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									Citrix Web Client Installation (MS Windows)

      Note: This documentation is designed for Microsoft Windows environment. If you are using
      a Mac or Linux, you will need to download it from:

      Apple Mac ICA client

      Linux ICA client

      Follow the installation instructions given on the relevant website and then skip to
      Citrix Web Client Set-up.

1.   Get the Citrix Client by downloading the zip file,, via the web

2.   Unzip the file, and double-click on the "ica32pkg.msi" file that is unzipped.

3.   This Citrix client installation will run and install silently behind the scene.
     This will take about 5 minutes.

      You can check if it has finished installing by going to Start -> Settings ->
      Control Panel; double-click on Add or Remove Programs and check
      that Citrix Presentation Server Client is listed as shown:
Citrix Web Client Set-up

1.   After the installation is completed, start Internet Explorer and go to

     Enter your ADMIN username and password and click the "Log In"

             Note: Ensure you have been granted Citrix access, otherwise
             you will not be able to login. The application form can be found
             on the web:
2.    After you have successfully logged in, the Applications box will display
     icons for applications that you can use. Click on the "ITS Remote
     Desktop" icon to start your session.

3.   A remote desktop application will be launched and you will see a window
     displaying icons for your applications. You can resize the window to a
     full screen by clicking on the "maximise" button on the window.
4.   After you have completed your work and you would like to close the
     application, go to the "Start" button and choose "Log off <your
     username>" similar to the screenshot below.

5.   The application will then be closed. Click the “Log off” button to close
     your connection. This will NOT log off your computer.
6.   When you see the following page, you can close the window.

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