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                                             Overture Online Goes Live

       By Keima Limited
       Dated: Oct 26, 2009

       Telecommunication software experts Keima announce the launch of Overture, their new wireless network
       planning solution. Overture accelerates network design by combining a modern mapping platform with
       powerful analyses and process automation.

       Overture is the first planning solution to be available directly from the Internet. Keima's new website, http://, supports the whole product life-cycle including installation, purchasing, updates, and
       support. This gives engineers the freedom to get the tools they need when they need them at a price that
       reflects today's commercial realities.

        Dr Rupert Rawnsley, co-founder of Keima Limited and product director, had this to say:
        As the telecommunications market has accelerated, planning engineers have been demanding more than
       the existing software tools have been able to provide. We took up their challenge of "better, faster, cheaper"
       and produced Overture, which, along with it's online portal, is truly game changing.

        Dr Stephen Margetts, co-founder of Keima Limited and product architect, added:
        Innovation is at the heart of Overture. From a variable resolution analysis engine to a "one-click"
       installation system, we have set a new standard for usability and performance. But telecommunications is a
       moving target, so the platform has been built for change. As the name suggests, this is just the beginning.

        Keima Overture can be extended through easy-to-install modules. This allows bespoke processes, custom
       analyses, third-party tools and user-defined visualizations to be added to Keima Overture. This also allows
       customers to pay for what they need when they need it. Three modules accompany the initial release of
       Overture: Site Selection, Parameter Optimization and the Data Manager.

        Keima Overture is available now for technology consultants, network engineering service providers,
       wireless network operators, and infrastructure vendors. It can be used for overlay planning, candidate
       selection, network merger integration, site portfolio evaluation, initial parameter planning, late site
       integration, technology evaluation, network planning and infrastructure vendor evaluation. It supports all
       major families of wireless technologies, including LTE, WiMAX, GSM, UMTS, and CDMA. Overture is
       also highly configurable for new technologies or vendor specific extensions.

        All pricing is public and the product can be purchased immediately over the Internet. Prices start from
       £300 per month with discounts for longer leases or volume purchases.

        More information about Overture and its suite of modules can be found at


       About Keima and Overture Online: Overture Online is the shop front for the Overture suite of products,
       which is made by Keima.

        Keima is a UK limited company, founded in January 2006 and based at the Cardiff Business and
       Technology Centre. Keima’s founders have been key to the delivery a large number of innovative and
       industry leading planning and optimization solutions to the wireless industry since the days of GSM.
       Focusing on the needs of new technology operators, Keima are developing the next generation of network

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

planning and optimization solutions based upon their Overture framework. The expertise of Keima
employees enables the company to be both self-financing and profitable. Keima is currently expanding its
operations in both Europe and North America.

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