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									  P7L Class Charter                            Elrick Primary School
   We have the right to a clean and tidy
                                                     Primary 7L
                classroom                              Term 3
  Everyone has a responsibility to tidy up
              behind them.

We have the right to be helped if we have a
 Everyone has a responsibility to help and
 support one another and listen to advice

We have the right to be treated kindly and
 Everyone has a responsibility to care for
others and be a thoughtful member of the

We have the right to an opinion and to have
           our opinions heard
 Everyone has a responsibility to listen to
  others' opinions and respond to them

    We have the right to an education
Everyone has a responsibility to work to the
 best of their ability and always try their
          P7L Class Information – Term 3                             This term we are learning about
Every week the children will have one piece of homework      This term we will be using the novel 'Million' by Frank
                                                             Cottrell Boyce as the main focus for our Literacy work.
   set on Glow that will be linked to their classwork.
In addition to this, they will also have either a Maths or   We will be discussing the writer's style, the
 Comprehension activity. Both activities will be set on a    characterisation and structure of the text. We will
Friday for completion on Thursday. They are also being       also be using the film, adapted from the text, to
                                                             compare and contrast moving images with text.
     encouraged to work on their knitting at home.

   In the event of a school closure, can I also take this    Numeracy
opportunity to ask that you encourage your child to access   This term our Numeracy focus will be fractions,
           Glow and complete the set activities.             percentages and decimals investigating the everyday
                                                             contexts in which they are used, for example, VAT.
As per Term 1 and 2 the children should also bring a novel   We shall also be investigating simple and complex
                    to read in class.                        number patterns, explaining their rules and generating
                                                             our own sequences.
 The children should also bring their homework diary to
 school everyday. Diaries should be signed each week to
confirm that you have checked the children's homework.       Health and Wellbeing
                                                             Our knitting enterprise will provide opportunities for us
It is very important, for health and safety reasons, that    to carry out different activities and roles in a variety
 the children bring an appropriate PE kit to school every    of settings. It will also encourage us to recognise our
       Tuesday. PE kits should consist of a t-shirt,         skills, achievements and areas for development when
                                                             working in a team.
    shorts/jogging pants, indoor and outdoor shoes.

As we are a Health Promoting School the children are also    Other Learning Experiences
 encouraged to bring a water bottle to school and have a     Our knitting enterprise is about to get underway! We
       healthy snack particularly on Fruity Friday.          will keep you updated on its progress through Glow.
                                                             Thank you for you support with our knitting; it is
                                                             gratefully appreciated.

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