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Capital Markets - Debt
Asia-Pacific Capital Markets Handbook 2011
Asiamoney Plus
Bank Risk Analysis in Emerging Markets
CEE & Russian Capital Markets Directory 2009
Central Asian & CEE Financial Markets Handbook 2009/10
Central Banks - In Focus
China Hainan Special Economic Zone 2Q09
China Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Industry 1Q09
China Xiamen Special Economic Zone 1Q09
New Contingent Convertible (CoCo) Notes: Structuring & Pricing
Credit Analysis of Financial Institutions, 2nd Edition
CRO Risk Forum
DealWatch Global M&A Report for 2008
Distressed Debt - In Focus
Distressed Debt Trading
Distressed Financial Markets:navigating the shoals of liquidity risk
Documentation For High Yield Debt
Documentation for Loans, Assignments and Participations
Emerging Markets - In Focus
Emerging Markets Handbook 2008/09
Emerging Markets Handbook 2009/10
ETFs - In Focus
Euromoney Encyclopedia of Debt Finance
Euromoney Magazine
Foreign Exchange & Money Markets Vol. 2
Foreign Exchange & Money Markets Vol. 3
Foreign Exchange & Treasury Management Handbook 2010
Freddie Mac - In Focus
Fundamentals of International Finance 2nd Edition
Global Banking & Financial Policy Review 2009/2010
Hungary Banking Report
Indian Financial Markets Directory 2009
Indonesia Banking industry
International Capital Markets - 2nd Edition
International Debt Capital Markets Handbook 2010
International Financial Centres Yearbook 2010/11
Journal of Fixed Income
JPMorgan buys Bear Stearns: Track the Fall of Bear Stearns
LatAm Financial Markets Handbook 2010
Latin America - In Focus
Managing Credit Risk, Vol. 1
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Managing Credit Risk, Vol. 2: The lessons of VaR failures and imprudent exposure
Managing Credit Risk, Vol. 2: The lessons of VaR failures and imprudent exposure
Microfinance - In Focus
Middle East & North Africa Financial Markets Directory 2009
New Professionals Collection
Performing and Non-Performing Loan Transactions Across the World: A Practical Guide
Polish Banking Report
Post-Crisis Finance Colletion
Quantitative Easing - In Focus
Securitisation 2nd edition: For Issuers, Arrangers and Investors
South African Financial Markets Review 2008/2009
Structured Credit Products Handbook 2007/08
Structured Products Handbook 2008/09
Syndicated Lending - In Focus
Syndicated Lending, 2nd edition
Syndicated Lending: Practice and Documentation, 5th edition
Syndicated Loans Package
Thailand Banking Industry 1Q09
The Cover
The Euromoney Financial Markets: The Next Generation Handbook 2010
The Journal of Index Investing
Understanding Volatility and Liquidity in the Financial Market
Valuing a Bank Under IAS/IFRS and Basel II
Valuing a Bank Under IFRS & Basel III, 2nd Edition
Who Dares Wins-Identifying Investment Opportunities in Ukraine 2010
World of Exchanges: Adapting to a New Environment
Worldwide Directory of Securities Lending & Repo 2010

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d imprudent exposure
d imprudent exposure

he World: A Practical Guide

ndbook 2010

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