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					                                      FN NAME

A.   Position Title:                   Community Outreach Coordinator

     Department:                       Health

     Supervisor:                       Manager Wellness Programs

     Date:                             December 8, 2006
                                       Regular Full-time    X
                                       Term Full-time
                                       Regular Part-time
                                       Casual Part-time

B.   Job Summary:

     Reporting to the Manager Wellness Programs, the position is responsible for coordinating an
     integrated, comprehensive community based counselling and referral service, to identified
     individuals and families of the FN NAME Health Centre catchment population.

     The incumbent provides counselling, referral, advocacy and support services, and acts as the
     primary intake worker for substance misuse treatment, participates in the development and
     implementation of a variety of wellness programs and performs other related duties.

     The Community Outreach Coordinator works collegially with the FN NAME Community Health
     Nurses, Disability Support Worker, Elder Support Worker, Community Health Representatives,
     Yukon Government Alcohol and Drug Program, FN NAME Adult Care Workers, Health Canada First
     Nation and Inuit Health Branch staff, Whitehorse General Hospital and First Nations Health
     Program staff, to assess, plan, implement, deliver and evaluate services to specific clients and

C.   Main Duties:

        Assessing the client’s physical, psychosocial and economic environment from a functional and
         holistic point of view using standard FN NAME and YTG assessment tools.
        Review of social and health history, coping mechanisms, family roles, stressors.
        Exploration of family and community support system
        Planning, implementation and evaluation of health and social services and support as they
         relate to the client.
        Provides case coordination and consultation for client services by:
               Completing initial assessment and coordinating other required assessments i.e.
                   medical, nursing, therapies etc.
               Collaborating with other team members in the development of overall plans for
                   designated cases and organizing appropriate referrals;
               Ensuring appropriate records are maintained in accordance with FN NAME Health
                   Department Policies.

        Maintains professional competency and acts as a resource person to professionals,
         paraprofessionals and the community. As a champion of FN NAME Health Programs, promotes
         self-care, independence and awareness of the program. These activities include:

                Providing information and consultation to other professionals', individuals and
                 community groups on the program.
                Acting as liaison between the hospital, Hospice Yukon, and Yukon Home Care;
                Keeping informed of all current developments relevant to the practice of the
                 profession in the addictions field though discussion with peers, other health care
                 professionals, in-service education, journals and courses.
                Maintains and expands professional contacts locally and within other professional

            Works with the YTG Alcohol and Drug Services and the Whitehorse General Hospital
             First Nations Health Program staff, to ensure seamless client services by participation in
             case management
            Participates in Health Department and strategic planning initiatives; responsible for
             ensuring program plans are implemented that are consistent with the Community Health
            Assists in preparing policies and procedures for the Health Department related to
             Wellness issues in the community
            Assists Manager Wellness Programs in program development
            Uses the logic models and work-plans to guide program activities
            Ensures client advocacy and culturally sensitive services with other service providers;
            Ensures security of client records, health department documents and reporting systems;
            Ensures adherence to all current FN NAME policies and procedures in the delivery of
             Wellness programs;
            Attends staff meetings and Case Management meetings with other stakeholders as
            Prepare monthly report outlining activities, statistics on clients served, budget variances,
             outline for following month activities
            As part of the Health and Wellness Team, the position assists in Strategic Planning;
                   budget development for the Wellness Programs;
                   preparing departmental Work-plans;
                   preparing Staff Individual Training Plans;
                   preparing Annual activity report;
                   prepares for and participates in annual professional development;
                   assists in work teams, if required, to develop legislation, policy, regulation,
                       standards, procedures, etc

     Other Job Duties:

            Assist in preparing proposals for funding (governments, foundations, NGO's, private
             sector funding, etc.) and implementing relevant programs and projects

D.   Education and Experience:

        Formal education in the Health/Social Science or humanities field is desirable. Recent and
         relevant experience in community health and addictions related work with a focus on
         community-based health/social programs, and / or equivalent combination of education,
         training and experience.
        Knowledge of Health Promotion, Holistic Health and Population Health concepts including the
         broad determinants of health.
        Knowledge of the FN NAME Health Department Health Plan and Community Wellness
        Knowledge of Yukon Government Alcohol and Drug Programs, Policies and Procedures
        Knowledge of social structure in FN NAME, families, and the social conditions and social
         dynamics prevailing in the community
        Knowledge of FN NAME history, culture, demographics, goals and aspirations
        Knowledge of First Nation Government

               Knowledge of Territorial & Federal government and other agencies ·including funding
              provisions and regulatory requirements
               Excellent written and oral communication skills.

                  Technical Skills:

              •         Demonstrates knowledge and ability in current addictions counselling practices

                  Office Equipment:

               Ability to operate computer (E-mail, word-processing, spreadsheet programs), telephone,
                fax, photocopier, calculator

Management Skills:
 Administrative management skills (time management)
 Organizational development skills (work-planning & budgeting skills,
 Training skills

Interpersonal Skills:

    Conflict resolution and mediation skills
    Co-ordination and facilitation skills
    Motivational skills
    Client relation skills
    Interviewing and assessment skills
    Leadership
    Sensitivity
    Respectful/Nonjudgmental
    Creativity/Animated
    Credible to target group
    Initiative /Self starter/works without direct supervision
    Ability to work on a team
    Flexibility

E. Key Personal Contacts and Nature of Contacts:

    Contact                                              Nature of Contact

    FN NAME Public                                       Help create awareness of the Wellness Programs and other
                                                         health and social programs.

    Manager Wellness Programs                            To exchange information and receive direction.

    Clients                                      To provide counselling, referral, advocacy and support
                                                          Services, and act as the primary intake worker for substance
                                                          misuse treatment.

    YTG Alcohol and Drug Services                        To exchange information and to ensure seamless client
    and the Whitehorse General                           services by participating in case management.
    Hospital First Nations Health
    Program staff

Whitehorse General Hospital,                To exchange information and act as liaison between the
Hospice Yukon, and Yukon Home               hospital, Hospice Yukon, and Yukon Home Care.

Officials of Govt. and Non-                 Liaise and participate in joint programming, client advocacy
Government agencies                         and program development.

F.N Organizations                           To provide and exchange information.

F.      Direction/Decision Making:

        Objectives for this position are developed in conjunction with the Manager Wellness Programs.
        Final approval for new programming rests with the Manager Wellness Programs. The position is
        responsible for the day-to-day operational decisions of specific programs.

G.       Impact and Accountability:

         This position is accountable for the efficient and effective operation of the Substance Misuse
         portion the FN NAME Wellness Programs, within the parameters of FN NAME policy, departmental
         budgets and work-plans.

         The position has a direct impact on the delivery of the overall Health and Wellness Programs,
         staff morale, workflow, information sharing, and on the overall goal of eliminating the health and
         safety crisis in the First Nation.

H.       Positions Supervised:     N/A

I.      Working Conditions:

               • The position works with multi-problem clients experiencing a high degree of dysfunction
               This position is located in the community health centre and out in the community or at
                   other departments/agencies.
               The position requires creative and thoughtful ways of helping clients on their healing
               The position is required to deal with dissatisfied clients and family members from time to
               The position requires flexibility of working hours. Evenings and weekends are mandatory as
                   part of normal programming.

J.       Conditions of Employment:

         The position requires that an employee of FN NAME be aware that under the provisions of the Canada
         Labor Code, employees would be in a direct conflict of interest if they took part in any public action
         against their employer (Chief & council, FN Administrator, FN projects). Mandatory confidentiality is a
         condition of employment for staff of the Health Center program. Failure to comply will result in
         dismissal. Employees are expected to follow the guidelines in a harmonious and cooperative manner,
         creating a team approach in their duties for FN NAME future success.

                Oath of confidentiality
                Conflict of interest
                CPR and First Aid certificates are mandatory or willingness to acquire at the first
                 available opportunity within six months of date of hire.
              Criminal Record Check
              Valid Driver’s License - Class 4 desirable
              Doctor's Note stating "fit for work"
              Immunization Record
              TB Test
              Ability to demonstrate and maintain a healthy, self-sufficient lifestyle.
              Willingness to work some weekends and evenings
             Other ______

K.   Position Approval:

     I approve this position description as being representative of the work I require to be performed
     and that the responsibility and authority levels identified have been delegated to this position.

                 Human Resources                                                  Date

     I have reviewed the duties and responsibilities assigned to the position.

                  Supervisor                                                         Date

     I have reviewed the position description and understand that it is a general description of the duties
     assigned to the position occupied by me.

                  Employee                                                           Date