is …

Time: 30 seconds

             ABC The Curriculum Feud    8
Round # 3
The Ontario College Quality Assurance
 Service (OCQAS) provides two(2) distinct
 services related to self regulation and
 quality assurance. These services are ….

And the answer is …              Time: 15 seconds

             ABC The Curriculum Feud                9
Round # 4
Credentials Validation Service (CVS)is to
 program quality assurance as Program
 Quality Assurance Process Audit (PQAPA) is
 to ……

And the answer is …

Time: 15 seconds
Round # 5
Four characteristics of strong learning
 outcomes are…

And the answer is …   Time: 30 seconds

Round # 6
 Four key areas that need to be aligned
 when building or revising courses are…

And the answer is …                    Time: 30 seconds

             ABC The Curriculum Feud                      12
Let’s score our answers!
Round #1 - the answer is …
 Vocational Learning Outcomes (VLO’s)

 Essential Employability Skills (EES)

 General Education Requirements

Score: 3 points

              ABC The Curriculum Feud    14
Round #2 - the answer is …
 Ontario College Certificate
 Ontario College Diploma
 Ontario College Advanced Diploma
 Ontario College Graduate Certificate
Score: 4 points

           ABC The Curriculum Feud       15
Round #3 - the answer is …
 Credential Validation Service (CVS)

 Program Quality Assurance Process Audit (PQAPA)

Score: 2 points

              ABC The Curriculum Feud               16
Round #4 - the answer is …

Institutional – level quality assurance

Score: 1 points
Round #5 - the answer is …
 Clear
 Focus on results of learning experience (what
    students can do at the end)
   Integrate learning into complex performances
   Measurable/can be validated
   Realistic and achievable
   Free of bias
   Reflect learning that can be transferred
   Indicate the scope, depth, breadth and level of
    learning     Score: 4 points

Round #6 - the answer is …
 Course Learning Requirements (CLRs)
  or course outcomes
 Learning Activities
 Learning Resource Materials
 Assessment
 Learner Abilities and Interests

           ABC The Curriculum Feud      19
Program Development and
Approval Sequence Activity
1. Each group to be given seven (7) cards that reflect
    steps in the program development and approval
    process for a college program.
2. Group participants to stand in a line and sequence
    the cards to represent the chronological order of
    steps in the program development and approval
Program Development and Approval
1. Program of Instruction (POI)
2. Curriculum Mapping
3. Program Advisory (PAC)
4. Board of Governors (BOG)
5. Credentials Validation Service (CVS)
6. Attestation (President)
7. MTCU (funding)
Score: 2 points (all or nothing!!)
And the winner is ….

        ABC The Curriculum Feud   23
              The Curriculum Road Map
                           Workplace               Stakeholder
                            Needs                     Input
       Trends in Field                                               College
 Guidelines                                                                Technology/

                                  Course Learning




        Belief                    Learning                           Design
       Systems                    Principles                        Principles


Personal Reflections (10 min.)
 Using the ABC feedback sheet,
    reflect on your learning related to the program
    identify your significant learning or “ah ha” moments;
    articulate your own curriculum opportunity
        Identify a curriculum challenge/issue/project that relates to
         your needs.
        Think about how you might apply your curriculum knowledge
         to this challenge/issue/project.
 Reveal ABC of New Web Site
Created by Algonquin Multimedia Students –
 Professor Darin Faber Students W2011

 Wendy Warren
 Marc St Germain
ABC Culminating Activity
At the end of this activity participants will:

1. reflect on their ABC experience and outcomes;
2.identify opportunities for applying ABC learning;
3.share highlights of their ABC experience; and
4.celebrate success.
Group Discussion Questions
In college groupings, consider the following questions:
What curriculum challenge or issue do I have in a
program or course?
How will I apply my ABC learning to the solution of
this challenge?
What resources and support will I need?
Is anyone else interested in my challenge/issue?
to all participants

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