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Living With Coffee in Nicaragua


									                                                                                                     A painting created by a
                                                                                                     student in SOPPEXCCA’s
                                                                                                     youth program

              Spring 2009

In this issue:                         Living With Coffee in Nicaragua
Living With Coffee - 1
                                       By José Luis Zárate and Kyle Freund                              JL: Is poverty an
Executive Director Letter - 2                                                                           issue of access to
                                       In late February, Reuters reported that                          sufficient land or low
Briefs - 3                             coffee futures hit $1.719 per pound,                             productivity?
                                       marking a 10-year high. However, just
Program Updates - 4 & 5                as coffee farmers seemed to approach an                          FE: It is primarily
                                       equitable price for their product the price                      a result of small
SCAA Highlights - 6 & 7
                                       dropped again.                                                   properties, but there are
Featured Donor: S&D Coffee - 9                                                       Fatima Ismael      two factors that
                                       Coffee prices fluctuate from day to day,       Espinoza           go together.
                                       and those whose lives depend on coffee
                                       as income hang in the balance. Imagine        Limited land combined with inefficient
Voice from the Field:                  how difficult it must be to plan for your      use of that land and the lack of technical
                                       family’s future.                              resources make it very difficult for
Marta Margarita                                                                      families to survive.
Velasco Chel                           To get a better sense of how coffee
                                       farmers deal with unstable prices, Coffee     JL: How many sacks of export-ready
“I think womens’
                                       Kids’ International Program Director          green coffee do the farmers produce per
groups that focus
                                       José Luis Zárate spoke with Fatima            hectare?
on saving and
                                       Ismael Espinoza, the general manager of
solidarity, like the                                                                 FE: Our farmers produce about six
                                       the Society of Small Producers for Coffee
ones explained                                                                       sacks of green coffee [100 pounds per
                                       Export (SOPPEXCCA) at the recent
by AUGE, can be                                                                      sack] per hectare.
                                       Specialty Coffee Association of America’s
very good for us.
                                       (SCAA) Expo. Located in Nicaragua,            JL: In your opinion, how much coffee
With the solidarity
                                       SOPPEXCCA is a 650-member                     does a family need to produce to cover
groups we explain what we are
                                       cooperative and a Coffee Kids partner,        living expenses?
going to do with the funds, but we
                                       known throughout the coffee industry for
can be confident the group will
                                       their innovative practices.                   FE: An average family should produce
help us.”
                                                                                     approximately 30 sacks of green
                                       JL: How much land does the average            coffee for export. But in order to survive,
Marta is a participant in ACMUV’s
                                       farmer in your cooperative have in coffee?    this production must be accompanied by
microcredit and savings program.
She attended this month’s exchange     FE: Small producers in our cooperative        the production of basic grains, fruits and
with our partner AUGE.                 on average cultivate about 1.8-2 hectares     some vegetables, along with other cash
                                       of coffee. This is insufficient for many       crops.
Read more from the exchange between
our partners on page 7.
                                       and propagates poverty, which will                  (Story continues on page 7)
                                       continue for the foreseeable future.

          Please Note Our New Address: Coffee Kids, 1751 Old Pecos Trail, Suite K, Santa Fe, NM 87505 USA
                                                                       Letter From The Executive Director
                                                  When I first read that coffee prices        Alternatives mean farmers have more
FOUNDER                                           were up to $1.71 a pound in late           options. When prices are low, or
Bill Fishbein                                     March I got a little excited. Then I       when there is no income from coffee,
BOARD OF DIRECTORS                                remembered the conversation I had          families can stay together because our
Rob Stephen, President                            with a coffee farmer in Nicaragua last     projects help provide supplemental
William Allen, Vice President                     winter. He told me that sometimes          income and opportunities for a better
Elizabeth Whitlow Inman, Secretary                prices rise, but that usually means        future.
David Abedon, Treasurer &                         prices for things like fuel
 Co-Founder                                                                                             By raising chickens, a
                                                  and food are also high.
Mona Blaber                                                                                             woman in Oaxaca, Mexico
                                                  That means the cost of
Karen Cebreros                                                                                          can feed her family organic
                                                  production and the cost
William Mares                                                                                           meat and eggs and she
Rick Peyser                                       of living are so high, it
                                                                                                        can sell any surplus to her
May Sagbakken                                     cancels out any benefit
                                                                                                        neighbors or at the local
Karl Schmidt                                      to a higher priced bean.
                                                                                                        market. By learning about
                                                  And what if the farmer
                                                                                                        traditional herbal remedies
Carolyn Fairman                                   signed a contract last year
                                                                                                        a woman in Guatemala can
                                                  at $1.60?
INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM                                                                                   heal her family without
DIRECTOR                                          Then I heard that coffee                              using expensive medicines.
José Luis Zárate                                  prices fell back down                                 And through micro loans
ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER                            to $1.50 and I reflected                               a woman in Matagalpa,
Nancy Sulzberg                                    on the volatility of the coffee market.    Nicaragua can start her own small
INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT                         I was relieved to think about the          business, providing added income for
LIAISON                                           thousands of families who have             her family.
Heather Ferraro                                   alternative support through Coffee
                                                                                             So whatever the price is for coffee
COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER                            Kids projects. Of course, there are tens
                                                                                             tomorrow, know that when you give to
Kyle Freund                                       of thousands more who could use our
                                                                                             Coffee Kids, you are helping to support
INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM                                                                        these women and their families today.
COORDINATOR                                       There are no easy answers. It is not a
                                                                                             Your support does make a difference.
José Carlos León Vargas                           simple problem, nor a simple solution.
DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR                           Everything any one of us can do to
Joey Apodaca                                      address poverty for coffee-farming
                                                  families helps tremendously. That’s
Therese Francis
                                                  why your support of Coffee Kids               Carolyn Fairman
                                                  is so crucial. Coffee Kids supports           Executive Director
                                                  communities whether the price is high or
Coffee Kids helps coffee-farming families
improve the quality of their lives.               low, whether coffee is in season or not.
To help coffee-farming families promote eco-
nomic diversification so coffee is no longer the
sole source of family income.
To facilitate forums where local community
groups identify their most pressing problems
and implement their own long-term, sustainable
To educate coffee consumers and businesses
about prevailing conditions in coffee-growing
communities and let them know how they can
                   Coffee Kids
         1751 Old Pecos Trail, Suite K
           Santa Fe NM 87505-4706
                 (505) 820-1443

                                                               News Briefs
                                             Roberto Dal Tio of C.M.A. Italy, makers of Astoria
                                             Espresso Machines, passes a check for $17,000 to
                                             Coffee Kids Executive Director Carolyn Fairman
                                             and Board President Rob Stephen. C.M.A. made the
                                             donation at Coffee Kids’ Reception on Friday, April 17.

Coffee Kids Presents at Leadership Summit                         Roaster Drawing Winner Announced
On February 6th, Communications Manager Kyle Freund               Barbara Smyth of
presented at The El Pomar Foundation’s Leadership                 Sunnyvale, CA, won
Summit in Colorado Springs. Freund presented the                  the Sonofresco Table
session “Rural Poverty and Your Cup of Joe,” alongside            Top Roaster Drawing
Jess Arnsteen, founder of Buywell Coffee in Colorado              at the 2009 Specialty
Springs.                                                          Coffee Association of
                                                                  America’s (SCAA)
The presentation focused on poverty in coffee-growing
                                                                  Expo. Elan Organic
communities and what groups are doing to address the
                                                                  Coffee donated the
problem. The three sessions were attended by young
                                                                  roaster to Coffee Kids
leaders from Colorado colleges and universities.                                                 Yesenia Villota of Elan Organic Coffees
                                                                  for the drawing, which
Special thanks to The El Pomar Foundation for the                 was held on the final           pulls a name in the Coffee Kids’
                                                                  day of the expo.               Roaster Drawing.
                                                                  “I entered thinking I couldn’t expect to win, but rather
A Visit with DaVinci Gourmet
                                                                  because I am supportive of Coffee Kids,” Smyth said.
In early April, Executive Director Carolyn Fairman met            “The farmers get so little of what I pay retail, so I made
with our industry friends at DaVinci Gourmet Syrups               my donation with the best wishes for coffee-farming
in Seattle. Fairman spoke with                                    families and their collective future.”
employees about Coffee Kids’
partner projects at origin and the                                Smyth began developing her appreciation of espresso
impact of DaVinci’s support.                                      and coffee drinks over the past couple years and looks
                                                                  forward to roasting coffee for friends and family.
Special thanks to Jennifer Faren,
John Tuerff, and Corrie Byron of Kerry Group, and Judy            Thanks to all who participated!
Campbell and Stacia Kirby from Campbell Consulting
for their time and hospitality.                                   New Board Members
                                                                  Coffee Kids is proud to welcome Karl Schmidt, president
Coffee Time in Boca Raton                                         of Probat Burns, and May Sagbakken, program manager
Big thanks to the National Coffee Association (NCA)               of the Safe Schools/Healthy Students program at
for offering Coffee Kids a special nonprofit rate to attend        Albuquerque Public Schools, to our board of directors.
their annual conference in Boca Raton. This was our first
year attending the conference; it was an opportunity to           Congratulations to Heather and Stuart!
introduce Coffee Kids to members of the coffee industry           All of us at Coffee Kids would like
who previously did not know about our good works.                 to congratulate Development Liaison
                                                                  Heather Ferraro and her husband
Thanks to Leecia Manning, Gerri Buchanan, Robert
                                                                  Stuart Johnson, who married on
Nelson and Jonathan Feuer. A special thank you to
                                                                  March 20, 2009. Best of luck!
Probat Burns for inviting Carolyn Fairman, Coffee Kids’
executive director to join them at the their table for the
fabulous Saturday night dinner party.
We had a great time and look forward to it again next year!

                                     Microfinance 101
                                     in Guatemala

                                   Norma Alcántara of Coffee Kids’ partner AUGE presents a lesson on microcredit     Women at ACMUV work together on a
                                   and savings to women in Chajul, Guatemala.                                        group project listing achievements and
                                                                                                                     community needs.
Fresh From the Field: ACMUV-AUGE

                                    By José Carlos León Vargas

                                   Helping our partners learn from each other is an important aspect of Coffee
                                   Kids’ work. In February, Coffee Kids international staff members brought
                                   together representatives from Self-Managed Development (AUGE)
                                   of Veracruz, Mexico and members of the Chajulense Association of
                                   Women United for Life (ACMUV) in Guatemala to learn about the field of
                                   microcredit for women. AUGE has extensive experience in microlending and

                                   Norma Alcántara and Dina Córdoba of AUGE conducted training sessions
                                   with women from ACMUV, who recently began a Coffee Kids-supported
                                   microcredit program for women.

                                   Members of ACMUV were especially interested in the role of savings, a
                                   pillar of AUGE’s microcredit program used by more than 3,000 women,
                                   men and children in Veracruz, Mexico. Alcántara stressed the importance
                                   of solidarity among the members of the microcredit program and how it
                                   can strengthen the organization.

                                   To emphasize cooperation, each woman was given a balloon to represent              Women at ACMUV learn about solidarity
                                   hopes and dreams. The women threw the balloons in the air and worked               with a balloon game.
                                   together to keep them aloft. The exercise showed the participants that
                                   together, they can make their dreams a reality.

                                                              “Despite the geographic distances, the women [in Mexico and Guatemala]
                                                              share the same problems. We have to deal with economic needs, discrimination,
                                                              and we are subject to a strong machismo. We women have the same aspirations.
                                                              Our efforts aim at improving the lives of our families, our children, our brothers,
                                                              our husbands, and our communities. In Chajul, we discovered that women
                                                              everywhere have the capacity for self-employment, self-education and self-

                                                              -Norma Alcántara, General Director of AUGE

Board Member Buzzes Around Oaxaca
                                        In February, Coffee Kids Board Member, Bill Mares, traveled
                                        to Mexico to work with partners, learn about their efforts in
                                        beekeeping and share a few tips. Mares is president of the
                                        Vermont Beekeeper’s Association.

                                        Below is an excerpt from his report on the visit.

                                          I just spent two weeks in southern Mexico teaching coffee
                                          farmers how to keep bees with help from José Luis Zárate
                                          and José Carlos León Vargas in Coffee Kids’ Oaxaca office.

                                          Professor Dewey Caron, a leading beekeeping scientist
                                          with 40 years of teaching experience in the United States
                                          and Latin America, came along. Dewey and I are building a
                                          three-part manual of best practices for coffee cooperatives
                                          that produce honey or are thinking about it.

                                                                                                        Fresh From the Field: Mares in Mexico
                                          Honey production went into steep decline in Central America
                                          when killer bees swept through the region in the 1980’s
                                          destroying traditional beekeeping methods. In the last 15-
                                          20 years, pent-up demand and a readiness to adopt modern
Mares, Alberto Contreras of CAMPO         methods have brought honey back as a popular sweetener
and Professor Dewey Caron
                                          and as a source of supplemental income.

                                          One of the beekeeping heroes on our trip was Alfredo
                                          Contreras, a second-generation beekeeper with Coffee Kids’
                                          partner CAMPO. With an extraordinary “hive-side manner,”
                                          he is passionate about teaching and about including women,
                                          long marginalized from primary economic activities.

                                        The rest of Mares’ story can be found on the Coffee Kids blog

A participant in CAMPO’s beekeeping
project carries a bee hive up a hill.

                                                         rd Member
                                        s st aff and Boa oth
                            Coffee Kid          ffee Kids B
                            Peyse r in the Co

                                                                              DaVinci Go
                                                                                           urmet featu
                                                                              educating vi             red a large
                      Coffee Kids and Friends in Atlanta                                                           banner
SCAA 2009 Scrapbook

                                                                                           sitors about
                                                                              Coffee Kids.              their support
                      Attendance was strong at the 2009 Specialty Coffee
                      Association of America’s (SCAA) Expo in Atlanta.
                      The Coffee Kids booth, across from DaVinci Gourmet,
                      was consistently busy throughout the three-day event.

                      We’re proud to be part of the coffee industry
                      and thankful for the support of all our members,
                      supporters and partners around the world.

                                                                                Joey Apodaca and Kyle Freund of Coffee Kids
                                                                                meet up with Glenn Sacco and Robert Hepburn of
                                                                                Pacific Bag, Inc.

                                                          offee and
                                              rAmerican C
                         Guy Bu rdett of Inte    ffee Kids
                                    irman of Co
                         Carolyn Fa

                                                                                Coffee Kids’ friends at Alterra Coffee Roasters
                                                                                donated shirts for the Good Works T-shirt Auction.
                                                                                                                                       At the SCAA
                                                                                                                                        2009 SCAA Scrapbook
                                                                                               Kyle Freu
                                                                                               and Joshu with Thompson Ow
                                                                                                        a Schwartz            en
                                                                                               Coffee              of Sweet M
                     an with Bruce
      Carolyn Fairm
                       e Bean
      Mullins of Coffe
      Internationa l

                                                               ids booth was
                                                  The Coffee K               r the
                                                                 gning up fo
                                                  with people si                g.
                                                                oaster drawin
                                                  Sonofresco R

                                                                                    Dean Salisb
                                                                                                ury and Mik
                                             ic                                    Specialty C               e Seagal of
                         na Berard of Atlant                                                   offee Assoc                the
     Kyle Freund and Ti                                                            (SCAE) wit
                                                                                              h Joey Apo
                                                                                                           iation of Eu
     Specialty Coffee                                                                                    daca

(Story continued from Page 1)
The aim is to diversify the products         JL: What happens during the ‘silent            their diets starting with backyard
that fit into the agro-ecological system      months’ when there is no coffee                production of fruits and vegetables.
of coffee. This will prevent over            production?
dependence on coffee because if the                                                         JL: What kind of projects are you
                                             FE: Coffee has very little silence.            promoting?

                                                                                                                                        Cover Story Continued
price falls, families are helpless. If the
harvest is bad, families are helpless. In    Most of the energy is put in November
                                             through February, which is harvest             FE: There are some who have
our case, we have been encouraging                                                          already diversified their production.
cultivation of cocoa alongside coffee.       time. But after that there is the
                                             pruning, fertilization and coffee              Some produce coffee and cocoa,
The cocoa has a good price and it’s a                                                       others have coffee and sheep and
more efficient use of the soil.               maintenance.
                                                                                            some others are managing coffee
JL: In your experience, how much             JL: It seems obvious that families             and cattle. There is a group of poor
money is necessary to cover a                do not earn enough to cover their              women that have little land and
family’s needs?                              expenses. What are they doing to               we’ve provided them with training
                                             cover that missing part?                       to produce jam for local sale and
FE: For a normal family, without                                                            consumption.
wasting anything, a family could             FE: Well, this means they’re eating
spend about $30 a day. And the               badly. It’s an issue of malnutrition.          Read the rest of this interview and
average income in Nicaragua is $2            And what are we doing about this?              more on the Coffee Kids blog at
per day.                                     We are trying to find alternatives    
                                             for the people so they can diversify
                                                                                             Thank you to Caffé Culture, a coffee
                                                    Fun ways to Fundraise
                                                                                             industry tradeshow in London, which
                                                    Bridgehead Coffee of Ottawa
                                                                                             has generously provided Coffee Kids
                                                    collected over $1,300 through
                                                                                             with a free booth at the upcoming show
                                                    their loyalty program. Customers
                                                                                             May 20-21.
                                                    received free coffee and made a
                                                    donation to Coffee Kids.                 Thank you to all the volunteers at
                                                                                             the Good Works T-shirt Auction at
                                                    Java Java Espresso of Riverton,
                                                                                             the SCAA Expo in Atlanta. Kaitlin
                                                    WY, a drive-thru coffee shop,
                                                                                             and Haley from New Harmony
                                                    partnered with a local library to hold
                                                                                             solicited donations; Mike Love and
                                                    a coffee tasting. Admission to the
                                                                                             Alicia from Coffee Lab Roasters
                                                    event and a 12oz. bag of coffee were
                                                                                             and Terry Davis of Ambex Roasters
                                                    included in exchange for a donation
                                                                                             promoted the event. Special thanks
                                                    to Coffee Kids.
                                                                                             go to Laura Sommers of Espresso
                                                    Carrie Owen’s Spanish class at           Supply who donated buttons and
                                                    La Salle Catholic College Prep in        organized the auction.
Fun Ways to Fundraise / Thanks a Latte / On Press

                                                    Milwaukie, OR, held their annual
                                                                                             Several Coffee Kids’ supporters
                                                    coffee sale to benefit Coffee Kids.
                                                                                             donated t-shirts, which were
                                                    For four years, Owen has organized
                                                                                             auctioned. Shirt donors included:
                                                    this fundraiser to educate students
                                                                                             Bongo Java - Nashville, TN; Café
                                                    about the social and economic
                                                                                             Javasti - Seattle, WA; Doubleshot
                                                    impacts of coffee in Latin America.
                                                                                             Coffee - Tulsa, OK; West Egg
                                                    Wilson’s Coffee & Tea in Racine,         Café - Atlanta, GA; Alterra Coffee
                                                    WI, raised over $1000 at their New       - Milwaukee, WI; and Batdorf
                                                    Year’s Day fundraiser, an annual         and Bronson of Olympia, WA. To
                                                    event at which employees donate          participate in the Goodworks T-
                                                    their time and the shop donates          shirt Auction next year in Anaheim,
                                                    coffee and supplies.                     please contact Joey Apodaca at
                                                    Thanks a Latté
                                                    Thank you to InterAmerican Coffee        On Press
                                                    for sponsoring the Coffee Kids           Coffee Kids thanks the following
                                                    reception at the SCAA. Over 200          publications for donating ad space*:
                                                    folks attended and it was a wonderful    Barista Magazine
                                                    setting to meet and greet Coffee         February/March
                                                    Kids board, members, and staff.
                                                                                             Bean Scene
                                                    Coffee Kids appreciates the SCAA         February
                                                    effort to provide Carolyn Fairman        Coffee and Cocoa International
                                                    with a full fellowship to participate    January, March
                                                    in the SCAA Symposium at the
                                                    Thank you to new business member         Fresh Cup
                                                    Clay Enos, founder of the Organic        April
                                                    Coffee Cartel - New York, who
                                                                                             Natural Food Network
                                                    donated his photography services to
                                                    Coffee Kids at our reception.
                                                                                             Roast Magazine
                                                    Thank you to Gary McGann and             January/February, March/April
                                                    Helen Ostle from Beyond the Bean
                                                                                             Ukers Directory - 2009
                                                    in Bristol, UK, who raised money
                                                    and awareness of Coffee Kids at          *January-April 2009
                                                    the UK Barista Championship

  Featured Donor: S&D Coffee
  By Kyle Freund                                     entered into a commercial agreement
                                                     with Coffee Kids to donate 10¢ for
  It was hard to miss the S&D coffee
                                                     every pound sold.
  wagon at the SCAA Expo in Atlanta.
  The old delivery truck was retrofitted              “Rhyne Davis, son of Founder Roy
  to be a coffee-dispensing banner bus               Davis, had an interest in Coffee Kids
  promoting the company’s Buffalo &                  for several years, but we’d just made               The S&D coffee wagon was a popular
  Spring line of fair trade, organic coffee.         a regular annual donation,” said                    attraction at the SCAA Expo.
  If you looked closely, you could also              Sandy Morris, sales administrative
  see the Coffee Kids logo touting S&D’s             specialist in the Specialty Coffee                   visible on their packaging, cups and
  commitment to coffee-farming families.             Division at S&D. “When we launched                   their Web site, which even features
                                                     Buffalo & Spring, we decided to get                  a slideshow explaining Coffee Kids
  Just as S&D was launching their
                                                     more involved with the commercial                    work.
  Buffalo & Spring line in 2006, they
                                                                                                          “We really appreciate members who
                                                     With a commercial agreement,                         fully understand the need for our work
                                                     companies can use the Coffee Kids                    and share that with others. S&D has
                                                     logo on packaging and materials                      been a tremendous partner over the
                                                     to promote the relationship. S&D                     years,” said Carolyn Fairman, executive
                                                     Coffee’s promotion of Coffee Kids is                 director of Coffee Kids.

                                                               Donor’s Circle
 Change to Donor’s Circle and More                          Probat-Werke
                                                            Royal Coffee New York, Inc.
                                                                                              Daybreak Coffee Roasters, Inc
                                                                                              Demus SpA
                                                                                                                               Michigan State Univ.- Sparty’s
                                                                                                                               Muldoon’s Own Authentic
 We appreciate the 300 business members and                 Small Change                      Dunn Bros Coffee - Bemidji       Coffee
 supporters and 140 individual members who                  Sweet Maria’s Coffee Roastery     Esquires Coffee Houses           Nike Inc.
 donated during the period of January 1 to                  The Jaffe Foundation              Excelso Coffee & Tea Company     Pacific Coast Coffee Traders
                                                                                              F. Gavina & Sons, Inc.           LLC
 March 31, 2009 in the form of gifts up to $999.            Bronze
                                                                                              Filterfresh Piedmont             Postmark Cafe
 These gifts totaled over $40,000. Due to space             A. Y. Jackson Secondary
                                                                                              First Colony Coffee & Tea        Putumayo World Music
 limitations, we are unable to list all our donors in       School
                                                                                                                               Raven’s Brew Coffee, Inc.
                                                                                              Full Circle Organic Coffee
 this edition of our newsletter. A comprehensive            Argon Masking
                                                                                                                               Redcup Office Café Co., Ltd.
                                                            Aroma Coffee of Santa Fe          Green Coffee Co-op
 list for the year will be published in our Summer                                                                             Rojos Roastery & Cafe
                                                            Associated Services Company       Gulf Winds International, Inc.
 Newsletter and Annual Report.                                                                Haggen / Top Food & Drugs        Royal Cup Coffee
                                                            Atlantic Specialty Coffee, Inc.
                                                                                              Hot Beanz Coffee                 Rucquoy Freres N.V.
Gifts Received July 1, 2007                                                                   illy caffe North America, Inc.   Safai Coffee & Tea
                              Helen Bader Foundation        Belmonte Management
to March 31, 2009                                                                             Int’l Food & Beverage Import     Salt Lake Roasting Co., Inc.
                              InterAmerican Coffee, Inc.    Bongo Java/Fido
                                                                                              GMBH                             SCAE- UK
$100,000+                     Java Jacket, Inc.             BostonBean Coffee Co.
                                                                                              Intelligentsia Coffee Roasters   Sloat Brothers, Ltd
DaVinci Gourmet               Java Republic                 Bridgehead
                                                                                              Jasper Coffee                    Taylor Maid Farms
Green Mountain Coffee         Latin America Fund            Bunn Corporation
                                                                                              Java Bob’s Coffee Roasting       Tinderbox
Roasters                      Matthew Algie & Co. Ltd.      Cafe Ditare S.L.
                                                                                              Java Joe’s                       Urban Espresso Limited
                              Paragon Coffee Trading Co.    Caffe Umbria
Platinum                                                                                      Kaladi Brothers Coffee Co.-      Urth Caffe Corporation
                              Peet’s Coffee & Tea           Caffenation
Longbottom Coffee & Tea                                                                       Denver                           VICAM
                              Roasters Guild of SCAA        Calvert Social Investment
S & D Coffee, Inc.                                                                            Ken Gabbay Coffee Ltd            Village Roaster, Ltd.
                              Starbucks Coffee Company      Foundation
Van Houtte, Inc.                                                                              Keurig Inc                       Volcanic Red Coffees
                              Stormans, Inc.                Camano Island Coffee Roasters
Gold                                                                                          Kibbutz Kfar Etzion              Wilbur Curtis Company
                              Target Sourcing Services/     Caravan Coffee
Aramark Canada Ltd.           AMC                                                             La Salle Catholic College        Wilson’s Coffee & Tea
                                                            Cibo Espresso Australia
                                                                                              Prep                             Zizzo’s Coffee
Autocrat Premium Coffee &                                   Coffee & Cocoa International
Syrup                                                       Coffee By Design                                                   New Business Members
                              Baresso Coffee                                                  Lexington Coffee Roasting Co.
Batdorf & Bronson                                           Coffee Holding Company, Inc.                                       Organic Coffee Cartel
                              Caffe L’Affare, Ltd.                                            Magnum Coffee Roastery
Boston Stoker, Inc.                                         Coffee Masters, Inc.                                               Our Coffee Barn
                              Caffe Milkart                                                   Mahlkonig GmbH & Co. KG
Buckmaster Coffee Company                                   Coffee Republic                                                    Tribal Grounds Coffee Culture
                              Coffee Bean International                                       Market Day
CMA, S.p.A. - Astoria                                       Coffee to the People
                              Coffee Exchange                                                 Market Grounds
chicco di caffe                                             Coffee, Tea, & Spice
                              Law Coffee Company                                              Mars Drinks North America
Food Brands Group Limited                         
                              Mother Parkers Coffee &                                         Mars Drinks UK
Fres-co System USA, Inc.                                    Counter Culture Coffee
                              Tea Inc
                         COFFEE HOLDING COMPANY, INC.
                         SPECIALTY COFFEE DEALERS,
                         ROASTERS AND PACKERS

All grades and origins     3475 Victory Boulevard
from one bag to a          Staten Island, NY 10314
truckload.                 Telephone: (718) 832-0800
                           Fax: (718) 832-0892
Call today!

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Thank you Coffee Kids                                                                      ����������������������
 for 20 years of great work!                                                               ������������������



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                  paid for by the gracious support of our sponsors.
                  Interested in sponsoring the Coffee Kids Newsletter? Please
                  contact or call 505-820-1443.

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                                               La Voz - Spring 2009
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